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I'll be visiting Lodz on February 25 and 26, without the girlfriend. It's the only major city in Poland I have yet to visit.

Also, as you guys may already know, I currently live in Gdansk.

So if you're planning to visit either, hit me up.
Nice enjoy. Sounds like you know Poland really well. It would be cool if you could sometime do a Poland datasheet. Talking about the girls etc. and comparing the different cities. I think it could help guys decide where in poland to travel (or whether it's right for them). Myself included because I was dating a girl in Poznan (THE Polish girl) and didn't get away from there too often.
^ Once my trip to Lodz is done, I should be able to put together a fair comparison.

That being said, here are my observations about Lodz so far, in no particular order:

1) Size: Lodz is a decently-sized city by international standards, and huge by Polish standards. Day game opportunities seem on par with Warsaw and Krakow.

2) Safety: Lodz may appear rough compared to other, more famous Polish cities, but it seems easy enough to stay safe using common sense (stick to lighted streets at night, etc). Lodz is about as rough-looking as Lviv or Budapest.

3) Girls: They seem to be typically city Polish: mostly not fat (though a handful more fatties than Gdansk), a mix of blondes and brunettes (less blondes than Gdansk but more than Kiev), blue eyes (though a few more brown eyes than Gdansk but still less than Kiev), decent English, some make-up/heels/dresses (not as much as Kiev), but usually light make-up/flats/tight pants (keep in mind it's cold now), and typical Polish bodies (more curves than in Kiev) and faces (sometimes big noses).

4) Foreigner Factor: As an Asian-American that Mexicans in the US think is Mexican, I get more IOIs in Lodz than in Warsaw or Krakow, maybe on par with Wroclaw, and less than in Gdansk. That more or less correlates with how many non-whites I've seen in each. Even for white guys who aren't Polish, that also more or less correlates with how often on the street I've overheard Western languages in each city (Spanish, British English, German, American English, and French).

5) Where to Stay & Game: As close as possible to the famous part of Piotrkowska Street, between Polnocna and Piludskiego - it's about eight blocks long. Near the North end of that is the Manufaktura Mall, which is a decent bad weather day game alternative. Near the South end of the famous street part is Galeria Lodzka, another bad weather day game alternative. Keep in mind though that malls in Poland tend to attract older and/or taken girls. I don't night game anymore so I can't comment much on that, though most of those venues seem to also be on the famous street part. The University of Lodz may be the best for day game, though I can't say for sure since I'm here on a weekend.

Overall, my first impression is that if I had to choose between Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, and Lodz, I'd give Lodz my two weeks first, having only briefly visited all of them. Krakow gets tons of tourists, Warsaw has better male competition, and Wroclaw seems similar (from a pickup perspective) but is smaller. Gdansk is probably better, but it's also smaller (likely too little volume for most guys' few days bang trips).
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Leaving Lodz now, some final thoughts:

After doing more sightseeing, I had some extra time, and it being mid-day Monday, I decided to walk around the University of Lodz for few minutes. It seems like a small one, though I may have caught it in an off moment. Nothing you can't work with though. It's also more or less next to the main railway station and in the center of the city, so I doubt you could go wrong here.

My guess is like elsewhere in Europe, students take public transit. With the stations pretty close to the university, anytime there's a class change, a bunch of students will likely come and go before disappearing, though some stragglers may be around.

There's a small park near the university, which during warmer weather, students may hang out in.

For even mid-work-day volume though, Piotrkowska Street seems to be where's it at, assuming the weather is good (which it was today - sunny clear skies, but still jacket weather).

Also of note is that the further away from the touristy places I went, the more IOIs I got. That probably also holds true in other large Eastern European cities. Some guys complain that some large cities are burnt out, and in their centers or touristy areas that may be true, but sometimes you just have to get off the beaten path.

Finally, while at Manufaktura yesterday, I saw a relatively tiny blonde with blue eyes and two other things that weren't so tiny at all. Mmph. I love Poland. Too bad she had what were likely two orbiters with her.
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Enjoying following your progress in Poland. I spent a lot of time there (although was taken for most of it). Yeah, getting outside of the tourist area ends up helping a ton. The only downside (that happened to me in Poland) was that the further outside of the center of the city I got the worst the English got and it was even more true in the villages.

I think at some point you should stay in in Poznan. After that you will have stayed in all the biggest cities in Poland (I think) and you will be a wealth of knowledge Wink. Especially with comparison posts.
I'll be in Poznan April 8-15. Hopefully it won't be too dead because of Easter..
Time for the promised overview of Poland. I've spent more than a year and a half here now, and have visited every major city.

First things first. Is Poland for you? Make sure you have these 3 things:

1) At least intermediate Game, by Western standards. That means getting numbers from cold approach and going on dates should be routine for you in the West. Don't be the fool who spends his time and money to come here with only beginner or no Game, gets nothing, and complains.

2) At least two weeks to spend in Poland, landing and leaving mid-week. Unless you can consistently bang girls on the first date in the West, you'll need at least two weeks to farm and follow-up on your leads.

3) A desire for cute, pleasant, and somewhat feminine and curvy light brunettes or dark blondes, by Western standards. Poland is quite homogeneous. If you prefer the skinny model type and more conservatism, head further east to FSU - I can confirm Kiev & Lviv. If you prefer blondes and more liberalism, head up to somewhere in the Nordics or Baltics, like Turku. If you prefer more sultry brunettes, go south to somewhere like Budapest. If you want more liberalism and more money or variety, go West, including Copenhagan/Malmo.

Still here? Okay, so where in Poland should you go?

If you're here for two weeks to a month, you'll prefer one of the bigger cities, since you'll need the volume. My recommendations, in order:
1) Lodz (big enough but decent foreigner value for its size)
2) Warsaw (biggest by far but low foreigner value)
3) Krakow (big but lowest foreigner value in Poland, most touristy city in Poland)

Beyond a month, you're almost living there, so city size depends on the amenities you want. Of the small major cities, my recommendations, in order:
1) Bialystok (high density layout means better logistics)
2) Lublin (some foreign students lowers foreigner value)
3) Rzeszow (driving city means bad logistics)
4) Szczecin (influenced by Germany due to its proximity)

Mid-tier cities, in order:
1) Gdansk/Gdynia/Sopot (the few foreign PUAs generally confine themselves to tiny touristy Sopot)
2) Poznan (some foreign PUAs, more touristy)
3) Wroclaw (lots of foreign PUAs, quite touristy)

Finally, what type of Game works best in Poland? In order:
1) Social circle (requires a bit of investment, obviously)
2) Day (less investment than social circle but more than night)
3) Night (only relatively spoiled Poles can afford to go out, expect dramatically better competition, but at least you invest less)
4) Online (like everywhere else in the world, least pain equals least results)
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Is there a "look" that works well over there?
How good is day game and night game?
(03-13-2017, 06:25 PM)Christoff Wrote: Is there a "look" that works well over there?
How good is day game and night game?

Anything non-Nordic, and especially non-white, will stand out. That will only slightly help you get your foot in the door with some ladies, though. Other factors, and especially your Game, are more important for penetration. Poorer Polish guys tend to wear athletic gear, so don't do that.

Day game is more fruitful here than in the West. Night game is more on par with the West.

I should also note Polish girls during the day give more up-front red lights than their chatty American counterparts, who end up giving more red lights only when you escalate. Going further east, Ukrainian girls during the day give even more up-front red lights.
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Hey, great Info
im arriving July to Warsaw and plan to stay two weeks in poland. would prefer to just stay in one place instead of the tourist checkmark list, but i will be with a friend whos not in game (yet) but I hope this will change his mindset...

A few questions:

-what would be recomended to go in july ? without speaking polish

-what about renting a car to travel? is it worth it ?
(03-14-2017, 12:20 AM)new Wrote: Hey, great Info
im arriving July to Warsaw and plan to stay two weeks in poland. would prefer to just stay in one place instead of the tourist checkmark list, but i will be with a friend whos not in game (yet) but I hope this will change his mindset...

A few questions:

-what would be recomended to go in july ? without speaking polish

-what about renting a car to travel? is it worth it ?

In July, university will be out and everyone will be traveling, so go to where the girls go. Not sure where that is in Warsaw but in Gdansk that's Sopot.
Note that the girls will only be there usually for a week at most, so you'll have to go for one-night stands, which requires more advanced Game than I recommended.

Best time to go to anywhere in the world is when university is in session, excluding holidays. In Poland that's October through June.

Public transit, including between cities, is quite cheap, so a car likely isn't worth it.
wait ! i was wrong, im going to stay from JUNE to July there.

I will try warsaw and then Lodz. after that I have to go to germany for work
Hey guys im here in warsaw

I can agree to your opinions. Had ton of work so today im starting to do things. I will have to stay in warsaw until Tues because some papers, next will be lodz.

Online sucks, many matches but no interaction. sat have 1 chick from there we ll see. 

Another thing I saw was the riverside have some bars that may be intersting now in warm weather, maybe  I will check that today.

ammount of sunlight Is crazy! rightnow 4 am to 10 pm
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really, much more better than any club I saw in the nighlife street mazowiecka.

nowy swiat seems too much tourist-nightlife: strip club. not interested at all.

For this warmer weather (june), warsaw people loves going out to that part of the city. drinking, relaxing, no club rules... so you can be on a bar dancing to some a mix of people: from old people riding bikes, really young girls, and more important: MUCH LESS tourist-students. Better music, different styles on each bar, and even randome people just drinking on their own on the riverside. a lot of options.

Obviously depends on your style, but If you enjoy more the "local" activities, riverside is much better, for day and night.

I had a rough week because of intense work, this is my first day Im feeling 100% so want to DESTROY it. Will test many options and give you a review.

Also: If you like really GOOD electronic music, not shitty EDM : Smolna .amazing place. great sound, lighting. more local-underground stuff. I ended up there enjoying music, then making out with some girl on extasis, but wasn't that hot so kept enjoying the music. Also talked to another girl. so funny this girls seem much more polite that what im used to. This girl was telling me "yes I may go to argentina, but with my boyfriend" "Yes, you touch a lot, but I understand its a different culture" haha Still gave me her contact that I didnt asked for.
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Heading to Warsaw tomorrow - just for the day - to get my passport renewed (and also get a passport card).

Should have some time in the afternoon to meet up, before I head back early evening.

Also have a secondary source (ie not myself) confirming that in Warsaw, the river side is the key.
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