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The Vietnam Thread
Went out with Verothilde last night. Tall good looking guy.

First stop was Bui Vien. Went into House of Dog but it was alittle early. Not packed. The fucking bartender charged me almost 100% more for a beer. 200k for two heinikens. Thought it sounded too high as that is the price for higher end places. Go back to the table and look at the menu and realize they gave me the white face tax. Called over a waiter and tried to explain it to him but he never came back. Was quite annoyed by that.

Anways, only have one beer there and head to Luch for ladies night. Place is jumping like every Tuesday. Verothilde approaches a girl shortly after we arrive. He was with her for awhile and then must have bounced.

I made a few approaches and got two numbers. One girl was pretty drunk and flirty. But wouldnt leave with me I guess due to friends seeing her / being with them.

Funny thing to note, I asked Verothilde to see his Cupid girls he has been talking to / meeting. Would bet money on me meeting the same ones.

Sure enough out of like 4 I saw, I met 3 of them. One of them was the girl I posted a picture of laying beside me on the bed. She is a real freak. Loves sex. The other one was a cute girl I dated for a few weeks.

Eskimo brothers lol

(08-15-2017, 09:43 PM)20Nation Wrote: Did you bang the other sister? I have to know haha

Only met one briefly so far. Still trying to set up a date for her to come to my house. She is claiming she is free next week. We will see.
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haha good luck. Thats a nice achievement
Interesting and fun night Dash, thanks for the meetup.

That approach indeed went well, took some effort and time but managed to get the bang. Totally crazy in bed chick, I will write some more on it when I am behind my trusted desk at home.

What a country and what a city
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Think its finally time to give in and use instagram. Too many girls to DM on there not too.


Does anyone know how to adjust search / match parameters on Badoo? Keeps matching me with girls in other cities.

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