Why I hate fat girls: Tipping the Dating Market Scale

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i hate fat girls sexy
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Why I hate fat girls: Tipping the Dating Market Scale

i hate fat girls sexy


Being raised in The States and then spending years traveling the world, I have noticed a phenomenon. I have noticed that the attractive girls in the USA are especially stuck up, overconfident and entitled. You may think that this is just the culture, and it is, but only a part of it is the culture. I actually remember thinking to myself “What are hot girls so difficult?”

Up until recently, USA was the fattest country in the world. Growing up I remember countless instances of looking at a fat girl and thinking, wow she has a really cute face, if she were skinny she would have guys all over her. After traveling the world and seeing places with very few fat girls, I came to the realization that… I hate fat girls.


Why I hate fat girls?

While traveling in countries with low obesity rates I noticed that hot girls were much easier to obtain and were much less bitchy. They were actually… humble. It blew my mind. The main pattern I saw was very clear. In countries with more fat people, the hot girls were marginally more stuck up.


i hate fat girls comparison

Fat girls are tipping the scale

The reason for the sexy girls being so stuck up is simple. When a girl is fat, she is no longer attractive to 99.9% of men. This means that the only guys chasing after her are the mythical “chubby chasers” or lower value guys (that don’t really want them, but are out of options.)

This means that 99.9% of men are desiring a now dwindling percentage of skinny girls. Now from those skinny girls there is a percentage that aren’t hot. So 99.9% of guys are now desiring an even smaller percentage of women.

This means that those women  that are hot are going to be fawned over, put on pedestals, sucked up too and hit on ALL THE TIME by 99.9% of men. Now there are some guys that don’t have the courage, confidence or game to go for the hot girls, but even they will usually say something awkwardly obvious to girls like these.

The result?


Hot girls in fat countries are stuck up

Because of an unnatural amount of guys sucking up to them and fawning over them, these women start to believe they are gods gift to planet earth; they think that their dating market value is much higher than it really is.

Then there is the fact that there should be more hot girls walking around, but those hot girls have turned themselves into Jabba the Hut. Many of these fat girls would actually be stunners if they took care of their body. If they did that, the small amount of hot girls wouldn’t get so much attention from so many men and the world would be a better place.


i hate fat girls no comment


Fat people don’t think that obesity affects anybody but themselves

Most fat people really believe this. They think that they are not hurting anyone and that it is their body to do with as they please. But they do affect other people. They affect men and the dating market. Not only do they make it harder for men to score with the girls they are attracted to, they are forcing some men to choose something that is unattractive to them or be celibate.

As an American and with Obama Care starting up, obesity will be reaching into my wallet and taking money from me. Obesity causes countless medical problems and those are problems that the government is going to be paying for and since the people pay for the government… the people pay fat people to be fat.

On top of all that there is the fact that a large amount of fat people are on welfare or medicare. So, even more tax dollars are going to feed an unhealthy lifestyle that fucks up society.

Obesity literally affects other people because they have to look at it. Being fat is not natural. It happens because people eat more food than they need to. When you stare at excessive fat you are not seeing the natural form of a human being, you are seeing a sickness, a sickness that they can help, but don’t.

Furthermore, I hate fat girls because they don’t see how much it affects themselves. They are depressed because no guy they like actually likes them. They are depressed because they can’t go do the activities they want to or fit into a beautiful dress. They are sad because it is affecting their health.

If every one of these girls made it their number one priority to lose weight, not only would they be happier, but society would be happier.


Why obesity in men has a different effect

Like it or not, we as men have to face the facts… we are shallow, especially in comparison to women. Women care about looks, but they care about looks much less than men. To know exactly how important looks, personality and money are to women check out: Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes A Woman Want You.

Because women don’t care as much about looks, this means that a fat guy can get a hot girl. This means that the obesity epidemic doesn’t affect how women feel about men as much as it affects what men feel about women. Men are the ones getting screwed. All the fat guys can still chase after the hot girls and they do.

All this still leads to the fact that 99.9% desire a small percentage of women. That is a problem.


 Mexico Vs. Philippines

Mexico, starting about six months ago, took the fattest country in the world title away from the U.S. I have traveled through a lot of South America and I will tell you right now, the hotter girls in Mexico are the hardest to crack out of any place I have been south of the American border. Why? For the same reason as before, fat girls are becoming more common over there, so the girls that stay skinny are getting ALL the attention from all the different types of Mexican men.

I have also spent a lot of time in the Philippines, a country with a very low obesity rate. Good luck finding any truly stuck up girls in the Philippines, I spent over 3 months there dating A LOT of women and I can’t remember a single one. Why? Because beauty is only affected by their genetics, not by obesity. The dating market is equal over there (actually in favor of men thanks to the high percentage of gays and lady boys).


What you can do?

The world is pushing towards ignoring obesity, even to the point of calling it beautiful at times. You must call obesity what it is, a sickness.

If you are talking to a fat girl, don’t tell her how beautiful she looks, tell her how beautiful she would look if she were a healthy weight. If a fat girl is asking you if she thinks she should diet, tell her that she better if she wants to live a long life. If a fat girl complains that no guy likes her, don’t pussy foot around the subject, tell her why no guy likes her.

Every person can help make the world a better place, one fat girl at a time.



i hate fat girls not adriana lima

The Promised Land

Men in countries with high obesity rates are getting shafted. These men are faced with a dating market that is stacked against them (if they want a girl they are naturally attracted to.) This is unfair and it is a problem that our forefathers never had to deal with.

You will notice that game is more popular in fatter countries. Surprising? It shouldn’t be. These are the guys that won’t accept dating a girl they are not attracted to, they know that the dating market is stacked against them.

The only way out?

I hate fat girls because of how hard it makes getting laid, but you can escape fat girls. Open up a map and go to any place with low obesity rates. Watch how much different an attractive girl will react when you start hitting on her; it will blow your mind. Watch as a relationship with a beautiful woman will naturally happen, without the need of high level game and lots of experience with women.

These places are the promised lands; they are the places that we were promised as kids. They are the places that we imagined when we grew up, back when we thought women were supposed to be sexy, feminine, thin and sweet creatures. The promise land exists… in a land far away… a land with very few fat girls.

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  • Ashley

    thank you for a great article. I agree with the market rationale: Obesity reduces the supply of attractive women, so the relative “cost” of attractive girls goes up accordingly! But obesity only explains the ‘supply-side’ part of the story. What about demand-side (men’s behaviour)? My experience is that hot girls are always stuck up in *wealthy* countries because there are many well-heeled and wealthy men competing to flatter them. What do you think? Ash

    • 20Nation

      I definitely think it plays a part in western countries, but in most poorer countries their is usually no middle class, which means that you still have the really wealthy. If the pool of attractive women over there were smaller like it is in the states, those rich men would still end up hitting on those attractive women.

      All that being said, I think that there are other factors (rich men included) that affect the west, also the fact that a lot of western men have been forced to learn game (more competition from higher value guys as well). But I think the main cause, the thing that started the extreme dificulty is obesity.

    • saltseller

      Were you brought up by a fat mom by any chance. Do ma and pa have the same view. Are they good looking or ugly.

  • Mondevil

    “The promise land exists… in a land far away… a land with very few fat girls.” Yes.

    • 20Nation

      had to end strong, with a message of truth

    • chickadee33

      The promise land also includes , for women, men with social skills, money, compassion and someone who doesn’t pass off their lack of dating success on someone else or supply & demand theory.

      If you were truly desirable, hot women would date you. I guess you’re not.

    • KeyShona Oatis

      Because saying that the world would be better without certain people is totally strong and true. It’s fine to have your own preference but don’t sit there behind your computer and judge what you know nothing about. I exercise, I play two sports, and I don’t drink coke or sweet juices (except for on occasion) and I am still overweight. It’s fine not to like fat girls pretty sure they don’t give a fuck what you think but the thing is you can’t just sit there high and mighty like people make the desision of being fat. And what if some people just honestly don’t wanna be skinny. You are hating peope because of a characteristic. I mean what if people said I hate people of blonde hair all they have to do is dye it. I hate people with moles all they have to do is get surgery. You can hate because of someone’s characteristics that is fine (note the sarcasm) but don’t tell someone how to live there life. And don’t spread hate you could have honestly kept this to yourself. You are very ignorant. And to all those who have comments that are just like “fat girl is mad” or “you eat to much” why don’t you try actually coming up with something logical and expressing true facts rather than trying to be mean or funny behind a computer. I am really not trying to argue I am expressing my opinion. And to all of those expressing your opinion respectfully and maturely (even if I don’t agree with it) then kudos to you

    • nipples

      Almost as good as a land without Jews.

  • Raopak Bolo

    “Like it or not, we as men have to face the facts… we are shallow, especially in comparison to women. Women care about looks, but they care about looks much less than men.”

    LOL, no way. Women are much more shallow than men. They’re just shallow in a different way. Men care a little more about looks, sure (though women do care quite a bit about them as well), but women care more about money, status, power, etc. Which is much harder to obtain than simply being sort of good looking. Women are infinitely more shallow.

    • 20Nation

      I see your point and I agree. I was just referring to looks.

    • Jane

      I hope to god you don’t consider yourself a journalist. Because you sir are a narrow minded fuck who deserves to have the shit beat out of him.

    • Fuckyou

      Oh cool that just means you’re a shallow asshole!

    • FG

      women are more superficial for looks…such as also caring about stuff like height way more than men aswell as looks.

    • Elena Braun

      Actually girls care less about guys looks than men care about a woman’s. As long as the guy is nice and somewhat attractive and not covered in warts…most of us are good with it.

    • 20Nation

      men care very little about money, status and power, like he’s saying. Women naturally care a lot about these things. Women are just shallow in a different way.

    • Miss.Lt

      Exactly. Women have an issue with what men are shallow (would picky be a better word?) about but when they are picky about things they’re just being assertive.

    • Shitit

      you want a dick?

    • 20Nation

      men care very little about money, status and power, like he’s saying. Women naturally care a lot about these things. Women are just shallow in a different way.

    • FG

      lol what are you talking about,

      Google “exposing heightism reddit”

      This is how I learned that my height is very attractive to women along with my looks.

      you don’t hear about women clamoring about how they want tall men or how they want a god looking guy…This is one of the reasons I do well with women being all tall and good looking.

    • jaycich

      I’ve seen girls throw themselves at really good looking guys. I’ve seen average looking girls reject a nice looking guy and complain “I can’t he thought he had a chance me”

      Women your talking about are a minority that are already married.

    • Elena Braun

      Well I guess I’m one in the minority…except I’m not married yet lol

    • Felix

      Yeah women are more interested in how much a man is doing for himself, than his appearance. An example would be a man who is seeking an education in order to improve his quality of life, or a man who is actively working to help his community. Men are thinking in the same way though. If a man sees a woman who is beautiful, but she is overweight he is likely thinking that she does little to take care of herself. If said woman is overweight solely because she is not willing to go to the gym five days a week, how in the world would having a relationship with her help that man better himself. She is lazy if she is not willing to invest in her own health. That laziness will translate to complacency, and a complacent partner will rarely push a man to be his best. I work hard for myself. I go to the gym on a consistent basis, I eat correctly, I actively sought to educate myself, I expect nothing less than the best from myself. I will not accept anything less than the best from a person I am going to give my precious time to.

    • Chelsea

      As a big girl myself, I can tell you that I have a bit more stamina than some smaller chicks. There’s girls out there that are bigger, but eat healthy food and exercise constantly without losing weight. I know of a girl whose a size 24 gal who eats well and runs 5k weekly. How she doesn’t lose weight I’m not sure (especially since she probably had to make bad decisions to get that My guess Is her body is used to it the constant exercise. Maybe she gained weight over the years from plateauing with her exercise kind of like military men after they retire. Overweight doesn’t always mean unhealthy. And yes, skinny people get health issues too. But yes…I’ll admit to the majority of the overweight people because of bad decisions. And honestly have respect for you IF you do the same yourself. Relationships are amazing when you can strengthen eachother. in a positive way. Not just one sided.

    • ph31

      Running 5k a week isn’t enough, if you learn how to exercise which people do not, 5k a day is a walk in the park , people make the mistake of thinking if there exercising there losing weight, you lose weight when you find your own balance between eating an exercise. I’ve never met a fat person who was happy about there weight, what advantages does it hold? Yes men are shallow my girlfriend is fat and i me depresses me which I hide from her it seems so needless to me, some one said women are the most beautiful thing a man will ever see, for a women its her first born.

    • Chelsea

      I believe that, but I imagine its amazino see the look on a man’s face when they see their first born for the first time.
      5K may be easy walking, but running it is different for your body. I myself lost lots of weight before and plateaud. Ate well, exercised well(cardio), but my body got used tob it. I did the stupid thing of getting discouraged and giving up and gaining again. I’m sticking to it this time and adding weightlifting.

      If you don’t mind me asking, have you talked about your girlfriend’s weight to her if it bothers you?

    • zergminerg

      I am of a similar attitude to you, i eat reasonably well, workout 4 times a week and naturally mix with like-minded people as a consequence. It all comes down to sharing a common value of health. If you as a man are more motivated to watch and work on your physique and appearance, it is likely you will find women who value the same qualities attractive. Don’t get me wrong, I think women of the ‘heavier persuasion’ can be great laughs and indeed have a zest for life, but i don’t extend anything more than friendship to them for this reason of health management. I just think that if a woman doesn’t care about what she is putting into her body then years down the line she probably won’t care about what she puts in my child’s body. Back to your first point though, I think this is bordering on a sub-debate about maturity, because girls of a younger ages ‘generally’ do not assess a guy by his potential and are more interested in surface level aesthetics.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      I don’t give a two fucks what a man think of fat girls or how or what anyone else
      has to say! Because pretty “Skinny” girls… even when they are cute…
      men out there will actually treat them like a fat girl and still treat
      them like a dirty bitch. Now… Men are way more shallow..

    • MiketheTERRIBLE

      Fat girl justifying her fattiness.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

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    • Losethefat

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    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Thanks Funky Fucky ass.

    • PlanetFatness

      Fat Mexican bitch with zero vocabulary, and a bitch attitude to boot.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Anonymous ass bitch that’s so worried about my mother fucking vocabulary and not my facts & my point.. Kiss my ass. Attitude that.

    • J&J

      Very well put, girl!

    • Miss.Lt

      Such a lady lol

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Thank you.

    • Concerned citizen

      Please just stop being fat.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Please Just find you a life. and stop worrying about my fat and maybe you can just… matter of fact get your ass some fucking business? Thanks 😉

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    • Necka Rashevsky

      Don’t argue with random internet goers. Just remember, they’re more than likely also fat. We’re all fat. I’m fat, you’re fat, they’re fat. Let’s stop arguing and go to a buffet in a gesture of solidarity.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      lmaooo! Ummm Okay.

    • Charles Ochoa

      Technically everyone has body fat, so that makes us all fat 😉

    • Joe Walsh

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    • AnotherFatGirl.

      You can’t even spell bitch….. & Oh? How about you shut the fuck up ! AND GROW A COCK AND STICK IT IN YOUR OWN MOUTH.

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    • ur mom .

      dude ikr.

    • Faggot

      Love it

    • Miss.Lt

      You don’t HAVE to reply. If you really didn’t care for what a man thinks you wouldn’t have replied to this.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      I do what I want. When I Want , Reply to what I want. in each of my post well some I said I did not care. I honestly don’t care and if I feel like i have to say something or reply to correct a mother fucker. Rather Its lady like or not. Im going to reply. Because I feel like it and I want to. Just to give facts. That Big girls aren’t the reason they game is fucked up. So your reading my post’s and worried about me. If its such a problem ma’am , Or sir. Please… I ask again turn off your computer Or exit out this window. Simple.

    • Shitit


    • Shitit

      ok?? and?

    • Really


    • MrsD

      How many men REALLY have “money, status, power, etc.”? Seriously? I honestly don’t know a single man who has all that crap. The top 1% anyone? Which means that most of the average men equal the rest of the 99% of society. This also means that most women are happy to settle for a regular ass dude that has a regular ass job, but treats them well and looks nice naked. Pay attention: women want men who are STABLE (which means a good job that could support them both and a family–could be as normal as a firefighter, mechanic, food restaurant manager, etc.), confident in his place in life, treats them well, and looks good naked. That is HARDLY being shallow. I am a woman, and I know women. I also am one of these women that have a great body, face, and personality. I held out for my husband who is a healthy man, who treats me well, is emotionally strong (not a whine-ass), and can support us (as a firefighter). I believe that the women that you are referring to are as rare as the top 1% of men. You guys here are wearing some seriously rose-colored glasses. Do you even date, or are these just things you hear about in other men’s stories??

    • GetItGoing

      The author has some pretty serious experience with women under his belt, and I have to respect that. Nothing competes with real world experience. Especially across many cultures.

      I wonder how old you are. All-in-all you seem like a pretty sensible, nice women.

      But as a woman, you can’t really understand how it is for men. Men have to compete among other men. Women don’t have to work to win a man’s attention like men do. Men bear burdens everyday that women will never have to. Women get treated better than men just for showing up, in some cases.

      The issue regarding what women want is not so simple. I speak from EXPERIENCE that typically women in their “prime” (younger, before 30 yrs etc. etc.) will deny attention to stable, friendly “nice guy” types. Later when their biological clock starts ticking, then the story changes suddenly.

      THEN they want more than the most attractive, most exciting men because they are now divorced or unmarried and time is running out. Because again, their physical attractiveness (what is valued in them first and foremost) has started decreasing and additionally their ridiculously high sense of self-value and expectations in men get a serious reality check.

      The truth is, society pushes lies onto us all. For example, the idea that obesity is attractive and that women should concentrate on things other than their physical appeal to men.

      For better or worse, the truth is that (average) men are first attracted to a woman’s sexual appeal. Fat women are not attractive.

      In the same way you would not have given a damn minute of time to a man working at Wal-mart, the parallel is similar but in different characteristics.

    • poiklmn

      i just gotta say, women have alot of burdens that men dont ever have to deal with, too.

    • GetItGoing

      Those burdens are laughable, at best.

      Think about how hard men work, who dies in military conflicts, who are expected to sacrifice themselves for women, who makes up the majority of homeless on the street, who is burdened with pursuing (and keeping and providing for) women, who is by default assumed guilty in a domestic violence situation.

    • Chelsea

      Most of what you said was honorable traits though (military, providing for fam, pursuing etc.), and women will usually honor that and love you for it cuz they notice it. Wives/Mothers however, don’t really get recognition for their hardwork as mothers and wives and just women. theres crap we deal with that we don’t tell you cuz you don’t need to be burden by it, but trust me, we do go through a bit.

    • Pussyalamo

      Some of this men who are bubling about fat women can’t last more than 5 seconds inside a pussy a thin woman is good to look at but a fat woman feels sweet inside that’s why men will ejaculte in seconds in a fat woman

    • GetItGoing

      I have no idea what you are talking about.

    • M

      “But as a woman, you can’t really understand how it is for men.”
      you as a man, you can’t really understand how it is for women.

      constantly being sexualized, objectified, abused, ridiculed, made invisible and hyper visible at the same time, invalidated, made to hate our own bodies.

      You don’t have to live with this as a man. You cannot understand what that feels like.
      You don’t know what this kind of oppression feels like. I don’t blame you; you’ve been raised in a misogynistic society. However, that is no excuse.
      You expect women to fit your “kind and reasonable woman” mold. You expect us to bend our will and our bodies to fit yours, and that is terrifying.

    • GetItGoing

      Actually I don’t care either way.

      Peace out.

    • jaycich

      Oh god, would you shut the fuck up with this feminist bullshit. Fucking over exaggerating and crying about any little thing that bothers you.

      Feminism is what’s really fucking this country up, not obesity. We are raising in feminist society, not misogynistic, where the fuck are you from. Everything is in favor of women, who pays for diner, who benefits from divorces. Shaming men for drooling over a hot women while you masturbate to picture of a David Beckham. Encourage women to engage in casual sex, then when they do they feel used. A women can hit a man in the face, but if he hits her back he’s in deep shit. There’s so much wrong with feminism I could go on all day.


    • Necka Rashevsky

      Do YOU know what it’s like to be a man? Because you bitch like I do when my uterine lining falls out of my vag.

    • jaycich

      So don’t like it when someone complains back, do you?

    • Emma te Water Naude

      It’s not feminism that’s the problem. It’s the lack of proper father figures, who would have slapped this crybaby attitude right out of you in childhood.

      Of course life looks tough, you weren’t taught how to be a man.

    • jaycich

      lol I think it’s the lack of proper father figures who didn’t slap the crybaby attitude out of YOU when you wine and complain like little kids. Men are fed up with your bitching and self entitlement and one by one were starting to catch on, smile and chunk the duce.

      Life’s not that tough, all I have to do is lie and over exaggerate stories about myself, play with your emotions and get pussy. LMAO

    • Emma te Water Naude

      Those are some aspirational life goals! Lie to women so they can think you’re good enough to sleep with. Ouch. I can see why you’re angry.

      Personally I’d suggest you put your efforts toward making a ton of money. I hear hot girls don’t need to be lied to by rich men 😛

    • jaycich

      Gotta do what I gotta do 😉

    • Emma te Fat

      Which effectively makes you a prostitute, hope you die in a car accident

    • Bunny Lefluf

      you dont know if men are sick of her ?.. because you can only speak for yourself.. you sound like someone who hates women..

    • jaycich

      I hate the ones that cry every time they don’t get their way. Take advantage of everything they can get away with. Then you have the “feminist” like Emma here, that try to shame men. I like when I say “I’m tired of this, this isn’t right, I’m sick of putting you on a pedestal and don’t feel like you should be be entitled, everybody has problems and yours aren’t special” she says “Your not a man, take it like a man and stop crying”

    • Sheila

      You’re seriously messed in the head and need therapy for your women-hating issues.

    • jaycich

      You can kiss my ass.

    • Bunny Lefluf

      yes i understand.. its not right to do those things.. be it men or women.. we all need to respect each other more in society.. things have gone downhill.. you know has they say.. you wont get if you dont give.. and you have to respect yourself for other to do the same 🙂 so..ppl can stop being mean and rude..

    • Humanist

      How to be a man… be a man. Isn’t that statement rather hypocritical and sexist?

    • Bunny Lefluf

      Feminism is really fucking up this country?? ok, what is Feminism to you? what do you believe it is?

    • jaycich

      Feminism is a movement that started in the 60’s. What started out as movement to give women the right to work, vote, and speak out against domestic violence. Well that was all good but it didn’t stop there. Now women can divorce their husbands for no reason and take half their paychecks. A women hit a man, but if he hits her back, he’s in deep shit. Women are entitled, put on a pedestal, bring nothing to the table expect their looks and still complain. Like the one above crying about women being thought to hate their body’s, everybody has problems stop crying about yours. Patriarchy and misogynistic society, which doesn’t exist. Neither does rape culture, they’re making something what of nothing. I’m gonna keep it brief because this post will go on forever.

    • Sheila

      I think some men like you still feel the need to be the boss and throw their weight around like the good ‘ole days and they’re crying now because they can’t stand hearing that women have just as much power in households these days as men used to. Lol. And in some cases, like mine, I have more power because my husband doesn’t feel the infantile need to be the ‘big man’ – he’s happy with who he is and naturally lets me make the important decisions in the house because he trusts my judgement better than his own. He has never had trouble finding a woman and was raised by a loving mother who taught him to respect women. You want to be the dominating boss? Fine, but don’t tell all women we need to bow down to men and stop fighting for societal respect because you clearly are one of the knuckle draggers we still have to contend with. Oh, and good luck finding some subordinate little housewife who will happily fill that role for you. And THAT’S why you’re bitter – cause you can’t find a little wifey like that, lol. Enjoy being alone until you learn to grow up and stop being so insecure in your manhood.

    • jaycich

      See now your putting words in my mouth. If your happily married then I wasn’t referring to you. Have a good one.

    • Chelsea

      Didn’t you say in some comment awhile ago that you lie to women to get what you want?…

    • jaycich

      I pick and choose which.

    • Chelsea

      Eh, yeah I probably should’ve responded to a different comment of yours. I was referring to all this talk about complaining women and feminism and stuff. You said girls manipulate and do other stuff to get their way. How is that different to you lying to get your way?

    • jaycich

      I’ve simply adapted to the women around me. I use to use the honest approach, but that wasn’t working. They just flake if I don’t impress and entertain em. So I tell em what they want to hear. You probably think it’s really hot women I talk to, WRONG. Just average looking women have their standards so high that a lot of em won’t even talk to me. By the time I find one who’s thinks I’m cute enough and gives me a chance, that’s when the flaking happens. Sometimes I feel like this one seems genuine, looking for a good man with a decent job and sense of humor, only to prove myself wrong. At first I’d ask why does this happen to me, and the answer I’d get was “maybe it’s you” and I believe that for the longest time, working on myself to fix whatever might be wrong. My friends, family and coworkers don’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with me and neither did my son’s mother. Then I looked around me, all the nice simple guys are struggling while the assholes juggle 3 girls. lol After really looking at the world around me, I just said fuck it.

      I’m dating a girl now who’s a sweetheart, she’s just a little bigger than me. If you have the time and energy I can send you some pics of me and you can make a fake online dating profile. Try messaging some girls you think are equal in looks, then keep taking it down a notch until you reach the bottom of the barrel where you’ll find women that are interested and that’ll give you an idea of how women are.

    • Chelsea

      Does your current girlfriend see past the bs you keep dishing out to her? If o, and see still likes ya then hold onto her. forever lol.
      From what I see, both men and women are allowed to have standards. I have them in men as a big girl. Do I expect a muscle-man? Heck no. Am I attracted to men who are in shape? Absolutely. Expecting only them in a relationship is ridiculous when a big girl myself though. HOWEVER…I do hold to some standards to as to their character.
      Someone saying that I need to work on my body to get a guy that’s similar in size? I get that. Someone saying that because I’m fat I can only have men who cheat, steal, abuse, total selfish a-holes…I don’t get.

    • GetItGoing

      Clearly simply “being yourself” does not help a man get women.

      What exactly do you expect, then?

    • Chelsea

      I guess define “get women.” If you mean hit-it-and-quit-it, then yeah you’ll have issues cuz a lot of women want a relationship. Not all though, some do want the same. If you’re wanting a relationship while she does as well then you’re better off being honest. Lying will only help you temporarily. In the long run you’re going to have bitchier women cuz they’ll eventually see past the lie and be pissed. Itll suck for future men who try to be honest with a woman, cuz she’ll be continually putting up a wall of paranoia to protect herself. So honestly…if you don’t even care enough about women, at least do your fellow men a solid and be honest with chicks so the next man don’t have to fight with Ms. Crazy-Jaded, when she’s really just hurt and broken.

    • jaycich

      Give me your email, I’ll send you pic of me and my girl. First I’ll prove I’m not single then I’ll try and convince you, you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.

    • Bunny Lefluf

      its ok.. i understand what you’re saying… yes.. there are extreme thinking ppl out there.. but its no way to be.. everything needs balance.

    • nichole

      I have never felt like a feminist but rape culture does exist. When prominent figures of society say that a man or women was raped because they were quote on quote ‘asking for it’ ‘dressed slinky’ and or ‘their fault’ there is a culture of finding rape to be acceptable. It is not acceptable, I don’t care about what men think or what women think for that matter, but denying that society is messed up is idiocracy. To deny the problem is not to fix the problem, in all honesty to deny the problem is to accept the problem. Men and women are obese, and shaming people is not going to motivate them. This article doesn’t even matter to me. What matters is that people are denying major issues and therefore accepting those issues. And every issue starts with ourselves. If you want to fix the problem start with yourself, just like I work on myself every single damn day.

    • guest

      You know what’s worse then feminism…. the fucking imigrants that come here sit on their ass alday and have hard working men AND women pay for their food house etc while all they do is pop out kids lie to the government and drive their Benz showing off Louis Vuitton bags. I’d rather deal with feminism then that lazy people shit anyday. Least a worthy women cooks and cleans. If she doesn’t your just an idiot for supporting her lazy ass. Wrap it before you fuck yourself over.

    • Atarii

      Your statement is irrelevant. You have made a knee-jerk, petty retort.

      He was making a point, but all you heard was that once sentence and immediately began to belittle him, “WELL, WOMEN HAVE PROBLEMS TOO!”

      Thank you for informing everyone of that. Do you have a point?

    • Humanist

      I hate my own body, and last time I checked, I still have a penis. Not too mention I don’t have to look very far to see men being sexualized, or objectified. As for the abuse and ridicule, I can’t see where you are coming from at all. I would like you to tell me how you personally have been abused and ridiculed and how this all is somehow the male gender’s fault. Never have I expected a woman to fit a “kind and reasonable mold” but I am pretty sure that any human being would be happy to have a kind and reasonable companion regardless of gender. These are simply desirable personality traits, and it has nothing to do with the female genitalia that exist in between your legs.

      Men and women are both subject to the pressures of society and mass media, but for some reason there seems to exist a group of women who have made it their mission to complain about it endlessly.

    • Chelsea

      Men complain too…

    • Salvatore

      Oh will you just shut the hell up with your misguided feminist bullshit! Men can get easily screwed over in a divorce. In sex crime charges. I had to hire a lawyer for a friend who was falsely accused of rape by his malignant cunt of a girlfriend. You’d think she get a fine for falsifying a police report, but no. She gets off clean as a whistle. Meanwhile my friend lost his job and his reputation. His whole career gone with one false allegation. So before you spout any more of your nonsense about women being oppressed, take a moment to see how women can screw over men.
      Is it wrong of men to have expectations for women? Women certainly have expectations for men. Some want money, some want beauty, some want stable jobs, etc.
      Women will ALWAYS be different from men. There are biological differences. Women are naturally weaker than men. Women are naturally shorter on average than men. That’s in the genes. It’s natural, not the work of men or the supposedly misogynistic society. Yes, more women statistically are victims of domestic abuse, but an increasing proportion of these victims are men. There are now domestic violence asylums and support groups geared specifically for men.
      Many problems women complain about are simply brought on themselves by their own behaviors. What do you expect when you wear revealing clothing? What do you expect when you rely on your husband to provide for you? Women who hate their own bodies blame the media and society, but they fail to realize the true source: a lack of confidence. A lack of ability to do something to change, such as losing weight. Yeah, an obese woman probably hates the way she looks, but she won’t draw as much hatred if she’s working out or eating right. I don’t care if someone’s overweight as long as they make an honest effort to lose it. It’s the bitchy obese women who blame society for the hatred they get while stuffing their face with junk food that are complete idiots. I mean what the hell do you expect people to think when you’re the size of a compact car and weigh almost a quarter ton?
      Women today have more rights and equality than ever before. Women were oppressed throughout most of history, but not now. Patriarchy hasn’t existed for decades! Live life instead of spouting nonsense.

    • Emma te Water Naude

      …aaaaand all of this was vaguely relevant 50 years ago when a woman needed a husband to put a roof over her head. These days women don’t need a husband; certainly not as desperately as you proclaim. Women are major breadwinners in most middle class households and it is generally expected that they contribute. That means our looks mean nothing more than men’s looks. Women don’t need men to save them at 25, 30, 35, or any age. Men on the other hand tend to crave some saving.

    • jaycich

      Sure are a lot of em online, pushing 40, 2 kids, looks fading. It’s funny how those message me first and respond right away. Where is the younger ones, I’m lucky if I even get a reply from. lol

      Oh and I don’t need to lie or entertain at all. I can be as boring as shit and they flake. lol

    • AquariusMoon

      Hey, it doesn’t matter since you’re in a fulfilling relationship now, right? : )

    • GetItGoing

      That’s correct. Women don’t “need” a husband.

      They can get a lot of cats and enjoy a very lonely life.

    • Emma te Water Naude

      I love cats, especially Jaguars. Have you seen the new Jag XJ? It’s hot. Women who don’t need a husband drive hot cars and enjoy life with cats. Meow.

    • Bunny Lefluf

      you are speaking yourself… there are men who like over weight women.. there are men who dont care ..just the same that there are women married to some guy working at walmart… and as we age we change.. how we think.. its normal.. you should.. you mature.. when you look to get married.. i would think.. you consider many things.. most import.. you should consider if its the person you can spend you life with..

    • GetItGoing

      That may be true. However, that is not the norm; outliers do not represent the average male.

      I’m mature enough to accept the truth, which is that I, as a male (especially as a physically fit one), do not accept obesity as “beautiful” and it dissuades me from being sexually interested in a woman.

      Similar things can be said for women having no attraction to men for various reasons (low status job, lack of confidence, etc). However, notice how those women don’t get shamed for it, typically.

      We can’t help what we are attracted to—that’s human nature. & obesity is not attractive on the whole.

    • Bunny Lefluf

      no.. of course we cant.. i dont find fat attractive either..on a whole .. i think its alarming the number of over weight ppl in the world!

    • AquariusMoon

      This is true. When I was sick from the mumps virus and, later, the flu, I couldn’t work out for 3 weeks. Mumps made eating painful so I had to take far too many carbs.

      My partner took wonderful care of me but, for awhile, wasn’t exactly excited about being affectionate.

      It was only after I recovered and got back in shape that he was affectionate with me again. Do I blame him? No. Because this is what he is and if I love him, I should make an effort to remain in shape as much as possible.

      How could I not be grateful when he took wonderful care of me when I was sick? It was and still is the least I could do.

    • jaycich

      I’m sorry to tell you, but there aren’t that many women like you. Most of those are snatched up and married shortly after high school or college. What’s left, shallow women with no intellect that watch reality TV and dream about being married to a famous guy and living like that. They post a pic on facebook, get 30 likes and 20 comments from family members, guys that want to fuck em and desperate guys that want date them. Then they start thinking they’re the shit, waiting on Brad Pitt to find them. When he does come along he pumps and dumps her, then she asks why she can’t find a decent guy. Really bitch?

      Growing up I thought it was only really beautiful women that were like that, WRONG. It’s any women that looks okay and isn’t obese. I’ll meet one once in a while and talk on the phone. If I don’t really impress and entertain her, she will lose interest and flake on me because she has at least 3 guys trying to get with her and isn’t smart enough to see through bullshit lies and game.

      I’m seeing a girl who’s a little thick right now. I don’t think she’s unattractive, it’s just that I’m not that big a guy 5’11 180lbs, it makes me a little uncomfortable when she’s bigger than me.

    • guest

      I don’t think us bigger gals (at least a decent number of us) are shocked nor offended that you may not be into us. You’re attracted to whom you’re attracted. So are we. We get it. We’re just not fans when someone thinks we’re less than human and HATE us for no good reason and not even know us individually. Cuz we’re not all the same and not pond scum. And blame us for men’s “game” issues. Its just simple, don’t blame others for your problems in life. Whether they be obese, skinny but “stuck up”, hot but have drug problems, sexist, feminist, homosexual etc.. we don’t have to hate on people. personally I believe in womens rights, but I don’t believe in men being pushed down so hard that they can barely function. Even kids need fathers, just sayin…balance.

    • jaycich

      I wasn’t blaming others for my problems in life, I don’t have game issues. All I have to do is talk about myself lol If I talk about how I swam the 500 last saturday and broke a record and I’m going to crawfish fest, it’s gonna be shit like last year. Basically act conceded, into myself, then seem to really take interest. It’s so ridiculous get on youtube, listen to a recorded phone call to a girl, repeat the same stupid shit and it works. Now if I tell I’m ordinary guy that like my family, respecting people, sports, well that doesn’t work. lol It’s weird, cause I don’t like people that talk about themselves, and think they’re great.

      I don’t think chubby girls are completely unattractive, if I was a big guy, I’d like to have Molly from Mike and Molly. I bet if I was a big guy, big girls probably wouldn’t come on to me as much as they do.

      Women have rights, this isn’t 1960. I work with several female engineers and designers. Some of them are paid really high because they have a lot of experience. I don’t think the head of the department cares if it’s a man or a woman, as long as the work gets done.

    • Chelsea

      Good to hear 🙂

    • zergminerg

      Finally a woman with an open mind. Respect to what you’re saying, treating bigger girls as lesser beings is a problem that some men have that isn’t cool. But i think they are led to think this way by a very real reality – there are many fat girls who whine and moan about the fact that they get no attention and blame men for being shallow for basing attractiveness on looks, but it is these same girls that do fuck all about it. Men do not want women that complain, especially women who complain about things they have control over. A woman’s health is her responsibility and hers alone, and laying the blame on men for her shortcomings leads to resentment, which leads to men treating fat girls like trash. If a girl really wants to bag a guy she has to put some effort in and on some level give him what he physically desires.

    • Chelsea

      I agree with most of that. If a particular big girl you know is resenting you for their issues then you can walk away. You don’t need to treat them like crap, and you sure as hell don’t blame them for your issues either. You’re not married to them, you’ll live without them. But again…not all girls are the same. I only suggest that men TRY and be friends. I have plenty of attractive men who are just friends and its cool. No relationships and that’s fine. Its perspective for big gals. I used to be that kind of negative towards men. I felt lonely cuz I know I would treat “him” better than any skinny chick he’s with for a week. On the other hand I have very attractive female friends who have been played by assholes who just want to hit it and quit it. So from thatnegative point of view, big gals only see 1) stay fat and be alone forever or 2) be thin and taken advantage of for mens “needs”. I have no doubt why some women (especially big girls) have gone feminist. My perspective changed when I found guy friends who are decent and dowant a relationship. Wanting one with a slender lady is not a crime.
      My only advice to men is to not be opposed to being friends with big girls. Itshouldn’t be a case where…”if she’s not ffuckable, she’s not worth acknowledging as existant.”

    • jaycich

      How do you feel about big guys?

    • Chelsea

      I try to be friends with every guy and treat them all the same even if I’m attracted.
      As far as physical attraction?…I’ve been attracted to guys who resemble teddy bears lol. Bigger I don’t mind, but once they get to a point where they have to drive around in a store (not walk), then I draw the line. I’m a pretty big gal, but I have stamina, and I like outdoorsy stuff. so if they can keep up, awesome. If not? Well, like I said, I’m all for being friends with everyone.

    • AquariusMoon

      Well, men aren’t all the same : ) Similarly, you can befriend those who you know are terrible guys but not be involved with them in a relationship. No use condemning them too because they aren’t gonna stop doing what they do.

    • lee_kat56

      What I have observed in ppl over the years is that they date the same person over and over again never really learning what’s good for them. I would be willing too bet that if you let this one go you’ll go back too chasing that girl who always has a couple guy’s on the go. It’s just your pattern and it’s made you bitter.

    • jaycich

      I’m fine with the girl I’m seeing, even though she’s a little chubby. When I go for a girl, that’s a good match for me, she doesn’t have to look perfect, just kinda cute and not obese. Most couples match, it’s really not asking a lot.

    • zergminerg

      I have observed very similar things to this, it’s like people are just sleepwalking into car-crash after car-crash without actually thinking, and then wonder why they cannot find happiness.If you do the same thing you’ve always done you’ll never make progress.

    • Bunny Lefluf

      you cant really say this about all women.. thats like me saying all men are assholes.. its not true… there are good and bad ppl.. everywhere.. men women short tall skinny fat.. its not whats on the outside that matters the most.. because we all are going to get older if we live that long.. besides and ugly personality can make a beautiful person ugly in seconds.. man or woman….

    • jaycich

      Of course not all women are like that, it’s the majority. It’s like when they ask how many people read the new york times. They don’t ask everybody in the US, they just take a sample.

      Hey why argue with me, why not go after the women that are like that?

    • Bunny Lefluf

      and women want a man who is strong and able to provide.. its nature.. its the same all over the world even in the animal kingdom.

    • Anjo_alexis

      we are not shallow, we just know what we want and what will make us happy. we always want the best of everything.

    • jaycich

      Here we go, a woman being honest.

    • cheekie

      Those things are cared about because they are hard to obtain. It takes a certain type of person to push through failure, overcome adversity and never give up until they make they’re dreams come true. Thats what we find sexy in men. Determination, will power, brains, – and those traits happen to lead to “power”, status and money.
      I don’t need him for his money! I can get my own.

    • Bunny Lefluf

      both men and women are shallow.. but men base things more on appearance than women

  • Lacedric T

    As far as you Nicholas Jack books go-

    I don’t own a kindle reader so will the Amazon book offer transpose into a format that’s viewable on my PC like a pdf?

    Or can you sell them to me direct as PDFs so I can read them on my PC?

    The conversation book looks good as I’m learning game and want to accelerate the process.

    PS- In your experience, what’s the best City to game in the US. I like friendly white girls who aren’t much of a chore to close. Maybe I need to go to Moldova instead? What do you think?

    • Jon

      You should be able to read them on your computer after that installing the kindle desktop application.

    • GetItGoing

      Or on your cell phone also.

    • 20Nation

      Yeah, you can download a kindle application for PC. Here is the link:

      Thanks for the support and as far as books go for somebody starting. There are two that I think are imperative for you The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language, honestly you can double or triple how attractive you are to women just by mastering those 9 laws. and the conversation one will be perfect for understanding what to say to a woman.

      Just remember that it’s more important to have solid body language when you say something retarded, than to have retarded body language when you say something clever.

  • Josh Bar

    Wow great post. Never really thought about it like that. That’s some next level thinking. The law of supply and demand: scarcity increases the value

    • 20Nation

      It’s the sad truth.

  • RioNomad

    Spot on. Whenever I see white chicks (read: fat) here in BKK the Cops theme song Bad Boys pops into my mind, only it’s “White Chicks White Chicks! What ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when they come for you? White Chicks White Chicks!”


    • 20Nation

      I remember that feeling. You notice the obesity even more after spending time in SEA. Backpacker whales…

    • For real, those fat pale backpacker whales with their fisherman pants only amplified my yellow fever.

      “Look how well we are in touch with Thai culture, we wear fisherman pants and we say kop kup ka”

      Also, this is now a multimedia thread

    • Nice, now this song is stuck in my mind for the rest of the day.

  • Fuck You

    Certainly this is satire… read through the entire article waiting for the punchline and it never came.
    This is sick.

  • roxanne

    As an ugly fat woman myself I could care less what you men like.

    Men don’t like me so I don’t like men. It’s as simple as that

    • Drew

      Dumbest shit I’ve ever read.

    • GetItGoing

      It’s your choice. You could do something about it if you so desired.

      But you don’t. And therein lies the problem.

    • Bill Brown

      Hi Roxanne,
      Enjoy your cats.

    • LOL@crazywhales

      hilarious and epic that bill doesnt even get it ^^

      ( prob a guy who uses “roxanne” for that fat beast going wild around here and giving away what her basic attitude is…

      i think EXACTLY THIS sums up the bitter fat bitches bitching to nice real proper guys who just want to have a nice fit girl who is not stuck up or mean or a planet. And if said guy invests towards that ( not gonna list the obvious ) HE DOES deserve to pick from a sane, fair and accurate deck.

      And because its not the fat deck he is a bad person ( of course *rolleyes ) and because fat bitches have massive time on their massive hands they will rip on him and spread lies while calling themselves BBW in their crazy uber delusion.

    • Chelsea

      Not all women are like that dude. We don’t all believe that you HAVE to be attracted to us. That’s not really fair. Its the jerks that say we’re not worthy of being spoken to or even breathing that can hurt us…which becomes bitterness…which turns into a nasty attitude towards men in general. Which granted…if bitter, we need to get over. But it doesn’t stem from nice guys who are honest about who they like. Sorry if you have gotten crap from thicker gals, but we’re not all like that.

  • blazer

    well luckily, I just like them with big butts, boobs, and/or thighs, so I win any way; women lose weight, they are still very attractive – they gain weight, and they are still attractive thanks to that weight gain also going to at least one of those three areas and making them bigger there too, so my available market is open in any country.

    • GetItGoing

      Jiggly arms are attractive?

      No can do, amigo. 🙁

  • A. Fat Girl

    Oh, ok, I get it. Well I wasn’t going to try and lose weight but now that I know it’s affecting YOUR ability to get laid, I’m on it! (Rolls eyes).

    By your logic, I could say I hate guys that aren’t rich because they make it harder for me to land a rich guy (which I don’t care about, just an example). But, in fairness, there is a genuine point that you’ve made by applying essentially 8th grade economics to the dating market.

    I’m never bothered if a guy isn’t attracted to me because I’m fat. I get it – I do, and I don’t find anything wrong with that. And you are right – a fat person being fat does affect other people. EVERYTHING a person does, says, or is affects other people. That’s called a society. I’m affected by a lot of shit I hate too, but I don’t get to say how other people live their lives or what kind of value they place on things. I hate kids. They’re fucking everywhere. That affects me. That’s all parents want to talk about, people bring them everywhere, they are dirty and disgusting, and I loathe being around their bratty loud mouths. But I don’t get to demand that even a subset of the population stop having kids because it is now to hard to go do absolutely anything without having to hear a kid crying nearby. Same goes for your healthcare argument, which is why insurance is bullshit to begin with, but we are all paying for something somebody else does that we don’t care for. Athletes get injured and that requires medical care and surgery for something that is completely avoidable. Women have babies and that costs a lot of money at the hospital.

    My point is simply that I get you don’t like fat chicks – and that’s fine by me, hell it’s even understandable. But it’s extraordinarily narcissistic to complain that fat girls are making it too hard for you to nail a hot girl. Last I checked, I get to decide what to do with my life. And you get to decide what to do with yours – which is why an article by some fat pride girl stating that men like you should just give in to the trend of fatter women would be equally ridiculous. You don’t have to like them just because that’s what’s there. And I don’t have to lose weight just because you are playing tough odds.

    One final thing – you said you hate that fat girls don’t see what it’s doing to themselves by making them feel sad because they can’t fit into a pretty dress or by preventing them from being in good health. I’m sure that’s the case at times, but you are wrong about a couple of things. Most fat girls – they know how it affects them. Trust me. We get it. It is frustrating and confusing because we can see what the solution is but always fail to really even aim for it. We know we’re fat. We know it’s unhealthy. We know that’s why a lot of men won’t give us a second glance. We know what limitations it adds to our lives. But that’s not what makes us depressed. We’re depressed because guys like you constantly tell us that we have no value – that in fact our presence in the world has messed up everything. We’re depressed because when we try and do something about it, we get made fun of. We’re depressed because it’s 3 times as hard for me to do something you do, but we get called lazy. We’re depressed because every time we start to feel good, there are people who tell us not to. And I’m not making excuses. Those people didn’t make me fat, or anyone else. I made me fat. I accept that and own it. And those people don’t keep me from losing weight – I choose every day what I put in my body and how much activity I give it. But they sure as hell make it harder sometimes. I tried to eat at a vegan restaurant once, and they suggested I would probably not like it there and “suggested” I try someplace nearby. I got that message loud and clear – you don’t belong here. I will never EVER forget a day when I was trying to get some exercise by walking in a local park, walking the loop. There was a group of guys and girls that lapped me a couple of times and every time I was near them they very loudly made fun of me and laughed and giggled. I never went back to that park. That happens and we get the message that we should stay down. And I know that’s not your message – quite the opposite. You’re saying rise up – be better. For yourselves and the world. But in the same breath you’re saying “do it because we hate you otherwise”. And that won’t help us.

    Sorry to be so long-winded. Clearly, doing things “moderately” is not my greatest personal trait. You have a legitimate message in there. I’m just saying two things – one, fat chicks aren’t fat just to make your life more difficult. There’s a struggle there. If it wasn’t hard, it wouldn’t be a problem. Most of us do try and deal with it. It takes years to get to the root of the problem, and lots of failures. And second, the best thing you can do to balance out that inequitable gap between men and women is be kind to the women who need to increase their value to round out that curve and to be the kind of guy that makes that girl want to compete for you for a change.

    • Fisto

      I think you should try and reframe the negative attention you’re getting and use it as motivation. Take every sneer as a challenge. Every scoff as a word of encouragement.

    • EatADick

      Hell, I do this when I’m fuming at my boyfriend’s need to ogle and drool over perfect little females. I use it as fuel. I work even harder at the gym, my mindset stays there..my target is set. I WILL get there.

    • AquariusMoon

      That’s the spirit! And if your boyfriend is ever dumb enough to leave you, you’re in good shape and can find another quality relationship down the road : )

    • Bac0nKiller

      Thank you. Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do about his caveman, dog with ADD need to drool puddles over these…females. Anywhere where there is “eyecandy” (:scoff:) everywhere…his head is on swivel like he wants to sniff asses and hump legs at the same damn time. So, I have to treat it like a child picking their nose: shake my head (physically, or in my mind), and think “boys will be boys.” He won’t leave me though, and he’s incredible (aside from his caveman asshole behavior.) Although if he were to do that, it would be his loss..and he’d be proving that he doesn’t deserve me.
      I have lost 20 lbs and 2 sizes over winter though, thanks to working a physically tasking job that is like a paid workout. And that’s without paying too much attention to diet or making it to the gym either…which are two things I’m paying more attention to and doing now. So I have even more fuel from this progress.

    • AquariusMoon

      You’re doing great! : ) Do this for yourself. Do you wanna bring it up to him if it’s making you so unhappy?

      My partner and I do this, tell each other if something bugs us enough. He knows as well that I can and will leave, no matter how painful it is, if he doesn’t respect me. I respect him and his pride and feelings too; it’s not too much to ask : )

      All in all, we had to work at it but we both realise we have something good so… we do our part to try and accommodate each other : )

    • Bac0nKiller

      Thanks! I am doing it for myself, yes. 🙂 The ease with which I’ve made it to this point just motivates me more, and helps keep me positive. I’ve talked with him about it, but of course he thinks I’m just being “too sensitive about it”, and “caring too much”. Lol…it’s kinda ridiculous, but you know how guys are…ugh. @-@ Boys will be boys….

    • AquariusMoon

      Yup. Hate ’em but love ’em at the same time. Go girl! Wishing you all the best! : )

    • Driver

      He’s doing what men do…it’s what they find attractive in females. The problem with women, today, is their few pounds (read over 20 plus pounds) that they throw on their bodies and call it “a little overweight”. That’s not a little overweight. Men are ok with a little weight gain….women today are carrying ice cream truck weight (let’s be honest).

      I’ve been around for awhile and I’ve seen the change. This fat acceptance movement is ridiculous. Again, men never had a problem with a girl gaining a little weight. We are seeing ridiculous weight gain, today, and then all of these women have some kind of “disease”. I call bullshit.

    • Bac0nKiller

      Meh…my man loves me, and I didn’t like my body-type, so I am WORKING to change it. First off, I don’t know if you’re just jumping in here assuming I’m a “beached whale” sized woman, or what…but I am less than half the size of the lady in pink at the beginning of this article, if you wanna get technical.
      Hahaha! Why do I bother though? I was talking to AquariusMoon, and here YOU are, to let me know how “wrong” I must be. Well, I’m gonna go back over here now…you go back to searching for or chewing on bones, or (chewing on) your own ass…ya know, whatever tickles your fancy. Bye now. ^_^

    • Driver

      You’re man does what he does because it’s built in…too look at thin, beautiful, young attractive women. He always will….that’s a reality that you’ll have to deal with at some point.

      Men aren’t attracted to big women (and we’re seeing more of them then ever, today). You all can play along and pretend but it’s simply in his nature (all men). Stop living a delusional life and start spreading the word (to other fat women). Lose it or lose him. Those are the facts.

    • Bac0nKiller

      You poor thing. I know what’s wrong, you’re just a cranky little boy aren’t you. D’awww, did mommy take away the teets to early? That’s too bad.. :-/
      HAHAHA! You poor, delusional child…MEN are attracted to whatever they are attracted to. Some have a thing for the bones an archaelogicist might’ve dug up n gave implants, and some enjoy WOMEN, with all our different shapes and sizes. Believe it or not, we don’t only come in two sizes: toothpick or watermelon. Now find your wittle pacifier and go troll someone else.

    • Charles Ochoa

      Actually, men can be attracted to big women. I am attracted to big women. Actually, I am more attracted to a pretty face than to her ass. Stop talking for all men please.

    • Driver

      You have to be attracted to fat women….their growing bigger and there are more of them each day (you have no choice).

    • Charles Ochoa

      This coming from the one who doesn’t have a picture of himself in his profile picture? 😉 Of course, I have a choice, I can always leave to my home country where there are beautiful women, and I can always seduce a beautiful woman; being a “pretty boy” allows me to actually tap a lot of the “pussy”. It just so happens that the things I look for in women to be in a relationship with are simply different than a nice, “fit” ass for a one-night stand.

    • Driver

      Typical female response and shaming tactic. You found a “watering hole”…good for you. But don’t think “tapping” a fat woman is the same thing, it’s all about choices. You don’t have a choice and you’ve decided on what is convenient for you…a big difference.

    • Charles Ochoa

      Well, see, that would be true if I wouldn’t have dated fit women before and tried to have long-term relationships with them. The fact that I have leaves a lot to say about your small mansphere. But, you know, keep trying. It’s fun to see a guy who seems to not date worth a fuck trying to tell me how I date and how I don’t date and the choices I have made in life.

      My point is, men can be attracted to both fat and slim women. I, personally, could give a fuck less. They’re people, not objects. Apparently, this has gone over your head and it’s why I get laid with higher quality women than most losers in here. Also, I am a man 😉 keep up.

    • Driver

      That “small mansphere” (actually it’s manosphere) is growing everyday.

    • Charles Ochoa

      And we, the guys who are actually adults and not raging teenagers, see it for what it is. Nothing but annoyed frat boys because they can’t get pussy the way they could anymore.

    • Driver

      Right…the “adults” going after pussy from fat women. Got it. You have your right to choose but it’s a shame that your standard is so low.

      Work on yourself and you’ll be able to choose a better, healthier woman. We preach this often…it starts with self improvement.

    • Charles Ochoa

      Because, of course, hot women who hunt and do other sports are fat. Got it.

      It is a shame that, for someone who claims to be an “adult” you have the reading comprehension of a 10 year old. It starts with self-improvement indeed 😉

    • Bella

      Thank you. Finally a man acknowledging that we are people whose worth goes beyond our appearances. I know people find me attractive, but it goes beyond the physical, hence having a college degree, a job, and having passions.
      I think these other guys just need to invest in one of those robot sex dolls. lol <3

    • Sending a hug : )

    • Bunny

      We’ll said driver is a douche with no girlfriend lol

    • Bunny

      Your a pos just thought I’d let u know and I am very petite so don’t try to call me fat u loser sorry but when u love someone u love them if he strays because of weight gain he’s a losing POS that needs to be humbled this article is so ridiculous it actually made me laugh in still laughing because of the logic or lack there of so u go on believing all men will stray because of weight gain my hubby is amazing and we have 4 kids and he called me sexy throughout every pregnancy and appreciated every pound I gained and lost I seriously hate douche bags like u that troll the Internet take a dildo and go f**k urself

    • Driver

      ok, fat bunny…thanks for stopping by.

    • She’s trying, Driver : ) That’s a good thing, isn’t it, that she cares enough about her man’s tastes to do what she can?

      I really hope she succeeds : )

    • Hey sweetie, just checking up on you. How’s your weight loss journey so far? Need any tips or help? : )

    • Bac0nKiller

      Hi there, I’m doing well. Yo-yoing a bit, but only in a five pound “zone”. I’ve lost about 10 more pounds since we were talking about it before, but then of course there’s the yo-yoing. I’m always up for tips and such. I’m open to generally anything educational, but especially self-progress currently. 🙂 Thanks again; you’re awesome!

    • Thanks sweetie, you made my day. Looks like a weight plateau. If this happens, it’s time to give the body an extra push. Have you replaced refined carbohydrates with veggies yet? If not, you can try that?

      Also up your exercise a notch. Not too much; just enough to sweat and pant more quickly. Either extend the duration or increase the intensity. Jump rope or do some light weights : )

    • Bac0nKiller

      Swapping various shitty foods out for healthier ones, as well as taking healthy snacks to work has helped me a lot. I’m still going in the right direction, and feeling the difference. Now I just have to start going to my gym again. I guess it’s time to move some time slots again so I can do that. I need to push harder.

    • If it seems overwhelming – and it IS – is to split your workout into 2 sessions. I wake up a bit earlier to squeeze in a short workout and once more immediately after work.

      Thereafter, is time for leisure. If I want to exercise more, I can. If not, I can do whatever I want. TV commercials are also good for stomach vacuums. Google that and just do it. It helps to flatten the tummy : )

      I’m glad you’ve taken some steps. Hope you’ve pushed past the plateau! If you need more help, please give me a holler any time : )

      Oh yes. Your body will take time to adjust so always give yourself time to let new changes become habit before implementing new changes.

      All the best, sweetie!

    • Hey babe, took me awhile to locate this conversation. Thought of you and wanted to see how you’re doing.

      How are things? Any progress to share? : )

    • Bac0nKiller

      Yeah, I was thinking the same; my body got used to the level of physical activity I give it, so losing turned into just staying the same mostly.
      These all sound like good tips, and yes I’ve upped fresh produce a lot and systematically/steadily reduced carbs. Thank you for your tips and overall encouragement; it is greatly appreciated!

    • Great! Do let me know if you need help : ) Once your changes become habit and you reach another plateau, it may be time to give your body another push.

      Don’t mention it, girlie : ) We all need a little help now and then!

    • TheGuvnr

      Most men I see aren’t exactly pictures of fitness either, with their man boobs and beer bellies hanging over their pants. Yet they will judge a woman for
      being overweight.

    • Driver

      A man’s true value isn’t in his appearance where as a woman’s value (most value being 18 to 24) is in her appearance. It’s why a man’s value increases with age and a woman’s value decreases.

    • Germaine

      Bologna. Fat men are just as disgusting to us as fat women are to you. Have you seen one of these nasties at the beach. A huge cancer like tumor hanging over their swim shorts, nasty ugly feet, and hair all over their raunchy bodies? Women have some need for good looks.

    • Orchid Swan

      You don’t think pretty thin hot chicks also suffer from girls like you? Don’t punish us because you aren’t hot, you catty fat cow.

    • Bac0nKiller

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! If you’re just like so great, then like, why do you even have time to like, comment on this shit? Besides that, I’m tired of this dumbass conversation and I’m not entirely sure why I fed shallow pathetic trolls to begin with. X-D

    • TheGuvnr

      Or you can just tell your boyfriend to go fuck himself. Why change for someone else? You’re going to change yourself for someone who only sees you for what you are on the outside?

    • Sammy

      I have never seen a fat person get made fun of at the gym. Ever. It’s unfortunate that people would do that when you are actively trying to do something about your weight. Just remember, weight is 80% kitchen, 20% working out. I say take baby steps. Instead of drinking a diet soda or soda (if you do) with every meal, start drinking water and go from there. Then start consuming less of whatever you already eat but don’t change what you eat. I notice people that fail try and make these drastic changes to the diet cold turkey and then can’t stick with it. I’m fairly skinny and even I can’t stick to a “clean” diet all the time. Good luck.

    • Days of Broken Arrows

      That’s because they’re never at the gym. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.)

    • Davis Rivas

      Yes. Fat people are delusional. They refuse to eat right and exercise because in their head being fat is out of their control. It’s always something like thyroid problem or genetic or whatever excuses they can come up.

    • PatriotJoe316

      Turkey gravy…

    • A. Fat Girl

      Wow what an amazing point you mad. I don’t even like turkey gravy.

    • PatriotJoe316

      coursing through my veins

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Oh, get a life..

    • PigMan

      With bacon in the belly

    • dbag

      A. Fat Girl, your pretty rad in my book. Smart pants too

    • A. Fat Girl

      Why thank you.

    • Bill Brown

      Clearly, doing things “moderately” isn’t your greatest personality trait. It’s clear that “moderation” doesn’t apply to your dietary choices,

    • A. Fat Girl

      Um, yeah, that’s pretty much what I said. It was a pointed choice of words because it was appropriate to topic. But thanks for insulting me with something I just said about myself.

    • ignore

      @ A Fat Girl, seriously you’re writing was heartfelt and touched upon the point quite well. This is obviously a moron who didn’t even understand the play on words you made near the end, so I would refrain from even entering into debate with him, or even giving two shits about his insult when he is too thick to even comprehend the little playful jolt on words you were making.

    • Atarii

      Please ignore Bill Brown and do not feel upset. (Although you responded strongly, I understand how comments like that can cut deep and your hands clamor to stop the bleeding.)
      Your comment was reasonable and intelligent.

    • EatADick

      You are a very sad, pathetic little man. Tell me, what other pathetic hobbies do you have, to attempt to make you feel better about yourself? I mean..aside from fat women-hating bitch blogs? Actually, you know what? Save it for the bones, dog. Would tell you to go fuck yourself, but that would be too good of a statement. That would be a nice thing to say, actually. So, go ahead and take the name as a suggestion instead.
      Toodles bitch! 😉

    • wazowski

      Well if you are fat your chances of landing a rich guy are slim anyway so you argument is invalid.

    • A. Fat Girl

      I specifically said it was just an example. And that I don’t care about that. And that I don’t find it wrong or offensive for someone not to be attracted to a fat person.

    • Sara

      I think you rock. You gve this entitled sshole more than he deserves, seriously.

    • Alice

      Why is everyone so freaking shallow on here?

    • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

      Being fat is not a superficial trait, it is a disorder and should be treated like that, a sickness.

    • Charles Ochoa

      Being fat is a superficial matter IF that’s all you are looking for in a woman.

    • The_D_Man

      being fat reflects a poor diet and life style choice. It’s anything but superficial. Not to mention all the diseases and complication that is sure to come.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Actually.. Im over weighted and I know many rich guys! actually my mom was over weighted and found an rich guy! not only one but many wanted her not for her look or size because her personality and they looked at the skinny girls as they sideline & Hoe.. So .. My dad wifed my mom with 5 beautiful kids! So this artical is wrong how can you blame anyone for you lack of game. Or research on how fat women fucks your chances … This is just stupidity

    • DocT

      Apparently fat has prevented proper brain functioning and growth.

    • fff

      Die ass hole. your rude.

    • KeyShona

      This is not an intelligent comment. It doesn’t make sense and is quite irrelevant. If you want to be funny or rude for no reason at least come up with something witty or something that has an actually valid fact

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Huh?? Makes no sense.

    • James

      Say beautiful don’t waste your time or words on these ignorant individuals. Misery loves company. Miserable people get satisfaction from causing others to be miserable with hurtful comments or actions. Don’t give them the enjoyment of you responding. If there is no response, there is no satisfaction. The only thing their left with, is misery. You stay beautiful and healthy baby.

    • anonymous

      “Healthy”? Stop lying to this girl. If you think being fat is healthy then you are fucking retarded.

    • Bella

      I don’t want a rich guy. I’m financially comfortable because of my own work. What is this, 1950?
      Buy a prostitute because that is what it sounds like you are looking for.

    • MiketheTERRIBLE

      Brevity is the soul of wit…

    • ImAinternetDoctor

      Keyboard warrior. Too long, don’t care.

      You should take your long winded writing and give them gym a try. Being healthy is a good thing….

    • Jess

      Hahaha, you guys are hilarious. You think you can school fat people because you’re skinny, so you obviously know the ropes, right? That’s like saying you can teach someone to be a ninja if you’re Asian.

      Oh, by the way, when I was 16 I could run faster than all my skinny friends. I lived on 1500 calories a day of healthy food, never drank soda, and worked out like an athlete.

      I never got below 217 lbs. Society will always see me as ‘fat’, even if I eat healthier, work harder, run faster, push harder, and lift heavier than everyone else.

      I’m just a fat burden on society, after all.

    • Chelsea

      Curious, you still workout like that?

    • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

      Sorry honey, but if you grew up in another country you would not be fat. It is not in your genes, it is in the food.

    • zara

      I hate to break this to you sir but I live in one of the poorest areas in Africa and you know what?!
      I know “fat ” people too…people who eat food that is fresh and un genetically modified, food that’s grown fresh and is cultivated by the very same people who eat it. These people also get fat and now you can’t blame their food or intake, so what’s your point?
      These people plough the fields and sow the seeds to the healthy food they eat and yet…your argument on a persons geological location being a determining factor is now proved quite wrong. As for you who say being inactive is the problem, that’s simply not true…people here eat enough to be full and work their assess off in the agricultural sectors and yet again many of them too are fat. So maybe before making assumptions try understanding that different people have different bodies, due to different reasons and maybe be a little open minded ?
      Because honestly I don’t think anyone would choose to be “fat”.
      Health issues, psychological state, unhealthy eating, leading sedentary lifestyles as well as many other things are contributing factors to weight gain…so don’t be too quick to blame just one Thing.
      Like I said
      everyone is different. and if you’re happy being skinny then why don’t you find contentment in that, and stop picking on people who can or cannot find contentment with who and what they are. Everyone unto their own. Also I know many men who have dated both fat and skinny women happily.
      I’m sorry if I have offended anyone in my tirade because really that’s not what I’d set out to do. Thanks.

    • VelvetMark

      You can’t teach somebody to be a ninja if you are “Asian.” You can only do so if you are Japanese. Big difference there. Big.

    • M

      GET IT, GIRL

    • James

      BBW please stay positive. Don’t allow other people misery to tear you down to where your broken down. Obesity as you know is unhealthy and can be life threatening. That should be your number one concern and reason for doing what ever needs to be done to help yourself. Don’t respond to negative comments. You don’t owe that person or anyone else that speaks hurtful anything(not even an explanation). You owe it to yourself and you deserve it. You deserve to be healthy, happy, actively living an exciting life. And there are attractive men(not overweight) that loves bbw/ssbbw. But keep in mind being healthy is key. Just because someone excepts you as is- doesn’t mean you remain as is if it can cause harm. I can go on and on but I believe you understand what I’m saying. You be blessed and keep your head up(not down) and move forward with confidence.

    • Chelsea

      Thank you! I’ve actually been hit on by men who aren’t overweight and think I’m sexy. Its sweet of them, but if I can’t be comfortable with myself and my health then no relationship is going to work out. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • A. Fat Girl

      Thank you so much! I appreciate your comments and agree with you 100%

    • James

      And by the way,, I am one of those attractive men(not overweight) that prefer bigger women. I’m not rich…… But surely not broke. James again

    • EatADick

      Very, very well said. Sadly for them, the morons won’t be able to see past the archaeologist-lovers porn (for all of the bone-lovers we simply call shallow “men”), tiny pricks in hand; to actually even attempt to comprehend so much as an iota of a word of a sentence of a paragraph of what you have just taken your time to write. Keep your head up lady!

    • SkinnyWomenRepresent

      Agree 100% with you. End of story is, the original article/blog/whatever should be titled “The Diary of a Bitter Man With a Tiny Dick.” Hunny, fat women isn’t his problem, he is his problem… or his tiny penis.

    • Bella

      LOL no amount of weight loss/gain will give a guy a bigger dick. He should invest in a long rifle and a sports car to alleviate the lack of….swelling.

    • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

      Yes, you are affecting others. Almost everybody can get not-fat. Almost nobody can get rich in a capitalist economy (since the game is rigged). That is the ain difference. Men like most young not-fat women (and guess what, everybody gets a chance at being young). The opposite is not true. To make the dating game easier, men must have a wider selection sinc it is so difficult for them to make a nice lady like them. Fat people are making things worse without any benefit for themselves. Accept that you got a raw deal out of your country`s eating habits, your parents, and your feminist friends that told you that it is OK to be a fattie. It is not. Start your change today.

    • Davis Rivas

      Look at all the thumb ups, fatties are out in full force today.

    • jadedNYr

      You make it very clear that you are aware of what the root of the problem is.
      Weight loss is painfully simple. Eat less, move more. Don’t like what people have to say? Bring an iPod, cellphone, etc. with you when you go for a jog/walk/bike ride, put the ear buds in your ear, turn it on, look straight ahead, tune ’em out.

    • Michael Stewart

      I use to be 240 Lbs than one day a Brazilian coworker told me to lose weight and fast. That day I decided to change my diet. I stopped eating fast food, candy, snack treats, and soda. I started learning to cook meals from scratch and would not eat anything I did not make myself. I made a rule if I wanted soda, candy or such I would have to make it at home. I also started walking to work which was 5 miles away instead of taking the bus. On my days off I would walk to the beach and along the way would pick up bottles and cans. This was in Plymouth MA and I would walk all the way to Hyannis and Duxbury. I went from 240 to 90 in 6 months time. I went from not being able to walk down the stairs to being able to walk 15 miles without huffing and puffing. Now I eat what I cook and cannot stand restaurant food or prepared foods. I make my own pasta, soda, cheese, candy, pastries, sauces, breads, and anything else I want. Not only does my waistline thank me but so does my wallet. Now I cannot gain weight if I wanted to.

    • The_D_Man

      fat girl got triggered.

    • Ted Bates

      Lose some weight, fatso.

    • TheGuvnr

      You shouldn’t be depressed. You’d be surprised at the amount of guys that actually prefer larger women.

  • Speaker of society

    This is probably the most ignorant and stupid article I have ever read! I couldn’t even finish it. You should probably die in a basement somewhere… The world is a better place with out you in it.

    • Smooth Operator

      The world is a lighter place without you in it.

    • Sammy

      He speaks the truth as I have traveled to many countries with low obesity rates. The beautiful women really are much more approachable. Whether that is because they do not have toxic attitudes due to culture or because there are less fat women around therefore more competition is up for debate.

    • GetItGoing

      Sammy is right. I know from personal experience.

      95% of the time the hateful anti-male comments like those seen here are from bitter women who haven’t even been outside the USA.

    • A. Fat Girl

      I guess I’m in the 5%. I’m not being hateful and I have travelled quite a bit through Europe and Asia.

    • GetItGoing

      Fair enough. But you can’t understand some things, being that you’re not a man.

    • A. Fat Girl

      Point conceded. Conversely, some things you just won’t understand because you are not a fat girl.

    • Chelsea

      I’ve been to other countries with usually thin and very beautiful women. Depending on the country they are either thin because of the more organic food there, or because its third world and men get to eat first in the household. Furthermore men treat a lot of their women like crap. So its no suprise to me that the author’s “game” was more successful in those countries where a woman needed to be reminded of her natural beauty to fall for him. From what I know from skinny friends I have in this country and others, is that men everywhere don’t have any real respect for women no matter what she looks like. I know there are few exceptions, but I assure you all women (even hot skinny ones) get a lot of crap they don’t need. They’re not stuck up, they just have standards. Plus they’ve likely been hurt before and put up a wall.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      I don’t give a two fucks what a man think of fat girls or how or what anyone else
      has to say! Because pretty “Skinny” girls… even when they are cute…
      men out there will actually treat them like a fat girl and still treat
      them like a dirty bitch.

    • Sammy

      And I don’t care about what a fat girl thinks of men. What is your point? Your rant has nothing to do with my comment.

    • FG

      the world is a better place without scum like you.

    • IWJan

      The world is a more sustainable place without the hefty carbon footprint of obese western women. Hell, even their hybrid vehicles are rendered less efficient due to bonus cargo. Uneven tire wear, lower battery stamina…just a sad situation across the board…wow, just wow.

    • Bill Brown

      Is see that you failed to respond to the article, beyond simply disagreeing with it. Does this mean that the article is logically sound, but you just don’t like its conclusions?

    • Sir Vigorous

      Did you have to stop reading because you got really hungry?

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      ………. Your picture is ugly… Please get plastic surgery ugly black fucker. SHE STOP READING BECAUSE SHE SAW YOUR UGLY ASS FACE.

  • Onion

    I would imagine that your fellow Americans will be paying your medical bills the day that you forget you’re a mere keyboard warrior and take some of your unpleasant opinions out in public.

    • 20Nation

      They’d have to catch me first… lol. All jokes aside, this is a view that most people share, just being PC doesn’t allow them to speak out loud about it often. I actually don’t hate fat girls, I hate what they’ve done to themselves. I hate when I see these girls with beautiful features and awesome personalities and they have destroyed the chance for us to have anything by being overweight.

    • Bill Brown

      20Nation and I share mutual friends. He definitely isn’t simply a keyboard warrior. He’s a man who set goals, achieved them and enjoyed life in the process. Writing articles like this is just a way for him give back to the world. It’s charity work.

    • Onion

      But is he up front with his agenda? Are the women he knows aware of his views?

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Oh shut the fuck up……..

    • Onion


    • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

      Because you are wrong. Being a white knight will no get you laid btw. Fat is a sickness, not a “normal state of being”. And luckily, is reversable, it can be cured.

    • Chelsea

      which is WHY men can’t be pissed about girls being stuck up. We know youre not a white knight, you just want to hit it and quit it and lie in the process. That’s fine, I’m not gonna stop you all, but don’t get mad at us if we choose not to follow your ways. And leave Onion alone. Everyone has a right to speak up in here.

  • effyourbeautystanders

    I feel sorry for all the ignorant people who agree with you. Its people like you who make women feel poorly about themselves. Every body is built differently, not every body can whatever body you think they should have.
    This is by far the dumbest piece of garbage.

    • Smooth Operator

      Ow dear, just blame your genes, such an easy excuse! Obesity doesn’t run in your family. The main problem is nobody runs in your family!

    • Fuck you

      HAHAHAHHAHA OMG YOU SO FUNNY!!!! Hahahahhah actually no fuck you it does …, having the mind set that you need food as a comfort tool is genetic. Having a shitty metabolism is genetic so fuck you cunt.

    • Smooth Operator

      If it would be genetic, how come the prevalence of obesity is on the rise so hard? Please explain! I already know I won’t get a scientific answer from you…


    • sway


    • wazowski

      Eat less and work out more fattysaurus rex

    • GetItGoing

      That’s not even the point. However, the majority of the time, with RARE exceptions, yes they *can* have a moderately attractive & healthy body.

      This isn’t rocket science.

      Eat poorly, no excercise = Obesity, not attractive
      Eat healthy food, excercise = Slender, attractive

      Lack of motivation is not genetic.

      Also, I’ve met quite a few women who have no issue making men feel bad about themselves. Hardly angels, many women are.

  • chickadee33

    If it is possible – this may be the most ignorant thing I’ve EVER read on the internet. Let’s start with your falsehoods. First of all, “chubby chasers” DO exist. The problem is that men who like curvy or fat women (I realize there is a difference) are SO ostracized or mocked in US society that they never admit it. Why do you think you see so many men marrying the “proper wife” type and then cheating on them with a woman who can actually satisfy them in the bedroom? I’m NOT saying all heavy women are easy or that they’re all good in bed – definitely not. But if you talk to men on the side, away from their buddies, you will get a few to admit they like a woman with a little “meat on her bones” ….a little extra.

    Secondly, re: “Every person can help make the world a better place, one fat girl at a time.” Why do you feel it is your job to make it the personal mission to make every guy into a crude asshole?? Newsflash Einstein: fat girls know they’re fat & they know most men won’t go for them. Now – how do we deal with the problem of making the world a better place by ridding it of superficial, cruel assholes like you??

    Third, how do we deal with the fact that a whole bunch of this generation’s men just don’t deserve a hot chick? If you want to get nasty – which you seem to enjoy – let’s go for it. There are more men under 35 living with their parents than any generation in recent memory. When you don’t make enough money to live on your own – YOU DON’T GET THE HOT GIRLS. When you share an apartment at 35 with the 3 smelly male roommates you don’t get the hot girls. The bankers, lawyers, engineers and presidents of start-ups (aka – guys with $$$ and a future) get the HOT girls – not you, slacker boy who wines when he has to dress up beyond jeans and a T-shirt but expects to date someone who looks and dresses like Rhianna.

    Too many guys these days are so hopelessly addicted to their x-boxes/ gadgets/ Netflix marathons that as a result that are so fucking socially stunted they wouldn’t know how to talk to a pretty, thin, hot girl if she approached them. Get your lazy, unambitious, socially mal-adjusted ass off the couch and leave the house and socialize. Stop acting like your dating life requires no effort just because you feel magically entitled to date something more than a “fat chick” simply because you were born. Please. Again – you don’t get the HOT girl.

    Take a look in the mirror before you decide what kind of girl you deserve. Oh yeah, and get a damn clue. Or just go to one of those countries where fat people supposedly don’t exist. And I’ll go to the country where assholes like you don’t exist.

  • chickadee33

    About the Author (Author Profile)
    I’m 20nation, I was born a natural, but a 5 year gaming addiction destroyed my social skills. I rebuilt from the ground up and am back where I was, but now I actually understand what I’m doing. My passions are adventure and women.

    Are we surprised this idiot was a gamer? He must have built up quite the fantasy life staring at his tv, probably in his mom’s basement.

    And no, being an asshole does not show you have “rebuilt” your social skills. You’ve taken self-delusion to a whole new level.

  • Chlorineinthegenepoolplease

    Wow, I think your fat girl hate is akin to homophobia, or racism. Why put so much effort into hating an entire group of people? I think you have some body image issues that you need to address or the topic wouldn’t effect you so much. Really, why do you even care if someone is fat or not? how does that legitimately affect your life? Be sure and tell Hitler “hi” for me in in hell, he too hated random groups of people based on nothing. Great job internet, and well done morons!

  • Mia Evanoff

    This article is sick!! I feel sorry for the sick bastard who wrote this.

  • Fuckthisguy

    Who the fuck are you to decide what people should be attracted to and not. You are selfish and think every other man has to agree with you just because you have a dick between your legs. Dont try and make it seem like you care because you dont. 99.9%of men? Seriously you just insulted men and women. I take you for the person as “if i dont like it neither can you!” You are selfish.

    • 20Nation

      I didn’t decide this. I actually have little control over what I’m attracted to and it’s the same for most men.

    • A. Fat Girl

      No, you don’t have control over what you are attracted to. But you do seem to think he whole world does or should live by those attractions. That’s the part that I narcissistic. The world or fat women or anything else does not owe you that.

    • GetItGoing

      I’m a man. I agree with him.

      I no longer lie to myself about what’s attractive and what isn’t.

      Hurt feelings? I think someone needs a hug.

    • s

      Are you two attracted to each other? Seems odd, since you have both been agreeing with each other for how long?
      Suppression much?

    • GetItGoing

      Try harder. That comment wasn’t even mildly entertaining.

    • s

      Then why reply, silly little gay man? You are so cute. 🙂

    • LS


  • upyours

    And author of this malarkey is a delusional asshole.

    • upyours

      The author of this bullshit must be living under rock or completely gay!

    • The Fat Punisher

      The author of this comment is overweight.

    • Alice

      I don’t really think the whole gay comment was necessary. God, this page is full of so much discrimination. It’s actually sad.

  • Bibiana

    I hate to say this, but not all foreign women in low fat countries are humble. Some of them just want a rich American.

    • 20Nation

      some americans just want rich americans.

  • Bibiana

    I don’t feel that all beautiful women in low fat countries are necessarily humble. Some simply want what they think is a rich American.

    • GetItGoing

      Not always. Ever been to a foreign country? I have.

      Plenty of times the women there wanted a decent man, not a serial cheater or liar like where they’re from. Of course it depends on the person but I’ve met plenty of solidly honest women.

  • ashley

    I think as long as you’re healthy weight isn’t a factor. I mean if you are tring to go after someone who degrades who then maybe they are not the best person?
    Everybody is entitled to their preference.
    I find it that guys like girls that don’t want them,like it’s a challenge?
    I had once really liked this sexy guy in my college class I would always smile a him, say hi he would ignore me or talk my friend who was pretty much a barbie, of course I got sick of the attempts that lead me no where, so I moved on to my current boyfriend, and we all met up to get lunch and once he saw my boyfriend everything changed, he texted me, he would go out his way to get me a coffee and would even say hi before I walked in the door.
    Sorry for the rant, my point being have confidence in yourself, not every hot guy will like every sexy, fat,ugly or pretty girl that walks into the room. If you do not like your body change it.
    You want to be healthy and happy.
    Wish the best to those who are trying!!~~~

    • 20Nation

      yeah and i think it’s great to be healthy. In fact, I don’t think it’s good to be overly skinny. But being obese is naturally not attractive to men and having relationships with the opposite sex is a psychological necessity. From everybody working out and getting in shape, the states would be a much happier place for everybody.

    • Alice

      Actually people were naturally attracted to fatter women because it meant that they were able to survive. That was men’s natural instinct. Google it. It’s only since about the mid 20th century that skinnier women started to be perceived as more attractive

    • sway

      Guys in general don’t give 2 shits about confidence.

  • BigGirlsBouncingBigBoobs

    You make a great point about obese populations tipping the scale and making hot girls vain but you un-empathetically go on to blame this frustration on the overweight women rather than the smug skinny bitches and the drooling men who put them on pedestals. This leads me to believe you to be a superficial douchebag who can’t see the whole picture, making it hart to take the article seriously despite a few insightful claims hiding under your narcissism and misplaced anger. Obesity is a huge problem (pun intended) but morons like you have no idea how to constructively understand or deal with it. Deep down you just wish every girl was attractive so that pretty girls would be more statistically inclined to give a shit about you.

    • SolDeus

      Behold the wrath of the beached whales.

    • KeyShona

      Was this necessary? Acting all funny or big and bad behind a computer. Why don’t we try to act mature and be respectful instead of making comments to try and be funny

    • seriously

      Just don’t give these assholes the time of day, it will make your life so much better..

    • Aaron Pour-azar

      You know it’s true, but it goes both ways.

    • OG Mudbone

      The internet was molded by trolls and people who enjoy fucking with people like you. Pointing it out is still feeding a troll. Being butthurt by them in any way is feeding. You are a lesser mind in the eyes of the internet.

    • Dan

      The OG gets it.

      Bitch, I been trollin’ since my disk was floppy. You tryin’ to sound smart, but you just spit sloppy.

    • FG

      She was slim and ate a lot and now she too fat to get up from her computer seat.

    • Aaron Pour-azar

      You know it is true, but it does go both ways.

    • Aaron Pour-azar

      How was he suppose to voice his opinion go on national TV and talk this is not cyber bullying just stating the facts.

    • Dan

      Yes. Yes! Cry my fatties!

    • lazaro138


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    • eddie

      what a bullshit hahaha

    • geekGirl

      actually that’s not the case once you gain weight it is incredibly difficult to lose that weight and keep it off. Once you lose a certain percentage of body weight your own body actively fights you by increasing your cravings for foods that contain more fat and also more calories it’s science. Even worse the rate that you burn calories at when you exercise goes down. And unfortunately this effect can last for up to 6 years. This is part of the reason so many people lose weight and then they gain it back. If more people really understood how this works then maybe people would be realistic about how they attempt to lose weight.

    • Fiona1933

      Latest science shows that in fact, when you lose weight, you have a window of opportunity to lose more and keep it off by properly listening to hunger cues. When you first start exercising and counting calories, you wont get more hungry, but less. You should listen to this and eat only to appetite. But most people are conditioned to three meals a day and snacks. so they carry on eating too much. The window closes. Once you are obese, you have made changes to your genes.
      Latest science says, dont put off dealing with weIght gain. When that 1st ten pounds creeps in, deal with it NOW, NOT WHEN THE KIDS ARE IN COLLEGE.

    • Misty

      Not everyone that is fat is lazy or eats poorly and doesnt exercize. There are several things that cause rapid weight gain making it extremely difficult to lose. Hypothyroidism, birth control, polycystic ovarian disease and many more things that some people have no control over. Then theres people like you with your disgusting remarks towards overweight people. How the hell do you think that makes them feel? Some people are so depressed from being overweight they try killing themselves.

    • Andrew Sindler

      And there is one DAMN REALLY EASY WAY of moving back to healthy weight. A DIET.

      Wow!!!! That was hard to come up with. Trying eating my words you might retain them.

    • realist

      if it was easy everyone would do it….get yourself educated first…..ugly doesn’t look nice on you

    • 5n4k3

      Medical reasons are in minority mate.

    • Victoria

      Ugh, I’m tired of obese women blaming their obesity on hypothyroidism. I’m a 28 year old woman that has NO working thyroid gland, and I’m 5’5 and 111 pounds. I’m on proper medication and I workout 5 days a week. If more people- both men and women- took better care of themselves, the world would be a happier, healthier, less excessive and whiny place.

      And you can’t blame obesity on depression, either, because while it’s a factor (as is everything else) working out and eating healthy is a natural anti-depressant. I’ve been on medication for depresson for 12 years, and the best thing that’s worked for my overall sense of well-being is exercise.

    • Jasmine Marquez

      Hypothyroid can also cause underweight issues. Read a book.

    • Dan

      Hypo causes weight gain. Hyper causes weight loss. Try doing a little reading yourself. Your not only wrong about a certain disease, you misunderstand an entire prefix to many words containing hyper and hypo. Fat idiot.

    • Sally

      What the fuck is your problem? You had an opportunity there to constructively educate and support another person and you chose bullying and shame. Jesus Christ develop some accountability. #prayforyou #fatgirlsunite #suckmyfatvagina

    • DuchessofDownton

      No, but you can blame obesity on processed foods and GMOs and the fact that women think it’s ok to send their toddler to daycare with a juice box and a Goldfish crackers.

    • Dan

      Yeah, it’s the food’s fault. That’s why when someone gets shot, we lock up the gun and not the person pulling the trigger, right? We would all starve to death without GMOs. Are you living in 2008? We aren’t forced to eat garbage. Fat people just prefer it, preferably from a trough or feed bag.

    • DuchessofDownton

      Actually Dan, you present a very narrow minded viewpoint of obese people. While I agree that overeating and lack of exercise is Point # 1, you’re missing the broader picture.

      Why are active kids larger than kids just 40 years ago? Are you living in 2008? Because I am living in 2015 and the differences in what kids ate in the 70s and the numbers of fat kids as opposed to what kids are eating today and the numbers of fat kids are highly disproportionate. Stop fat hating and attempt to solve the problem. Otherwise, you’re just part of the problem.

    • VelvetMark

      Here is the solution. The only carbohydrates (aka sugar) that you should be consuming is from vegetables. End of story. Low-Fat these days equals added sugar because foods low in fat or zero fat food takes like crap. So companies add…. sugar.

    • Fiona1933

      But in all fairness there are areas in America where you literally cannot buy fresh produce: the ‘food deserts”. People have to drive or get on a train to a large supermarket…so at best, they have to get frozen veggies to last til next time, and this is not ideal at all. Hence poorer people are fatter. and what about women working tow or three jobs while juggling kids? They have to grab food while they can and American food is too high in sugar and size.
      I dont like the whole fat positive thing but I do see some people are in a bind. Still, it shouldnt be glorified and called beautiful.
      BTW, author, women have lives apart from men. Even if they are sweet and feminine, their mission in life isnt to make you happy. Women want mostly what men want: fun and lots of sex when young, career when older, and a full life always. They…we.. arent on Earth to please you. And I say this as a woman called sweet, feminine and beautiful all her life. I didnt want ever to be a man’s pretty pleasing toy. any more than you would want to play that role.
      However, I do sort of get why the US men would be turned off by these loud-mouthed fat types who are ruining feminism. Please bear in mind, feminism wasnt supposed to be like they have made it, with their foul mouths and utter lack of allure.

    • Steve


      Oh shut up with your feministic dribble. This kind of sarcastic yapping about how men are trying to enslave women is what makes you western women so f’d up and unattractive. Look, while no man or women’s sole purpose on earth is to please the other sex, it should be a very very important part of a normal life. Even God said so in the bible “and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh”. And in order to do this (even if you are not Christian, it is normal to marry anywyas and most people want to), a woman has to take care of herself so she can look decent for he man and vice versa, but to a lesser extent for a man since women arnt as visual as men.

    • Fiona1933

      Agree, that women should keep themselves looking good. Outrageous to marry and just let go. All I said was, be aware some people are so poor or hardworking, they can get fresh food: sorry how is this even a feminist statement? Can you even read, or are you the type hat does TL;DR?
      But you are 100, 1000, I million % wrong if you think it doesnt matter to women that the man keeps looking good too. Its only that women are taught not to hurt men’s feelings. When the gorgeous muscles of the husband start to vanish under couch-sitting fat,. just because she doesnt say anything, doesnt mean she isnt disgusted. Go and read ‘my fat spouse’ and learn how vile it is to have a fat man having sex with you…I wouldnt do it…never. I am just being honest. Most women will say ‘I love you as you are” while they ogle that hot young guy opposite. And plenty often, they are screwing that guy.
      Dont ever mistake what women say for their real feelings. For god’s sake “women arent visual”. Yeah, that’s why all the asshole friendzoned types complain that ‘women like jocks..they’re sop shallow’ . Funny how liking a good visual isnt ‘shallow’ in men. It ‘just nature’. Its only shallow when women do it.
      You’re a dick and I wont waste any more time on you. I have learned its useless. en out of your league or trying to just use them.

    • fuckyou

      You’re a heartless superficial cunt

    • derk

      This is assuming quality healthcare (If any) is available to them right? Variables variables variables…I mean TIRED of it?! Sounds like your just to lazy to apply empathy to the process…the gym does not fix mental sloth. You people are just looking for something to yack about. How bout you be TIRED of our administrations systematic crippling of our economy, or something else that actually MATTERS.

    • Dan

      I’ve got so many fucking psych disorders it’s ridiculous. I take my meds and I make it by fine. Fat people are just too goddam lazy to walk to the pharmacy too.

    • Leigh Anne

      Not true. My childhood friend struggled with being a bit heavyset since childhood, despite diets, working out, playing sports. She started thyroxin in her mid 40s and now is slim/athletic in build. I’ve also met people with overactive thyroid who try to gain weight and just can’t.

    • Nantha Kumaran Santhiran


    • Dan

      “Some people are so depressed from being overweight they try killing themselves.”


    • Melissa

      Why is that funny rto you ? I find it quite frankly sad and disturbing. That they’d rather be dead.

    • Mr T

      Yes thats true. But just take a look at the high percentage of obesity. Such a high percentage is not caused by these things. If they are depressed they should get their ass up and develop a plan to reach their dream body.

    • Samantha Stephens

      All I have to say is the gym is my second home and I work out 5-6days a week 2 hrs a night and I’ve powerlifted for over 5years and iam still obese and I love vegetables and not a picky person so when someone says that fat people are lazy and eat wrong its a slap on the face and you know what I do deal with a medical problem called polycystic ovarian syndrome its a genetic hormone imbalance disorder that makes me produce too much testosterone and messes with my metabolism and many other things as well. Besides I don’t think you should judge someone till you step in their shoes for a while. If you have never been obese or dealt with obesity I think you should have no say in the matter or be able to judge someone who is. I don’t judge someone for being skinny because I have never been skinny my whole life so I have nothing to relate to.

    • Dan Coyle

      Producing too much testosterone would make it easier to build, muscle, no? I think many people who label themselves fat or obese are not fat or obese at all. They may be a little larger or heavier than average, but that’s not the same thing. Not everyone came into this world programmed to look like Michelangelo’s David or Aphrodite. Being a different shape doesn’t equal obese or fat or whatever.

    • Steve

      @misty, yes , there are some reasons for obesity that are beyond the control of the individual but Misty, let me prove to you why for the most truly is their fault that hey are fat. Misty, have you ever gone to an American Restraunt or burger joint and observed what the typical American eats in one setting? What you will observe most of the time is that the typical American is eating an entire burger, along with fryes, a huge supersize me Coke, and a desert. What Americans should be doing is eating half the burger and taking the other half (or 1/3) home and skipping the fryes and skipping the dessert. And their Coke should be substituted with something like water or at least a mix of half water and half soda or half lemonade and half water. Secondly, the typical American is gulping down fast food instead of eating more healthy. And lastly, the typical American isn’t exercising either. So yes, “some” people are not to blame for their weight, but the vast majority are doing nothing like I’ve just suggested to control it. So this author’s view still holds true and he isn’t just being unnecessarily cold hearted about it.

    • Riccardo Pusceddu

      I know that it’s harder for fat people to control their weight but they should still try to do that, even if that’s much harder than for people without dysfunctional problems. I agree however that you can’t and shouldn’t force them just to please your sexual appetites. That being said is perfectly legitimate to hate fat people if one wants to. That’s a sacrosanct right of express our opinion provided it doesn’t turn up to physical harassment. Only my opinion.

    • whattheheck


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    • GetItGoing

      Angry, much?

    • Bill Brown

      But fatties are responsible. They are the only lazy asses in the formula. Everyone else actively works to improve themselves and as a direct result, makes the world a better place.

    • A. Fat Girl

      How a person improves themselves is entirely subjective. We all have preferred traits that we are attracted to, but they are different for everyone. And we are all entitled to define that for ourselves.

    • Alice

      I have PCOS, which is a hormone imbalance which is completely out of my control.

    • MrsD

      Myself, my sister, and my mother all have PCOS and it is NOT out of your control. I *hate* your doctor if this is the message she/he is giving you. I am not fat. My sister is. My mother is between us in weight. Yes, it is much harder to be fit with this issue, down right discouraging at times. Diet is crucial, and exercise even more so. The difference between us three is our motivation to be fit. You absolutely can control it, and, if you desire to change (which a lot of people don’t, and that’s their choice), I hope you find a better doctor that is willing to help you, and not sentence you to an unhealthy life of obesity–which can, and will be deadly.

    • Alice

      I’m not obese or anything, just overweight, and I have lost a bit of weight, but nothing seems to be working anymore. I am very serious about my weight and have been on a strict diet for awhile, and I go to the gym daily and walk/run/bike as often as I can, yet nothing has happened and its been months now

    • Mird

      You need to weight train honey. If you build muscle, the muscle in turn will burn the fat. Can’t just rely on cardio.

    • Leslie

      I have PCOS, and I’m fat. I burn more calories than I eat, I follow the paleo diet and eat nothing processed, no starches, or anything with sugar. I do cardio, I have an active job an occupational therapist, I stand while my co-workers sit on stools, I weight train. I don’t cheat and sneak unhealthy snacks, but I’m fat. Some of is have more trouble than others with PCOS, because we are all different. I am glad that some of you with PCOS are thin. How dare you judge those of us who aren’t. I am so sick of being judged, and people assuming I’m some hog binging on McDonadls food every day. Not every fat person is a pig over stuffing themselves with twinkles and pie. Some of us work very hard to loose weight, and don’t know why it doesn’t work.

    • Guest

      Mird is right, sort of. Adding muscle will help burn the fat, but it is often best to balance the weight training and the cardio rather than work on just one or the other. Also, muscle weighs more than fat due to density so if you notice you’re gaining pounds when you do the weights try not to worry too much unless the fat isn’t going away. I myself have a high metabolism, so I don’t tend to be overweight but I have friends who have been.

      Ignore anyone who gives you dirty looks or talks down to you for trying to better yourself. They’re just upset that you’ve found self worth and motivation while they’re too busy being obsessed with what everyone else thinks of them.

      I hope you reach your goals and I hope you are happy with them because YOU enjoy them.

    • VelvetMark

      Reduce carbohydrate intake including “all wheat” products. The only carbs that should be consumed are from vegetables. They contain more nutrients that sugar/carb laced fruits. Up your protein and also your dietary fats (olive oil, nuts, salmon, etc…)

    • Atarii

      Then eat less or exercise more. Simple as that.

    • cantprocesshit

      And your life must be so successful. I bet you never sit on random sites and comment on shit that doesn’t concern you.


      shut up FATLICE , stop using shitty excuses to why you cant lose weight. Its people like you that make this world a living hell.! DAMN YOU FAT BITCHES! damn you aLLL

    • Guest

      You done taking out your personal issues on random people? Good. Go away, please. The calm, rational adults are trying to talk.

    • Bitches_like_u_make_me_sick

      Who the fuck do you think you are?
      Calling Alice, Fatlice, There are sicknesses out there that prevent people from losing weight, or even trying. Most common one is frigging ASTHMA!
      Ur such a bully, and one total troll, i really HATE people like you. Your the reason why this world is CRAP! your the reason why this world is hell, and your the reason why people hate themselves!!


    • papa


    • Lea

      Dear God YOU’RE the type of person that makes the world a living hell, not nice people with medical disorders. Holy crap

    • Leslie

      I hope you reap what you sow…I hope you get massively obese and can’t do a damn thing about it….and choke on a Twinkie in a puddle of your own filth. Yes I feel better now.

    • ThatGirl

      Go screw yourself with a meat grinder.

    • it’s called a treadmill

      Too bad.

    • notblindedbythelights

      Yes i forgot all skinny people are healty. I’ve never met a skinny person who smoked or ate processed food or didn’t exercise. You live in some perfect society ( all in your head) where skinny= good person trying to improve the world. I also forgot that fat people can’t do amazing things like volunteer, educate others, or work two jobs while being a single mother of seven like my fat mother did. Wake up people this article was written by a not so attractive, not so successful guy who thinks he deserves someone who looks better than him.

    • Haley

      That’s so true.

    • clo

      i completely agree. this person goes on about the strain on the healthcare system of obese people but then anorexic people do this also, as do drug users and alcohol abusers. I don’t why society is sooooo obsessed with what people, especially women, look like- who bloody cares!

    • papa

      Anorexics and drug users have mental issues. Fat people don’t until they get really fat and then they tend to have a lack of confidence for obvious reasons like they can’t move their fat legs because they are greedy twats

    • shay

      you’re wrong! many people who are obese do have a mental problem. some have depression and anxiety disorders which drives symptoms like: binge eating which causes weight gain and obesity. there are other health factors that cause obesity, don’t be a shallow slave minded to society!! you think that people who are obese just choose to be that that way? something drove them there, something often relating to their mental health. Get your facts right; anorexics are the same as over weight people, they just do the opposite both just as un-healthy and and don’t fit society standers. P.s i have seen way more attractive overweight people but never seen an attractive anorexic person.

    • truth

      The person who wrote this article is obviously a self conscious, uneducated, loser. If you truly believe this shit I feel terribly sorry for you. I hope someday something horrible happens to you, something that makes you feel so much pain and embarrassment that you hide away in a pit of your own self loath. Your a worthless human being and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Bac0nKiller

      My my, aren’t you a bit rude and cunt-y?
      Are you pissed that she isn’t agreeing that all the “fat people” (aka: other human beings who also reside here on earth..) be burned at the stake or otherwise removed from existence for the sake of the bitchy superficial whores of the world? Or is it that you are offended that she, “like totes” just said something about anorexic people which you find offensive? Because, “god” forbid someone also puts down the ones who don’t eat at all…they aren’t fat, so they MUST be special.
      I too have never seen an anorexic I find attractive. There’s just something a bit spooky about being able to SEE someone’s skeletal system.

    • lucy mazurek

      Your anger issues wouldn’t have anything to do with your problems, …right? My guess is a family member won’t wait on you hand and foot, and when you called her fat and lazy, she left you. Typical.

    • Dara Crawley

      So no overweight person has EVER had mental issues?
      This is insane
      1) Depression drugs often contribute to obesity
      2) Birth control often contributes to obesity
      3) genetics contribute to obesity
      4) Greed has nothing to do with weight, health, or physical appearance. Greed is a attribute independent of the body, though potentially influenced by it. Plenty of small people are greedy. Plenty of large people are greedy. Plenty of people are greedy. Weight indicates nothing, it barely indicates habits.

    • VelvetMark

      Some people have a genetic predisposition to developing lung cancer. Should they go out and buy a pack of cigarettes since “there is nothing they can do about it; It’s their genetic fate?”

    • maebelle

      This really pisses me off, until I turned 14 I was slim and athletic, I was in many sports teams and I loved gymnastics but then I started to get depression, anxiety, bullied, sleep paralysis and other issues including mental ones. People would throw mouldy yoghurt on me and I had a traumatic experience. I stopped my gymnastics completely, I cried all most every day for no reason, I gained like five stone in 3 years and although I still have all this shit going on, because I’m going older and more mature, I’m sick to death of all you judgmental bastards. I only ever used to eat junk food and loved chocolate, now I barely eat and hate chocolate… yet I’m still gaining weight. I’ve dieted now for two weeks, eating proper meals and have exercised and have not lost anything yet. I’m hoping to lose the five stone I gained all those years ago as I do know it’s impossible to have a happier future, if I don’t try my best whilst I’m young.

    • Gmut

      Very similar to my experience. I used to receive abuse on a daily basis when I put weight on in my early teens. 100% of the time it was from grown men too and I tried to commit suicide three times in my teens because of it. But they don’t care. I’ve never met a man that was decent and respectful. Deep down they all despise women. That’s why it is so easy for them to utterly destroy a women if she isn’t perfect.

    • Gmut

      Not necessarily. A woman only needs to be a few pounds overweight before she starts receiving the most disgusting verbal abuse which has a profound affect on her, mentally.

    • Shay

      you’re wrong! many people who are obese do have a mental problem. some have depression and anxiety disorders which drives symptoms like: binge eating which causes weight gain and obesity. there are other health factors that cause obesity, don’t be a shallow slave minded to society!! you think that people who are obese just choose to be that that way? something drove them there, something often relating to their mental health. Get your facts right; anorexics are the same as over weight people, they just do the opposite both just as un-healthy and and don’t fit society standers. P.s i have seen way more attractive overweight people but never seen an attractive anorexic person.

    • Yomama delana

      But then again, there is a sickness where people, no matter what they eat, or how much they eat, are obese. My cousin has this sickness. So she stopped eating for three whole days, only drinking water and excercising. She didn’t lose weight. In fact, she GAINED weight! She had to go to the hospital because of that.

    • bs

      Bullshit! It’s called fasting and it’s good for you. No one goes to the hospital after not eating for only three days. Your fat cow cousin was obviously lying about what happened.

    • Aaron Pour-azar

      Omfg made my Friday night!!!!t

    • ilovefatarmpits

      What’s the name of her cundishuns? No one ever seems to put a name to it. Just that it’s a sickness.

    • AB

      She exercised for three whole days? That’s dedication.

    • I_loathe_disqus

      You think THREE DAYS proves anything-??!! Unreal.

    • FattieBoomBattie

      Who the fuck was talking about anorexic people? You mean normal sized humans or actual people who are too skinny?

      I never see a planet sized ham beast over-eating grapes or broccoli. It’s always deep fried snack cakes with buttery sugar sauce.

      All I can really see here is that you’re fat, you use your fatlogic to tell people that your jenetiks or cundishons make you fat and not your choice of drinking soda by the gallon or eating your pizza with crisco dipping sauce. You wanna binge eat? Good. Eat some fucking carrots.

    • Samantha Stephens

      Ok so your saying that even though I work out 5-6days a week 2hrs a night and compete in powerlifting competitions and have set multiple lifting records and even though i eat and love vegetables including carrots, that its pretty much in my head and that its not a genetic issue even though I do have a genetic hormone inbalance disorder that affects my metabolism and screws up my whole body? Ya if you look at me you would see a fat person and if looked at you I’d see an ignorant selfish troll who doesn’t know what it feels like to battle with obesity. At least I am trying to fix my problems where as you think bringing other people down justifies yours. Which isn’t fixing anything.

    • basicchild

      damn she went in that was low and horrible even though I find it the slight bit funny insulting an anorexic person is just as low as insulting a fat person. they are more likely to die than obese people that’s not nice. (power to the fat girls #me)

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Just because some other people live in the wrong way doesn’t justify fat people to do so. There’s a lot more to do with it than how women “look”…

    • Jess

      You are clearly uneducated on such matters and the world would do better without your harmful and simple minded imput.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Ahh… Jess, so you can’t debate the facts so you resort to personal attacks. ‘Classy’, and typical of your self-serving type. Just remember that two can play.

      Maybe if you would “imput” less food in your mouth and get some exercise you would be able to understand simple logic by experiencing it first hand. I shouldn’t make fun of your spelling, it must be hard to type with such thick fingers all smeared in cream cakes…

    • Nutty

      I really hope I never meet you in real life Jody … because even though I am anti violence I think I might beat the crap out of you for your ignorant remarks. You attack “Jess” because of her “Personal Attack” on you but then you do the same. Then there is the fact that you DON’T know Jess’s story to know if firstly she IS overweight then secondly if the reason why may have extenuating circumstances.

      I will admit that personally YES I am overweight/fat whatever you want to call it. But a few years ago I broke an ankle so badly it is screwed together. This makes it hard for me to exercise so I have put on weight even though I eat very healthy.

      Do I get lumped in with your “LAZY” “FAT” ideas???

    • banana twinkies aren’t fruit

      Shut up fat fuck. Awwww you broke your ankle years ago. What a pathetic excuse for being a lard ass. You might eat healthy food, but you must be eating too much of it if you’re getting fat. Calories in vs calories out, not complicated.

    • Aaron Pour-azar

      Time to Eradicate all fat people.

    • Gmut

      Good idea…let’s line up all the fat doctors, nurses, scientists and acedemics. Who cares about their contributions to society and their more superior brain power….*eye roll*

    • VelvetMark

      Even somebody that exercises regularly would have a tough time losing weight if they didn’t eat correctly. It takes an hour and a half of cardio to burn off a large coca-cola. The solution: you don’t need to even exercise. Just don’t drink the coke. Cardio is not meant for losing weight. It is intended to increase heart health. Diet is meant for losing weight. I could have 2 broken ankles and still lose weight if I wanted.

    • Ray Mitchell

      LOL you wont beat anyone up, lardass

    • Jacob Eagleshield

      Are you God? who died and gave you the right to pass judgement?

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      God supposedly passes ultimate judgment as to whether you can enter heaven or not. That is very different from a person exercising good judgment (decision making), or voicing a helpful opinion on such, on what is healthy or not based upon their experience of life using the brain they were blessed with – that is for that very purpose.

      If you practiced what you preach, you wouldn’t be judging my comment.

      If you want to distort the true meaning of words into that which they are not then I suggest you educate yourself better.

      Freedom of speech is the most important freedom of all, as with such there is no way to safeguard any other type of freedom.

    • penis

      HAHA i dont work out , and I eat fast food left and right and am in great shape. i AM 5’10 and i weight 153.

    • papa

      want a medal?

    • Lea

      that’s cause you’re a guy. Women’s bodies actually TRY to store fat. Men’s bodies try to stay lean and build muscle. That’s why I have waaaaaay less respect for fat guys than fat girls. They had to eat twice as much and be twice as lazy to get the same size.

    • Ausbloke

      Wow you know nothing at all about the human body.

    • dorightnell

      there are two and only two factors involved in obesity. calories consumed and calories burned. when one exceeds the other, weight change occurs.

      if you eat more than you burn, you get fat. it’s that simple. no glands, no hormones. no magic.

      any other excuse is pure wishful fantasy.

    • Alceste

      Y’know, except for different diseases/bodily malfunctions that force weight gain… not to mention disgustingly unhealthy foods with low calorie counts that can also make you obese. But those don’t exist in your world of calories=fatties right? Because you’re a doctor and are totally just looking out for the health of those you don’t find fuckable.

    • Dale

      I suggest you look up something called Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Where women who have it get fat because they don’t realize every time a carbohydrate is consumed their bodies turn it into belly fat. It’s hard to get under control, and hard to treat. I know women with it who work their asses off at the gym, and eat very healthy. Don’t just assume a fat girl just eats too much.

    • Bunny Lefluf

      yeah not everyone whos fat has health issues.. most ppl are fat b/c they dont eat right ..they dont exercise…60 % of ppl in the world are overweight. if you look back 30 yrs ago lets say.. most ppl were still trim.

    • Dara Crawley

      But most people 30 years ago had a different lifestyle and the FDA standards were different. More home cooked meals, more home grown foods, fewer indoor activities so even people who hated the outdoors got out more, less transportation and more community relationships lead to more active interaction, the rise of food desserts, the increase in demanded work time, the cost of gyms/excersize equipment, etc. There’s a lot of factors that effect eating habits.

    • VelvetMark

      That affects like what percentage of the population now? If we have to “look it up” it is probably very rare. Also, humans do not need carbohydrates to survive. We only need protein and dietary fat. The only carbs we should be consuming comes from vegetables and only because vegetables have very low carbohydrates and very high vitamins and minerals.

    • Dara Crawley

      At least 10% of the female population. It is the leading cause of infertility in women.

    • Samantha Stephens

      Actually many women including myself and a lot of other women I have met at work or school have it its just not talked about very much and is a lot bigger problem than most would think. I live with and have to deal with it on a daily basis and its also genetic being passed down from mother to daughter some have it worse than others. I wouldnt wish it upon any woman.

    • Samantha Stephens

      I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and yes it does affect us in that way. Its a genetic hormone imbalance disorder that affects our metabolism and we produce too much testosterone making it extremely hard to lose weight. Iam a powerlifter who has competed in competitions over 5years now I work out 5-6 days a week 2hrs a night and some times twice a day when o was in college and I love sugar free protein bars over candy and like almost every vegetable and I am still obese.

    • Ray Mitchell

      but they usually do, so its safe to assume. Expect it

    • cantprocesshit

      You should be a doctor. 0.o

    • Samiesam

      Not true idiot. Maybe for men, but not for many women. Many women have various situations that may affect the way our body changes. Birth control, pregnancy, stress, not getting enough rest/sleep and of course each thing will not affect each person the same. Men should really not speak on the subject.

    • Nobody is talking about pregnant women here Samiesam.

      Men are affected by stress & sleep deficit as well.

      So great point: People have different bodies. Yeah, some people may be more sensitive to gaining fat, that is not valid as an excuse to become obese. They may need to work harder to achieve the same goal but this applies to both men and women alike. Moreover this applies to other goals in life as well e.g. getting a degree, excelling at your job, learning a new language…

      Stop using your GENDER as an excuse.

    • Jess

      Umm… Hate to rain on your parade, but there are many statistics to back up what people are saying about gender hormones, do your homework before pouring your haterade all over the place

    • VelvetMark

      Gender hormones and non vegetable based carbohydrates. The perfect combination. Just remember, gender is only one part of a bigger equation. “Food” constitutes the largest part of that equation.

    • VelvetMark

      I’m going to go with carbohydrates a.k.a. Sugar.

    • Jess

      Why don’t you do some research on hormones hun, your a little confused.

    • Harold

      All these excuses: hormones, stress, sleep, etc. I didn’t see any conclusions to remedy the problem such as eating less and exercising. Pure fat laziness. Why don’t non fat countries use these excuses and blame men as well?

    • Samantha Stephens

      You obviously don’t know the issues of the womans’ body so your analysis is invalid. With that being said I do and I deal with obesity on a daily basis while working out 5-6days a week, eating a very vitamin/protein diet for lifting competitions and also have to live with a medical condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome that affects the metabolism making it extremely difficult to lose weight and then I have to deal with you and a whole bunch of other people like you who have ignorant uneducated thoughts on how we live our life. Butt out and do some research you might actually learn something.

    • Dara Crawley

      Actually no too, metabolic weight and other medical conditions impact your size and how your body utilizes or doesn’t utilize that energy you burn. If you starve yourself intentionally or no your body struggles to return to its normal processes and use what’s inside it like it did previously. It’s not fantasy. It’s medical science.

    • VelvetMark

      Eat only 1200 calories a day from steamed chicken breast, broccoli, spinach, lean turkey and drink only water for EVERY meal for 3 months and let’s see how strong that medical science is.

    • Dara Crawley

      I’ve tried it and I know other people who’ve tried it basically what happens for a fair number of people is you lose weight intially fairly easy, but depending on body chemistry it tends to then bottom out. The body begins to think its starving and then proceeds to hold onto those calories. Then you have to lower your calorie intake even further, alter when/how often you eat, and/or increase exercise, which as I covered before can be difficult to do depending on life responsibilities, gender, biology, even factors such as anxiety and stress which cause weight retention.

      The best ways to lose weight include
      Eating smaller meals more often (eating less is generally bad if unbalanced).
      Drinking primarily water
      Figure out the sort of diet a body needs. For me spinach, turkey and water aren’t only extremely expensive and not cost effective in the long run (fuck that diet ate through my wallet) but that doesn’t work for everyone. Some people need high protein diets others may need high fiber to really begin slimming down. The general thing is smaller portions and more light snacks. (NEVER CUT ANYTHING OUT COMPLETELY BECAUSE THAT CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS. I cannot stress that enough…also steamed chicken is like some bland ass white people food if I ever heard it.)
      Examine any medications you’re taking because those meds can be very significant
      Find various ways to incorporate exercise into your life.
      Most importantly find exercise you enjoy. The fact is most people don’t find it enjoyable or worthwhile and that makes it extremely difficult to do. If someone hates something even if they lose weigh the result will be unhappiness. Its more important to be happy for yourself than to be miserable for everyone else. I honestly think dancing is the best work out for people. The gym is often a space to show off and it is very public and uncomfortable for people. Dancing is so active and it can be done alone or with a partner.
      And…some people will always be big unless they are starving themselves. That’s kind of the thing that gets me when people critique other people’s weight. They assume a person is unhealthy and has absolute control over the size of their body. Plenty of male and female body builders are heavy set without being muscular. Some people are built to carry a lot of weight in their thighs and hips, but have tiny waists others are short and squat so they carry a lot around their middle. It’s kind of hard to tell unless you understand someones build. Theoretically a girl with very very large breasts is fat because that’s what breasts are but people rarely complain unless they’re equally large.

      Either way it doesn’t take much to just not be a butt and not be a jerk to larger people. That was my point. As I said there are many reasons why some people are large…not the least of which is people liking it. Personally the thought of being skinny is upsetting to me. I want to and am losing weight, but personally I’d never want to be considered thin. Not to mention eating healthy consistently is so expensive. The cheapest things to buy are pasta and rice. Near where I live the hardest things to find can be fresh fruit and veggies. So many people say poor people and fat people don’t know how to eat right. Most of the time that isn’t true. It makes a lot more sense to buy four boxes of easy mac on sale for $6 than buy the ground turkey that’s $4.38 per pound. Takes less time to cook, lasts longer, etc.

      I don’t know why you’re so hostile. I’m trying to be fairly reasonable. If losing weight was something that a person could just snap their fingers and do they’d do it. Plenty of people are lazy, I am lazy, but it’s often not just a matter of “Eat less, exercise more”. It’s being tired getting home from work, it’s having exams, it’s dealing with kids all day, it’s a persons wallet, it’s genetics, it’s enjoyment, it’s health, it’s wanting to, it’s time, it’s figuring out how to keep it off. Losing weight is a choice, but you have to contextualize those choices. Tons of people lose weight every year and they gain it right back. Changing lifestyle isn’t easy and some people decide that it’s just not worth it. That’s their choice and it deserves to be respected because decent human beings treat other human beings with respect.
      I just hate articles like this. “No one will love you unless I like how you look.” As a woman of color me and mine have heard this for centuries at this point and its utter crap spewed by people who want to control other people or hate other people. I’m fat and I know fat people who are in happy romantic sexual relationships where their partners are happy with their bodies or straight up don’t care (me included). And it’s funny the sheer amount of self hatred people who have lost weight direct to people who are large. “Why don’t they just get off their ass? I did” They say and people should always respond “Why didn’t you do it sooner you hypocrite?” Some people just get so damn self-righteous. As the song m-fer’s forget where they come from.
      Then as so many have done here people pretend that it’s about health. It’s not. At the least people could stop lying about that. It’s about wanting to control other people’s bodies. It’s about thinking you’re entitled to judge people and that people should always be pleasing to you. You assume people who are large have never picked up or wanted to pick up a vegetable because it’s easy to believe despite being generally ridiculous. That food desserts aren’t a thing people live in and that every one curvy, overweight, or obese is just a sinful glutton you need to correct. Just be honest and admit you don’t care about health. It’s insane how many anorexic, bulimic, and generally ill men and women hear “You look great!” when they lose weight. The fact is if it was about health people would say “You look so healthy!” and they’d still be wrong automatically correlating the two. And the sad thing is so many thin people die because doctors and other people truly believe that if you aren’t overweight then you couldn’t possibly have issues. The central studies linking weight to a number of issues such as high blood pressure have come under scrutiny recently due to over emphasizing the significance of their relationship. Last I read some medical professionals were deeply concerned about the number of average and smaller people being under diagnosed. Not to mention a recent study found that being too thin relative to an individuals has the same effects as being obese. That is to say they tend to live shorter lives (it’s on npr this week). It’s frightening to think about how often people get overlooked for legitimate medical issues because as a society we have bought into this idea that if you aren’t fat you eat well, exercise, and are very healthy. I know heavy set track runners who exercise four times a week and walk almost everyday. I know scrawny dudes who almost eat only out of college vending machines, drink booze on the regular, and adore pizza as a weekly part of their diet. Meanwhile a large person of any size goes to a doctor for a sprained ankle, bronchitis, etc and doctors feel the need to give a lecture about their weight. I know someone who damn near died of a respiratory infection because her doctor insisted it was weight induced asthma. She’s fit as a fiddle despite her size outside of a genetic predisposition toe hypertension. At the core you can’t judge a book by it’s cover….in fact we might wanna stop because maybe people of all sizes will die less if we do.

    • Samantha Stephens

      I’ve tried that for longer than 3 months while lifting and exercising I actually gained weight which yes a lot was muscle but I didn’t drop any inches or pant sizes

    • D-to-the-evo

      but the healthy percentage fat for a women is higher than that of men


    • Jess

      Good for you glen cocoa, you go glen cocoa

    • VelvetMark

      5’10 153 sounds very good. What percentage of that weight is muscle though…. because, you don’t even lift bro.

    • Guy

      Your mom was a horny fatass. I bet she was single because she was so fat. I bet you were adopted. Who would fuck a fat person except for the desperate.

    • Jess

      I feel bad for you. You are so unintelligent and unlikeable it hurts

    • Aaron Pour-azar

      How fat are you

    • Dara Crawley

      It’s sort of funny comments like this are so angry and random. People like you only insult people because
      1) You have low empathy that allows you to disassociate online and potentially off
      2) You’re a troll see the above
      3) Self hatred and you’re own weekness

    • Aimee Coleman

      I hear heroin addicts are pretty skinny, are they healthy too?

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      What’s your point; that fat people are addicts too? They are, but two wrongs don’t make a right…

    • Bunny Lefluf

      yeah i dont think hes referring to drug addicts or ppl whom have issues with helth… just normall;y thin ppl who take care of themselves. and if hes not into over weight ppl..then hes not.. ppl like what they like.

    • Annabeth

      Yes that’s true, but he’s going over and beyond, somehow reading the minds of every other man on this earth, and saying that 99.9 % of them don’t like overweight women. I find that incredibly ridiculous, because, as you said, people like what they like and I’m 99.9% sure he doesn’t know what all men like.

    • Jess

      I was thinking the same thing. It’s my understanding that 99.9% of women don’t like people who blame their problems on a random group of people

    • Bunny Lefluf

      yes true.. but its his opinion. whats important is what you think of yourself..not what others think.

    • Jess

      You make a good point, and while some of his thoughts are perfectly reasonable he is painfully un aware that its people like him that put overweight people into devastation causing them to stress eat therefor enhancing the problem.

    • Bunny Lefluf

      if you over eat.. and have a weight issue b/c of it.. its your own fault.. no one else..

    • Dara Crawley

      Except the people who exacerbate that issue.
      If a person tells a suicidal person to kill themselves and they do it, then they’re liable. If a person tells an anorexic they look fat and they stop eating they’re liable. If a person suggests a shitty plumber and that plumber fails then they’re liable. They’re involved. They’re part of the cause of the situation. Don’t pretend we don’t impact each other because we do. Individualism exists only within the vacuum of society

    • Harold

      You sound like a fatty justifying your obesity.

    • lucy mazurek

      Apparently he’s angry at all the rejection he got from the ‘pretty girls.’ His anger wouldn’t be a ‘turn off’ now, would it?

    • Aaron Pour-azar

      Only fat people up voted this

    • Igloo

      Your just as bad as the other fat people then, and your mum was or is too

    • Jess

      Why was this comment necessary, are you doing anyone any good by saying that, do you feel better?

    • Jess

      AMEN! So true

    • Shannon

      This guy is a classic misogynist. Let women drop everything and cater to men and their desires. I’m hot and skinny and yes I’m a stuck up bitch. But first of all I am a feminist. I make it my mission to use and abuse men in any way I want. Thanks to their shallow nature it’s really easy to do. They get what they deserve

    • Lateformyfuneral

      You also forgot to add “idiot” to your list of traits.

    • Aaron Pour-azar

      I pride myself for not thinking with my dick and I grew up with only sisters and all my friends have been women so I can see right threw little girls like you who they think they control men with the simple ideal of just sex, and surr fat women can be nice but a friends level only.

    • Dara Crawley

      but you can’t use the right “through” and basically assume your preferences are the world. Sorry to burst your bubble but plenty of fat people aren’t just “at the friends level only” in relationships.

    • Dara Crawley

      thats not feminism but more power to ya for being honest about being kinda awful

    • stealthattack

      Sounds like you are a fat femnazi and your dad is a drug user gay.

    • Theresa

      God damn your fat ass and your idea of feminism. Abusing men has nothing to do with equality we’re fighting for, stop labeled your self as a feminist, you clearly have no idea what it actually means. FYI, feminism is a range of movements and
      ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve
      equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for
      women, not fighting for a women superiority. Anyway, you sounds like a little insecure fatty xx

    • VelvetMark

      If you work two jobs and have seven children, you have a lot more to be concerned about than obesity. You have a disease that makes you lose one vital nutrient: common sense.

    • Aaron Pour-azar

      But she must of slowed down production rate at her job trying to fit threw doors ????

    • Jeff Heyer

      Fuck you I’m skinny and happen to be shorter than average… I can’t grow taller.. Not by any means.. But you know how many girls look the other way because of this fact??? At least most fat girls have only their lifestyle to blame and can lose weight…

    • Charles Ochoa

      I’m shorter than average and I can get taller women’s attention. Perhaps is not so much the fact that you’re short but that you’re an asshole/insecure?

    • Jeff Heyer

      Don’t presume to know anything about me.. Not insecure.. Realistic. I have hooked up with taller girls.. But where I live single girls are few and far inbetween to begin with..

    • Charles Ochoa

      Then don’t complain that “tall women look the other way” when you have hooked up with taller women. It’s almost like you are just in need to bitch about your lack of pussy. “Single girls being few and far in between where I live” have you tried traveling at least to the nearest big city? I mean, if you don’t expand your dating pool you’ll never know what’s out there.

    • Jeff Heyer

      I said many girls not all.. How about you spend your time more constructively instead of posting over 30 comments on stupid web article…. Like I said most girls where I live are bitches or good ones are taken.. I live in middle of iowa… Believe me not many cool girls that aren’t taken.. And I do feel the article has some bit of truth to it.. 40 years ago.. I would have had more girls to choose from..

    • Charles Ochoa

      I only spend but about a minute or two replying, actually. The rest I spend studying or doing something else. Also, this is entertaining.

      I don’t feel it has any truth to it at all, you’ll find women anywhere. It is all a matter of them being attracted or not. Which 40 years ago there was the pressure of actually marrying to be financially secure. Now there’s no such pressure.

    • Guest

      How does working on yourself have more societal value than actually doing shit that matters to other people? Like finding the cure for cancer. I don’t care wtf you say but if there is a fat woman out there who invented the cure to cancer I think she is putting more effort into making the world a better place than some fit girl who wastes her life away in a gym. Sincerely, a guy who chooses not to be a judgemental asshole

    • zergminerg

      He’s talking about the societal benefit it will have on rebalancing the dating market, not the progression of society as a whole. Of course someone who directs their attention to a cause outside of themself is admirable, but lets be realistic here – not everyone can go on to change the world. Its far more reasonable and achievable to change yourself than to change everything around you. And ending your supposed digressional ‘point’ with a statement such as that not only makes you come across as self-righteous but also a god damn white knight. At the end of the day if you had a choice between a slim girl and a fat girl and it was based entirely on innate male perspective (looks) we all know what you would choose.

    • UponIt

      Reading this article is a complete waste of time if you care about things far more important than just ‘getting laid’.. I’ll be off enjoying my loving family, my career and my supportive, active community while this guy is still running around and whining about fat girls during his mid life crisis.

    • Jess

      But at the end of the day its not as simple as are you fat or skinny, the are many other factors to look into, at least if your an adequate human

    • Mike

      He’s married to a Fattie I promise

    • Anon

      He’s the guy who got sand kicked in his face and now married to a fag hag he hides behind so he can keep his job at walmart in Alabama

    • papa

      A fag hag? that is a girl who prefers the company of gay men

    • Lea

      No he’s just smarter and nicer than the rest of us.

    • Dara Crawley

      Better that then being married to someone whose a jerk. If your only insult is “He must be married to a fat person” then you don’t have much ammunition. It’s like insulting black people and then saying a white person calling you out must be married to a black person…it doesn’t work that way and if its true you’re not insulting them you’re just stating facts.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      …except that you just made an asshole judgement…

      how ironic…

    • Jess

      Congratulations you are a descent human being unlike most other guys on here

    • VelvetMark

      You just judged the fit girl stating that she is “wasting” her life away at a gym. Funny how hypocrisy works.

    • Dara Crawley

      Judged yes, but to be fair the scenario he set up is a choice between curing cancer and working out at the gym. If you think it’s more important that a woman be thin then you got some jacked up priorities.

    • VelvetMark

      Here is a thought. Why no do both? Or are they mutually exclusive? Curing cancer AND working out.

    • Robert Jeffreys Jr.

      I love to meet u one day to beat the living shit out of u. My address Gallup Avenue Cleveland, OHIO 44127 Just to let U know its the straight HOOD.

    • Sheila

      I would so pay to see that!

    • Robert Jeffreys Jr.

      Thank you. I just get pissed when people talk shit

    • AntiFAT

      Sheila is a fat whore

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Yeah, pay him in crack rocks… then he’ll knock yer teeth out and rape u… lol…

    • Ajw

      You sir… Your awesome! Someone on this post that isnt a moron!

    • Flatbush

      I love you in Ohio :* !!



    • Jody Dayton Peace

      How’s bangin’ them stanky homeless crackhead chicks in da hood workin’ out for ya? Except that you don’t live in the hood do ya’? You live in some middle class suburb somewhere with a fat wife. Nice try, kiddo…

    • VelvetMark

      You left out the home number in the address so you are dumb. You are offended by the article so you are probably fat, and you live in the hood so you are most likely poor. Wow, you will make some girl really happy someday. I hope you reproduce too so that there are more of you in society.

    • victoria

      Did you know, a tumor in the brain can cause severe wait gain and no other symptom to show cancer at all? People can literally grow a tumor in their brain not know it and slowly gain weight for “no reason” until the tumor takes over or spreads, sometimes taking 30+ years in which case one can be 1000+ pounds already…. obesity causes sickness or sickness causes obesity? Sounds more like a case by case situation so stop blaming shit on one stereotype. That’s like saying “all blacks are ghetto” or “all l jews have big noses”

      also btw, another example where weight is the effect not the cause is something called PTSD, often found in kids and young adults who have been through a traumatic situation ie- divorce. Maybe it’s not the weight being a cause, but an effect with how lazy ALL of america is regardless because we no longer try to fix our problems rather then we just throw them away these days. Because people aren’t always too lazy to work out, but too lazy to sit and have a problem solving conversation with their baby momma/daddy. We’re too quick to just pop fucking kids out we don’t even know who the parents are truthfully A LOT of the time. So maybe we should learn some problem solving skills instead of just quitting so easily. Stop blaming “fats” or “jews” or “blacks” blame yourselves.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      …nah… better to blame you, Victoria. How fat are you?

    • There’sMoreThanMeetsTheEye

      Statistically, the poorer an area is, the higher the obesity rate. This is because people with limited financial resources have to resort to buying what ever they can afford to put on their tables and most of those are processed unhealthy foods. Or the fact that some people have to work multiple jobs so make ends meet and can’t afford to eat at regular schedules or make time to workout? Then there is of course those who have genes that actually make it so much harder to stay slim. It’s not like they don’t want to, they’ve tried but this is the best they an do. So you really can’t just conclude that every fat person is lazy and it’s their fault.

    • VelvetMark

      They are lazy if they didn’t work two part time jobs and take out a student loan to go to college. Not only are they lazy, they probably have 3 kids thereby limiting their ability to go to college, so they are also stupid. Bad choices. Everybody has the opportunity to make good choices.

    • lucy mazurek

      When men and women hit 50, it isn’t a very pretty picture. Drinking ‘diet pop’, smoking, chowing down McD’s. Men and women at all ages are exhausted and cranky. Too tired to go out, unable to have sex anymore. BOTH genders are like that. Obese or not, look at the prescriptions your ‘date’ is taking after age 50. It will tell you how good your future fun with that person is going to go. So while you are puffing on that Marlboro cigarette, munching on a ‘protein’ bar I have already figured out your ‘activity level.’

    • realist

      Wow….you are extremely ignorant and uneducated. Stop lowering yourself and get some help.

    • Natures Enthusiast

      Ha ya? Do you personally know every fat person around? Would you consider a mother who used that body to have kids then runs around all day chasing them lazy just because she has extra weight. Uh hello there. There are skinny people out there that can get their asses handed to them in any physical activity by someone who does hold weight but actually moves. You can be thin and be lazy and a lot of thin people are. No fat does not mean active and does not mean healthy.

    • geo968

      Your assuming all skinny girls or hot? When I go dating I choose her cause she looks gud chubby or not and this topic applies to both genders I don’t think women get turn on by fat untamed males

    • Chelsea

      This topic SHOULD apply to both genders but the author made it clear that’s its all fat “women’s” fault. This is why women fat and skinny are getting pissed on here.

    • Notfat

      He doesn’t assume that. He even points out that not all skinny girls are attractive. He really makes excellent points, he just does so like an asshole

    • Seriosuly

      -except the whole, “men are the ones getting screwed” because women will still date you if you’re fat and ugly but 99.9% of men aren’t attracted to fat girls. Wait what?

    • jadedNYr

      Big difference between “chubby”, and being so mostly made up of fat that people call you FAT.

    • Lawblog Sa

      fat chicks!! how would you fix the problem fatty?

    • papa

      You are an idiot, shut your FAT mouth.

      Fat is horrible, fat is disgusting, fats kills. If you are fat you already eat too much and move too little its simple. You are putting more in your mouth than you are burning off everyday. It adds up quickly.
      Fat wraps around you heart and your liver and impairs their functioning. Fat is lazy, fat is greedy, fat is useless to society. You take up more space, you stink, you eat crap food, you require far more healthcare throughout your life taking places from genuinely sick people. There is absolutly no benefit to oversized greedy people consuming enough to feed a whole family.
      Big is not beautiful, but getting up off your fat arse and taking action, having a zest for life is. How many overweight animals do you see in nature, none. The only oversized or fat animals are domestic (usually cats and dogs from my experience) and usually are over fed by oversized owners.
      Overeating shortens your life, its a proven fact

    • jadedNYr

      Obesity is an eating disorder. It’s as obvious an eating disorder as anorexia, but almost no one treats it as such, and to make matters worse, the same hypocritical morons who slammed pro-ana glorify probesity and call it “empowering”.

    • Ausbloke

      All in all makes a great point about the whole thing. Fat people DO in fact cause more stress on the medicare system, it is not a myth, those countries with it already in place have this. BUT along with them though…. smokers…. alcoholics and other chronic drug users. If you eat right and don’t sit on your ass all day and do nothing you will not have anything to worry about. With ALL of the mentioned above. Yes he mentions fat chicks but he didn’t say these others do NOT affect the health care system, you guys just assumed because he was on the topic of ONE that did, that the others did not.

      Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.

    • hillaryg


    • Tara Shane Rogen


    • Dunc

      There is no other way to constructively understand or deal with it other than firing home a few hard truths. The issue cannot be sugar coated and obviously many obese people will take offense. That being said however, my opinion is that the reason fat people get so much hate, especially in the US is down to this american culture which glorifies being fat as something beautiful, I ve seen videos of obese women boasting about that they actually want to be like that. Its disgusting. As a guy I have no problem with fat people, but obese people come on dont give us the genes or the glands excuse, they are just greedy, through and through, and when I think of all the starving children in the world cannot help but hate on them.

    • MikeBadger

      It’s pretty easy to “constructively understand or deal with” obesity. Just stop stuffing your face with sugar and processed carbs. Was that so hard?

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    • Michaelisalittleboy

      You’re retarded obesity is a huge problem and the only reason guys like fat girls is because they are easy game

    • Shelby Rodney

      “Deep down you just wish every girl was attractive so that pretty girls
      would be more statistically inclined to give a shit about you.”

      SPOT ON.

    • OG Mudbone

      He’s a man. He’s wired to want to fuck things that are attractive. With your presumptuous opinion i’m going to also assume you are less experienced with men in that you do not understand them at even the most base level. Men have very base pursuits. Getting a good job? Well you need money to attract women. Being in good shape? Gotta look good to attract women. Nice car, etc. etc. There is no need to try to understand “big girls”. Women alone are a pain in the ass as an entire social group. Coming from the military, we are taught to hate fatbodies. Fat kid slowing running formation down? We all do pushups. Fat kid tried to get fatty food at the DFAC? Pushups. Fatty was last down to first formation? We’re doing pushups til they get there. Deep down, I just really hate fat people because they have no fucking discipline. You are fat because you shovel garbage down your gullet every meal and you do absoloutely nothing physically engaging. You are hidden in the illusion that a 40 hour work week is “rough” and going home and watching TV for 20+ hours a week is a good way to unwind. Author hit it on the head. You people are the new hated social group. What can you do about it? Get off your ass and get un-fat.

    • Rosita

      Narcissistic ass!! Ha ha! Yes, you got it. The…idiot writing this story has such a low self esteem. Maybe was rejected by girls and now a tiny -BMI issue drives him crazy. The whole thing is halatious. This ignorant ass posts statistics ha ha ha ha ! What? Did he do a study? A non – biased survey? My not- so- fatty – belly hurts because I am laughing so hard. He used his uneducated background to throw in porcentages. He is ” 99.99%” stupid. Now I am sad….. That I am wasting my time reading this garbage and will never ever get these 15 minutes back. Adios!!!


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    • Gladys McFibben

      Skinny bitches? Really? you are a bigot.. You are a freaking ham that wants a weight lifter with a gross disgusting obese piece of gross body.. You’re not fooling anyone and I have the satisfaction of knowing you’ll die much sooner than I ever will.

    • Steve


      Shut the fuck up idiot, you are a moron asshole. This author has nailed it 100%! This is 100% unfettered truth. It is 100% true that the obesity epidemic has f’d up the dating market as so well described in this article. For you to attack this author makes you the shit head moron . This author nailed it !

    • Orchid Swan

      Screw that. You jelly fat bitches are the meanest girls out there. You just hode ot from the guys.

  • BigBabesBouncyBreasts

    You make a great point about obese populations tipping the scale and making hot girls vain but you un-empathetically go on to blame this frustration on the overweight women rather than the smug skinny bitches and the drooling men who put them on pedestals. This leads me to believe you to be a superficial douchebag who can’t see the whole picture, making it hard to take the article seriously despite a few insightful claims hiding under your narcissism and misplaced anger. Obesity is a huge problem (pun intended) but morons like you have no idea how to constructively understand or deal with it. Deep down you just wish every girl was attractive so that pretty girls would be more statistically inclined to give a shit about you.

    • 20Nation

      when anybody has tons of guys begging for their intention, they will become much harder to obtain. If not for the fact that they now have much more options. Not all skinny girls are bitches, but you have to put in more work than is natural these days and it IS because of the current dating market.

  • Silly

    So I am a woman of average height, weight, and looks. I’m not fat or thin or very pretty or ugly. Just average. I never get asked on dates, and I have a nice, loving personality. Okay but I see lots of fat women who are on dates, married, having kids, etc. So I thought maybe this idea that fat women are never getting dates is a myth, because I see it all the time.

    Now I know this article is saying that they are forced into dating these women, but the men don’t seem that unhappy, or that physically fit themselves. Nobody I see has rippling muscles either. Nobody stays young forever, and even men that are fit when they are young are not so fit when they are middle age or older.

    Also this article seems to be written by a beta male. Because an alpha male could get any woman, including the b*tchy one to be nice to him and to love him and have sex with him. He wants to blame women, but in nature the biggest male gets the female. So if you are failing it isn’t women. It’s you. But there is such a benefit for being a beta male. You get someone who loves you for more then just looks, money, or power. You also don’t have to work out, make more money, or live a better life. In other words you can just relax.

    • GetItGoing

      There are several errors with what you wrote. Also, I’m going to assume from what I read that you’re an American female. It matters.

      1) The author does *not* come across as a beta male, as you would know if you had read his other articles describing his success with women, and his frame & social skills. Clearly not beta

      2) You conveniently left something out. Yes, but being a “beta” male and getting someone who is less of a challenge (a.k.a, less desirable, requires no game to get) means having less value, and settling for a woman he does not truly desire but concedes he can’t do better.

      Obesity is a very large issue in the west (I’m American) and it is to the point that more often than not, with the exception of younger women, most women I see are not physically attractive and are obese.

      When the most desirable women in a society are fewer in number (desirable = attractive, feminine, not slovenly as is more common now) it makes things harder for men to pursue. The sense of entitlement for more beautiful women goes up.

      Of course also many men put women on a pedestal and are largely to blame for that as well.

    • Sir Vigorous

      You probably have bitch face. And that’s why you don’t get asked out. Make eye contact and smile more. If you aren’t a fattie you’ll get a bunch of dates.

    • sway

      Why wouldn’t I want to work out, make more money, or live a better life?

      That’s so typical of fat women logic: “you are so much better off, not having to improve yourself. I mean, that would be like, hard and stuff!”

    • Chelsea

      She may have meant some guys, not all. But I see fat guys with skinny hot girls a lot. I do believe women should care for themselves, but don’t you agree men should do the same?

    • sway

      Yes! Hence what this site and all others like it are all about: male self improvement. But once we’ve done that, why should we settle with unattractive?

    • Chelsea

      I don’t believe anyone says you really have to. And the article from what I see is specific to fat women not fat men. And again, I see many beautiful ladies going for men that are overweight. If its a fat girl with a skinny boy, he’s “settling.” If its a fat boy with a skinny girl then she’s “thinks hes nice, and not like other men trying to get into her pants.” I’m pretty sure bigger guys can get smaller girls without much of a problem.. which sucks cuz its not that way for big gals lol. But hey, if you’ve worked your butt off (literally) and you desire a woman who puts effort into her health as well, good for you.

    • sway

      If women placed as big of an importance on looks as men do, you would see more men in shape. But since masculinity and dominance rank higher, you see more fat guys with self confidence.

    • Chelsea

      Which is why it sucks lol. But I get it. I think also that fat guys are more rerelevant to the “norm.” I’m not saying all men and women like the same thing. But you see girls for centuries going towards a tall strong man as a sense of protection for her. And men going towards a shorter slender lady as to protect and cover her (and other stuff). So an overly tall or overweight woman goes against that. A short and super skinny man goes against that. an overweight man?…still kinda gives a sense of protection. So ladies can sill go for it.

    • sway

      We like different things. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s the nature of evolution. If men and women were the same, what would be the point of having 2 genders? Yin and yang, we were meant to be different.

    • Chelsea

      Yeah, complete eachother, we just can’t stop fighting lol


      omg so this!!!!

  • jaycich

    This comes off as really fucked up. I want to disagree with the author of this, who’s a fuckin dick, but I do think he’s right. As a fairly good looking guy who is 30 and single, I’ve noticed every girl who looks at least decent is taken. Only thing available are really bad looking women, or really fucked up women on drugs and have multiple baby daddy’s. I’m not looking for barbie, I don’t even want one that looks like a star, just a regular girl who’s kind of cute and under 200lb. Is that really too much to ask for. I’m 5’11 and weight 180, thats a pic of me, if I’m mistaken please let me know. I’ve noticed slim girl gets all the attention. A slim figure can make an average looking girl look fantastic. Just the other weekend me and my buddies were hanging out, and meet a nice girl who was slim, all my friends were into her. There was nothing special about her, she didn’t have a face like star nor was she big breasted, or anything like that. Just a slim figure and a presentable face. I seldom see that body type, so when I do I’m intrigued by an ordinary girl. I find myself falling into that category of superficial douche bags even though I don’t want to be.

    • FG

      Bro, if you are 5’1 and good looking, stick to night clubs and bang club sluts…they are generally slimmer.

    • A. Fat Girl

      It’s not superficial to like what you like. It might be superficial if that was the absolutely only thing you cared about but wanting a slimmer woman is just part of your natural attraction. To me, it’s no different than telling a guy he should be attracted to men all of a sudden. It just doesn’t work that way. Attraction is instinctive. Don’t feel bad or what you like. And this comes from a very fat girl.

    • jaycich

      I just feel like were all losing. I’ve got a friend of mine, I love her to death. She’s a really big girl, and she’s very lonely and unhappy. What makes it worse that makes it harder for her to do her job. She works in an IV room and the biggest lab coat she too small for her too button up. She has to work with it open and that’s against the rules due to contamination reasons. They’re all kinds of other problems but she won’t take the first step into losing weight. Seeing her like this killing me.

    • AnotherFatGirl.


    • jaycich

      Dude I fucked a fat chick last weekend. Probably 200 pounds. She swallowed, It was pretty sweet. I think maybe there not so bad after all.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      With what dick? Oh…

    • jaycich

      I’m not kidding, I think I might possibly marry a girl who’s a little chubby.

    • AnotherFatGirl.


    • jaycich

      I love fat chicks.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Would you like an award?

    • guest

      yeah ok make fun of transsexual people too while you’re at it…that’s very kind. you were being racist up there as well…very close minded…
      – also a fattie

    • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

      You need to get out of the United States. Travel to France, to Thailand, to Brazil or Argentina, get out.

    • jaycich

      Yeah I’ve been to Brazil, it’s beautiful, all the women are thin and it’s hard to find an unattractive one. The girl I was describing would have just been another girl over there, as it should be here. Oh trust me if I could live in one of those countries you listed, I would have been gone long ago. 2 week vacation cost me more than 2k, that’s why I haven’t been in over 3 years.

    • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

      Do Couchsurfing or go to Thailand, outside travel fare Thailand can be done in small hotels and eating well, renting scooters and having fun for less than 1000 USD a MONTH. I spent 5-6k in six and a half months, and this because I was moving a lot. If you stay in a not-so-touristy island and rent a place, you could live forever there if you own back home and you rent it.

    • TrueStunnr

      You’re not superficial. Men and women alike are declining in quality, and if it wasn’t for sites like this there may be more bad apples.

  • jaycich


    This is a fuckin ass, no doubt about it. But you really should try to in shape, not for us, for YOU. You big girls are superficial too. You stare at Brad Pitt or whatever actor you see, drool and wish you had that. So do something about it.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      ugly ass picture.
      you think the big girls isnt trying!!!!! THEY ARE BUT EVERY TIME THEY GET CONFIDENTS SOME DUMB JERK SLAMS THEM DOWN AND get them all depressed. idc what you think. Your dick is probably small.. I should debate on men with very small dick. who gets a hot chick then when she sees your dick …….. then she walks out on you hahahah. like wtf?

    • jaycich

      I have big dick no BS, and I’ve changed my mind. I like em now, not like the ones in the pictures, but like 200 – 220lbs I fucked one last weekend and then fucked her again tuesday. I almost got anal, just didn’t have any lube, but I’m gonna go to one of those places and pick some up.

    • AnotherFatGirl.


    • jaycich

      Fat chicks kick ass!

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      And dicks get rotten!

  • grrerere

    Fat women have the highest chance to engage with multiple partners than skinny women. Disgusting fucking pigs. Western society you are a joke to humanity…

    • GetItGoing

      Yes, but unfortunately because they’re easier lays. So not the greatest point you just made.

    • s

      Fatties must be easier lays. I’m sure you read your boyfriend’s article about banging 31 Dominican skanks in a month. Half of those women would be considered “fat” and “obese” by America’s standards. So funny that he writes articles about the quality of women when he brags about “banging several women per day”, seconds after meeting them. And has to use online dating to “make himself appear better”. Ironic that he even cares about “quality” at all since spreading nasty germs doesn’t even phase him.
      You dimwits can’t be more than 23 years old. Put down the video game controllers, learn some new social skills, stop banging hoes, use condoms so that the rest of us don’t have to deal with your shitty offspring, and stop posting piss-poor articles on the internet. You are not a writer, not even a mildly interesting person, and a child.

    • GetItGoing

      Looks like someone’s never been to the DR.

    • s

      lol I wouldn’t waste my time giving you the satisfaction. You can consider yourself privileged that I even reply to you, because I wouldn’t even give you a second glance in real life. Sad that you and your buddy can’t get the attention that you are so desperate for, aside from being an internet troll. Be happy that someone gave you some advice about the real world. If you’re anything like the author, your dick will fall off by the time you’re 30, if you don’t. Ciao baby boy 🙂

  • rinney

    I am a thin hot girl, and trust me, you are never getting in my pants. and this has nothing to do with my being stuck up but rather with your sexist, patriarchal views on feminine beauty and disregard for women whom I regard as highly as any others.
    we are spiritual beings. if you are judging so highly the container, I will have to assume that it is because you are ashamed of the misshapenness of your soul and don’t want it observed.

    • GetItGoing

      You might not like it, but for sure it’s HUMAN NATURE to at least marginally judge others based on “the container.”

      Women are just as guilty, if not more so, as men.

      The simple truth is obesity is NOT attractive and is not what a man with greater value will pursue.

      You can write angry words like “sexist” or “patriarchal views” but seriously, no confident man gives a damn. I’m sure 20Nation doesn’t.

      I sure don’t, especially seeing as I wrote an article about how fat women are defective.

    • Bill Brown

      Trust me rinney, you’ve spread your thin, darling legs for plenty of men who only pretended to agree with your stupid world view in order to dumb cum in your twat and then never call you again.
      Of course, you prefer to believe that it was your decision to be pumped and dumped all those times. Enjoy your special spiritual beingness!

    • sway

      You tell us not to judge the container, but then you call yourself a “hot girl”. Hypocrite much?

      You are a concern troll.

    • FG

      I’ll bet he has already fucked you and you didn’t even know it was him. the author gets women on the regular, he is at the stage of his life where he seeks out good quality women to have sex with.

  • Jonas Kaufman

    ….You are wrong WRONG WRONG! You are an awful person for writing this crap and reducing women to objects.

    And any idiot who agrees with you is awful as well. WOMEN ARE PEOPLE! You moronic gits!

    They are not objects for your gratification. Maybe you’re having a hard time getting laid because you’re a misogynistic ass!

  • Gen

    Oh sweetheart. Life must be so hard for you :'(

  • never gonna get it

    Your lady problems have nothing to do with obese women and everything to do with yourself and your way of thinking. Stop blaming your issues on everyone else and only worry about yourself.

    The women in other countries may appear friendlier because they don’t speak English and can’t understand the garbage that you spew from your mouth.

    Real women like real men and real men respect ALL women. Attraction and respect aren’t the same thing. Is your mother tipping the scales? How’s your relationship with her? Not so good?didn’t think so!

    • GetItGoing

      And how many countries have you been to? How many foreign women have you known?

  • s

    The only thing that I’ve learned from all of your articles about women is that girls in other countries are sluttier than girls in America. They don’t have any self-respect, will sleep with the first guy who pays attention to them and they have absolutely no morals. You said it yourself, they are $2 hookers.
    It’s ridiculous of you to advocate yourself as an ambassador of what men really want and want men are really attracted to because you are not a man. You waste your time in beautiful countries, in bed shacking up with every skank who is within a 10 mile radius of you.
    Don’t disguise your obvious fear of strong, confident and intelligent women as a generalized thought process of all mankind. If I were you, I’d stop worrying about other people’s health and take myself to the local health department. Who knows what kind of creepy crawlers you have. Hope it’s curable, kiddo.

    • FG

      No he is saying they are les superficial and easier to get along with. No man wants to be challenged by a woman.

    • s

      Oh, he is definitely saying that they are sluttier. Read some of the author’s other articles. Lists of his conquests (with pictures, probably not even authorized by the girls), how quickly and easily he got them into bed, didn’t even have to pay cab fare, kicked them out with enough time for a short nap before the next girl jumped in.
      It’s fine if you’re a guy who isn’t attracted to heavyset women. It’s fine if you choose to be a manwhore. It’s fine if you’re too much of a pussy to approach a respectable woman. But don’t throw it out there for the world to see, in context that is blaming and shunning other people for your own insecurities, your own shallowness and your own narcissism, and present your views like they’re how the whole world feels because they don’t. There are plenty of fish in the sea and nobody gives a shit about what you are and aren’t attracted to.
      Unfortunately, there are way too many young and susceptible girls who actually buy into this man-child bullshit.

    • FG

      Yeah but he also said he wants sex, he is making no apologies about it.
      I don’t see what is so bad about women giving it up for him sexually. I mean the dating market is so good in SEA that you can either have a long term relationship where the girl is committed or get easy sex.
      The thing you are missing out on is that women want sex as much as men, they are human, and when they see a white man who is tall, good looking and can talk, their vaginas immediately get wet and they wan the sex.
      SEA women are choosy…until they meet a good looking white man. the locals on the other hand struggle for sex, so calling them easy is wrong.
      You need to understand that women are humans and also want sex from attractive men.

    • s

      My point is that this kid’s theories are entirely based around sex and getting women into bed. If you don’t see what’s wrong with that then you are a lost cause and I’ll pray for your soul.
      When you boys turn 30-35 years old, you will be the balding, beer-bellied creepy guys who desperately try to pick up 21-year old girls at the bar and fail miserably. Your bros from college would have all grown up and settled down and you’ll be left alone with your self-reflection. Then you’ll start to think about why you’re now a lonely loser who can’t pick up chicks like you did just a few short years ago, and now you’d be lucky to bang the fatties that you used to criticize. It’s because of your own fears. Fear of rejection, fear of commitment, low self esteem. Don’t put that shit on other people, size shape color, makes no difference. You wanna have fun, have your fun. It gets very old, very quickly…and so will you.
      My advice: take an ounce of the time that you waste talking poorly about others and do something useful with yourself. You’ll gain confidence before you know it, while you’re still ahead of the game.

    • FG

      Instead of telling us that sleeping around is bad, how about you give us an explanation for why it is bad.

      These chick that sleep with us do not care in the slightness.
      30-35 is not old for a man, even 45 is not old for a man.

      Google Jason Statham, and George Clooney and Sean Penn, look at the women they are dating.

      My uncle, 43, is dating a hot nubile 22 year old woman.Dude is in great shape, not bald, stable job.

      Remember, men age like wine, women age like milk.

      Things will only get better for us unlike women who hit he wall, get fatter and lose the ability to have sex with hot guys so they have to settle for a provider type man.

      Then once we men hit the age of 50, we will settle down…or have sex some more like the main man George Clooney….the ultimate marriage hating man.

    • s

      I don’t believe that sleeping around is bad. Casual sex is an unconventional lifestyle choice that is suitable for certain people. However, it isn’t for everyone and not everybody is on the market, looking for sex. The author obviously is just looking for sex. I’m simply proving that females shouldn’t *care* about this author’s views because he, himself, isn’t a respectable grown man. Respectable people don’t come home from other countries, with nothing to show besides some pictures of girls with saggy breasts and flabby asses.

      When you look at people as objects, toys, playthings, possessions, you are subjecting them to mistreatment and abuse. Rapists, child molesters, women beaters, murderers, also look at human life with the same mentality. Such as your boy, Sean Penn.

      Men become less desirable as they age if they still have these childish dating rituals. Women, eventually, seek things in life that are real and substantial. They are no longer interested I’m child’s play.

      Your uncle may certainly be able to get with a younger woman, but how many younger women is he able to obtain? The author isn’t interested in one. He wants many different women, several times a day. So, by your assessment, it’s not the obese women who are causing problems, but rather mature women. All in all, you are still proving that everything you say is completely immature and lacks any sort of real life experience. You can not blame society for the fact that you’re unwilling to grow up.

    • FG

      My uncle is relationship minded, he just wants a young woman to spend his life with, for him it was about quality, not quantity.

      I understand what you mean, the one night stand thing is a lifestyle choice that suits men, it certainly suit me and I ma not going to tell others to have one night stands if relationships suit them.

      But it does not mean one is immature if he chooses to have one night stands, they just od not want relationships even in later life. if society does not like that, too bad. Society must remember that there are a huge number of women also having one night stands.

      The author is right about the fat woman causing
      problems, it is causing a lack of dispersion of male attention women receive, which is crucial to the dating world, relationship or not, then, when we men want a one night stand with a hot woman, we have to push through a bit to much BS to get the one night stand.

      it gives situation where you see average men dating fat ugly men because their options are just that bad. I’m grateful I’m tall and good looking so I do not suffer this same problem, but I still have to push though incredible bitchiness to get laid…which is why travelling is the better option.

    • s

      If your uncle wants to spend the rest of his life with one young woman, what will he do when she gets older? Dump her for another younger, more attractive woman? Sure, if he’s 70 she may be 50 and still younger. But you said that women age like milk. My assumption is that his current girlfriend will no longer be of use to him when she starts to “spoil”. It’s sad that you guys only look at women for their looks, as a means of showing off, look at what I got. If that’s all you got, it’s not saying much. Sad but true. 🙁

      Like I said, I don’t see anything wrong with people who sleep around, but I believe it’s important to maintain some integrity. Don’t make other people at fault because it “ruins your game” and bash them for it. It simply won’t work and will probably only make obese girls more depressed, causing them to not take any initiative at all. Name-calling doesn’t help people, it only makes you look like a douche. Respect your partners and yourself and other people.

      And it’s nice that you consider yourself an attractive man. I also consider myself an attractive woman, who has always looked a lot younger than my actual age and never had a problem getting a man, for any reason. I am still young and young-looking. However, it would be ignorant for both you and me to believe that our looks won’t fade and that they won’t become less appealing. I’ve seen a whole lot of men who are in their late 30’s, early 40’s who look like my grandpa. Definitely not aging like wine, sir.

    • FG

      Men can spend longer in the game than women…but women have the pea of their attractiveness at around 21…assuming they are not fat.

      You tell me that looks will fade, but it applies for women more. The men I have met in my life look great for 50+, celeb or not, sure some age bad, but more men age great.Cannot cay the same for women, who start looking undesirable after age of 28-35…men can even see it through the makeup.

      There are smart women who cash in early, get married before their looks fade which is around 26+ years of age(Asian women start aging much later). Can’t say the same is true for the rest, and it looking like you are on the path of slutting it up until you are 28+ and then wondering why you can’t find a good man.

      Blaming for lack of success with women for whatever reason , which me and the author definitely do not lack, and pointing out a core problem are two different things.
      Fat women affect the dating world for men to the point where we men have realized that hotter women with better personalities are away from the western world.

      No attractive man wants to deal with bitchy up tight women. Even the average ones can be a bit nicer and humble, but they aren’t, and it is too much work for sex(3-4 hours upon meeting them, which is too much time spent since I want sex), I.E. they lack femininity, they put bitchiness play hard to get for validation rather than just being up front like a foreign girl and saying she is not interested.

      Don’t get me wrong, it is still work with SEA women, but they have their sweet femininity, humility, non-bitchy, kinder and while they put up resistance, with SEA women it feels like a playful back and fore, like foreplay, with western women, it feels like an arduous climb up a hill. Plus SEA women are barely fat, take great care of their weight and eat healthy.

      SEA women>Western women

    • s

      Also, George Clooney is known for being in many long-term relationships. If he doesn’t choose to get married, that doesn’t automatically label him as a manwhore who only cares about sex. Even if he does, he isn’t using the many resources that he has to bash people and dictate others to live the same way that he chooses to. If you are going to idolize him, it would be in your best interest to learn something from the way that he conducts himself, maturely and respectfully.

      It’s also interesting that, even when speaking of celebrities, there are only a few grown men who may feel the same as you do. It’s not hard to find a group of young people who suffer from similar insecurities as you and can band together to deflect the truth. The reality is that, as the years go by, it becomes increasingly more unacceptable to try to remain a 25 year old man, to women and men alike.

    • IWJan

      “Don’t disguise your obvious fear of strong, confident and intelligent women…”

      There it is. Scrolling through comments and hadn’t seen a “fear of S.I.W™” yet.

      So close to Outraged Keyboard Activist BINGO, I can taste it!

    • s

      Well, if you can’t handle confident women nor confident people, in general, then you should reevaluate your own insecurities. Typically, men who have issues with women who do more than spread their legs, are that way because they have to keep the woman under their thumb. They’re cowards and they fear that if the woman has a mind, she will wise up and leave his sorry ass. Keep her down so she is weak and easily manipulated. That is very sad, to both sexes.
      Since you obviously suffer from this dilemma, maybe you should go to Chile, where you can hide how pathetic it is that you have to go to an entirely different, far away land just to find a girl who will talk to you. Actually, try the middle east, where women have no choice but to be your slaves.

    • GetItGoing

      You are thinking in terms of “western” or “American” perspectives, where ever you may be from. From the tone of your comments, I’ll just assume America.

      The truth is, the rules are different in other countries. For example, women aren’t necessarily sluttier. Sometimes otherwise hardworking, respectable women compromise on some things and this includes sexuality. I’m not referring to hookers or “part timers” either.

      A western man is very attractive to some foreign women for many reasons and often a man is treated much better in other countries.

      There are women who are truly skanks, then average women overseas. He’s describing average women for the most part.

      More often than not, I find the expression “strong, confident, and intelligent” when applied to a woman means less feminine, less respectful to a man, and having an air of arrogance sometimes.

      Men are not attracted to women who behave and display an attitude as if they don’t need or respect a man. Hence the desire to go to other parts of the world where women are still feminine, traditional, and loving & giving to a man.

      The western world is not the center of the universe.

      Of course, all the internet comments in the world mean nothing compared to actually getting out of behind the keyboard and ACTUALLY VISITING ANOTHER COUNTRY.

      I’ve been to 5 or 6 latin countries, and would not base my opinion on anything except what I have observed to be true. Their is no substitute for real experience.

    • s

      Perhaps you view women who have a mind of their own as arrogant. However, women view men who are only interested in using your body for sex, as chauvinistic and immature. We don’t live in the 18th century, when men had to walk miles to find any traces of mates. The market is full of many different types of people. There is someone for everyone. So, it’s very ignorant to say that women are different in other countries. The author can not, logically, represent himself as someone who knows much about women when he only views them as objects. Perhaps he knows a lot about sex, but not about anything significant in life.

      I have travelled to 2 North American countries and 3 European countries. I certainly didn’t waste my time abroad, shacking up with every person whom I encountered. Simply setting your feet on foreign soil does not make you worldly, cultured or more educated, especially if you haven’t left the confines of your hotel room and moist pussies.

      If American women disgrace you, and your desires are being met elsewhere, it would be wise to move to wherever you are happy. And let those who actually care about their fellow citizens deal with the obesity epidemic in ways that are helpful rather than hurtful.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Since women are proudly judgmental about short guys or black guys or Asian guys and don’t face criticism for that, men should be allowed to state their preferences too. This is an opinion piece and the author is allowed to feel the way he feels.

    • jayjay

      Yes, and when you make the choice to voice your opinions on large platforms (such as the internet) you are opening the door for others’ to voice their opinions, also.
      I don’t know any women who “proudly” judge men for being short or Asian. If they do, shame on them. They should learn to keep their ignorance to themselves. And shame on you for generalizing people.

    • Sir Vigorous

      I see that as tacit approval of the idea they judge men for being Black.

    • jayjay

      No, I didn’t see this person’s full comment while responding to him/her. That was my mistake. Nice job turning an error into a way of putting words into someone else’s mouth because you disagree with them. Obviously, I was referring to everyone who the initial commentor mentioned.

    • FG

      Not even that, but men’s have preferences in women that women can change while women have preferences in men that men cannot change.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Bull fucking shit,

    • Guest

      Def agree that this is a piece built upon opinions. I can see that. However, fat girls do not have to do anything if they’d rather not. I can’t tell them what to do. Hot girls might be stuck up, but why would fat girls care? They don’t care for anything if they do not wish to. And often times anyone who is judgmental will be high criticized, no matter the type of person. And due- trust me. Girls like Asian guys.

  • Days of Broken Arrows
    • sway

      I love how there are 0 replies from fat girls on this one. This is a drop-the-microphone moment, because they have NO rebuttal.

    • A. Fat Girl

      Well I will make the fat girl reply. Yep. That’s a double standard. The difference is, as I stated previously, I’m not at all bothered by a man not being attracted to a fat person because they are fat. Not all girls have that double standard.

    • YeahRight

      Not all woman have that double standard. NOWHTDS. So the double standard doesn’t exist. Hey look over there.

    • Alice

      I don’t think there are as many girls that care about height as you think there are

    • sway

      I would put the number at roughly around 99.98%. Give or take.

    • FG

      The point of this is that women are attracted to men for traits that are unchangeable, like height, while men are attracted to women for changeable traits like whether she is fat or slim.

    • A. Fat Girl

      I thought the point was more about hypocrisy, which is what I was responding to, just saying that it is hypocritical to be upset about how someone defines their attractions and not find anything objectionable by your own practices. I don’t see what’s wrong with being attracted or not attracted to anyone, for whatever reasons one chooses, but it goes both ways.

    • FG

      Yeah that too. I was sleepy, just got back from work so I clicked the wrong reply button.

    • KeyShona

      Or I just don’t want to click the link.? Or I just haven’t gotten to it yet.?

    • sway

      Okay, go. What’s your rebuttal?

    • classic fat hits

      Maybe because.. ohh I dont know, this is quite a hateful piece of crap and some women just don’t feel like posting an insightful comment that will harbour responses such as ”you’re probably fat” or ” ohhh butthurt fat girl” or the never ending classic: ” stop being fat for fucks sake” brought to you by classic fat hits of the 80’s and 90’s available now for only $29,99

    • sway

      Looking over your response, there is no logic or rebuttal. Just feelings. Why don’t you actually respond with a reason why it’s less shallow for women to care about height than man to care about weight?

    • A. Fat Girl

      It’s not less shallow. But who cares? You’re not attracted to fat women, fine. Don’t date them. Some men are. A woman’s not attracted to short men, fine. Don’t date them. But some women don’t care.

    • painkillerpenny

      Don’t get me wrong, I know that women (and men) often have double standards, but let me just point out that in this picture, what is compared is taller vs thinner. What if the girl said “Sorry, I prefer thinner men.”? That would be shallow too!

      In a way I’m not offended when someone prefers someone thinner. That’s just a preference, that’s their taste. It’s a matter of attraction.

      I’m offended when I read/hear bad comments like this, people saying that it’s “fat girls’ fault if the guy can get laid”, “a fat girl is gross and doesn’t deserve to have a boyfriend” or whatever… You have the right to think it’s gross, but please respect others. Same thing for really skinny girls. So many people think we are anorexic and gross, but sometimes we do try hard to gain weight.
      Everyone deserves respect.

  • FG

    Fatties suck. Fatties are a plague upon the world, destroying the health system, destroying the attractiveness of women, being lazy to never work hard to lose the weight….promoting their unhealthy lifestyle upon others.


    • A. Fat Girl

      Actually, in terms of healthcare fat people die far younger and are less likely to survive a serious illness. That just means we put our burden on the system at a younger age rather than when we are elderly.

    • FG

      like I said lose the weight. Hard work goes a long way…if all the fat women of the world slimmed down, the world would be a happier place. I mean If I run marathons, which is grueling as fuck, I’m sure a fat woman can spend 1-2 years losing weight to a normal weight range.

    • A. Fat Girl

      I’m not sure what point you are trying to make here. My point was that there is no reason why a fat woman should lose weight other than for herself, whatever her reasons are. My issue with this thread is the notion that fat people should lose the weight because it’s somehow not fair to men.

      But you are right – I have no doubt that losing the weight is possible, and requires hard work. And it doesn’t require any more hard work than something like a marathon, so you aren’t asking anyone to do something you’re not willing to do. Though I would like to point out that for those who are severely obese, the problem is usually far more mental than physical. For whatever reasons, they lack self worth, self control and coping mechanisms. It’s not as simple as just lose the weight. My whole point is that fat shaming is counter productive to the process a woman needs to go through to fix that about herself. Being nice to people would go a long, long way in making the world a happy place too.

    • FG

      Fat shaming is a result of men frustrated at fat women. I mean if there is one thing , a changeable thing that women can do that makes men frustrated , whether they want to date a woman or not.

      Women have access to psychiatrists and therapists …yet they do not seek out the help and get fat….so the only option is to shame.

      We men do not want to shame women to lose weight…but sadly it has to be done. We feel bad about making women self conscious about their weight, but it must be done..for their own good.

      The while being nice thing is a very passive, doormat like approach that does not work in getting women to lose weight.

      Fat shaming week from Return of Kings got many letters sent by women thanking ROK staff for the shaming as it gave them the motivating and push they needed to workout harder and diet in a more disciplined manner.

    • Chelsea

      From what I see, you’re not thinking of their health but for your personal pleasure in it. Sorry, but do you know how many men out there hate on fat women but are sleeping with a chick who excessively drinks, smokes, does drugs etc?
      If we went with the author and made every woman in the world thin and beautiful…but they wouldn’t sleep with you for at least a year…would it still matter to you?
      And no…shaming (especially from people we don’t know, and especially from MEN) does not work. If you’re not a family member or doctor or very close friend, they will resent you. The shaming just makes it worst.
      Simply put…being negative brings negative results, being positive brings positive results.

    • FG

      I can assure you that it is not that many men sleeping with chicks that excessively drinks or smokes.
      Ofcourse depends what kind of drugs you are referring to, like weed/shroom are not harmful to health or make you fat.

      And what kind of area do you live in.the ghetto

      That shit is gross.

      You know that heavy drinking, smoking makes you fat, guys know this so we don’t drink or smoke excessively …. this is common knowledge…..it is assumed you do not do these things if you are a chick.
      Also in bars, girls smoke and drink… if they are too dumb to control it to stop their aging and getting fat…well their loss.

    • Chelsea

      I know a girl I used to work with who is extremely active and got hit on all the time by customers. Slender…but ate all the time, ate unhealthy food, and was 6-months drug and alcohol free but had years of heavy drinking drugs and still smokes to this day. On the outside she looks healthy but she’s a wreck in her organs I’m sure. She’s still wanted by many. I don’t do all that, I consider it gross (and no i dont live in the ghetto lol). I see it has different effects on people though. I was just making the point that guys can’t keep blaming all health issues on just obese girls. As even the skinny chicks ya’ll date can possibly be screwing up their body in other ways too, whether it makes them fat or not.

    • FG

      maybe she hits the gym,maybe she eats healthy when she goes home.You only worked with her.
      Speaking as a former personal trainer, this sounds like absolute BS to me that she is slim even though she smokes and eats unhealthy.
      Either you are lying or she has freak genetics that only belong to 0.0001% of the female population, in which case you should not be using such an exception to the rule as an example because it is so rare.
      Majority of women have to give up smoking and unhealthy foods to lose weight.

    • Chelsea

      Not lying. She admits to what she eats at home. She did swim team in highschool but that was years ago. Genetics?…well Iwwasn’t gonna bring that to topic cuz I know its a big excuse bigger people use when (although I believe it in some cases) they know theyre making poor decisions. This girl is Alaskan-Native if that says something?
      Smoking…I don’t smoke, but isn’t it true ththat people tend to eat less when they smoke cuz they 1) have tastebuds being killed and 2) appetite suppressed?

    • FG

      Nope, in my experience as a personal trainer, every smoker I met tends to eat heavily. When I was training up clients to lose weight, some of them would never disclose to me that they were smoking until a moth in to training, then I would tell them to drop the smoking and they would eat much less when I asked them to submit in their weekly diet journals.

    • Chelsea

      Pretty sure its not that rare in men pre-age 25. Eat whatever and stay the same. If they gain a little then they don’t seem ti have to do much to lose it. Advantage to having more muscle than women and therefore burning off calories and fat easier. I do appreciate that you’re one that works hard for your health though.

    • FG

      nah , very rare in men even pre 25( not counting teen years before 16 years of age since I don’t train guys that young). There are many men who struggle to either put on muscle or they just gain fat too quickly. It is the same struggle for both genders.

    • Chelsea

      Shoot, that’s good to know. A lot of women don’t know that. I’ve just seen it before where men who try to lose weight will lose it quicker than women even when she tries hard. But I do believe each gender’s body is different. My particular issue is making sure I add weightlifting to my cardio, or else I’ll (For the God knows how many times now) plateau.
      If you don’t mind me asking..cuz I wonder with trainers (and I know each one is different). But for you personally. You often see overweight/obese people come into your gym all year, and of course right after the new years. We all know the statistics in them staying for long or frequenting the joint. However, when you see them in the place, what’s your reaction?
      Examples: “He/She will last a week, not gonna even bother with him/her”
      “Amazing…that person’s actually trying to make a step in the right direction, I’d love to help them”
      “I hate the sight of that disgusting mush of a person. I hope they don’t stay long”
      “That’s sad looking. Hope he/she stays”
      I know trainers are paid to train everyone, and I don’t know if they get some kind of commission or goal that is required of them to meet. but every trainer still has a personal opinion as to what they see in the gym.

    • FG

      See for us trainers, we cannot judge, we only assess. We do not say ” damn I can’t be around that fat person”. Remember, we help because it makes us feel good. It is an altruistic reason that makes us get into it.

      For example, if a trainer only has 6 month experience, they will try and not train that particular person in the most diplomatic way, because they do not have the capability to do so. Now I have been training for a good 5 years, so if a woman who is 145kg , very obese and wanted to look like a model, I would take her on as a client…but that is because I have pulled it off.

      Secondly, we push you harder to a point which is just beyond your limits so your body improves.

      That said, stay away from big name gyms, always join smaller gyms. Bigger gyms are in it for the money…especially Planet Fitness. In smaller gyms, the trainer can spend more time and are less money oriented.

      I had this 158kg 5’9 woman come in, you can imagine how bad her position was to be that fat. I pushed her super hard and she was negative and complaining thinking it was genetics, Spent plenty of time assuring her, and also calling her out for her complaining and excuse making, not because I was trying to be mean, but because from my experience, I knew this was the only way for her ot lose weight…for her to know that it was fully in her control, provided she can put in hard work.

      Everytime she got on that threadmill, I told her ,20 more seconds when she was at the point of exhaustion. I told her to give me 2 more squats every time she said she could not do more .

      Ofcourse I fixed up her diet perfectly and told her to look for inspiration .

      The key here is to push your limits to lose weight, not reach your limit.

      In 13 months later( currently ), she has lost a total 85kg from her starting weight and has the body of a model rocking her beach bikini.

      The only reason guys even lose the weight faster is because guys encourage each other to push that extra step. I see this in my gym a fair bit. Two guys training squats( great exercise to lose weight) , This guy did 15 barbell squats and could not push any further , but another guy came over from out of no where and said ” come man, just 2 more squats !!” and pushed the barbell to support him so he could get those two extra squats in.

      I never see women do this in the gym …ever. Well I do know two sisters who were overweight and push each very hard….but that is the best example I have ever seen and the only example I have seen.

      Men push and encourage each other to lose weight, but at the same time call each other out for not working hard enough.

    • Chelsea

      Are you possibly Canadian or European?

    • FG

      I was in LA, but now making a move to Miami.

    • Chelsea

      You said kg instead of lbs

    • FG

      well the gym I work in uses a mix of both, so gonna switch between the two. .

    • Chelsea

      Ah, gotcha. Well thank you for giving me the look from your point of view 🙂 . My gym membership is with LA Fitness. I swear they work on commission, but I could be wrong. But thanks for being open-minded and seeing potential in people who struggle with weight instead of just crossing them off in your mind as not worth breathing the same air as you. Keep encouraging them, I’m sure you’ve seen how that alone makes a difference in their motivation to kick themselves in ass. 🙂

    • FG

      Holy shit girl, ditch your member ship with LA fitness, they just want money, serious. Pay for an independent personal trainer for 3-4 sessions at a small gym, and then find a smaller gym and train cheaply and keep a clean cut diet ( feel free to ask me for a diet, but you must tell me the times you are able to eat at so I can properly structure your meal plan).
      Do this for a year regularly without breaking the pattern and I guarantee you results.

    • Chelsea

      Deal. Give me your email address. I’ll send ya info

    • FG

      was super busy…anyways here is my email. send me detailed info about your diet and I will help you fix it so it is geared towards weight loss

    • bigblackhawk

      and after you get her lookin like a model, you better pound that sweet ass <3

    • Chelsea

      Okay I guess I have to take part of that back. Based off of comments to others, you seem to hate fat people.

    • FG

      its more fat people suggesting it is a lifestyle to be proud of as an excuse to not change for the better…this is something that will frustrate all personal trainers. Being fat is way worst than just waiting for a heart complication, there are long term physical and internal damage that can even be irreversible to your organs.

    • cChelsea

      I can understand that.

    • Alice

      Some of us don’t have an “unhealthy lifestyle”. Some of actually have diseases we have no control over, and we aren’t lazy and don’t over indulge ourselves with food. I don’t have very much control over how much I way and it’s always changing too, some months when my PCOS isn’t too bad, I weigh a lot less, it just depends, and I don’t have really any control over it.

    • FG

      You have nono reason to bring up a disease like PCOS as an excuse.
      Had a 38 year old woman with Post ovarian syndrome 3 years ago as one of my clients. She was taking Metformin while training with me then moved onto acomplia.
      The diet I set for her involved loads of spinach and rocket, Brown rice, freshly brought fish/chicken, orange capsicum and lots of HOMEMADE sushi(for the seaweed mainly which helps out a lot) .
      her exercise plan involved plenty of leg weight exercises and cardio.
      She was slim as fuck after 13 months…and get this, she is not on the drugs and following my exercise plan and still slim as fuck.

    • ButterflyWings

      First off, kudos to you for helping overweight women lose weight. Im a former fattie with PCOS, and I hate it when people use it as an excuse. Theres metformin, keto diets, etc to control that. I lost 80lbs the old fashioned way- weight training/hiit cardio/clean diet. Im able to run marathons, I can ride mountain trails for hours, and Im training for a triathlon now. I went from 35% body fat to 19%.

      Looking back, hell yes I can see the excuses I made. In fact, I denied I was THAT fat. I’d tell myself, “yes, Im 210lbs but I dont think I look it!!” What a crock. Unfortunately, most of my female friends are obese, and not only are they in denial over their size, they claim to eat “healthy”(eating 8 cups of granola will make you fat!!). My best friend has never been married, has had only one relationship, and that was with an abusive guy. Its sad, so heartbreaking the way her weight has controlled/ruined her life. Shes obese, yet wants a tall, handsome, financially stable, educated, And ATHLETIC guy. If youre an overweight woman, forget these men. I promise you, if you lose weight, you will regret all the wasted years you spent being fat. Yes, unfair and harsh reality, but you need to take accountability for your life.

    • Alice

      I’m not trying to use it as an excuse, it just seems this way. I’ve lost about 50lbs but can’t lose any more even though I eat healthily and exercise daily

    • Butterflywings

      If you have lost 50 lbs, and are 5’7″ and 163 lbs, you’re probably around a size 8. Im not referring to people like you, you’re only a few lbs above a healthy bmi. Anyone who calls you fat is a moron. You are significantly slimmer than the average American size 14. If you’re at a weight plateau, try focusing on lowering your body fat instead. The weight will come off eventually, so try lifting lots of heavy weights, and google the weight lifting pyramid. Forget traditional cardio, try doing high intensity intervals, it is an insane fat burner. Use tape measures to track progress, as you are close to a healthy bmi, weight will bob up and down at this point.

      As for nutrition, I do realize its complicated for pcos women. I eat 45% protein, 30% carb, 25% fat. I keep sugar to just 15grams(usually from fruit). Pcos women need to limit their sugar, but I also do something called intermittent fasting. There are many ways to do it, but I basically only eat within an 8 hr window, from 10am to 6pm. On Sundays, I have a cheat day, and eat whatever I want and dont hit the gym.

      If you stop by MyFitnessPal, theres a huge group of women who have been successful losing weight with pcos. Maybe you can stop by and say hello or join us sometime. Its a very supportive group, we’re all reaching the same goals of fitness together. Good luck to you.

    • Alice

      I really, really work hard but I never see results so, I lost about 50lbs last year but haven’t been able to lose anymore. It’s frustrating

    • FG

      What is your diet plan and exercise regime ?

    • MrsD

      I agree, I have PCOS, so do my family members. The only time I swell up is when I get lazy. There are a lot of answers. You just have to be mentally strong enough to seek them out. I don’t know who is telling you that you are helpless, but you certainly are not.

  • FG

    You women are such fucking hypocrites. You hate it when men say they do not like fat women…and yet you turn around and boldly state that you do not prefer shorter men.
    Height cannot be changed, men are stuck with it, they are born with it just like race…. By hating on anything unchangeable in men that is out of his control, you are no women are no better than a racist.
    Here is the thing, fat can be changed and is not genetic and can be eliminated. I trained a 43 year old 82 kg women to drop down to 57kg.

    • Alice

      I can say that I personally don’t care about height or looks, and I know a lot of girls that are the same way

    • FG

      Can’t say the is true, even fatties I come across droll over Brad Pitt And the dude that Channing dude. Infact women in general take it to the extreme and compare every guy they are interested in to a celeb…which is pretty dumb and superficial.

    • MrsD

      I definitely am into tall men only (I am 5’2, and my husband is 6’2), but I would NEVER compare a real man to a man that doesn’t exist in my world. I actually don’t know many women that would compare men. Mostly, they compare how men treat them, or make them feel. But then again, I am one of the not fat, “stuck up” bitches that can have what they want. Who wouldn’t choose what is most attractive to them if men are damn near THROWING themselves at me my whole life?? That would be ludicrous! “Oh hey, I am going to take the short fat guy with no job or self respect who hates life so much that he complains online about it. Yup, that’s the man of my dreams.” Basically, you guys are saying that you want women to choose the first guy that walks up to them, fuck them, then continue on with zero standards; for what, charity? Women know what you guys like, what we do not like, is make the women that you don’t like feel like shit–even if we do not fit into the category you hate. It makes you REALLY deserve your lot. I don’t know how I found this site this morning, buuuuuuut it’s pretty fun to just give my opinion all over the place.

    • FG

      you missed my point and at the same time proved my point.
      I said fat girls should not bother drooling over Brad Pitts and Johnny Depps because they themselves do not improve themselves to be attractive to the level good enough to attract high value men. They complain instead of workout, groom themselves, lose the bitchy attitude, learn to be feminine, learn to develop a good personality..you know, SELF IMPROVEMENT. Ugly/fat women have extremely high expectations. I’m 5’11 and good looking so I can go after hot girls. You are 5’2 and slim and have probably have a decent personality so you can go after hot guys( yes being short is more attractive to men, but you already knew that).
      Now regarding me saying women comparing every man they want to sleep with/date with a celeb, I’m not saying that you do not go for most attractive man you can get, hell no, but there are women out there who literally do not sleep with or date them because they do not look like Twilight dudet(forgot his name, the vampire dude) or Chris Hemsworth…like lol. that would be like me rejecting women because she does not look like a certain Victoria secret model.

    • Alice

      I just don’t get why everything has to be about looks.

    • FG

      I’m not the one who decides these things, women are the gatekeepers of sex after all, the yare the ones who decide whether they will allow a man to have sex with them. I mean women started approaching me when I was the 17-18 and it kept on happening .
      They all went for my looks and made excuses to talk to me, so from all that experience, I learned that westernized women, well a good majority of them seem to care a tonne about looks.
      And you can see this in the other females who post here. They are very fastidious about the height and looks of the man, even more so than men.
      Atleast men will date fat/ugly women.
      Ofcourse it is good that you are a woman who is the exception to the rule. More women would benefit from being les superficial.

    • Chelsea

      But men DO do that with women lol. I’ve seen it. Forget just simply slender and healthy, they look at every inch with vulgarity. Right size and firmness of breast, well-rounded bottom, waist so small that it looks like they took a rib out. Ever seen the movie Shallow Hal? That’s what I see with a lot of guys who themselves aren’t in great shape. Just imagining that porn star in their head and settling for no less than celebrity best.

    • FG

      Firstly, Hollywood has a big bucket of bullshit in their backyard…if you believe a Hollywood movie as truth…no offence, but you are deluding yourself.
      men do not do that unless top 1%…you are focusing too much on the top shelf men.
      These top 1% men can do that because they are so attractive that women approach them but more importantly, then can get that quality of women they go for.
      Majority of guys cannot do that and hence are less judgmental and mostly care about a chick that reduces her weight to be slim and keeps her hair long.

    • Chelsea

      No I’m not that deluded. I was just giving an example. I’ve seen men first hand (yes while I’m right there) talk in detail about a woman just walking by. However…that was just a few men, not a million. So it’s the majority of men that want just slim no super vulgar extras? That’s cool.

      One question though…you said that men “cannot” do that (be so picky). Are you saying that they can’t because (lets say all women on earth were skinny) that women are all still different looking in shape, and they can’t do that unless they want to get laid once every 5 years? Or…cuz there’s so many obese and unattractive girls that they have to lower standards? Which begs another question…if we were all thin. Would we still have a chance really?…cuz at that point, now men CAN be picky right?

    • FG

      Men cannot be picky not because most men are not super attractive that they have such amazing options I nwomen .

      Remember what I said “These top 1% men can do that because they are so attractive that women approach them but more importantly, then can get that quality of women they go for.”

      I know you are not a man, but if you were a man…do you know how hard it is to be the top 1% of men ? That is hard as fuck. Only guys like Fisto and Roosh are up there.I’m most likely in the top 10% easily due to being tall and good looking .

      But you have missed the point I was trying to make.
      The point : For men to even reach that level of arrogant pickiness, they have to hit the top percentage of men. Most other men are content with who they can get.
      Women on the other hand are just picky as fuck, going for top 10% of men unless they themselves are not attractive.

      This causes the top 10% of men to experience pussy paradise , like we are talking these guys have 7-8 girls in rotation while men who are not in the top 10% are mostly virgins or have a relationship that is on the rocks….all because of woman being so picky and superficial. I’m grateful to not be in this situation, but damn I feel bad for the other men below me

    • Chelsea

      Not all women are that picky. I’d love to get a statistic though if youre absolutely sure. Some women I don’t understand because I believe deep down they want a good man who is not all about himself and getting a pussy. But I don’t even want to know a percentage of those men cuz I’m sure its rare. I do believe the percentage of hot women being 100% shallow and stuck up is also rare. A lot of women do have standards (morally) which is why they block out many men. Sad for men who are truly decent and not just wanting a one-night stand. What I don’t get with some women is why they want a man (1%) who are clear dickheads and go after pussy alone.
      My current story (please be open-minded). I’m overweight,cute face. Ya know…the kind that frustrate men cuz my potential to be at least an 8 is within weightloss alone. I do like men that are healthy, maybe a little extra belly, but I look at the heart. I’ve been chased by slender men who think I’m sexy already. As much as any bigger girl would love that…I don’t. Call me old-fashioned and fairy-tale-ish…but I want to someday be married to a man who grows old with me. That can’t happen if he doesn’t take care of himself and if I MYSELF don’t do the same. So where I am?…single, happy, improving myself in and out. First and foremost for myself because I’m the one who will live with me everyday till I die someday. Secondly for my future man wherever he is out there. I don’t need a 1% man though. Just “my” 1% If that makes sense. Not stuck up. Dont getme wrong, I believe every man deserves his perfect princess too. Going through girls like tissue doesn’t make sense to me though. But you’re right…I’m not a man. Iodon’t know.
      I know…fairy-tale-ish. Maybe I’ll be a n old cat lady someday lol. But at least I’ll be healthy and happy with me either way. Hope the best for you too.

    • Alice

      I just know personally, I am much more attracted to personality than physical things like height, weight, appearance, etc. I don’t care if was the sexiest man alive, if he was a dick and had a terrible personality,I wouldn’t be interested. On the other side, a guy could be ugly or fat,but if he had a good personality and was funny than I’d be way more attracted to him than a good looking guy who has a shitty personality.

    • FG

      I think you will have to define these personality traits you go for. Good personality can mean many thing.

    • Alice

      True, well and it will be different for any person, but for me just things like being funny and not self centered, being open minded, just someone that I want to be around. Just a good person. But not someone that cares about pleasing people too much either, I don’t really know it’s kind of hard to explain. I just know that personality to me is 10x more important than looks

    • FG

      I need to hook up my 5’4 and below friends with you or your friends, these guys are richer than me, dress better, more stable, and better personality-wise than my 5’11 ass, haha.

  • Hotwheels

    This essay does the best job of describing how obesity rates effect social dynamics I have yet to see. My own experiences mirror 20Nations to the point I felt compelled to create a website for guys looking for attractive, feminine women as the supply is the US is actually making them hard to find.

    The pictures above are especially galling as they clearly show how attractive women allow themselves to go to pot, apparently feeling that bon bons are more important than fitting into a nice cocktail dress. A guy will like her anyway, right?

    Not the guy she really wants, He will invariably be with the girl that takes pride in her appearance and acts feminine and proper.

    Fat shaming needs to make a comeback. When it was common, fatties were not.


    • A. Fat Girl

      Um nope, I am definitely with the guy I want to be with. And he has women hit on him all the time, and yes I mean slim attractive women. I’ve certainly gotten the “wait you’re with HER” face a few times. Would he prefer I’d be thinner? Probably so, all other things remaining the same. It’s just not important enough to him to be a deal breaker. And honestly, that motivated me more than shaming or anything like that. Because he is an amazing guy and as his girlfriend I want to provide the absolute best version of me to him.

    • Bobby Fedorawitz

      Thread now about you. To be fair you’re probably big enough to have your own thread.

    • Molnár András

      One thread is not enough.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Your so ugly..

    • James

      I would love to have your email so i can give you mines

    • Chelsea

      I’ll take yours if she doesn’t want it.

    • A. Fat Girl

      Not sure how I just made it all about me simply by drawing from personal real life experience to argue against your point. I am actually trying to have a genuine exchange about the views and opinions regarding fat women. That’s my fault, I’ll stop trying to have a conversation with someone who’s response is basically the same as an 8 year old’s response would be.

  • Fat girls are so ugly they couldn’t get raped in Delhi. Trust me.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      but your picture……………. your not even fat and your ugly.

    • But you’re fat and ugly.

    • jaycich

      You should try fucking one. Not the really fat ones, but the plump will do thing you’ll love.

    • A. Fat Girl

      As a fat girl who has been raped, your comment disgusts me. Especially since the rape was after I had lost weight and had a decent body. So, yeah, I put the weight back on as a defense mechanism and I have a lot of “issues”. But I’m glad to not be rape worthy anymore, so thanks. I’d much rather be fat than raped. Why don’t you take a brutal rape involving more than one man that breaks a rib and a wrist and then tell me how it affects your life. You are entitled to your opinion about fat girls, entitled to find them ugly, and entitled to say so, and I’m actually ok with all of that. But making a crude comment about rape is beyond tactless.

      This is the kind of guy I’m supposed to lose weight for and try and be attractive for? Please people. Golly, my life would be so much better if I had a rude, narcissistic, immature asshole in it, proud that I am desirable for rape!!! Better rush to the gym immediately!

    • jaycich

      That is terrible, reading that just fucked up my day.

    • Chelsea

      I’ve worried about things like that when losing weight and getting attention from men. The same defense mechanism I’ve used. Men seem to be more rel and open even you’re just a plump friend,, or you see how truly d-baggish men are when they look at you, give you a dirty look of disgust and walk away (not even willing to be a friend) but when the weight is off, men are like “game on.” I haven’t been raped, so I can’t imagine how you feel. But I’ve seen your comments, you’re pretty understanding and respectful of others opinions. Don’t lose that. Its good stuff.

    • A. Fat Girl

      Hey thanks I was just reading through your comments as well, I haven’t been on here in a while. It does change going from fat to a much leaner version (though I was still about 20 pounds overweight). A lot. It even changed with guys that were just friends that knew me as fat first. It’s tough to get used to. Logically, I know that simply losing weight isn’t going to put me in danger of being raped again. But I also know that had I been 100 pounds heavier that day, I probably wouldn’t have been raped to begin with. When someone is overweight – which let’s face it, usually DOES have largely to do with their diet and exercise habits, whether currently or at some time in the past – I think it’s because of an unhealthy relationship with food. You have to retrain your brain entirely. When food has been your coping mechanism for so much of your life, losing the weight is a lot more complicated than just the diet and exercise part of it. All of a sudden, you have to find a new coping mechanism. Bad days become a huge hurdle, because you can no longer relieve that stress by curling up with your favorite snack.


  • Bill Brown

    Is there a way to configure Google Glass to automatically block fat women from my vision?

    • KeyShona

      See like was this really necessary? I understand you don’t have to like fat people but don’t be immature and rude about it. Just express your opinion respectfully

    • Davis Rivas

      but since 60% of US population are fat and rising, almost everything from your vision will be blocked.

  • Molnár András

    Fat women are useless for anything. They are lazy, unhealthy and stupid.

    • GetItGoing

      Aren’t they useful for an easy lay? 😉

    • Molnár András
    • GetItGoing

      🙂 He he

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Aren’t you useless for an easy lay… umm perverted much?? …

    • dani

      Two things~

      “I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature.” -Adolf Hitler

      “The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to one category. ” ― Adolf Hitler

      20Nation… next Adolf Hitler?

    • You totally nailed it Dani: End of thread.

    • Emily

      It’s really simple. Hot girls want hot guys.

      Tall, wide shoulders, nice hair and teeth, cute face, nice & funny personality, confidence, good job, and willingness to commit.

      If you don’t rate, if you are average, do yourself a favor and stop expecting to get someone out of your league.

      There are always exceptions, but usually an average man who wants someone above average can overcome with money, fame, power, etc.
      Or else yes, you can buy a prostitute girl from another country to be yours.

      Either way, it has nothing to do with fat girls. If every fat girl lost 200 pounds, hot girls still want a tall hottie guy.

      LOL It does not matter to me what anyone else looks like, if there were no available tall muscular men on earth I would wait alone for an alien to arrive 😀

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      2 Questions 2 Sentences… Your telling me this why? What makes you think I care about wth Adolf Hitler Opinion is? And I seriously really… Don’t give a fuck how cruel or fucked up men are! I said what I had to say.

    • It’s like eating at Mc Donalds though, a quick easy meal but you feel worse after 😉

    • A. Fat Girl

      We’re useless, so why would we bother losing the weight? Really, we should just all kill ourselves.

      By the way, I would bet you a year’s salary that my IQ is way higher than yours. And that my year’s salary is higher than yours. But, yeah, I’m worthless.

    • Molnár András

      Like your salary makes you attractive….or worth anything.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      And your dumb ass fuck and Judgmental and an fucking idiot! Not all fat women are lazy dumb ass! MEN ARE LAZY when you want A WOMEN to do everything for your ass were not your mother JERK! and LAZY my ass….. know what . GTFO old ass man! Your picture is ugly… please don’t try and diss big women when you looking like an hairy white albino frog…

    • Molnár András


      Insecure much?

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Ummm Your Mother?

  • Sir Vigorous

    Eloquently put my good sir. It’s a total eye-sore.

    Also, It makes girls who are average or who are borderline 7/8’s not try as hard cause they always get treated as hot. There are so many thin girls I know who are one fewer ice cream cone and three hours in the gym away from being tone and total 9’s. If the girl’s competition are giant walking muffins then she isn’t going to put in that lil bit of effort.

  • Chelsey Kirk

    :Warning: Do not read if you do not like naive comments, and/or innocent viewpoints…. And possible rambling, just letting my feelings about it flow ( it happens.)
    (Also, there is a To Long, Didn’t Read, at the end.)

    I know my understanding of this topic is slim, since I am very young and basically have not lived life long enough yet to grasp the concept of this argument completely.

    I would like to say that… The world would probably benefit more if obese PEOPLE, in general would try their best to downgrade their size(weight)… Not just women.
    They’d be much more healthier for it, and would not spend as much money on healthcare because of the problems that come with being overweight.

    I know that for some people, that it is indeed hard to lose the weight..
    Whether it be from genetic traits, or just from lack of motivation.
    Because lets face it, it is much more easier to gain, than it is to lose.
    That is why men/women who are overweight, get discouraged when they try to lose it.. Because of how difficult it is. However, when name calling comes into play, or any other rude remarks for both sides.. I.E. People thinking that this slim person has a stuck up attitude, or this fat person is disgusting, and should get out of the way because no one wants to see that… These kinds of comments, these remarks.. Heck, even loathing stares!.. They diminish whatever drive that person had :(… Thus making the situation overall, much, much worse.

    I read through a fair amount of comments on this thread.. And it is disheartening to see the bashing, and name calling from BOTH sides going on.
    I know that it is my naive-ness about how society works that makes me think this way.. But… Why can we not just help one another when it comes to this subject? I am sure that everyone would come to a happy medium about it, if we just help out one another.. I say ” Happy medium “, because there is no such thing as perfection/perfect. There is only bettering yourself, or what you’re doing.. You know, striving to be a better version of yourself everyday…
    But, I guess it can not be that way because of how people are.. Even though I still have faith in the notion that maybe, just maybe one day.. There’ll start to be more, and more people out there. Who want to help out another living, breathing, human being, with this kind of problem.

    : If you haven’t already, you might want to stop reading this post.. As I am about to speak from personal experience in detail.:

    As from experience.
    For overweight people, and you make the commitment to lose those extra pounds… You’ll actually find out who your real friends are. Why do I say this? Well, I can only give you evidence from what I have experienced, so I guess you can take it with a grain of salt.

    All of my life, I had been overweight, I once reached two-hundred pounds.. And I am only 5’7, however I have a bigger structure than most women.. But it still showed. I would always be with my cousin when I was in my teens, and I noticed that all the males would look me over… And quickly have only keen eyes for my cousin, who was a much healthier weight. My family, and my friends never once said anything to me about my weight, they just accepted me for who I was.. Or at least that is what I thought.

    About three years ago, I decided to finally get to my desired weight.. And I dropped fifty pounds, through hard-work, lots of water, and walking everyday.
    And all and behold, all of my friends started commenting about how I looked so much better.. And that I was not that big chubby girl anymore, who had one too many payday bars….. That hurt me, realizing that they probably talked about how I looked physically, behind my back without being open and honest.
    But what really hit me hard was when my closest friend ( my cousin.) Said to me ” I am so happy that you lost the weight Chels, now I don’t have to feel embarrassed hanging around you anymore.”………………..

    It really hit me in the chest.
    It made me realize, people who you think you know, are probably way different when you are not around them.. And possibly have ill thoughts about you.
    Also the fact of making my family/friends, EMBARRASSED to be around me in PUBLIC, because I was obese.
    I will not lie, I died a little inside. I felt betrayed almost…
    It really hurt.. However, I took it in stride.
    Everyday, I made sure to be the best version of myself that I could possibly be, because of that.
    And I believe that overweight people, could benefit in more ways than ONE, from getting into shape.

    I am sorry for getting extremely off topic here, I just wanted to let it off my chest I guess.

    I just wish that we could help one another, to be a better version of ourselves.
    Even if it is just words of encouragement, without falsehood behind it.
    And doing it without hateful remarks, or rude criticisms that are not constructive.

    I know it is extremely naive to hope for the stated above in the TL;DR… But at least I have hope for it :).

    • s

      Chelsey, I wholeheartedly agree with your post and believe that you are a genuine person who really cares about yourself and others. However, I disagree with your context about being naive, because you are more mature than most of the posters here (including myself, at times).

      The big picture is not that there isn’t an obesity epidemic in America. It’s not okay to accept unhealthy lifestyles, advocate that people (I love how you made the exact point that obesity includes males and females) remain in an unhealthy form and not take initiative to better themselves. It’s not about a bunch of angry, obese women coming forth because some guys said something to hurt their feelings. There are many issues on this website that would offend many people; women, men, parents, Americans, people from other countries who do not sleep around.

      The whole point is that this has *nothing* to do with the obesity rate in America. As you can see above, thin women are referred to as “skinny bitches”. These guys are women-haters whose sole intentions are to demoralize girls into believing that what they say and what they do is how men really think, when not all of them do. And it’s difficult for young, naive and susceptible girls to decipher the difference. These guys know that, that’s why they do it!

      It all boils down to their own issues with self-esteem. It’s a defense mechanism. They don’t feel that they can live up to a female so they must put all women down, as if they are superior to her, and that all women need to conform to their personal preferences in order to be deemed as attractive to the opposite sex. If these men were confident within themselves, they wouldn’t be afraid of women, to the point of posting articles about how to appearance unafraid in the presence of females. Rather than *them* taking the initiative to everyone their own person issues, they would rather put down others so that they have control over how close they are with people. They fear that if these women find out who they *really* are, they won’t accept them nor even speak to them at all. They are projecting their own problems onto other people to take the focus off themselves. It’s manipulation.

      It’s sad, all the way around. Sad that guys do this and pass it on to their friends and family members (usually boys pick this up from a Dad who talks bad about his mom or women in general). And there are far too many women who believe that this is the standard of all men, and that they are only alive to feed these guys’ egos.

  • FG
  • pinkbubbles12

    sometimes I can’t believe how shallow some people are. I hope the writer never reproduces. Sadly, he’s probably one of those people who thinks he deserves a million kids to carry on his genes.

  • pinkbubbles12

    I can’t believe how shallow some people are. I hope author never actually raises one of his illegitimate kids. They are better off without him.

    This is comparable to me saying that poor men make it harder for me to land rich men. So, 20nation, quit your lousy job as an internet journalist at a 2nd grade site, and start working at a high salaried position. There needs to be more rich men in america.

    • s

      That’s exactly why he does it, because he can’t live up to anything more than what he already is.
      Looks like his 5-year gaming addiction ruined his social skills in more ways than he realizes.

    • JessePinkman

      good point about saying poor men make it harder for you to find rich men. women have taken over the workplace, filing sexual harassment lawsuits and still wanting to be treated to dinner. They’ve emasculated us with domestic violence advocates, making men powerless punching bags. Women used to need protection from men, because they were such frail, beautiful beings that would be susceptible to rape. Security was a big, strong man who provided a safe place and brought home the bacons. These same inherent subconscious motives still survive, while society has changed all the rules. Men are shown getting slapped in their faces in media all the time, supposed to just take it “like a man”. Women have made us empty shells of what we once were, and they’re not supposed to bring anything to the table? The LEAST they can do is not be a fat cow. What else do you have to offer? Men want looks and loyalty, women want a whole list of stuff. Women need to hold up their fair share.

    • Elyse McMeechan

      What kind of stereotypical b.s. is that? You’re like an old fashioned misogynist with a woman’s profile pic. Honestly if you view women as fragile in the least, you’re doing feminity wrong. Women are not just something to fuck and cuddle, if that’s all you’re trying to be than you’re useless and deserve to be treated like the glorified sex toy you strive to be. I’m educated, creative, intelligent, can cook, clean, like travel and adventure, make my own money and pay my own way and I expect nothing more or less than that from my partner and believe that every guy has the right to expect the same. However, if the ONLY thing you’re looking for in a mate is what they look like, then you deserve to have an equally useless, shallow counterpart.

    • JessePinkman

      There is no negative stigma for single mothers in the US, miking the father for alimony/child support. Women are thus financially stable, and rewarded for being unworthy life-mates. Make babies and disappoint/cheat/lie/abuse/mooch-off-of/deny sex from/manipulate your man, here’s some money.

    • Bella

      HAHAAH he probably jerks it to animated chicks.
      Another angry man complaining that his male privilege should be more privileged. Meanwhile these dumb men are getting paid more than women. I don’t believe in censorship, but we should eliminate the stupid so it doesn’t spread.

  • thenewminority

    Ha! This is not only funny, but it cast a certain light on my dilemma…I am and have always been very fit. Though 49, I look about 39, and I’m in the same athletic shape as I was when I was 15. I’m by no means shallow; I will wait years for the right woman, but she HAS to be fit. By today’s standards, she’d be a freaking super-hero, because it seems EVERYBODY is so goddamned FAT. Geez, 20 years ago, 10 pounds was fat. Today, being ten over (which is really unhealthy, and a waste of your body), is considered just fine. And why not, since it seems about 1/2 of people in the developed world (and a lot of less advanced/ rich countries) are just plain HUGE. You know, I think you have revealed part of the cause as to why I look around me and have decided not even to TRY to find the next “one.” I can’t even SEE someone attractive enough to find out if there’s a beautiful mind there.
    But, though you’re right in that the unbearable fatness of the average woman is making the fitter women seem like gold, and knowing it, at least I can take solace knowing most men are giant fat phocques as well. And au contraire, many women DO appreciate it mightily, when a man is fit, especially when he’s very fit. And looking around, I literally feel like I’m an alien on this planet now. it seems that overnight, the population has been 75% replaced by pudges. It’s awful.

    • s

      True, women do appreciate a man who respects himself enough to take care of his body. But we also appreciate a good attitude and good personality just as much, if not more.
      When we hear men use rude and disrespectful language towards others, we think (and are usually right about this) that he will do the same to us. He becomes unattractive to us in a way that has nothing to do with his outward appearance at all. He comes across as bitter, insecure and not strong-willed enough to know what he wants nor how to find it. Ladies are interested in gentlemen who have their acts together, not guys who follow the herd.
      Also, being physically healthy doesn’t always mean that the person is mentally or emotionally healthy, too. Personally, I would choose a level-headed person of average looks over a psycho supermodel anyday.

    • thenewminority

      I wish I could act as the archetypal, perhaps mythical woman does, visa-vis looks and attraction: if only I didn’t need a certain set of physical traits. But that’s my heart and soul, not just my sex drive. It’s that I can’t fake attraction. And it was really the same when I was a teenager, and beautiful girls were everywhere. I really was only attracted to a small pool of girls. I’m just selective, and I’ll do the same with food; I’d rather go hungry than eat junk food or something I don’t want to eat. *Good for you (seriously) if you can be attracted to that “level-headed person of average looks…” Trouble is, to me, the “average” person is not someone I would want to get intimate with…definitely not. Mind you, I am absolutely repulsed by the made-up, strutting type of woman, even if she is pretty beneath all the clownish disguises. I just have my own standards. And I’ve never, ever slept with a woman (just) because I was horny, and she was an available female. If I wouldn’t be happy and proud to be with her, I wouldn’t touch her. It would make me sick. I could never understand how guys could sleep with someone they’d later hide from…because they did not find them attractive! It’s bizarre. Seriously? They slept with a girl, even though they weren’t turned on? That’s sickening. How does that even…work? It’s like masochism, or self-rape.
      Oh, and I had my fill with psycho supermodels…when I was sixteen. No arguments there. No more personality disorders, thank you.
      Now, to dip back into the conversational sewer: “YO, CHICKS BE CRAZY FAT THESE DAYS.”
      Thank you.

  • thenewminority

    This is a good laugh (with a narcissistic twist), but it also rings a bit true to me. I’m not here to pick a ridiculous fight with, or goad someone who is, or feels over-fat. Hell, I could throw a rock in any room, and be 75% sure of hitting such a person, anyway! But, ahem… I’m just as mad as all the fat men out there. Please people, what the hell are you doing? It’s just bizarre to go someplace like the grocery store, and take in a large panorama of people. Making the most cursory, non-counting assessment, I see a few sticks protruding from a mass of globes. In counting, it is usually 8 or nine out of ten who are overweight to morbidly obese. My eyes tell me every day, that the reality is WORSE than the statistics tell us. And this is Colorado, one of the most fit states! What a sad joke. I always knew I’d stay in great shape all my life, but I did not dream that when staring at fifty, I’d be far physically superior to virtually all teenagers. Folks, that’s just *sad*. I feel sorry and so bewildered when I look at all these young men and women who should be full of strength and energy, and instead they’ve got one foot in the grave. The only place I see a large percentage of fit people, is the free weight section of the gym (a very palpable demarcation exists between the exercise bikes/ ellipticals, and the free weight half). And unfortunately, most of the really fit people are…men, and it’s clear by their warped physiques, that a large percentage of them are steroid abusers, like to a ridiculous degree. Man, this is one messed up place now. Funhouse mirrors everywhere.

  • jraye

    I think you’re full of shit.

  • Annie

    Um… Is this a joke? Were you trying to be a douschebag? Because wow. You are so incredibly full of yourself.

  • FG

    Awesome twitter pic to point out women’s double standards….especially growing 6-7 inches is not possible …but losing the fat is possible.

    A woman’s disgusting double standard for physical attractiveness needs to be pointed out…so these fatties shut the fuck up.

  • Luna

    It sounds like you just suck at picking up women, to me. You’re either too short, broke, lacking in charisma/personality, unattractive, or more than one of the above- otherwise you wouldn’t be complaining about needing the playing field to be made easier for you. Proper alpha males do not need to moan about the “stupid fat girls” making it soooo hard for them to get to the meany hot girls (how dare they have standards and not let you have sex with them?)! Have you considered the fact that women in the Phillipines like you more because of your US citizenship and American money? The Phillipines is a very poor place and is ranked #4 of countries with the highest number of prostitutes. Many of the women are raised being taught that meeting an American man is their meal ticket.

    Also, it’s a total myth that women don’t care much for looks- especially with Generation Y/the Millennials. I’m a woman and I am only attracted to tall, successful, well-dressed men with aesthetically pleasing faces. It’s important to me for my partner to be as good looking-if not more so than I- because I don’t want ugly, short kids and I want to know that other women find what I have attractive. I’ll say that I’ve had very few female friends (I’m 24 now) that feel differently. During my single days, I could bitch off about how much nicer it’d be to see more hot/tall/fit/well off men when I would hit the bars (or anywhere, really) with my friends, and no fat/old/short/socially inept/balding/broke guys (therefore there would be more hot guys for all us girls!) but I don’t complain because it’s fucking stupid and very much of an entitled attitude. Play the game, take your own advice. Stay fit and clean, groom yourself, dress well, be funny and interesting, make good money and women won’t treat you like shit. Men with nothing to offer but still try to hit on us are annoying, repetitive, and one of the downfalls of everyday life.Girls get hit on all the time.

    There was a time when I was very depressed and let myself get fat (180, now 130, 5’6) and I still got hit on constantly- on social media sites as well as out in public. Of course it’s even more so now, but this leads me to believe that fat girls make even less of a difference anyway. If we’re abiding by your idea, then maybe men should stop being so thirsty/desperate all the time because there are lots of fat girls out here feeling and being treated like they’re the sh*t too.

    • s

      You are totally right, Luna. I’m a tall female (5’10” and 135#). I could blame the world for being too full of short men and we’d all be better off moving to The Netherlands, where everyone is very tall. But I don’t because height doesn’t bother me. I am confident within myself and don’t need to value my womanhood on anybody else’s height.
      I, also, used to be heavier. I got way more attention from men when I was bigger. I could say that the problem isn’t with a woman’s looks, but rather with men who are too intimidated to talk to attractive, fit and respectable women.

    • FG

      You’re 5’10 , which is bad enough cause tall women = unattractive. I mean your at the height of a average man. No tall good looking man wants that unless that tall man sucked so bad that they had little options and settled for the tall guy.
      Unless you are not superficial and are okay of dating a man of average height or shorter, better move to the Netherlands for your own good.
      I’m 6’1 and banged a 5’2 girl…hot as hell
      If I saw a tall female, I’d thing you used to be a male who got a sex change. but not only that, you got big ? Atleast Nicole Kidman had the brains to stay dainty and slim even though she 5’11 coupled with her face….she could get a hot short guy.

    • Molly

      It’s funny you mention your height because with all the bitterness you hold for tall women I would have thought you were a bitter short guy who was turned down by too many women who were taller than him. I’m 6’1, and My height has never given me any trouble when it comes to dating or attracting men. In fact, many men have sited my height as the thing that first attracted them to me. They like that they don’t have to bend down to kiss me, and that when we have sex we look each other in the eye instead of me just staring at their chest. They’ve said they love the feeling of my long legs wrapping around them, and and they love how my legs look endless in high heels. I’ve dated men of all heights as well. I find something I love about all the different height groups.

      Maybe you should stop assuming that your opinion on tall women is shared with all other men.

    • FG

      I love how superficial women can me…I enjoy it.
      You are definitely right on women wanting tall good looking men. I mean I’m tall and good looking and experience it on the regular and these club sluts just go for it, eye fucking me and making the first move. Like what is the point of having a relationship when a guy like me can get many girls real easy.
      I am not trying to brag, just putting it out there + I’m grateful as fuck for being born tall + good looking, I mean I’m a freaking warehouse laborer and I bang slim women with nice face + tits who have provider BFs on the side. Amazing shit really
      Ofcourse one thing should be noted, men that are born short…it is genetics, it really is not different to being born Black/Asian/Indian.
      If you hate on short guys, you might aswell be a racist, because it is the same thing….hating on something out of the man’s control.
      Don’t get me wrong though, if being tall helps me get my dick in vag/mouth….well I’ll just be grateful for women to be unable to see the differences between male and female preferences in the opposite sex.

    • JS

      OMG. Not liking short guys is on par with being a racist?! That gave me a good honest laugh. Women are hardwired to like taller men. It’s a masculine trait, and you sound like a short guy who wishes he were attractive.

    • FG

      I think you missed my first and last paragraph…which gave me a good laugh at you reading skills haha

      Being tall is not some masculine traits, it is a socially constructed masculine trait which is conditioned into women via social media which I benefit from. When I went to SEA or non-westerninsed parts of Europe, it is not uncommon seeing average short guys with very attractive women, and I’m talking model-quality women.

      And yeah women do discriminate again short guys, I see this on the regular because I’m tall+ white so they freely rip on short guys in the same way they rip on other races…..then there is the exposing heightism thing on twitter which is a compilation 100+ women in the internet passing ill wishes upon short men…. which pretty much likens not like short guys with racism AKA hating/discriminating a characteristic of a man that cannot be changed.

      I guess you could say I feel bad for my short male friends of mine that don’t get laid due to their height( they dress better, a bit more better looking and yet I’m the tall one getting dick in vag) . The superficiality from women is mind boggling, atleast men are attracted for changeable traits in women.

    • roxane

      So you have a problem with women not liking short men because short men cant grow.

      What about african women with short hair that would most likely not have a husband because of her dark skin, which is seen by many men to be masculine and thats why black are considered masculine, and naturally has short hair?
      Do you judge men for hating on those kinds of women? Most likely you dont.

      Wheres your proof that being tall isnt masculine? How many men like tall women?

      How many women are tall?why are there so few tall women.

      If yku dont like womens double standards when men have double standards also youre exacly the very thing you hate. A HYPOCRITE and a hater.

      Just because you men hate on things that can be chhanged doesnt make you better than us.

      I bet a million dollars you have a fat b*tch in your family. I bet the women around you dont know that you loathe them.


    • FG

      You are the a hypocrite and a hater, fucking coward, go back to school.

      You are a typical dumbass loser , ofcourse I think women are stupid for not liking men for their height, I have such great friends who are 5’5 and below and great guys, but these women and their wacky wiring, INCLUDING YOU, do not accept them, treating them like the plague.

      I’ve banged African women with short hair, they are rare as I live in LA, but it was a non issue CAUSE THEY WERE SLIM. The only reason men od not like black women is because of the self entitled attitude .

      See only hateful women like you would try to assume that all men are choosy for traits in women that cannot be changed, when it really is the opposite.


      Is that big enough for your thick skull?
      Oh and hand congrats, you now owe me a million dollars, cause I let any fat bitch in my family know that it she is unhealthy and that she should lose the weight unless she is 40+ where her metabolism would slow down.
      I will give any parent in my family who raises their kids on a diet that makes them fat.
      U MAD ?

      Send that million dollars by paypal.

    • Molly

      Actually, humans are sexually dimorphic creatures, albeit not majorly, so being bigger and taller is considered a more masculine trait, but it’s not the end all be all that people like you are making it out to be.

  • Fatty Mcfatterson

    Um, you are a dick. That’s all I can even say. What a shallow pig. Go fuck yourself. Good luck finding a “hot” wife with an attitude like that. What happens when your “hot” wife has her 4th kid? Get your shit together. Looks fade with time and you’ll be left with your pud in your hand.

  • holy moly

    I believe you are the most fucked up person to write this shitty article

  • 69nation

    You are being nice by saying being stuck up is only part of the American culture. Boy, that’s the US agenda! Land of entitlement and white privilege!! Who cares if women are fat, skinny, ugly, sexy, middle class, rich, poor, smart, stupid. This is a man’s world. USA! USA! USA!

  • FatGirl

    This is pretty disgusting.

  • rena215

    Here’a a novel idea. How about the author work to improve himself so that he’s good enough to pull an attractive woman in the U.S., rather than pushing his frustrations on someone else.

  • Date like a man

    I think that fat men do the same thing to the women dating pool. Let’s face it- fat men are disgusting and women ARE appalled by them. Men that say that women don’t care about it as much are just lying to themselves.

  • roxane

    I will enjoy my cats.
    When I lose weight and become sexy you men better keep your damn mouths shut. IF YOU DON’T WANT ME FAT YOU DON’T DESERVE ME SKINNY.
    Maybe those stuck up pretty women didn’t talk to you because they were once fat and ugly and men treated them like crap but now that theyre attractive they developed a nasty attitude with men and I dont blame them. Ill be one of them.

    How is my comment stupid?
    Im suppose to like men who dont like me?
    Do you like lesbians? Do you treat them the same as other, err, attractive women?

    Therein lies the problem? I dont have a problem. You men not liking fat girls is the problem. You dont like it? Too bad. Not our problem.
    Why dont you lower your standards? No? Then dont tell us to change if you’re not gonna change.

    I will admit that this article is right. Ive been trying to figure out what to say to men that keep talking to the fat and ugly girls and scratching my head when I see men date them. Talking is one thing but dating….is just….unnatural.

    This is roxane by the way.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      When I lose weight and become sexy you men better keep your damn mouths
      those stuck up pretty women didn’t talk to you because they were once
      fat and ugly and men treated them like crap but now that theyre
      attractive they developed a nasty attitude with men and I dont blame
      them. Ill be one of them. Love that part… “I will admit that this article is right. Ive been trying to figure out
      what to say to men that keep talking to the fat and ugly girls and
      scratching my head when I see men date them. Talking is one thing but
      dating….is just….unnatural.” What the fuck……… HATE THIS PART?!

    • roxane

      Sorry you hate that part but it’s true.

      If you personally have a boyfriend or has had one then you should know that some people has probably been making fun of you. If you don’t care then thats good but you have to listen to what men say and pay attention to what they do.
      Maybe your boyfriend is settling. Maybe he’s tired of dating the hot girls. There are reasons why men date unattractive and ugly women.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      I agree… But if its about love and the heart and feelings why should the face matter Roxane? Why do some hot chicks date unattractive ugly ass men? It goes both ways now…. Not they’re fault they are ugly. and I dont get bullied actually im 200-220 pounds ……. but ik alot of big girls that has hot rich men. and they think they are beautiful and get mad at them when they think they are not. Um… its life DEAL WITH IT..

    • jaycich

      They know how to work it. I mean really work it.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Good , for you… they do.. but do you know how to work it? how do you call them lazy as fuck .. then say they can really work it? Bitch your confused. You don’t know what your talking about. Please make up your mind on if you want or don’t want an big girl . if you hate or dislike them. Don’t hoe around because you want to cherish your little fucking penis.

    • jaycich

      I met this girl on tinder, I couldn’t tell from the pics she was chubby. Said she sold the samples at specs and asked if I wanted to go by her job. Me being a big drinker “oh hell yeah!” lol So walked in and she recognized me right off back “you made it!” I was like oh shit, but I talk to her anyway. She’s chubby but still kinda nice looking. I don’t know what she weights, she’s about the size of the girl in the second pic down in this article. She was serving samples of amaretto, that really sweet liquor (not my style) I drink a sample, say I don’t like it, this is for girls” and we have a laugh. She had a personality, didn’t respond negatively to my assholeness (nothing to do with her, just the way I am) So I decided I wanted to fuck her. I took her out thursday, then saturday I fucked her, she’s GOOD, LIKE REALLY GOOD! So fucked her again tuesday. Last night I told her I was going out with my friends at a bar. She showed up, meet everybody, having a good time, but the whole time I was just watching the clock, waiting to take her home. I couldn’t wait, I told her I was tired and ready to go (like a quarter after 12) and took her to my place. 🙂

      Anal’s not as easy as they make it look on porn. Even with the lube I wasn’t working, I could barely get my head in there and she said it hurt. I told her to practice with a toy or something, she said she was too embarrassed to go buy one. So I’ve gotta go back to that place and buy one those dildos, fuckin embarrassing but it’ll be worth it in the end.

      As for fat chicks, if there just chubby, not too big, I think I prefer that over a butterface, which I’ve fucked a lot of.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      OMG! DID YOU REALLY HAVE TO TYPE ALL OF THAT?! and the girl in the second pic is chubby idk why he considered her super fat. AND NOBODY WANTS AN BUTT FACED 500+ weighted women( some can lead to medical situations or family traits ) … Im 198 and smaller then the girl in the second pic and still loosing weight! and Im like 3 times smaller not too much & im hispanic & black… but your a perv & about sex…… dick head. STOP thinking with your penis! and love her! Anal is gross. your horrible! LIKE IDC !!! BOUT UR SEX LIFE Im here to PROVE hating some one because they are big is a fucking dumb idiotic judgment.

    • jaycich

      You said make up your mind, I was just tryin to explain myself lol These are things every man’s wanted since puberty. We see them on porn, and wish we can do them, but that usually never happens though.

      I just met her, I can’t love her! But I am seeing and talking to her on a regular basis. Honestly if the sex wasn’t so satisfying, I wouldn’t have been thinking about her and probably would of avoided her calls. That was what connected us and get us where we are.

      She’s hispanic, real white complexed though, not that it matters.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      I Really.. don’t get men.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Okay. @ my comment getting removed lmfaoooo . Fuckers!!

    • jaycich

      I’ve noticed that, why do they remove em?

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Irdk lol..I see the comment now though. Weird.

  • Alice

    Okay I’m not going to give a bunch of excuses, but some of us aren’t fat because we “eat too much”. For example I have PCOS, and have no control over how much I weigh. I am 193 lbs and 5’7 but I regularly work out and eat healthily, but because of PCOS I gain weight as a hormone imbalance. We’re not all pigs, and honestly, maybe you should just get over yourself. This is completely shallow and unnecessary. If your really so concerned if a girl is a bit on the chubbier side then maybe that’s you’re having trouble “getting laid”. I know I wouldn’t want to be with someone so shallow and selfish. I’m just saying maybe its your fault and not the “fat girls”.

  • Alice

    It’s amazing how many ignorant people are on here

  • Alice

    Its annoying that everyone on here is just like “lose the weight” when some of us have no control over it and if I had the choice, of course I would lose the weight. I have a hormone imbalance called PCOS which depending on if its a good or bad month for my PCOS determines how much I weigh. I can’t just “lose the weight”

  • Kate

    It drives me nuts (maybe not in this case) when men who are themselves average at best complain that they cannot find an extremely attractive woman to date. Why do the majority of men feel entitled to a much more attractive woman? Guess what, if the obesity rates are high, odds are a lot of these men who are only attracted to a small subset of hot, thin women aren’t such studs themselves. The super attractive men and women are going to couple off and then all the average people are going to couple off and then the less attractive people. People (both men and women) need to stop thinking they are so amazing that they deserve a 10/10 when they themselves are a 5 or 6.

  • AnotherFatGirl.

    Um… Well here is what I have to say… I Am an over weighted women AND TO ANY OTHER OVER WEIGHTED WOMEN I Fucking applaud .. I don’t give a two fucks what a man think of me how or what anyone else has to say! Because pretty “Skinny” girls… even when they are cute… men out there will actually treat them like a fat girl and still treat them like a dirty bitch. So you can go on judging on us because I Don’t care… What you need is SENSE in your fucking mind… and stop mind plotting On women sizes and shit its really retarded and I really hope you get more mature then this… And to the other men……. Fuck you guys too!! I HOPE YOUR DICK GET ROTTEN AND FALLS INTO A Pot of fire…. anyways what im saying is ……. Im confident and I struggle and its my fault I am over weighted I wouldn’t say fat because I have more respect then that too myself. Yes I get depressed But now I think to myself really Ummm Love , why the fuck are you depressed, who gives a damn what they think?! Im A big women and im only 19. and loosing weight and doing what I can TOO LIVE LONGER Not because of what some dick ass perverts think. Every man that Doesn’t realize its not about looks can kiss my FAT ASS. because your idiots and if it was the other way around……. You would know how it feel… Its not right to be judged or disseminate because We don’t look like or the size of Kim Kardashian or katey perry etc. Idc about that… and half of you men that are posting .. I bet your not fucking hot or skinny your self .. or I bet one of you men has fucked up teeth .. or like , bald spots or maybe even cocked eyed. NOBODY IS Perfect don’t blame big girls because of your lack of game and you also have lack of knowledge … for you to say you hate someone because they are big…. is just fucky talk because would of you get a skinny girl and she has your kids and get fat? LIKE BIG. Or would of you get big and fat………….. And she leaves you?! yeah thats going to hurt . FUCKY ARTICAL & Comments! @afatgirl:disqus LOVED What you said……… We get depressed because its like an pressure for us to be perfect in everyone’s eyes when we really want them to accept us for our personality. Its not fair.. or not right were not dogs or anything. We get teased for being big?….. Reality check for you is every thing you want is not what you need and everything you think is not always right Lustful asshole! maybe that is why no one want you because your an judging ass! This world is HORRIBLE! Hot & Ugly men are attracted to hot thin/thick women. HOT thin women are attracted to an hot guy…. (most of the time ) Pretty much what you guys deserve. Going for the cover and not the book . ALL OF YOU SUCK MY MIDDLE FINGER.

  • Why I hate Morons

    Wow, so, technically, you blame fat girls for your own low self-esteem and admit that you can’t get a “sexy” girl because of fat girls. That is so pathetic. You ever realized the reality? The main problem is that you guys that love this website are just plain morons. You think sexy girls like morons? You could be a sexy hot guy, but in the end, how you think, how you act is what matters. Getting laid with a “sexy” girl doesn’t guarantee your total happiness. Seriously, after reading this blog and the comment, just gives me the creeps and disgust. The creator and followers of this blog should start looking at the mirror first, but really deep inside. Any other person could be talking about your mother, your sister or even a daughter. So, think again about these comments on fat girls. Honestly, something so fucked up happened to all of you that now you blame fat girls for your own flaws.This is called bullying. Let the girls live their life happy and improve yourselves please.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      <3 love this post

    • Alice

      This is seriously fantastic <3

    • GetItGoing

      The irony to what you just said is that women will show the very same behavior/attitude that you claim is shown here.

      How much attention would I have gotten from women if I still had lesser physical attributes (bad clothes, thin body, etc)? Answer: very little.

      It wasn’t until getting an athletic figure, dressing better, and more that I much more frequently have women respond positively. I accept that reality.

      That’s just how things are, that’s human nature. Women are not special snowflakes free from any responsibility for some of the very same things you complain about.

      In the same way, it is human nature in that (average, healthy) males are simply turned off by sloppy or obese women. That’s just how the world works. Accept reality. <3

    • guest

      Explain why I see so many smaller women with bigger guys?

    • zergminerg

      Power dynamics, fetishes, or simply primal urge. A subconscious duality exists between the sexes – men are the dominant forces, women are the submissive forces. Many feminists would disagree with that statement but it is a certifiable scientific and evolutionary observation. The reason height is a factor in dating is because it illustrates a very clear manifestation of this dominance-submission relationship – the man has to physically look down at the woman (ergo from position of strength), and the woman has to physically look up at the man (from a position of weakness). Not saying all women enjoy being ‘dominated’ by their man in terms of size – the lines have been blurred by the emergence of ‘alpha-women’ who are more aggressive in their partner selection since feminism took root – but ask any man if he feels more masculine with a smaller woman at his side and he will undoubtedly say yes. Its a way of two human beings stroking each others egos by giving into their primal desires to be dominated/dominating.

    • Chelsea

      Hey I used to sign comments as “guest.” You responded to another comment of mine that you appreciated. I sign in as Chelsea now. I agree with most of what you say. Women often hate bein domdomInated because they hate the word “weak.” I think feminists have become pissed because men have treated them like dogs for years. Women know that they, in general, are naturally weaker (in physical strength) than men. But you can’t deny their toughness in other areas. Its sad…dominance is such a bad word nowadays that will make people mad. Simply, women CAN care for themselves, and their young…but they desire protection, love, and respect from men. Protection is probably a better word.

  • Swarmenex

    But obesity is sweeping this nation. Along with fat women, comes fat guys. This means that hot girls and guys will have their own dating market while fat guys and girls will have theirs. In other words, the problem will solve itself because hot people will have hot children and fat people will have fat children and they will co-exist. And for those people who lack confidence or fat people who want hot people? Natural selection will claim their souls and they won’t get to reproduce.

  • xF3ARxx

    You’re a fucking dick. Maybe hot girls don’t want to date your ugly ass, and we actually want attractive males. Both looks matter, and frankly we don’t want to date a pile of shit such as yourselves, thank you very little.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Love this! lol!!

  • Bob Sheridan

    At first look, I thought the author was crazy. Reading this article is 100% true. I have traveled to other countries that had less fat women and I couldn’t believe how the hot girls were so easy to talk to. I thought it was a cultural thing, but the author has a good point.

    No matter how stuck up women in the US acts, they still want attention. They love it. Imagine if we had way less fat women, the guys would have more of an option and wouldn’t be drooling over one girl, especially if she has a funky attitude. You would see less “constipated stuck up looks” and way more smiles from pretty women if there were way less fat girls in the US.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Your picture is ugly…. men are such perverts. WHY DOES SIZE MATTER! ONCE AGAIN! I don’t give a two fucks what a man think of fat girls or how or what anyone else has to say! Idc about population on how many fat girls or skinny girls or w.e apparently your havent been around the whole USA to really prove anything … Because pretty “Skinny” girls… even when they are cute… men out there will actually treat them like a fat girl and still treat them like a dirty bitch. and the girls in the usa can be so stuck up because she had problems with dumb ass men hurting her or so fucking obsessed to be with her because shes cute and not for her personality or… because she use to be big! AND now shes small and she know how judgmental USA MEN ARE. Anyways other words……….. Fuck your self.

    • Bob Sheridan

      A fat girl calling me ugly doesn’t bother me at all. Actually I like that, because they won’t talk to me. I hate it when fat girls give me that big hungry grin thinking I would really talk to them.

      Double standards much? Women not matter what size will flat out say they won’t talk to a short guy. So a guy saying he doesn’t like fat chicks is a prick? How about you put the McDonalds and Krispy Kremes down and jump on a treadmill?

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      OH? Black guy talking shit? Actually Baby , I Don’t Eat Mc Donalds or Krispy Kreme. And I Don’t Do Treadmill.( Run A Mile each day) went from 230 pounds to 198! and if 198 Pounds is A big ol fatty then Fatty I AM and sexy! I Talk to many men , that look 50million times better then your greasy faced ass.. Medgit… I’m sorry I mean Dwarf?

      The hot girls are mostly the one who go for tall men and rich men. And for you to come at the “Big women” because hot women say you guys are short! WHY COME AT THE FATTYS? How is that our fault? FUCKER…

      YOU DON’T Look to small in your picture fat ASS HEAD SO if you look like A ZERO Please baby , PLEASE Don’t Come at me when you claim im ugly but your uglier then me! 198 pounds and I am I must say the most high confident big girl.. well thick wheather. anyways Im not talking to you the way you look I will never talk to you so you don’t have to worry about this big girl TALKING TO YOU EVER!

    • Bob Sheridan

      Why is the only person liking your post is you? You are still a fat loser. If 6ft tall is a dwarf, then ok you got me. lol

      I was talking about the double standards you dumb heifer. I’ll stay ugly to a fat girl all day. At least I have my face up here. Your fat and funky ass doesn’t at all.

      You are not thick, you are FAT!

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Perhaps you don’t see that I know that! I know that Im fat and proud of it . I rather be a fat then ugly as fuck you are a loser! A FUCKING Judgmental looser! and because I like my post and wht I said is 100% true like it or not bear gorrilla faced man whore. you will never get a hot skinny cute girl YOUR JUST UGLY! and actually if your not short… why the helll are you worried about women calling men short? OH. Cause your an lame !

    • Bob Sheridan

      Take your terrorist looking ass on some where, before I call homeland security. POS ref talking shit. You are such a fat loser arguing with everybody on here. Do the world a favor and kill yourself; it would be one less fat annoying chick.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Seems Like you didn’t get the memo. Mad much? Sense im “terrorist” Looking Your Black and bum looking. And how about you kill yourself! IT WOULD BE ONE LESS UGLY DUDE!

    • GetItGoing

      Bob, don’t humor bitter women.

      Keep your frame, don’t waste your time with silly women.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      GetitGoing …… Sir, Please get going. Just insulted fat women and you think Im suppose to be this nice chick?! saying thanks dude your totally right! omg im going to loose weight to jump in the bed with you!!! UM WTF? NO.

    • Bob Sheridan

      Yes. My fault for that. Great article though.

    • GetItGoing

      Yep. Don’t forget to check out Return ok Kings website. Some serious articles there, too.

      Look up “6 Reasons Fat Women Are Defective” and see who wrote that 😀

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      And Also this …… “Women not matter what size will flat out say they won’t talk to a short
      guy. So a guy saying he doesn’t like fat chicks is a prick?”

      OKAY.. Thats (some) Men fucking opinion that they don’t like fat women… Just like (Some ) Women don’t like short men. But! Like would of been better then saying “HATE”…

      And its okay…… I sense you have some feelings up your ass because hot women don’t want you in the usa… maybe if you looked better, better luck maybe some time?

      Its like this too me.
      Your bad quality
      the girl is Good quality.
      Why would A hot pretty chick Down grade to an ugly guy? Sense you judge us . we judge back 😉

    • GetItGoing

      “I don’t give a two fucks what a man think of fat girls or how or what anyone else has to say!”

      I want everyone to read what this woman said and think about this attitude.

      I rest my case.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Yup Attitude of A real confident women! Kiss my ass Rest that case.

    • GetItGoing

      Sorry sweety, I don’t argue with women.

      On the other hand, just a quick comment: Too bad you’ve got that pent-up anger/frustration. I’d imagine you’d be a lot of fun in bed. Might need to be spanked a bit, however.

      Have a great day.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      lmaooo. Seriously?….

    • GetItGoing


      If I’m ever in NYC again you can buy me a drink and tell me how much you hate me.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Sure thing dude… Or not.

  • MrsD

    “They think that their dating market value is much higher than it really is.” This is blatantly false. Their “DMV” is extremely high, as your main point suggests, because of out of all the women available, there are so many fat women that no one wants. What would you say, an 80/20 split? More? They are stuck up because they have so many men to filter through to find the perfect one that fits their ideals of the perfect mate. This means that the 1-6 guys better have a decent personality (or “game,” as you call it) in order to turn a woman’s head that is so valuable. Well, that, or stay down on their level. Also, I thought of another point for you: because men know how hard it is to get the nearly endangered “fit woman” in a place like the USA, they work hard to hold on to them. That means that these women do not enter back in to the market as often as the fat b*tches. Something tells me that you have some issues with your face and/or body, and/or personality because I know a good amount of regular ass dudes that always have 7s or 8s (being realistic, and assuming 9s are airbrushed magazines, and 10s are unicorns) with great personalities. I’m thinking it’s you brother. But this was interesting to read, and although you have some contradictions, I do think that you have a point in there..

  • Alice

    So how fat is too fat? I know I’m on the chubby side, but I don’t think I’m fat and I still get called pretty and cute so, I also have been told that I’m more curvy than fat, I know they said under 200, but what about for you guys personally ?

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Totally Agree..

    • Fisto

      If you weigh 200 pounds you are fat as fuck.

    • GetItGoing

      When a woman’s body gets so big she becomes sexually unappealing to a man, I’d say that’s fat.

      Obese doesn’t have to be that big, but means getting there.

      You can look up weight vs. height charts to find out.

  • Tab Hunter

    Perhaps the reason why European women who are skinny aren’t stuck up is because they aren’t bombarded on a daily basis with image-centered advertising campaigns and shallow marketing strategies. Europeans like glamour, but they don’t indulge on it 24/7 like we do here. Europeans also have a different take on sex in general. Where we Americans still act like prepubescent school children when it comes to matters of sex and sexuality, Europeans don’t act like they’ve never seen private parts before. They just don’t make a big deal out of it.

    ON the other hand – American men have become entitled, whiny pricks. They think they should have a woman that looks like a VIctoria’s Secret model, that all sexual encounters will go exactly like their favorite internet porn, and that vaginae are all smooth and hairless and all one color. Now women who like shallow, classless dudes, can have plastic surgery to make their labia smaller and bleached so that they are more appealing to the shallow, frat boy mentality.

    So, IMHO, skinny girls (re:HOT for the purposes of this insipid “article”)and the American advertising market and internet porn, have made it especially difficult for normal women (and even skinny women) to find a suitable man who isn’t obsessed with looks and feels entitled to have the women they see in the media.

    Asshole – you aren’t entitled. No matter what you think. The American hot girls who don’t find you attractive – the ones you think are “stuck up” – they just aren’t into you because they can smell your 20something desperation a mile away. European girls are probably digging that your American. I bet if they read this article they wouldn’t give you the time of day either.

    Many girls from the Philippines are eager to get out of their situation. Americans are often a way out for them. So I have seen very attractive Philippine women with over-weight truck drivers 2 times older than them. They aren’t latching on to you because they think you’re a stud, dipshit. Most of them are desperate. But I guess as long as they’re hot – you’re good, right?

    The promised land isn’t devoid of fat girls – it’s a place where men place a higher value on what their big head does over their little one.

    And I’m curious, why use Clark Gable as your avatar when discussing fat women? Are you not a hot dude? Aren’t you god’s gift? I’d like to see. I want to be able to judge your appearance. I am entitled, since I’m a fat chick.

    • Chelsea

      Love this haha

    • Maldita

      Very well said. I am from the philippines and I can confirm what she states is absolutely correct.

    • TrueStunnr

      That’s why I don’t like Filipino women. They have low standards and are desperate slts.

  • J&J

    Seriously? You make it sound like overweight women actually take away from the value of your life. You’re a total douche bag. My guess is that you haven’t gotten laid in years and no woman, thin or overweight will have anything to do with you because you’re so full of yourself.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Hahaha!! Agree.

  • Nate

    this is freaking awesome!!! I wish I had seen this before summer being almost upon us but nevertheless; I have to hand it to you. I really never thought of it this way. I always thought fat people only hurt themselves and their families. Now I realize they’re hurting me in more than one way and I’m 35. They suck up healthcare; increase the arrogance of skinny women; and decrease my confidence every time one of them makes herself known usually through loud talk and then looks in my direction as if I’m suddenly desperate. I’m scorpio —> loyal; sensual; but also very stubborn; never compromises. Good job on the article

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      ………”increase the arrogance of skinny women; and decrease my confidence every
      time one of them makes herself known usually through loud talk and then
      looks in my direction as if I’m suddenly desperate.”

      Nah….. Your just desperate & old.. very… Desperate & Old. ( All you men are on here! ) your going to be this picky and judgmental might as well prepare your self to be single your whole life living with cats & dogs. Or you can just be an rapist/Perverted creep and find your self behind bars.

      And if you don’t attract hot women… Seems like your not so hot your self dude.

  • HappyCamper1992

    So hot women in Third World countries with a lower obesity epidemic are more ‘approachable’ to Western men, are they?
    No fucking shit! LOL
    They see you as a meal ticket to a better life because you’ll probably either spend money on them or get them a visa. Do you REALLY think Eastern European and Thai women are really attracted to ugly old fat Westerners?

    In any other circumstance they would not like twice at them. It’s just hypergamy in action.

    This article is deluded……. “fat guys get hot girls”
    Let’s exclude the examples of celebrity and the rich fatties – how often do you see a fat bastard with a good looking woman? Me, nearly never. I live in a big city.

    No, the truth is, as a rule, hot women like hot men. Everything else is peripheral. Wealth, status, personality, yada yada yada

    Leagues do exist, most couples are roughly the same level of attractiveness, and usually the only reason people are bitching about the “game” is because they can’t measure up and so they make excuses or blame someone else as to why they can’t measure up, in this example, fat girls. In other cases it’s “nice guys” whining about “bad boys”, or feminist plain janes whining about “dumb bottle blondes”.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      So true…

    • TrueStunnr

      Hit the nail on the head with this one. Hot men like hot women, and vice versa. A doctor doesn’t marry a retail btch. Might be because I’m an East Asian though.

  • CandyKain

    Society doesn’t owe you a “hot chick” it owes you a slap in the face. Obesity in America is happening because as far as countries go we are rich, fat, and happy. Girls from other countries are going to be less stuck up to you because you are an opportunity for a green card and people are better fed over here. You are not shafted, you are just an entitled idiot.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      omg! exactly … smh hes a big idiot

    • jaycich

      Dude your posts are funny as shit, and then that face your making in your pic LMAO

      Your not bad looking BTW.

    • GetItGoing

      ^ White knight in the house, ya’ll.

    • jaycich

      Nah dude it’s just funny, it’s like she’s screaming at the top of her lunges.

      You can get a chick to change her attitude if you speak to her correctly.

    • jaycich

      A true white knight would talk shit the to these dudes she’s fighting with. I’m just reading a laughing.

  • Rose

    I find some problems with your logic.. First of all, skinny girls may view themselves as better than others because of the attention they receive from men,but that is because many guys treat them like they are better then fat girls… Many guys view a girl as fat if she is bigger than a size 10 and won’t date her. However, the fact is that between childbirth, her metabolism, hormone changes during her period, and lots of other factors, many girls will fluctuate in weight over her life from about a size 4-14 and shouldn’t be seen as less of person or not a dating option because of this. Yes, girls should take care of themselves and try to stay in shape, but it is not realistic to expect a girl to look thin all her life, that is only looking at the outside appearance instead of considering her personality as well.

    Secondly, If you expect women to maintain perfect figures, then shouldn’t men too? Where is the article telling women that they can make the world a better place one fat guy at a time by telling him to diet?.. The truth is that women experience the same higher than you attitude from attractive men that men deal with when trying to get an attractive woman to date him. If there were only more attractive men on the planet, then women wouldn’t have to deal with obsessing over makeup, clothes, the perfect figure, and changing her personality just so that the over confident male will talk to her. There are two sides to the coin and fat chicks are not the problem, people’s attitudes toward only considering how a person looks is the main problem.

    Many people (especially girls) deal with traumatizing events in their lives by turning to food. This does not make overeating okay, and it is still a big problem, but instead of viewing fat chicks as not a dating option or a problem to society, I think that guys should at least treat them with the respect they would show a skinny, pretty girl, and if close friends with her, encourage her to lose weight (as you mentioned).

    At the age of 15, I weight a whole 220 pounds and was the most miserable I had been of my whole life. But you know what didn’t help me lose weight? The guys that ignored me and wouldn’t even talk to me cause I was fat. The people who would call me names behind my back and laugh at me. The boys who said I was ugly because of my weight and didn’t even care what my personality was like and told me I should lose weight to my face… What did finally push me to lose weight was when one guy actually did start paying attention to me and made me feel like I mattered at any weight. He was my friend and encouraged me throughout my weight loss. Don’t tell a girl she is not beautiful because she is fat, that could be the statement that will lead her to kill herself or just eat more to deal with feeling alone. Encourage her and treat her with the respect she deserves because she is a human being, not an object.

  • a person

    When I first read this post , I must admit that I was pretty agitated. I mean I am a female who is overweight but not “fat”. After I read the post I also started reading the comments and realized that men will never understand overweight women and women will never understand the way men think. All these arguments are just hurtful and some are 100% unnecessary. I do agree that fat women should lose weight for their benefit and for the benefit of people around them but this is no reason for men to “hate fat women” that’s just really cruel. We’re sorry were fat….? I guess . If you hate fat women just let them be

    • GetItGoing

      I don’t personally hate fat women per se.

      However I do hate that obesity is being pushed as the normal “beauty” standard here now along with shaming men who do not cow-tow to the propaganda and “feelings” of obese women.

      There are ridiculous double standards at play there as well, I might add.

    • hilarmousse


      people should see that the real assholes are described persons with double standarts and massiv issues that are projected and led out on mainly men.

      Its so obvious, insane bulltshit and non-sense to say a nice guy who works out and behaves “kinda good” is an asshole for rejecting a “””girl””” who looks literally like a fat mountain, smells, sweats and is just NATURALLY unattractive ( forgive me for breathing air and drinking water *rolleyes )
      BUT BUT BUT BUT……!

      the character of such girls is probably ten times worse when what i just described SO….

      in the end the character of such girls ( proven by the fat combo / fatties on this very thread )

      is sooooooo rotten……

      WHY would any1 wanne date that???

      look i honestly still wouldnt date a fat nice girl BUT this is just me not being attracted to her and I DO when standing in the fucking supermarking AM…. I AM…. in the supermarket…. thinking to myself…

      i ate alot of junk food the last couple of weeks and its also expensive….



      such a massive brave overcoming of not taking a carton filled with chocolate…


      btw: its proven that its like a one in a million with an actual “illness”

      let me throw out this crazy theory: there are alot fat bitches out there who have zero ambition to do ANYTHING and with them being more rotten inside when outside no1 wants them… so with so much time on their hands now they start a fat propaganda and say stuff like: BBW and …./omg i can hardly type it/….. you deserve better…he is such an asshole….

      omg like the biggest piece of shit deserves better…..omg OMFG

    • Chelsea

      You’re not an ass for not liking women who are larger. You’re not an as for being healthy or a “nice guy”. You’re an ass and not a nice guy because you call us names and don’t even try to understand. If you don’t want to understand than just leave it alone and go after the hot chicks. If you’d like to know, then ask. One of us will be happy to explain at least our personal issue that will give you a lear perspective. But don’t be a jerk and spout off what you don’t know. Certain things are easier for you than others.

  • IGuessImFatToo

    All this talk about fat people being fat, due to being lazy.. and skinny people being skinny, because they keep up with their bodies… As girl who diets, exercises and does try to keep up with myself, I am still fat. But then my best friend, who eats whatever junk she wants, as much as she wants, and plays video games all day, getting no exercise, is thin. What about the over weight people who literally just can’t help it? What happened to accepting everyone, regardless of their looks, race, etc. Some people come big, some people come small. It’s like cats. Your tabby cat isn’t going to get as big as a lion, and vice versa. People are just different. So why can’t people just… date who they want and be happy with who they want, too? Why shame anyone, skinny, fat, tall or short.

    I am going to add that, I don’t feel like being skinny is what makes girls stuck up. I believe that’s just upbringing. Because, believe me, I’ve got plenty of big girl, and guy, friends who think- scratch that- they know they are the bomb, and actually get quite a lot of attention from people who want to bone/date them.

    The article states that it’s the skinny girls who are stuck up, in the USA, but in other places, they’re humble. It’s not because they’re skinny. It’s because we’re the USA. We’re sassy and we feed the young ones we breed that they are all beautiful and unique little snowflakes who should have the world given to them.

    I mean, come on. Skinny girls are stuck up. Guys feel entitled to tell girls how to look.

    Am I the only person here who knows about a time in.. the 60’s? Where being skinny was the ugly look? Because it was. Being a nice plump girl was the thing.

    I honestly believe that, if we didn’t have a media yelling at us to look a certain way our whole lives, there would be significantly less skinny and fat shaming and just over-all accepting of people and their personalities.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Very true.

    • Fisto

      People were much less fat in the 60s.

    • AnotherFatGirl.

      Maybe so.

    • Fisto

      I’ve met this girl before….name starts with an M or something. She’s nice in person. This is all internet rage bs on her part.

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      So now it’s skinny girls fault that you’re so fat? Take some responsibility and quit eating so much. Jesus you Orca’s make me sick. Always an excuse for your excessive eating and retarded behavior.

  • David Phisker

    It’s good to get another perspective on why American girls (and dare I say “western” girls too) are so over-entitled and difficult.

    I also feel that feminism and our spoilt-consumerist culture plays a part in exacerbating this problem as well. Women grow up in an enviornment where it’s politically incorrect to give them any negative feedback about their body, so they are always told “You’re beautiful” and “You deserve the best” despite the contrary. Also our consumerist culture of immediate gratification, has to play a part too, but my ideas about this are beyond the scope of this comment.

    Good article. You definitely showed me a different way of seeing things, which I completely agree with now that I think about it.

    • GetItGoing


      Definitely I wonder what it would be like to be female (USA) and live in a society that basically props me up and caters to my self-esteem and “feelings” constantly.

      Damn sure doesn’t happen to the average man. Being spoiled has not been an issue because men, on the whole, are belittled yet expected to be adequately well-employed and self-reliant. Along with taking a lot of heat by women who deem them inadequate for dating.

  • Spencer Ellis

    Wow dude you are a complete douche bag. Some people have medical conditions that make them that way. And there are plenty of ugly skinny people and attractive fat people. Plus there is a fat guy to go with every fat girl. I myself am a fat guy. I can’t eat normal food or the normal amount of calories that people eat and not gain weight. I finally got fed up with it and am eating 1000 calories a day and working out every day and am slimming down really quickly. But if you aren’t attracted to fat girls then date skinny girls. Don’t be such a bigot.

    • Fisto

      There is no fat disease spencer. Unless you call being a lazy fuck a disease.

    • Spencer Ellis

      Um ok. Not sure I even used the word disease.

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      White knight faggot fat fuck. You’re the problem just as much as the fat girls. Go binge on some twinkies ya thick fuck.

    • Spencer Ellis

      Actually I have lost 100 pounds since I posted this and I don’t even like twinkies.

  • RJ

    tldr; i saw a fat chick with a skinny guy and they were happy. then i looked down and saw my lonely hand. then you had fun w it that night.
    nice post about your insecurities.
    in the end people settle down with someone who are: financially stable. who make them genuinely happy. and who have a general attraction to each other.
    because you (aka the 99.9% of men) who do not like “fat girls” does not mean there are men out there who do not love chubby women. in fact most i know will actually prefer a chick w meat on her bones. and the same thing goes for women! a lot of women do not like skinny guys.
    it’s all more than what meets the eye.
    unfortunately it seems that you will never comprehend this and you will be sad, lonely and depressed wondering why you will end up fucking sluts and chicks who don’t or will never give a fck about you

  • Guest


  • Tuprue

    Ok got it, you visit Thailand to fuck prostitutes because you are unable to find a girl in your country cause you are fat old and ugly.

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      Awwww sounds this article struck a fat nerve. Go do some laps ya fucking Orca.

  • Becky

    I’m shocked at the amount of hate in the article and the comment threads. I’ve been the obese girl who worked hard to get in shape. I didn’t do it to make life easier for men who want to find a woman. I didn’t do it because of those people who feel they can call anyone names at anytime. I changed myself because I wanted to be healthy and do more with my life. To anyone trying to change something about themselves that they aren’t proud of, best of luck to you! Be proud of who you are, and work hard to be the best version of yourself- not someone who judges others for your problems or makes excuses.

  • Anna

    I think it may be difficult to get laid by “attractive” girls normally because attractive normally equals healthy. And healthy includes sexual health, which means not raising your risk of sexual diseases or unwanted pregnancy’s by sleeping with guys they just met. I do think we tend to turn a blind eye to obesity. But I also think that positive encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle is better then shaming people.

    • Anna

      I also wanted to add that it is a very self centered argument to say that it effects others in this way. Its an individuals body so they should be allowed to be happy with it. To some people bigger is healthy and beautiful. Just as to some skinny is unhealthy and gross, some people think female body builders are gross when they are incredibly healthy. The point is everyone has their own idea of beauty and their own idea of a happy life. And the whole stuck up part I think has more to do with our cultures values.

    • Fisto

      You can’t simultaneously criticize him for being “self centered” and then also argue that everyone has their own idea of beauty and that it’s ok to have different ideas. Chick logic haha

    • Fisto

      Your logic is way off Anna. Attractive girls get dicked down all the time by guys they just met.

  • Shocked and Revolted

    wow this is absolutely sickening. this may be your personal opinion, but how rude can you get? people like you are the reason suicides happen daily. and don’t you dare say, “good, then i won’t have to look at their ugliness.” is obesity healthy? is it a positive thing? no, of course not. but you do not have to be so blatantly open and rude about this. what if the roles were switched? imagine a society where fat is the norm/healthy/”beautiful” and skinny is the “sick/disgusting/ugly”…guarantee you you would hate to read an article on the internet shaming how you are. can people change? definitely, but insulting people and putting them down in such a way that it is offensive to those whom are obese and those of us whom are not is absolutely ridiculous.

    • Fisto

      What if the roles were “switched”? Are you living in reality? That’s not going to happen so it’s “ridiculous” to even say it.

  • LadyOberon

    Dude…all you did with this article is make yourself look like a desparate douchebag. It’s obvious you aren’t getting pussy from anyone, including igly fat girls. You even went to other countries to get laid and nobody wanted you in those countries either. You’re just pissed because your last alternative was an ugly fat girl and even she shot you down. Grow some integrity first and maybe you’ll finally lose your virginity to a girl who isn’t so shallow and can see passed how ugly YOU really are.

    • Fisto

      “dude” he explored the economic impact of fat women in the dating market. He get’s laid by sexy women quite regularly. Why do all girls go to the standard man shaming lines? Sooo predictable. Next you’ll say we live in our parents basements and that we have small dicks and watch porn all day.

    • End

      Well, because…you probably do…. You’re just a load of nerds who more than likely have been shot down by the popular girls in high school, and are so terrified of women, that now you’re all taking to your computers to seek revenge with your stupid ass ideals & shaming women. I’ve seen this a bazillion times. It’s ALWAYS the losers who end up with the most ridiculous standards, but in the end still go home with their Kleenex and bottle of St Ives lotion to get a “quick bang” from the only woman who gets you. Adriana Lima in the spring issue of Victorias Secret. You’re a giant douched out Pusscake.

    • Fisto

      No the reason why girls do that is because they are incapable of making a logical, well reasoned argument to counter the very logical well reasoned assertion they disagree with. Because of this handicap, they do the only thing they can, resort to petty insults, hoping to mess with a man’s self confidence. Sorry babe, you are wasting your time. Also, you’re sound like a fucking 3rd grade kid that was held back. “Pusscake”? What are you fucking retarded too?

    • End

      Aw you’re so cute. Even with your pimples I’m sure you’re just a doll! You and and your loser friend are so transparent it’s embarrassing.

      You CLEARLY loathe women, and what could possibly bring so much hatred? Because your most likely fat ugly losers, and you repel women so, you have to go to other countries and pay underage children to fuck you. You’re pedophiles and you openly abuse women. How is that awesome? Kill yourselves immediately.

    • Fisto

      Lady, do you just throw out whatever hateful thing pops into your mind?

      No one here has sex with children.

      No one has pimples.

      No one hates women. We love women. Especially the attractive feminine ones.

      We travel because we enjoy adventure.

      Personally I’m indifferent to fat women other than I don’t like to look at them.

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      He doesn’t loathe women. Did you read the article? Or are you just pissed because it hit a nerve with your fat ass? Why not take that negative energy out on the treadmill rather than someone who’s only trying to point out the obvious. This country is full of feminist fat fucks who think they’re god’s greatest gift. You’re not. You’re just fat and fucking disgusting.

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      So you just confirmed you’re a fat cunt. Shut your dick holster and your pie hole.

  • asdfg

    Gosh, you sound like extremely stuck up! Some fat people have a disease that makes them fat, no matter whatever or how much they eat. People with diabetes HAVE to have something to snack on. Women have a harder time losing weight, just because. If you were a fat girl, how would you feel if somebody just walked up to you and said “You would be so pretty… if you weren’t so fat!” In my school, people are judged by their weight. One girl is really skin and bones, some other girls are fat. When the teachers talk about weight to the students, they say something about fat ppl, and STARE right at the fat ppl. And the same to the skinny ppl. The girls with a different weight are pretty much forced to think bad of themselves, and always think “OKAY, OKAY, I get that im fat, gosh, you dont have to be so rude about it, ALL the time!!!” Girls care about money (I admit SOME of girls cant be trusted with a large amount.) because they want to look feminine, so they sometimes buy jewelry and stuff. You don’t typically want to be with a girl that looks like a boy now do you? Fat girls CAN look beautiful, If they wear clothes that look good on them, and arent to tight. Don’t be so mean to fat ppl, especially if they are young. They can be bullied so much about it, that they start to thing if life is even worth living for. Fat girls tend to be nicer than skinny girls. (USUALLY) Be nice. Fat girls definitely should not wear stuff like in the picture with the white background though.I am a kid, and im talking mostly about fat girls under 15. I am not completely sure all of it makes sense with your article thing.

  • luvskitties

    It’s too bad that you overcame your other problems. Now you are NOTHING but a narcissistic jerk! You put so much worth on one’s looks. If you look in the mirror, really look with your eyes, I don’t think you would like what you see. You are extremely shallow. I wonder what women, fat or thin, think about you. I’m sure they see you for what you are – narcissistic, shallow, heartless, having low self esteem. A person who everyone would pity! Or maybe they don’t have the time to pity you . . .

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      Sounds like this article struck a fat nerve? Go lose some weight ya fuckin’ orca.

    • GetItGoing

      That’s Mr. Jerk. Thanks.

  • eeviltwin

    The world would simply be a better place if 20Nation died in a fire.

    • FeedTheMuscle

      Burn some calories with that hate

  • Kim

    This isn’t about legit fat women. It’s absurd simply because of what is considered “fat” in our society.

    Nobody is blaming anyone for not being attracted to people who are clearly overweight and unhealthy. BUT, The fact that most men in America consider anything over 130 pounds “fat” is beyond ridiculous.

    I weigh 124 pounds and have since been rejected twice for “not being their type” but those guys mysteriously rode off into the sunset, happy as larks, with women who they had zero in common with, dumb as hell & zero offer; but who all coincidently all looked like skeletons with a thin translucent sheet of skin draped over them.

    Most men do not care about anything but how skinny you are-and in my unfortunate experiences, it’s been the closer to skeletor, the closer to being a omnipotent being.

    Men are just shallow as shit. There are very few good men out there-the rest are stupid little fuckwits screaming like spoiled little kids with milk mustaches that they want to put their teeny weenies in a VS model or they can’t be happy.

    Ask yourselves what exactly it is that your asses are bringing to the table before you start placing ridiculous demands and sanctions on women. Probably not much.

    So I would like to hear the authors definition of what he considers fat, and also, if he does not possess the abs and bank account of DBeckham, to promptly fuck off over a cliff because the world doesn’t need what he has to offer – you have no value. This is your message to women, no?

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      What do women offer today? They’re all feminist fatties who leech off the government and expect to be called beautiful when most of them look like relatives from the Hutt Clan. Get real. Fat is not beautiful.

  • Kim

    Also. I noticed it says you ruined your life by partaking in gaming. This may be a stab in the dark, but I’m only guessing Sims Castaway is more than likely this “land” of hot skinny chicks you speak of; where you can escape to for endless hours of getting banged by svelte beauties.. And not only are they skinny, but they won’t even judge you by the moths is your wallet and pimples on your face.

    • GetItGoing

      These are the “you can’t get a real woman” & “you’re an unattractive loser” shaming tactics.

      Try to be original, at least.

  • Austin

    This so fucking accurate. Well done. And a big fuck you to every fat chick who reads this!

  • ras

    Is the author of the article joking?

    Well, that was pretty rude.

    • Smooth Operator

      Truth hurts, isn’t it ras?

  • No Sugarcoating Here

    I don’t know where you got your info,but I,as a female,sure as hell would’nt date a fat guy. Eww! I believe men should take care of themselves too&look good too. Men can be such disgusting fat,dirty lazy slobs who won’t even shower or groom themselves&I refuse to date a dusgusting fat,dirty slob,who is’nt man enough to take care of himself. That’s just gross. Guys want females to look good for THEM,but we woman want men to look good for US,too. Man or woman,who the hell wants a fat mess? No one. And then there’s the sex thing…men don’t want sex with Rosanne Barr,right? Right. Well,no woman really wants sex with Jabba The Hut. The only reason men OR women have sex with lazy fat slobs,is if they’re desperate. BTW…it sounds quite a bit like you hate ANY woman who won’t have sex with you,hot or not,thin or fat,so,quite bitching dear&YOU go lose some weight. (:

    • Fisto

      How is this comment even relevant? We are talking about fat girls. My next article is going to be “Why can’t bitches stick to the issue at hand?”

    • Shitit

      You mean, “Why bitches can’t stick to the issue at hand?” Correction dude.

    • Fisto

      ooooh you got me! zing! That’s always the fallback when there’s nothing else that can be said.

  • humanityfail

    Please try to consider that this IS just ONE opinion. Opinions and beliefs come from the knowledge and experience that you have acquired in your life. Opinions and beliefs are NOT facts. This article comes from a very narrow minded point of view, and certainly does not represent a majority opinion. I am not sure where you got the “%99.9 of men” data, but it seems like you pulled that info out of the air. It saddens me to come across this article and witness such a raw example of unnecessary human hatred, and harshness. I hope that you can discover compassion one day.

  • Clarence

    “99.9% of men” none of the guys I know got your survey. Don’t blame other people, overweight or otherwise for the fact that you are a foul person.

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      Because all your guy friends are laughing behind your fat ass after they pump and dump you.

  • Tisha Rene Isbell

    I would like to say as a woman of size, i myself personally

    • Tisha Rene Isbell

      Have a nice day. Lol

    • Fisto

      I don’t doubt it. There are so many fat girls flooding the market, men are forced to compromise. Sad state. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      Sounds like a load of shit to me. No classy, rich, attractive male in his right mind is trying to spear Moby Dick.

  • PandoraX

    Tell yourself what you want, there is no way I’m dating a fat or chubby man. I put a lot of work into my physical fitness, and can’t see myself having much in common with a man who doesn’t share that as a value.

    • Fisto

      How is your comment relevant to the article exactly?

  • sandra dee23


  • Stephanie Han

    Shut the fuck up if u dun know what u are talking about. I happen to be one of the fat girls from the less obese countries. I am 171cm and already 75kg! Look, dun say that u hate fat girls and blame the us for the society being mean. U know nth !

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      Jabba the Hut, shut your fucking dick holster!

    • Onion

      I’ve just been reading some of your other comments. Obviously a lot of them are basically the same, and I wasn’t in the least bit surprised when you turned out to be racist as well. Why the hate? Life does not owe you a woman, and you seem to expect us all to be at the peak of fitness and femininity so you can stroll around examining us until you find one you like. You’ve got problems my friend. Oh and yes I am fat, but that doesn’t invalidate my opinion.

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      Bahhaha! Fatty McFat-Fuck! 😀

    • Onion

      And there we are.

  • lisahasarubberbutt

    I didn’t know I was personally affecting a man’s dating pool, my bad. I guess I’ll just stop being fat. lol

    i was just looking for a video with this fat chick saying why she loves the country smh

    • Fisto

      You should stop being fat for your own personal self improvement.

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      Quit eating so much ya fatty!


    This is absolutely disgusting. Newsflash, women don’t fucking exist for you to decide whether or not they are attractive. You aren’t entitled to dating a “hot” girl, you’d be fucking lucky for any woman finding a bigoted asshole like you attractive. Maybe those ‘hot’ girls didn’t want you because they didn’t find YOU attractive. A woman should never be humble and grateful that some douchebag misogynist decided to grace them with his presence no matter what they look like. JESUS CHRIST do you understand how pathetic and stupid you sound when you blame and hate women just because some other girl turned you down? You’re pointing fingers at people trying to find a reason for why sometimes girls don’t like you in a desperate and despicable attempt to blame anyone but yourself and face your insecurities. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this article, it is the perfect example of a moron believing his ideas are valid just because he’s a man. I am legitimately scared that people like this exist.

    • Fisto

      AngryFuckingBitch – You are making assumptions that were never mentioned. This is a specific topic of discussion. Does the author say “women exist for me to decide if they are attractive”? No. However, the market has decided what is attractive, through various mediums it is easy to see that thinner women are universally thought of as being more attractive. I have the feeling you are actually not a fat girl. Why don’t you go and gain 100 lbs if you disagree?

      The man doesn’t sound pathetic or stupid for making a connection between the supply and demand of fat women and it’s effects on the dating market in the US (and also other westernized countries)

      Surely their are other factors like entitlement issues, the fact that women in the west have never worked hard for something in their lives, the constant attention whoring on Facebook and being supplicated by losers they won’t fuck anyway and etc.

      But that is also not the topic of discussion.

      It’s how fat women skew the dating market. If you have set foot outside of the US for any length of time, you can’t help but notice how fat american girls are compared to the west of the world.

      How terrible their manners are, how grotesque their attitudes are.

      Finally, I also suspect you of being some women’s studies major since you throw out a common feminist term “misogeny”

      Well you sound like a misoginist for calling yourself a female dog.

      The fact is, men like myself are not at all, we love women, we are the last romantics. We think that by turning the tide and trying to change perceptions and motivate women in the west to take care of themselves and stop viewing men as the enemy (but the actual protectors we have always been) that we can save you from yourselves.

      Because the way the current trend is, you are going to be miserable with your lonely, unproductive lives.

      And the men you truly desire, will have left to more fertile vistas.

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      Oh shut your dick holster you fat fucking cunt.

    • Shitit

      when are you going to come up with a different joke and stop commenting the same thing on each post, Lame? or .. Young one.. just stay off this article … You making your self look fucking pathetic YOUR NOT FUNNY.

    • Fisto

      What was that you commented on my other post? “your” pretty fucking stupid.

    • GetItGoing

      Your anger speaks volumes.

  • meecepeece

    You sir are a complete piece of trash who deserves nothing further in life than to drop fuckin dead into hell. I have been both extremes in weight and have guys after me each weight Ive been trust me. 99.9% of all guys do not want skinny& call it hot. Get the hell over yourself. Another issue is what are thin women getting for their efforts? A trashy ignorant no good wad of dirt like you?? No thanks jerk. I am smarter than you and your statistics are BS.I have been 110 Lbs and 180 and everyplace between. The same guys wanted me and I have never been single in 25 yrs. I get high class men too, (not scum like you), with looks,a job, and a mind. (Like I have also.)women care abt looks too. I do and trust this, fatter women are not going to settle for a damn thing less than what they want. Hopefully none have to settle for anyone like you, yuck. Creepy little maggot on the ass of life that you are. Go die& do all women a favor, large or small.

    • Fisto

      You ma’am, are a complete liar. No man gives a fuck about your job, how smart you are (your interests include hanging out with your friends and playing on Facebook, you’re a renaissance woman!) If you’re fat, you don’t have looks.

      I’ll also point out another thing you couldn’t help but divulge, you’ve never been single for 25 years? How many cocks have you jumped on during that carousel ride?

      And you’re 25? Good luck. Any hint of youthfulness (yes men desire younger women) is on it’s way out.

  • jrg973

    I’m sorry…but like the Ping Pong ball in Forest Gump, or for that fact any time I play…which side of the fence am I on? This article is I find Insulting to the Women it is focusing on and the Men they think they are appealing to. But I can’t figure the message. There’s an Ol’ song that goes something like this…”If u Want to be happy for the rest of u Life…Never…Never marry a BEAUTIFUL wife…’cause she gonna Ruin Life 4 U”!

    To each Man, find your Beauty…to each Woman…find your True Love!

    To those great and Small…

    God Bless One and ALL!

    • Fisto

      So, you are making life choices based on a movie and a song…..good luck with that.

  • Melissa

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. You’re saying a girl can’t be beautiful if she’s fat?!? Guys can be shitheads too wtf ? You’re saying to not tell girls they’re pretty but tell how pretty they’d look if they were skinny. This is so fucking low & pathetic

    • Fisto

      Why is it low and pathetic? How does guys being shitheads too have anything to do with what is being asserted?

    • Shitit

      Low and pathetic because ..
      1. he said he hated fat women that fucks his chances dating an hot chick dude lmfao.

      2. Its her opinion like you guys gave your opinion on fat women.


    • Fisto

      I still don’t see how having a strong disdain for a low and pathetic group of people is low and pathetic.

      It doesn’t matter if guys are shitheads or not, it has nothing to do with the topic of conversation.

      Leave the intellectual talk to people that know how to carry on a proper conversation. You should read and learn something before making your thoughts known.

  • Shitit

    Well.. Im in college , on the football team. & I had an girl and was chubby but not overly big. She was smart and she was an amazing girl. But I guess alot of girls flirt with me that is like super model hot but I don’t look at them as the same as I looked at her so she left me and all because her bestfriend liked me too … and I kind of hate the attention hot women or any women give me I dont care about looks.

    So , this Artical is dumb. Im good looking and can get any girl I want. But I choose not too. You men on here want something that will stimulate your ego
    and addictions of sex mentally.

    But then some of you can see thru the illusion and come in direct contact with the women personality ( like me ) who look for the stongness in women. All of you who agree to this is kind of like jerks yes ” Some Women Are very shallow” & ” Some men are” Base on your shitty opinion on big women The men that are here are desperate, Immature and just fucking dumb.

    If you want a hot girl that bad…….. I suggest you to just get a prostitute and get aids. Most hot girls are really not a keeper. And have attitude and basically shallow because at a point in their life men or anybody probably never gave them much attention until they got older and men got on they’re nerves , by cheating , blah blah blah. The story goes on from what I heard from many different girls…… Some are just plain nasty or follow they parents foot steps
    (AND NOT ALL BIG WOMEN ARE INNOCENT, MANY OF THEM ARE COCKY AND SHALLOW AF TOO. ) Not going to lie….. but I love big women they’re cool. And I love hot women not too skinny but yeah.. Im white & puerto-rican and Dominican & black. I get alot of women in my inbox on facebook and everything….. But I clearly don’t hate big women.

    • Fisto

      Wow, so insightful. “I can get any girl I want but choose not to”

  • ur mom .

    if this man was getting money for each comment he would be rich. attention wanting ass cunt i hope u marry a fat women with extra dark rolls under her neck

    • Fisto

      Never gonna happen. How does that make you feel?

    • GetItGoing


  • scott63

    When I got my first job in 1980 all the women I worked with were slim and fit except for maybe two or three. There are 30 women where I work now. two are slim. so discouraging. Guys you have to do better as well but out of the 40 or so that work where I do only about half are fat.

  • M



    I don’t think I have enough time to cover all the problematic shit in this article, I have class in a few hours.

    If you ever want a woman to run away from you as fast as she can, show her this article.

    First of all: Men, YOU DO NOT OWN WOMEN. You are not entitled a woman. You are not entitled to a “hot woman”. Is she stuck up? Who gives a shit, if you feel this way about women you don’t deserve to be in the presence of a woman, especially your coveted “hot woman”.


    let me repeat


    do NOT give me shit about women being shallow, or about how fat women are making it harder for men to get hot women. boo fucking hoo. y’all sound like a bunch of big piss babies.

    do not even get me started on the racism in this article, either

    Also, instead of replying to this with something about how I shouldn’t be getting angry, you should be glad I took the time out of my day to school your sexist and racist ass.

    “I hate fat girls because of how hard it makes getting laid, but you can escape fat girls.”


    • GetItGoing

      Just get angry, insult all men (starting with author) and be done with it.

      Seems to be how women handle it. And we “terrible” men won’t care.

  • max

    Oh please spare me the “I’m an average American slob guy with an average income, but because women aren’t visual, I can keep being a slob and hold out for a hottie half my age because I DESERVE one!!!!!” dribble. You’re just as entitled and delusional as the women you condemn. No one is forcing you to marry anyone – fat or thin – highly doubtful anyone would take you with your self-righteous attitude. You’re going to be a lonely, single guy for a long time, because love cannot stem from someone so bitter, egotistic, and critical. No woman would want to be with a tool like you – especially a hottie with a great personality. And it has nothing to do with her and everything to do with you.

  • max

    I think the author is obviously having a hard time competing with other men to find a receptive female and rather than taking a look at himself (the merchandise he’s trying to sell), he’s blaming the consumer. lol. it’s not women’s fault – it’s called selection and in nature only the top 20% of males get to reproduce, that’s exactly what’s happening in America. either fix yourself so you can compete (as males have been doing for ages), or get out of the way.

  • Guest

    This article has some pretty egregious grammatical errors, and sentences that just plain don’t make sense.

    “I actually remember thinking to myself “What are hot girls so difficult?”

    Excuse me? “What are so hot girls so difficult” is not a coherent sentence.

    There’s a couple other questionable sentences in there as well.

    Fire your editor please.

  • Julie

    Oh, poor simple man… We “hot” American girls aren’t stuck up. We just have standards and aren’t attracted to losers like you. 🙂

  • Latimore

    This article is completely and utterly rude. Whoever wrote this article is a scum bag. Overweight women are not the cause of this men like this are. They are the cause because today’s society has many influences on what a woman should look like. The pictures that we see in magazines, and online are not the original imaged they have all been altered in many ways. Not every woman who is overweight is overweight because they made themselves that way. Some women could be suffering from a medical problem that has caused them to gain weight, Medications can make someone gain weight, They may die if they stop taking the medications. Individuals should think about what they are going to say before they say it because you may not know all of the facts. Another thing you should think about is how it is going to affect someone. The last thing that you should think about is how would you feel if someone was saying all of this stuff about a group that you fall in.

  • kaybetch

    this guy blames fat girls because its hard for him to get some ass, wow LOL maybe its you bro your probably just not atractive enough for the girls you want . So yeah that makes sense blame fat girls .

  • exfatgirl

    I was an un happy mean fat girl. Then i got fed up with second best and not being sexy. I worked out and still work out my body changed and life got better in everyway so you can hate this guy for saying truthful things or you can open your eyes get off of the couch put the Fritos down and become a better person a healthier person a better looking in person with more goals and more ambition people notice you when you look good and when you notice them noticing you you feel better you’re not unhappy you actually look forward to swim suits season

    • Onion

      There’s no way this was written by an ‘exfatgirl’.

  • Veronica

    Honestly, this is the stupidest shit i’ve ever read in my life! Lmao. Did you ever think that the women yoi come across in the U.S are stuck up because they don’t wanna date a dick like you? Don’t blame fat chicks for not having enough game to snag a skinny hottie. If you’re wondering why hot chicks in other countries would even so much as give you the time of day, is because of where you are from and probably wanna a one way ticket to the U.S! Why are we more obese then other countries? Its simple, the united states is the richest and therefore we can AFFORD to eat unhealthy! When compared to most other ccountries who cant even afford for 4 walls.

    Your blog is ignorant and oblivious to reality. You use your hatred for fat chicks as an excuse for being turned downed by women. This makes you feel as tho there has to be some logical explanation for why women in the U.S arent attracted to your dumbass.

    While I will agree that more skinny women are praised over a chunkadunk, there are also a handful of real gentlemen who see a woman for whats inside, there are some men that absolutely love a meaty woman..HENCE the term ‘good men are hard to find’. i do realize that the numbers of a chunky lover are no where near the amt of men that want a akinny Minnie, but who the hell really gives a shit about statistics. Some of us actually have lives to live then to blame others for our downfalls.

    Get a clue

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      Sounds like we got a fatty here.

  • yaya

    great article…

    its the truth and all these bitter lonely whales are starting a raid now ( oh thats something new right? ^^ )

    lose weight or STFU

    he speaks the truth. you fat bitches do nothing than harass people either by setting up dates with a fake pic ( you stupid time wasting bitch ) or by wasting tax payers money…

    giving every1 nightmares and for the most part


    like “leave me alone and all other men with your moody outbreaks and disgusting smell” no1 like you no1 wants you and its your own damn fault

    SO STOP RIPPIN ON DA AUTHOR or any other legit nice person who will not put up with such creepy propaganda and in general bad behaviour.

    you miserable fucks!

    gosh i swear im the nice person and im totally the tolerate, holding themselves back person/ being nice and helping out would never bully somebody or something like that BUT

    i see fat bitter bitches “bullying” me / “all men ” / the author with described disgusting rotten behaviour.

    like just leave me alone and stop talking shit about me…

    if you are mad that you are fat go lose weight or what ever i dont care BUT STOP LETTING IT OUT ON ME / US….

    • Onion

      Do you work, yaya? I do. I pay a lot of tax, and national insurance, and I have done in my 15 year working life so far. So if I have a heart attack or my knees give out I won’t feel too bad about getting some help with it, because I’ve already paid for it.

    • yaya

      well after studying 3 things im starting up my own buisness now….

      hope its enough ( 26 )

      my point is….if you are a fat bitter girl i dont care but i dont want you to say mean things about me just because im not fat just because i watch myself for some part at least just because i dont date “big” girls. its like a gay person is angry at me for not being gay….like hello???? wtf?

      i mean i dont care i would never harass people or call them names but why are they letting THEIR frustration out on ME?

      i mean i have done nothing to them…

      also these ppl often have NO ambition

      like …. can you please at least leave me alone…

      excluded OF COURSE such with illness or nice “bigger ppl” or like i said at least plz dont let it out on me / us…

    • Onion

      “i would never harass people or call them names”- bitter lonely whales, fat bitches, FUCKING FAT BITCHES, moody outbreaks and disgusting smell, miserable fucks, fat bitter bitches- all from your first comment. How are you being harrassed by fat women?

    • yaya

      u no what

      u probably are an onion

      its no use want me to spread out my life

      btw this is a discussion about exactly this

      its the very only time i allow myself to adress bad behaviour in an area just meant for this with a fitting topic

      bad me…

    • Onion

      You didn’t answer my question, perhaps you don’t have an answer.

    • Chelsea

      Not all fat girl girls are like that buddy. Sorry if its happened to you but you can walk away from those chicks and move on. Not all fat girls are bitter. Many will react negatively to your first comment though. All I see is anger.

  • Grolock

    Do me a favor and shove your head so far up your ass that you suffocate on your sphincter

  • Necka Rashevsky

    This article makes me want to eat a few donuts, a couple of hot dogs, and wash them down with some Cherry Coke. I clearly have fat bitch problems. I hope that with every bite of food I take, some thin girl’s spidey senses start tingling, and she suddenly develops a grandiose sense of entitlement. As long as I make the world a much more grueling place for men, I feel like I’ve served my purpose. Now, excuse me while I go to Torrid.

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      You won’t make it a more grueling place for men. You’ll just be a fatter more useless cunt than you already are you fat cunt.

    • Necka Rashevsky

      Not according to this article. Also, if you didn’t censor “cunt,” why did you censor “cock?” Just wondering, because that makes zero sense. “Cack” is not a word. No, you don’t need to be a feminist to understand that. I’m certainly not a feminist. I’m just an indifferent internet user. You, however, seem to have higher blood pressure than me. Given that I just ate a donut, that’s a crazy feat to accomplish.

    • Necka Rashevsky

      Also, you don’t know if I’m fat. You’re just calling me fat for the sake of calling me fat. I could tell you that I hope your entire family dies in a car crash, and your mother’s and father’s corpses are brutally raped. However, that could’ve already happened. I’m just telling you it could happen, but that may already be a fact. See? Internet logic.

    • Fisto

      Well you have a fat face…..

    • Necka Rashevsky

      I don’t think I do. I actually have a relatively slender face. My cheekbones are pretty prominent, and there’s an indentation beneath my chin. I don’t think I’ve actually ever had a double chin in my entire life. Although, I do have those weird dimple-holders.

    • Fisto

      So you’re claiming to not be fat, just big boned? Classic.

    • Necka Rashevsky

      Woah now, you mother fucker. Don’t put words in my mouth. I’ll slit your throat. If you’re going to put anything in my mouth, it better be edible. Punk ass bitch.

    • Fisto

      Oh man. Another dumb girl thinking she can fight a man. hilarious.

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      Haha damn girl. I bet you’re one of those fat bitches that eats a busload of food, then drinks a diet coke….In fact I know you are! Aggressive fatties are the worst.

  • LL

    I get why the author say that, he’s just being blunt. But perhaps we shouldn’t derive them. we don’t know what had happened whatsoever in their lives so… yeah we still judge but just be nicer to them i guess . encouragement

  • SRB

    this is the biggest piece of bullshit I’ve ever read. You probably hit on a fat girl once and she rejected you, and you just COULDN’T BELIEVE someone who is overweight could have STANDARDS. Get the fuck over yourself. It sounds like you don’t have a problem with fat girls, you have a problem with yourself. You’re so mad at fat girls because you can’t fuck skinny girls? Maybe the women you’re approaching actually don’t fucking like you, not because there are lots of fat girls in the area. And not all fat girls are depressed and upset about their weight. There are plenty of happy fat girls in the world who could give two shits if a man found them attractive. And their health is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Fat girls are hot as hell and you’re a misogynistic prick, so is everyone who agreed with this article.

    • Fisto

      Another enraged fat girl…..which sort of means you aren’t one of these happy fat girls you claim exist. Also, give me a break with the misogyny word. It’s played the fuck out.

  • Why I Hate Short Men

    Holy shit. This is the best thing I’ve read in a while…not the article but the comments. I don’t ever reply to comments in articles but this one I couldn’t pass up. I even got my friends reading it because this is literally the most ridiculous website I’ve ever come by.

    First of all, I’m assuming a lot of you are over 30 and struggling and shit with your love lives. No hate just an observation. So I can understand that there must be a lot of frustrations in your life . But damn, this is just on another level. Reding through these comments sounded like something from a tv show.


    I don’t mean fat people. I mean fat haters to this extreme. It’s baffling really. I can understand being a little disgusted by some extreme obese person but THIS…this is another level.

    First off, let me just say that I think it’s funny how every female that says even remotely disagreeing things with this article is automatically assumed to be “another fat girl”

    I’ll say straight up, I am a female. Do I disagree with this article? Yeah, because you sound fucking insane man. I mean really. Fat people is the reason you can’t get laid? God damn son. How does that sound sane to anyone?

    Do you think I’m a fat girl? Probably. That’s all y’all have as a rebuttal anyway so you can think whatever your tiny hearts desire.

    I just came here to add fuel to the fire though. As a female, I’ve had many options for my desired mate…but I always choose tall guys. I don’t like short guys because I’m tall…5’7 130lbs I could stand to lose 5lbs but I know I’m not fat. You probably still think I’m fat. More power to you. Now, don’t get me wrong. There isn’t always a tall guy option. Sometimes I get stuck dating short guys. And well, all I really want to so is blame short guys because more guys are short than tall. In America most guys are average. And I don’t want average. I want tall. Anything below 5’10 is short in my book.

    So fuck you to all the short average guys in America for ruining my chances at finding a tall handsome guy. If people stopped accepting 5’9 for a male as okay height and average, I wouldn’t be having this problem.

    Do I sound incredibly shallow and insane? I don’t give a fuck. I’m experienced and that’s what I stand by.

    My fiancé is 6ft just like how I like them…oh but I actually didn’t care about that. His personality, intelligence and down to earth demeanor is what I liked about him initially. Imagine that. It’s not always about looks.

    Hey men, no hot girl is reading this thinking “wow this man is so amazing I totally agree” because no hot girl with a brain would actually want to be with a man that thinks these kinda of shallow insults. Of course, seeing how the majority of readers is males…maybe you would have better luck with finding hot dudes. Can’t blame the fat girls for not being able to get hot guys right? Or are you going to blame fat chicks for that too?

    Ok I’m way too high to be making comments. Disregard everything I said I was just kidding guys.

    Except the last part. I really think you should date men. But then there’s fat men too…shit man you’re just screwed.

    • Onion

      I just don’t understand where the anger comes from.

    • yaya

      another ridiculous thing only fat or rather…. unattractive people say…

      they dont care about looks.

      well doh i believe you!


      i mean if you are fat you know you probably wont get what you want so you are like : oh im not shallow i dont care about looks and that im fat has nothing to do with it…

      i also believe this…. NOT

    • guest

      She said 5’7 and 130 lbs. You really think she’s fat?

    • Feminist_cunts_suck_cack

      Wow. What a load of wank. Go run some laps ya fat slore! 😀

  • bob from bib

    Fat chicks are probably LOW IQ since they are not smart enough to get on an ideal diet for their body or at least do some exercise. I dont like low IQ or unattractive fat chicks. I think any thinner girl is superior in intelligence as well as personality. The pretty girls socialize more instead of the fat couch tv watching girls so they have a better sense of humor and easier to talk to. Fat chicks are failures at all aspects of life lol

    • Jkhjhkjjh Jkhjhkjjh

      actually fat girls tend to be the ones with the good personality and the skinny girls dont because they are stuck up…. at least according to this “article”

  • Debra

    A woman’s life is in fact not about looking attractive to a man. This was rude and misogynistic and while there were maybe 2 smart sentences in the entire thing, this was disgusting to read.

  • Chrissy

    Wow you have no clue what your talking about. I am a “fat” girl and have had many attractive men chasing me over my skinny friends. I am pretty and I have curves and I’m not ashamed of it. Sure I could lose some weight (which is what I’m doing for my health), but I am not depressed because of my weight. I am in a loving relationship with a very attractive man who loves me for my personality, and my curves. He has been with skinny girls and “fat” girls, and has told me that he prefers “fat” girls because he feels like he will break a skinny girl while having sex. He has also told me that the skinny girls he has been with just lay there while having sex. Like they think they don’t have to do anything in bed just because they are skinny. Sex life with a “fat” girl is more fulfilling to a lot of men. At least the men I have talked to over the years. With the added personality its a win for any man. The problem is guys like you who are shallow and superficial that think just because you feel this way all men do. And you sir don’t know anything about your own sex. Sure men like what they like be it skinny, fat, short, tall, but don’t say that 99.9% of men aren’t attracted to “fat” girls because that just isn’t true. And until you’ve actually been with a “fat” girl you”ll never know what your missing. Which I guess is the best for us “fat” girls because we wouldn’t be attracted to you anyways because of your shallow ways.

    • Chelsea

      Sadly men have slept with fat girls and some fat girls really do have unneccessary attitudes. My guess is no more than the number of skinny chicks. Point is each girl reacts differently to the pressures of society. Some positive and some negative. Wish men could see that.

  • arabic girl

    I agree I’m a fat girl n I get much more attention than my skinny friends I’m not hating on no-one I know I’m more attractive than majority of skinny women but I’m not stuck up about it I’m a good woman who respects her self and is successful in her life than majority of all women so I don’t care if a man don’t like my curves cus I’m the one who’s married with the most gorgeous man that every skinny bitch wants so who’s really the hater

  • SmokeandVapor Alldayson

    Ill fuck a fat chick bam problem solved

  • Amelia Lopez

    You say make the world a better place, everyone with common sense says “whole new beginning of anorexia, suicide and absolutely NO self esteem”. you obviously dont know what youre talking about. why did you think this was a good idea? sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up

  • Sarah

    please tell me this article is a fucking joke

    • Fisto

      No. It’s serious. Go eat a twinkie.

  • Anonymous

    The guy that wrote this article is very very right . I honestly explored many countries around the world , and the United States has a lot of fat people to a point where space is becoming an issue lol and anyways yeah, women also have that attitude where they want to do whatever the fuck they want but that’s only putting them down. And honestly , reading these comments women put out , they are just bothering themselves at a failed attempt to hate . And a girl said something about vaginal Tract and the menstrual cycle and the blood that they lose unlike men so they think they have harder things . It’s only one moment in every cycle . And btw, how about 50+ years of men sacrificing their hopes and dreams to their wife and children only working day and night , day and night , and now some woman is gonna tell me that they take care of the kids . Ha!!! In the US I see them feeding them chips , feeding the Dunkin and making them FAT when they mature . I mean seriously , I feel really sorry , and it would be better off so send their children to the marine corps than to keep them at home . Generations get worse and fatter . No more class , no more culture , no more social customs . It’s all about vines , all about selfies and all about the cellphones here in the states , people using it everywhere , they look like zombies or robots . Bottom line is , that the guy that wrote this thread is 100% right wether u like it or not .

    • Marcus

      You are an absolute fool. Women are not objects to be reviewed they are FUCKING HUMAN BEINGS. Sick. Absolutely sick, I’m sure the many generations of women in your family would be extremely proud of your narrow bigoted disgusting view.

  • Jeannie

    This has got to be the most unintelligent thing I have ever read. You blame the women you where raised arround for becoming fat and cast no judgment on men, you make assumptions about women and men’s taste without accuracy, and your “real world experience” makes you look and sound like a douche. Where do you get off assuming fat girls don’t find love? They do as much as anyone else. How do you know fat men don’t have issues finding a date? They do. Why are (your standard of) attractive women who don’t like you simply stuck up? I think the problem is closer to you and less about the women who like the hot n ready pizza.
    I have dated fat women, skinny women, fat guys and small guys (bi women)…. I have seen absolutely no correlation between attitude and weight. I have done a lot of travel in my day and in some country’s the ladies are more friendly and in some the ladies are not. The obesity rate has nothing to do with it. Obesity is caused by AMERICA or whatever society it has risen in. It comes from $0.99 hamburgers, ready to eat VS. $3.00 ready to eat salad. It comes from the trillion dollar fast food ad budget VS. the thousand dollar healthy food budget. It comes from feeding your kids zoodles instead of an apple because that’s what hey see their friends having.

    Fat shame doesn’t help America, nor does acceptance. If you want make a better America start inspiring people because all your article did was make me want more cake!

  • cheekie

    1. The overweight shaming was a tad ridiculous, especially because someone else’s weight was flipped to somehow talk about just how hard your life is. *boo hoo* Leave them alone, work on yourself.

    Canadian girl here.
    Myself being skinny, and being considered good looking… have to say that your very own self entitlement is going to attract other women who act just as self entitled as you.
    Also pretty girls can appear stuck up, but what that really is (for the majority, some probably are just stuck up) is a defense mechanism for blocking out the guys who just want to use us for the way we look. This comes from experiences upon experiences where we find we’ve been ‘had’ by someone we cared about, who only cared about what our looks could get them.
    We’re people too, and it seems that guys can sometimes forget that.
    So all our self confidence is only going to allow guys with enough self confidence to approach us. and so on. It gets rid of one’s who are lacking. (confidence, self love, self esteem, determination, will power, faith even! etc)
    (if you approach us and your nervous, to me that’s even better. it shows that your genuine*** so many stars to being genuine. and taking chances***)

    If the average guy wasn’t such a douchebag to pretty girls (when it comes to dating, and courting) – than we would all most likely be nicer, and warmer to the guys “trying to get our attention”.
    It’s annoying being turned into some kind of goal (way to often), so through experience our hearts are heavily guarded. Not closed. you’re just going to have to show us that’s not your aim to get through the initial… draft. (as in cold air)
    I don’t need many men, only one. So I can wait. i’d much rather wait for a great one, than diddle around with many lack luster ones.

  • Cassandra

    Fuck what a shallow article, you seem to thing larger girls can’t be pretty or hot, pretty and hot isn’t defined by only a body. This is the reason why so many young girls are starving themselves, just think would you want you daughter treated like that?

  • Emma te Water Naude

    Have you read my self published bible about tiny winkies and how they are destroying society? Alternatively there’s a great novel titled “The Pros and Cons of Castration” that you might want to check out.

    Together for the greater good,

    • Fisto

      I like how you think it’s acceptable to advise a man be mutilated because you don’t like what he has to say. So telling about your base and disgusting nature. Did the author ever come close to that kind of rhetoric? What if we reverse what you just said, and say your tits and clit should be cut off? You are everything that’s wrong with this country.

    • Emma te Water Naude

      What I just said was already reversing the author’s logic. For your benefit I’ll spell that out for you: the Internet is a great place to spew opinions and get attention.

      You need to be prepared to have similar nonsense chucked back in your face.

    • Fisto

      Chick logic is always entertaining if nothing else.

  • HeraSentMe

    Got news for you, ace – women generally don’t like fat men any more than men like fat women.
    They also don’t like guys who get “addicted” to playing video games for five years, only to “recover” and become judgmental, misogynistic assholes.

  • affiliated

    This is possibly the least productive, most uninspiring, pointless, rude and offensive piece of shit article I have come across in a while. What/who are you actually contributing to by writing this?

    Absolutely nothing/nobody.

    Today do you know how many men, women and children will have been victims of domestic abuse, rape, theft, natural disaster, will loose their battle with cancer or will commit suicide?!

    And you’ve harnessed all that energy and focused it on a hateful, discriminatory, discrediting piece of garbage.

    Slow clap!

    • Fisto

      Buy your own logic, your writing on a blog about this rather than the subjects you listed as being more important makes you just as culpable by contributing nothing of value. Slow clap. Also, you may want to take note that this blog is a game, travel, adventure and lifestyle blog. Which makes it very relevant.

    • affiliated

      This can kind of fit in to Lifestyle… kind of, but wouldn’t be a credited piece of writing with it being so offensive and unintelligent… so thats an irrelevant point.

      I write on the subjects listed also, so thats irrelevant. (Good try, but what you said made little sense there in reality.)

      You state the nature of this blog as if it’s that straight forward. Your ‘Travel’ pieces are laced with that nauseating need to stick your genitals in people. Those poor women, have no idea they’re a link in an incredibly long objectifying chain.

    • Fisto


  • Sexyandknowit

    Whats really funny about your ignorant stupid article is assuming all men hate fat woman. Iam big and i always have men asking me out or following me around trying to talk to me. I have comfidence and i know iam sexy and iam never short on male attention. You are a complete douche bag piece of shit who probably couldnt get any woman if your life depended on it. Grow up and get a damn life and contribute something positive to society instead of bashing other people. Oh and fuck off!

  • Uwish

    You have got to be the dumbest man on the planet! You want to blame fat girls for the lack of skills you have to impress women!! Did fat girls kill Jesus in your book too? How about open your eyes & all the people who are signing up for Obamacare that have a ton of children & -no job those are the people ” reacing” in your wallet! You will not get approved for health care in the us for being fat or health issues but b jobless & pop 5 babys out & ur who they are looking for.

  • t

    Wow..lol, you must be ugly as hell if you’re blaming your dating problems on fat women.

  • Krispy kreme Mcdonalds

    I actually found fat girls or more like chubby girls sexy once upon a time. However I noticed that the ones I did chase tend to have awful attitudes and that made them completely unattractive to me. Sure some skinny girls are stuck up but the ones I dated were not like this. They were more confident, Happy, healthy, productive and smart. Truly the body size to me doesn’t matter. I thought I used to be more attracted to chubby girls but not any more. When I started to date skinny girls and bring them around the fat ones even fat people like my mom or sister tend to say such awful things about them needing to eat a hamburger to gain weight. The funny thing was that the skinny girls had a very healthy appetite but they also worked out and did not eat crap like fast food. The skinny girls did not sit on their asses all day and drive donut after donut into them. In my opinion We should not have a mainstream fat acceptance because it brings down the quality in human beings on all fronts. Not just health but in mind.

  • Carrie

    You sound like a whiny bitch that’s crying because you can’t get pussy.

    • Fisto

      You sound like every bitch that’s hurt by the truth and lashes out with unoriginal insults.

  • You’reProbabyWorseOffThanMe

    Ok, personally, just going to mention this quickly, but you said that Fat girls think that being fat is all about themselves and their body or whatever and that we don’t think about others and how if effects them. True, and not true, but, the way you said it was like we actually care. I’m sorry, but most chubby girls probably don’t give damn. Made me laugh though lol. Also thought I’d mention that you are extremley self centered. T3T

  • Charlee

    I could just as easily blame my eating disorder on the likes of you, just as you have sought to blame your sexual frustration on overweight women. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychological disorder. Caring this much about being thin is balls. But I don’t blame guys like you for it, because that kind of reductive reasoning for such a contentious, complex issue is absurd – just as it’s absurd for you to blame your lack of sexual encounters on obese women. That probably has more to do with your attitude to people in general. And A. Fat Girl is my freaking hero right now. I’m almost grateful you wrote this article simply so I could read her response to it.

    • Fisto

      Give me a break. “The highest mortality rate”. What is that around 3 people ever? That also ignores the heart disease associated with bad eating habits. You should eat that word salad you just wrote if you’re so hungry.

  • skinnyminnie

    Fat men can get thin women with ugly faces. Beautiful women want active men. Get off your ass. Fat is nasty on men too.

  • Great article and very interesting, but I think some woman like to be fat for what ever reason. http://freewebcams.vipcams4u.com/

  • goodgirl111

    Why arent you mad at the skinny stuck ups? curious. I like to be thin but i hate to break it to you most guys aren’t prince charming. Most girls think that but arent saying that. I can be stuck up or nice. I don’t look for money but I know about being stuck up. I am not really being stuck up but if I said yes to every guy I would of sleep with thousands by now. I don’t want aids and stuff. See my point. Im stuck up cause damn thousands of guys want it. What I am a sex slave? no. See your not always right about girls. I’m not saying I know things about guys but don’t stereotype or think you know the answer to every situation.

    • goodgirl111

      i just wrote a diet book for women. I am hoping they will see the light you have alot more dating options if your skinny plus your more confident. I also like plenty of overweight people they are nice people. I think your being harsh. You need to encourage people not say I hate you.

    • Amy Urbanske

      You just made me realize something… Maybe all the skinny girls this guy has met are stuck up because they don’t buy his shitty little “I’m so great” game. We see through your bullshit.

  • partywoodchuck

    Congratulations. This is the most disgustingly sexist article I have yet to read on the internet.

  • Myself

    I’m surprised an article such as this even exists but alas: this is the internet. Articles such as these would be laughable if they weren’t so incredibly sad. You poor sir actually took the time to write this lengthy piece of ignorance to justify why women have not paid attention to you in life. I find it quite amusing how you claim fat women are the whiners when it comes to not getting a man when in fact it is you who is whining of how these women prevent you from dating whom you wish. You are in charge of yourself just as much as a fat woman is in charge of herself. You can go through life blaming whomever you chose but the reality is if you’re not getting a girl it is your problem, not some overweight woman’s. You act as if overweight women are evil and horribly lazy. It makes me wonder if you have ever actually interacted with any overweight women at all. To assume every fat woman is a lazy monster is the same for one to assume that every thin woman is a Regina George esque super bitch. Oh wait; you do that too. These absolutes lead to racism, sexism, and general hate. Men have it difficult, yes we know. So do women. We could go on for hours, weeks, and years of all the different ways each sex has it harder than the other but the reality is as humans we ALL have it difficult for more reasons than just our gender. In conclusion I doubt anything I’ve written here will have an sort of impact on your clueless ideals but I will say this: I do hope with all sincerity that you find some peace in life and learn to take responsibility rather than to blame entire groups of which you clearly know nothing about. Good luck in life Mr. Ignorance.

  • Macadamia

    PLEASE someone tell me this is a joke

  • Pollyanna

    I am a very warm and friendly woman with a healthy body weight. Whenever a man starts making disparaging comments about the appearance of others, I am done with speaking to them. I dislike negativity. Does that make me a snob? Also, you should keep in mind that a single, attractive woman in the US has likely been targeted by gamey pua’s before. We know your game and don’t want to play. We are onto you.

  • Tim Nuttall

    Wow you are a cunt

  • lee_kat56

    I just want too point out that this guy pretty much admitted too being a man whore. I think this would make is view of women a little different then a regular guy just trying too have a Healthy relationship. Also when men get too big a lot of them struggle too get a hard on. That effects women and men in a relationship. This guy clearly doesn’t understand love because if he did he would not be dating around the world. To me he doesn’t sound like he’s long term relationship material. Just another player complaining about his options.

  • Quez

    Look! Fit is the new Sexy. Being in top notch health was never an option but an obligation. Even the old fashioned bible proclaims gluttony as a “Deadly” sin. Now different people look at the same thing from different perspective. So this guy wanting to convey this message in this particular fashion is OK by me. In case you’ve forgotten, to make any animal race better, giving better geans to the next generation was far more important then giving them a huge inheritance. So wake the fuck up! spend more time and energy making yourself better, smarter and fitter so you may get a better, smarter and fitter partner to pass your geans on the the next gen, then aiming to have just a luxurious life. It is a statistical fact that More Ladies in the world are fat than guys. Why? If you ever bothered to read Human history you’d find that men’s bodies were evolved to fight and naturally tend to be fitter where as female bodies were evolved to care for the family. You can’t change this fact in a few thousand years. you gotta wait for a few million years. So till then, ladies, please accept the reality and workout a little more. Cause ladies we man are fitter then you are(look at the Olympic records), we live longer then you do and we have a longer fertile age then you do. We are ready to offer you our everything in return all we ask is you be HOT between the age of 20 to 40 of your 70 year long life. IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK?

    • A Person

      You poor, sad, pathetic excuse for a man. Good luck on getting a woman and keeping her with those ideals. I suppose you believe the world is flat as well? Perhaps you should spend more time bettering yourself; such as learning the difference between then and than. Oh and it’s genes not geans. Awkward…

    • Amy Urbanske

      Hahahaha! I cannot stop laughing.

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  • Disgustedatthisworld

    I read the article, I read the comments. Honestly this world is fucked up with anger, malice, ugly hearts, self righteous pricks as it is and this is just ridiculous. Some people here are so vile and ugly and don’t give a shit about nobody. But then when shit hits the fan and killing sprees, people committing suicide, bullying occur we sit here saying “I’m such a good person I don’t deserve this!” Or “I don’t understand how this could happen?” Bulllll shiiiiiiiiit! This is proof of why bad things happen! Evil people like this douche who wrote this and the dude who claims to lie to females just to get some. This world is not perfect and no BODY is perfect.

  • Jerk

    Die tbh.

  • Alec87

    I totally agree with the author. You sound like a starting sex tourist tho. I suggest you try harder to change situation in the US in the first place, it would be better then looking for booty in the Philippines or elsewhere. On the point that for the fat men it’s easier to find a date… well yes, easier. But i really see the difference after i started to lose weight and began to work over my shapes in gym. ALOT easier now.

    P.S. I’m outside US, in the country with low obesety ratio, still many of the hot girls act like bitches, guess it’s in their nature 😛

  • Robby

    You know what is shallow the person who made this article stop looking at people and tagging them you simpleminded person its all down to personal preference you like someone bigger then you go for it you like someone skinner then you go for it. Stop thinking there must be a problem just by looking at a person because of how sexy they are here’s a idea get to know a person understand that person before judging what she or he is in the end its the person who is not because of what tag they have.

  • Ryan

    Amen brother. Amen. I grew up in S. Texas, double whammy, U.S. and Mexican obesity. A lot of beautiful women, definitely stuck up. Economics was in their favor. Still is. Throughout my late teens and early twenties I didn’t understand why it was so hard to get a girlfriend, but yet I had these fat girls non-stop after me. It made me depressed. Sure, my game lacked, but I was still a very attractive guy. I just couldn’t believe how hard it was and assumed that that was life.


    Shortly after joining the Army I was stationed in Germany.

    Life began.

    Just as you point out, there were far more attractive women, obesity was a foreign concept, and the girls were not stuck up. Some had attitudes, but not the stuck up attitude of having 25 guys in line to flirt with them.

    This is a damn good article. It’s going to offend people because it is good and because it is true. It’s a little harsh, but from other articles you don’t BS.

    If you are struggling in the U.S. and need a slight confidence boost, head overseas. It’s a different atmosphere.

    After reading this article, you have been Enlightened.

    • James Bond

      Thanks Ryan, I am planning a trip to Berlin Germany soon. I heard the women are thin, good looking and friendly!
      What city where you stationed in Germany? How long were you in Germany? I can’t wait to visit Germany, it will be a nice change of pace from America.

    • Ryan

      Berlin is a great place! Very international city, and you are correct about the women. They are very approachable too. I was in Frankfurt. It was a bit easier for me because back then American men were in high demand, it’s evened up a little bit as the German boys have caught up to us in terms of their demeanor. I was there for 3 years late, ’03 to mid ’07, loved every year and it helped me grow. A lot of frequent visitors to my barracks room 😉 , Germany will always have a special place.

    • James Bond

      Thanks Ryan, I might visit Frankfurt as well. Did you approach women in public places like bookstores and cafes or just in bars and clubs?
      I am thinking of cold approaching women in Germany and avoiding the bars and nightclubs. From what I hear, women in Germany are approachable and going to bars to meet them is not necessary. I don’t like bars and clubs to begin with.

  • fuck you

    fuck who wrote this full of sexism for one and two if you dont change your attitude even a fat girl which you claim no one will like wont accept shit like you you motherfucker full of bullshit

  • Trayvon

    Yeah I hate the- “I’m curvy” ” I’m built like this”
    Fat slut shovelling junk food into her trap-“oh it’s genetics”
    “Society forces women to look a certain way”
    Can you imagine what this fat Sow is going to look like in 20 Years?
    Remember this is the best she will ever look!!!

  • Trayvon

    They smell bad too.

  • Robert Jeffreys Jr.

    To me skinny people R the hardest to fuk. So u think Your so tuff writing in your house, Probably in one of those skinny and stuck up neighborhood. I bet U could not last a day in my hood Cleveland, OHIO talking Your shit about big people. Cause if U did you’ll be eating with a straw if Your lucky. One more thing god made big people so basically your telling god that big people should not exist. Poor poor dum ass. God is perfect.

  • getalife

    Fat women are not the only dating problem, you narcissistic little twerp. From our perspective, once you take away all the men who are short, fat, ugly, old or have kids from previous relationships, we’re left with a tiny percentage of the population. There are as many hot guys as hot girls. Average guys think they deserve supermodel girlfriends. Well guess what, you don’t.

  • Amelia Mez

    LOL what an angry little man you are. I had no idea losers took it THIS hard when the girls they like dont wanna give them the time of day. Thanks for the morning point-n-laugh!

  • sharon spickard

    Omg your making a double standard women are not attracted to fat men either . Lmmfao

  • sharon spickard

    Men are fat too so what exactly is your point?!? You all are hatefully woman bashing. Mercy I’m assuming these men are alone lmao I’ve been married 15 yrs in July thank god he’s not a douche bag

  • sharon spickard

    Hahaha rich men with little penises are worse they think they are gods gift to women. Rolls eyes they are not Attitude is everything and your heart not liars. Thankful for an amazing husband. Good luck to the players that play. Game over your still in the shallow end as we can all see you can’t get to deep. I gotta explain the men don’t know what I mean shallow means ur vain and u won’t get to deep means emotionally your worried about looks. You aren’t a good person.

    • sharon spickard

      Worst ^

  • sharon spickard

    Shallow shallow shallow ladies these men will be alone they have no emotion or depth, you focus on the men that have it together. There are good men I have one keep your head up. Know what you want don’t settle for less tis better to be alone then with an abuser a controller a cheater. Love yourself and the right man will love you for your heart not your looks. You fall in love with the heart. If we were all blind and forced to get to know each other by our hearts and hobbies ect you gonna tell me it’s not love?!?! Hmmm

  • sharon spickard

    a few seconds ago
    Shallow shallow shallow ladies these men will be alone they have no emotion or depth, you focus on the men that have it together. There are good men I have one keep your head up. Know what you want don’t settle for less tis better to be alone then with an abuser a controller or a cheater. Love yourself and the right man will love you for who you are, your heart not your looks. Nobody needs a weak or shallow man a strong man loves everything about you. Love doesn’t pick and choose it loves all.

    • Fisto

      Who are you trying to convince here lady? Seems like the book wasn’t necessary if you really believed all this bs.

    • sharon spickard

      I have a great man so I don’t have to worry about men like you thank god I stumbled upon this by accident. Not all women are stuck up I don’t prove myself to anyone. I could give a rats ass what u think you’ve shown your ignorance already you assume to know everything but do not.

    • sharon spickard

      Good luck being alone the rest of your life with your smug views lol I’m leaving this discussion I have better things to do with my family. 🙂

  • orange70383 .

    I like small firm b-u-t-t-s that are made to look even better with an arch that pushes it up and out. In a tight pair of jeans nothing is more attractive.

  • James Bond

    That is a great article and absolutely true! Here in America, most of the men are chasing after a small percentage of the women (the women who are not fat or ugly).
    Now I know why thin, good looking girls in America are stuck up, they have tons of guys hitting on them. I know what the solution is now, to travel to countries where there is low obesity rates.

  • Girls opinion

    “Like it or not, we as men have to face the facts… we are shallow, especially in comparison to women. Women care about looks, but they care about looks much less than men.”

    This statement is extremely over-generalized. We are all INDIVIDUALS. We have different wants and fulfill them in our own way. Some girls are total bitches and no matter what they will be shallow. It’s most likely a way of upbringing or a personality trait. Some girls, who are “hot”, are every sweet and choose men based on personality. Some guys are douches (you, sorry buddy) and choose to be superficial in choosing women. Finally, SOME guys are genuine and they will go for a girl who has it all in their eyes. She could skinny, average or fat, but to him; she is perfect. We must treat this society as individualistic. The complete ignorance of these differences leads to more problems; personally and societally.

    • Amy Urbanske

      I am with you. He’s generalizing and that is the worst thing in my opinion. People who generalize are the stuck up ones.

      The author of this article is just one of those drones that let’s the media push him around. He can’t form his own opinions. I’m sure he’s only attracted to rail thin girls because he thinks he has to be.

    • NeverLonelyWithCats

      Yeah amen sister! The media should force men to be attracted to fat girls so we can all continue being lazy and eat crap, sitting on our fat butts!!!

      It shouldn’t be so hard, men are just drones with no opinion that are attracted to what the media tells them to. Let’s do this gurlss!

  • Your.a.complete.jerk

    Very nasty… This why girl are fat… Because of jerks like you push them down.. Q
    And they get more fat. And face it nobody wants a stickbug as a wife. Women should have curves! You might love stickbugs and that but you dont need to be mean of the opposite. My sister she WAS fat. Tirns out she doesnt burn fat in her sleep. When she got growth spurt? Lord Almighty was she Thinner. Not thin thin but average. So stop this. RANT OVER

    • Amy Urbanske


    • QED

      Yeah, you are right. Women are fat because of words people say. Not because of the pepperoni pizza & doughnuts they shove in their mouths. Why don’t you take these words that offend you to inspire you to eat well, exercise and live & look healthy?

      Stickbugs are not attractive either. Looking healthy is. And women should have curves but being fat is not the same as having curves sweetheart.

  • prophet

    Don’t know what the big fuss is. If women engorges in unhealthy food and live unattractive life, let her be. People like her will “phase out” of the demographics, and the nature will eventually correct the system as it always have. If men finds them repulsive, these women are less likely to have offsprings which hastens the correction process. Men are idiots for thinking they can fight these hopeless women and they’ll somehow preserver. People who are aware of the system and make the most out of it are happy. It’s the sore losers (not all, obviously but vast majority of them) who make a lot of fusses because they failed to get what they want. Fuck gender rights; if you want something, stop being a sheep and go get what you want. Become more politically active and say the rest of us are fed up with subsidizing the tyranny of the lazy minority. (My sympathy for the ones who are like that due to genetics from their irresponsible obese parents). Stop going to fast food chains. Make effort to learn how to cook.

    The moment when I hear people bitch and moan, the more I’m convinced it’s a hopeless cause.

  • eatmeshmuck

    you should literally kill yourself

  • Megan

    As a US girl, attractive and thin, I agree but do not want it to change. Girls, keep eating! I will keep exercising!!!

  • Nia Dawn

    Wow. Because dating-market-desirability just about sums up a women’s worth. I would never date a guy like you because of your ugly, sexist attitude. I’m thin and arguably attractive. I actually care more about personality than looks. Surprise. Maybe you’re not getting women because you’re inside is hideous.

  • Amy Urbanske

    This is the kind of bullshit I hate. You are not only generalizing all men and all women, but your shallow, borderline sadistic attitude is why you are still most likely single.

    Seriously?! Overweight women are the reason skinny girls are stuck up?! How about SOME women are stuck up in America because America has a HUGE self-esteem issue. Either there’s too much or too little.

    Listen, I am 5’4”, 125 lbs and I HATE the way I look. I feel fat and ugly all the time, but I would turn you away in a heart beat if you even tried to flirt with me.

    You are the worst kind of human being. You blame a social problem on an entire gender. Have you met every woman in America? No. You cannot base opinions off of a small (very small, I’m sure) sample of the women you’ve met.

    Maybe you need to start hanging out in places where stuck up women aren’t around. Or, on a better note, inform yourself. Do yourself a favor and reevaluate yourself and your opinions, because right now, you are the WORST type of scum.

    And I hate feminism.

    • QED

      Amy, you blame the author of generalizing but then you make one assumption about him after the other that cannot be deducted from the article.

      Like “He is most likely single” and “He has met a very small sample of women”

      In fact if you read more on the website you’ll find out this is quite the opposite.

      You seem to have a lot of hate, but if you’d read without your hate goggles on, you could see that the author makes a simple and valid point.

      Overweight is generally not considered attractive, it’s called over-weight for a reason. So if a bigger part of a population is overweight, the remaining part without overweight is logically smaller.

      Not being overweight and looking healthy is considered attractive and that’s just the way it is. So more fat girls, less attractive girls. Supply-demand, I bet you’ve heard of it.

      Low on supply and high in demand, prices go up.


      Ps: I don’t think you need to worry about him flirting with you 😉

    • Amy Urbanske

      Aww, you caught me! I’m retarded!

      Thanks for the advice!

    • QED

      You’re welcome. Good luck with that ànd the ugly fat complex!

  • Vincent

    I’m laughing at all the angry fat chicks posting here.

    Yea fat women are disgusting pigs who have no respect for themselves and obviously don’t value their lives.

  • truthbetold

    Hate to break it to you, but the non obese promise lands you think are so great they are only great because you are an american in a 3rd world country where you are the target…. yes all the girls want you but not because of the witty, sparkling personality youve shared here and im willing to bet not your looks either – its your american dollars and your meal ticket, green card giving ability for them to get to their promised lands – idiot.

  • wendybird

    Thank you for this article. I’ve gone up and down the weight scale and am heavy again. I’m physically active even with the extra pounds. You have helped push me to be focused and start dropping some serious pounds TODAY. My husband will be very happy in a few months and VERY VERY happy in 6 months! One fat girl at a time 🙂 I’m gonna do my part

  • Analyst

    Visit the DSM IV and read about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It might entertain readers to learn why a person would publish such grandious ideas and declare himself an expert on the subject of women as ‘stock’ for men’s sexual pleasure around the globe. It will mean nothing to the author, because denial won’t allow him to recognize his own symptomology. He’ll simply declare that I must be fat in order to make such a statement about him. He doesn’t need a gambling addiction when he’s clearly addicted to himself. Any woman regardless of her physical attributes would be advised to remain far far from this one.

  • Clo

    what an ignorant person. what about the strain on the health care system that smokers make? Or in fact the strain anorexic and bulemic girls have on healthcare?

    yes obese people are obese because of their own choice but like drugs and alcohol, it is an addiction which once started, is hard to get out off.

    “Obesity literally affects other people because they have to look at it.” I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who don’t like having to look at your face but they don’t go online and write an ignorant article about it.

    Clearly, perhaps its not the girls thats the problem why you cant get laid, perhaps its just your personality….

  • Eat Tuna

    Like anything else, it comes down to supply and demand. If there’s a short supply of hot or reasonably attractive women in a FAT country (USA), then the cost of dating them goes up (i.e. higher maintenance). In THIN countries, attractive women abound, and life is much better. Why do I know this? Because I moved to a THIN country 21 years ago (not telling you where), and went so far as learning a new language to avail myself of lovely women who take care of themselves and happen to know how to treat men.

  • maria

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  • Joe

    Quite frankly, this guy has made a good point but put it across in a very aggressive way towards women when really it’s just obesity on a whole that’s the problem. Not just females. I’m male and find fat people utterly disgusting, male or female, because even if you do have these hormonal imbalances (like my friend) you can work through them and stay fit (like my friend has done). You’re not strong minded enough if you think this is not an option and therefore it is entirely your fault, stop blaming nature. I would not ever give a fat girl a chance in hell, just as I imagine a lot of girls would never give a fat guy a chance in hell. I’m not the best looking but certainly am not the worst either and so I’d say my opinion as an average person holds more weight (yes, that was a pun) than any of you perfect guys/girls or ugly af fat girls/guys heavily biased attempts at shooting down your opposition on this reply section. I don’t expect people to change to make it easier for me to get laid, or anyone else for that matter. But I do expect people to realise they are NOT beautiful or manly the way they are when they are obscenely overweight and therefore want to change themselves for the better or stop bitching when people tell them how it is straight to their face. Humans are very opinionated and therefore so is society, which you keep claiming you are a part of so why don’t you stop bitching about something YOU are a part of and make a change to fit into your OWN GROUP. I simply wrote this because I ended up on this page off some misclick and have an exam a bit later today so felt like shooting off some steam, I am not bitter at all I love my life so please don’t come at me with that bullshit I’ll just ignore you..

  • faith

    Why don’t you go to one of your promised lands and explain to whatever beautiful woman you’re with how you only like her because she’s thin; how if she were ever to change and put on weight you would leave her–hate her, even? You know nothing about love or having a meaningful relationship and I truly pity you and whatever poor woman has the misfortune of committing to you.

  • Thin Shaming vs Fat Shaming Click Here to see what is worse

    Many people accused of fat shaming are worried about the fat person’s health.

  • Melanie

    You sound like a complete arsehole and I wouldn’t want to date you fat or not fat.

  • gibraltar

    Great article but these fat girls are lazy! All they do is sit on their fat asses and text. Foreign women actually walk and exercise. Fat women are bankrupting the USA and men are sick and tired of obese women with attitude. Why can’t they see the truth in what this man writes?

  • LadyNai

    If you can’t get laid, maybe the problem is you, not the fat girls

  • Angry Maude

    You poor sad frail little man, I’m surprised you can find it in yourself to pay for sex whilst trolling the Sex Tourism Countries you’ve visited when you post stuff like this:

    “I was born in California, but my parents and ancestors are all Polish.
    One reason is to pursue my PhD in history, but more importantly it’s to
    start a new life in a place
    where I feel connected to the culture and the people in a way I’ll
    never be in CA, or anywhere else in the world. I wanted to do this while
    I’m still young (30) and single.

    It wasn’t until I met a certain girl from Vilnius that I could actually
    picture myself marrying someone (ironically she turned out to be my
    One-itis that ended up leading me to discover Roosh, Maverick and the
    rest of the “community”). If I do get married it will almost certainly
    be to a EE (and probably Polish) girl.”
    I bet you are a crying cuddler.
    And dude, I can see why Fat Women might find you attractive, you look like Hans Strudel and Chubs, you might want to lay off the Perogies. Just sayin’!

  • Emily Marie Dominguez

    Coming in late on this conversation but here’s my two cents for what it’s worth: No one is saying that you have to love, or even like, fat women. Everyone has a physical preference. I happen to prefer bigger men; it’s been that way since I first started dating. And I was a lot slimmer then so one can’t say that my preference for fat men is because I’m also fat. Muscular men don’t turn me on and one can’t say that their shapes/sizes are not their fault. They work hard to build up those bodies and some do it by unhealthy methods. But I don’t go out of my way to write articles about why I dislike muscular men or leave nasty comments in body building forums. There are lots of women who go ape shit over muscles and that’s perfectly fine with me.. live and let live, right?

    So if you’re upset over not being able to score with a “hot chick”, don’t blame the fat women. Maybe, just maybe, the reason is this: a man who goes out of his way to write about his hatred for women based on their appearance doesn’t possess the kind of personality a “hot chick” would want in a partner.

  • Lady Stensberg

    If my being fat is preventing asshats like you from scoring with women who really just want to be left the hell alone (probably because they are sick of being treated like a piece of ass), I’ll stay fat, kthnx.

  • Guest

    Couple of things…….

    1. Your statement about 99.9% of men not being into fat chicks isn’t true. There are events that are held all over the country where guys can meet fat chicks for relationships, sex, or both. Literally thousands show up at every one of these events. Also, the term BBW (another term referring to fat chicks) is one of the most used terms in search engines. If fat chicks weren’t popular, why would this be the case? Oh, must be guys like you looking for pics of fatties to make fun of…

    2. Fat people cost no more for medical insurance than you or anyone else. Last I looked, most hospitals were evenly mixed between people of varying sizes. I know, you’re going to tell me all about diabetes being higher in fat people….IT’S NOT. From the American Diabetes Assn’s website: “Being overweight is a risk factor for developing this disease, but other risk factors, such as family history, ethnicity and age also play a role. Unfortunately, too many people disregard the other risk factors for diabetes, and think that weight is the ONLY risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Most overweight people never develop Type 2 diabetes, and many people with Type 2 diabetes are at a normal weight or moderately overweight (Don’t believe me though…go to http://diabetes.org/diabetes-basics/myths). Also, keep in mind that these fatties you’re talking about also contribute their money to the healthcare system, meaning that they’re also paying for you (And I don’t see them bitching)

    3. You seem quite worried about the odds. My guess is that you’re worried that the “hot’ (which is a subjective term) girls will become too stuck up because you think they’re coveted, and in a minority (the law of supply and demand). You should thank your lucky stars that guys like me who could bury you with their looks, intelligence and social status) actually prefer a girl with some substance. Guys like me better your odds. You’re welcome.

    Bottom line, it’s really not nice to hate on people, especially for their appearance. I’ve always judged people based on how I see them present themselves. I believe you’ve presented yourself as a judgmental asshole. I don’t think chicks (fat or thin) would be interested in a slug like you.

    Tell Roosh I said hi.

    overweight is a risk factor for developing this disease, but other risk
    factors such as family history, ethnicity and age also play a role.
    Unfortunately, too many people disregard the other risk factors for
    diabetes and think that weight is the only risk factor
    for type 2 diabetes. Most overweight people never develop type 2
    diabetes, and many people with type 2 diabetes are at a normal weight or
    only moderately overweight. – See more at:
    http://www.diabetes.org/diabetes-basics/myths/#sthash.haivL5Q6.dpufBeing o

    overweight is a risk factor for developing this disease, but other risk
    factors such as family history, ethnicity and age also play a role.
    Unfortunately, too many people disregard the other risk factors for
    diabetes and think that weight is the only risk factor
    for type 2 diabetes. Most overweight people never develop type 2
    diabetes, and many people with type 2 diabetes are at a normal weight or
    only moderately overweight. – See more at:

  • Phil Varlese

    Couple of things…….

    1. Your statement about 99.9% of men
    not being into fat chicks isn’t true. There are events that are held
    all over the country where guys can meet fat chicks for relationships,
    sex, or both. Literally thousands show up at every one of these events.
    Also, the term BBW (another term referring to fat chicks) is one of
    the most used terms in search engines. If fat chicks weren’t popular,
    why would this be the case? Oh, must be guys like you looking for pics
    of fatties to make fun of…

    2. Fat people cost no more for
    medical insurance than you or anyone else. Last I looked, most
    hospitals were evenly mixed between people of varying sizes. I know,
    you’re going to tell me all about diabetes being higher in fat
    people….IT’S NOT. From the American Diabetes Assn’s website: “Being
    overweight is a risk factor for developing this disease, but other risk
    factors, such as family history, ethnicity and age also play a role.
    Unfortunately, too many people disregard the other risk factors for
    diabetes, and think that weight is the ONLY risk factor for type 2
    diabetes. Most overweight people never develop Type 2 diabetes, and
    many people with Type 2 diabetes are at a normal weight or moderately
    overweight (Don’t believe me though…go to http://diabetes.org/diabetes-b….
    Also, keep in mind that these fatties you’re talking about also
    contribute their money to the healthcare system, meaning that they’re
    also paying for you (And I don’t see them bitching)

    3. You seem
    quite worried about the odds. My guess is that you’re worried that the
    “hot’ (which is a subjective term) girls will become too stuck up
    because you think they’re coveted, and in a minority (the law of supply
    and demand). You should thank your lucky stars that guys like me who
    could bury you with their looks, intelligence and social status)
    actually prefer a girl with some substance. Guys like me better your
    odds. You’re welcome.

    Bottom line, it’s really not nice to hate
    on people, especially for their appearance. I’ve always judged people
    based on how I see them present themselves. I believe you’ve presented
    yourself as a judgmental asshole. I don’t think chicks (fat or thin)
    would be interested in a slug like you.

    Tell Roosh I said hi.

  • Just one fat girls opinion

    You’re an idiot. Lawl. And it looks like most people here agree.

    There are many factors you choose to ignore, like what the FDA lets slide as food or safe to go on food that may have alternate affects to our bodies… the fact that the American government has made it easier to eat a dollar burger than a 6 dollar salad… Or that there are medical conditions that cause people to gain weight, lose weight, or even not be able to do either… People have to fight to get healthy meals in schools, to teach our kids how to eat… It’s not simply fat girls taking care of their bodies.

    Also, if you want to blame someone for how hard it is to date a non bitchy thin girl in the US, blame the idiot guys who fawn over the bitches, and the bitches for being so vain that they think they are better than everyone else.

  • Sadie Teller

    Hmmm. You take commodification of women to a new level, however, what you are really saying is that a society with fewer hotties is more of a seller’s market. You’d like it to be more of a buyer’s market. You want something of comparatively higher value without having what it takes to be attractive to a woman who can take her pick, lol.

    I would suggest a hot mail order bride from one of those countries women are dying to get away from. You know what will happen? Once she gets over here, she’ll leave you for a better man, lol. I know a guy who thinks and talks the way you do. It’s very unattractive to any woman. Even if he were astute enough to refrain from expressing such attitudes in the presence of a woman he hoped to attract, I think the attitude would come through and be a real turn off because once the initial attraction phase wears off, all women want a man who is capable of seeing as a human being.

  • Krusyos

    I used to be a really fat guy. 6 foot 2 inches, peaking at 260 pounds. Did I bitch and moan about how society hates me because I was a fatass? No. I got my fat fucking lard ass into gear and lost 52 pounds, so far. Am I in perfect shape now? No. But at least I’m not a fucking eyesore whenever I take my shirt off at the beach. At least I don’t have fat flabs that flow onto other peoples’ seats on airplanes. I lost 52 fucking pounds… and it really wasn’t that hard. All these fat feminist fucktards and big beta bitch boys are just lazy sacks of shit who have no discipline or desire and believe that society should serve them. I can say that because I was a fat fucking loser. I have no respect for you tubby lumpkin pieces of shit. I want to round you obese whales into showers and fucking gas you because you suck my money, you make it harder for me to follow the orders of my lord and savior Penis. My fuck-rod is my God, and you are in the path of my God’s will. Fucking lard asses.

  • On a clear day!

    It is hard to take this article seriously 20nation, my only observation would be that it is interesting that you assume the reason you are unlucky with women is due to something other than your personality. I suspect you hate yourself more than you hate fat women. And to all the disparaging comments directed at any woman who has an opinion other than to agree with this kind of negativity, I would suggest your comments are undoubtedly more telling about your own self worth than to the person you are directing them at.

  • MistyChan

    Just because a girl is overweight doesn’t mean she over eats, wants or chooses to be fat, same as overweight guys. Some people just have a really slow metabolism that makes it difficult for them to loose weight and keep it off.

    There are things you can take to speed up your metabolism, but not everyone knows about or trusts them.

    You may hate fat girls, but all girls hate shallow asshats that would make fun of or dump them if they were to gain even the slightest bit of weight.

    If you ever found a nice girl, fell in love and got married would you make fun of her and call her fat, a cow or obese if she got pregnant?

    Women need to eat a lot and gain weight while pregnant and sometimes it’s hard to loose the weight they gained during the pregnancy not because they don’t want to, but because it’s difficult to find the time to when you have a new baby, work and sleep.

    So if your wife gained weight and didn’t have the time for exercising or eating right what would you do? Would you be an asshat that puts her down and tell her she’s an ugly pig before divorcing her, or would you just cheat on her?

    And something tells me that you’d be the douche that says having and raising kids is women’s work and a man shouldn’t have to help with it so you would try to help her so she can have time for herself.

  • lovelife

    This article is crap and makes it sound like a woman’s only worth lies in her physical presence or sexual appeal. That’s so messed up. Stop sexualizing women and come to terms with the fact that they are people not objects. What a jackass.

  • Nina Kanatnikova

    To say “Your soul is black.” would be akin to telling Hitler that he’s been a very naughty boy. The better man within you knows that you are an exceptional son of a bitch too hence the anonymity of this article. I do mean to insult your mother because she really should have taken the care to cultivate a little bit of humanity within you.

  • gofuckyourself

    This article was a complete waste of time. Men like meat, dogs like bones.

  • Cancer survivor 2010

    I’m fat now and proud of my weight I fought stage 4 cancer for 7 years and every bone in my body showed because no matter what I ate or drank I threw it up because of chemo so do this u take invainious chemo therophy for seven straight years then tell me if you mind being 65 lbs over weight 4 years later I don’t really care I just care I’m cancer free and I bet the odds of 1 out of 5 . U may want to stop and think about what u say next time jerk

  • Google Proves It Fat Girls Are Less Inhibited Click Here For BBWs

    Fat girls lust for food and they will lust for you!

    Date Easy Fat Girls… but wear a condom! Fat girls are man trappers

  • Manda

    I think skinny is out now a days, but thick is in and especially if your working out got a booty and look fit instead of skin and bones and not eating isn’t so healthy looking. But everyone needs love though.

  • kha

    This is much better than reading those “believe in yourself” or “you are beautiful just the way you are” stuffs. Thanks

  • Ero Lovespell

    Hi My name is ‘Bruno Rico’ just want to share my experience with the world on how i got my love back and saved my marriage… I was married for 7years with 2kids and we lived happily until things started getting ugly and we had fights and arguments almost every time… it got worse at a point that she filed for divorce… I tried my best to make her change her mind & stay with me cause i loved her with all my heart and didn’t want to loose her but everything just didn’t work out… she moved out of the house and still went ahead to file for divorce… I pleaded and tried everything but still nothing worked. The breakthrough came when someone introduced me to this wonderful, great spell caster who eventually helped me out… I have never been a fan of things like this but just decided to try reluctantly cause I was desperate and left with no choice… He did special prayers and used roots and herbs… Within 7 days she called me and was sorry for all the emotional trauma she had cost me, moved back to the house and we continue to live happily, the kids are happy too and we are expecting our third child. I have introduced him to a lot of couples with problems across the world and they have had good news… Just thought I should share my experience cause I strongly believe someone out there need’s it… You can email him via akhidenorlovespell@gmail.com Don’t give up just yet, the different between ‘Ordinary’ & ‘Extra-Ordinary’ is the ‘Extra’ so make extra effort to save your marriage/relationship if it’s truly worth it.

  • Harriet

    This is so incredibly sexist, I don’t even. Its just repulsive. Seriously women are more than just objects for you stick your bitchy little dick into. You sicken me.

  • Steve Giardini

    To say that women judge men less based on looks is INSANE. Ive worked in retail for over 14 years, it is RARE to find a skinny girl with a fat guy and if you do find one the guy is almost always 6 feet or taller.Meanwhile on an average day i’ll see 5 – 10 couples where the female is obese and the guy she’s with is skinny as a rail.

  • goddMn

    Fat girls are forcing you to be celibate? Bitch please. If you can’t score a hot skinny chick then you need to look at your own faults. Maybe only fat chicks are in your league. Quit being a whiny bitch. There’s obviously a shortage of women and beggars can’t be choosers.

  • sweetie

    I am a chubby girl with a pretty face and body shape and i somewhat agree and disagree with this article. I do have a nice personality (always makes me stand to from the mean “hot” bitches lol) and guys usually like me for that and are respectful to me, and those that are douchey I just ignore and dont mind. I dont expect every guy to like me, its cool lol. I have had really good looking guys that are way out of my league hit on me over “skinnier” girls at a social event, whether some really did like me or had a chubby fetish and just wanted to bang (i never know the real reason haha). But I do need to lose weight and yes, obesity is an issue in america and should not be awarded and be twisted around & called something else. But when you age, your metabolism slows down and a lot of women deal with weight issues especially in menopause years. its all biology. It not about hotness or about gender. Both men and women in america need to cut back on processed foods and this fast paced stressful life that leads eventually to obesity and depression.
    Now beauty and attraction is a personal preference. Its not so much about weight but about bone structure and your figure that attracts a man or woman. I have found some fat guys attractive and some not. It genetics. Its all simply biology. I agree that skinny women are more stuck up in the US and use their weight to their advantage. but beauty is not weight. your weight is your genetics plus your environment. we all have met that hot someone (guy or girl) and got to know them and that interest kinda fades when you really see their true ugly self.
    Americans aren’t lazy either. The FDA and big pharmaceutical companies are the thugs and are trying to kill off the population. We should worry about health and education of our future kids and teach them to be respectful to everyone.

    plus i work at a morgue and we all look like shit when we age and die. everyones tits and balls eventually sag. just marry, fuck, raise good kids and move on.
    americans romanticize so much about women’s bodies.

    my dad still gives shit to my mom for being fat when she has had 4 kids, menopause, her uterus removed (which fucked up her hormones) and personal family death/loss which caused her to gain weight from depression. but he has a gut for no reason and she never says you dont look good or picks on him simply for aging.
    men will always make women feel like shit and then they wonder why we have so much emotional issues and sensitivity and self esteem problems. its everywhere!

  • FatChick

    Maybe you havent looked hard enough. Fat girls are talked about by everyone, even by fat chicks smaller than them. The comments hurt. And the fat chicks you see that wear clothes

  • FatChick

    I dont give a FUCK if some Fat Bitch hurt you in the past but all fat girls aint do shit to your dumb ass. You stupid ass basterd grow the fuck up like damn!

  • Maggie100

    I was overweight, but as a child having a drunk mother all the time and having a stepmother telling me I am a chubby 9 year old girl lead to me eating as comfort. When I was 15 I knew it was time now, I needed to lose weight. I lost 20kg, but still looking quite okay for my age and not being ugly men still go for the super thin girls. Have you thought for maybe just one second those ‘fat girls’ are comfort eating, because of problems and guys still say stuff like’ fatty’ to them? I am not saying being obese is good or right, I am just saying stop looking for problems with over weight girls. In the end you are the shallow one, we all know now you guys who call girls ‘fatties’ really don’t go for personality, but for those ‘vain thin girls’ ( I am not saying all thin girls are vain don’t get me wrong, I was just trying to make my point).

    • Bitches_like_u_must_die

      You are so right, my friend also went into comfort eating, she was sexually harassed when she was younger and has never gotten over it.
      I feel sorry for her, but i understand where shes coming from, its hard to go through life and ignore all the bad things that happen. Just a few months ago i accidentally said something bad about a girl on Facebook, and i started to get hate messages. I was so depressed i felt like ending my life, but i knew that was the cowardly act, so instead i did what my friends did, ate.

      This guy is a Jerk, he’s just another troll on the internet, picking on people because of their physical appearances.

      This Bitch can go FUCK himself up his Craphole!

  • Bitches_like_u_must_die

    Bullies like you is why the world is a living hell! I’m a teen, i’m in high school, and i have a few ‘big’ friends. First of all, i can’t believe you!, why the fuck would you say this shit about fat girls? imagine if someone overweight read this, they would be petrified and their self esteem will grow lower and lower! You have no respect for anyone! Your one stupid moron, i happen to like my ‘big’ friends, one of my bestest most trust worthiest friend is ‘big’. i’m not friends with her because i feel sorry for her, i’m friends with her because she is a great person, everyone who is friends with her would say this.

    Secondly…WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GET EDUCATED!? cause i really wonder…here in Australia, we learn to except people for who they are, if their gay and just came out, we respect their feelings, if we don’t agree to it, WE KEEP OUR MOUTHS SHUT!

    Thirdly- Not all fat people are a disgrace to the human society, you should have a look at all the slut girls. Half of them starve them selves because they think their not skinny enough(my friend and i call them ‘the skinny bitches). My friends try to lose weight but they don’t have the right knowledge and understanding, my friend even starved herself once because diet and exercise wasn’t working, her self esteem grew so low, she started cutting. If was horrifying to have a friend bullied into this shit, whenever she came to school she would try and hide the cuts with long sleeves or wear watches, bangles and wrist bands.

    Give us all a break and SHUT THE FUCK UP
    Why don’t you go back to gaming, your just another geeky nerd that gets bullied a lot so you have to result in abuse towards the more vulnerable.


  • Frank Z

    The chemicals and preservatives in the American food supply are part of a bigger plan of killing off the American population by the Illuminati who wrk with the Bilderberg Group- its all the elite globalist central bankers behind it all- they are Satanists and hate humanity. Read Eustace Mullins, Ezra Pound, Nesta Webster, James Perloff, Alex Jones, Texe Marrs, Henry Makow (one of my favorites a Jew ph.d. Who knows its evil people at the top engineering all this madness). Rense.com realzionistnews.com henrymakow.com powerofprophecy.com infowars.com all have a breakdown of who runs the real game of power. At least Europeans are smart enough to flip a lid when thy try to put high fructose corn syrup, gmos, NASA sounding preservatives, and other crap in their food supply like these sick bastards had done to America. Yes obesity is a gruesome blight but know the who’s and whys who orchestrated these line of poison directly into to consumer supply for chemical warfare against the most notorious group of gun owning peasants in the World- Americans. Peasants with guns are what the Rothshild and Rockefeller ruling class don’t want so thy spray the air and poison the food of the unruly Americans.

  • Fattie Mchotty

    I want to tell you something. I’m fat, but you know what, I fucking try. I wear make up, I’m clean ,I dress nice, and even though I’m fat you will see me at the gym. I don’t care if people think this is an excuse. I’m on anti depressants and they increase my hunger. I’ve tried talking to doctors but they told me there are no anti depressants that don’t make you gain weight.

    Yes I’m fat. So fucking what. You don’t like me because I’m fat? Good, because I don’t like you, so we’re even.

    Suck on that fuckers.

  • Brianna Pinchek

    Things that I wish I knew earlier  Things that I’ve learned in real life. 

    Things people really need to talk about more:

    Everyone has rolls when they bend over. Everyone. Lets just get this out of the way right off the bat. In the last few months, I’ve had over 30 women ranging from rail thin to extra largenaked in my bed and I would routinely ask them to hug their knees. You wont believe this… ALL OF THEM HAD TUMMY ROLLS. Not one was exempt. Even my super fabulous professional model 6 foot tall and some amazing Katie had rolls. The stomach pictures turned into some of my favorite images from the project… so quit thinking they’re bad, and try accepting (dare I say embracing?) yours!
    When people say “you’re gorgeous”, believe them. I tend not to, and it’s a cryin’ shame. When people genuinely compliment you, it’s because they really see it. Try to not dismiss their perspective as wrong and assume that you know better. They see all of you. We see our flaws. Believe them.
    “Arm flab is embarrassing.” No its not, go fuck yourself. No, not you. The people who tell us that, silly.

     despite your body. You’re stunning because of your body. There is a distinct difference. I grew up in a culture that would deem “unattractive” women as “special spirits”. A degrading categorization that implied that the only thing worthwhile was whatever was inside. Well, yeah. We are all much much more than our bodies, but our bodies are a beautiful part of us too. Beauty comes from the inside AND the outside.  I am of the firm belief that every person is beautiful, and so this leaves the inside to be the part that is the most telling when it comes to true “beauty”.

    “Wait, whaaaaaa Jes? You’re full of shit.” Nope. This just happened to me for the first time in… six years? I’m considerably heavier than I was 6 years ago (like… 70 pounds heavier) and so when I ran up to my friend Eric for a hug and he picked me up with my heels in the air… it left me breathless. I had forgotten that it was possible; I had accepted a life void of being lifted. So exhilarating. Eric didn’t suffer any injuries and walked away unscathed.

     Many believe that someone who’s fat needs to exercise as much as possible in order to prove that they’re committed to becoming “less fat”. As if accepting one’s body as is would be a sin, and that’s just silly. Yes, exercising has wonderful physical and mental benefits, but you don’t owe it to anyone else to make an effort to change your body unless you wanna. You do not have to alter yourself to be okay. Period.

     This will be the scariest thing you will ever do, and that’s okay. It will also be the most amazing (albeit super gradual) experience you will ever have. It doesn’t make you narcissistic. It doesn’t make you vain. It is liberating in every form of the word.

     Read this. No really. Read it. And then realize that we’ve grown up learning and internalizing that we are not okay our entire life. For me, that’s 26 years of self-hate indoctrination and brainwashing.  It’s going to take a lot longer than you think to reverse this thinking, and it’s definitely not going to happen overnight. Allow yourself to have “weak” days. Cry, mourn, sob, yell, throw things. Whichever. Then get up, brush yourself off, give the media the finger, and move forward because you’re a warrior.

     way uneven.  Don’t stress. This is totally normal.

     I thought that my best bet in life was to find a partner who acceptedmy fat. Pause. Give me a minute to hang my head and shake it at myself. Not only are there people who adore “thick” women, but a LOT of them who prefer it. This eventually ends up in an interesting territory which Marianne talks about here, but the point that I’m trying to make goes back to the “despite vs because of” argument. Here is what you need to know: you do NOT need to settle for a lover who is “okay” with your body. You have the right (and millions of opportunities) to find someone who is infatuated with your body. You deserve to be worshiped, woman!

     I know that hot is relative and all inclusive depending on who you chat with, but for these purposes, lets talk about the “universally attractive” kind of hot. Y’know, the kind fat chicks don’t deserve? We want to pretend that we don’t know what I’m talking about, but lets be real; we totally do. The fact that “fat chicks bang ‘hot’ guys” was one of the most powerful realizations I’ve had thus far. In line with the above paragraph, I knew that there would besomeone that would find me attractive but the pool would be small (because of my body) and potentially full of guys I didn’t personally find sexy. So I would have to settle for anyone that would take me. After all, how could a conventionally gorgeous man (tall and with tattoos of course) like fat chicks?  Weh-he-hell, let me tell you somethin’: through various sites, events, parties, and corner store meetings, I found myself with over a hundred men who were champing at the bit to get with this. I was the one who had to sift through and pick the hottest of the hot. Ladies, over a hundred. “Girls” showed what society thinks about thatwhen Hannah’s character has a weekend romance with an attractive and wealthy doctor. People flipped their shit. “Patrick Wilson is so hot he would never do Lena Dunham” was the most eye catching. Wilson’s wife responded to that rubbish here, but the tweet speaks volumes about what the majority of people think unconventional women deserve. Jesus christ, it’s annoying. I won’t spill the details of my bedroom coming and goings, but lets just say this: the hottest guys in Tucson and I get along just fine. I would recommend reading Emily’s article on xoJane for a better explanation of what I’m struggling to say. Know this: the myth that “atypical” bodies can’t be paired with “typically attractive” bodies is false. Women need to know that all bodies can be paired with all bodies.
    Riding during sex will NOT collapse his insides. Just trust me on this one, what you fear is totally false. Here’s a great article that changed my life.

     Join the revolution. Throw style rules out the window. Wear the tutu. Wear the horizontal stripes. Wear the turquoise skinny jeans. Wear the see-through blouse. Wear the bikini. Wear the sweat pants. Wear the shirt that says “Does this shirt make me look fat?”. Wear whatever it is that makes you happy. This is your life.
    You are fucking beautiful. I’m saying this with a straight face and seriously meaningful look where I maintain eye contact for an uncomfortable amount of time. I know you don’t feel like you fit into the category of gorgeous that our world creates. I know that its hard. I know that its a daily battle. But fuck their fascist beauty standards. The second you stop looking for a skinny model in your mirror and start looking at YOU… is the second you will start to appreciate what you are. Stop looking for flaws. Stop looking for differences. You are perfect. You are more than enough. You are the best thing that has ever happened to you. And you are fucking beautiful.

    Say it with me.

  • Brianna Pinchek

    Found this and it’s true. This is bullshit You know what I know?

    Why I hate fat guys lol

    Fat guys are bad for our society. Some men are pigs as you can see from this article. But this is an example. If I did hate fat guys, which I don’t because I’m not judgemental, then the same rules would apply.

    Dating studies show that 99.9 percent of women are not attracted to fat men. Therefore most women go foit goes to fat guys the skinny handsome guys with muscle.

    These guys are known as the players. It’s so hard to get laid for us women because the 99.9 percent of women flock to these players that take on 3 or 4 or even 5 at a time. That leaves a lower percentage for us as well. The fat guys hate themselves because they don’t look good enough. Maybe as it says in this article they should just exercise, stop being lazy, and eat less. We work hard for our money too.

    It can go either way. So stop beong self righteous pigs and start respecting us as we are. Some guys really are attracted to bigger women and that’s more than just 1 percent. We are beautiful and actually more charming. I don’t eat a lot. Once a day. And I’m more average than fat. But I’m a littke chubby. And us women carry the babies so shouldn’t we have an excuse anyway? Most of us try to better ourselves, eat less, and work it off. I have 2 jobs. I bring home $100,000 a year. I am 19. Women’s rights was the best thing that happened to the USA. And FYI, some of us don’t have time to get a gym.membership. We have jobs and not me, but other women have children to take care of on top of that. And cleaning because a lot of men won’t do it. And some of us don’t have time to fix meals and eat healthy. I only have time to grab a quick bite that will fill me up. Once a day. So instead of making articles on why you hate fat girls, why don’t you figure out your self esteem issues. You think we’re ugly, but I think we are beautiful. And I was fat for a while but I still got laid by handsome men who usually only went for the skinny ones. Personality is what matters. Grow up. Don’t fuck women as your profession 20nation. Find a real life career instead of trying to hurt others.

  • motherofdragons

    Fat women and thin women (and anyone in between) have one thing in common here: neither of them owe you their time or their consideration. If you can’t get someone you’re attracted to to like you, that’s your own problem. Maybe you just suck, bro.

  • cherysh

    what a load of shallow bull crap.I feel bad for people who think like this.

  • Douchebaghater

    You’re an ignorant asshole.

  • Jasonjj

    Being an unhealthy weight is not good for anybody, however your “article” is pure opinion based on no facts. Nobody should read this crap with any intention of learning anything tier than the opinion of a serious piece of shit.

  • nomorepropagandaaboutabuse

    You think you don’t have luck with women because hot women are stuck up but the truth is it’s the contempt you ooze for women and the pattern of blaming women for avoiding your contempt that is the real problem. Women can sense it on you, you know.

  • Double Dee

    Keep working on those social skills shallow Hal.

  • LOL

    you’re a fucking idiot

  • The farmer

    This sounds very similar to the complaint of some farmer not finding the perfect cattle for the little amount he can afford. And also fussing about how bad genetics of the “cheap stuff” is bringing the market up for the high valued one. I also noticed that you didn’t mention the ones that pay this high price and are the sole responsible for the value raise. Of course you believe being as shallow as a dried up puddle is a “norm” that should not be challenged. However this is what we call the offer and supply rule. To come back to the point where you mention that you desire hot chicks I can’t stress enough that you wrote down the argumentation that pins you down: You must be so poor in money and personality. I hate poor & shallow men, they ruin the world because *insert “poor” argumentation here*. How about you find some ultra friendly girl, the one you said would look so nice if she’d lost some weight? Help her feel confident about herself and bring her support so she finds the courage and will to loose weight and get into a better shape. Or in your shallow language: You can’t afford a new car so go and buy a second hand one and get if fixed. To end this because I have other things to do, I’m gonna give you a tip: what makes the World bad are the humans who believe other humans are goods.

  • Nale Dixon

    You meant to say, “why are hot girls”, and “effects anybody”. So, you misspoke. I thought that you just weren’t paying attention to your writing, but in the next paragraph, you correctly used the word “effect”. (“Affect” would mean if a girl somehow acted fat as a pretense.) Blogs are generally poorly-wtitten and stupid, and I could totally do a better job. Sorry!

  • mslady1972

    This is the craziest thing I have ever heard of. Beautiful women have higher options. If all the fat women in America lost weight and became “hot” as you put it, there would simply be more attractive women going after the small percentage of hot and or rich guys. Good looking women are not attracted to average or below average looking guys. Unless that average or below average looking guy is wealthy, he can forget getting a legitimately beautiful woman. Beautiful women do not desire a fat or average looking guy and if he is not rich that number dwindles even further. This is true across the globe. All skinny women are not beautiful and contrary to what some may want to believe a beautiful woman could NEVER care what an average guy thinks, wants, finds attractive or whatever. Beautiful women want beautiful or rich guys. Period. There is no need to be pretty for a guy who can’t take you to the right places to show that beauty off. Who knows, maybe the “hot” local women in other countries were nice because they though you could help them get to America. Now there’s a thought.

    • AllieC

      Some “hot” women are intellegent and hard-working enough to become rich themselves, and don’t need to find a man to provide for them. 🙂

  • AllieC

    This entire article and many of the comments are absolutely disgusting. Not only was it cleary written by a douchebag with low self-esteem, but it is ignorant and heartless. As a thin, fit and attractive woman I am rather offeneded by being called a bitch or stuck up just because I am percieved as “hot” by many men. If you think that attractive women are stuck up in America because of the fat women, then you are completely wrong! If we blow you off/are stuck up towards you it’s because we don’t waste out time on douchebags like you. You don’t deserve a good woman with an attidude like yours, sir! You are clearly materialistic and superficial, and a douchebag towards skinny and fat women!

  • AllieC

    Also, I forgot to mention: I truly hope you find a super hot girl to sleep with every night of the week. Therefore, each one of them can give you a different STD. That way you can grow old and you and yourself can be happy together and have no one to care for your drooling diseased ass.

  • Brandi Lynn Kinney

    wow i truly cannot believe how much i want to slap the ever loving christ out of this author. First of all, women are not put on this earth just for men to look at! Second, if you have trouble getting laid, that is your own damn fault, I agree that obesity is a sickness that can be controlled but so is being Anorexic. You, as the author remind me so much of the Shooter at UCSB i can’t even believe it. Maybe “fat girls” and “stuck up girls” aren’t the problem, maybe the problem is men think they are entitled to being shallow pigs simply because they are men. Maybe girls aren’t dating you because you’re ugly or smell OR *SHOCKER* you have a terrible personality and are weird to be around. Maybe you spend your time stealing girls underwear and have a creepy uni-brow. Trust me guys there are way more reasons you aren’t getting any then just fat and stuck up girls.

    • Arianna

      Girls also want an attractive guy so a boy not wanting a fat girl is perfectly acceptable.

  • Destin293

    I love the point you make about how a fat guy can get a hot girl. Ummmmm, no, they really can’t. You can be a fat guy with an absolutely endearing personality but will ALWAYS be friend-zoned…especially by hot girls. Money, on the other hand, makes a man instantly hot. And I’m not talking, “Look at me, I’m a Walgreen’s assistant manager and I make $60,000 a year” — I’m talking, “Look at me, I’m a software designer and make $300,000 a year.” Believe it or not, hot girls want to be with hot guys…unless the man is rich. Very rich.

  • Prins

    The types of people hating on this article ;
    1. Fat women
    2. Guys who can only get these fat women.
    3. And guys who are already dating these fat women.

    • Also the regular suspects:

      4. Feminists, manginas & white knights

  • Anonymous

    This is hilarious. I’m not a fan of egomaniacs (fat, hideous people male or female going crazy when they are told they’re not attractive and/or have their selfies mocked) but I have nothing against the general fat population.

    I’m not a fat person but I can tell you for SURE. you’re delusional if you think women do not care about looks. I’m female and I guarantee women are just NICER about it, hence the existence of “friend zone,” bullshit.

    Women care more about looks in my opinion much more than men do. You sir, have been brainwashed by the media. You’re totally kidding yourself. lol. COMPLETELY.

  • Hsjdjdnjsjsns

    Wow I really can’t belive what I’m readin I’m fat and I can tell I working my fucking ass off while ppl like u fuckers bitch and moan that all fat ppl are lazy how bout u stop worrying about other ppl, I know what ur Going to say oh it does effect us because of taxes and that health care bullshit just because ur fat absolutely does not mean ur lazy I’m sure u guys have seen every man women in the entire world there is a group of “fat ppl” that are lazy I’m not dening that but then there are groups of “fat” ppl that are not lazy and work their asses providing for their family just becuz u go to the gym and stay in tip top shape doesn’t mean that you got the right sit here and say how fat ppl are lazy and ruin shit I guarantee u people who say fat ppl ruin thing probably drink smoke party have sex with evryone and there mother it’s not just big ppl that ruin shit it’s ppl who drink amd drive abuse drugs and party like crazy but ppl see see drug abusers ass “omg I’m so srry ur depressed and doing drugs” it’s the same thing with fat ppl why can’t ppl just mind thief own business and chill the hell out and stop with discriminating bs if someone it’s time to man up ppl need to stop u can’t sterotype one person for all

    • Arianna

      roll away

  • roberta

    i have been both fat and slim. as a girl i have seen life from both sides. being fat is no ones responsibility by my own. Fat people are to blame for being fat. no girl likes to be made fun of for being fat or to be hated for being skinny and pretty. girls want to be loved.
    Fat IS a an obstacle. it gets in the way of you being loved. not because all men are too superficial but because your fatness reveals that you dont care how you look. and you take more than your body needs so you dont care about health. its not ok. its un healthy. in the end it is your decision if you want to be fat. the author is right. it effects other people around you. its legal to be super fat and hurt other people with your problems. but it isnt fair.

    So to the fat people: just shut up and be fat if you want to be fat. no one can stop you. thats what i did when i was fat. i just lived it up. you can eat whatever you want. brag that you can eat whatever you want and dont give a crap what you look like.
    dont cry that boys dont see you for who you really are inside or for you personality. they see that you are fat and have no self control. they see you are a glutton that takes more than she needs. they DO see you for who you are. they see you as undisciplined and not caring about yourself. no wonder they want to stay away.
    dont say its your genetics or slow metabolism. if your metabolism is slow then your food intake should be too. duh! and dont think its genetic just cuz your mom is fat too. she just taught you her gluttonous habits and you absorbed them and owned them.
    dont whine and cry that skinny bitches get all the guys. dont hate the skinny bitch. you love your fat self and have no need to hate them.
    and for goodness sake dont hate skinny girls! all it does is point out how fat you are and make you look worse. dont be jealous that you are too lazy to put in the time to exercise and eat right.
    you will never try to become what you hate. you just condemning yourself to a fat existence forever.

  • Andrew


  • Veronica10

    Really horrible arcticle. I get hit on every day by guys. Built guys, chubby guys, married and taken guys…pretty much every guy I know, other than family members, has tried to bang or asked me out on a date at one time or another. I used to date all the time, I’m not picky, I givepeople a shot, most I thought were my friends. But they all expect me to put out right away. I don’t dress provocative at all, just elegant and simple, I wear light makeup and make my hair nice so I don’t look like a slob, and if I like a guy then I’ll flirt, but it’s clear that Sex is all they want with a pretty and skinny girl, like I’m too good looking to be faithful or a good wife, or a good mother to a child. Actually been told that I’m just for fun. Do you know how hurtful that is to be told that just cuz I didn’t put out,”so, c’mon, just do it”. I’ve had 6 boyfriends in my 27 years. A couple told me they loved me and I seriously loved them back. But I was stupid. Most men are liars, cheaters, and pigs. I’d rather be left alone, no games, or yet another disappointment. I’m going to die alone. It’s a man’s world. That’s why I’m a bitch, not because of fat girls.

    • Veronica10

      Want to add that I have never once thought I was God’s gift or the greatest thing on the planet. I do like and respect myself though. Maybe because I don’t have daddy issues I don’t agree with being treated like a worthless fuckhole half the time. Sorry, suck your own dick.

    • Arianna

      so you dated all the time and not picky…. and now you wonder why everyone want to get in your pants… hmmm! maybe if you would be picky then you wouldn’t be dissapointed

  • smh


  • Lea

    Interesting that you say guys are the ones being screwed when you also say they can be fat and/or ugly and still get attractive women. -Whereas women basically don’t have a chance with anyone unless they’re hollywood-hot. Sounds like the women are the one’s getting screwed to me. -Also I think you make a good point, BUT, statistics say that the thin and “attractive” women are often more likely to have self esteem issues the the average and below.

  • AnAuthenticHotGirl

    You talk about entitlement issues: you think having a victoria secret model is somehow promised to you as a kid? Seriously. Why do men think they are all entitled to having a gorgeous woman regardless of how retarded, misogynistic, idiotic, and YES: unattractive they might me. I’ve fallen for below average guys because they have great personalities. I’ve also don’t the opposite, sure, but it never lasts. If you want a great girl, be a great guy. End of story.

  • Aimee Coleman

    At the beginning you said ‘What are hot girls so difficult?’
    Do you even English?

  • Aimee Coleman

    I just finished reading this article. I had to stop periodically to get my breath back from laughing.
    I am not overweight and never have been, but if you post anything like this again I will personally gain 700 pounds and sit on you. 😛

  • Arianna

    Hey guys, I am a hetero woman and I can relate to this stuff. I was a size 10 three years ago and now i am size 18 (from a 12 in just a couple a months, medical reasons). I used to and I still hate obese/fat chicks, and therefore, hate myself. Why? because they look repulsive, the clothes don’t fit even if they are pretty, nothing works well. But don’t worry, the fat chicks will be absolutely sure that those dresses and jeans fit them perfect, and is not their problem, but yours not to see that. I am very aware of how I look and I could never ever consider myself perfect or attractive on this current weight, so if a guy hit on me I could feel that he’s making fun of me. I would, though, fight my medical condition, with hormonal treatment,diet and sport, and return to a measure when I won’t see my skin popping out of my jeans, my pants, where I don’t have waves of fat when I lean over and everything. So sorry, but most of the skinny/slim fit girls are healthier. Yes, there are exceptions, like drug addicts or anorexics, but I prefer to be anorexic than fat so …. Would you prefer to eat a greasy pork loin or something light, like a pork loin without the fat?

  • Alexis

    This blogger has a post about “banging” 3 women a day in the Phillipines. So if I’m thin, I’m a conquest that is not even worth remembering. If I’m fat, I’m to be hated for not being an acceptable candidate for conquest. I should get thin to become an acceptable hole for man’s pens because, by failing to do so, I’m making the “hotter” holes uptight.

    I’m an overweight woman in America. Based on this article, I would not be/remain nice upon once becoming fit. It would not be because I felt a superior attitude about my value in comparison to overweight women, thus deserving to be spoiled. On the contrary, I would do it to give people who feel like this a taste of their own medicine.

    • Alexis

      I meant “for a man’s penis”

  • What the hell.

    Its funny how I asked google if there were truly superficial people in this world, and it brought me to this. Actually, I take that back. It’s terribly depressing and I feel bad for superficial people. They will never experience life to the fullest.

  • Rickie

    Some big girls are very as long as they know how to carry herself.

  • Mackenzie

    This is an incredibly shallow article. As you stated, we can be shallow beings. I’m appreciative that you are acknowledging your flaw, of looking only at the weight, rather than the person itself. Before starting this discussion, we have to understand that being slender doesn’t make a female beautiful. Slender girls ARE beautiful, but their weight does not make them beautiful. It is who they are as a human being. Secondly, some females and males have diseases that may prevent them from losing weight, and it is out of their control. Their main concern is not their weight, because they are facing the more serious problem of a serious illness. Now, let’s talk about what you are trying to say.

    You are arguing that females in countries, who happen to be more slender, or as you put it, “hot”, are less conceited and rude. You seem to define “rude” as “hard to get”, in which case rude means refusing your advances. This is due to the preference of the female, and has nothing to do with how attractive you may consider her to be.

    You bring up a good point, however. Girls who are slender may sometimes have a higher confidence, due to the high rate of obesity. Yet people also shame girls for being too skinny. Anyone can have insecurities; in fact, everyone does. If they have those insecurities, they, and other members of society, can find anything wrong with their bodies.

    You also talk about the “dating market.” This brings up the argument that how a female looks is entirely for the benefit of males. And when a girl doesn’t look as the average male is perceived to find attractive, she is being inconsiderate of the male’s feelings. Yet if the male is heavier, it is much more acceptable. You are telling girls that they must be more accepting of different body types, while you simultaneously complain about the “epidemic” of obesity in females.

    Some females prefer to be single, and this is due to personal preference, rather than body type. Some girls desire a relationship with males, and this is not due to their body type. Insecurities and perceived self worth can obviously affect a relationship. Yet it is not because of the actual weight, but if the female believes that her worth is dependent on that number on a scale.

    In conclusion, a female, just as any other human, is comprised of emotions, actions, opinions, habits, and character and personality. Her weight is a mere feature of her outward appearance. When a woman is beautiful, it has more to do with whether she believes it than her body type.

  • Aaron Stites

    I’ve had skinny and I’ve had chubby chicks. I prefer chubby but the problem is fat girls are actually more shallow than skiny ones. Most fat girls will openly turn a guy down for being overweight because she doesn’t want to be known as “the fat couple”. I think society as a whole focuses way too much on appearances and not enough on who people truly are on the inside. I have been turned off by women more for having zero personality than i have for any physical reasons. Intelligence is also a value lost on American society. I blame Hollywood.

  • Spocky

    You know what “tips” the scale are douchebag men and women… Similar to you. Physical things will all change. A skinny girl could become fat, fat to skinny, lose a limb, anything but you know what? You love that person because they are a human. You know why girls don’t want you? It’s because we’re good at detecting assholes. Go back to your gaming addiction, alone and unhealthy like you should be.

  • I’mBatman

    You know, I have Cacomorphobia (fear of fat people) and I even thought this “article” was ridiculous. Seeing every person in relation as to whether or not you would fuck them is pretty messed up, buddy. I wouldn’t fuck you with a sack of stolen vaginas and I hope nobody else would. There should be an international blacklist of people like you so everyone knows to never touch your wiener, ever.

  • Fatass

    I am a fat woman and I am a worthless piece of crap.. No good to anyone, especially myself. This guy is just telling it like it is.

  • GetShrektKid

    Are you retarded? I have never read such shit in my entire life and I’ve read Sarah Palin’s book. I feel dumber from just reading this article. Good luck in life buddy because if someone hasn’t beaten the shit out of you by now, they definitely will in the future.

  • Carolen Andrew

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  • hillaryg

    Do you know that nobody owes anybody else anything? Fat and thin women / girls do not owe you anything. You are not entitled to thin or fat women. You have to accept the cards you are dealt in your world and suck it up. Nobody owes you anything.

  • Who needs to know?

    Lol that was a funny but wierd view I don’t agree that’s actually a lie… I mean come on I doubt that’s why the skinny girls are stuck up.

  • Miss Mack

    You sound like a fat shaming, sexist, that blames fat women for you not begin able to getting a data. Also you need to meet more and better women in the USA because we all are not mean pretty girls that are all stuck up and it may not be them, maybe its you, maybe your not very attractive or maybe your flirting skills suck, I don’t know because I don’t you. One thing I do know is that your views on women shows that you are not a leader but a follow for the simple fact that you see beauty from the media’s prosepctive and not forming your own. I advise you to go to youtube and search Laci Green fat shaming video so you can what you are really doing want you call obesity a sickness.

  • Miriam Von Brait

    I am againts obesity , but you are not a good example of obesity fighter.You are just an idiot who wants to see more hotties on the street so he could get laid .I can’t believe you use the word “marked” like women are products .You are a waste of air.You don’t give a shit about health , and you can think of is dating standards.

  • Thomas

    I agree with your logic completely. But let me tell you… The odds are stacked against obese people. What we really need to be telling them is no fructose… Very little added sugars. Lots of fiber … its taken me years to realize that you need 30-50 percent more in your wallet to eat the foods available to you. Also having fluoride in the water system destroys the thyroid for most people.

    We are in an epidemic of mass proportion. Its vital you look at yourself like the sole survivor of a mass attack on this country that has left things not functioning well. You need to pick up the injured and carry them to education on eating… Slowly unwrap their addictions to sugar. Start it all with no added sugars and reduced fruits low in fiber.

    Also don’t bu the fibre bars with chickory root as it is borderline a sugar. Also dont drink chlorine and sugar mixed together into splenda

  • r

    There is such venom in this post directed at the obese. I hesitate to say you are one and you hate yourself. You talk about visiting other countries and dating a bunch of thin girls that are humble and beautiful. Sounds to me like you got lucky and found a bunch stupid bimbos to date a chauvinistic jerk like you. I’m a bigger woman, happily married to my best friend. We’re expecting our first child on December. And when our baby gets here, you’ll still be stupid and unhappy because you can’t see the true beauty of a woman, only a skinny bitch.

  • Moe

    You’re a fucking idiot. I know a lot of fat girls who have the high matainence mentality and I know hot chicks who are cool as hell. And how dare you say that just cause a girl is bigger that 99.9 percent of guys don’t want her. Fat girls aren’t the reason hot girls want nothing to do with you. Maybe it’s because you’re a shallow asshole.

  • Monika Solomon

    wow. do you really think YOU are that attractive that YOU can be dating so-called ‘HOT’ girls? how much have you really travelled? i’m sure you’re the typical WASP who believes American women should look a certain way because the media has drilled it into that minute frontal cortex of yours. guess what? fat girls do everything skinny girls do. nobody wants to hug a coat hanger. and believe me, the chubby chasers are out there, maybe just not in your area of the country. where do you live, seattle ? los angeles? these are not cities which hold reality in high regards. and if you found women from the phillipines hot then you may have a little swing toward the other team. you say you’re a gamer? well that would explain why you have set such high ideals for yourself when in the gaming world everything is designed to your set of perfectionism. it’s pathetic really. you really have zero social skills. go into a bar and say out loud everything you posted here instead of hiding behind the internet and you’d get your loser ass kicked from here to next week probably by a hot, fat WOMAN. you’re nothing but a sad pathetic little man.

  • crazycruiser

    Nothing wrong with fat girls. Just not my thing. However, fat chicks smile more and are thankful when they getting laid. Compared to their princess counterparts.

  • Fuckyou


  • Youratwat

    You obviously are a ugly insecure man with nothing better to do then blame the fact that you can’t get a ducking date on obesity when it’s really because your a cunt. Go fuck yourself since no one else will

  • Tara Shane Rogen

    You should be ashamed of yourself. I’m a bigger girl that date cute or hot guys. They are not shallow like you.

  • Juliana

    God I love these whiny articles.

  • Anon

    Aaaaand then you end up with a bunch of girls with eating disorders. I don’t know what your idea of a good time might be, but none of my