How I Fucked 19 Pinay Girls in 14 Days in The Philippines – NSFW

How I Fucked 19 Pinay Girls in 14 Days in The Philippines

 pinay bikini

Deep in the civil war torn island of the Philippines known as Mindanao, in the town of Cagayan de Oro. I lived dormant, playing off my high exotic value and dating the Pinay girls of my choosing. I lived a normal life and had a couple of regular girls. That was, until THC said he was coming to the Philippines and since he didn’t enjoy it the first time, I wanted me to show him why I loved the country so much. I wasn’t going to disappoint; the Philippines is the easiest country in the world to get girls (imo) and that makes it a horny man’s playground. (Warning nude photos ahead.)


Before I get into the story, I will explain to you how you can duplicate the feat by showing some of my strategies and where I met the girls. During this period of less than 2 weeks, I slept with 19 new Pinay girls. None of these were girls that I already hooked up with. This was my first time sleeping with a lot of girls in a short period of time and it helped lead way to another post that I did when I improved my game (How I banged 31 Domincan Girls in 24 Days.). I can honestly say that the Philippines is probably the easiest place to be able to do this yourself and I will explain to you exactly how you can do that.


shay mitchell pinay

Shay Mitchell (Actress) is actually half Pinay

Pinay Girls

Pinay girls are tiny little Asian girls without the “Asian” eyes. They have very smooth skin and small bodies. They usually have thin bodies, but you can find Pinay girls with great asses and racks as well. They are sweet girls and the best part is that they speak really good English, the best in Asia. On top of all that they love Western men to a level that I have never seen anywhere else in the world.


Where to find Pinay Girls

During this streak of 19 women, I met these girls during the day on the street, at night in clubs, but most of the girls I met were online.

If you want to know the best online dating website in the Philippines, check out this website. Sign up for a free account and you can check out the talent in the Philippines. Also, get ready to get a lot of messages from a lot of interested Pinay girls.

During the day you want to write down your number on a bunch of pieces of paper and hand it to every single cute Pinay that you see. Your value is so high here that you really don’t need to do much other than hand them your number. Sometimes girls will seem like they are not interested, but that’s only because they are so nervous talking to a foreigner. If you leave your number you can expect a text in the next twenty minutes.

At night game you just walk around the club and look for eye contact. When you get it or an IOI, you just introduce yourself and be very sexually aggressive. It’s important to be staying close by so you can easily bounce back to your hotel.


pinay boobs

How to hook up with Pinay Girls

If you’re doing online game, it’s important to start pipelining weeks or even months before you arrive in the Philippines. This will help you have a lot of sexy Pinay girls waiting for you to arrive. You should always have a girl waiting for you at the airport. Then she can accompany you to your hotel.

In day game, the most important part is just having the balls to walk up to a girl say hi and hand them the piece of paper with your number on it. After that it’s just setting up a date close to your hotel and getting an excuse to go their afterwards. You will see how I do this by reading the story of me hooking up with so many Pinays. I can honestly say if you have good body language (you can learn how to have this here), then you can have any Pinay girl that you lay eyes on in the Philippines if you just hand them your number. I’ve never felt like this anywhere else in the world.

For night game, it’s just being sexually aggressive quickly so you can find the girls that are down for sex. In the Philippines you can hook up with multiple girls a night from night game alone. During this time THC hooked up with 3 girls from the same night club in a 4 hour period. He would flirt and bring them back to the hotel (which was very close), hook up with them and go back to the club for more. Props THC.


pinay sexy

My Story of How I Hooked Up with 19 Pinay Girls in Under 2 weeks

Pinay #1 – Slutty Cebuana – 21 Years

We arrived in Cebu and we had been pipelining. Cebu is the best city in the Philippines to pipeline. We both had a ton of prospects waiting for us in Cebu. THC moved things along quickly with his girl. I had one girl I thought was a sure thing flake because she wasn’t sure how to get to the hotel.

Then later at night a girl I had been working on for a while says she will come see me at my hotel. She was a single mom. 21 years old with a thin body. She was obviously a slutty girl though. She was also way into me. This was a nice freebie. My first Pinay of the two weeks.


Pinay #2 – Beautiful Cebuana – 19 Years

The next night I met up with a girl I met online a few months ago. She was so hot I had to keep her around. Would talk to her on Skype every once in a while. She was 20 years old with a thin body but had some booty. She had a beautiful face that I loved staring at. Met her at the mall and went and got some food. She actually bought me dinner. Many phil girls are really poor so that’s pretty cool.

Got her back to my hotel room to see my pictures of Thailand. All the work was done online, so there was very little LMR (Last Minute Resistance) and I didn’t need to build too much comfort. Escalating and talking didn’t seem like work, our personalities clicked perfectly. When I got her naked, I remember such a powerful feeling of accomplishment and pleasure. I was about to be with one of the prettiest girls I was with in Asia. Another very tight girl. I love the Philippines for this. This girl was special… no joke. #2 Pinay of the two weeks.


Pinay #3 – Amazing BJ – 22 Years

THC and I have been in pipeline mode and every day in Cebu so far I had gotten laid. Time to keep up the good work. Set up a date via pipeline for the afternoon. Met up with her and she had a pretty face, but an ok body. A bit chubby for a Philippina. Normal for an American Girl. Her pretty face and charming personality won me over. I decided I would go for her. This girl was mine from the start, so this lay was on “easy mode” but I would say that my game was flawless. It’s like getting the perfect score on an easy level of a video game. My body language to conversation to logistics. It was all flawless.

2 or 3 hours from meet to bang. Bounced her back to my place to show her a picture of me doing something dangerous. No resistance. A bit slutty, but then… pleasant surprise… got the best blow job of my life. This girl must have licked nearly every inch of my body. Felt good so I didn’t complain. Sex was good but 40 minute blowjob was better. Third Pinay of the two weeks.


Pinay #4 – Deceptive Boobs Pinay – 25 Years

I sent her home and helped THC sent his girl home, and I was off to setting up another date. The service on my cell phone went out while I was trying to set everything up so it got interesting. Finally met up with her and I wasn’t too impressed. She wasn’t ugly but not pretty, the only reason I didn’t leave right then is cause she had good sized boobs, and I am definitely a boob man. I took her to a bar/restaurant about 15 feet from my hotel. Sit and talked and had a pint of beer. She pretty much gamed me, kino’d me more and more. I just sat back, teased, and made her laugh. Another easy mode… or so I thought.

I used my first excuse to get her back to my room… fail. Waited 10 minutes then used my 2nd excuse… fail. Waited 15 minutes then used my 3rd excuse and tried being more aggressive just taking her hand and leading the way… fail. I tried every excuse to bounce to my bedroom I had in the book and it failed. It wasn’t until I hinted at an ultimatum that she finally agreed to come. Once I got her to my room I went for the kiss 5 minutes in and had 0 resistance all the way to sex. She didn’t have good boobs… what a let down, but at least I got two new notches within 4 hours of each other. Double up for the day!


Pinay #5 – JAve Pinay – 20 Years

Set up a date with a girl I have known online for a while. I was pretty sleep deprived but I think I gamed her decent considering. Got crazy lmr when I got her back to my room and she took off before anything happened. Got a text a couple minutes later that said “i like you and i want to make sex with you but I’m not prepared” whatever that means. She said we will meet today so lets see what happens. Hoping for this one because she is Malaysian and I don’t have that flag. Also she was raised Muslim and I have never been with a girl like that.

Went out partying with THC and we spent the first bit just relaxing and talking, then it was hardcore approach time. I approached a bunch of girls, but every time I tried to bounce they wouldn’t leave. I made out with like 6 girls and gave my number to 5. Got 5 texts though. I went back to one of the girls I thought was a virgin (that’s what her friend told me) but I got such a sexual vibe from her that I had to try again. Turns out the friend was kidding and I was able to bounce her. She was a sexy little Pinay. 35kgs. It was a good night.


Pinay #6 – Amazing Ass in Cebu – 18 Years – Feb 2

I woke up with a hangover from partying so much with THC the night before, he had got his legendary 4 in a night and I was ready to try to keep up. I had a date set up for 2pm and I was barely able to get myself up and to it. We met at the mall and just walked around and talked, I gamed her well and I could see she was clearly into me. She was 19 years old, a bit tan, with small boobs but a good looking ass. I took her to a second place to get drinks that just so happened to be right next to my hotel. After a bit more talking and gaming we bounced back to my hotel. Went into my normal routine and there was only a little bit of lmr.


Pinay #7 – Half Malay Pinay – 20 Years – Feb 2

I made an excuse to get her to go home, then I started texting the girl from the previous night who had very strange lmr but gave me the text “I like you. i want to sex you but im not ready” interesting time. She ended up coming to my room for a movie. I moved things fast. This girl had one of the best bodies I have seen yet in asia. Wow. 19 years with latina like curves and a perfect rack. Couldn’t have been happier. She was a Malaysian girl.


Pinay #8 – JAve Rack – 23 Years – Feb 2

By the time that was over I was over sexed. It would be hard to beat the feeling i had after being with the girl before with the perfect body. I went out with THC and didn’t really feel like gaming, but I saw the hottest girl in the super club we went to and tried to game her. She was with her boyfriend, but I kept trying since I wasn’t about to settle for a slouch after banging a girl with such an amazing body. I got frustrated, as her boyfriend kept cock blocking me. Wasn’t thinking straight and headed out of the club. I was done, not in the mood anymore.

I was about to head home, but saw a girl that looked like she had a nice rack. As I’m a boob man, I had to open her. She responded very well, 5 minutes later I asked her to walk me to my room as I was pretty drunk. She obliged. Then I just took her into my room, no lmr and we were fucking. Good rack… a little chubby by Philippino standards. I got my first 3 in 1 day. Achievment Unlocked! as THC would say.

To give you an idea of how amazing the Philippines is… this is the chubbiest girl I was with in the Philippines.

pinay boobs


Pinay #9 – Shy Pinay – 19 Years – Feb 3

The next day I met up with a girl I had met in the club on Friday night. She was cute and I had no trouble setting up the date. I got more of a good girl vibe from her, but I gamed her well and she was clearly very into me. Another 19 year old girl, and she was very skinny. 4’11 35 kg small. I was a 5 minute walk from my hotel so I got her to come by promising to show her some cool pictures of my travels.

After I arrived I started my usual routine. She put up a lot of lmr and it took a few hours to break down, but I got the notch. She pretended she was on her period… bluff called! Well, I would have done it anyway. What a tight pussy, wow.

sexy pinay pinay body


Pinay #10 – Witch Doctor Pinay – 20 Years – Feb 4

At least I thought it was time to relax, another girl from online wanted to meet up with me and she seemed like she had a banging body. We met at a restaurant right next to my hotel. She had a strange personality to be honest. I think she was 20 years old. I bounced her to my room without much problem. She was tall with good sized boobs and ass, but an OK face. In my room I got very strange lmr, not the kind im used to but then before we even kissed she showed me naked pictures of her on her phone. I knew sex was in the bag so I relaxed and before long I had my notch. She had a very good body. 9 rack and 9 ass. Very rare combo. I am finding some amazing bodies here in Cebu.

I grabbed her arm and she whimpered. She told me she had fallen from a tree and broken it when she was a kid. Her parents couldn’t afford a real doctor so they sent her to a witch doctor. HAHA. Tons of favela points!

witch doctor pinay


Pinay #11 – Doll Face Pinay – 21 Years – Feb 5

Met up with a girl from pipelining and met her a 5 minute walk from my hotel. She had a straight beautiful face. 21 years old and her body seemed good. The date went OK but I have been getting pretty bored of small talk, it wasn’t easy but I got her back to my hotel and it was the usual routine. Took a while to get rid of LMR and even then she was paranoid about her body. Sweet girl with a fun personality +1. #64 of last 365 days. #19 of 2013. #32 Philippina. #52 of the trip


Pinay #12 – Sexy Shore – 19 Years – Feb 5

The previous weekend I had met a really cute girl while out partying. Even though she says she’s not a bargirl I’m pretty sure she is, so i knew I was dealing with a shore, but she asked me to come hang out with her at a club. I did and when I got there I just had to talk to her a bit and head back to my hotel room with her. It was easy. Weird last minute resistance, but got the notch. 19 years old, cute face and cute little body with a nice booty.

Doubled up.


Pinay #13 – 8 Year Relationship – 25 Years – Feb 6

I had given out my number to a bunch of girls the weekend before and this girl was one of them. I set up a date at my usual spot 5 minutes walk from my hotel. When she arrived she was cute, definitely bangable and with no regrets but nothing too special. She was 25 and had a lot of money for a Philippine girl.

We talked for a while and the small talk and gaming was brutally boring. I’m doing too much of it lately. I tried to get her back to my hotel a couple hours after meeting but she declined. Her last relationship had been 8 years long, and I could see it. She would not be easy, finally after throwing out tons of excuses to go to my hotel I got her there. Then it was tons of LMR. Hours later I got the notch.

At this point I had banged a new girl every day for 9 day, and I had banged a total of 13 girls in that 9 days period. By far the most I have done in such a short period of time in my life. Not bad.


Pinay #14 – Sexy QT – 22 Years – Feb 8

It had been a relaxed day spent with THC and Scotian and it was our last day in Cebu. THC and I realized something, we hadn’t done had any official quality time together.

Quality time is where you go out together as friends and you pull two girls that are friends and you both get laid that night.

Quality time is a necessity to have with any wing, so we decided to go for it. We went to a club and I opened a group of girls, I started dancing with one and when THC came back and saw me dancing with my girl he went straight to the friend. We gamed them together, and coordinated while the two girls were talking to each other. We both got the kiss in the club and decided to bounce. THC went first using his token line “lets go buy some water.” I used the same line 5 minutes later and they were getting into a taxi just as we arrived at the store. We hopped in and we were on our way back to the hotel.

We kept it up and when we arrived we split them up easily. Night game usually means very little LMR and I didn’t have much, my girl was very into me. Cute face, very sexy little body, middle class girl. 22 years old. But most importantly… quality time spent among wings.


Pinay #15 – Rich Pinay – 24 Years – Feb 9

We arrived in Manila and THC had a girl he met in Khoula Lampur. We got there late and she took us out drinking. She got the 3 of us so drunk on expensive shots at this bar in Makati. It was a good time but I barely remember the night. She was an awesome girl, she picked up the entire bill. Afterwards we all headed to a club a few blocks away. By this point I was very drunk and a girl tagged along that Scotian had opened. We went into the club and started drinking more. At this point I only remember images of how the night went I was so drunk. I ended up back at my place with Scotian’s girl, I don’t even remember how. She must have been a rich girl, she paid for all my drinks. She had an OK face and an OK body. I think she was maybe 24?

The next day I saw 2 black girls and got their numbers. Time to set up Scotian on a double date to pay him back for the girl I got off him.


Pinay #16 – Internet Nympho – 21 Years

I had pipelined a girl a few weeks back, then before heading to Manila I had skyped with her. I got kind of sick of internet game, so I just straight up told her that I’m not interested in anything but sex. Pleasantly, she said that was fine. I called her up and she showed up at my hotel room. 5 minutes later she was naked and we were having sex. She had a huge rack for a pinay, not perfect but not bad. Totally worth the almost no effort I put into this lay.


Pinay #17 – First elevator girl – 30 Years

THC, Scotian, and I were on our way somewhere when THC opened 2 girls in the elevator. It was ballsy because the elevator was packed full of other people. He opened with something like “you guys going to the party?” Our hotel hosted multiple parties every night. The girls ended up saying “Come to room 503 and we can have a drink.” Nice THC.

Later that night after I hooked up with the big boobed nympho, THC and I knocked on the door of room 503. One of the girls invites us in, and one of the girls was naked in bed. She really wasn’t very shy. We said we would come back with beer, and 20 minutes later we were in their room talking to them. THC got to pick what girl he wanted since he opened them, and I took the other. We decided to drink and go swimming. The pool was officially closed but we got in anyways.

At the pool we started drinking and THC and I jumped in the pool. Next thing you know my girl is topless and coming in after us. THC’s girl needed coaxing to get in with us, but before long she was topless as well. THC and I both isolated our girls on opposite sides of the pool and we were both making out with our girls. It was time. We bounced back to our rooms, and we each got our notch. My girl was older, about 30 years old. She had a decent face, with an OK body, but it was saved by an amazing ass. No complaints here. Strangely enough I got a bit of LMR before the lay. Doubled up. This was my second lay in less than 2 hours.

pnay ass


Pinay #18 – Cuter Elevator Girl – 20 Years

I texted THC and he had got his lay as well. We decided that all of us would meet back at the girls room. Outside their room, THC and I decided we would go for the switch. We sent one of the girls for more beer and we kept drinking. I started thinking, what’s the best way to get things interesting? Play a game. We busted out a classic… spin the bottle, but the rules were: guys can’t kiss.

We kept playing and THC and I made out with each of the girls. We switched sides of the bed. THC was now next to the girl I had and I was now next to the girl he had. The girls were into it. I sped things up by saying “If the bottle lands on any of us, we all get naked.” Next thing you know everybody was naked and foreplay was going down. THC on one girls bed, and I was on the other. Then the condoms went on and we officially…….. pulled off the switch. Man, you gotta love the Philippines.

The second girls was 22 years old with a cute face and rockin’ body, prettier than the other girl. She was an obvious nympho and openly admitted to having a boyfriend. I got the notch, the quality time, and the tripple up in legendary fashion. What a night!


Pinay #19 – Cameroon Girl – 28 Years old – Feb 11, 2013

The night before I had set up a date the following afternoon with the 2 black girls I opened in the grocery store. I owed Scotian, since a few nights prior in my drunken state, I stole his girl. So we were going on a double date. I was at 59 lays for the trip, 1 away from my goal with only 6 hours left… I had to do this.

Scotian and I met up with the girls close to our hotel and went to get some drinks. We talked and I learned some French, the girls were from Cameroon a French speaking country. Then I came up with an excuse to bounce to our hotel rooms to look at some photos and listen to music, Split the girls up by saying we would be back at Scotian’s room in 10 minutes, and then I was alone in my room with my black girl. I went for the kiss 10 minutes after getting to my room, no rejection, she wanted me. Then I started escalating and got all sorts of LMR. I busted out freeze outs, and about 5 other tricks that I have, but she wasn’t going for it. I had to get this last lay, my time was almost up and I was so close to 60. I tried again, got her very horny and I was able to break through some LMR. I almost couldn’t get her pants off because bubble butt just popped so much that the pants weren’t made for it. After putting some muscle into it, her panties and jean shorts were off. I got my first quality time with Scotian and….. I claimed 19th Pinay in under 2 weeks!



19 Pinay Girls in under two weeks. THC was able to do the exact same thing… it was a pretty epic 2 weeks. Full of adventures and chasing girls and seeing new places. Best of all I was able to do it with two of my best friends (THC and Scotian).  It’s a time I’ll never forget and it was the first time in my life I was completely satisfied sexually (and then some… thanks sexy Pinay girls).

What are you waiting for? You can start meeting Filipino women right now online (Click here to check them out). Start talking to them now so they will be ready to meet you when you take your trip.


Continue the Story in the Book

This article is one of the stories from my book The Single Guy’s Playground: Sex and Adventure in South East Asia. To read about my entire trip, a trip that was filled with sex and adventure and unbelievable in every sense of the word, Click here.

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  1. Do you think it’s more of a “white skin appeal” or an “American appeal?”

    I’m contemplating SA or SEA for my next trip, but I’m half Asian myself, I’ve got the darker, olive-yellow skin. Do you think that would be a detriment?

    1. i think it’s a white skin apeal but at the same time I think being from a western country has so much pull that you will still do very well there. The most famous people in Phil are half white, so just play off of that.

    2. There’s a white-skin appeal but it’s more of a money appeal. Most Filipina girls, at least the ones you’ll meet in bars or clubs, are inclined to the possibility of a higher lifestyle. Meaning most of them are gold diggers. So Philippines being a third world country and all, if you are foreigner, you definitely have an advantage.

      In the Philippines, even if you’re just an average guy with an average game, you’ll get more pussy than you deserve . It’s more of seduction rather than attraction, actually. But what more if you have good game.

    3. Yeah thats true, but you will find all types just like anywhere else. Overall, in clubs though, you’re right

    4. John girls being gold diggers and wanting higher status in clubs is true all over the world. It has nothing to do with being a 3rd world country.

    5. You’re absolutely disgusting! You and your filthy Edomite c*** and your filthy habit of f****** filthy women. You’re not different from all the sex tourists in “barrios” in th Philippines and any other countries. So you are from “1st world country”, I bet you don’t know your history. Filthy Edomite.

    1. I suggest that you stop spreading disease! Yes, grow up and man up! Filthy Edomites!

    2. continue to carry out attacks and kidnappings against civilians, foreigners, political leaders, and Philippine security forces in Mindanao. Since January 2016, at least 13 separate kidnappings of foreigners have been reported across Mindanao. In western Mindanao, terrorist, insurgent, and criminal gangs regularly conduct kidnappings for ransom. In central Mindanao, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) remain active in the Cotabato City area, and in the Maguindanao, North Cotabato, and Sultan Kudarat provinces, where the government maintains a state of emergency and a greater police presence.

      In September 2016, a group conducted a bombing in Davao City, killing 15 and wounding 69 people. Following the attack, the Philippine government declared a “State of National Emergency on Account of Lawless Violence in Mindanao.” There have been no reports of U.S. citizens in Mindanao targeted specifically for their nationality; however, general threats to U.S. citizens and other foreigners throughout Mindanao remain a concern

  2. What was the average time from meet to bang?

    How much $ do we need/day budget (I think like an accountant-maybe adding the cost of every outing/day is more efficient???)?

    1. Wow- $45/day-that must be roughin it. Myself-I like a good glass of wine and quality entree for dinner-a queen sized bed-and access to a swimming pool/weights/hot tub-when I go out I buy girls 5 drinks and have that many myself-for me-
      I think $175/day minimum in the Phils-
      In Europe ranging from 250 (EE)-500 (Scandinavia).

      would you guys rather live like a baller for 14 days or meager for 60??? Looking at an average budget this is how it plays out…

    2. Meager for 60. I could bang almost as many girls a day, doing it meager as I could doing it baller. And meager will last me much longer. That’s why i can live this way

    3. That would make a good swoop post how to pull on the cheap.

      Basically its a lot of online pipelining, or day game (day game is very in for me ) with cheap dates (drinks,’inexpensive food near your spot) where you bounce them too ASAP (ie hey after party at my place, you gotta hear this song/see my pictures/guitar/etc-small talk and drink at your spot and into beating up that pussy).

      Night game is done sparingly due to cover, alcohol, and all related expenses… Right?

      A list of good tactics to close fast in the future would rock!

      I remember fists said in BKK he would have them meet him at his hotel lobby, act like he had a bag of groceries he needed to take up, they’d follow, he’d close. Moves like that are what I’m talking about. Swoop fast and cheap!

    4. 20nation speaks only for himself. We have very different standards for what brings fulfillment out of life.

    1. For you. Not for them who obviously didn’t know that their naked bodies were going to be displayed all over the internet.

    2. Jade Milburn – You sound very jealous and envious that men have lot of easy and cheap sex with beautufilu filipina girls haha, tell me where are you from you jealous feminist white cunt?

    3. That I’m concerned for them that pictures of their naked bodies are on the Internet, makes me jealous how? I think it makes me a better citizen than this man who couldn’t give a fuck about these women

    4. By the way, couldn’t you come up with something a little more intelligent than “jealous white feminist cunt”

    5. Jade, can you tell me their names please? Or simple link me to their FB pages?

    1. Nice 20!

      Are the girls really fine creatures?

      What towns so far?

      we gotta read an update soon…

    2. there will be an update before long, but if you love white girls with blue and green eyes, this is your spot.

    3. I’ll reveal my exact location in a couple weeks. I will say, that I’m really loving eastern europe.

    4. I love white girls with blue/green eyes and big tits…

      Can’t wait for the update.

    5. Are the white girls there better than the West coast (IMO the best ones) US girls?

  3. So how does getting laid in the PH work if you’re African American, considering how crazy those girls are for white guys?

    1. if you’re western you will still do well, but it won’t be as easy for you as white guys

    2. Probably not so hot. Black dudes don’t do too well in Asia, unfortunately, but at least the Phils is a cheaper place to strike out than say South Korea. There are also more low-tier, busted women in SE Asia compared to NE Asia which Black men would have access to. I suggest you pass on low-tier garbage though, as it is time for Black men to stop taking out the trash for other races.

    3. I agree on the trash part. Especially on the black dudes in the States you see with these fat disgusting women that their own men don’t even want. So that being said, where DO we do well?

    4. Maybe among the Black populations of the Caribbean and South America, or perhaps Africa. There are also niche markets in other places, although those women tend to be on the undesirable side.

      If you have a thing for non-Black women, especially if you like Asian girls (like yours truly does), it’s just a sad fact that the average Black man is not going to be very successful. It depends on what you are into, what social circles you can attach yourself to, and what diamonds you can find in the rough.

    5. Ah ok well we have the most beautiful women in the world, so it’s not that bad haha!

    6. I met a black guy in Mindanao, Philippines doing very well. If you have some game and are western, skin color will be a small killer of attraction but you will make up for it by being western with game imo

    7. ummm i just made a free account on the site he is talking about and i have 20 messages in my inbox in less than 24 hours…sooo i think you’ll be fine lol

    8. Hey friend can u plz help me out with that ? Just let me know how to so that ?

    1. balance in all things. I don’t spend all of my trips getting laid this often, but sometimes… sure.

    2. Cool but there are still some old filthy men who still have their old filthy habit. Some are old sex tourists posting as business men having sex parties with “barrio girls” in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysian and other Asian countries. Too old that they’re never married and just living alone with their money. If you just open your eyes and avoid these filthy deceiving women.

  4. Can most of those little Oriental birds handle a big 8″ American tool?

    If you had to be on an Island you couldnt leave with only one race of women to bang (
    White, Asian, Latina, black) what kind of girls?

  5. This is for your post about why u hate fat girls nation 20 just want to make sure u get this I’m fat now and proud of my weight I fought stage 4 cancer for 7 years and every bone in my body showed because no matter what I ate or drank I threw it up because of chemo so do this u take in vain chemo therophy for seven straight years then tell me if you mind being 45 lbs over weight 4 years later I don’t really care I just care I’m cancer free and I bet the odds of 1 out of 5 . U may want to stop and think about what u say next time jerk

  6. This guy’s a mentally sick person lol
    He needs help. The world would be a better place if we didn’t have
    Douche bags like this guy who is a crazed nympho maniac
    Having to travel to poor countries to sleep with very uneducated poor street girls just to get sexually satisfied. Like obsessed and addicted. Wow, please stop writing these ridiculous things you do about you and your ugly loser friends who are desperate. You make us normal guys get questioned by honest beautiful women whether we are anything like you idiots. You are a total waste of a human being. You are the reason why STDs won’t stop spreading like a wild fire.

  7. Just so you know, pressuring women into sex is disgusting. If they show any resistance it is akin to rape. Grow up and have a real relationship.

    1. Show me where he did so.

      Case closed.

      Let me guess, you’re an American woman, right? If not USA, another western country.

    2. “LMR” is “Last Minute Resistance,” yes? The idea that deep down these women really want it and are only saying no or making up excuses because they’ve been taught that’s what a woman does? Honestly, if that were the case, how do you differentiate that from a woman who REALLY doesn’t want to have sex?
      Further pressuring someone, even after they’ve said no or displayed that they are not comfortable, is a pretty sleezy move – in any situation, sexual or not. I understand it is exciting and fun to have casual sex, but disrespecting people in the process just to get a few knotches on your belt is not cool.

      I realize my initial words may have been a bit inflammatory, but stumbling on this article really caught me off guard.

      Yes, I am an American woman, are you going to suggest I am a self-entitled extreme feminist? :p

    3. Your comment is not valid as applies to the author’s article, and your perspective is not honest.

      That is because it is women’s own nature to often purposely resist intimacy and/or purposely entice a man into having to continue to overcome her objections, although she goes to a private area knowing full well sex is a possibility.

      My ex-wife did that at times, and various girlfriends I had over the years did that. In my more naive days, after various scenarious because I was “respectful” and not “making more moves” I in fact lost out, because it was exactly what the girl in question wanted.

      Actually, in fact, often women will ridicule a man who isn’t sexually aggressive enough, even if they’ve said no! I’ve had this happen to me, and I’ve heard other guys share similar stories.

      You also failed to acknowledge that in other sections and other articles he acknowledged that the woman refused sex ultimately, and he let it go. He did not force them, did not pressure them. Simple as that.

      These are simple facts here.

      The problem is that things that you talk about do not match the real-world realities of sexual relations between men & women. The burden is placed on us to figure out when a woman really and truely is not desiring sex or when she is putting up obstacles due to the mixed signals women send.

      No, I need not say more regarding you. The fact that I was able to tell that you’re an American woman from your single comment speaks volumes.

    4. I guess since you’re a man, and also apparently a biologist, you know the exact nature of women. So if we are not taught this, then from what biological influence do women gain this “nature?”

      I think the mixed signals you’re referring to can often be explained by the fact that women are taught to be “nice” above being taught to be assertive. This conditioning is something both men and women must work on to overcome. Sending mixed signals is never a good means of communication – especially sexually. While it may be a reality for some individuals, it doesn’t make it ideal.

      There’s a difference between displaying you’re interested in sex and being aggressive about sex. I’m sorry you went through that with your wife and girlfriends. However, anecdotal evidence is not the same as fact. I could very well say I know many women who would run far away from a man who displays aggressive sexual advances, but that would only pertain to the women I had talked to.

      I agree I haven’t read many of his other articles, but I am replying to this one. Yes he may have backed down once he saw there was no way a sexuak encounter would happen, but the fact is he should have listened the first time they said no.

      Yes, my opinions may be viewed as the stereotypical American woman. I also know Americans are not exactly perceived as the most likeable nationality. But what about what I said was so bad for you to brush it off in such a negative way?

    5. I thought we were merely having a discussion, but if you would like to stop, I understand. Adding the fact that I am a woman to your reasoning isn’t exactly fair, though.

      Thanks, you too.

    6. There is a difference between “no I dont want to have sex with you” and “no I don’t want to have sex right now because I feel like making you wait will mean you will want me to be your girlfriend.”
      So many people in law want a definitive way to determine if someone is guilty of something. But when it comes to the dating game, which has been done by using body language since the beginning of mankind, is just not applicable.
      Two girls tell a guy “you’re bad.” One hates the guy and is terrified of him. The other is in love with him. Any person watching would be able to obviously tell the difference because of their BODY LANGUAGE. She said the exact same thing to both of them, but they meant to completely different things.

    7. Im going to have to trust you in that you’re an excellent reader of body language, then. :p

      But you do understand how someone who is just reading your article could take it in a bad way with terms like LMR, freeze outs, and sneaky ways of getting to a bedroom, right? Without being there, it can come off as super aggressive.

      I agree that a big part of human interaction is reading body language, but some women feel like sex becomes an obligation – after they’ve bought you drinks, or you’ve taken your pants off, etc. So it would be much easier if everyone could just cut the bullshit and communicate verbally about their wants and intentions, both males and females.

      This may not be viewed as sexy, or may be viewed as a mood killer in today’s culture, but taking out the guesswork is much easier. And honestly, if a sexual partner asked me if I was ok or if I am open to something, it would be a huge turn on.

      Anyway, I think I’ve said way more than enough and may have digressed a bit. Thanks for responding and sharing your viewpoint.

    8. You’re assuming all women think and behave like you. Just hoe stupid are you?

    9. I am a woman and I agree with her. Every woman is hurt by the term ‘last minute resistance’. Men on these sites teach men to be aggressive and that what the woman wants does not matter at all.
      I agree: the current male world tells males to be hyper aggressive and to not take a woman’s resistance.
      The current female world suffers terribly. How did men get to a stage where hey want women to hurt and suffer so much? We are all human beings. Why do you want to destroy and hurt your fellow human beings and then post about it on the internet to encourage other men to do so. You have forgotten who you are.

    10. Women in this “current world” never had it so good. In the past women were really viewed as property. A man could rape his wife and it was seen as his right to do it. In the Western World, in particular, it is swinging from that extreme to another. It is almost reaching a point were a man can almost be brought up on charges for giving a woman a complement.

    11. You think it’s okay that a man could rape his wife? Do you know the severe mental damage that’s caused by rape? I know women that have committed suicide after rape.

    12. You really need to go back to school to take a remedial reading class, because you have very poor comprehension in that ability.

    13. You all white feminist cunts from rich countries like you are worthless useless scum, sexy filipina are much better than you, that why you are so jealous you worthless white cunt haha.

    14. Don’t ever call me a worthless white cunt again. At the end of this life we will know who stood up for the poor women being victimised by this man on this website, and we will know the men that hurt women. I know which I’d rather be

    15. on yer knees pilgrim! now let’s have some quality time here, open up time to take your breath a lizer test! RIGHT ON YOU PASED AGAIN ! YOU ARE ANOTHER SATISFIED CUSTOMER !

    16. Showna I agree with you… for a few minutes of satisfaction deep rotten instinct, such brats kill every hope in those girls. I vomiting on them…

    17. ^ White knight detected

      Only naive men who are inexperienced with women would make such a comment.

    18. Last minute resistance, used solely by pua’s means ‘I completely don’t care what you want’,’ what I want ‘is all that matters. These men seem completely incapable of viewing women as having the same worth, the same feelings as them. And you really should be ashamed of yourselves. Who do you think you are to treat women this way?

    19. “I understand it is exciting and fun to have casual sex”

      what a slag!

    20. There are subtle clues all around, and I’ve seen it before many times. Also, look at the objections and things that she wrote. Of course I could be wrong but I was 95% sure about.

      Also, experience has shown numerous examples where it is in fact western women who object to western men getting with foreign women. Not just objecting, but more often than not shaming them, insulting them, and much more.

      Western (middle class, typically white) women tend to be more obsessed with claims of “rape”, “opression”, and purporting to speak for women they know nothing about more than anyone else in the world. Reason and evidence of wrongdoing are cast aside for accusations and the emotional high that comes with pursuing an alleged “cause.”

      In time, you’ll be able to tell as well.

    21. ok..Im asian guy..Im a little Interested in Interracial Im confused I think Ill not gonna pursue it.. thanks anyway..

    22. Nooo, wait, why not? Don’t give up on it. Believe me, other men want you to succeed.

      It’s the American/western women who want American/western men to fail at intercultural relationships.

      I was explaining (above) how things are for men here, as we get much negativity for pursuing women overseas.

      Are you in the USA?

    23. I moved to the Philippines 15 months ago….much better.

      …and yes, Pinays are superior to American women in every category. I am 43, and having the best time of my life.

    24. you know you are a real dumass everything in the world is west get into a plane go west you will be wright back where you started

    25. LOL. If you’re going to try to insult me, at least make sense.

      That was amusing.

    26. groups continue to carry out attacks and kidnappings against civilians, foreigners, political leaders, and Philippine security forces in Mindanao. Since January 2016, at least 13 separate kidnappings of foreigners have been reported across Mindanao. In western Mindanao, terrorist, insurgent, and criminal gangs regularly conduct kidnappings for ransom. In central Mindanao, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) remain active in the Cotabato City area, and in the Maguindanao, North Cotabato, and Sultan Kudarat provinces, where the government maintains a state of emergency and a greater police presence.

      In September 2016, a terrorist group conducted a bombing in Davao City, killing 15 and wounding 69 people. Following the attack, the Philippine government declared a “State of National Emergency on Account of Lawless Violence in Mindanao.” There have been no reports of U.S. citizens in Mindanao targeted specifically for their nationality; however, general threats to U.S. citizens and other foreigners throughout Mindanao remain a concern

    27. “If they show any resistance it is akin to rape” – hahahahahaha

      fuck of bitch.

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  9. 20nation, I have been to the Philippines many times and I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind answering.

    1./ How many of these girls kept contacting you, texting you etc after you slept with them, dumped them and moved onto the next one? I ask this as when i have slept with girls randomly there they usually want either 1 of 2 things, money or a commitment. I have had several that just kept texting me and demanding to see me again. some even just turned up at my place waiting for me to come home. So this leads me onto the next question:

    2./ How many of these girls asked you for money? It seems you might be quite young so they may see you slightly different to me who is in my 40’s. Many girls I met, especially at clubs would ask me for some money the next morning (maybe 30% of them). Some even asked me for money before I took them home and I soon got rid of them. But the ones who I took home and asked me for money the next day, i would only give them a little for a taxi home or maybe a little more for a cheap meal. Did you also have them ask for money?

    1. a lot kept contacting, but not for long. If you don’t promise them a relationship or anything like that, then they will break off easier.

      None of the girls asked for money after I met them. Sometimes before I met them they would try to cheat me on taxi fare (an outrageous amount of money for taxis), but i think i could genuinely win them over once i met them

    2. Super questions! Good Point!
      I second that. My experience is that SEA women will call you even after months and ask for money: finance apartment, some “accident” has happenend and so on.
      Now I only have a local mobile phone number as long as I stay there to avoid such scum.
      I understand that pipelining is a bit difficult then, but still feasable.

    3. “man up”…ah yes, the battle cry for putting men in their “place” and attempting to have them behave like like good little providers. After all, only women are allowed to pursue sexual freedom as they please, correct?

      Male shaming doesn’t reallyy work anymore, so you can just let that one go.

    4. I agree but I think you’re referring to your feminists liberated white women.

    5. Hey Lyer!
      I am not American, I am from Europe.
      So, when you hate your former occupants it is a bad idea to accuse me. I have nothing to do with that!

    6. Your European Edomite ancestors have raped our indigenous ancestors hence hence we got mixed. I’m not accusing you it’s the truth. It’s just extremely disgusting to know how calloused conscience some people have. Your Edomite friends who share the same filthy habit of “swooping the world” with their filthy d***. Absolutely disgusting.

    7. Please see my post above.

      There are four kinds of bars in the Philippines: Go-go bars consisting only of hookers; Japanese style karaoke clubs consisting only of hookers (some have quite good entertainment with professional choreographed dancers and live music), clubs consisting of a mix of hookers and sluts; and family entertainment where you won’t get laid.

      I am also in my 40’s, and have been going to the Philippines for 20 years. If you are at a club at 40+, you are likely only to find hookers to take home. A guy in his late 20’s or early 30’s will get the sluts.

      Your best approach is through matchmaking sites.

      The way to keep Filipina girls you meet from contacting you after you are done with them is to not tell them your real name, don’t tell them your address, and use a burner phone number with them.

      if you want honest to goodness sex only with a beautiful young woman with neither commitment nor financing, then forget Manila and go to Jakarta. No where else have I ever been where women approached me, wanting and expecting nothing else besides sex. Filipinas want husbands.

    1. Why not? That’s kind of like getting sprinkles when you’ve got cake. Why not go ahead and enjoy it while it’s there?

      Personal preference?

    2. Yeah it just doesn’t turn me on to be honest. Simple preference. And also it makes the chances of you getting aids like 100x higher (my own stats haha and without a condom of course).

  10. Very cool post. I recently read a blog article (would need to look again to find it, but I think was a well known poster) who claimed none of this was possible! Saying due to the conservative nature of the Filipinas they wouldn’t be down for it, you’d have to meet the family, etc. LOL

    I do have one important question, though:

    Given that the Phillipines is as it is (fairly conservative) how did you set up finding a hotel that wouldn’t give you problems about bringing girls up? This is the only thing I can think of that might be showstopper.


    1. there are so many old sex tourists bringing in hookers that when you are bringing in normal girls that don’t cause problems, they won’t complain.

    2. Filipinas conservative? Ha, ha, ha….

      They ACT conservative, but they are the most crazy for sex women I’ve ever known. Some want to think you are her boyfriend first, but that is easy to accomplish. A great think about Catholics is that they sin all they want, then confession erases it. (The Philippines has a lot of Fathers who are fathers)

      Hotels won’t give you any problem as long as the girl you are bringing doesn’t look like a hooker or a ladyboy. If she looks like a hooker, then some will, and there are hourly motels for that. If she looks like your girlfriend or wife, they won’t. And if you can’t tell the difference between a girl and a ladyboy, then you haven’t been in Asia long.

  11. To every white man that’s on this page you need to stop it by saying the black mens taking out your trash.I see every day when i’m at work how these black men in Las Vegas with these Pretty white womens hanging ont their arms. I’m saying fine as hell white womens with a A grade bodys that hollywood would love to put into movies. Chinese, korean, filipina and Columbia girls with these black guys and happy being with them not like the few white guy i see with asains women. They be looking sad and usely when i i look in their direction they smile and speaks. They are not happy being with you white’s The white i see a lot of them got your fat women or wife these days.. so you need to stop saying the black man have your fat womens! It’s the white man with the fat girls. Yes you do see a few heavy girls but not like you white guys. My white friend always tell me white do you see these white guys holding with out of shape black girls that’s ugly. You white’s can have our trash that we don’t want since you talking about trash. Our black girls that’s in the Midwest hate you guys

    1. Hahaha. I see you’re piss off. They said when you speaks the truth..The truth hurt huh Taylor hill it hurt doesn’t it. Oh I have an Asian girl my life. We’ll building a house and opening up our own business.. lucky me and angry you haha

  12. Having a whore is not a big success, it not something that smart man do… especially knowing young spolied brats stories… you will change your mind when grow up and have your own daughters… than give advice to black sick guys how to fuck them… disgusting…

    1. the only thing that seems to constantly come out in your comments is the word ‘filthy’ i pity you 😉

    2. I pity you because you are a filthy woman and I don’t support filthy people and gold diggers.

    3. If you’re one of those “barrio girls” from Cebu, Davao, Angeles City, Burgos St. in Makati, Malate, etc. that the things you can do are: open your legs to sex tourists, have sex parties with them, dance in the bars and get picked up by some old white sex tourist telling them your sob stories hoping they’ll marry you, member in some online dating websites and scam some willing payers for a nude picture in exchange of money, waiting for some foreigners to get you of the Philippines because your local bf has no money then you are ABSOLUTELY FILTHY! but if not then congratulations I’m on your side. If yes, You are a disgrace. Get real.

    4. Hello Annie,
      I’m Sonja McDonell, 23, Swiss Airlines Stewardess with 13 cities in oversea, very tender with much fantasies at emergency cases in my wonderful job. I’ve just read, you want to be the next girl, omg! I was enchanted in ma april vacations, how many beautiful philipinas in Manila smiled & winked at me, but it wasn’t easy to take them in my room in the Vieve hotel. I was enchanted about the 5 I had. 3 did also things, which are rather unusual between girls. Do you want I come to you in my february vacations?

  13. How is the Philippines in regards to meeting other tourists? I may be traveling there soon and was wondering if it will be easy to meet other people to travel with talk to etc.

    1. Not great compared to other SEA countries. They don’t get many tourists in comparison, but it’s part of the reason it’s so great. Exotic Value

  14. hey 20, im a brown brazillian guy, mixture of black and white, so i have kind of a mixture of facial features. Anyway, do you think a guy like me could do as well as you did in the Phil? cause dammm brotha, u rocked that place!

    1. You can do REALLY well. I coached a guy quite a bit who is brown and he killed it over there. That being said, white guys will have an advantage (as light skin is considered more attractive to them). It’s not really a problem though because there are so many girls that want a foreign guy and you mix that with a little bit of game and you will tear it up

    2. You are a filthy Edomite spreading your seed and corrupting the minds of the young. Bedding hundreds or even thousands of young poor, rich, gullible girls doesn’t make you a true Alpha Male.

    3. Your filthy Edomite p**** should be castrated. There are so many suffering children because of people like you!

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  16. Not disrespecting, your skills but handing out pieces of paper with your name and number seems kind of cheap and tacky. would it be possible to do the same but with business cards?

    Also i dont think people in general from any country would be nervous to talk to a foreigner. Ive been to the phils u can usually see the occasional tourist be it an asian, black, white, arab guy etc. Esp in the larger malls

    Also i think this can be easily duplicated in America and the UK. Lots of american and british women message me online ,pretty much the same amount. I dont really see how the phils differs from any other place u can go to. If u had the money to go clubbing everyday in the US and UK, it is a piece of cake.

    1. What are you, 13 years old?

      If you’re going to try to insult another man, at least be original. LOL

    2. You can’t argue with betas, because you’re a beta. =P

      I’m a normal human being. Cya, nerd. 😀

  17. I see I rub some of you the wrong way by telling you the truth. These girls from different country. Are so friendly now days toward the black men. White’s don’t like to hear that. Stop crying. I can’t help it we more attracted to them more now. Like I said before the pretty girls coming our way ( Sorry ) haters

    1. What’s got your panties in a bunch?

      No, actually “white men” aren’t hating on black men who pursue other women. Actually I’m cool with black guys pursuing happiness, because if the reverse was true (if I pursued black women, etc.) I would want the same respect.

      I think you’re putting ideas in your own head. I don’t know any white guys who disrespect black men like that.

    2. You and your filthy Edomite p**** should be castrated. You and your disgusting friends have raped and corrupted the young minds all over the world.

    3. I’m a professional, well-educated male, and I don’t hang out with “disgusting” friends. Nor have I “corrupted young minds.” That is truly and undeducated statement with no facts to back it up.

      Only a disturbed individual would write that someone should be “castrated” for making a reasonable statement on a web article.

      You are, however, welcome to try and meet me in person and “castrate” me yourself if you’re brave. Definitely not a problem to deal with you myself.

    4. “Professional”? I don’t care if you have PhD, Masters Degree, Double or Triple Major because the fact that you’re “swooping the world” only proves that you’re spreading your seed and disease. Yes, you and your filthy Edomite friends have corrupted a raped our poor indigenous ancestors and whited us out. You and your Edomite friends who are so liberated and fearless, who created porn have corrupted the minds of the young. You know that many children have suffered and are still suffering because of people like you. Did you ever wonder why white people are so obsessed with sex, plastic surgeries, dogs, aliens? Always need to prove yourselves? Feeling like you don’t belong despite having this “white supremacy”? Do your own research.

    5. Just let me know where you want to meet, and we’ll see if you’re willing to back up what you write and say things like that to my face.

      I’m in Georgia, USA. Hartsfield International airport is located not too far from here, so it won’t be a big issue to make arrangements.

      I’ll give you the opportunity to back up what you’re writing here any time. Are you man enough? Yes or no question.

    6. Truth hurts. I suggest that you do your own research and tell other “swoopers” to do the same. You are all filthy. Sorry, I’m a female.

    7. Not interested. No self-righteous anonymous bitch on the internet can change anything. You contribute nothing, and have no idea what you are talking about.

      We’ll continue to do what we want, where we want, and there’s nothing you can do to change it.

    8. I wonder why you a your x white Edomite wife divorced. You and your filthy p**** and filthy women re the sole reason why there are so many poor and suffering children. There are many “barrio” girls that are so gullible to open their legs for filthy men like you. By the way, since your Edomite ancestors have corrupted and raped our ancestors hence the change in our color (South East Asian) you’ve corrupted our people with your pornography and sex tourists, paedophile, hollywood obsession, liberated and feminists white women etc. I could go on and on. You are all coward with hedonistic lifestyle and brags about your education?? You are all spreading disease! Filthy.

    9. Mr. Getitgoing it’s not drama it’s the truth. If you’re highly educated and you don’t know this I’m starting to think that you have a calloused conscience. I think that you’ll get old alone with your money. Filthy.

    10. You are exactly the kind of female who drives men to foreign women.

      I think you need a strong man like me to bend you over his knee and spank you hard. You definitely need a man to put you in your place.

      Let me guess, you’re single, right?

      Lol. OK, I’m bored with this. I’m out.

    11. I could understand why some white men likes Asian or a foreign woman. You have so many white, over independent, feminists, slutty women. I just don’t tolerate filthy Edomites f****** filthy women around the world. It’s extremely disgusting.

    12. You get real and accept the truth that your filthy Edomite ancestors corrupted and raped our ancestors. You don’t know anything so do your own research. Are you also gonna brag about your education? Filthy women you’ve got? It’s disgusting!

  18. You already checked for std’s? Btw, did you or do you use protection? Bet if i was wit ya u wudnt even score a single chick since I thought I could be a lot good looking than you, being a half filipino half caucasian myself lol

  19. Disgusting. Not manly at all. You suck. I even bet none of this is true lol you sound like you’re making everything up.

    Pitiful. Real men never force themselves on women. But then I guess you’re fugly AF.

    PS: I’m a girl and I’ll never shag someone as disgusting as you. Bam. You’re welcome.

    1. You’re right. These men are filthy Edomites spreading their seed, disease and corrupting the minds of the young.

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  22. I am a senior male Aussie travelling solo in Cebu this year. I am interested in meeting a Filipino woman (not prostitute) while I am there to share experiences.

  23. Where is the best places for a senior male westerner to feel welcome in Cebu City? I enjoy all cultures so it does not have to be a fellow westerner.

    1. Magellan landed in Cebu on his voyage around the world. In the ships logs, it is noted that the local Cebuana women would eagerly trade sexual favors for trinkets. Magellan got into a dispute with a local petty chieftain and was killed.

      It really hasn’t changed that much.

    2. You’ve read a wrong history book or article. But I agree, there are many poor gullible young/old women there scamming tourists especially those old lonely sex tourists or young adventure seekers.

      By they way, our indigenous people in Cebu were raped and corrupted by Spanish Edomites because they want our land. It’s a long story.

  24. I am looking for a travel buddy while I am in Cebu Island in Nov this year. Prefer either male/ female around 60 with an enjoyment for seeing the islands sites.

    1. I am a senior Aussie male looking for someone to share cultural sites with when I tour Cebu City, Philippines this November. Prefer non smoker male or female of similar age.

  25. You absolutely can have as many girls in the Philippines as you want. The only limit is your own stamina and your skills at logistics. It helps to have two at a time.

    I personally don’t go for the easy girls at bars. There is no skill in picking up a girl someplace she went to because she wants to get laid, and probably involving alcohol. Many of them are professionals, and I suppose there is some talent in obtaining freebies from them. I prefer GFE any day.

    I will confirm the fact that handing out your number to random girls in the Philippines really does work, and you don’t even have to actually talk to her first. Just one example: While I was checking out at a counter at a store in Cebu, I saw a girl behind a second prep counter, about 15 ft away. I could read her nametag, “A__”. She saw me and I thought, “we are going to have sex”. I checked out, smiled, then walked out of her sight. There, I tore a slip off the receipt and wrote “# txt me”, that’s it. I went to a guard and asked him to hand it to “A___”. About about an hour and 15 minutes later corresponding to break time, there was her text. She was 26 with a marine biology degree and a virgin. We were in bed the next day and saw each other over the course of several months. I broke it off because she wanted to marry me.

    Info you can use: If visiting the Philippines, have a pen and paper with you at all times.

    More info you can use: Be careful with Filipinas, they are dangerous. While you are thinking about your plan on how to have sex with them, they are thinking about their plan on how to marry you. I know plenty of guys who were played like a fiddle (and mostly lived happily ever after).

    1. Lies. How can a marine biology graduate do that? These are bar girls in disguise. You only attract women of the same kind. Filthy Edomite.

    2. Most of the women I date are either in college or have degrees, regardless of ethnicity or location… I am currently seeing a 23 year old masters student in biochemistry, a 20 year old nursing undergrad, and a 24 year old medical school student. (the biochem grad student lives in another town, so I only have to juggle the two other locally: MSa for the nursing student and TuW for the medical student; although I am about to suggest we just all get together at the same time; the nursing student is up for it) I am in conversation with a 19 year old electrical engineering student too, but we haven’t met yet and probably won’t until one of these others drops out. A few months ago, I was sleeping with a 25 year old PhD student in chemistry, and a year ago, I was with a Pharmacy graduate student, who was also a virgin when we met (we had sex on the first date too, but this was in the US, not the Phils).

      Yes, I attract women of the same kind: Extremely smart, ambitious women who like very smart, rich men. Most men are intimidated by these women, but I know they like sex as much as anyone. The chemistry PhD student is kind of too kinky for me, though, she likes the 50 shades kind of thing.

    3. More lies. It doesn’t matter if they’re educated or not but based on your lies these type of women aren’t the decent ones. You’re sick to the bone. You guys and your filthy ***** should stop. You are one of those people who have corrupted the minds of the young. There’s nothing to be proud of these things. Filthy Edomite!

    4. You have no evidence that anything I said was untrue. And you know it is true.

      Since the article is specifically on the Philippines, have you ever looked at the culture of Filipinos or other islanders such as Hawaiians before western contact?

      They did not have the prudish view that was imposed by the Catholic church. Sex between them was casual and out in the open. They did not share the concept of monogamy. You can read the journals from the horrified European ship captains as these islanders would seemingly have sex with anyone anytime. The ships’ crews were delighted at how eager the native women were to have sex with them (presumably after they had a bath) and many refused to return to Europe (ala Mutiny on the Bounty).

      Speaking of the young, I am well over 40. I started taking note of the age of a woman when we first slept together, even if we continued to do so over the course of years. When I was 25, the average age was 22.3. Today, that average age is 22.8. Not much has changed on the age of women I date. What has changed is how easy it is now for women to hook up. Twenty years ago, Most of the women I slept with were Asians, because they were the easiest to get into bed. Kiss them, and their clothes come right off. They were outwardly prudish, but that was just an act, they were mad for sex and ignored by men who thought they would be a challenge. Western women were far more difficult and demanding. They wanted to play games for weeks. Not any more. i noticed over the past five years or so, the 18 to 22 crowd is incredibly casual about sex with people they hardly know, and this is true for Caucasians as well as Asians. (I find very few blacks attractive, so I’ve only been with one). And I am not talking about meeting in bars, I have never picked up a woman in a bar.

      You may complain that I have slept with lots of beautiful, young, smart women. But that means there are many beautiful, young, smart women who have wanted to sleep with me. There are a lot more of them than of me.

    5. You should be castrated! Bedding hundreds of Barrio girls from the Philippines or any other country only proves you’re a low quality man. You and your Edomite friends have raped the our Aborigines ancestors. Did you ever wonder why most white people are so liberated and so self-centered and feel like you always need to prove yourself? Man up! Women please close your legs!

    6. No, they aren’t barrio girls. They are quite middle and upper class. As far as the Philippines goes, in addition the smart ones, I also have been with a few of the very pretty ones. I’ve slept with two Filipina actresses on the FHM Philippines top 50 list and one other A-lister wanted to hook up with me, but I just didn’t have the schedule to make it work. I ran into that one randomly a few years later and would have then, but she was with a new boyfriend at the time and it would have been inappropriate to bring it up. (you kind of have to be rich and not treat them like a celebrity before they will come to you) I would have to think hard about how many Filipina models and small-time actresses I’ve slept with, plus the title holder of a major national beauty pageant and a finalist of another year. It is kind of funny to be going down EDSA and see one of my girlfriends on a billboard or to turn on the tv and see her there.

      Filipina girls are easy, no matter how smart and successful they are.

      If smart, ambitious, beautiful Filipinas want to have sex with rich white guys, I am happy to oblige.

    7. I have never been with a “barrio girl”. I stick to educated, middle and upper class women.

      I have slept with two Filipina actresses on the FHM top 50 list and one other A-lister wanted to hook up with me, but I couldn’t make the schedule work out. One of those top 50 and I were a thing for a while, but I was afraid someone would take a photo and we would end up on The Buzz. I would have to think about how many models, dance group girls and small time actresses I’ve slept with. Name a famous dance girl group that you have seen on tv in the 5 to 10 years ago time frame, and I’ve been with at least one of them. It is funny to see my girlfriend on a billboard on EDSA or on tv in character. I have also slept with the title winner of a national beauty pageant and a finalist of another year.

      Filipina girls want to have sex with rich white guys, I’m ok with that.

    8. Exactly! It doesn’t matter if they’re upper class or middle class or models or actress or from other country. These are filthy women who are already corrupted and doesn’t value themselves anymore. These filthy women loves sleeping around and loves casual sex just like you. Yes, they maybe popular or successful or have slept their way up. Based on your story above I would say that you’re indeed a extremely sick man. You and your Edomite friends are the reason of. abortion, broken relationships and marriages. You seem so proud that you’ve bedded these filthy women who flaunts their filthy bodies on FHM, beauty pageant, and Internet because they have nothing else to offer. It really doesn’t make you a quality man. Even if you’ve bedded hundreds or thousands of women around the world it doesn’t make you a real man.

      I’m not generalizing the white race as I myself have worked and have white friends. But you and your filthy sickening habit and your filthy white women have corrupted us. You know it’s the truth.

    9. How rich are we talking in terms of monthly income needed to be considered rich/impress fine early 20s girls?

    10. More lies. You and your filthy ***** have corrupted the minds of the young. There is nothing to be proud of these things. It doesn’t make you a quality man.

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  27. Hey man, something you didn’t touch at all here though in a travel blog might make sense to mention lol 😀

    They say the Philippine is dangerous, or at least more dangerous than most SE countries.
    What’s your take on it?

    1. It’s not true. There are many countries that are much much more dangerous than the Philippines. So you and your filthy Edomite friends should stop spreading your seed and your disease. There are many suffering children because of people like you! It’s sickening!

    2. It didn’t seem dangerous to me at all. But I know there are bad parts (just like in USA). Be smart and you should be ok.


    Man, all the reviews I’m reading about FilipinoCupid is that it’s a scam.

    I signed up and received 119 messages in a few days!
    I don’t believe they are all real and it makes me thing why that website when there are free -or much cheaper- alternatives out there.

    Did you guys actually go through a similar experience and went through the pain of separating the wheat from the chaff just to get that 1 out of 10 non fake profile?

    1. I use Filipino Cupid to organise my sex before i go over, it works like a charm if you use it correctly. I tee up one for every 2-3 days as a rule. Put my load nto them a few times and move on to the next one. So easy.

  29. Sorry about resurrecting an old thread, but this is relevant. 20N, I purchased your books and am going to spend 2017 getting my game dialed in. I was married for about 8 years. It may have already been answered, but can you tell me what specific parts of towns are closest to the best clubs/bars in Manila and or Cebu. I am going to be there for a month and want to have solid logistics. I am not rich, but definitely not a budget traveler. Probably spend about 2K for the hotel or Airbnb.

    1. What I mean is, what hotels or what exact areas are best to get laid the most/quickest.

  30. It is interesting usually you pay for sex ..
    now you do not for 19 times
    fake report like many on this site..i lived in Philippines for 5 years and
    this is apsolutly fake
    or you pay for 19 whores in 14 days………..

    1. I tell them i will give them a gift after I used them. Not those words though. But I am generous with my money on the LBFMs I spend time with.

  31. Ok guys so I will say as a heads up, I’m not sure how legit FilipinoCupid is anymore. I am sure when the boys (20 and THC) were hitting it up it served them well but so far I have found it to be not so…well kinda. Here’s my story.

    I joined about 2 hours ago and so far over 60 messages. I’d say not bad but I’m a really good looking guy, really fit, and mid 20’s, so I expected to draw some wuick attention because of how many members were online at the moment. Problem is you can’t read any of the messages, so I looked at the hottest girls profiles that sent me a massage and decided to try to find them on facebook hoping their username might be their actual name and typing in their city too like Manila, Davao City, Ormoc, etc.
    I found the chicks, same pics too so I sent them a message on Facebook messager. I tried about 5 girls so far and the story has been the same with 4 of the 5, still waiting on the last one to reply but basically they explained to me that their pics were stolen off Facebook and they wondered why they have been getting strange messages from older men.
    Sooo either the site is sketchy now a days or some of these women are pretending not to know me for whatever reason. I suppose either is possible I just thought I’d throw that out there for anyone who is thinking about taking the subscription plunge…might not be worth it.

    On the plus side not all is lost, of the 4 that have replied I am making plans with 2 of them, (the other 2 are married) for my visit soon 😉

    But yeah just wanted to give a heads up for any new readers out there like me.

    Cheers mates and a Merry Christmas to you all!

  32. Ok guys so I will say as a heads up, I’m not sure how legit FilipinoCupid is anymore. I am sure when the boys (20 and THC) were hitting it up it served them well but so far I have found it to be not so…well kinda. Here’s my story.
    I joined about 2 hours ago and so far over 60 messages. I’d say not bad but I’m a really good looking guy, really fit, and mid 20’s, so I expected to draw some quick attention because of how many members were online at the moment. Problem is you can’t read any of the messages, so I looked at the hottest girls profiles that sent me a message and decided to try to find them on facebook hoping their username might be their actual name and typing in their city too like Manila, Davao City, Ormoc, etc. 
I found the chicks, same pics too so I sent them a message on Facebook messager. I tried about 5 girls so far and the story has been the same with 4 of the 5, still waiting on the last one to reply but basically they explained to me that their pics were stolen off Facebook and they wondered why they have been getting strange messages from older men. 
Sooo either the site is sketchy now a days or some of these women are pretending not to know me for whatever reason. I suppose either is possible I just thought I’d throw that out there for anyone who is thinking about taking the subscription plunge…might not be worth it.
    On the plus side not all is lost, of the 4 that have replied I am making plans with 2 of them, (the other 2 are married) for my visit soon 😉
    But yeah just wanted to give a heads up for any new readers out there like me.
    Cheers mates and a Merry Christmas to you all!

    1. Thanks for leaving this update AcesWild, it’s been close to 3 years since this was written. I’m going back to Phils soon and I’ll be using the site again and update the article with my findings.

    2. Not a problem THC. And looking forward to hearing how you did man! I do have an update in regards to the site for anyone that is going to the Phillipines soon.

      I have spoken to a few girls who are legit on the site so it’s not all fake profiles it could just be the few I tried messaging. Anyway if you don’t wanna pay the subscription fee on your profile where you can put your name instead of using your real name or whatever your calling yourself to remain incognito make it your skype name and put sk(y)pe afterwards. So for example I would put – Aces.Wild88 sk(y)pe

      My phones been blowing up ever since. I guess whatever phishing tool they use to block out personal info such as leaving your email for example aceswild88@hotmail or aceswild88kik etc. isn’t smart enough to pick up on a suttle nuance such as sk(y)pe lol. So that is good info to get out there as far as how to get women without paying.

      Now about 95% hitting me up are grenades but for the 5% who aren’t it has been worth it. And lets face it whether there hitting you up on the site or for free on skype they are still gonna hit you up lol. Plus it helps to weed out bot profiles too since they aren’t gonna hit you up on skype anyway.

      Cheers mates

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  34. thank god I live in Digos here you have sex with two woman you will never have sex again we kill you and yes I have killed as I have two daughters we don’t play that shit in digos here if woman has sex before she is 20 she goes to jail for three years as you bastards from the usa get them pregnant then you run home leaving the woman and child here so we stop that if you don’t believe come to digos Mindanao pro. There have been no reports of U.S. citizens in Mindanao targeted specifically for their nationality; however, general threats to U.S. citizens and other foreigners throughout Mindanao remain a concern

  35. attacks and kidnappings against civilians, foreigners, political leaders, and Philippine security forces in Mindanao. Since January 2016, at least 13 separate kidnappings of foreigners have been reported across Mindanao. In western Mindanao, terrorist, insurgent, and criminal gangs regularly conduct killings. In central Mindanao, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) remain active in the Cotabato City area, and in the Maguindanao, North Cotabato, and Sultan Kudarat provinces, where the government maintains a state of emergency and a greater police presence.

    In September 2016, a terrorist group conducted a bombing in Davao City, killing 15 and wounding 69 people. Following the attack, the Philippine government declared a “State of National Emergency on Account of Lawless Violence in Mindanao.” There have been no reports of U.S. citizens in Mindanao targeted specifically for their nationality; however, general threats to U.S. citizens and other foreigners throughout Mindanao remain a concern all about sex we will end it marry then or stay we think you are leaving then you WILL go straight to hell we love all people just don’t mess with our kids I think you Americans are the same way at least I hope you are from what I read you are p.s. I am a 70 year old male thank you

  36. Separatist and terrorist groups continue to carry out attacks and kidnappings against civilians, foreigners, political leaders, and Philippine security forces in Mindanao. Since January 2016, at least 13 separate kidnappings of foreigners have been reported across Mindanao. In western Mindanao, terrorist, insurgent, and criminal gangs regularly conduct kidnappings for ransom. In central Mindanao, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) remain active in the Cotabato City area, and in the Maguindanao, North Cotabato, and Sultan Kudarat provinces, where the government maintains a state of emergency and a greater police presence.

    In September 2016, a terrorist group conducted a bombing in Davao City, killing 15 and wounding 69 people. Following the attack, the Philippine government declared a “State of National Emergency on Account of Lawless Violence in Mindanao.” There have been no reports of U.S. citizens in Mindanao targeted specifically for their nationality; however, general threats to U.S. citizens and other foreigners throughout Mindanao remain a concern

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  40. Do these girls know that you are taking pictures of their naked bodies for all to see on the internet, or have you told them it’s for your personal use? How have you lost all sense of decency not to see that this is wrong?

  41. Answer the question: do these women know that you are taking their naked pictures and putting them on the internet or are you saying it is for your own personal use?

  42. I had one of these type of trips once and I left with a huge void in my heart, it all seemed so meaningless on the flight home, I ended up really regretting the trip. After reading some of the stuff on here I can’t help but think how truly empty you guys must be inside. When women seem to just be viewed as the next potential ‘bang’, that sounds really sad.

  43. Remember women are not property. You are not entitled to sex. Women think and feel exactly the same as you do. When you see them as worth less than yourself, you have forgotten who you are.

  44. I bounced between Makati Phils and Thailand for 18 months back in the early 2000s. Coming from the South of England where girls of my generation were up tight, the Pinay hospitality was very refreshing and a game changer for me. I dated artistic dancers, office girls, waitresses, company Directors etc. They find western guys as attactive as we find them so its not difficult to get laid. You can be, as I was, quite selective about who gets to your room.

    Its not a bed of roses though. Most girls who go with western guys are gaming too, so be sure to arrive with a few family packs of man-sized cds (was difficult to buy locally) and leave your heart back home too! Its not a particularly safe place either…

    With their good use of English, Phils proved a great education in Asian and female psyche and I look back at my time there a bit like a rite of passage.

    For me, Thailand proved to be the better option, probably because in the end, I enjoy the challenge.

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