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The Indonesia Thread
Update and thoughts on Jakarta:

Firstly, I can confirm it is, as reported, ridiculously easy to get laid here. Since arriving 12 days ago I've banged 0.83 new girls a day, including three new girls last Sunday.

Secondly, contradictory to what a lot of people say, Indo girls are not that hot. And that's is the main problem here. Out of all the girls I've had they've all been 6's, of 6.5's at best, with one 8 being the real exception. Most of these have come from online, but I've dabbled in Night Game and Day Game and they're just aren't that many hot girls walking around.

Now these two points are the crux of the issue here. If you're after quantity, this is your place! Or even, if you're just after experiencing the feeling of what it's like to be a girl in the West... I've literally have more Tinder matches, numbers and Whatsapp contacts than I can possibly speak to, I have girls taking ME out for dinner and drinks and paying the whole bill, I even had the time when I suggested drinks in the bar and SHE changed the location to my apartment. It is an incredible experience, but I can tell you it gets old rather quickly.

And this leads me onto my final thoughts, I'm here for 5 and a half more weeks and I guess again there's two options... except that this is the land of 6's and enjoy it, or focus purely on quality and except banging less. At the moment my whole mind and body is telling me to do the second option...
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Most all normal competent guy's lays range around 6 if they are doing high numbers. There is just not enough readily easy available true 7-8's for some regular joe to plough through on a short trip. Now if you were very rich or famous that is a different story.

Well, this is true for Southeast Asia. Maybe other countries like Ukraine or some shit have considerable more single 7-8s but then again I am not sure how many you will be able to bang on a short trip.

If you want to up the quality, you will need to do day and night game. You will need to have just 1 girl as a fuckbuddy / booty call. Then focus normal dates and hours on 2 girls. 3 girls total is the most you can safely handle.
if you want the hottest girls you need to offer them something, for some that something is a serious relationship, for others its money/shoes/bags

8's or better can get dick any time anywhere from any guy they want
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(02-09-2018, 03:01 AM)guys Wrote: if you want the hottest girls you need to offer them something, for some that something is a serious relationship, for others its money/shoes/bags

8's or better can get dick any time anywhere from any guy they want

deformed whales can dick anytime anywhere. 

but not from quality men, but beggars can be choosers.

in any event, they can get pipped down on a seconds notice any day of the week. 

the thirst and desperation of many men is strong.
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^ So true. Short story time:

One of my buddies lived in Bangkok for three years.

While walking around, a fat Thai girl passed by him, as well as a black guy. Both unusual sights there.

Black guy checks her out and says, "Dayum ..."

My buddy thinks to himself: wtf, lol

P.S. Rarest thing you can give a girl is good Game.

Relationships? Money? Even ladyboys can get these.
Indonesia done!

Five weeks, 16 bangs, 1 blowjob, 1 handjob. Plus there was the Thai girl I banged when I was on a visa-run to KL, but let's exclude her for a better Indonesia assessment.

Quality breakdown, as follows:

6's: Four
6.5's: One
7's: Six
8's: Two
8.5's: Two

Was a bit sad to leave without hitting the 20 mark, but I turned down a 6 in the last week as I'd got past that stage, and then the last two girls (second dates as well!) were both on their periods. Will keep them on the back-burner for my eventual return.

I wont post a whole write-up on Indonesia as there's a tone of info out there, but below are a few of key thoughts:

- Indo girls are not that hot: seriously! I was disappointed after my arrival due to the, dare i say it, over-hype that is surrounds this subject. There are hot girls, but in general Indo girls are short and round. Obesity is hitting this nation hard.

- Language: I actually didn't find this to be a problem at all, every girl I met spoke great English.

- Tinder vs Night Game: Almost all my bangs came from Tinder. Night game here would hugely inefficient compared.

- Girls are getting wise: Sorry guys, but I think one too many of us have swung through here, haha - a lot of girls asked me if I was seeing other girls, how many matches I got etc. The ones that didn't ask probably assumed. It can cause a bit of drama. Definitely had to next a few girls who were getting too clingy.

- Jakarta is pretty dull: To be honest, I really wouldn't recommend coming here on holiday. There really is bugger all to do except bang girls, and for me a trip just to do that would be quite fatuous. Each to their own though.

- Get an apartment near your work/a mall: and i mean close, like less than five minutes walk ideally. If you're working here, the traffic in the morning and evening is a.w.e.f.u.l. Now any decent traveler has experienced a city with bad traffic, but seriously Jakarta takes the cake. I spent most of trip wondering if it really does have the worst traffic in the world - Dhaka, Bangladesh always comes to mind for me. But on my last two days I tried, foolishly, to actually get an Uber and go straight for dinner from my office. I am not joking, on the first day it took 50 minutes for the Uber to go two blocks to pick me up, on the second day, an hour and 20 had passed before I said 'fuck it'.

- and finally, reiterating a commonly spoken truth, but, you do need at least some game to succeed here: Now I am definitely not game master, I pretty much run 'confident nice-guy game' in all situations but to be totally transparent, I'm also tall (6ft 2''), at least decently fit and have that kind of defined jawline thing going (wouldn't quite go as far as to say I'm good looking). To my disadvantage I am bald (well, I shave it) but I don't feel this has ever held me back. Girls here want foreign guys - or at least there's a decent population who do and are actively looking, however if you want quality I'm afraid you'll have to work for it.

Enjoy gentleman!
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The descriptions of traffic above have convinced me that I have zero interest in visiting Jakarta.

I like KL. The traffic there isn't great, but compared to Beijing (where I live), it is reasonable and there are mass transit options, which all though they don't cover the whole city, do allow you to avoid traffic altogether if you live near a LRT or MRT station and mostly go to places with stations.

Also, my experience has been that in KL, you can mostly avoid traffic frustration if you buy a motorbike.

Jakarta sounds absolutely unreal. Maybe in ten years when they've improved the infrastructure. Until then, I've got a long list of places that I'd sooner visit.
Suits the thing is if you are on a bang mission the traffic isn't an issue because you will spend most your time in a mall or your apartment. If you plan to explore the city then you have to do it in the middle of the day excluding lunch time, but there isn't much to see anyway.

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