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Biggest turn offs
Chinese beginner mistakes after 7 years are pretty sad:

Had a date a couple of weeks back and went to a eat hotpot (huoguo for Chinese speakers), the girl is from Sichuan, probably wanted to test my ability for eating spicy food, and since I like it, why not.
No problem with the spiciness, the problem is that after it, everything stunk: her clothes, her hair (and mine of course) and the garlic made her breath pretty bad as well... Not the best for making-out even if a shower made it better
I have this obsession with makeup. I notice it now more than ever. OCD about it.

It is very hard to find a girl who is attractive who doesn't have makeup on.

That shit they put on their face everyday can not be good for the skin in the long run.

How do men deal with the fact when their women take off the makeup they instantly drop 2-3 points?

It's an illusion.

I am dating 2 girls right now who most any guy would deem as attractive or hot and be happy to be with. Yet both of them wear visible makeup.

Think I need to go ahead and cut them loose.
Makeup doesn't bother me so much. I think its acceptable in society and culture for women to wear a little makeup. Its considered normal in most cultures. It makes them feel better about themselves too. I think it is your individual preference. So how would a girl even know you don't like it? They are trying to look the best they can within acceptable norms. Maybe on your dating profile just state that you prefer a natural look without makeup. Then the women wouldn't cake it on before meeting you, or at least cut down on it. But, some women are afraid to leave the house without it on. I think it takes a certain amount of confidence in herself to go without completely. But that just may be the quality you are looking for.
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I like makeup actually; it shows effort.

As for the long run, they'll be old then anyway, so not a big deal if their skin takes a minor hit then.
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How can you guys not mind or like seeing the shiny, bronze or what ever color makeup they are wearing? Clearly see something has been applied and or painted on. You know this is not her real self. I feel like if I touch her face I will get shit on my hands or something.

Then when she takes it off her appearance takes a massive hit. Wakeup in the morning or she gets out the shower and you are confronted by this thing you do not recognize lol.

A natural clean smooth fresh face is so much better to me.

But yea most women feel like they must wear it. It has been socially acceptable. Part of life for women. Put on a face that isn't yours. Paint away the blemishes and imperfections.

Made it almost impossible for guys like me to find all natural cute girls. Even the girls who cute without it still feel like they must wear it.

It's a curse, finding someone I like completely is fucking hard as hell.
Agree with 262 and Jason.
Make-up for me is not too much of a problem as long as it's done well and not too much ( I am not big on banging clown personally). And of course, if her face sticks like those flycatching stuff it's not good.
Basically, wearing some make-up to cover some skin imperfections is acceptable. Putting some lipstick and eyeliner (with a decent and fitting color of course ) is fine.
The main issue as far as I am concerned is that many girls are over-doing it or don't know how to do it well.

(12-27-2017, 03:01 AM)Dash Wrote: Wakeup in the morning or she gets out the shower and you are confronted by this thing you do not recognize lol

Never happened because of make-up. Because of alcohol is more likely as far as I am concerned...
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