Memories of Thailand (part 2)

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While I’m finishing up this epic guide that contains ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW to get laid like a rock star in Thailand, I can’t help but reminisce about my Thai girls. As I browsed through my digital memory folder on my laptop, I remember a few stories… Please follow along.

FYI: these are obviously not their real names for privacy reasons.

 Seducing Thai Girls… The memories

Narin, miss boobies

In two words: fake boobs

seducing thai girls from isaanNarin is a girl from Isaan, a northern province in Thailand with mostly poor girls. I met Narin with day game.

Fisto had just texted me to join him for  a training session. His apartment had a nice location and we’d try to get in some daily exercise to compensate for all the partying and heavy drinking. As I’m walking to the BTS (Bangkok Skytrain system) Narin crosses my path.

My eyes first landed on her boobs, “Wow it’s rare to see a Thai girl with big boobs like this” I thought, when I looked up she was giving me a decent stare. I stop her and we start talking, she immediately started kino, I knew I was golden. We exchange numbers (LINE app) and I continue my way to Fisto’s mansion, before I arrive she had already texted me.

We meet for shisha, conveniently located close to my hotel, and I’m having a good vibe with her. She is a full on Isaan girl, so I do my Isaan girl routine on how I can spot Isaan girls from other Thai girls. Not much later the shisha-routine gets me the kiss.

Things were going smoothly, but when I try to get her to my hotel she freezes out. She stops and won’t take another step.

“No let’s meet another time, I can’t go to your hotel”

What’s this all about, I had built enough attraction so I knew she wanted to but something was blocking her.

I shift gears to caveman style and drag her along, but this only gets her a few meters closer to my hotel.

“Cannot goooo, my friend work theeeere! I don’t want she see meeeee”  (yes, that’s how Isaan girls speak, the really love to over emphasize the last syllable)

So that was the problem. I adapt my approach a bit and reassure her that all the shops are already closed around my hotel and no one will see her. She know it’s true, but I think she kind of got turned on by the caveman move because she’s still saying “Nooooo!” but in a more playful way.

I pick her up and walk the remaining block with her on my shoulder where I put her down: “See, the shops are closed.”

When I finally get her in my hotel room, she really got the taste for being cavemanned. She tries to leave my room twice, each time I dragged her back in and threw her on the bed. I then hid her shoes and her purse.

“I want to goooo, give me my shoooooeee”

Come and get it. We start play fighting and this gets her hot enough to stop resisting. She seemed kind of slutty so I was surprised by the hard LMR, but once I busted through it I was well rewarded. This girl was a sexual freak. I smashed her three times that night and another time in the morning.

She had a beautiful pussy, perfect skin and a great ass. She had also invested in herself by getting a set of fake tits. I don’t know where she got the money from, but I suspect a sucker farang (foreigner) had paid for it. I was not a big fan of the fakeness, they felt pretty hard, but at least they were nice to look at.

Her personality was not that interesting but she was not boring. I was always laughing with the way she’d pronounce words and… she was extremely high drive and loved to ride it in bed, I would have probably seen her again if she was boring as fuck too.

She would regularly send me naked pictures of her and loved to send me bad grammar sex-messages on LINE.

I met her again whenever I passed by in Bangkok again but the last time I met her she told me she had a boyfriend. She was going to move to Amsterdam. That didn’t stop her from coming to visit me and getting smashed though.

So let this be a warning, don’t be that boyfriend at home waiting for your Thai princess, possibly even sending her money. Especially with Isaan girls!

Check out some Not Safe For Work pictures below:



  • Daygame
  • Good sex, VERY high drive (nympho)
  • Funny (unintendedly with her English mistakes)
  • Decent English, very pronounced Thai accent
  • Very low loyalty


Jin-Ri, my first Korean flag

In one word: Korean

Korean girl in Bangkok

One of my best friends from college (nickname Science) had come to visit me for my birthday in Bangkok. I’ve been away from home for a long time so I really appreciated him flying out to the other side of the world to celebrate it with me…. or maybe the wild stories he had been hearing played a part as well.

Anyway, whenever Science and me roll out, it’s going to get out of hand soon and this time was no exception.

I had already spent a couple of month is Bangkok so I knew my way around. I wanted him to have the best possible experience in the short time he was visiting, so I brought him up to speed in a crash course on Thailand and Bangkok. I took him to all the right spots and thought him some tricks for hooking up with Thai girls, how to shore the hotties in the clubs and to avoid the infamous ladyboys.

Sure enough, he bounced up his notch count with about 10 for his trip, that was nearly one a day and we still had time for Muay Thai and sightseeing.

On one of those alcohol-infused nights we both captured our Korean flags, and in a very efficient way: quality time.

Quality time: going out with your friend and seducing two girls (friends, cousins,…) and both scoring at the same time. Coined by 20Nation

We just walked in the club and Science opens up the very first set of 2 girls we can spot, two Korean tourist clearly looking for fun, party and the D.

We naturally split up and not much later we are dancing and making out with our respective girls. I escalate things sexually a little bit but not too much, I have her feel my boner and keep grinding her. I look over my shoulder and my friend is making out with her friend like a maniac.

We should be ready to bounce soon. I don’t remember what I said exactly but 9 out 10 it will probably be my BKK water close routine. So 20 minutes after entering the club we are now in the taxi with 2 hot Korean girls on our way to the hotel.

These girls were really here to party because from there on everything went as smooth as can be. I took my girl straight to my room, Science took his girl straight to his room. His girl came knocking on my door after 10 minutes to see if her friend was okay, but when I opened the door naked she knew she was behind schedule and quickly returned to my friend to catch up.

Jen-Ri had really pale skin, I loved her white skin after all the tanned Thai girls I had been banging the week before. Her pussy was really tight and it hurt her a bit to get it in, but once it was in  she took it like a trooper.

My friend smashed his girl as well, I got his digital memories the same night, thanks for sharing bro 😉

The next morning we said our goodbye’s, 2 Korean flags captured with quality time, boom.



  • Good sex, no LMR
  • Funny accent and weird half Korean/English expressions
  • Bad English, caveman talk, everything she said sounded like a question


Ying, Pattaya party girl

In two words: party girl

Pattaya girlThe first time I went to Pattaya was with another best friend from college, nicknamed Smooth Operator. Smooth Operator is as red pill as they come, living an international lifestyle like me, chasing girls at every opportunity.

He came to visit me when I had just arrived in Thailand. I showed him around in Bangkok and we destroyed it, new pussy every day, but now we were ready to explore other cities in the land of the smiles.

Neither of us had ever been to Pattaya, we only knew it from the notorious rumors. But still we had to see it with our own eyes, and I must say, the first time I went to Pattaya I hated it. We only stayed one day then we took the first bus back to Bangkok.

We were not prepared for the poignant sex tourism industry. It also exists in Bangkok but in Pattaya it seems like that’s the only thing the city has to offer, it gets rubbed in your face whether you want it or not.  Fat, dirty, old men walking around with barely legal girls, some of them close to having tears in their eyes. It got to us.

If you are not prepared to face these kind of views, you better avoid the city all together. However, if you can ignore it and look past these sex tourist (it’s hard they are everywhere), good times CAN be had in Pattaya, but you need to approach it the right way.

In my book I explain how you can get the most out of the city without drowning in the oversupply of go-go dancers and aging truck drivers blowing away their pension’s on the former. E.g. the city is actually quite nice around New Year, when a lot of normal Thai people visit Pattaya to celebrate.

On my return visits with Scotian, 20Nation & Fisto, we each time had a blast with this new approach.

One of these visits I met Ying. My friends all called it an early night but I decided to head out and lone-wolf. I met Ying with her girl friends, they were out partying so we joined them.  They bought bottles in the club and I didn’t have to pay for a single drink that night.

I made sure I entertained the group talking to all of the girls, without closing in on my target too soon. Once they were getting drunk (that doesn’t take too long for these skinny Thai girls on hard liquor), things progressed naturally, I danced with Ying and we started making out. From time to time I would bounce around talk to some guys, even tried to get a random guy laid with one of her friends (they were all on the prawl) but he had no game and fucked it up big time.

Since her friends all approved of me (they had a great time with me), I didn’t have a hard time isolating her and we take a motorbike taxi back to my hotel.

Those taxi rides are an experience, they drive like crazy and they don’t have spare helmets for you. Always make sure to check whether your driver has been drinking, a reckless driving Thai driver is fun, but  a reckless driving drunk Thai is pushing your luck. These guys don’t handle their alcohol well.

Zero LMR, I smash her well.

Ying is a fun girl, a party girl for sure, but she can hide it very well. The next day when we were both sober, she almost had me convinced she was a shy good-girl.

I saw her a couple of times after, she’d always be down to go out for a drink, have shisha or dance.

Last time I met her she had found a boyfriend, but I would advise him to keep a real close eye on her and not leave her alone for 5 minutes, party girls will be party girls.


  • Good sex, active and pro-active
  • Reliable, always down to meet
  • Decent English, but a little bit shy to speak
  • Party girl, not loyal

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