Flashback: Shoring by plausible deniability

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I had just arrived in Jakarta. I did a minimal effort on pipelining but I had one girl lined up that stood out. I decided she will be my first Indonesian flag. We exchange a few messages and set up at date at 8pm. 

“Where do we meet?” 
-Well, lets meet at my hotel and have a drink nearby.

Now, she looked really sexy on her profile picture but when she arrived at my hotel she had really outdone herself…

[singlepic id=24 w=180 h=260 float=right]She’s wearing a red one piece mini skirt (you could see her thong throughout her dress) and taxi-to-table stilleto’s with heels so high she could barely stand still on them.

Total prostitute look… “Winning!”

I say hello, give her a hug, then she starts walking towards the elavator.

“Where is your room?”

Hold up, she IS a prostitute. Fuck, this is screwed. I have a strict no pay policy so I’m about to send her back home. But I have no back-up date and she was looking very fine…

I’ve got to RE-FRAME this, there’s still Plausible Deniability.

“No, lets just go for a drink.”

She’s giving me a confused look: “I can’t go out with this outfit, people will stare!” (Indonesia is a conservative Muslim country)

I hold frame. I know if I take her to my room, she will ask for money. I need to build attraction first.

“People stare because they’re jealous, you are just fashion”, I convince her to walk to a bar very nearby so not too many people can see her.

My strategy is to apply Plausible Deniability, I’ll play stupid and pretend I don’t know she’s a prostitute, let her buy into that, and then game her as a regular girl.

As were walking to the bar, I ask her about her job. Working girls don’t like to say “I’m a pro”, so they usually have a back story ready.

Her’s was clearly improvised: “I work in an office and in a bar…”

My selective hearing kicks in and I completely ignore the bar remarks. She bites and talks some more about her “office job”.

I take her to a place to eat and drink and she’s giving me the usual shit tests. That’s a good sign, and of course I pass them with flying colors. Attraction is growing.

Since I play the Plausible Deniability strategy, I can’t just say “You’re a pro & I don’t pay”. So now I have to set up the frame where it’s clear to her that I don’t pay for sex and I will not be a customer.

I do this by telling stories that make clear that I never want or need to pay for sex. She already bought into “regular girl” story, so now she’s agreeing and praising me as a good man.

Since her English was pretty bad, it was key that I knew some jokes in Indonesian. With the reframing done, making jokes together and getting her laughing, I was now building solid attraction.

“Let’s go back to my place and watch a movie” (I could have said anything by now and she would have come back with my to my room).

We walk back to my room and this is a critical moment. She might still fall back into her old habbits, so I take things slow: I keep the lights on, sit far from her on the bed, turn down the kino and put on a (non destracting) boring show on the TV.

After a while, she starts moving in closer and pulls over the blankets. Once she’s given me these flashing IOI’s I proceed as normal.

I start by smelling her neck and she says: “No stop!… don’t make me horny”. Boom: game over.

Some digital memories:

[learn_more caption=”NSFW”] [wpsgallery][/learn_more]


Shore: succesful.
Indonesian flag: captured.
Sex: great.



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I’m TravelHardcore, but people simply call me THC, although I don’t smoke. I speak several languages and suffer from insomnia. I left a well paying job, stuck in a miserable office to go out and see the world. I simply live for adventure. Cheers.

  • Neal Skywanker

    Damn, she’s completely ordinary without her clothes. I’d give her a 4/10. Personally I would have just fucked her with her dress and heels still on.

    That’s the problem with these ugly South-Asian women, they look so sub-standard then they’re naked on the bed.

    • Adam

      Seriously? Are her knees too sharp too?

  • Rick91

    Epic pics. I hope you do a detailed post on shoring from the more hardcore establishments. I do ok but do best in soft touristy spots like pizza street in Lima or zoe in yellow in Chiang mai. A post on your typical night in insanity would be an interesting read.

    • TravelHardcore

      @Rick91, I have a few of those : ) I will write up a LR from Insanity shortly.

  • 20Nation

    I agree with Rick91. I still remember you taking me to Insanity and showing me the best way to pull. Great night. I have to say I think you are the definitive expert on the subject THC. 😉

  • random commenter

    Great report. By the way what’s the problem with Skywalker?

    • TravelHardcore

      He calls him self Skywanker and he likes to act as one. Thanks for your feedback

  • Kobenhavn

    Sounds like you had some solid pipelining work done there. I’m curious as to how much behind the scenes you put into the pipeline? This reads great, keep up with the reports.

  • TravelHardcore

    Thanks for the feedback Kobenhavn. I did not pipeline that much. I think I spent a few hours on one afternoon getting skype ID’s and what’s app contact numbers. I’m a horrible planner and I always start too late. I think about a week before arriving is the optimal moment to start collecting contact info.

    • Adam

      How do you get those IDs? Which site to you use to meet the ladies to then get the skype and wechat ids?

    • Joe

      There are different sites based on what kind of girl you want.

      In Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore (mostly Indos and Fils), and Thailand, you can just show up at a mall or dept. store and start looking around for girls that notice you. You’ll get them to bed with no problem. These are usually moderate, not too slutty, not too prim. I’ve caught a couple of virgins this way, and they are eager to learn. One girl I met this way wanted to sleep with me, but she wasn’t all that pretty, so she introduced me to her incredible looking 19 year old friend who hadn’t had sex for 18 months. She had time to make up for.

      If you are looking for bargirls, which can be cute, then just go to a bar. Move a step up at Karoke places but they significantly more expensive. In some hotels in Jakarta, there is a card in the room with a number to call for a massage. The working girls work for the hotel. None of this is my thing.

      If you like good girls, like I do, then you can join any intercultural matchmaking site. You get a chance to get to know them first. And they will sleep with you easily if they think you are going to ask them to marry you. A girl who thinks you will become her husband is great sex. Just don’t tell them your real name or give them your address.

  • Nice way to get a pro without paying.
    I love those stories from Asia, it sounds so different than here in Europe. You guys are definitely inspiring me to go there sometime!

    • TravelHardcore

      It’s an experience you won’t regret.

  • deltree

    Don’t mind me asking how do you pull off this lifestyle without a job?

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