Getting Lucky in Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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I don’t like to use the term “getting lucky” to describe getting laid, but this time a little bit of luck was definitely on my side.

Rio de Janeiro

A few years ago I traveled to Brazil with Smooth Operator, Science and some other friends. We planned a trip visiting several cities, stopping at each place for a few days. I prefer to stay in one place longer but we had to find a balance for all of us and we were all restricted in both time and budget.

Especially budget.

Our first stop was Rio de Janeiro, a city that isn’t very easy on the wallet. We wanted to be right next to Ipanema beach so we shared a hostel room there. Not ideal logistics but we’d cross that bridge when we’d get there.

There are so much cool things about Brazil but we all had one thing in the back of our minds: Girls with big round perfect asses.

I was on a mission.

Where the hell is club “Melt”

Our first night we ended up at a lame hostel party. Not really what we had in mind for the Brazilian touch down, but at least we got some intel for the next day. The weekend started so it was time to discover the real nightlife in Rio. The club that was recommended was “Melt”.

We took a taxi but the driver had no idea what we were talking about. We had to ask several other drivers, nobody knew of such a place called “Melt”.

Finally we realized we had to pronounce the name as “Melt-shee”. Apparently Brazilians love to put “ee”-sounds at the end of foreign words, e.g. “Red Bull” becomes “Red-gee Bull-ee”.

Club Melt, Rio de Janeiro

Club “Melt-shee”

It’s been a while so I’m not sure if it’s still a cool place but at that time it was awesome. Cute girls, dressed in high heels and short skirts.

The club had a card-system for paying drinks. In stead of paying at the bar, everybody got a “club credit card” to register your order and then you pay the acquired bill when you exit the club.

We arrived a bit late so the club  was already packed. We got some drinks and moved to the center of the dance floor. As usual, about 30 seconds later we had all dispersed looking for girls and it was each man to his own.

The girls were very approachable but nearly none of them spoke decent English. Not that there was any need for verbal communication, the music was too loud to talk anyway.

Dat Ass

As I’m walking around the club suddenly I’m stopped in my track: In front of me that perfect ass I was looking for. If this was a movie they’d cue a single spot light on that ass while Gregorian chants start playing.

She had the perfect hour glass body, big D-cup tits, a narrow waist and an ass rappers would be jealous of. I hadn’t clearly seen her face yet but I was already game. I told myself, I’d bang that even if she doesn’t have a face. As I walk towards her she turns around and we lock eye contact. She actually had a pretty face, dark skin, full lips and fake blue contact lenses (check!).

Without breaking the eye contact I walk towards her and we start dancing. She started grinding that butt against me: instant boner. She turns around again and I see that her fake blue eyes are sparkling a little bit more than before.

We start making out. Brazilian girls are pretty easy to make out with, the challenge would be to separate her from her friends and take her home. She was with a mixed group guys and girls. A difficult setting. I tried several times to isolate her and get her home, but she couldn’t or wouldn’t leave without her friends. The guys in her ground had been paying her drinks all night so that wasn’t helping either.

This wasn’t gonna happen tonight. My friends walked by telling me they were about to leave, so I decided to just get her number and went home with them.

The severe case of blue balls made it an uncomfortable cab ride back to the hostel.


Ipenama beach

The next day we woke up early to go to the beach. Ipanema beach is idyllic: The ocean, the view on Sugarloaf mountain and girls in thongs all around. After a swim in the ocean our hangover was cured and we decided to go for lunch.


Ipanema Beach

Figuring it would be cheaper away from the beach we walked a few blocks further while sharing our stories from the night before.

Still obsessed, I remember telling my friend Smooth Operator about my girl’s ass.

“Dude, it was amazing. Too bad I couldn’t get her home. I will tell you if I can spot another girl with an ass like her. In fact, her ass was a little bit like… that girl in front of us!”

In front of us a girl is walking in a spandex onesie sport outfit, perfectly displaying her banging body.

“That’s why I love Brazil!”, I tell him. “Wait a minute… she looks a LOT like her.”

I speed up to get a closer look at her: It IS her! My girl from last night. She had just gone for a jog and was now walking back home. What are the odds of running into here at random.

I introduce her to my friends but also immediately say goodbye to them. I take her hand and start walking her towards our hostel. I manage to talk to her by inventing Portuguese on the spot. I just added -ão at the end of English and French words; it seemed to work well enough.

Lucky again

The timing was great since my friends were all out to lunch, I had our hostel room to myself for at least an hour. Our hostel had a very strict rule about bringing back guests: No exception to this rule. Luckily the reception guy was also on lunch break so I was able to sneak by and walk her straight into our room.

The room became ass heaven for the next 45 minutes. There was zero LMR. I took of her spandex onesie and neither her tits nor her ass lost any of their form as I undressed her. I smash her from every angle on the one available bed that wasn’t full of luggage (that’s why you leave your bed messy if you’re sharing a room lol). She was amazing. As I flip her around I see she has a big tattoo on her back resembling something like the “LIGER” from Napoleon Dynamite at best.


It looked completely ridiculous but I thought somehow it fitted the situation and made it better (+1 Favela point). I regret not having a smart phone, those would have been such great digital memories.

Oh Brazil, how I miss that place. I didn’t get the chance to stay as long as I wished but I did fall in love with Brazil. I’ve got some unfinished business there and I’m going to include it again on my next trip to South-America. We had some more good times in Morro de São Paulo and Salvador de Bahia, so to be continued…



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I’m TravelHardcore, but people simply call me THC, although I don’t smoke. I speak several languages and suffer from insomnia. I left a well paying job, stuck in a miserable office to go out and see the world. I simply live for adventure. Cheers.

  • Of all the South American countries, Brazil is my dream place to go to. I’ve heard so many good things about the women and the cost f hustling out there.

    • Cold Steel

      For South America knowledge check out

      Rooshmyou bang guides and older blog posts on Brazil are what you need to check out.

      I would say based on my knowledge of if you value top talent go-Cordoba, Argentina or Medellin. Know that Cordoba is a challenging place as far as patience and social circle game but loaded down with college aged 8s and 9s and very cheap to live in.

    • Haven’t read the Bang Brazil guides. 20Nation’s been to Colombia a few times, I got excited from his stories to go there. I’m sure he’ll post some info on it soon

    • Ian

      Honestly his work on his blog from a few years ago basically covers all you would want to know about Brazil.
      This is all you need-

      From my observations I’d say go Colombia- cheaper and best women.

      Cordoba best place in Arg
      Rio De Janiero for Bsl

    • My top 2 places in SA are Columbia (not been yet) and Brazil (I have to go back)

  • Don Ramon

    Im from Brazil dude , and the girls from Rio de Janeiro are known as Raimundas ( Feias de cara e boa de bunda = Ugly face but nice ass ). Bahia has a lot of big round asses too. Enjoy your trip 🙂

    • Chicas con migo

      Lol Don
      Great urban lexicon breakdown. I’m part Brazilian and never had a Latin fetish except for Colombians.

      What are some of your favorite places in LA EE and SEA?

    • In LA I loved the DR.
      SEA: Indonesia & The Phils
      EE still on todo list

    • Tom

      It sounds like SEA is the best bet for respite from the USSA lifestyle.

      Have you been to California?

      What places in SEA have Malibu summertime type of weather?

      Which is better Boracay or Bali?

    • I’ve been to California, in fact Malibu is where my friend Smooth Operator earned his nick name 😉

      Most places in SEA the weather will greatly depend on the time of year so definitely check it before you go. They have rainy seasons when it will rain for days/weeks in a row.

      Well Bali is a lot bigger and you’ll find different things there. Most nightlife is in Kuta but there will be tons of Australian tourists. Boracay is much smaller, more Korean & honeymoon tourists; also a lot of pro’s & ladyboys.

      Check a trip report on Boracay:

    • G380

      Hey guys
      A filipino I met at my gym told me Palawan was really good.

      Any thoughts?

      What was your absolute favorite beach in SEA?

    • Haven’t been to Palawan. I liked Boracay for the paradise feel (white sand & perfectly blue water). Also you can do some cliff diving there, one of my favorite activities.

    • Yeah I heard the expression “shrimps”, i.e. like you throw away the head and eat the body 🙂

    • Smooth Operator

      Camarões 😉

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  • Brad While in Vietnam have you guys ever found girls like this? I’m currently in DC and i’m consistently finding the thickest bustiest asian girls ( in a good hip to waist ratio way) have been the vietnamese.

    • No not at all, have you been to Indonesia? I found Indonesian girls got above average curves for Asians, not like the girl from your link though!

    • Brad

      yea I’ve been to indonesia and I agree. You guys should visit taiwan. That’s where I’m based. Places especially like southern taiwan where the locals have mixed somewhat with aboriginals they have nice curves.

    • Nice, I didn’t get to visit all the places I wanted last time so I’m planning to go back to SEA next year and finish the list. Taiwan just bumped up a place in that list 🙂

  • Josh Bar

    I got afterglow after reading this story… I can only imagine what you felt.
    I had wanted to go for the worldcup but I’m glad I didn’t I heard rio turned into a sea of men and everything was quadruple the price.
    I have heard so many stories of Brazil one day soon. SOON !

    • Yeah exactly, my friends had to put on their shades, they couldn’t stare directly into my after glow 😉

      It definitely wasn’t the best moment to go there during the world cup, but it’s back to normal now. Same here, one day very soon I’m going back!

  • Josh Bar

    How would you compare Rio with Santo D?
    Was this Brazilian girl better than the ones you met in D.R.?

    • Rio > Santo Domingo; also generally I think I prefer the Brazilian girls

  • Smooth Operator

    Muitas saudades of that trip!! So funny how we got layed with knowing only a few words of portuguese 🙂 Made me realize that words don’t matter that much…

    • Muitas saudades do Brazil! With the pocket dictionary to the beach :))

  • GetItGoing

    Sweet post!

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