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Biggest turn offs
I won't put these in order because they all are enough to turn your cock to putty.

Bad breath

Stanky pussy

Too much talking

Loose fat (I think you all know what I'm talking about here--some chicks have a fat ass but its firm fat--also usually translates to firm tits, which are just fat sacs anyways. Theres nothing worse than scanning a big ass and watching it ripple up and down in her pants. Satin pants reveal all while yoga pants can hide this most nefarious affliction-dont' be fooled)

muslim cousins who will stone your ass--narcotrafficing cousins come in a distant second but are usually too busy to kill you

Smacking their food--all you sino brothers out there are hearing me here!

Foot stench-- find girls in skirts and keep the shoes on if you suspect this... shored pros also like to keep their heels on--koreans are always safe

Boyfriends--they always call when you're about to blow... i don't give a shit if they love you

Chicks with dicks--yes I know.. but when it happens to you, "turn off" becomes euphamistic

dirty nails

greasy hair

That pungent butt crack smell you only get when your'e really smashing from behind

armpit hair

(05-19-2017, 05:11 AM)Dash Wrote:
(05-17-2017, 04:45 AM)shalabadoo Wrote:
(05-02-2017, 12:46 PM)20Nation Wrote: Yeah but when they say gain weight they don't mean get fat. They mean gain wait in their tits and ass haha. There are just so many skinny girls in the philippines that it's just not considered special, so girls want a rarer curvier figure. Of course some girls will take this too far.

It seemed to me that the Philippines is peopled exclusively with short fat girls with braces. I know it probably goes against the "editorial line" here but I'm really not a fan of the Filipinas (in terms of sexual attraction I mean... I don't hate them as people obviously)

I have banged hell lost count of how many pinyas over the past 5 years. Never banged a fat one. Don't recall much having braces. 

This goes for most countries, but any major tier 1 city is going to have millions of females. 

You couldn't fuck every hot girl in Manila in two much less one lifetime. 

If one of those Spanish looking Pinays don't turn you on, then I would question your sexuality lol.

I can't figure out who wrote what here, but whoever mentioned all Pinays being fat with braces, I'm not certain you've been to the islands.  Most Pinays are about 5'2' and 95lbs.  Some do indeed have braces and for the most part its sexy as hell. And the danger factor there makes it even hotter.  Pinays with a little extra junk get it in the wrong places--belly and face...  the traditional pinay is small and muscular.. her DNA is engineered from hauling water buckets up volcanoes, dragging through flooded ricefields, or squatting over an open firefit... I'm happy they're getting braces because it shows some have a tiny bit of discretionary income.. also its an investment in the future hotness of these LBFMs.. .moreover, most Filipino orthodontists are female and every one I've tagged has been hot as hell..

Yeah it seems you really did the Phils wrong man. During the week you have to do market or university game, both which are prolific in Cebu.  In the smaller cities I would really recommend early morning market game or hair salon game. Both have desperate housewife type situations you can kill. I would recommend making a business card (easily done in Manila or Cebu once  you have your Phils number) or just writing your name and number on a slip of paper. Engage conversation in said locales (in the Phils they all speak at least a speck of English) make them giggle a few times and then unload the number. 80% will text/whatsapp you within 10 minutes.

(05-22-2017, 02:30 AM)shalabadoo Wrote: Fair enough, my sample size is small I guess. I've only been to Manila for 2 days, it was a Tuesday and a Wednesday if I recall correctly, and the nightlife was shit, all the bars were dead except one full of rich snobby mommy-boys and basketball players. The rest of my trip in the Philz was mostly through the countryside, doing touristy backpackery things. Cebu also disappointed me, the city is so fucking uninteresting and the bars only had trannies, hookers, and frumpy little Korean girls.

Yea, would strongly caution against making any conclusions based on a few day trip. Need atleast 2 weeks imo. Might could do it in 1 week IF you follow the seek & conquer blueprint ie 2 dates a day (try to pull back to the apartment) while also going to the most happening nightlife spots (local and knowledgeable local recommendations) every night (I like go alone half the nights). 

Two of my favorite nightlife spots are in Cebu. Holic which is mostly 17-22 age girls (non hookers) and MO2 (great setup, no hookers).

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