Pre-Date Routine. An Overlooked Part of Getting Girls

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pre-date routine
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Pre-Date Routine. An Overlooked Part of Getting Girls

Guys focus on a lot of different things when trying to improve with women, but a very important part of how well you do with women is how you get ready before a date; your pre-date routine.

I can tell you that this is something that I have to do before every date with an 8 or a higher or I risk bombing it. At times I am an introverted guy and just snapping into the right mood to be able to pull attractive women isn’t easy.

I will share with you my pre-date routine and explain to you why I do these things and how these things can help you. These are mental routines, so remember that you can’t neglect hygiene.


pre-date routine

First Part of Pre-Date Routine

For the first part of my pre-date routine I try to get myself in a fun and social mood. To do this I will either call a fun friend and joke around/ catch up  or I will watch a movie or TV series with a character that is fun and has great body language. This part of the routine goes largely with this article about the power of who you are with and what you watch.

One of my favorite things to watch is a TV series called Californication, I talk more about it here. Hank Moody is the main character and he has the right kind of humor and the right kind of body language. It’s a great way to put you into the mood to charm some women.

I would say to watch something or talk from 30 to 60 minutes total. 30 minutes to go until the date (assuming you already showered and did other hygiene things. Brushing your teeth is essential).


The Second Part of My Pre-Date Routine

For the next part of my pre-date routine I close down all electronics, other than my phone (in case she cancels). However, I will rarely be checking my phone. The next thing I do is go to the mirror.

At the mirror I look at myself. I fix my body language completely, practicing alpha body language. Doing this will get you ready for your date and literally raise your testosterone,  which I will talk more about in the next part.

Then, I will practice smiling and I will have little fun mock conversations with myself. Sound ridiculous? While I’m sure I do look pretty ridiculous talking to myself in the mirror, I’m also sure that doing this helps me not only to get into a better mood, but to understand how to make myself more attractive as I talk to women.

I do this for probably only 10 minutes. About half way through doing this I usually end up getting dressed so I can watch how I look in the clothing I will be wearing. This leaves about 10 minutes until I have to leave for the date.


The Third Part of My Pre-Date Routine

Now I will usually check my phone to make sure the date is still on before doing a couple testosterone raising things. From my stint trying steroids, I saw first hand how much better I do with women when my testosterone is up. Anabolicmen has an article that is great for ideas on what to do, you can read it here.

Of the 7 tips that they give you in that article I usually do about 3 or 4 of them before leaving for my date. I usually make sure I am drinking plenty of water, practice alpha body language, do some jump squats (usually only about 15 total, the idea isn’t to do a full workout) and sometimes I will take a cold shower.

I can’t tell you how big of an impact this has on me before I go out. Doing these things make me feel so good and ready to take on the challenge of bedding a new beauty. The other thing that happens is somehow your date will pick up on your higher testosterone and it will make her immediately more attracted to you.

By now, it should be about time to go. As you walk through your front door you will notice yourself standing taller and being overall much more confident in nearly every possible aspect. Use this to get the hotty you’re about to meet back to your room and naked on your bed.


My Three Part Pre-Date Routine

After doing this, the worst that could happen is she cancels. You know what you do after that? Go get some numbers. After doing these 3 parts you will be in the ideal state to get numbers from girls, so don’t waste it.

These are the three parts of my pre-date routine. I hope it helps you like it has helped me. This routine has been the difference between me getting ok girls and me getting the legit hotties, use it well.

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  • NRx3r

    What a massive amount of work for essentially nothing. Here’s my dating routine: I go online and blast my semen in an orgy of online porn. Then I save whatever money the ‘date’ was going to cost me and then go do whatever I want to do. Why be a slave to soulless women?

    • Anonymous

      You’d rather jack off your whole life than have females? Head scratcher right there

    • NRx3r

      Nice strawman there, did you learn that at the same place you learnt to argue like a feminist?

    • Some people are too afraid to get out there and take a few rejections.

    • If that dude ever has sex he’ll suffer from the worst type of ED a man can have. A boy like that can’t have sex in the dark. That’s what happens when you forget your other four senses.

    • Yeah that’s a great idea. Let’s live without the feelings of our bodies greatest reward system (sex and connecting with another human being) caused by our biological imperative: survive and reproduce.

      Let’s replace that reward system with a fake one that makes you feel good while staring at images on a machine. Go on your way and never connect with a girl, just keep making yourself more and more depressed by jacking off every day. Then go online and try to tell other people to do the same instead of getting out there and actually living their own lives (not living through watching some other guy fuck a girl on a screen).

      You sir are not a man.

    • Franz Saint-Fleur

      Wow you need help, please stop denying that you do not want female attention. That fact that you watch porn is proof that you want female attention to a degree (unless its gay porn). Stop being a troll and start working on yourself. If you don’t agree with the post then stop reading it. The fact that you read the whole article means you are looking for help, it’s ok to admit it. BUT I know your type, you are just going to dis me back with a lame comeback and make an excuse why you “Are not a slave to soulless women.” Does that mean that your mom is soulless, if so you have mother issue you need to solve. Good luck I hope you change if not I don’t care.

    • I’m not trying to hate, but you look like Lebron in that photo.

    • Bahlza Dragon

      Now, guys, he never said the porn had women in it–it’s probably football players. Yep, he has sure avoided being a slave to women. Don’t listen to these haters, NRx3r–you go ahead and get out the eye dropper and whack it. Never again will you have to hear someone say, “is it in yet?”

    • lol

    • That’s no way to live dude. I’m building my life from the foundation at 21 so that I don’t have to continue living this way.

  • I really like this post, I ran into it when thinking of my routine. You’re killing it on Google search lucky dog. There is something else I like to do, I’m writing my article on. It get’s me more pumped up than anything.

    The testosterone part is great advice. I’m going to take a look at that article. I use natural supplements that raise my levels of horniness through the roof. I think that signifies higher testosterone, but I’m not sure.