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Meet, date, and club. Those are the three most important factors when picking the location where you want to live. You want to be able to MEET new girls around that location. You want a close DATE spot. And you want CLUBS or bars close by.



You want to live in a place that has single women around at all times. You may want to get an apartment in a college area, so you can just go to the hot tub and have many opportunities to meet new girls.


It’s important to have a good date spot set up close to your place because it makes it much easier to get a girl to agree to come back. For me, I don’t know if I really care about a girl until after sex is out of the way. If I don’t get sex out of the way, I have no idea what I want, and sometimes I will lose the girl. Having your apartment very close to your date spot makes sex much more likely.


Partying or night game is always a good choice for finding girls, but if you find a girl you really like, and she wants to go home with you… then you don’t want to have to tell her it will be a 30 minute ride in the opposite direction of her house. You want to tell her that you are just around the corner.


Convenience is the psychological reason that these three things are so important. If you can conveniently meet girls around your apartment, you will be more likely to do so. If she can conveniently walk 5 minutes to your place to see an awesome video you have told her about, then it most likely won’t be a problem. If the girl from the club isn’t sure how much she likes you, but she is horny and you are so close, she’ll be back at your place later that night. Convenience is a power psychological effect, so make sure it is on your side.


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  • Yup. Logistics can never be too good!

  • Matt Abolins

    Is it ok to live near a big city, say 20 minutes away, and meet girls in the city at one of the many date spots and then bring them to a nearby hotel, or is bringing them to your own place a better idea? I have plans to live in the Philippines and run game there. I have heard that it’s not a good idea to bring many girls to your own place. I have heard this from an expat who lives there who I trust, he has a lot of game. He says that it becomes utter chaos when all the girls know where you live and they start inviting themselves over, often times when you’re with another girl…

    My plan was to live about 20 minutes away from Cebu in Lapu Lapu, where it’s cheaper, but still close to the action. Then meet girls in the city, and maybe have a few girls in the local area as regular bangs, but not invest too much time there so things don’t get too crazy at my place.

    • You can consider it because of costs but I wouldn’t move out of the city just to avoid chaos. Manage your girls to minimize the risks. I always make clear I don’t appreciate surprise visits.

      But if despite that a girl gets it in her head to show up unexpectedly, living further away will not deter her.

      I’ve had a few very close calls like that: A girl shows up at my hotel “to surprise me” (read: try to bust me with another girl) when the other girl either had just left or was about to come over so I could still cancel on her. Annoying, but being busted is not fun.

      Advantage of a hotel over apartment for this scenario is the reception won’t let her go straight to your room 😉

      To decide what suits you best, think about what your goal is. For rotating a few regulars you’ll be fine, if you’re one a “mission” (three new dates a day), living far will restrict you.

      If you leave the big city because of budget reasons, do factor in the additional cost you’ll have from taking taxi’s back and forth, additional hotel costs, and some opportunity costs.

      I’ve stayed 2 days in a hotel in Lapu-Lapu and had a girl from FC come over, but I didn’t stay long enough to tell you if it was limiting my options with girls I met online.

      Just make sure you’re at least live close to a dating venue (a mall or bar) if you choose to live in Lapu Lapu.