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Making Money - Location independent
quite interested in stocks, have a long background in similar ventures, problem is like someone else said all the info online is fluff and you dont know who to trust

some suggested reading materials (or podcasts/youtube videos better yet) that actually give good advice would be greatly appreciated

just started dabbling in investing, have no idea what im doing, but did wait for months to get the stocks wanted at the price wanted, got the patience part down..... now just need to know what the F to actually do lol
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some people mentioned poker..... 15 years ago online poker was amazing, 10 years ago it was good, 5 years ago it was doable.......... now good luck to ya if you want to try, there isnt much dead money around at all so it will be hard to learn the game without losing a lot doing so, and even if you do get good you probably wont earn that much
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I'm building a business around product development. I'm very familiar with a specific industry and I'm creating products to solve the problems that I've discovered that are in need of solutions.

Is anyone else involved on the on-going process of product development?

This could be anything: writing books, creating computer games or apps, other digital products, physical products, board games or whatever? If there are others involved in this, I'd be interested in creating a lounge thread or group so that we can discuss strategies and keep each other motivated by posting weekly updates.

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