Preview to Our Adventures in the Dominican Republic (WARNING NUDE PICS)

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Dominican Republic:

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Preview to Our Adventures in the Dominican Republic (WARNING NUDE PICS)

THC and I have been in the Dominican Republic for 18 days now. In those 18 days I have been with 22 different women, that’s over 1 new girl a day. 100% of those have been online game (Badoo and DominicanCupid, it’s free to sign up, so check it out and see the quality of the women), for some of my research on my next book on elite online dating.

This place is full of some amazing bodies, with girls ranging in color. I’m feeling pretty generous today so I’ve uploaded some “Digital Memories” or Naked Pics after sex, in this case, from my trip of 13 of those girls here:

*Warning Nude Dominican Girls*

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Whenever anybody how I am able to get so many girls I usually refer them to my books or blog posts, after this they usually ask the question: Which one of your books will improve my chances of getting laid the fastest? I always reply with the truth The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language for Men. By reading this book alone, you can master your body language and double, triple, even quadruple the amount of attraction women feel for you when they see and interact with you. This has been the main reason for my ridiculous success with girls in the Dominican Republic.

Many stories and full reports  of the Dominican Republic coming soon.


Get more up to date photos of our Dominican adventures chasing girls at our twitter:

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  • That looks pretty nice, which site do you use for your online game and in which city have you been?

    I think I have to travel there 😉

    • 20Nation

      I’ve been using pretty much 100% badoo and I’m in Santo Domingo. I would recommend this city to anyone. In comparison to Mexico it is sooooo much easier.

  • RioNomad

    Nice work, 20. Any plans to check out Santiago?

    • 20Nation

      Thanks Rio. None yet, but it’s been in the back of my mind.

  • Anon

    Will this work for like slightly white guys? I kinda look Iranian. Not full on brown but not full on white. Also dude, you seem to be getting a lot of attraction off the bat. How good looking are you? how tall are you? how built are you? How much does this matter?

    • 20Nation

      In a place like DR, I don’t think your color will ever work against you. All that being said, they are still women and require game. I’m OK looking. Not model looks, but not ugly. I’m 6′ and I have been putting in a lot of time the last few months on my body, but when i tore it up in asia i was skinny. It always helps to look good on initial attraction, but since most of this is online I can fake most of it. It’s more about making a connection on the date and escalating.

    • Anon

      Right. I’m 6’1 as well, and probably above average body as well (I go to gym). My face is also OK looking. Never been told i’m ugly. But here in Australia I can’t fucking close for some reason. I’ve been in game for a year now done atleast a thousand approaches (day mostly). I’ve gotten like 2 makeouts, 3 dates, and 2 closes (both from online -_- ) and both girls were 6 at best. I’m not sure what i’ve been doing wrong and how to change it. Whether I’m not being ballsy enough or not being disarming enough, or coming off needy. I want to do something similar to you guys, but there’s no point in travelling unless I’ve gotten some level of game first. When you were killing it in Asia was it also online? What sort of gameplan do you have?

    • 20Nation

      Well part of the battle is having the balls to go out and talk to girls. Online in Asia I did really well, but I’m somewhat of an online expert. Because of my video gaming addiction it was pretty natural for me to start my game from online. The gameplan is something that is very complex and it varies from online, day game, and night game. I’m writing an online game book right now that should be done before long. It’s easy to say “oh you just need to do THIS and you will get laid” but it’s not really like that. I’m sure you are making mistakes or you would be getting laid, but I would have to see you to know.

  • Matt Johnson

    I cant wait for the datasheet. I’m thinking of heading down to the DR but i want to void prostitution ridden areas. What areas did you guys stay that you can say was hooker-free? Did most of the girls you come across were normal or semi-pros?i’m just curious!