Fisto Recons Lima Peru

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Gentlemen, I have about 11 days to go some place and I am currently in Vegas. I considered Europe (Prague, Wroclaw) and spoke to Courage Reborn about it but the length of travel time and logistics involved (plus cost of … Read More

Reader mail #1

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We’ve been getting some great feedback and questions. I try to answer all of them with care, but since some of these question might be interesting for everyone, we’ll set up this new series called Reader Mail. I’ll pick out … Read More

We are on Twitter

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Yes we are on Twitter now. So get over there and start following us right now. I’m completely new to Twitter and it took like 2 minutes to create an account. So even if you’re NOT on Twitter, go … Read More

Best boyfriend ever

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This must be the pinnacle of having your balls chopped off by a woman. Don’t ever be like this guy. This is a perfect (and worst) example of failing a woman’s “shit test”. A woman will shit test you periodically … Read More