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The Vietnam Thread
I was thinking about playing with Vietnamese jealousy because I had a case where it worked great. Last week I had a 20 years old girl who wanted to pick me up at the airport in Saigon. But she I felt I was losing her when I told her she should call me "daddy". So I said she was wasting my time, that another girl asked if she could pick me up and all. It totally worked and when we met, she was very curious about who this other girl was.

About me : I have been there 9 days already. I got all my 5 lays the first 4 days if I recall well. The airport girl, 3 other girls who went straight to my place, and another I met near my place and pulled straight back without any date. I am still not sure if this was luck, but what I can tell is that they have strong buyer's remorse after sex if you fuck them so quickly : 2 of them didn't want to see me again. So the 1-2 dates model could be more effective in the long run. I can show my pictures to the forum members who are in Saigon, would love to find out I have an eskimo brother ^^
Pm me your messenger details
Went out to Bui Vien last night. Was packed to the gills with people.

Tons and tons of girls in halloween costumes.

I went with a girl so didn't try any pickup.
Well fellas, it finally happened.

I heard the dreaded words all players never want to here while they are single.

"I am pregnant"

Luckily for me, this girl has a ectopic pregnancy. The egg attaches outside the uterus and is basically unbirthable.

No the issue is getting this fixed. The girls initial doctor visit today cost 50 dollars. I didn't pay that but will pay her back. She might try to refuse it.

Anyways, this problem requires a small operation to remove the egg. I have no clue how much this cost. The operation uses a laparoscopy, but the girl said that is very expensive. But I am not sure what her definition of expensive is. Or if there are other methods that I am unaware of.

Thinking about going to the hospital tomorrow and seeing what I can figure out. Fuck me if this surgery costs 1k+.

On a side note, I have no clue how this happened. My pull out game is super strong. Don't recall pulling late with this girl.

Now this has me paranoid about going raw now. Got a girl coming over tomorrow. I only use rubber like 5-10% of the time only when a girl asks me or if she is looking super slutty / nasty which isn't often.
Hmmm, could this be some kind of scam? Girl claims to get in some kind of unusual pregnancy, needs an operation that will be "very expensive" Of course I will not accept this $50, because I don't take money from foreigners ( Wink  )but the big expensive surgery, what will I do?
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No, no scam.

This is legit 19 yr old virgin nice girl. Do anything for me.
(11-04-2017, 02:37 PM)Dash Wrote: On a side note, I have no clue how this happened. My pull out game is super strong. Don't recall pulling late with this girl.

Pre cum can still cause a pregnancy, so pull out game isn't good for contraception (especially with fertile 19 year old girls). Though it is still better than not doing anything.

I hope you can get this figured out.  This sounds stressful.
A food you should try when you come here is Goat Curry. It is not like other curries in Southeast Asia. It is actually more like an Indian Curry. Very good.

It is called Cà Ri Dê. I had this for the first time with my coworkers at a spot in D3.

[Image: cach-nau-ca-ri-de-ngon-dung-dieu-hinh-anh-1.jpg]

Another Indian influenced dish to check out is Cơm Ni.

[Image: com-ni.jpg]
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If pre cum could cause pregnancy I'd have like 4000 kids. That's not true. I banged a 19 year old for a past 10 months with pull out method no problem, however where you gotta be careful is to wash and go to the bathroom after you bust before going back in for seconds
It is possible. Just very rare.
Maybe it also depends on the person (guy)? I don't know about your amount of pre cum but for me it's really enough to get my underpants well visibly wet at the area where my glans is, when having it while making out for a long time. I also have several pre cums if I fuck for a long time.
Whoa. This pre-cum issue has been studied pretty intensely.

Did you blow your shit and then bang her again before you took a piss?  This is about the only way you can pre-cum impregnate, as active sperm were lingering in your urethra. This is VERY rare, but can happen.

On the first run or after pissing, it is almost impossible to pre-cum impregnate. However, if you pull out too late, sometimes there is a contraction with cum that you may not notice. This is why I always pull out way in advance of ejaculation.

Is this the girl you recently broke up with?  All this just seems too coincidental. I smell a fish.
I usually pull out right when its coming on.

I don't try to hold it. That is too dangerous.

Naw, this was a 19 year old girl who speaks no english that just comes to my house randomly.
I am debating the worthwhile of going to travel to Vietnam for a year.
and working with the computer telemarketing. I was in Bangkok in 2015 and I really enjoyed it and loved the country. had tons of girls and pretty ones .
I returned after a year and a half and much less loved ... I could not get really beautiful girls I had an unattractive apartment and i can only get ugly girls.
In the second month of the trip I went to Chiang Mai and my i loved it, Everything is cheap and relaxed. I had 4 girlfriends...

I've only gone for a few months a time. evendo i had 9 months visa to Thailand. now I found a telemarketing job i can do online. im 5'10 half white and pretty ugly.
i want to rent a sick apartment like galaxy 9 and see
whats the best girl i can pull

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