Podcast #3. Colombia, Gold Diggers, Day Game, Medellin Vs. Other Cities, etc.,

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10 am and this chick hasn’t made breakfast.
I don’t know why I put up with it…

What type of topics I cover:

  • How I have done so far in the last couple months with women
  • Amante – Girl who wants to be with me, but also the rich guy who gives her everything
  • Getting the hottest girls and day gaming
  • Pictures becoming one of the main reasons why guys get laid
  • The pros and cons of Medellin
  • Ideal balance of new girls and old girls
  • Hitting the gym
  • Some fine Colombian girls make me want to settle down


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Like us?
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  • Edwards Johnson


  • Edwards Johnson

    You said, you won’t be doing much traveling anymore, how come?

    • I’m out of money, I have to go back to USA and work.

    • Brianmark

      What’s going on with your IT work in the USA? Are you still doing that or a different profession? What did you find are the opportunities? I thought you were in AZ at one time?

    • I went to AZ but soon after that I ended up deciding to go see my son in DR then travel a bit. Just didn’t work out for me.

    • Brianmark

      Are you still interested in working in IT? If not what?

    • Yeah, still focused on that.

  • Martin D.

    Great podcast 20,
    Where were the best spot (malls, streets, park…) to day game in Pereira ?

    Thanks for what you do 😉

    • Thanks Martin
      I would say the streets and maybe universities. There is high traffic in a lot of spots so you can see a lot of girls. And it has good weather so you can comfortably approach.

  • Steven

    What are your plans with your son in the more intermediate term? Will you have him go to school in the US, or a school in the DR? I think this would be a great idea of a future article.

    • Well the education system in DR is pretty shit to be honest. I would prefer he study in usa then spend the summers in the DR with his mom. But things aren’t clear yet. He is still just 3 years old and it’s hard for his mom to let him leave even for short periods of time. She says she will when he is older but we will see. I may just have to visit him a couple months every year. Or have him spend summers with me so he can at least learn English.

    • Brianmark

      Teaching him English while he’s young is very important. Get him English movies and cartoons. My X-Filipina GF never taught her daughter, who was two at the time, English while I was away. I used to have elementary English books with pictures and words, letters, numbers that I used to use. In fact when I was in Ukraine, my Russian teacher used children’s books to teach me Russian. So get your son some books and start early when you’re there and hopefully his mother will be interested in helping when you are away.

    • Good advice. It’s never too young to start teaching him english I guess.

    • Steven

      Oh for sure. My cousin who is 5 is already fluent in 3 languages. Being 3 may seem young but it really isn’t at all when it comes to children’s development its actually their peak learning years. Definitely challenging though, going to school in the states and DR for summer definitely makes sense. Though right now I guess the only thing you can do is frequent Skype and try to visit as much as possible.

    • Yeah you are
      Motivating me to get him started.

    • Andy

      Maybe you can find a way to homeschool him with online programs? There are many good ones out there for every age bracket. Proper homeschooling is the best way anyway. For now, just get him children’s books in English, movies, audios etc. so that the English second language gets deep into his subconsicous. It works. You can also record long audio messages for him.

    • Yeah but it’s hard for me to live in the DR. So homeschooling would have to be done by his mom, or if he’s in usa, he would just go to school.

      The other stuff I have to start doing. I just webcam with his once a week now.

  • Brianmark

    Great Podcast. I’m am going to put more day game into action, because I realize how much the girls get dolled up for the clubs, thus have a bigger attitude there. The same girls look much more plain during the day and are much more approachable, because they are not getting hitting on.

    As far as photos are concerned. I know you mention Instagram. Why use Instagram vs. Facebook and which types of photos should go each place for greatest impact. I have many travel photos which I’ve never posted anywhere.

    • Thanks Brianmark. Yeah I can’t do nearly as well at night as I can during the day. Plus they have their reputations to think about because they are usually with friends or maybe even guys who are paying for their drinks. Just really difficult.

      I think both can be good. THe most important thing is just to have a platform to show value. That’s really the most important thing. Like you day game a girl and nowadays she will want to see your social media to get an idea of how high value you are.

  • Brianmark

    You mentioned a girl that you really liked told you she had a rich local provider that would buy her everything she needs. I think once you get outside the West, where women prefer work to a man, you’ll find that Love = Money. Many girls can fall in love with a guy that treats the well financially. It is not gold- digger mentality in these countries. It is necessity for a good life. They may shag you because you are the exotic foreigner, but they’re looking to their future a man that is a good provider for them and their future children. About 50+ years ago in the West, the good looking good provider got all the women.

    • There is some truth to it. But if all they have to offer is money, then they just end up getting used. This girl told me she will use him for his money and bounce after 2 years. Her words. However, if you bring money and game to the table, I think you have a point.

    • Edwards Johnson

      20, I live on an island in the Caribbean next to DR. I find that ALL DR chicks here, on my island, tend to be very materialistic. I haven’t found a girl that isn’t asking for money or expensive lavish dates. I don’t want to be there provider. Have you experience anything like this in DR? I have never been there, but are they this materialistic? I tend to next them if I find them like this, what do you normally do? The problem here is that, not a single DR chick on my island that isn’t after some form of money. Also, is Colombia like this also?

      Keep doing more podcast mate!!

    • Yeah Dominican girls are pretty focused on money, more so than other cultures. That being said there are plenty of exceptions and girls who couldn’t care less, just like anywhere else. It usually has to do with their family.
      Colombia is also like it but different in different cities and maybe to a slightly lesser degree.

      Thanks Edwards

    • patrick

      st kitts and nevis edward?

    • Edwards Johnson

      No, antigua

    • Brianmark

      A man who only has money will get used. Some foreign women will chose money over good looks to provide for their families.

      The flip side of this was my old Ukrainian girlfriend who was very attractive and a bitch. She wanted me to spend a lot of money on her. I can remember her telling me looks was not important in a man, money was more important. She was trying to shame me into spending more on her. There was this ugly looking Ukrainian man with his trophy wife and his two kids. She said look at him. I said, “He’s ugly and it doesn’t matter how good looking his wife is because both of his kids are ugly like him.” My girlfriend’s mother was fat, and she liked to eat too much, so I’m sure now she’s someone’s fat nightmare.

    • haha its true though. I think money with other good qualities makes you really attractive, but money alone causes problems.

    • Daniel

      I guess used can be relative. While some guys end up going broke I think a lot of wealthy guys get the better end of the deal. Yes, they’re paying money essentially for the girl but because in many places a woman’s value is her youth and beauty the power dynamic starts to shift once the girl starts to age or the guy threatens to take away all he has provided. I’m mid 30s and there’s no shortage of women around my age who have no skills or real appeal because they spent their 20s letting some guy take care of them.

    • Agreed Daniel.

  • Trinitario

    Very impressive podcast 20 Nation, as i would be visiting the Dominican Republic next month, i will be armed to the teeth with vital information and tools along the way……i recently took up Spanish as my second language, i started doing exercises (body weight training and cardio) plus there are some things i am improving as time progress……and as for the pictures: yeah !! i may need to build a fresh bachelor’s “resume” (you know, the adventurous bad-ass type you outlined in one of your earlier articles)……………….this is something i may need.

    Thanks 20 Nation.

    • Going straight to learning spanish is a great idea. Good luck in there DR. You will have a great rime

  • Daniel

    I enjoyed the podcast and I’m sorry about your experience. The reality is that poor women who are beautiful tend to have a lot of pressure on them to choose a rich guy. I’ve seen this be especially prevalent in countries where the average woman can’t get a decent paying job. While in the US we teach women about breaking the glass ceiling in some countries the glass ceiling to break is being a poor chick who marries a rich guy and it’s why so many women often flock to foreigners. If you want sex and good times stick with her. If you want real companionship run the other way because culture withstanding, you’re not going to win against the rich guy. It’s nothing personal about you but essentially you’d be asking her to choose between you (a great guy) and a guy who can elevate the life of her entire family.

    I guess if you really like her then you could pretend to be able to provide her with a certain life but I’ve seen that backfire for a lot of guys. I’m not sure how things are with your kids mom but I used to know a guy who knocked up a chick in the DR and things were not great once she found out he wasn’t well off. She got a lot of abuse from her family and that translated into her often being mean to him. Everyone had the expectation that the guy from the US would send more money than he could, eventually take them all to the US…When she found a local guy she cut off most ties with him and last I knew he saw his kid about once a year.

    I’m not interested in coaching but I’d pay for content. I’d pay for daygame infields, audio from dates, concrete details of how you come up with your online profile, video of nightlife where you are…For me personally that kind of content is more valuable than books. I can’t speak for others but I’ve gotten enough value from the site and forum that I’d even put up money kick starter style before the content was ready to be delivered

    • Yeah it’s the reality. No big deal
      Because a lot of other women in a colombia.

      Yeah i have a pretty good baby mama in The dr. Wouldn’t have to worry much about it.

      Hmm thanks for all the input. We are thinking about doing a game product for like 50$ that would contain all that. It’s good to know that there is a demand for it though.

  • patrick

    idea: money benefit/earlier retirement potential of settling down in india too–reason? legally married there gives ability to work. their IT sector much huger than colombia’s (ie. bangalore). and, i never really hear of foreigners going to india to work, so wud be more unique and cud get promotions over local programmers easier, hired for better jobs, win job interview processes easier, etc

    • Just tre downside is hat it’s not a pussy paradise and not the most comfortable country to live in.

    • Splooge

      Well who wants to live in poor shit holes n indias the poster child.
      Golddiggin n scamers everywhere outside first world

      Theres poland n Argentina for settling.

      Speakimg of which u gonna sponser ur son to the usa?

    • Yeah for sure. It’s just that his mom is afraid I will take him and never bring him back so she’s scared to let him go.


    Lol i know Medelin from Narcos, isnt better to avoid cities like that?

    • I mean its not the safest place in the world, but if you are smart it becomes much safer.

  • Charles

    Lived in Colombia for a year, and lived off online game almost exclusively… I’m getting real nostalgic hearing you tell your stories, but also impatient to go back and try out daygame as I’ve been meaning to do for a long time.

    I also like that you ventured outside of Medellin. Pereira and the eje cafetero look very tempting. Lower density, but roughly the same paisa heritage.

    • Yeah Pereira was a great place, but nothing beats Medellin for comfort. It’s the place I could really live.

  • Charles

    Also back to your question… I think a maximum of 2 regular girls a week is ideal.