We Are In Haiti!

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We Are In Haiti! You may have noticed that SwoopTheWorld hasn’t been doing the usual 1 post a day. That is because THC and I are in Haiti! The massive amounts of new posts will start up again when we … Read More

World Girls Awards

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World Girls Awards A while back I started a poll to show which girls from which places have the best features called the World Girls Awards. You can still vote on it, but now you have to register to do … Read More

Bad Grammar Boner

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Traveling the world and seducing local women, you’ll run into any possible level of English proficiency. From non-existent to near native level. For girls that don’t speak English at all, it’s mostly hard work to communicate with them. For those … Read More

The Lost Art of Using Mystery to Create Attraction

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Using mystery to create attraction with women is VERY affective. There is not a ton of information out there on using mystery in seduction, but there should be. Mystery not only hits an attraction switch, but there is a powerful psychological affect with this as well.

Favela Points

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I think favela points are best explained with the story of their origin. It started out between my friends and me when we were traveling in Brazil. Favela is a term for the shanty towns in Brazil, the slums if … Read More

Gold digger 0 – TravelHardcore: 1

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gold digger game

Gold digger game I could tell from her profile pictures, she liked fashion. That’s what made me like her. Especially for here (Dominican Republic) it made her stand out from the rest of the girls. With her burberry scarf (who … Read More