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You guys may have noticed a slow down of articles. THC and I have been busy traveling and I have been finishing up the fixes to my book. But starting next week you can expect at least two articles a week from Swoop The World. Look forward to articles coming soon about Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Lithuania and the Philippines.

Now I want to share with you guys a piece of reader mail I received a couple weeks ago. It’s a guys experience with finding Swoop and it completely changing his life. I would like to thank him for sharing his story and letting me publish it. These type of emails really make me love my job and if other readers want to share their experiences with us, send us an email at


How SwoopTheWorld Changed My Life

I have been travelling around the world for a couple of years but being really busy with work I failed to take proper care of my personal life and missed a lot of fun. I learned some game during that time but was very weak in approaching and therefore did not have many chances to apply the knowledge.

I was in India for three months of work and travel and I was going crazy from not getting laid. That is when I discovered Swoop the World blog. India is the worst place to get laid and even Swooptheworld could not help me to capture a flag. My only notch in India was a Russian 8 who I met on a plane there (SNLed within 5 hours, straight to a hotel from the airport, one of my best lays to this day).

But after reading on Swooptheworld about travels in Latin America I could not carry on living the same life. It wasn’t long before I planned my future stops in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. I read a book Elite Online Dating and 20nation’s blogs dedicated to particular countries. The blogs were the best advice on fast seduction I ever read. It worked really well in Latin America and with my personality. It really changed my life.

I got laid within three days after landing in each country, got a new notch a week on average and had girlfriends in each place. (The low notch count is mostly due to my work schedule of 10-15 hours a day and 6 days a week.) If you’ve been in the game that will sound easy but for me at that time it was something I could only dream of. I had read a lot of material and watched a lot of videos about game but I would not be able to do this breakthrough without advice I learned from Swooptheworld.

My last stop on this Latin American trip was Brazil. I had a flight connection there and decided to spent 5 days. I got laid with zero language skills using translator on a phone and following 20nation’s instructions. By following the book’s guide I think I could have taken that girl home within 30 minutes but it looked shockingly easy for me. I didn’t know how to kill time with her as we could barely talk. So I went for a swim for 30 minutes, and then took her home after 1 hour from meeting. It took less to bounce her home than 1h30m bus ride she made to see me:) I am happy to repeat it again and again how I am glad to having found out about Swooptherworld.

My 5 days in Brazil were coming to an end but I felt that I did not wanted to leave because of very promising opportunities with woman. By some chance or providence I come across an article on Swooptheworld named “10 invalid reasons you’re NOT traveling the world”. It’s a great article but one idea really inspired me. It was about the fact that any age will be only once in your life (I was already 31 at that time). The next day I changed the ticket and stayed in Latin America for another 3 months. I never regret it. From being a real sucker in game I went to being able to kiss close within minutes of meeting, get laid within hours of landing in a new country, sleep with two women a day and to have options anywhere I go.

Now writing this from Vietnam with plenty of 7s and 8s in my pipeline I am happy to say MANY thanks to Swooptheworld one more time.



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  • J.

    Looking forward to the upcoming articles

  • Shawn

    I just wanted to say, I’m new to this site buy 2 days and now I’m going to be buying your book collection. I have a close Russian friend of 8 years and he wants to take me to Ukraine where his family lives now. I’ve always wanted to see EE because I know how hot the women are there. So I searched how to pickup Ukrainian women and after looking at a lot of info (years prior I have read every book and been to a few “love systems” seminars) I became addicted to your site. Specifically because you go international! I took your advice and currently learning the language with the help of my friend and the private tutor you showed me. I’m excited about my trip but it sounds like I have a lot of work with Ukrainian women. I just want to thank you! And if there is any other useful tips specifically for Ukraine? Amazing site you blew me away with all your info!

    • Thats what I love to hear Shawn. You are going to have a blash Shawn and maybe end up dating the prettiest girl of your life. Some of those Ukrainian girls are just stunning. In Ukraine, don’t be afraid to day game. I think Ukraine is best for girlfriends and the best way to find them is in the street, grocery store, coffee shop, etc.

  • jayteeniftb

    Indians being uptight would be alright if they had good features to being with. What a billion ugly losers.
    And the government is trying to enable them by creating feminist laws everyday.

    • THC and I are actually planning a trip there soon, so we will have to see this for ourselves

    • jayteeniftb

      You will find women of all colour and size in every corner of the country. But Indian men do not contribute good genes or social atmosphere, so the average girl is a total misfit (mismatched features and rape culture). On the other hand, when you do find that odd one out (most likely in westernised big cities) she will be a mesmerising beauty, and being a White+American+well built there should be no problem getting your flag(s). Stay on alert, that’s all.

    • Yeah hopefully the girls will come easy, but I’ll be honest the reason I want to go isn’t really the women, it’s more the cultural side of things.

    • jayteeniftb

      There is no fixed ‘culture’ to pinpoint. It changes from the richest from the poorest. Some are living in 21st century and some in god knows (literally) what century. Cannot stress this enough, be sceptical.

    • Not long ago I was in Turkey and Egypt. China is coming soon.

      But yeah those things you are saying are what makes the country interesting (to visit, not to live). They are the only place that still uses the caste system, for example. It’s just a unique place, and unique places are what keeps traveling awesome.

    • jayteeniftb

      As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    • Splooge


      But if u insist goto goa.
      Find the anglo indian community or christian since they are most westernized. Youll have to party with the rich locals for an in.
      Clubs are sausagefests. If u see women usually shes eith someone.

      Havs buddies from there and they are rich.
      Im talkin servants. One girl i know her aunt lives on same street as aishwariya rai

    • splooge

      modernization and westernization are 2 diffferent things man

    • splooge

      found the western born indian feminist.
      Average indian city girl has princess complex pumped by a gendar imbalance favoring them…anti-russia in that sense.
      That rape culture bit, its tied with canada per capita.
      Beauty is rare there, an 8 here is a 6 there. confirmed what the rooshv forum and what western born guys say.

      Hell have to hit a niche to bring him in, usually the rich party boys and its all social circle game.
      Otherwise indians look down on foreigners.

      its more turd world sadly for them

  • CupperKip

    Nice story.
    STW inspired me as well to visit the Ph last year and now I decided to move there in March. I’ll try to start a business there, I got some good idea’s which I double checked with some locals. Only thing is I’m not able to take a lot of money, perhaps 7000 EUR. But point 3 in the 10 invalid reasons article made me realize that shouldn’t be the reason to stay here.

    • That’s great. Ph is special and I’m glad you got to see for yourself how special it is. GL with the money thing.