Manila Party Girls: Flashback

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Manila Party Girls: Flashback

manila party girls

I was only in Manila for a few days but I had been able to set up a few dates so my days would be filled. However, one of my dates didn’t want to go on a one on one date and she invited me to a party. Originally I didn’t want to go, but she was very cute and I finally gave in.

I showed up at a huge hotel in the nicer area of Manila. I went in and she was waiting for me in the lobby with some friends. I was happy, because she looked just as cute as in her pictures. We got into the elevator and when the doors opened I witnessed the most bad ass party I had ever seen.

There were tons of Philippina girls dressed as sexy as possible. There was a large table full of whatever type of alcohol you could imagine. These were definitely Manila party girls.

The strangest part wasn’t the 1 guy to 5 girl ratio that the party had, the strangest part was that all the girls were Philippina and ALL the guys were white. I started to realize what type of party it was.

It was the 20th birthday party of a cute Philippina girl; thrown by her very rich, 50 year old English boyfriend. The rest of the girls were all there for the same reason, to snag a foreign guy.

As the night went on the party got crazier and crazier. People got more drunk and the games started getting sexier and sexier, with more and more clothes coming off. As a guy, you just sat there and fought off the many girls vying for your affections.

There was a particular that caught my attention. She had the bigger boobs and light skin that Manila girls are known for, only much more than normal. She wore this black dress that showed off her cleavage perfectly. On top of it all she had a cute face. Yeah it was my date.

Unfortunately, I didn’t end up banging her. But it wasn’t so bad, I ended up banging a different girl at the party. In the Philippines sometimes when you lose, you also win.

The Philippines is a unique place and one of the best kept secrets around. If I were you, I would give it a visit before the secret is out.

Understanding why

To understand why these Manila party girls were so attracted to myself and other foreigners all you have to do is understand what things about men are attractive about women. If you want to understand that better you can check out this book: Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes a Woman Want You.

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  • Alex

    I sincerely hope that the Philippines are not getting ruined by sex tourists.

  • mrtranquill

    Wow…sounded awesome !you really gotta do a help on pipelining so that this magic happens hahha

  • Lefty

    I miss the Philippines 🙁

  • 20Nation

    Yeah, eventually the Philippines will be ruined. All we can hope for is that it will be many years in the future.

    I will be posting something on pipelining soon, but I’m actually working on a book about how to get the hottest girls online that will have a big section on pipelining.

  • Amboyplayer

    hehe, what’s pipelineing?

  • 20Nation

    pipelining is when you set up a bunch of dates online before traveling to a new place, so the moment you get there you have a bunch of girls waiting.

  • Adam

    It’s stories like this that make me wish that I was a white guy in Asia. I want to fill that niche. No such luck as a Korean-American man.

  • 20Nation

    I’m pretty sure Colombia has one of the lowest asian populations on the planet. I have heard from other guys that there is a niche there. The more Asian you look, the better

    • Adam

      Hmmmm, good to know. Maybe my next vacation should be to Columbia.