Big Name Blogger Matt Forney Dissects The Key Logger

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Every so often, you come across a book that completely upends your worldview. After reading it, you might feel angry, sad, happy or whatever, but you won’t see things the same way ever again. Even if the book contains information that you might have already known or suspected to be true, the evidence it lays out can shake you to your very core.

The Key Logger is such a book.


Big Name Blogger Matt Forney Dissects The Key Logger

The story of how I installed a key logger on my computer to spy on all the girls I dated for a few years of my life has been reviewed and dissected by big name blogger Matt Forney. His article offers it’s own value as he adds in his own points all the while making it clear that he understood why such a work must be read by every man that plans on dating a woman.

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Some more quotes from the article:

It’s a testament to the importance of what Jack is writing about that The Key Logger remains absolutely gripping despite its issues

Not every statement from the Manosphere veteran was positive, but it was “gripping”throughout.


The premise of The Key Logger is rather unique; it’s about how Jack secretly installed a key logger on his computer so he could spy on his girlfriends’ Facebook and email accounts. The book follows ten separate girls he used the key logger on, covering the range from an innocent “good girl” to a hard-partying Paris Hilton wannabe to a nutty slut looking to cuckold her husband, and all of them behave in the exact same way:


The more cynical in the audience will probably go, “So fucking what? We knew all this already!” No, you didn’t. You know about it in the abstract, through manosphere blog posts and secondhand stories, but few men have been confronted with the average girl’s emotional calculus in such a stark manner. I’ve been confronted with it in the past, and it’s disturbing, near sociopathic how girls can effortlessly justify their emotional promiscuity. Appealing to morality is a waste of time; you might as well be speaking in a foreign language.

The Key Logger was written so that men could see women for how they really are and accept them. You will be there right along with me, feeling the emotions I feel, and learning the things that I learned. I really do believe it is a book that every man should read and take in. Jumping into a relationship with a woman, without knowing what she is capable of can be a very grave error, it is best to know the truth.


To read more from Matt Forney’s article click HERE.


To check out The Key Logger: A Forbidden Glimpse at the True Nature of Women: Click Here.

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  • Josh Bar

    Good Ol’ Saint. NICH knows if you’ve been bad or good! lol

    • 20Nation

      so be good for goodness sake laidies

  • Josh Bar

    “The average man is conditioned to hang all his hopes on one girl, to the point where chodes will abandon their guy friends when they get a girlfriend, leaving them with nothing to fall back on when the relationship implodes. Meanwhile, the girl they think is the love of their life maintains her emotional safety net with obsessive-compulsive detail, so the minute her relationship goes south, she has her pick of suitors and court eunuchs to remind her what a catch she is.”

    • 20Nation

      he speaks the truth!

  • Lacedric T

    Man this whole concept you came up with for this book is truly creative. I wish I had invented this book…Why? Because it’s a bomb that blasts through all the false cultural programming and the almost esoteric nature of how women present themselves to outsiders and how they really are.

    PS-In any society-all that’s needed to destroy the parasites and turds (big brother mega corps, lawyers, politicians, women, banks,etc.) is for a few members of their own brother/sister hood to drop the dime and make their ruthless tactics public knowledge. I thjink some women could make $$$$$$ if they’d fess up to all the dirty tricks they brought and learned at their sisterhood meetings.

    Remember-in any manipulative bs in life-at the end of the day- The Emperor Has No Clothes!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 20Nation

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think its a good book to snap men out of their day dreams.

  • Runner

    I also put a keylogger on my computer because I “suspected” my wife was cheating (I was a beta wuss. I damn well knew she was cheating). What I did not expect was the cold hearted cynicism, the number of guys, and the complete contempt she had for me and everything I did.
    Jack’s book should be read by every man.