Innocence is a Weapon and the Thai Girl We All Banged

Innocence is a Weapon and the Thai Girl We All Banged

innocence is a weapon

I secretly love anal,.. from a different guy every week.

Fisto is coming to the Dominican Republic so the 3 writers of Swoop the World will all be in one place. To commemorate this momentous meetup, I would like to talk about a special Thai girl, one that all of us know… too well.


The Innocent Looking Thai Girl

She appeared to be an ordinary Thai girl that I met online. She seemed sweet, almost innocent in her demeanor. She seemed like a good girl… up until the moment she agreed to come straight to my hotel room without webcamming or making a decent connection. As a guy who has met a lot of girls online, this is a flag for slut or for a girl with some type of problem that makes her desperate.

It was my first night in Thailand and I cancelled on her because of the red flag and because I wanted to go out and see the city. I spent the day with Scotian and his African girl he had in Bangkok. At the end of the night Scotian and his girl headed back to his hotel and I was left without on my first day in Thailand. How would I get my golden touchdown?

I called the innocent looking girl from online and yes… she was still down for coming straight to my hotel room. When I got to my hotel she was waiting outside for me. We went up to my room and two minutes later she was completely naked. I got my Thai flag, within 24 hours of landing so it was a golden touchdown.

I never saw that Thai girl again. But it wasn’t the last time I would hear from this girl. Fisto showed a picture of  a couple of girls he hooked up with in Thailand (so far at that point of his trip) and there she was… the innocent looking slutty girl. Look at that, 3 months after I met her, I became Eskimo Brothers with fellow SwoopTheWorld author Fisto.

Wow, out of the millions of people that visited Thailand every year, she had also banged Fisto… It’s amazing the kind of shit girls hide behind their innocent faces. I learned that lesson when I installed a key logger on my computer years ago (Which you can read about in The Key Logger: A forbidden Glimpse Into The True Nature of Women) and here I learned it again.

A year went by and the innocent looking slutty Thai girl started messaging me. She was very aggressively pushing for a monogamous relationship where I was her GF.

It turns out, the same thing she had done to Fisto at another time. This is a girl that could never be loyal and here she was asking for a loyal relationship.

Because of the Key Logger I knew that girls almost always lie about how many guys they have had sex with, and this girl was sure to take it to the next level. So I made her a deal:

innocence is a weapon


I didn’t want to discourage her from the truth, so I admitted that I had been with “a lot” to try to help her tell me the truth.

innocence is a weapon


12 was so ridiculously low for this girl, it caught me off guard. I was expecting something like 40 because of the saying by Stifler from  American Pie:

When a girl tells you how many guys she’s slept with, multiply it by three and that’s the real number. Didn’t you fuckers learn anything in college?

The crazy thing is how accurate that statement really is.

I called her out on it, telling her there is no way. It almost angered me, because I had it in my head that she had hit triple digits. Then, for her to say a number so low. I mentioned how I knew she banged Fisto, and she didn’t let up, she kept up the facade.

She went into a whole story about how my friend is like me and she likes that type of guy.


THC Enters

I was hanging out in THC’s apartment at the time so I showed him the conversation.

Wait a minute, I banged that girl too.

LOL! Now I definitely couldn’t believe that this girl was telling me the truth.

This girl had banged the only 3 writers of and she hooked up with all of us in three different times of the year. Within 9 months this girl had been fucked by all three of us, each one about 3 months after the other. What are the chances?

innocence is a weapon


After hearing this news,  I immediately called her out on it.

Oh she already counted him. So the swooptheworld wrters make up 25% of all the guys she has banged? That would be quite the hilarious coincidence, however, I think it was much more likely than she wanted it to seem. She was a slutty girl and she knew all too well that innocence is a Weapon.

She never changed her number, citing all sorts of reasons why she had only slept with 12 guys in her life. She had met all three of us online and there is a ridiculous amount of other white tourists on there looking for some tale. So, of course I didn’t believe her and it made me start thinking why all girls lie so whole-heartedly about their notch count.


innocence is a weapon puppy eyes

Innocence is a Weapon

Women have certain instincts ingrained into them. One of those most powerful instincts is to appear innocent and weak. For at least thousand of years, innocence has been a powerful tool for survival and social advancement.


Why innocence is a weapon

Innocence is a weapon because it gives them power over men. When a man sees an innocent virgin it does one of many things:

1. It awakens his protective instinct.

2. It makes him attracted because innocence is feminine and femininity is naturally attractive to men.

3. It makes him believe that since she has been loyal all her life, she will be loyal to him.

Being innocent turns a normal girl into a potential relationship prospect, one a guy will probably spend a lot of resources on.


Lying about innocence

Above is the motivation for women to lie about being innocent. When a woman knows that by appearing innocent she has a much better chance of getting what she wants from a man, she seems to choose that over the truth almost every time.

In fact, something that I have noticed is that even the innocent girls usually want to appear more innocent. It doesn’t matter how slutty or innocent a girl is, they all want the world to see them as more innocent. This is the reason that 95% of girls will lie about their notch count.

Even if it’s deceptive, nature has made the greatest actors of all in women.


Why don’t girls just BE innocent

Instead of having to lie about it, why don’t girls just be more innocent? Well, a hundred years ago that was much easier. Thanks to smart phones and Feminist culture, things like innocence are no longer seen as the ultimate virtue in a woman.

However, just because culture has changed, doesn’t mean that men’s hardwired attraction to innocence has. Girls know this and they are fighting an internal battle with themselves. Unfortunately the culture is usually what ends up winning that battle.

Western women today ignore the voice inside them saying to protect their innocence and plunge head first thinking they “are just like men”.  They wonder why no guy wants them for more than a pump and dump and still wonder why they need a prescribed medication just to be happy. I’ll tell you why, because you have tried to change who you really are.

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79 Comments on “Innocence is a Weapon and the Thai Girl We All Banged”

  1. I’ve banged a lot of girls from TF. So now I’m morbidly curious who this girl is… Want to send me a pic for shits and giggles?

    I never get jealous or angry in these situations. I guess some guys have stronger ‘mate guarding’ instincts than others. I’ve tried to convince myself that I should feel annoyed or pissed off or lied to or whatever. Now I just do the deed and don’t bother to ask about her activities on the side.

    I once asked a 21 year old cutie I met off TF “hey…just out of curiosity, how many guys have you fucked?” Her response: “…a LOT!” lol, dames.

    1. Yeah asking girls that just became somewhat of a game. 90 to 95% of girls lie about it. I don’t expect them to tell the truth, but it’s interesting to find a girl that does.

      Let me think about sending the pic. But I probably will a bit later.

    2. Vincent, i don’t think 20 was being jealous, i think the only emotion he betrayed was annoyance at being lied to which is understandable. If someone is playing dumb, it means they think you are dumb.

      This particular girl is the perfect example for a post about how women lie men and even to themselves. In her world, she isnt a whore but she happened to fuck all three of us. Thats not a chance, thats the law of probablity at work.

  2. Being promiscuous is inherently irresponsible for a girl because for pretty much all of human history, they had to face the very real consequence of possibly getting pregnant. Pregnant with the wrong guy = really bad situation. On top of that, if a girl is known to be promiscuous, any guy who took up with her was running a serious risk of being cuckolded and raising some other dude’s child. Then too, the girls who are so busy learning fifty ways to take it in the ass are usually not the ones who have the strongest maternal instincts: they’re usually messed up emotionally and not very good at self denial, which is an essential quality for motherhood. Since guys instinctively prefer and choose girls who will be better mothers for serious relationships (the kind of relationships that girls want and need) perceived sluttiness is bad for a girl. The so-called double standard feminists love to carp about is simply a fact of human biology.

    1. >> Being promiscuous is inherently irresponsible for a girl because for
      pretty much all of human history, they had to face the very real
      consequence of possibly getting pregnant.

      And now they don’t. We have birth control. We live in a 3.0 world, this is 2.0 thinking.

      >> if a girl is known to be promiscuous, any guy who took
      up with her was running a serious risk of being cuckolded and raising
      some other dude’s child.

      Except now we have DNA paternity testing kits. We live in a 3.0 world, this is 2.0 thinking.

      >> Since guys instinctively prefer and choose girls who will be better
      mothers for serious relationships (the kind of relationships that girls
      want and need) perceived sluttiness is bad for a girl.

      Unless you are actually planning to have a kid with her, how is this even relvevant?

      >> The so-called double standard feminists love to carp about is simply a fact of human biology.

      No, it is a remnant of 2.0 thinking which we have had since the invention of the notion of property which was a by-product of the agricultural revolution.

      For about 98% of human history prior to that (the 1.0 era), we lived in tribes of hunter, gathers. With no property to pass down to kids and with children being raised collectively by the tribe there was no particular reason to care who the father of the child was.

      The concept of slut is a 2.0 invention, not a ‘product of biology’. How can it be a product of biology if we lived without it for 98% of human existence?

      Try taking a look here

    2. lolllzzzzlollzlolz keep believing that.

      I suppose you should then believe that commitment is an “2.0” invention, and men don’t need to do it in “3.0”.

    3. Well what’s the ultimate form of commitment in 2.0 – marriage, right?

      You probably noticed that there are serious problems with marriage. It’s dying out because it doesn’t really work but it also involves you legally handcuffing yourself to another person to prevent them leaving should they wish to do so.

      Like all handcuffs it has a key but it’s an expensive one (ask anyone who has been divorced).

      Commitment in 3.0 just means returning to the same person over and over again when you have the choice not to.

      In other words real comittment comes from genuine desire not from a legal contract and a bunch of societal expectations.

    4. I’m not going to your spam site, just stating facts that are common knowledge around here. A slut presents the possibility of cuckholdry. High value men aren’t having that.

    5. There is nothing for sale on that website.

      You are quite right though, men knowing that they are raising their own kids and avoiding cuckholdry is the number one primary concern that has driven human sexual matters for the last 10,000 years approx.

      The possibility of cuckholdry disappeared with the invention of DNA paternity testing kits during the 1980s and 90s which determine paternity with greater than 99.9% accuracy – this was the last nail in the coffin of 2.0

      If a guy choses not to use those kits and take it on faith that the kids are his then that’s his choice of course.

    6. Yeah but most guys won’t even use that, because their wife would be offended one and because they don’t expect it 2. Not to mention you will only do a dna test after the baby is born. After dropping a lot of money on the pregnancy etc. And there are laws that will still make you pay child support.

    7. Pre-natal DNA testing can be done as early as the 10th week of gestation.

      Like I said, if dudes want to go ahead and blindly use 2.0 method (fence in a woman’s sexuality and blindly hope that the kid is theirs) then that’s their choice but it wouldn’t be mine.

    8. JJ, you are just guessing regarding your ideas of ‘property’. Do you think a hunter gatherer would have allowed somebody to use his spear that he had fashioned for ages? Of course not. All animals are also territorial. These examples prove that ‘property’ has always been important. Body space is property too.

      20 Nation just blew your argument about DNA testing out of the water and you ignored it completely.

      No matter what you say, a decent man doesn’t want a skank for anything more than short time fun, maybe to keep in reserve, at best. These girls are not reliable for anybody who wants a serious mate. They acquire emotional problems from being hoes, diseases, they get washed up looking fast, all kinds of things.

      It sounds like you are just trying to make excuses for some of the girls you have taken too seriously.

    9. 1. No I am not guessing
      2. Yes
      3. Territorial != property. No more than temporary = permanent.
      4. Body space is not property
      5. No he didn’t
      6. The concept of ‘skank’ is something that exists in your head. There is no such thing. It’s simply a judgement that you chose to make.

    10. WIth this outlook you stand a good chance of being cuckolded. Good luck to you.

    11. There is absolutely zero chance of me being cuckolded.


      No DNA test showing me as the father = my name does not go on the birth certificate.

      Chance of being cuckolded = zero.

    12. Hate to state the obvious but you are making my point for me.

      The current prevalent form of relating (which I call sex 2.0) DOES NOT WORK as a form of determining paternity very well.

      Teaching people not only to legally handcuff themselves to each other in marriage but to stigmatise and demonise all those that don’t follow the sex 2.0 deal with relationship duress terms like slut still leads to a rate of what is politely know as paternal discrepancy (in other words the guy who you think is your daddy is not really your daddy) that runs as high as 20 percent.

      DNA tests determine paternity with greater than 99.9% accuracy on the other hand.

      Conclusion? Pressuring people to get married and hating on women and men who don’t follow the 2.0 deal is a shitty way to live and a shitty way to determine paternity.

      Move on.

    13. Referring to women as sluts makes them father children out of wedlock? Usually the behavior comes first, then the identifying language. If you aren’t in a relationship with a slut, there’s no duress by identifying her as such – it’s prudent behavior to tell the difference between her and relationship material regardless of what PC term you prefer.

      I’m not seeing the pressure to get married that you’re talking about:

      Not that it matters because in much of the west you still have common law marriage whether you want it or not, in addition to child support obligations should you crank one out.

      Your level of denial is astonishing – you can’t change human nature nor expect the world to learn your new 3.0 code or whatever it’s supposed to be.

    14. Where did I say that referring to women as sluts makes them father children out of wedlock?

      I said that societal expectation of marriage + relationship duress is not an effective of guaranteeing paternity.

      In other words fear DOES NOT WORK. It’s a shitty way to be and leads to shitty behaviour like controlling behaviour, stigmatising behaviour etc.

      As for 3.0, we are already living in a post 2.0 world. Those who have realised it are smart and have moved on.

      Others (like you) are still clinging to 2.0 because you they are too emotionally invested in it and can’t see any other way than fear and control as a way of dealing with human nature.

      Good luck with that.

    15. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention JJ, but in spite of the widespread availability of birth control and abortion, illegitimacy has skyrocketed, especially in the supposedly civilized nations of the West. All the introduction of these technologies did was make women easier than ever and provide more opportunities for guys to get laid. It accelerated even more with the Internet and is going off the rails with smartphones and apps like Tinder constantly spinning the attention hamster for women. Curiously, you don’t see any of this happening in the strictest Islamic countries – maybe they’re onto something.

      In the West, there is zero shame in being a single mom compared to forty plus years ago. DNA test results notwithstanding, nowadays plenty of cuckolded dads STILL have to pay child support to kids that are not theirs from a wife/SO who went astray. We still have a lot to be concerned about.

    16. “illegitimacy has skyrocketed”

      I seriously doubt that. Proof?

      “All the introduction of these technologies did was make women easier than ever and provide more opportunities for guys to get laid.”

      GREAT!!! Isn’t what this website is about? Take another look at the logo at the top of the page..

      “Curiously, you don’t see any of this happening in the strictest Islamic countries – maybe they’re onto something.”

      Yes the thing they are “onto” is called fear and pathological violence. If that’s what you want, go live there.

      “In the West, there is zero shame in being a single mom compared to forty plus years ago.”

      In all parts in the world there was no “shame” for not been married and having kids for more than 95% of human history. That’s because there was no such thing as marriage. We managed just fine without it as a species. It also clearly does not work.

      “DNA test results notwithstanding, nowadays plenty of cuckolded dads STILL have to pay child support to kids that are not theirs from a wife/SO who went astray.”

      Personally I would never put my name as a father on a birth certificate without a DNA test. If other guys are stupid enough to do that then that is their problem.

    17. Proof of high illegitimacy? Is that a serious question? Ok, there’s tons of it – but it’s worst of all in the black community:

      Getting laid happens when you are not a supplicating beta hoping for table scraps – in fact with your attitude I would bet anything your dates are using you for free meals and constantly banging an alpha while you pay the bills.

      Your earlier points suggests that birth control, etc. renders illegitimacy as a relic from “2.0” land. That’s all I’m speaking to. Islamic society developed the way it did out of many of the same concerns over family and marriage, which like it or not still exists. Don’t worry about moving there either, since one day or another it will move to you and your westernized society which “works just fine.”

    18. I did not ask you for proof of high illegitimacy.

      I asked for proof of your claim that since the advent of birth control, DNA testing etc that “illegitimacy has sky-rocketed”

      You have provided no proof of this claim.

      As for your laughable attempt at an ad-hominem attack, I document women’s two sexual imperatives in my work. I know why “getting laid happens” you can either satisfy the primary imperative of women and be a fuckable guy or you can be a provider male.

      In my several dozen con-current relationships that I have right now (some of which I have had for more than a dozen years) I make sure I always satisfy the first imperative and never the second.

      And yes, all of my girlfriends know that I have other girlfriends.

    19. Your statement “Illegitimacy has skyrocketed? I seriously doubt that” was pretty clear to me.

      I provided proof, now you’ve shifted the goal posts and rephrased the question in terms of the relationship to birth control and related sciences intended to reduce it (I never claimed DNA testing had anything to do with increased illegitimacy).

      No problem, we can explore that too (though I know you will want to move on to something else immediately thereafter):

      I’ll assume that you dismiss the first as incomplete and the second as an unreliable news rag, but the third should grab your attention a bit. The Brookings institution is a left wing think tank and even they can recognize the connection between the introduction of contraception and the rise in illegitimate births.

      Several dozen concurrent relationships… …ok whatever. Thailand bar girls don’t count, BTW.

      Assuming you have a few going on, those “girlfriends” are at best fuckbuddies if they are aware you date other women. How many dinner dates do you waste on each of them? Please say none….

      Nothing I said was meant to be ad hominem, just an observation of someone in massive denial – has Roosh taught you nothing? Abandon the social sciences while you’re still young and recognize things as they really are, not how you would prefer them to be. Your work, aspirational categorizing and and invented terms like sexolutionary are wasted gestures on a population that does not respect it and never will. Good luck.

    20. None of them are “fuckbuddies”. I dont do “fuck buddy” relationships. Nor do I go on “dinner dates”.

      Nothing you said was meant to be ad hominem? Really?! Not even the “thai bar girl” comment you just made?

    21. The subject of the page has to do with a girl who is most likely a Thai bar girl. It’s a reasonable inference you kept reading in part because of your interest in Thai women, an unfortunately percentage of which spend part of their lives as bar girls.

      Please explain how you’re able to maintain anything resembling “several dozen concurrent relationships that you have right now” when spending all this time rebutting me with deflections and ignoring the evidence provided to your drive-by inquiries of common knowledge even a monk would know.

      Whatever those people are are (if fewer than half of them even exist), they are not girlfriends in any sense of the word. You can lie to me all you want but you can’t lie to yourself.

    22. I get it. You think that fear and control is the way to go.

      We tried that for the last 10,000 years without ever getting it to work but if you think you can get it to work, go ahead. Knock yourself out.

      I am doing it a different way. A way that works and one that is clearly beyond your reality.

    23. Tell yourself (and your several dozen concurrent relationships) whatever you have to – there is only one reality and I live in it.

    24. It’s not a spam site. Its actually pretty interesting, look man JJ has some cool ideas, if you don’t agree then its OK, personally I think both 2.0 and 3.0 relationships can work. I think that you will agree that its good to understand opposing views, even if they are uncomfortable and not relatable.

    25. TRANSLATION: Men are jealous of female sexual power (getting more with less/no effort) and so pretend they don’t care about what they can’t have.

      If a supermodel came on to him, a guy wouldn’t care how much peen she’d “seen.”

      Plus men are sluts, too. What woman plans to stay with a guy who banged 100 vags? Unless he’s famous and has money, she’s not going to do anything more than use him as a toy.

    26. All the things I mentioned are relevant because it’s how we’re hardwired to think, whether or not it’s necessarily applicable today, every single time a man puts his dick in a girl.

      A girl wants a long term relationship because it’s more beneficial for her. She gets more stuff and support from a guy and is in a more stable situation for making her nest and popping out kids, which is her biological imperative. A guy wants a long term relationship if and only if he wants to have kids with a particular female, otherwise for his part he’s more than happy to put his dick in pretty much anything.

    27. All the things you mentioned are totally relevant. We are still born and raised with 2.0 societal programming we are surrounded by 2.0 expectations from both men and women.

      However, its programming – softwired, not hardwired. It is also obsolete and self-damaging as a dude to still carry those beliefs.

      Do you think that we as guys we would experience any serious LMR if women were not worried about being thought of as sluts?

      As for my take on the relative biological imperatives of men and women – it is covered in my last blog post.

    28. “With no property to pass down to kids and with children being raised collectively by the tribe there was no particular reason to care who the father of the child was.”

      completely false. genetic evolution is the driving factor in reproduction, not property. dna thats programmed to have a tendency to ensure that it is spread more often than others is the dna that breeds out other variations. men that made sure it was their children, and had the most children capable continuing the genetic line pushed out other lines.

      if property is the only thing that gives reason to care who the child’s father was, why do primates engage in infanticide of other males’ offspring?

    29. You made some good points so I will answer them in turn.

      “genetic evolution is the driving factor in reproduction”

      Evolution (via gene shuffling as opposed to asexual reproduction) is the reason why sex exists, sure. In terms of driving factors, survival and reproduction are the driving factors.

      “not property”

      Again, quite right. Property is an artificial invention no more than 10,000 years old whereas human beings have been around in their genetically modern form for about 200,000 years and, if you include our ancestors, millions of years before that.

      “Men that made sure it was their children, and had the most children capable continuing the genetic line pushed out other lines”

      The primary sexual imperative of men is to have sex with as many fertile women as possible. This was true back then and is true today (this website is pretty much dedicated to that imperative),

      As for competition to “push out other lines”. This can happen at several different levels. Anything from sperm level (sperm acting as coagulant inside the vagina) to men fighting over sexual access.

      However, men fighting over sexual access tends only to be done in the presence (or perceived presence) of scarcity.

      Put 2 bulls in a field with 1 cow they will fight over her. Put the exact same 2 bulls in a field with 500 cows, they won’t be very interested in fighting. They will simply follow their genetic imperative and have sex with each female in turn to the point of sexual exhaustion.

      “If property is the only thing that gives reason to care who the child’s father was, why do primates engage in infanticide of other males’ offspring?”

      Intraspecific competition. This tends to occur in some primates (but not others) and is based on resource competition. (the wikipedia page on Intraspecific competition has a more detailed explanation if you are interested).

      Human beings however during the 1.0 era (all of the last 200,000 years apart from the last 10,000 years) were tribal hunter gatherers where people depended on each other in order to hunt and gather food optimally.

      This was an extremely egalitarian way of living where survival resources were shared between the tribe.

      As far as I know there is no evidence of infanticide at any significant levels in such societies (and we still have 1.0 style hunter gathers today like the Kung of Namibia).

      In 2.0 human societies (the last 10,000 years) you tend to only see infanticide in poor countries as a kind of population control or sex-selective infanticide of females in cultures like China where males are seen as far more preferable.

    30. changes in survival and reproduction are consequences of genetic evolution, therefore, genetic evolution was the end all be all in your 1.0 society when human ability for high level cognitive processes was still reletively low. its arguable that it still is.

      at no point did i argue whether polygamy was the prime directive for men or not. but that does not change the fact that men have developed a deep revulsion for offspring that should be theirs but isnt. men that attempt to ensure that the women theyre fucking have their children have a higher chance of spreading their genes (greater chances of spreading your genes is the reason polygamy is a males preferred state in the first place).

      mate guarding is not as uncommon as you would expect. alpha male chimpanzees that have harems will occasionally mate guard several females.

      for the bull analogy, i believe you have overlooked two things. you forget the “i want what he has” tendency for many animals, including humans. it also is worthwhile to point out that 2/500 male/female ratios is not a very realistic analogy since nothing like that would happen in the natural world, short of an unusual bottleneck event. as far as i know, even 1/10 ratios are unusual for primates. when the abundance is much less abundant than ideal, males tend to try to scoop up everything can even if they dont necessarily need it. this has been documented over many species and not just for sex.

      since you brought up the !Kung, id like to point out that they practice monogamy. in my admittedly limited research on the matter, it appears that most “1.0” cultures are nothing like the sexual egalitarian society you purport. other parts of their culture is egalitarian, but not when it comes to sex. as always.

    31. The !Kung do not practice monogamy. They certainly do pair off.

      Typically a girl around the 16 to 18 year old range with an man about 8 years older than her.

      However, there is no stigma attached to having sex outside of this pairing for either men or women.

      As such this cannot be regarded as “marriage” in any conventional sense as many articles about them seem to describe.

      I will answer the rest of your points when I have more time.

    32. I’d like you to point me towards links that you have to prove that the !Kung don’t practice monogamy. I don’t mean this to be an antagonistic comment, I’m legitimately interested in the topic. I’m also curious what the general consensus is about the !Kung (and other bushmen tribes) when heredity is brought into question.

      I look forward to you addressing my other discussion points. As a side note, I would personally say that base cognitive ability (provided by genetics) and the quality of upbringing are the two major factors that currently influence human success in today’s society.

    33. “I’d like you to point me towards links that you have to prove that the !Kung don’t practice monogamy.”

      Sure. Firstly this quote is from the wikipedia page:

      “Extramarital sex wasn’t condoned, but was equally acceptable for each spouse.”

      Which is here –

      And this one :

      “Taking lovers is also something common among the !Kung. Sex is a big
      part of !Kung culture and within that context, having lovers is a normal

      Is from this paper here :

    34. > “With no property to pass down to kids and with children being raised collectively by the tribe there was no particular reason to care who the father of the child was.”

      Nonsense. Every group had property to pass down, whether knowledge, leadership (kings, nobles, firemaker, etc.) or spearheads.

      And what tribes did not know or care who fathers were? Even on kibbutzes, paternity mattered.

    35. No, you poor sap…

      Property didn’t emerge until the NEOLITHIC REVOLUTION, with the discovery of AGRICULTURE, 10k-12k years ago. That was the first time in history that made sense for a man or clan to own nice pieces of land so they could cultivate it. Appointed leaders didn’t exist either until then (Kings and nobles only came waaaaay after the neolithic revolution, actually, with the emergence of city-states….). Before the neolithic revolution, during the motherfucking Pleistocene, tribes were largely egalitarian. Decisons were taken in consensus by every member of the group during festive occasions and such. There was no property, as humans were HUNTER-GATHERERS, with a NOMADIC LIFESTYLE, meaning they wouldn’t fucking fixate anywhere, meaning they owned no motherfucking land.

      Knowledge was passed through vicariant conditioning, or, in other words, people learned to make tools, clothes or learn skills by observing and imitating others. By modeling high-status people bskills or tools, or copying the trend. This tendency, for modeling others and conforming to the majoritie’s trend is what explains the origins of CULTURE on todays society.

      There are indeed fucking tribes who don’t care about patternity, at least the way we do. In some tribes of south-america they believe in shared paternity, thinking that a child has severall differente fathers. In many other places, like the Iroquois, parental responsabilities is shared by every member of the tribe, meaning that every man ends up investing in offspring that isn’t his regardless.
      In fact, nowadays studies conducted about jealousy with modern humans are fairly unconclusive and display tremendous CULTURAL VARIANCE. And historical evidence suggests that it wasn’t until the emergence of private property that paternal certanity became as much of an issue as it is today, at least, until then, it wasn’t as important.

    36. > “The so-called double standard feminists love to carp about is simply a fact of human biology.”

      Like, er, Newtonian physics? Nothing better to describe things? No evolutionary/revolutionaryy discoveries in science or things genderful?

      Maybe feminists are right. Maybe guys ARE prissy Neanderthals afraid of sex, their endlessly wanting to put constraints on female sexuality.

      > “girls who are so busy learning fifty ways to take it in the ass are usually not the ones who have the strongest maternal instincts”

      Really? Based on what?

      It’s like feminists saying PUAs make lousy fathers. People experiment. Grow. Change. So?

  3. Just curious you don’t see how having this article with a link on the bottom of the same page to an article called ‘How To Bang 3 Women a Day in the Philippines’ makes you guys look like douchebags?

    Three in one day is ok…for a dude.. 3 in 9 months is a stoning offence for a woman, right?

    1. You do realize that you ARE a douche bag, right?

      Sweet hair and Affliction shirt. Forget your stupid hat at home?

      I hope more middle aged dudes with shit style and fat stomachs can write some game books for us to read.

    2. Here is the point I want to make: Being a man and being innocent is not attractive, however being a woman and being attractive is.

      On the other side of things, being a man and being slutty is attractive (although it scares many girls thanks to anti heart break defense) but that has nothing to do with the attraction they feel for a man who can have his pick of women. But a woman who is slutty isn’t attractive. Most women look for relationships and experienced guys won’t look for a slutty girl for any relationship.

    3. 20Nation, thanks for actually responding to my point like a regular human being (unlike RioNomad).

      I actually really like your writing and your passional for travel and women – keep it up (no pun intended).

      The point that I am making is that you are caught in a belief trap. By that I mean a self-reinforcing mechanism which causes a personally held belief to persist to the detriment of the person that holds that belief.

      Sluts only exist in your head. Try listening to this interview, particulary the part about Marx’s paradox or taking a look at my reply to Ovid’s post above and the link I posted at the bottom of it.

    4. A key that can open any lock is a master key. A lock that opens for any key is a shitty lock. Get it?

    5. Roberts if i ever meet you, im going to bitch slap you until you cry for mommy. Unfortunately that will probably only be once.

    6. But hey, Fisto, I’m sure he has a degree in ‘womens studies’ from his local communist university, so we’d better listen to the expert. Lol…

    7. Fisto, are you trying to start something man? Take a chill pill and let the man express himself even if don’t agree.

  4. You do know this is a Thai girl right? I lived there for two years. In Thailand you don’t lose your girl, just your turn. Three times 12?!? No… in Thailand the rule is raise it to the third power AFTER multiplying by three. This is a bar girl who is now freelance and she wants a falang sponsor. She likely has several already. Her loyalty is to momma and the moobahn, you are just a wallet and sex is just the means to that wallet. This is not a person and she doesn’t view sex like you do. Having sex is like drinking a latte a for her and she gets paid. It is unlikely she even knows her true number. Forget her and move on. Asking her number is like you asking someone in a coffee bar how many cups of coffee they have had … in their entire life. Or a man at a wine tasting how many bottles he has had since he was 12.

    1. I don’t think any of the 3 of us were focusing on this girl. Asking the number is just interesting for curiosity. The simple fact that she had ended up with 100% of the swooptheworld writers is good enough to show that the number is crazy high. But Thai girls aren’t the only girls like this. Not even close

    2. How do you know she really was a physical therapist? Maybe she just though banging lots of guys, with some of them paying out and some not, is physical therapy. 😉 I’ve been living in Thailand for over three years, and it’s staggering how many girls are pro or semi pro. Even if they aren’t consciously semi-pro they often operate in a way that they might as well be. Many will play the good girl for a while in hopes of getting the bigger pay off after the addict the guy. Of course, we can use that game to our advantage by implying in that direction. There are tons of university girls here that frequent the hiso (high-society) gentlemens clubs, they seek financial rewards, some directly, some indirectly.

    3. “Physical therapist”? Is that what the cool kids are calling it now? I guess she DID help you relieve some muscle tension.

      Seriously, though, I LOVE this site. You guys have really helped me to reconsider a lot of my “approach” to women. You have done us all a service–whether some of these guys want to admit it or not.

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  6. JJ Roberts is totally wrong about this stuff “not” being hardwired. If it were not hardwired then girls wouldn’t be unconsciously reacting emotionally from it. This stuff goes back to the first humans, which makes it as hard wired as almost anything.

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  9. Truly strange. Feminists say “women good, men bad.” PUAs say “men good, women bad.”

    What kind of guy brags about how much vag he’s had, then turns around and demonizes the women he’s had sex with?

    Is sex “dirty” or something?

    It’s like a guy bragging about the expensive wines he’s sampled who then gets livid when he meets a female oenophile.

    Everytime I hear some guy brag about what a stud-muffin he is I wonder why he’s “sharing.” Who’s he trying to impress? What’s he trying to prove? Is it all about making money, trying to fleece the naive a la Eben Pagan?

    1. That’s a shitty analogy; if a guy gets a lot of “vag” as you call it, his dick doesn’t shrink. If a woman packs a lot of meat in her “vag,” it’s like ringing a fucking dinner bell. Further, a guy wants a chick to have stuffed fewer wieners in her cavity so he’s reasonably sure he’s not raising another guy’s kid.

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  11. I think everyone should know that a large of part of PUA psycholpgy is scientifically untested, and while yes, it may work, there are a variety of factors which be the reason of their function and these can be completely different from our original theories. Are 3.0 relationships better for some? Possibly. Are our assumptions about women based on an evolutionary belief true? Maybe. The point that we should all remember is that we are community with differing opinions about why attraction works the way it does, but if one method works for you it does not mean that the rationale behind it will always be right! You can be completely logical even if your original theory is wrong, the trick is keeping an open mind to figure out which basis of analysis is correct.

  12. Lol… Complete GARBAGE post.
    First things first, anyone on the internet knows that thailand has asserted itself has the world leading country on sexual tourism. It is LITERALLY the EASIEST COUNTRY ON EARTH TO GET LAID (and you saps think it’s because you got game?). Girls there have an awkward obsession with western culture and they really are gold-diggers as they most likely grew in a one bedroom home with like 35 siblings to feed. In addition, as soon as you hit 25 you automatically become too old to marry, as most south-eastern asian countries are sexist as hell, and they really value virginity. Fucking white tourist is even appreciated by some families (particullary in thailand), because if you don’t nail a white husband then at least you may get immediate resources.
    So, i think that it’s preety safe to say that Thailand doesn’t really account as your average sexual envrionment, and the average thai women most likely has a gold-digging ambivalent sexist mind… you know… the kind of mind where it makes a lot of sense to play innocent even though you fucked everybody because you got nothing to lose and all to win by fucking and marrying the first white fool with money (in thai terms, you can buy lunch with 2 bucks, so any white fool is rich for a thai woman). So HOW THE FUCK do you even REMOTELY THINK that an extreme outlier like this ONE THAI WOMAN… is REPRESENTATIVE OF THE WHOLE FEMALE POPULATION IN THIS WORLD, GODDAMNIT?

    Now there may be some truth to the fact that woman tend to lie about their N count. But the point is that your are over-generalizing and over-exaggerating the whole scenario. In fact, you even contradict yourself: “Thanks to smart phones and Feminist culture, things like innocence are no longer seen as the ultimate virtue in a woman.” – This means that our culture doesn’t shame women for past sexual experiences, so they must feel comfortable with revealing their real number (on the very least, a close number to the real one or so…). But in your mind that accounts for nothing? two words: Confirmation bias.
    Finally… DO YOU EVEN EVO PSYCH? Let me tell you a few words: Biological Determinism Fallacy: People aren’t wired to do SHIT (at least not the way you put it anyway). In fact, evolutionary psychology recognizes that PERSONAL DIFFERENCES and CULTURAL FACTORS do indeed play a major role in attraction (search: evoked culture and transmited culture). How do you even fucking explain that in southern european countries like France people requires their partners to have at least a bit of sexual history? How do you explain that in Netherlands men have very little concern with sexual infidelity? How do you explain that in nordic countries they DON’T EVEN GIVE A SHIT about innocence as their are the most promiscuous countries in the world? In contrast, Asian coutries are very condemning of casual sex. You know why? Because these countries are sexist as fuck while egalitarian societies are okay with casual sex. Guess where Thailand stands. Guess why Thai women are most likely to behave in these manipulative stupid ways. So, here a few advises:

    a) Don’t commit composition fallacies where you pick one girl in a very specific environment to over-generalize and confirm your own cognitive bias.
    b) Don’t over-generalize or misinterpret shit
    c) Go study actual evolutionary psychology

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