Location is Everything

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Meet, date, and club. Those are the three most important factors when picking the location where you want to live. You want to be able to MEET new girls around that location. You want a close DATE spot. And you … Read More

Guadalajara Part 3: Drug Cartels, 3somes, Bondage, and blood thirsty father-in-laws

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 Guadalajara Part 3: Drug Cartels, 3somes, Bondage, and blood thirsty father-in-laws Check out Guadalajara Part 1 here:  http://swooptheworld.com/my-first-few-action-packed-days-in-guadalajara/   It’s been a while since I have updated everybody on my travels through Guadalajara. I will start in order. The Land … Read More

My Book Free for 5 Days

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 Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes A Woman Want You My book is free for the next five days 8/15/13 to 8/19/13. Since you are getting this book for free all that I ask is that you help out by leaving … Read More

Mission Asian threesome: failed.

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Asian Threesome: Thailand & Philippines

Mission Asian Threesome I’ve just come closer to a threesome in Thailand than ever. Now when it comes to threesomes I believe your game has to be ON. Especially in the following areas: Attraction Division of attention ISOLATION Retreating Distraction … Read More

A New Apartment

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So I just found out that I may have to start looking for a new apartment here in Guadalajara. There have been constant complaints against me for excessive noise late at night. I have literally tried covering girls mouths as … Read More

Women: *eye roll*

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The first post in a series of weird, illogical and ridiculous things women do and say. Today’s topic: token resistance.