Guadalajara Part 3: Drug Cartels, 3somes, Bondage, and blood thirsty father-in-laws

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 Guadalajara Part 3: Drug Cartels, 3somes, Bondage, and blood thirsty father-in-laws Check out Guadalajara Part 1 here:   It’s been a while since I have updated everybody on my travels through Guadalajara. I will start in order. The Land … Read More

My Book Free for 5 Days

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 Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes A Woman Want You My book is free for the next five days 8/15/13 to 8/19/13. Since you are getting this book for free all that I ask is that you help out by leaving … Read More

Mission Asian threesome: failed.

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Asian Threesome: Thailand & Philippines

Mission Asian Threesome I’ve just come closer to a threesome in Thailand than ever. Now when it comes to threesomes I believe your game has to be ON. Especially in the following areas: Attraction Division of attention ISOLATION Retreating Distraction … Read More

A New Apartment

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So I just found out that I may have to start looking for a new apartment here in Guadalajara. There have been constant complaints against me for excessive noise late at night. I have literally tried covering girls mouths as … Read More

Women: *eye roll*

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The first post in a series of weird, illogical and ridiculous things women do and say. Today’s topic: token resistance.

Tanned, Blond and Crazy

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It’s Fistos 2nd birthday party. The real birthday party had been a blast so we were still fucked up from the party. Let’s just have some cake and vodka. As we were eating cake and getting drunk, a new date … Read More