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99% of American Men Are Beta Pussies
(03-16-2017, 07:18 AM)Beentheredonethat Wrote: The problem for us travellers is that we are dependent on mineral water, since tap water is too bad quality. In almost every country I've been (maybe except Eastern Europe), the water is sold in plastic bottles.
Most non-alcoholic drinks aren't in glass bottles. Only soft drinks are in aluminium cans, but they fuck up my health more than some hormones in plastic bottles.

How do you avoid this problem?

With plastic you are paying for convenience and disposability and on an airplane you are a captive. There are ceramic cups, glass cups (with a silicone sleeve), metal containers like a hydroflask, kleen Kanteen, Cayman bottles or a telescoping folding cup, and there are also porcelain containers and cups.  Another idea that may sound neanderthal is to use your hands from a sink or a drinking fountain,but then you have other issues).  Pro-tip, use some type of animal skin bota or a small gourd for a cup.

Another thing to know is if UVA rays cause a reaction with the non-BPA materials that can then leak estrogen mimicking chemicals.  They may say BPA free, but under certain conditions.  Also some of the aluminum bottles have problems including the combination of nickel.  You can try a Takeya glass bottle (with a silicone sleeve), or a JOCO cup, but sometimes a rubber grip on something like a JOCO cup or a silicone sleeve will be in contact with your skin.  

Do not focus only on BPA but also Phthalates.  You might be surprised to learn that when you use plastic in a microwave, the BPA is released over 50 times more quickly.  If you are going to use a microwave, do not put plastics containers inside with your food and liquids.

Stay away from containers with recycling label 3 (DEHA) and 6 (Styrene) and especially 7.  Containers marked with the recycling labels 1, 2, 4, and 5 do not contain BPA, but have other problems.

The CDC in the US has detected BPA in 95% of adults tested.  There have been almost a dozen industry funded BPA studies (check out who funded them) that have found negligible negative effects on humans, where as 90% of the government studies found negative effects.  There are also over 100 published animal studies as well.  Here is a National Institute for Health (NIH) study.
Get busy living or get busy dying!
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Low tech bota and gourd. Brilliant!
Be professional, be polite, but always have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
(03-14-2017, 11:55 PM)20Nation Wrote: So it's well documented that every year for the past like 30 years, testosterone in men has been going down. Now, I've been hearing this theory a lot lately about how drinking things from plastics lowers your testosterone. Apparently there are a lot of studies that support this. The plastic is obviously not natural and ingesting liquids that have been in it for long periods of time messes with our hormones. It makes sense because if you think back to 80 years ago, men drank from wells or bottle cans. Having spent a lot of time in South East Asia (everybody drinks everything from plastic bottles), I see a very high percentage of gay and effeminate guys. Way higher than I think is natural (there have always been gays in a small percentage). Maybe there is something to this theory.

20Nation, I know you  mentioned that you were taking testosterone.   I see you said you took injections when overseas. Are there pills you can take? How did you know your testosterone was low, or are you just taking it to have more.   What does taking it do?  If there is a tread on this please put a link to it.  There probably should be one.

I think the main change in the West is do to the feminized agenda being promoted by SJWs. It's sick that young guys believe this shit. I have relatives who care more about women and minorities than they do themselves as men.

(03-16-2017, 01:40 PM)HereComesAShark Wrote:
(03-13-2017, 07:27 AM)Beentheredonethat Wrote:
(03-12-2017, 10:54 PM)brianmark Wrote: What can be done to reverse this trend?

My life changed forever when I went first time to Eastern Europe. I went alone and told everyone how good it is. I went more than ten times.
After five years, one of my closest friends would finally join me. He did not do a single approach and he did not use any dating app.
Nevertheless, he liked the stay there but he would not go anymore because the menus in restaurants is usually not translated into english...

When I used to read about people's adventures in Thailand / the Philippines I would think to myself "I need to go there ASAP!".

I've been to SE Asia a few times now and have had more than my share of fun. When I come back to my home country and tell guys about what waits for them overseas they are completely unmotivated to go. One guy (who just so happens to be moving in with his girlfriend) said "Well maybe it's better that I don't experience that.. it would ruin things for me here".

I don't get it... Maybe guys like us are just wired differently.

I been traveling and dating girls  overseas for many years now.  After my first trips to the Ukraine and then Asia, I used to tell my friends about the girls and show them the photos of the girls.   I knew they'd be on the next plane with me.  It never happened.   The two guys that went were not that successful.  One guy went to SEA and stuck with only one girl his whole trip hoping to marry her and bring her back to the West.  He never went back and is now married to an average looking girl in the West, even though he is a solid 8.  The other travels to the same countries I go to just to tell me that the girls are not that good there.  He tries to convince me the women in the West are the best.   No, most guys don't have what it takes to make it overseas.   I have lost friends due to their jealousy over my travels.   I no longer tell any guys when I go overseas.  Only friends I've met while traveling know about my travels now.
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Regular use of saunas can help remove BPA and other heavy metal toxins from the body. There are studies that show that sweating is a direct elimination route for all sorts of nasty chemicals.
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(03-12-2017, 10:54 PM)brianmark Wrote: The unfortunate truth is 99% of American Men are Beta Pussies.   I've been in the Game for many years.  Every year there are less and less alpha males.     Please help me, most of the guys that think they are alphas, have "a stick up their ass" and don't want to have fun.  They don't want to be your friend.  Lying about their great lives has become the norm.   What have you guys seen?   What can be done to reverse this trend?

Japan: I saw two baby-looking guys that after 2 beers go harass a girl
US: I saw two masculinits at a bar that are too macho to consider approaching a group of hot girls just behind them (most they've done is slightly turning their to see the girls, then do nothing about it).
Brazil: a best friend's older brother getting into a macho-hipster trend where he uses a manly voice to talk to girls about how politic-sensitive neo-feminist he is. Worst is all men in TV soap operas are being portrayed like that now.

What can be done for US and other places... Do like I just did, call them ALL beta males even if they don't fit the typical traits. They're still in the same wrong direction; They didn't know how adapt to society changes, and their approach anxiety got so high that it completely changed their self-image.

Just ignore them and practice more self-discipline on your game so you don't get rusty due the lack of competition. If a friend is starting to show beta signs, I'd be his mentor or even put him on a boot camp if needed until he remembers of how his deep reptilian male genes enjoy gaming
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How do you expect them not to be when they are living in an anti-male society?
(03-24-2017, 10:20 PM)Exultate Wrote: How do you expect them not to be when they are living in an anti-male society?

Is the anti-male society created by the the lack of alpha male or was the lack of alpha male a result of this anti-male society?

That's a big discussion in China right now: most of the young boys/men of the current generation (from teen to early 40s) are pussies that think that being a man means: becoming an heavy smoker, drinking until you get a beer belly and paying for girls love (pros and not pros). The one child policy have created many little emperors who get everything for their parents and are basically inapted of living alone (one of my collegue's parents bought him an appartement and furnish it but he would rather stay with them) or  getting girls by gaming and not by paying. 

The government is starting to worry about this situation:
Don't know if it's THE solution but at least they try, cannot say the same of our western governements.
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I don't think it's only USA or China. I think this is happening throughout the world. It's also a product of how easy our lives have become thanks to technology. We don't have to struggle for things anymore (something human beings are designed to have to do and overcome) and every generation it becomes more and more like that.
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(03-24-2017, 10:20 PM)Exultate Wrote: How do you expect them not to be when they are living in an anti-male society?

By being a man and be willing to stand up.  That does not always mean head to head.  Sometimes it going to the left, right or above them.  But then again maybe my expectations are too high.  I want them high because when I reach out my hand I am implying come up to my level, or if they are more elevated, thanks for helping me up.

Trying to motivate friends to travel with you when it is not natural for them is a normally a losing proposition.  Finding people of a similar mindset is the way to go.
Be professional, be polite, but always have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
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@brianmark on Testosterone

I wrote an article about my experience with it:

It wasn't that I had low Test, I just wanted to try it.

Effects, desire to game girls went up, cold approaches became much easier, wanted to do things outside more often, sex drive went up, quality of sex went up and muscle I put on in the gym went up.

Bad effects: got acne around injection points, sometimes would get angry easier and once you go off your cycle you feel a crash for a couple weeks.

On taking pills instead of injections. From what I have read pills are not nearly as effective as injections (as any drug user knows). Also, steroid pills are really hard on your liver (if I remember correctly).
Shit man Id make it 99.9% if I could

In fact Id love to be the only guy on the entire planet!


But srsly less competition is a good thing....depends how you look at it
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I was talking about my recent exploits in SE Asia with a close friend of mine, urging him that it is something he should go experience for himself.

His response? "Maybe it's better that I don't experience that. It would ruin dating for me here"

... I think we are just wired differently guys
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Well I can't say he's wrong. I genuinely respect it when someone says it scares them, simply because they're acknowledging the power of it.
Yeah but if somebody told me what SEA was like... this is not how I respond.

It's like having a super model put in front of you with the perfect pussy. Then, telling her no I can't sleep with you because no other woman would compare. To me it just doesn't make sense lol. I think, like with most things, fear is what keeps them from coming.
Trying to convince your beta friends to travel is like trying to jump over a wall. It's just not going to work. I told a former friend of mine either that he should start to explore SEA. His answer was the following: But i don't know anybody there. And what will people not think when i go alone to there and will i not run out of money? With this loser mindset , you are already lost in advance. The best you can do is meet people with same mindset like mentioned here earlier, this forum or the forum from roosh is perfect for it.

Btw i'm considering taking Dianabol. I have a gymbuddy who recommend it to me. But i would like to take it for 3 months and then keep going to the gym but stop taking dianabol, will my muscles then still remain?

Anybody who has some experience with Dianabol or do you have another steroid that you can recommend that you can buy in the West? Thanks
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