She caught me cheating. It’s over. Right? Wait…

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She caught me cheating. It’s over… right? Wait…


Recently I have had a couple of experiences with girls I have been seeing regularly. I will share with you these stories and the very interesting way these women reacted. Then, most importantly, I will share how their feelings towards me changed.


The perfect rack

I had been seeing this girl for a couple months. I would see her close to once a week because she had these tits that were absolutely mind blowing. As a boob man, it put me in heaven every time I watched those things bounce.

One day, she came to my place and we did the normal thing. Sex was great, as usual. I was getting lazy with her and sometimes I would be a little needy thanks to her great rack. I could see her attraction dying since the first couple times we were together.

After sex, she went into the kitchen and noticed leftovers from a meal. It was a Domincan meal and she knew there was no way I cooked it.
She came in and yelled and screamed and told me how she never wanted to talk to me again.

How did I respond? I will tell you how I would have responded five years ago. I would do one of two things: lie or say how it would never happen again (and I really wanted to see this girl again thanks to amazing rack and great sex). Instead of responding like this I did what I have learned to be the right way to go.

I laughed.

“Listen, you are talking to other guys and we aren’t officially together. You can’t expect me to be your bitch in this situation.”

She yelled more and told me she how she never wants to see me again. She asked me to let her out and I walked her to the door with a half smile on her face. I showed her how funny it was that she was acting like that.

“Don’t bother talking to me again.”

She left and never looked back.

Then, late that night, I got a message. It was an angry message from her, but her tone had changed.

A few days later she was back in my bed and being more submissive and sweet than ever. She was also hornier and offering to cook for me all the time. Fuck yeah.

What is wrong with women? She literally wanted me more after figuring out I had been with other girls. The feeling I had that the relationship was fading went away completely. To this day she continues chasing me, asking when she can come over and let me plow her.

(You will see these magnificent tits when I write the story of my time here… sometime in the future. I have a lot of pics ;))


The rich white Dominican girl

Another regular I have been seeing is a blonde Dominican girl. Her dad is crazy rich and she’s as white as I am. She speaks perfect English and the sex is also amazing (a reason she made it to regulars).

I don’t like that she always wants to go to really expensive restaurants to eat (I’m a budget traveler), but since she usually pays, it’s not a problem. I also geniunely like hanging out with her.

She came over one night and found an opened condom wrapper in my bed (from earlier)… oops.

She got angry and stormed out of the room. I responded in exactly the same way as I did with the big boobed girl.

She was angry and even cried a bit, but I think it had to do more with some other issues in her life. An hour later she was in bed with me and being as sweet as ever.


Why does knowing I’m fucking other girls make women want you more?

Cheating on girls makes them more attracted to you for a variety of reasons. One it’s because they know deep down that a really high value guy can’t be tied down by one girl. Another reason is because of obvious pre-selection. Women want a guy that other women want. Then, there is the fact that you are being aloof.

The aloof part is very important. This is why you must respond in a relaxed, almost humorous way and explain to her why she is acting ridiculous way. You can’t chase her when she tries to leave you, just be relaxed.


I have noticed this all over the world

I have been all over the world and done this quite a few times (I am too lazy to worry about being caught) and when I respond like this, the girl has came back nearly every time.

The exception being if you have defined the relationship. This will be a bit harder because it will prick her pride more and it could prick her pride more than her attraction.


What does this teach us?

That women want a man who does whatever the fuck he wants and doesn’t apologize for who he is. If I can leave you guys with anything to better yourselves… that would be it.

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  • Pecherin

    Nice article, but I’d like to hear your strategy about the situation in the last paragraph– how you manage being caught in the lie if you have promised monogamy.

    • Basically, I haven’t had as much practice with that. But what has worked for me is saying:
      “you know I wouldn’t forgive you if the same thing happened, so I won’t ask you to forgive me. But I just want you to know that you are the only girl I really care about and that was just sex with that girl, nothing more.”
      You say something along those lines. The key thing is that you don’t ask to get back together. You have to say how much you care, but show that you are ready to be single. She will pick up on this and make you swear never to do it again or something to save face and be back with you soon enough.

  • Just Saying

    A woman’s power in a relationship is based upon the power of the pussy, and a man’s needs. So if you insure a steady supply of pussy you weaken the power of any one woman’s trump card. It is always in a man’s best interest to have more than one supplier when it comes to satisfying your needs. And women need to compete with other women, so you also feed her needs to compete with other women and feel that she is winning.

    I have used this simple technique over the years and it’s always served me well. Of course, I never hide the fact that I’m seeing other women, and if any one gets annoyed, it’s easy to replace her. I have several that accept this status quo and it works for me – and really, isn’t that what it’s all about? Dealing with women on your terms to get what you need?

    • Nice post. I agree completely. The only thing is sometimes I really like innocent/religious women and there are some that just won’t accept it. So with them, I won’t lie to them about it, but I will make (small) adjustments so that she doesn’t know about other girls.

  • Klaus

    hahaha this was a funny story and great lesson to learn, as always, amazing post 20! I love this blog, holy shitt, I’m missing THC’s posts though! Where is he? as well as Fisto! Whats going on?

    • Thanks Klaus ;). THC is working in his home country and in save mode. He is saving for an epic 2 to 3 year traveling adventure. He will be back soon with all sorts of new posts in a few months. Fisto has moved on to something else, when he starts his new blog we will be linking to it.

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  • JJ Roberts

    This seems to be totally the wrong frame.

    I have a lot of GFs
    (some of whom I have been with for more than 10 years) and all of my GFs
    know that I have lots of GFs because I am honest about it from the very

    There is no ‘cheating’ or ‘getting caught’ and yes, I still enjoy the advantages of pre-selection that you mentioned.

    • yeah we get it you are again trying to sell your 3.0 book

    • JJ Roberts

      First of all, that’s not covered in the book.

      Second of all, the promo period for the book ended several years ago.

      Thirdly, where in my post did I even mention that I had a book? The only person that mentioned it was you.

      Seriously dude, you can’t get pissy at anyone who posts a response to something that you have written that says something other than “awesome post!!!”

      Just take the comment as it was intentioned, a simple piece of constructive feedback.

      Don’t let your ego get all butt-hurt about it. I didn’t know how to do this when I was your age either and I did exactly the same thing you are doing now so it’s not even much of a criticism.

      You can have relationships with lots of women at the same time and be totally honest about it if you know how to go about it.

    • Ok I will assume you were just trying to respectfully disagree and have no alterior motive.
      Here is the problem with that. There are tons of girls that were raised and had it pounded into their heads not to accept a relationship like that. So, you are ending it with a girl that you could really end up enjoying. Many girls you can do it with, but not all. I am not the type who will throw away a smoking hot girl for something like that.

      You are also going after an older and different type of girl. I end up gaming plenty of virgins and innocent girls.

    • JJ Roberts

      Reversing girls 2.0 programming is key. There is no reason to “end it” with anyone if you know how to do that.

      You are also off on your idea that I am going after “older and different” girls. The age range of my GFs starts from 20 years old upwards.

      All of my long terms GFs (with only one exception) are
      younger than me.

  • Good Game

  • splooge

    lookin forward to those tits.
    too bad u didnt record them flippin out…totalky worth watchin

    • haha yes. It would have been an epic video

  • anon1

    >What is wrong with women?

    amen brother, lol

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  • Gmut

    ‘That women want a man who does whatever the fuck he wants and doesn’t apologize for who he is.’…….Yeah, but they also don’t want a twat…..hence why you keep getting dumped because you are a below standard male.