Japanese And Korean Girls Compared (by Quintus Curtius)

This is a guest post by Quintus Curtius.

I’ve been fortunate to have had some great experiences with the girls of both Japan and Korea.  I’ve lived in Japan for three years, and in Korea for one.  I’ve traveled extensively in both nations, and have had experiences with a wide variety of girls in each.  I thought it might be useful to summarize my thoughts on the major differences between the girls of these two very different countries.  Some degree of generalization is involved in an article like this, but only by doing so can we hope to overcome the limitations inherent in an article of less than 1500 words.  I’ll start with Japan first.



Physical:  Short, nice faces, beautiful white skin, and hair color that ranges from black to very light brown.  Pubic hair is usually unshaven, for whatever reason.  They tend to be very shy about their genitalia, so remember this.  I had one girl once confess how terrified she was of a man performing oral sex on her, because of the “shame” of exposing herself in such an intimate way.  Hygiene is fantastic.  You will not find many of the long-legged, full-figured types common in Korea. Read about our adventures in Japan here.



The big advantage of Japanese women, and the trait in which they excel over all others, is politeness.  That may not sound like a big deal, but to me it is.  Poise and demeanor count for a lot in Japan.  Nowhere else have I seen sexiness expressed with such delicacy of movement.  The flash of the eyes, the twist of a hand…it all seems to play together in one harmonious package.  Even better, Japanese women are not close-minded about dating foreign men.  Unlike many countries, politeness here is not seen as weakness.  It is seen as an essential part of “getting along” with the group, and you will be rewarded for your good behavior.

sexy Japanese girl

Views Of Men

There is little of the overt racism here that a foreign man might encounter in other countries.  I never had any bad experiences in Japan with hostility or racism.  I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but that I never experienced it.  Foreign men of all nationalities can do very well here, as long as you learn the rules of the game, have some language skill, and are sensitive to your environment.

Sexual Performance

Japanese girls tend to be vocal in bed.  While I enjoy this, some guys do not, or find it tiresome after a while.  Common is playing the “little girl” act, exaggerated moans and groans, and things like that.  Don’t expect a Japanese girl to take the initiative in the seduction process or in the bedroom.  The man is expected to lead, and you must guide the interaction with this in mind.

Good Places

In Tokyo, I always like the Tokyo Midtown area, which is good for day game. It’s like a small indoor city, with plenty of high-traffic stores and restaurants. And for night game, Roppongi and Roppongi Hills are great for people in town for a short time.



Physical:  It’s safe to say that, in the physical department, Korean girls have a decisive edge over Japanese girls.  Long legs, muscular asses, and nice facial beauty make for a great combination.  Pubic hair is (on average) much less than Japanese girls. Body hair overall seems to be lower, in fact.



Here’s where things get a bit rough. The Korean temperament is very different from the Japanese.  Korean girls are more willing to speak their minds, let their intentions be known.  And this is a good thing.  But the bad news is that they live in a very rigidly hierarchical, status-oriented, racially conscious society.  There’s no escaping this fact. I’ve had people tell me that things have changed a lot in the past 15 years, but I’m skeptical. National traits take longer than that to change.

I always got the sense that being with Korean girls in public, especially at night, was viewed as some sort of a big deal. In Japan, nobody cares. In Korea, they do care.  And you’ll hear about it when random guys start drinking and talking to you. Koreans are very fixated on race, status, hierarchy, and things like that. Even stranger, they have all these odd requirements for what constitutes facial beauty. You can find girls who are amazingly beautiful but who are told that one imagined defect renders them less than desirable.

Considering this, it’s best in Korea to adapt yourself accordingly. Keep things on a very low profile. Social pressure for them is a big deal. Don’t flaunt your relationships, and don’t discuss them under any circumstances with Korean men. You will find Korean girls outside their native country to be far less inhibited than they are in Korea. They are the world’s worst cockblockers and seem to view your liaisons with their women as a personal insult.

sexy korean girl

Sexual Performance

Koreans are not as vocal as Japanese girls in bed, but have better bodies and less body hair, as noted above. Like anything else, a man’s taste in women will vary greatly from one to the other.  I didn’t notice any cultural inhibitions or preferences worth mentioning, except that anal sex is not widely popular in either culture (as it is, say, in Brazil).

Good Places

I always liked Myong-dong, Kangman, and Apgujeong-dong. They’re now expensive, but that’s how it goes. Money opens doors here. Day game is a better value, in my opinion. During the day, if you’re a student or in your 20s, the area around Yonsei University or Ihwa Women’s University are good places to find girls wanting to practice English.

sexy korean high school girl


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guest-author-iconGuest post by Quintus Curtius

Quintus Curtius is a business owner who travels abroad regularly. Check out  more of his articles at Return of Kings.

He can be followed on Twitter  and his website is http://www.quintuscurtius.com


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120 Comments on “Japanese And Korean Girls Compared (by Quintus Curtius)”

    1. I’d say that’s pretty accurate…!
      When I was there, “eye surgery” (nun susul) was a big deal. That is, turning “Asian” looking eyes in “Western” ones. How sad is that?
      Korean chicks were also obsessed with the usual body issues that girls have, but on top of that, Korean culture has all this weird shit that they fixate on.
      Women are judged harshly on their appearance there. You’ll see fine, fine girls that here would be considered 8s or 9s, but are convinced that because some eyebrow or ear is out of perfect alignment, they’re just average.
      For me, all in all, I’d say that Japanese are my preference. Koreans might have better bodies, but for all around merit, nothing beats a good Japanese girl. The loyalty, good attitude, and willingness to please just get better and better as you get older.
      The Yamato race, guys. They really are superior….!

    2. Koreans DO NOT get the the 눈수술 (nun susul) eye surgery to get “Western” looking eyes. (This is a popular myth).

      They want to have “bigger” eyes because Asians with such eyes are considered more attractive. It has nothing to do with wanting to look “Western”.

    3. Yeah that guy Quintus Curtius repeats that racist myth a lot here and on Return of Kings and RooshV Forum.

    4. The endless myth……….They are all at it. Asians girls fiends for white boys, yadda yadda..blanket generalisation the last comfort zone of larrikin(s)

    5. Ya see its because they think west is best. That’s why they think its more attractive. My Korean mate told me that he would never settle down with a Korean girl because of all that bs plastic surgery they get and all the make up they wear. And honestly this guy, Quintus Curtius, wasn’t particularly rude or insulting about this article. Some other people that do similar things to him are absolute cunts. They make it out as if all women are whores. But this guy was giving a reasonable description based on his personal experience.

    6. “Ya see”…it is NOT because they think “west is best”. It’s because they think bigger eyes are attractive.

      Not a single thing you wrote supports your premise.

    7. I call bullshit, why then are they all opting for the double folded eyelids? I’m pretty sure you can make big eyes without those. If they wanted to look more like Japanese Anime girls with their huge eyes they would do the surgery in a different way. I’m not saying Western eyes is better, in fact I prefer Asian girls to Western also when it comes to eyes, but I think it’s pretty clear what they are trying to emulate.

    8. “I’m pretty sure you can make big eyes without those.”
      Really? How?

      “If they wanted to look more like Japanese Anime girls with their huge eyes they would do the surgery in a different way.”

      They are not trying to look like cartoon characters…they want to look like real life Asians who look like that naturally.

      If they wanted to look “Western”, they would also need a nose job and other facial surgeries.

      Young Asian women have told me they prefer “big eyes”. It is considered more attractive to many in their culture.

  1. This post is pretty spot on and reflects my own experiences. I remember being out in Seoul with a local girl and older Korean men kept cussing her out for it. Japanese girls are much more open to foreigners but Korean girls just have amazing skin from those scrub treatments.

    1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve experienced that scenario. Korean guys are dickheads,…no other word for it. Avoid them at all costs. Late at night is the worst, after everyone’s been drinking, then eating “dokk” in red pepper sauce (cochu jang) in stalls by the road. I’ve had altercations with drunk assholes that were–how can I say–distinctly unpleasant.
      You just got to operate under the radar in Korea…a bit more in stealth mode, but it’s doable if you have a tolerance for bullshit…

    2. What…? And you’re not a dickhead for sleeping with tons of girls and then leaving them?

    3. Did you not here him? Foreigners are beaten all the time for fun by roving gangs in that country. Social status and cash is everything. (And if this makes you care more, as it seems to be, Caucasians and non-Caucasians are beaten equally.) The Koreans do not recognize the singular effort in our creating and building up their country at great difficulty to our lives and economy, which continues to this day.

    4. Not actually too surprised to hear that violence is so prevalent in ROK. It goes right along with Authoritarian Nationalism, and the corresponding strict hierarchy. It was a country kept artificially alive by force, for economic benefit of western nations…. and the US has a very solid record of supporting the same type of friends, then selling these Nationalist monstrosities as organic Democratic governments. The ROK think they are great, they are actually terrible, but just look less bad from the ugly friend effect.

    5. Terrible and factually 100% incorrect political analysis.

      But anyway… this isn’t the forum for that.

    6. Inappropriate? The reasons for why the hostility towards outsiders? Are we not those outsiders??

      Incorrect? You mean nativism and ethnocentric worldviews are suddenly not supported by nationalist regimes? Are you saying that neither of those ideologies lends themselves to violence? You deny the ROK isn’t nationalist? It’s the easiest to deny, but then I would suggest you study both nationalism and the ROK government more in-depth. I would however never suggest the US isn’t also nationalist in many ways. The ROK doesn’t stand alone in it’s nature. You can’t deny the US supports Nationalist monstrosities for it’s own economic benefit, that’s a plain and simple fact. I’m not going to say what path they should take, but everyone should have to own the truth of their actions.

    7. I studied political science in university because I enjoy it, and I still study it privately because I enjoy it. You are the one who doesn’t understand nationalism (claiming the USA to be a nationalist state?), and you make it obvious that you are a communist sympathizer who might prefer North Korea… until he was arrested and learned what real violence and brutality are about in the gulags there. South Korea is a democracy, though it has a proud people. There are always those who will make any excuse to be violent towards others using political or other reasons… or no reason at all. If you don’t like Korea, don’t go there. It’s their country. It’s a much safer country than the USA.

    8. You take the only passable denial, and then accuse me of bad faith? I’ll assume the rest stands uncontested.

      “You are the one who doesn’t understand nationalism (claiming the USA to be a nationalist state?)” BTW this isn’t the USA of the past, don’t know if you’ve been around recently, it’s been moving in that direction and making significant ground.

      But did I really say that? Swear I thought I only said it had some nationalistic tendencies, but hey might as well change my position for your rhetorical convenience.

      “and you make it obvious that you are a communist sympathizer who might prefer North Korea”

      Didn’t I refer to the DPRK as the ‘ugly friend’? Wouldn’t that by it’s nature mean the ROC was less ugly?

      A Communist sympathiser?? Sure I’d say that be a fair statement, if any nation was actually communist.

      Being a political Science major you should know that both DPRK and the PRC have been both removing Marxism as their ideology, this has been true for quite some time they just now decided to clarify.

      They actually operate as an even uglier version of Nationalism. How do we know they are nationalistic, simple… because they place the supremacy of the nation above all other interests. But I don’t need to tell you that, there are plenty of Marxists who will tell you exactly why both are hideous monstrosities.

      “There are always those who will make any excuse to be violent towards others using political or other reasons”

      Of course there will, wouldnt ethnocentricity and nativism be just those exact types of reasons? Would not a government that condones such concepts be promoting violence?

      “. If you don’t like Korea, don’t go there. It’s their country. It’s a much safer country than the USA.”

      I won’t be ever set foot in an Authoritarian Nationalistic system by choice, they operate on money to get power… me going would fund their continued dominance over their own people. Not to mention all that ethnocentric sensibilities would result in the citizens treating us just like they do now. I think the reasons why you shouldn’t go is well described by the original poster.

      As for the USA, just because a government is disgusting doesn’t mean the all the people are also disgusting. But hey we would be back to ‘look at that other guy’ again, why can’t you defend the ROC without bringing up other nations??

    9. Obviously you’ve spent too much time in university listening to your professor who has a hidden agenda for brain-washing young minds. There are many like you, it’s not radical or original and it has happened before. At least you’re right that the USA isn’t a democracy (as if that was some kind of secret). Seriously, get some world experience before speaking as if you know something about other countries. Read literature from various sides of an issue, not what ONE side TELLS you the other side thinks. Trotsky was a spoilt rich kid loser who ended up with an ice-pick in his head because he tried to spout rubbish to a man who had been around the block named Stalin (not a nice fellow). Communism has never worked because it is anti-nature. Anyway, unless you can expand this conversation into which regimes have the sexiest girl uniforms it seems pretty boring and off topic for this forum.

    10. I never went to university, or any formal education past high school. I’m in my late 20’s and work. Why can’t you avoid insulting people personally? You insult me, by dismissing my interest as planted propaganda. You insult trotsky, just because I read him. Yea, I know how he died, he met the fate of someone who challenged established power. You don’t think he knew that could happen? Conviction in the face of possible assassination , at the cost of everything material, doesn’t even earn your passing respect?

      You think I care about being original, everything has been thought before by many other people far more intelligent than myself.

      I study opposing ideologies, deeply study, so I understand why they are so horrific. How could I possibly of destroyed your argument so thoroughly to the point you had to get personal?

      And you finish it off by calling me a communist, words really just mean whatever you want them to mean don’t they? I’m sure you’re thinking something dismissive now, like… “I don’t care…yadda, yadda, yadda”,

      Yea and that’s what you need to change, stop judging all leftists as young academics. Don’t engage if you can’t avoid getting personal. You don’t want to engage, but you can’t help it, the last sentence alone would have prevented my response.

    11. I had many of the same ideas when I was your age. Excuse my frustration. Trotsky had the power and he let Stalin get it, which boils down to theory versus experience. Trotsky was into reigns of terror as well, so he was no great loss. The ideas you are speaking of have filtered down to you from the sources I described, even if not directly. They are starting to permeate society now, more and more, just like they did in Russia in the 1800s. Read any great Russian writer from that period and note the social arguments between characters are similar to ones we have had in the west in the last few decades. It’s good you saved your money and didn’t waste it in the indoctrination system. If you really study so much and if you get out in the world with a truly open mind you’ll see. Visit the former communist countries and see how wrecked they are, talk to the people there. Many good hearted people will adopt a communist view when they are younger, but eventually life experience shows them that it goes against human nature. Peace…

    12. From my own experience foreigners aren’t beaten all the time by “roving gangs”. Also how would you know whether or not Koreans do or do not recognize this so called singular effort in building and creating Korea? If this was true then Koreans wouldn’t be able to speak English so well and work their ass off to study hours to become successful.

    13. You’re acting as if women are naive and vulnerable beings, that have zero control over who sleeps with them. Who cares if they sleep with them and leave them, what would you expect from hooking up with some random person you just met? It takes two, so evenly distribute your blame amongst both sexes.

    14. All Women Are Sluts,Cunts & Whores.My Job Is too Take Their Souls & Hang Their Hides !!!!
      P.S. I Love My Mom .

    15. What a cunt. Oh poor women. Did he say that he raped them? Was it not consensual? Do I need to marry a women after I have sex with her?

    16. FYI – I’m Korean, and I’ve been out with one white woman in my life. It was just one date, but she was tall (5’8″), blonde, and although she had a great body, her face was average. Still, it was the first time in my life I was ever harassed and taunted by other men while out on a date. They were all white. No, this was not in the midwest, but in Hollywood, California. Afterwards I did a search online and found many other Asian men received the same response when out with white women.

      So when you say Korean guys are dickheads, I can also say that if you’re an Asian male in the United States and dating a white woman, be careful. Avoid white men at all costs. Late night is the worst, after everyone’s been drinking, then eating bacon-wrapped hotdogs on the street. You can have altercations with drunk white assholes that are — how can I say — distinctly unpleasant. As an Asian man who dates white women, you just got to operate under the radar in the U.S… a bit more in stealth mode, but it’s doable if you have a tolerance for bullshit.

      …oh well, at least they’re not lynching people of color anymore for it, right?

    17. I’m surprised to hear this. I went to college in L.A. County. There were a number of Korean guys (and other Asians – some US born) with blonde girlfriends and no one cared.

      I know a Korean-born guy who is a doctor in Michigan with a blonde dentist wife.

      Many Korean parents don’t want their sons to marry non-Korean for bloodline reasons (though obviously not my doctor friend’s parents who I know well).

      Unfortunately, I guess there are some drunk a-holes (who are most likely non-natives of California) who gave you flack…that’s unfortunate.

      I wish I’d have been there to tell them to go back to the Ozarks.

    18. I think he’s just trying to make a point its the same in Korea. Its really hard to just say Koreans or Caucasians all act a certain way.

    19. What I find really amazing is not the obvious attempt at turning the tables by using language that parallels the poster’s, but the fact that you felt the need to say, “No, this was not in the midwest . . . ” The midwest is a big chunk of the country, home to cities like Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Chicago. It’s also home to smaller cities and rural areas, yet you somehow feel qualified to make one sweeping generalization, presumably, about the reaction that every one of us who lives here would have about interracial dating, suggesting that such couples are met with universal hostility. First, that is not the case. Second, even Koreans specifically are very common here. All the way back when I was in college, we had a large community of Asian (about 50% Korean) students, most of whom were studying ESL and then staying for their majors. No one looked twice at IR dating, but the Koreans and Japanese did tend to date among themselves. You know, those closed-minded hicks from little towns like Seoul, Osaka and Tokyo. Bigotry doesn’t come from geography.

    20. I call bullshit on this story. I’ve seen alot of this and white men are so deracinated they are more likely not signal morale approval than anything to their own detriment

    21. I call bullshit. Sure you might have had such an experience as one in a million, but in the melting pot that is USA and in LA of all places. Koreans have this GIANT inferiority complex towards more og less everybody who isn’t Korean. Perhaps it’s because they have been invaded and dominated by pretty much everybody. The Chinese used to have a similar thing for the West, but it’s fading now which is good. Combined with Koreans medieval hierarchical culture, a rarity among industrialized nations, you get this “us vs them” nationalist mentality of epic proportions. On the fringe of society this results in all kinds of weird cults, feverish embrace of religion, hating japan as a national sport and even some scholars who feel the need to re-write history to make Korea the winner and source of everything great. Did you know Jesus was Korean??

      You’d think with the success of Samsung, LG, Hyundai etc and international trade, travel, internet etc this would soon fade but apparently they need some more decades to move on. But for us guys, regardless of nationality, we have it easy. The women of South-Korea on the other hand gotta be the toughest women in all of OECD. Having to deal with their misogynist crappy culture from yesteryear combined with the pressures of being “perfect” in this modern media/advertising hell. And lets not start talking about their sexual culture when it comes to women, it’s even more fucked in the head than the japanese.. Yes there is lots of crap in the western culture too, mostly due to the christian/judeo heirtage, but in some areas we have progressed further in a good way

    22. dear quintus curtius,

      if it is ok for you to steryotype all korean men then you deserve some of your own medicine.

      typical day of a white man:

      1) Wake up and stare at sleeping wife with a little grin, picturing them horseback riding up a mountain in the sunset

      2) Make breakfast in bed for wife, putting a whole stick of butter on toast

      3) Get dressed. Pulls up pants to belly button and tightens belt to the last hole, completely cutting off blood circulation to legs

      4) Fucks his dog

      5) Show up to work and says “Goodmorning” to Jim, Bob, Dave and Nancy..

      6) Fill Double Big Gulp with coffee.

      7) Have his 19 year old intern do most of his work while paying him minimum wage

      8) Go to bathroom, bring out phone and jack off to “Toddlers Gone Wild: Barney and friends, spring break edition”

      9) Eat 5 spoonfuls of mayonnaise for lunch

      10) Go home from work early because he’s getting paid salary and doesn’t have to be there.

      11) Logs into WorldStar and acts like a black man.

      12) Posts 67 comments and gets 0 upvotes

      13) Looks up “Nice little boy ass” on Google.

      14) Listens to Macklemore, thinking he’s listening to some hardcore underground shit

      15) Tries to drink his NyQuil thinking it’s lean and throws up his mayonnaise from lunch

      16) Watches 5 episodes of American Idol reruns until wife gets home

      17) Wife comes home before kids so they make passionate love to Elvis music in the missionary position

      18) Nuts in 10 seconds

      19) Kids come home and are ready to eat unseasoned chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner

      20) Finish dinner and have Square Dance practice for an hour

      21) Send home son’s new friend Jamal, and beats his son for befriending a black classmate.

      22) Tucks son into bed and has him practice saying “N!gger” 150 times before he goes to sleep.

      23) Lays in bed next to wife and reads his local Country Club brochure 6 times while she strokes his hair and watches Nancy Grace on mute with the captions

      24) Takes 27 sleeping pills and falls asleep


    23. I been reading for quite awhile many of these exploits these …guys…..have been making threads on basically tell horny idiotic white males to go to other ethnic cou tries and bang their women, gettin prostitutes and equate them among the regulars as conquests , only call good girls good girls if they sleep with them…notably after getting them drunk, and use their ” whiteness ” as a flag to come and bang them, not even including if i can even take this whole sex adventure seriously as if it will give white males a releastic understanding about asia and its women. Your post sir is the funniest one i have seen on here and i bet it hits a couple of the racist ones in this nerdy ass dickheaded crew right in the feels. Kudos man.
      You guys are giving us westerners a very bad rep even tho we already have one as is. And as for ya buddy here who seems to have a problem with black men dating over in other countries….you get no pussy. Be honest. At least those western black men dating asians for more honest upfront reasons. The korean men have every right to call you guys out over there , you are there to just fuck their women and use money as main tool to do It. Remember….in the eyes of many white men equal money cause they know you will pay for it. Plain and simple. I saw on other page too posting the most beautiful of those asian spots women but yet every bit of money i bet those arent even no where what yall pulled. You circle jerked the lower tier spots…easiest to game with money as foreigners cause the higher tiers know the game already and arent for it. So please stop tellin these guys all this crap about how to pull and judge asias women when your really in no position to judge since your primary goal is to bag the less fortunate amd able to seduce after night out drinking with them and they drunk enough to hit ya dirty ass hotel rooms.

      Hmmmm this brings me to a few questions as well. How dxactly are you guys funding your man whore adventures if you have no jobs after quitting your so called high paying jobs to ….world whore yourselves? Or was that just the main dude of the crew and yall just wingdorks? If your from actual america….the ONLY people that wojld in their right mind and could leave a high paying job and slut themselves out worldwide would be wealthy to rich white males. Basically you would have made or have enuff money to lay for such a greatly costly year adventure of just….fuckin locales. Ha! And here i swore i read a comment about black men wasting money….while yall waste it on semi pros and pros? Call other ethnics of those regions cockblockers cause your their pretty much disrepecting their women and culture and using the being white as a game capitalizer. Smh at this whole nonsense of a trips to inform idiots to believe all whats been said and most of it is either sexist, racist, immature and does a very bad service of reporting asian women and top to sub cultures and traditions to other western men. Keynote fellas thinkin you will have same experience as these guys say they did….you better bring a lot and i mean a lot of money, condoms, have a serious thought about exactly how those regions view foreigners dating their women….oh wait … i mean just fucking their women and hope you domt get into any real confrontations. ….cuz it will happen, have an exit plan also and several backups. Its best you know plenty enuff of the customs and dialect of those people and region so you wont get caught off guard.

      Smh yall really are some douchbag westerners for all this. Lol

    24. Obviously the author pegged your own behaviors, since (just like all Korean men) you are impulsive and react to insults like a raging, spoiled, child with a tantrum. In this case the tantrum took the form of a 25-step response.

    25. come one pigeon boy, that’s not fair. Hardly any parents in america (or at least california) spend that much time with their kids let alone participate in an activity for a whole hour AND put them to bed EVERY night. Now i know you’re just pulling our leg lol

    26. I wouldn’t say those Korean men are dissing you, moreso the women for not preferring Asian.

    27. It’s not scrub treatments. The European Jesuit priests who accompanied the invading Japanese army into Korea in 1592 left a record about Koreans: the men were so good at archery; they ate a lot; and the women had amazing skin, fairer than European women. The skin condition seems genetic.

    28. They were after all men, weren’t they? Well…I am sure the priests were watching the women as a divine image in creation rather than an object of desire.

    29. It’s not cockblocking that deters Korean girls. Last month I met a girl late at night at Hongdae in Seoul, and managed to take her drunk to a motel. But she refused to have sex with me saying she had a boyfriend. I just let her go at dawn.

    30. You “let her go”… as if you controlled whether or not she could leave?

  2. Great post Quintus. “Long legs, muscular asses, and nice facial beauty make for a great combination.”

    Now I want to go to Korea asap: Yellow fever re-activated.

    1. ‘Lack of pubic hair…”

      Ah, so you like the little girl look.

      Fucking weird.

    2. Have you every seen a Japanese bush?

      It’s very telling that you can look at a grown woman’s shaven pussy and think about little girls.

      To me that’s fucking weird.

    3. Munching on a pussy with a big bunch of hair is not ideal. Would you kiss someone on the lips with a big bunch of hair in your mouth? No, I didn’t think so.

    4. oral sex doesn’t happen in Korea. It’s pretty conservative, though not as much as they proclaim when puffing up the “han race”.

    5. Hows the lack of pubic hair relevant to liking little girl looks wtf.

    6. Better take the next plane smoking before GODZILLA(fukushima) finishes wrecking shop in japan and heads over to korea!!!

    7. Surely I must have seen thousands of women’s bodies before, but it was only after I saw some Korean women that I realized a female body can be such a beautiful thing.

  3. I’ve seen some gorgeous Korean girls while roaming around Asia that were on holiday as well. Great first post.

    1. Spot on..! It’s a much easier way, actually. Certain cultures are like that, they are up for trying new things if nobody they know might see.

  4. Quintus-
    Do the Japanense or Korean women mind big, stocky guys (I’m built like an offensive lineman and 6’3 or do they like smaller frame and shorter men)???

    What’s a reasonable budget/day for the game traveler Japan or Korea?

    PS-I see why you guys travel to Asia-the women are cute, age well, and aren’t brainwashed psychos like the white women in America. Makes alot of sense why you go to Asia Fisto.

    1. Sure. Don’t even think in terms of “Will they like…?” Always see yourself in a positive light. Don’t ever imagine yourself with negative qualities. It’s all about confidence, politeness, and respect. East Asia is not like America…forget all that cocky, arrogant, negging type of behavior.
      Be observant, well-behaved, polite, and make people feel good. And the world will turn.
      Budget? Christ, man, I don’t know. Number one rule on money and traveling: look for value. Small hotels or inns are good values.
      I’m not a believer in hostels, unless you’re a student and have little money. You need to have some privacy, and a place to bring girls.
      I also am not a believer in this Couchsurfing bullshit. Sorry, but that’s my opinion. I don’t want to have my style cramped or my schedule compromised by having to come and go at the whims of some stranger.

    2. Thanks for the reply.
      As far as self-image-

      Inner game is the main thing isn’t it? Is there a product you or the Swoop The World Crew can recommend to build inner game????

      As far as money goes-

      Can you hang in Japan and hunt Asian treasures on $200/day????

      Your right hostels SUCK-I HATE them!!!! I also HATE American style game (the mentality is like “Oh I’m the most arrogant guy here!” which is dumb because if you have been in many fights like I have you know from experience that more often than not it’s the dog who doesn’t bark alot but the quiet one who just comes up and bites. You can probablly guess which camp I fall in. Thanks brother-enjoyed your article and all those girls pics are awesome-especially the Japanese girl in the pink.

    3. Cedric, if you think “American” style game boils down to “I’m the most arrogant guy here”, then you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      That said, you don’t have to be quiet as physically and vocally dominant to game native Korean and Japanese girls that have not spent a lot of time abroad. Being polite and well behaved can get you in the door. You still have to show you are the leader and in charge, but in a softer way.

      The negging/asshole/arrogant vibe you get from game is based on how masculine American girls act. You have to out “masculine” them to an almost absurd degree at times. It’s all about calibrating.

      The women in Japan and to a lesser degree in Korea act much more feminine, so the man doesn’t have to be over the top to be more masculine in comparison.

  5. Great post Quintus. I’ve heard that Korean men are too shy to talk to girls for the most part. So the government made cafe’s that sit men and women together (the population is declining). Truth?
    I’d say we have to swoop these two countries in the not to distance future.

    1. Fuck yeah. Marriages are often arranged. Koreans are so focused on getting into good schools, playing a fucking instrument, and getting a good job that they have little social skills. They’re totally dominated by their families. You’ll see guys on the subway, total dorks, with black shoes and pants with white socks.
      Shortages of women is a big, big problem in China and Korea. Competition for females among Asian men is becoming fierce. This is partly due to a preference for male children, which has resulted in many abortions of female fetuses. Sick and sad. The society is totally fucked up, but your job is not to solve it. Just bang it.

    2. Most of the nightclubs in Korea operate in this fashion. You show up with a some guys and they will seat you at a table with girls. It’s mostly a Korean thing though and foreigners don’t do well in that environment. I’ve been in many of these and never leave happy.

  6. Great post Quintus, I’ve also spent some time in these countries and this post nails it. In Seoul I saw some of the hottest asses and legs I’ve seen in my life. But like you wrote,their culture sucks.

  7. This article needs more tips on meeting these girls in SEA or Europe. Bangkok has lots of them, but I had very limited success (banged one korean girl and one japanese out of many approaches) with them, they seem to get shocked by a stranger daygaming them. And I never to seem find clubs that they like.

    1. Got my Korean flag in Bangkok as well. She was a party girl but I think that’s the exception.

      You can meet a lot of them in Borocay (Philippines) but as you say, many of them are extremely shy and they get uncomfortable with a direct approach.

    2. Korean party girls are a dime a dozen. Plus, the ones who travel abroad are more promiscuous by nature.

    3. Korean chicks are MUCH less uptight abroad than at home. Swooping them abroad is a good strategy. In Korea, as a foreigner, it’s best to keep everything on the sly. Sad, but true.
      Japanese girls are good to go at home OR abroad.

    4. Got my Korean flag in Bangkok as well. She was a party girl but I think that’s the exception.

      You can meet a lot of them in Borocay (Philippines) but as you say, many of them are extremely shy and they get uncomfortable with a direct approach.

  8. Any of you have a good take on Taiwanese women? Just arrived here and so far all the ladies are gentle in nature and of course skinny, but I haven’t seen much curvature. The people in Taiwan compare themselves to the Japanese a lot.

    1. That’s right…it’s safe to say that it truly is a unique self-contained world. I may be going back this spring…an ex-GF wants me to visit Kyoto with her. Not too keen on the idea, but I’m a sentimental bastard, and history counts for something.

  9. Great post. I find that asian girls use their faces much more to seduce compared to other races. Their very expressive eyes and their forever young smooth cheeks make for a killer combination.

    1. The Japanese language has a special word for “flowing eyes”. In old Japan, a hallmark of female sexuality was the ability to give a sideways glance, or to allow her eyes to dart furtively in different directions. Subtle, sophisticated, and sexy. God, how I do love it so….

    1. They tend to be the very fugly ones though. Getting one fugly chick while watching White dudes get a new girl every night and threesomes every weekend isn’t my idea of a good time. I can stay at home for less money and be celibate around women I’m not attracted to vs. wasting money in Asia being celibate around women I want. Blacks shouldn’t go to Asia.

    2. Both of you are correct. I thought this was some f’ed up yellow fever site but fer sure you’ve really spent time in Asia. Yes it’s true, normal looking white guys, even goofy looking ones can pretty much get three somes. Those girls that do it are pretty loose though so it’s not standard. As long as you’re not too cocky & can keep a light hearted conversation going..it’s just falls into something they want to try. I’m from Taiwan so I know. It’s true black guys arent the most desirable. A lot of that is rooted in Asia’s preference for light skin. Hence skin whiteners. Hang in there, you’ll find your asian doll cos it does happen. I do have to say, in Taipei clubs back in the 90s like Opium den, TN (or some other 2 letter name), American & European girls were hooking up with Taiwanese guys like crazy. I see ’em pop in the club & leave within 2 hours. I know from personal experience.

    3. no one’s getting threesomes in korea. You also must undrstand, this isn’t the West. Our ideas of tolerance are not shared. African Americans will face discrimination.

    4. And only a few guys are getting threesomes in the USA as well to be honest. Unless you have tight game and provide drugs.

    5. African Americans only? What about blacks from England or Europe or African Africans!!

    6. Further proof that N.E. Asians have high IQ’s. Why would they want to mate with a low IQ negroid and destroy their race and nation?

  10. So it’s okay for you to be sexist and treat Asian women like sex objects on your creepy little sex tours, but then you have the nerve to point out other countries’ racist attitude towards you? Okay then.

    1. Yes, he has the nerve to make a note of the social dynamic taking place on the ground. That is the sort of information that is interesting to many travelers. What isn’t interesting is self righteous and indignant comments from the peanut gallery.

    2. If examined the title and u don’t like this page then have the brains not to come to it! I don’t seek gay , lesbian, trance, headbang, vampire sites or pages for example as I am not interested in them . A very week written and thoughtful piece . Thank you !

    3. Appreciating their beauty isn’t reducing them to sex objects.
      Personality counts for a lot, hence the paragraphs devoted to that.
      Triggered by pictures of pretty women much?

  11. Been married to both. My korean ex was amazingly beautiful. I still think about her on occasion. She turned out to be a real pill though. Ultimately, I think it was her concern for what her parents thought that was the ultimate demise of our marriage.
    Shortly after our divorce, I met and married a Japanese woman. She and her family welcomed me openly. Very sexy and a very attentive and passionate woman. It’s a lot more comfortable being with her.

  12. Hi. Nice touches with similar experinces for all, I lived in japan close to three decades and it’s home.During these years I was in korea many times and right now in busan just for visit.

    Honesty, I don’t even have desire for a korean woman and yes they look pretty and clean cut and all that but I feel sorry for all these foreigners who are much more into korean women and just living here ..I had few and they are not real they re just for koreans who can sit eat and drink and pretend to be friends but look for every chance to get into one of these motels where we call love hotels in japan.

    Koreans are probably the best at heart I mean they are great people but they are very gentle and kind racists..it’s not usual racism it’s just The Korean thing. As far as language stuff goes I can never get used to korean it just turns me off..I dont know I think its just for them..
    On the other hand, japan is incomparable with Koreans or any other asians. The only problem in Japan is to find the real japanese who are not korean ethnic or others. Once you find that you will know about Japanese. Totally sexist minds with complete perversion and that’s what I love about it..im a pervert and I owe that to japan…
    So I would say you can have the best of korea just dont touch my JAPAN…

  13. Hi. Nice touches with similar experinces for all, I lived in japan close to three decades and it’s home.During these years I was in korea many times and right now in busan just for visit.

    Honesty, I don’t even have desire for a korean woman and yes they look pretty and clean cut and all that but I feel sorry for all these foreigners who are much more into korean women and just living here ..I had few and they are not real they re just for koreans who can sit eat and drink and pretend to be friends but look for every chance to get into one of these motels where we call love hotels in japan.

    Koreans are probably the best at heart I mean they are great people but they are very gentle and kind racists..it’s not usual racism it’s just The Korean thing. As far as language stuff goes I can never get used to korean it just turns me off..I dont know I think its just for them..
    On the other hand, japan is incomparable with Koreans or any other asians. The only problem in Japan is to find the real japanese who are not korean ethnic or others. Once you find that you will know about Japanese. Totally sexist minds with complete perversion and that’s what I love about it..im a pervert and I owe that to japan…
    So I would say you can have the best of korea just dont touch my JAPAN…

  14. My crave for Korean girls got even worse, when I learned that they have the world highest IQ level.

  15. OK so you go on a sex tour of Korea to try to f**k Korean girls and then act surprised when men give you dirty looks. How would you feel if men from Africa, Japan and India came to the USA on sex tours to try and f**k as many white girls as possible and then blog about it back home.

  16. dont know if is true or not But still write it here since it has relevance to the blog. just writing what was read elsewhere otherwise nothing against south korean women ****.Japanese women are very good at treating men in general and also once married they treat their in-laws, families with respect.They are modern yet they follow their age old tradition and culture in many ways . .But in the present times south korean women ape western culture a lot..They especially like american culture ..Todays times .south korean women dont care for their men or his families in anyway except for the man’s bulged wallets (with lot of money) . (mean to say south korean women are more money minded and dont get along with husbands (in -laws )family that well. )..They mostly ae under the influence of their own mothers even after marriage and as per her advice they try to dominate over the husband after marriage and wont leave him to peace..Hence by all means japanese women are much better since they have much more womanly qualities ****

  17. Taiwan is the best place for super friendly English speaking beautiful girls 100%
    Posted by Mark from personal experience !!

  18. What do you think of us Mainland Chinese girls. I understand that Korean and Japanese chicks are stereotypically hotter.

    1. They are aggressive and power hungry cutthroats of the entire female gender. Lol. Just kidding actually my brother in law is married to a Chinese American. I was under the impression Chinese women weren’t as fertile as other women. Boy was I wrong to make this assumption, four years of marriage and popped out three kids like nobody’s business. She jokes if “Chinese women were less conservative sexually they would populate the world y twice over”, I think there is truth in that statement.

  19. Japanese girls are better than korean girls. Korean has a lot of plastic surgery. And Japanese girls do speak their minds too.

  20. whole this disgusting story is going to say a white bitch spent his 4
    years to travel through Japan and Korea to fuck some people of the same
    specie (I call it bitch specie)!
    all is about PUSSY and DICK … where the world is going?

    P.S.: those photos you put up are very ugly

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