The Indonesian Girl with the Brazilian Body

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Jakarta, Indonesia

I got a text message from a girl, I didn’t even remember how I got her number. But she looked fine in her profile pic: Huge tits, long black straight hair. She wanted to meet me at Grand Indonesia, a high end shopping mall.

I showed up but she was nowhere to be found and she didn’t answer my calls. WTF.

This was shitty, I hated she was wasting my time. I just had a few more days before I had to leave the country. I had plenty of other girls I could be meeting. But whatever, I just took advantage of being in the mall to buy some healthy food. The Indonesian restaurant meals were delicious here but very high carb & low protein.

While I was buying the food, she sent a message: “I’m sorry, forgot my phone in the car. I’m here in the mall”. Ok, honest mistake. I texted her back to meet me at the Lobby information desk.

When she arrived she was with a friend. Just fucking great. I hate when girl bring friend unannounced. But damn, she looked great.

She was wearing jeans booty shorts, a top showing off her tits, and high heels stilettos. I said hello and gave her two kisses (it’s an appropriate greeting in Indonesia). She held on to my hand immediately. I figured this would be in the pocket soon; an easy lay.

She explained she just needed to bring her friend to the salon and then she’d come with me. Ok, I was relieved to hear that. The friend was also cute, she was 21 but she looked 12. Didn’t speak a word of english. We walked her to the salon in the mall and after I went to have a coffee with my girl.

We were already walking hand in hand a this moment. While we were ordering coffee, she was standing right in front of me and pushed her big ass into me.

I was getting a boner already. “ONE coffee and we bounce straight home”, I thought.

Roller coaster of cockblock situations to avoid

I planted the seed to go to my place after the coffee.

“Oh, we have to wait my friend. She drove me here. We have to wait she finished and help find her car” (her english was pretty bad)

Oh fuck, who knows how long a fucking salon will take for girls. I thought this could get fucked up after all.

“But then she can drive us to your place.” , she continued.

Ok, that was reassuring. Luckily after 20 minutes she got a phone call from her friend that she was ready. We went to pick her up at the salon. The girls spoke in Bahasa to each other.

“My friend is hungry. We have to eat.”

Oh my god. This was not going smooth at all for all the slut signs she was giving me.

“She will just join for food, after she will go home”

What was up with this girl and this rollercoaster of potential cockblocking issues.

THC: “Ok, lets eat the Indonesian place I know near my apartment” (this way the tiny girl would drop us off for sure)

We walked back to her car. It was a huge SUV. Not the car I expected for this tiny skinny Indonesian girl who looked like she was 12, she didn’t even look like she could drive. My girl got in the back of the car with me and we made out while we drove to my place.

We had dinner and I was inspecting this tiny girl’s body language. She smoked liked a badass, having a cigarette dangling from her lips, lighting it up with her previous cigarette. Calling loudly on her phone with her Indonesian boyfriend. It was very weird to observe, the body language didn’t match with her young innocent appearance.

Back to my place, time to see that booty

After dinner, she went home. And I took my date to my room. This date had lasted already much longer than I cared about, so I didn’t waste time and walked her straight into the bedroom. I took a risk with this because even though she had all the slut signs, it would have been better to take it easy. We made out on the bed and sure enough, there was some LMR:

Her: “I don’t want to do fast. Because then you don’t see me again.”
THC: “Of course we will, it’s been great today.”

I said this while taking off my pants.

Getting naked was the right LMR breaker for this situation. She grabbed my dick and started sucking me. She got out her big tits and I took off the booty shorts, which wasn’t even easy because her as was too big for those pants.

I smashed this girl hard but she could take it with her big ass. She was a screamer. For a moment I had to push her head into the pillow because I was worried the neighbours would come knocking on my door. She would cum easily and the harder I fucked her the harder she’d cum. I love girls who cum easily.

Great sex. After I was done she could barely walk anymore, literally. She got out of the bed to go to the bathroom, but she fell on the floor because her legs didn’t work anymore.

After she recovered she made me dinner.

Great lay, fun girl. Too bad I can’t see her again.


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  • Edwards Johnson

    Any Pictures of that booty ? Would love to see!

    • Gonna check if I can from my phone, in traveling India now

    • Ikillgames

      Ooooh, India 😉

    • It was a great experience! better than expected

    • Splooge

      Dam what part? Can u handle the local vendir food? Hows the feces problem n monkies

    • We’ve been all over the place. Check the India thread on the forum for the latest

  • BrandoOfM

    i love how thcs articles are all about ass haha. Another nice one

    • Been slacking with comments. Thanks Brando, I can’t lie about what I like 🙂

  • Bahlza Dragon

    Oh, yeah . . . I’ve had Bustanut Paralysis. I literally once tried to roll out of bed to take a piss and just landed on the floor with a thud. I had to crawl, so the chick got a nice view of the twins hanging like a mossy nest from an old tree trunk. Oh, well.

  • KiwiKrush

    This is probably a stupid question, but THC when you have situations like this how can you avoid attachment? I know it’s not what this is about but for me when I do get a girl I really like like this at least from the reading I get attached and want to settle/try make it work. So I just wonder if you have anything to share about why you don’t have this or do you and just ignore? Might be something with me.

  • Disgusted

    Lmao this site is cancer. You incels actually believe this story? It’s written like a cheap romance novel. This sounds like the fantasy of a virgin who thinks this is what picking up girls is like. Give me a fuckin break. To all you inexperienced dudes on this site- just go to Asia and you will get laid, whether you pay or not. There’s no art to it. Indonesia is a Muslim country though, which is why this sounds like bs. The women aren’t as sexually open as the Philippines or Thailand due to the Muslim culture. Wow I’m still in shock that you poor bastards believe this stuff. Get your dick wet guys, this is so pathetic to read.