Pictures from Around the World

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Pictures from Around the World

This has always been a blog about travel, but sometimes(nearly always) I would say women take precedence. So,  it’s about time I share with you some normal pictures I have taken while traveling the world. Travel is not only about sleeping with the locals ;).

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  • COOL.
    Easy DHV when you show the girls that your a ” traveled and cultured” man

  • Lucerne Valley Shredder

    Were the jungles safe to hike in the Phil?

    How are they “keeping burglars out” in Venezuela pic- AK-47s?

    • Jungles seemed fine in Phil. Nothing too crazy. Not as safe as some places, but not like going through the amazon or african jungles

      They grow cactus around their houses. And use it as fences.

  • Cedric Roggins

    Hey 20
    Of all the places you’ve been which couple of cities (like say 5) do you believe are the some of the best ones to live in?

  • Animal Man

    What’s up 20. Love the articles. A question i had is where out of all your travels would you recommend for the best place for women/ surfers? I’ve been to over 25 countries and I’ve always had to choose between picking a super rural area with hardly any chicks or a city atmosphere where i can smash a ton of girls. I’ve noticed that even when you go to places well known for surfing like Nicaragua and even Indonesia you guys game at cities that aren’t even close to a surfing beach? Any pussy paradises that are by good surf breaks? Trying to combine my 2 favorite things to do.

  • seventhlight

    wow this is amazing. thanks for sharing