Memories of Thai Girls (part 4)

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It’s been a while since I wrote one of these… About time, my memories are already fading ūüôā I already discussed some memories of¬†Thai girls in part 1, part 2 and part 3, so feel free to check these out as well.


In one word: Shoring!

Anna was my first shore. Ever. For those you don’t know what shoring is, it’s basically seducing¬†a pro girl by using game to¬†build attraction and get her to bang you for free.

I had just arrived in Bangkok and everything was still new to me, including the excess grey-zone and full-on prostitution. After I had spent my first few days dating the Thai girls I had pipelined on online dating websites; I was now ready to see the go go bars that Thailand is so (in)famous for.

So I took the BTS sky-train to Soi Cowboy, a small alley full of go go bars, and I sat down at the first bar to order a beer. It was still early so it was very calm. Besides a few old white tourist in shorts, rocking the white socks and sandals combo, I was one of the only customers.

soi cowboy Bangkok thailand

Soi Cowboy later at night

The go go girls didn’t have much to do yet¬†and two of them joined me at my table. Anna, a cute Thai girl that with¬†dyed-blond hair and her less attractive friend who I couldn’t care less about.

I didn’t have my shoring routines yet at that time¬†-I barely even knew what shoring was- but¬†I guess it was written in the stars that I would end up shoring the very first bar girl I met.

From the start I made clear I wasn’t a ‘customer’ and proceeded gaming them as if they were regular girls. I got Anna’s number and¬†got her to meet me on her free day, and banged her easily.

I had already had some good sex with Thai ‘good girls’ and since¬†was my first shore -a PRO- my expectations where high. I was expecting some advanced, mind-blowing sex… but it was average at best.

Nonetheless Anna was a fun¬†girl. She would booty call me from time to time and if I wasn’t busy doing something else I’d let her come over. Always she would bring with her some amazing over the top stories of what had happened to her.

She gave me a lot of insight into the “scene” and she explained me the inner workings of ¬†go go bars, bar fines, short and long time deals, how they have to hit their quota… etc.

Very insightful.

She also made it clear what the word of a Thai prostitute is worth. She actually had a British boyfriend that was sending her money so she didn’t have to do “that job” anymore. Poor trusting guy should have invested his money a little bit better.

This one time she answered his call while she was giving me a blowjob. She then got into a fight over the phone with her boyfriend because “he didn’t trust her enough!”. She would scream at him “Of course, I’m home watching TV! I hate it when you don’t trust me!”, then continue sucking my dick when it was his turn to talk.


  • Shoring (banging a pro for free)
  • Average sex
  • Insightful experience
  • Honest and trustworthy girl ūüėČ




In one word: Body

I met Khem at one of the countless party nights I had in Kao San Road.

Kao San Road gets¬†hated upon by many as it is filled with pale, left-wing backpackers that wear fisherman pants (god I hate fisherman’s pants), but it’s also a hot spot for Thai girls that are looking for farang (foreign / white guys). With the right approach and if you manage to¬†ignore¬†these smelly travel hippies (they are no competition anyway), it can be a great venue.

I got laid nearly every night I set foot there.


Middle of Kao San Road

Though both the quantity and quality of the Thai girls here varies greatly from day to day. But that night it was great.

I met Khem in one of the night clubs. Typical¬†party girl. I started dancing with her, made out with her and then used my classic “7-11 close” to get her out of the club and into my hotel room. Piece of cake. Routine.

She was wearing one of those Thai jeans booty shorts that are popular there for some reason. They look like they are homemade out of an 80’s mom-jeans. They didn’t really do her justice because when I took them off… damn: She had an awesome body.

A very nice round booty, cute little boobs, perfect skin and she was great in bed. Possibly the top 3 of all my Thai girls.

The only weird thing is that she loved to put make on¬†her eyes exaggerating her eyebrows, making them really dark and bigger. I’ve seen some other Thai girls doing this as well, a little bit freaky but it made her more exotic: favela-points¬†ūüėČ

I banged her a couple of times but she was a real farang hunter. I think her notch count could come close to that of Anna from the previous story ūüôā

Here’s a digital memory of her boobs:

Khem Thai girl Bangkok

Khem’s boobies


  • Night game (Kao San Road club pick up)
  • Great¬†sex
  • Out of control party girl
  • Eyebrows


More Thailand, more Thai girls

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  • splooge

    cool story bro.
    sux to be that british guy wonder why hed fall for a hoe? white and first world country he could easily pick a betfer thai girl in fact numerous ones.
    do those hippies get lucky in thailand? are thai girls only hunting white guys or other foreigners too?

    • thanks splooge… I don’t know, but it’s part of these girls JOBS to get suckers to fall in love with them & start spending.

      These hippies usually don’t even think about going after the Thai girls and are focused on the other travel hippies they met at their hostel.

      Thai girls primarily go after the white foreigners, they are pretty racist generally.

    • alp

      When are you going to Ethiopia?

    • 2015, first Asia tho

    • splooge

      ok interesting so they are thirsty only for whites. is it due to their appearance or status of being from rich country?

      thats crazy never have thought men can be maniulated to love a hooker espically in the 3rd world.

      when you are in thailand do good girls approach foreigners often or does the foreinger always make the first move?

      how do local thai men react when they see you with their women?any hostilites?

    • Taj

      Interesting questions splooge. Maybe they will respond to them.

  • Taj

    Dear Author,
    What was your monthly budget here?

    • About 1.5k usd per month

    • Aegis7

      We’re you spending more in Indonesia per month than Thailand or about the same? How much exactly in Jakarta and the other Islands/month sir?

      Indonesia sounds better to me honestly-I love passionate open minded people, curvy bodies, girls with huge sex drives, and outdoors fitness fun (exploring mountains and beaches over being a gym rat).

  • I love reading these stories. Question: How did you get the drop down click option for the nsfw pic?

  • Kevin

    Guys can we see some numbers in the future
    Trip expenses
    Length of trip
    Approaches done (day/night/online)
    Most Economical Travel Hacks (ie take a train to Chang Mai from Bangkok not a flight etc, Hotels on Khao San are cleaner and cheaper on average etc)

  • “I hate it when you don‚Äôt trust me!‚ÄĚ… It be funny if he called her out on it and said “BITCH! I know you sucking someones dick right now “LMAO

  • Nasty Nomad

    Good insight here….

  • Nasty Nomad

    Great walk-through.