My Latin American Adventure 1 year 8 countries 100+ Girls

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latin american adventure


My Latin American Adventure 1 year 8 countries 100+ Girls

It’s now official. I have finished all of my articles from my Latin American adventure. I traveled for almost a year, was in 8 countries and was with over 100 girls.

You can now read about all of my adventures starting in Mexico and ending in the mother country of Latin America… Spain. These are complete with stories of adventure, seduction, romance, danger and plenty of pictures (many are NSFW). You will read about drug cartels, kidnappings and all sorts of beautiful, curvy Latina women.

Part of the reason I was able to make this trip and share it with all of you is because you guys have bought my books. If you want to support future trips you can buy a coaching/consulting and buy my books on game, women, etc (here are all STW Books or Here is my package deal on all my books).

I hope you guys enjoy my complete Latin American adventure and look forward to reading a lot about my current adventure in Eastern Europe. Coming soon.




Dominican Republic






Costa Rica







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  • Juicecruise

    where is Brazil, the undisputed owner of South America

    • Future adventures will be there. Portuguese and Spanish are really similar so if you don’t master one first you will mix them when you speak. I havent forgotten it.

  • Mustard

    Tell me one good country to start with (for women mainly) for a brown Indian guy.

  • Alp

    I’m going to Colombia one day to Bogota, the capital city, do you have any tips to avoid the drug cartels?

    • You shouldn’t have a problem if you don’t go looking for trouble

    • Alp

      Have you run into any of them? If yes, were they a trouble?

    • I have. And no, they were always cool. They won’t mess with you for no reason.

  • Jacedric D. Greene

    When are you going to give us an EE breakdown by City and Country?

    Most importantly-
    Did you hit up Czech Republic and Estonia?

    • it will be a future one and i wasn’t able to see them. I will be going back after the winter though

    • JG

      20 Nation
      Of all the EE and EU countries you traveled to which places had the most attractive girls (I like big tits and blonde hair but big tits is enough for me)?

    • Something I’m still trying to figure out

  • Noone

    Uruguay and paraguay flags are swapped. Good blog, cheers

  • Hugo

    How many girls could you swoop in a week in EE- was Romania, Poland, or UA better than others for quantity?

    • Poland has worst quality. Romania and UA have excellent quality but Polish girls like foreigners a lot. In a week it depends on how much work you are doing. 3 a week and you are doing well

    • Hugo

      How’s Poland compare to America in terms of quality?

      I like white girls with big tits and average bodies not over
      Where would I find this often in Europe?

    • Poland quality isn’t that great. It’s the fact that girls are friendly that makes it cool. But most of western and central europe have white girls with big tits. For shorter girls go south. Romania actually wasn’t bad for that if you like the darker look

  • anon1

    Awesome! what’s next for you 20?

    • I have been in Western Europe. But a lot of eastern european stories to come

    • Ian

      Whats your monthly budget in Western Europe?

      Have you hit up Hamburg?
      Many guys on rvf say its loaded with fine birds.

    • I didn’t get to see hamburg but I was trying to stay around 1500$ a month

    • GetItGoing

      20, I sent you an email regarding your services. Thanks.

    • alright i’ll get back to you soon

  • Juan Vallejo

    You should visit Argentina, you don’t get to know Latin America if you didn’t visit Buenos Aires

  • Paulo08 Martins

    Sorry, you are wrong. Spain may be the mother of the majority of countries of Latin America, but it´s not mother of the biggest and most populous one: Brazil. Portugal is the father (former colonizer) of Brazil. Brazilian speaks Portuguese not Spanish. Two languages are similar, but not identical.

  • Ly

    Please stop spreading your Edomite seed and disease. It doesn’t make you a quality man.