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gold digger game
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gold digger game

Gold digger game

I could tell from her profile pictures, she liked fashion. That’s what made me like her. Especially for here (Dominican Republic) it made her stand out from the rest of the girls. With her burberry scarf (who even wears a scarf here anyway?) and designer handbags, she looked very, very, sexy.

Moreover she had something positive random for me… and a big ass.

We chatted for a while and my gut feeling was confirmed shorly, this was indeed a gold digging girl.

GD: “Yes I can visit you, but you have to pay my taxi”
THC: How much does it cost from your place?
GD: “10 dollars”
THC: Are you that far?
GD: “Is 10 dollars too much for you? I can’t date with a guy who thinks 10 dollars is a lot”

Snooze, that was a very big red light and I actually dropped it at that moment. There’s no point spending time with a gold digger, especially when there’s so many nice girls around to choose from.

She started chatting with me a few times, but since I didn’t want to pursue I ignored her half of the time. This actually made her started chasing me a bit.

So one day she just agrees to come over, she happened to be in the area that day. “Sure”.

She shows up… nearly 3 hours late. I know time is a flexible concept here but that’s pushing it even for the DR. We were meeting at the bar right across my hotel, so I was okay waiting in my hotel room, but what a princess.

She finally texted me when she arrived and I could see her from my balcony waiting at a table. By the time I got outside a Dominican guy was trying to seduce her. The look on his face when I walked into “his set” and took her away: priceless.

She was wearing a sexy top & leggings to show off her big and round ass. Those skin tight pants made her ass look amazing while she was walking in front of me.

But what ensued was not an easy date. I’ve had it quite easy in the DR with my dates, the main challenge has always been the language barrier. But this time I had to step up my game.

The shit tests were obvious from the start:

“No let’s sit here.” 
“Let’s go somewhere else”
“You should try this”

Her body language was kind of cold for like the first 30 minutes of the date. She was examaning everything about me:

“What kind of pants are those” (about my ripped jeans) – THC: Horrible bike accident
“Which brand is that” – THC: I don’t know, aren’t you the fashion expert
“Where did you get those shoes” – THC: I just found them in the street and they fitted

She pissed me off a little bit, but I really wanted to smash her.

I knew she was all about money and looking a way out of the DR so I painted a nice picture about my travels and she was getting intrigued.

From that moment she was feeding me exactly what she wanted to hear and I just fed it right back to her.


GD: “If you have a family, you’d still travel with them also?”
THC: Of course, I’d take my family to all the exotic locations I’ll still be traveling too all the time (exagerated for comic effect)

Since she was a gold digger first class, I expected she’d try to make me wait for sex and I could already notice her planting the seeds.

“Tomorrow I want to go the beach. You can take me.”
“I would like to go to a nice restaurant”
“Let’s go to a few more places, I want to visit things now”

Of course I didn’t bite.

I did order a second round of beers because I needed to build some more attraction and comfort. Just when I thought things were lighting up, she starts playing with her phone.

GD: “Oh, my good friend is in the neighbourhood, it’s okay if she comes, right?”

What the fuck, no of course that’s not okay. The last thing I need in this set is a friend complicating things. I know that if that friend shows up and they start speaking Spanish together, this date is over and she’d try to get me to spend on her on a next date, which was not an option for me.

THC: “No, that’s not okay”
GD: “But she’s right here, I didn’t see her for a long time. She just comes to say hello.”
THC: “No. Today we met to get to know each other, you can meet your friend another time.”
GD: “But just for a little while!”
THC: “No.”

Called her bluf #1

GD: “Okay, then I’m going home.” and her face turns angry, she means it.
THC: “Ok.”

I meant it too, I was pissed, what an attitude! There was a 30 second silence. I was about to take out the exact change for MY two beers, but at the moment I reach for my wallet, her face changes like a switch: “I was just kidding!!! Hahaha”

Yeah right. Calling her bluff won me some decent attraction with her, so I proceed with the text book “water close“:

“Okay, let’s go. I have have some things I need to buy”

Shop. Water. Home. Boom.

Called her bluf #2

The water is in the fridge, we’re on my bed, she has seen my “facebook pictures” and we start making out. But she doesn’t kiss me for more then 2 seconds at a time. It’s because she doesn’t want to give up sex on the first date.

All of the sudden she jumps up “I have to go home!”

GD: “We can see each other when we go to the beach tomorrow.”

I think she just remembered her plan. I’m starting to feel pissed off again, I did not sit through that whole date for her to blow it off with this obviously fake time constraint she just invented.

THC: “I don’t know about the beach. I’ll have to think about that.”
GD: Why not??
THC: “Come here I’ll tell you in your ear”

When she come near I pick her hup and throw her on the bed, pin her down and make out with her more.

The next part is quite advanced and I don’t recommend for newbies, in fact I discourage it. You need to be able to read her body language perfectly.

From her reaction on they way I picked her up and threw her on the bed, I knew she liked it rough.

GD: “I really have to go, we can’t have sex now”
THC: “Okay, before you go let me feel your pussy.” (technique!)
GD: “I don’t have time, I have to go!!”

I do it anyway and feel her pussy over her tight leggings and I start to rub it. Her ‘pretend-resistance’  is already less and I could feel her pussy was wet through her thight leggings.

GD: “I don’t want! I have to go right now!”
THC: “Then why is your pussy wet?”
GD: “My pussy isn’t wet” (she puts her hand behind her pants to check) “…ok my pussy is wet, hehe”

After that, all resistance magically disappears, it’s like she knew she was found out and there was no more use in pretending. We start making out heavily and she takes of her top and bra to flash out an amazing set of tits.

I smash her hard, I really needed to put her on her place. She enjoys it a lot and screams for more.

GD: “Smack my ass! Harder!”

Called her bluf #3

This girl was really hard wired for digging gold. Even after sex, which she cleary had not calculated for (#ThankYouGame), she momentarily switched back to her bitchy personality one more time, trying to give me orders like “Get me that water!” and saying stupid stuff like “My ex boy friend used to do buy X for me and do Y for me”.

Since she already gave up sex, these attempts of her were laughable at best.

THC: “If you’re not going to be a good Dominican right now, there’s the door you can get out”
GD: Hahaha, I was kidding again.

This girl needed a strong hand and tried to test to see how much shit she could get away with. And the less shit I let her away with, the more attracted she became.

My next blog post will be on the power shift after sex where I will elaborate on this more deeply.

Total spent on the date: 2 beers – Gold digger: 0, THC: 1

GD: “Are we going to the beach tomorrow?”
THC: Nah, I just remembered, I have something. I’ll text you 😉


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I’m TravelHardcore, but people simply call me THC, although I don’t smoke. I speak several languages and suffer from insomnia. I left a well paying job, stuck in a miserable office to go out and see the world. I simply live for adventure. Cheers.

  • That’s some tight game right there. Women can talk all sorts of crazy shit but when the pussy is wet, the jig is up.

  • TravelHardcore

    Thanks Vincent, well said. Don’t listen to a woman’s words but listen to her actions and her body language (in this case ‘feel’ her body language)

  • Jimmy Saville’s finger

    Solid game mate! Well played sir.

  • RioNomad

    Solid work bro. Any digital memories of this one?

    • I have a video of her shaking her ass, I’ll see if I can put that on the swoop youtube channel once it’s set up correctly

    • James

      Do it

  • bojangles

    Fucking awesome work bro

  • Ryu

    This is awesome THC. Everybody knows that GD’s are the most difficult to run game on without spending a lot. The fact that you managed to succeed reveals how solid of a game you possess, which cannot be easily duplicated or achieved without the wisdom gained from experiences in dealing with a lot of women – GD or not.

    This story also highlights the importance of frame control. GD’s are a delicate breed of women and calibration as to the strength of your frame as well as the manner in which you impose it is tricky since there is little margin for error. It is difficult to play this type of game and in most instances, you either: 1.) maintain your dignity and lose your set, or 2.) succeed in closing the set but in a “costly” manner, literally.

    Simply put, you have to be willing to walk away from her i.e.calling her bluff, and on the other hand you have to not be too indifferent / aloof so she still has an incentive to keep on interacting with you. This balancing act is difficult especially when the frame of the woman you’re dealing with seems “unshakeable.” In the end, you managed to juggle these factors perfectly.

    Keep ’em coming brother!

    • Thanks Ryu, you nailed it in your comment. It was a tricky set, after her first ‘bluff’ I was genuinely annoyed an really ready to walk away.

      Thanks for your feedback

    • Ryu


      This report = Cat string theory at its finest.

  • Jody Dayton Peace

    Great! Nice caveman finish too…