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Studying vs. Playing chess

If you want to get better at chess you will have to study it. There are many chess strategies consisting out of general principles that have been proven to be successful: Control the center, develop your pieces fast, don’t bring out your queen too early. The same applies to game, there are general principles that you should adhere that will improve your results: Display good body language, don’t show neediness, be in control of your frame.

But you won’t ever become a great chess player by just studying; you need to actually play it. You need to find a real opponent and try out these principles for yourself. Like chess is played on the board, the game is played in the field.

That doesn’t mean you should abandon books . Especially when you are starting out, the best way to improve is to have a good balance between studying and playing: You learn something – then you try it out. You will notice that your opponent doesn’t react exactly as you had read in your chess book – that’s okay – you try it again and again, until you get that technique down and make it your own. Studying chess problems and analyzing famous games can really speed up your progress. 

So does reading about game and reading other’s lay reports, the key is to take away from it what is useful for you and then go out and try it yourself.

A good chess player is about having the right mentality and his approach to learning and improving himself.

“Learn from your mistakes.
And learn from the mistakes of others.
Because you can never live long enough to make them all yourself!”


With great chess players it sometimes seems like they are able to think 10 steps ahead, but what truly sets apart the experts from the novices is not brute force calculation but knowledge. Chess experts are able to recognize positions on the board and they have already trained for those positions. They don’t have to think about every single possible move, because they can derive good moves their experience with similar positions. They have already made the wrong moves and know they will lead to a worsened position so they only have to consider the better options.

This directly applies to game as well. If you can draw from an experience for a certain situation you have faced numerous times before, you will know what mistakes to avoid since you have already made them. A girl threw a particularly nasty shit test at you and you failed it. On your way home you kept running through your head what went wrong and what you should have said or done.

The next time you run into the same situation again and boom: you nail it. The more experience you get, the more you start to recognize situations and patterns. The girl in front of you doesn’t see the path of trial and error you’ve walked, all she sees is a guy passing every shit test, a guy that always seems to have a witty answer ready and that knows exactly what to do at the right moment, a guy that’s totally control of the situation. She can’t help but feeling attracted to him.

In chess after three moves by each side there are over nine million possible positions. These vast numbers of possibilities bring beauty to chess and this is also the beauty in game. Every girl is different, acts different and responds differently, you will never run into the exact same situation twice. So besides your position-strategies, you always have to bring creativity to the board. 


Game is like Chess


Avoiding mistakes

An average chess game takes about 30 or 40 moves. You can make 30 good moves in a row and then one really bad one and lose the game. 

Improving your game is as much about making the right moves as it is about avoiding mistakes. Most sets are not lost by not making enough good moves but by making bad moves. As soon as you start interacting with a girl, it’s up to you not to fuck up.

“First learn to not lose, and then the wins will start to come.”
– A. Karpov

 That should be your starting point, if you are not aware about the common mistakes you are making, you’re guaranteed to make those same mistakes again. I will write about common mistakes to avoid in one of the upcoming posts.


Game styles

Your opponents will have different styles, some will prefer to play with their knights, others with their bishops; some will play very aggressively, others will slow it down and focus on positional gameplay. You have to be able to adapt your game to the opponent you’re facing. It’s good to know how to handle different kind of opponents.

Some girls will require a more soft and slow paced approach, while in other situations you need to be the alpha cavemanning madman. Applying the wrong style to your opponent will make you lose the game.

Having a versatile and flexible style will make you able to handle more opponents. So get out of your comfort zone and try something new from time to time, it may come in useful at an unexpected time.


Nothing is written in stone

Game: nothing is written in stone

Even if you don’t play chess you probably know your your queen is your most valuable piece on the board, if you lose your queen things are not looking great. You should keep the queen out of danger until the time is right and you can use this powerful piece to dominate the board. It’s a rule that makes perfect sense; yet for some situations sacrificing your queen can be the move that wins the game.

Also in game bold moves can have high pay-offs and no rules are written in stone. “I have to be alpha” is good, “I have to be alpha ALL OF THE TIME ALWAYS” could in some cases actually damage your game. The rules and the guiding principles are great references but you have always have to look at the pieces on the board; sometimes the right move for a position is the one that breaks all the “rules”.


End game

Both for chess and for game it’s important that you have good end game skills. The battle is behind you, the major pieces are off the board, the girl is in your apartment, but the game is not over yet.

If you don’t know how to checkmate, you’r opponent might get a chance to promote one of his pawns and you may still lose the game. Even if you have a huge dominance over you opponent, he can trick you into stalemate.

In game when you finally get her to your room, the preceding attraction and comfort you have built will determine the strength of her LMR (last minute resistance). Do not neglect your end game. With the right techniques you can make the difference between a heavy make-out session and a checkmate.

Checkmate LMR

“Chess is a fairy tale of 1001 blunders”
–S. Tartakower


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  • YouSoWould

    Guys, first of all, love your stuff, but I don’t entirely agree with this. I come at this from the opposite perspective.

    I don’t believe in having different types of game for different types of women. To change or modify my behaviour for the sake of someone else is to give them undue importance. I’ve got one type of game – me. Women bend to the force of my personality, confidence and charisma. I don’t fit myself to them.

    If I am not compatible with them, nothing happens, and I don’t care. The majority of women are attracted to me. In fact, I find the more that I refuse to alter myself a single bit, the more that the attraction is likely to increase.

    This might not be optimal in getting a girl into the sack in as little time as possible. But it’s a way to live that has much more integrity, and shows that you value yourself enough that you are not willing to change your behaviour around women, just because you feel that you have to bed them.

    • Ovid

      It depends on your goals and what sort of personality you have to start with. Because men are initially more horny than women, it falls to us to make the moves and get her interested, and that usually means telling her, within reason, what she wants to hear, and showing her what she wants to see, too. Even if you genuinely have all the things she wants, you have to make sure she knows it, otherwise you won’t be getting your dick wet, and the guy that did a better job of selling (presenting) himself will be. That’s game, and we all have to play it to one degree or another. If you are naturally the type of guy that women think they want to meet, game can be a lot less conscious and you can just “be yourself” and have a sufficient quantity of women falling over themselves for you. Not every guy is there yet, and not every guy wants to be there, either. Some guys fish with a fishing pole, others use a net, and some use a stick of dynamite. They all get the job done.

    • Fisto


      I don’t see a conflict in what you are advocating and what THC is saying.

      THC is talking about learning from being in the field and changing techniques to fit the or fix the situation at hand.

      Another way of looking at it, is through Mma. If you were a straight boxer and you refused to learn more technique and adjust your game to your opponents strengths and weaknesses you would surely lose.

      But if you expanded your abilities, and learned ground technique, you would up your game and be more competitive.

      Would this change who you are as a person once you learn how to pass the guard or start rolling for an arm bar?

      No. I think you would actually become MORE of who you already are because you would have ore experience and more learning under your personal history to get to that point.

      I agree 100% with your comment, but I didn’t get the conflict in what THC is writing about.

    • Josh Bar

      Great article. MMA is a great analogy.Like fishing, certain fish like certain bait and respond to a certain lure and as a fisherman(player) you would want to create that seduction accordingly. In the Art of Seduction by Robert Greene. He talks about different seductive characters and different victims each with there own strength and weaknesses

    • Glad to read your thoughts on this YouSoWould, I don’t see the conflict with my article – let me clarify what I’m saying. I’m not talking about having 2 or 3 “games”, nor complying to a woman’s frame at all. I’m talking about developing a wide set of techniques to make you more versatile for different situations.

      When I say change your style or technique in the appropriate circumstance, I don’t mean change yourself. Having grate frame control is one of the most important aspects in game, but using different techniques suited to the situation does not have to affect your frame.

    • YouSoWould

      Ok, thanks for the clarification guys. I’ve known some dudes literally become different people when around women, but I see this is wasn’t what you were referring to.

      Keep up the good writing. The period of my life where I was happy to travel and sleep around is over for me, instead now preferring a more settled existence, but your posts allow me to still vicariously experience the lifestyle and reminisce.

    • Fisto

      I know guys like that as well and it really gets on my nerves. Glad to have you on board amigo!

  • Buddy Orion

    This is a really awesome article guys. Everyone should play chess.

  • Jody Dayton Peace

    Nice analogy. Spot on!