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  Time needed to get that flag
Posted by: Ouroboros - 4 hours ago - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (4)

It seems there are three main factors in deciding how long to spend in a city: (1) how long your visa will last, (2) what there is to do in the city, (3) how long you need to get the flag. This thread concerns the third factor.

How long do you stay in a city in order to allow enough time to get the flag?

Do you increase or decrease this time according to how well you know the language, how difficult the women are to game, or anything else?

I'm going to Jakarta later this year for 4 weeks. Already got the Indonesian flag so I'm just planning to have a fun time with no specific goals, however I imagine you would only need a week or so to get the flag there. If I was going to Ukraine, based on what I've heard, I would spend a month at least.

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  Daygame - Direct or Indirect approach
Posted by: L'innovateur - 03-27-2017, 02:32 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (1)

I have discussed this a lot with other friends and the opinions are different, so I would like to know your Opinion, what is the best strategy to open with a girl for daygame:

*Direct game: So you would tell a girl like example: hey, i was just passing by and i thought you were really cute. Could i have your number or do you want to go for a drink right now?

*Indirect game: For example: Hey, i'm sorry , i'm a bit lost , do you know square X or do you know where is an Barclays bank, i would need to cash soon.

The thing i struggle with is escalate things in Indirect game: so what do you guys say for example after she told you which way it is. What is good to say then? Just ask straight for her number ?

I mostly use indirect game.

Thanks a lot.

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  Rare flags
Posted by: Gammaray - 03-27-2017, 01:24 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (13)

What are the rarest flags you have captured?... North Korean? Saudi Arabian? Some tiny oceanic island nation?... Would be good to hear some stories surrounding the capturing of a rare flag. I guess my own rare ones are Yemen and Laos, although neither was actually captured in the country in question.

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  Nude Pictures of Girls From Your Travels and Their Stories
Posted by: StopHummerTime - 03-27-2017, 05:45 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (2)

I think it would be an awesome thread idea, to share some of our stories from our travels where we ended up with a naked picture of the girl. I'll start.

I was in Warsaw, Poland walking down the side of the street. Then I saw these big blue eyes, eyes bluer than the cloudless sky above. I thought back to my hundreds of approaches and went direct.
I caught back up to her "Hi, I just thought you were cute and wanted to say hi."
I ended up setting up a date with her, but she wouldn't do more than let me give her a peck on the lips.
Second date, we were able to make out, but she wouldn't go back with me.
Third date, she still wouldn't go back with me, she says she is not an easy girl... but I will not give up so easy.
Fourth date, I was able to come up with a good excuse to get her back to my place and after hours of LMR I was finally able to get this blue eyed girl.

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  Making friends/contacts abroad
Posted by: Christoff - 03-26-2017, 06:52 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (1)

How do you guys go about making friends abroad?
How do you get settled?

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  Easiest countries to get laid according to Web
Posted by: Christoff - 03-25-2017, 08:12 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (8)

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  Mind Blowing Sex!!
Posted by: DAone27 - 03-24-2017, 08:24 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (1)

Wanted to share a piece of an article that I read about MIND BLOWING SEX.. Not every guy knows this but trust me they should and practice on a day to day basis. 


Just like attractiveness and seduction have certain underlying fundamentals that - if you're hitting these notes right - make these things a breeze, so too does sex.
Most of the sex fundamentals I learned as a teenager without ever having sex. At the time, I was trapped by my own social phobia without friends and without girlfriends or lovers, and I figured if I ever got a girl I really liked, then I REALLY wanted to make sure she didn't ever want to leave.
One of the keys to this, I knew, was sex.

More specifically, giving a girl orgasms. Lots of orgasms.
I heard a lot of things growing up, about how sex is something you're supposed to work through or talk about with your partner or whatnot, and it's important, but the bond between too people is more important. I never put much credence in the things people say though, and from what I could tell from looking at people's actual relationships, sex seemed to be all-important.
In fact, it seemed to be THE most important thing there was.

A woman could HATE a guy... but if he gave her incredible sex, she'd keep coming back for more.
Or, she might think a guy was the most wonderful fellow in the world... but if he couldn't perform, she'd soon be gone, off in the arms of another man who could.

So, I studied. I needed to be not just good at sex, but incredible at it, as soon as I got going.
I wanted to land on my feet as quickly as possible.

I learned how to give women orgasms manually, orally, and anally. I learned these so well, in fact, that the first time I ever gave a girl oral sex, she orgasmed quickly, and angrily called me a liar for telling her I was inexperienced. She never believed me that I'd never done it before, and never really trusted me after that "lie." I told her I'd just watched a video on giving oral sex; she told me no one gets that good from watching a video.
But most of all, I studied how to give women orgasms vaginally.

The stuff I was reading about the "G-spot" was a bit too complicated for me... I couldn't really figure out where it was or what to do with it (in fact, I've never really sat down to figure this out...
I eventually decided that, based on everything I'd studied and read, these were the fundamentals of sex:

  1. Passion is key. Sex is every bit as much a mental and emotional experience as it is a physical one. Women had the most exciting, fulfilling experiences with passionate men... and by nature, I am one of the most dispassionate individuals you will meet. I knew I needed to simulate passion, and eventually learn it for real.
  2. Physical contact is best maximized. Another thing I suspected was extremely important was maximizing physical contact - getting your skin contacting as much of her skin as possible. This makes the sex much more personal, and much less clinical, and increases the release of pleasure and bonding hormones that occurs with skin contact between a man and a woman.
  3. You need both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. What I was reading again and again and again was that women wished more men would stimulate their clitoris during sex, and so many men were ignorant of this. Yet, the clitoris was outside and above the vagina... and I didn't want to be just using my hand or my mouth, because
  4. Penetrative sex is REAL sex. Just like she's not really your girlfriend if you're not having sex with her, it's not really sex if your penis isn't in her. Women know this, and while they enjoy men who give them orgasms with other parts of their bodies - tongues, fingers, hands, sex toys - these men aren't real men the way men who make women cum with their penises are. If you want to maintain a woman's respect and attraction at the uppermost levels - and in my mind, that's the #1 reason to bother giving her orgasms at all in the first place - you need to be making her cum with your penis, not your tongue / fingers.
  5. Rhythm is non-negotiable. Hidden deep within the tomes I was reading on sex, I discovered an emphasis on rhythm that seemed largely devoid from much of the lighter and more mainstream sex advice stuff I perused. Rhythm was why women found men who danced well sexy and suspected they'd be good in bed - and it was also why once a girl went black she didn't go back. Black men - on average - had rhythm; white men - on average - did not. I further learned that women enter a trance-like state during good, rhythmic sex, that is necessary for and precedes orgasm. The men shifting around and thrusting arrhythmically prevent women from ever entering this trance - and prevent them from ever climaxing, too.
  6. Dominance is mandatory. Women want to be taken... not asked. I learned that asking her, "Is this okay?" or, "Was that good for you?" are big no-nos that make you seem inexperienced and like you don't know what you're doing. A woman wants to feel like you know her body better than she does, and know what's best for her better than she does... she wants to be able to just relax, enjoy the ride, and let you do what you know how to do so well without having to worry or think about anything other than how good it feels and how good you are. You must know what you're doing, and tell her what to do / move her around dominantly and confidently and self-assuredly. 
There were other things I found that were useful and important, like using your voice during sex, and doing things like gripping and pulling her hair (when behind her), smacking her butt, etc.
I also read about how important foreplay was - but I didn't consider that a fundamental, because my belief was that if you're incredible at penetrative sex, once you get there she'll be having so much pleasure she's not going to care if you didn't tease her for 15 minutes first.

I do use foreplay - sometimes - if I want to build up a girl's anticipation and get her cumming faster and harder than she would without it.
But it's certainly not mandatory. If you know what you're doing in bed, you can go in with no foreplay and still have her cumming hard in minutes

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  Finding work/internships abroad?
Posted by: coffeeisnice - 03-24-2017, 01:52 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (11)

Hey guys. Wonder if any of you have been in a similar position to me. I'm a student right now, would love to go travel once I graduate but I'm also thinking in terms of career prospects/goals.

I'm wondering if anyone's had any experience of finding work or internships abroad? I've already looked online but most of what I've found is stuff like volunteering for charity work - which is nice, but it's not going to look too helpful on my CV (particularly since I want to work in software dev). Not to mention that a lot of these things seem to be marketed like holidays which, again, isn't going to look too useful on a CV.

If anyone has any experiences to share I'd appreciate it.

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  What country/city was the most surprising
Posted by: Christoff - 03-23-2017, 03:20 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (8)

What cities/countries were
1) Positive surprise. Why?
2) Negative Surprise. Why?

For me:
1) Positive surprise: Middle USA. I expected to be boring and full of hillbillies. Boy was I wrong, went to Michigan and Ohio last summer and the sheer amount of hot home grown American girls had me drooling. They looked like Swedish models. Also, feminine, top shelf sexy personalities. Also great landscapes and lakes to ride ATVs, boat and hike. Just awesome.

2) Negative Surprise: Mexico. I went to Northern Mexico and found so much fat people, I was expecting hotter girls. Next time I go in know where to look now but they seriously need to put down the enchiladas

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Wink Bros in history that you would proudly call your idols
Posted by: Kaaal - 03-23-2017, 12:23 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (8)

I mean the guys known to have/had a crazy life with women, that you wouldn't even dream for yourself... could be whatever, a PUA that put you into game, a rockstar, Hugh Hefner... I'm sure we all at least had one guy that we once called "the man".

To me, 2 guys that I will forever call the number ones, easy...

Rocco Siffredi
[Image: italian-pornographic-actor-and-director-...d186418604]

The guy that was in all videos banging the hottest women when I discovered porn and fapping, watching in a paid TV channel when the parents were asleep. That's the man that went inside more than 5000 Italians, Bulgarian, US pornstars, and still lives to tell the story. Even has a big fanbase of girls that would beg to have him do them like in his movies. RESPECT.

James Hunt
[Image: James-Hunt-smoking-008.jpg]

A F1 pilot of the 70s, back when 2-3 pilots died each season. The sport was highly respected due the danger, so racers were usually serious and civilized looking professionals. But this guys was partying only hours before racing, then taking race queens to his hotel after winning. It's said that he slepted with 33 British Airlines stewardesses before the race in Japan that made him champion. To end with a bad joke (he would laugh), he died of a heart attack on the night he proposed.

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