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  Thailand, Laos, Cambodia
Posted by: Vic Vega - 07-21-2017, 05:38 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (11)

So I'm either gonna bail on Nam or extend my visa in September. 

I'm thinking since I have to leave the country with either option, I'm going to explore Thailand, Laos, or Cambodia. Never been to any. 

Which one should I go to for easy and plentiful bangs in a short period of time? I heard some surprisingly good things about Laos, and it seems like an unknown/untapped market. Thoughts?

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  Reflections on my time in Indonesia (Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Malang)
Posted by: Ouroboros - 07-21-2017, 04:01 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (2)

I posted this in a new thread because it would be a rather long post, and some of the info might be of use to others so I didn’t want it to get buried in a pre-existing thread. This is written from the perspective of someone who has never before visited either a third-world country or a pussy paradise, which may be or may not be obvious.

About me: white, 5’10’’, 26 years old, somewhat above-average face (very much above-average if you take the word of Indonesian girls, which I don’t), slender build, well-dressed (not excessively so; just not as poorly dressed as most backpacking tourists), no Indonesian spoken.

Time spent: 21 days

Cities: Jakarta (mainly); Yogyakarta, Malang (a couple of days each)


Airbnb apartment in Thamrin city, Jakarta – Airbnb is recommended for obvious reasons (convenience, privacy, price). Thamrin city is a good central location, you could walk to Grand Indonesia mall and Skye Bar from where I was living. If I had more money I might stay in Kuningan since it’s a really nice area – with leafy boulevards (unique in Jakarta, since elsewhere in this concrete jungle even finding a sidewalk can be challenging), malls, restaurants, bars (e.g. Basque), nightclubs (e.g. Exodus in Kuningan city mall).  
Melia Purosani hotel (Yogyakarta) – recommended because of its comfortable amenities and its size, which grant anonymity to any girls who accompany you to your room there.
Kartika Graha (Malang) – despite having a nightclub (My Place), not recommended because of its shitty wifi and the fact that it’s really noisy, making any hangover-induced afternoon nap there a painful experience.

Getting around: as mentioned, walking around Jakarta, with the exception of certain quite small areas, is largely impossible due to the lack of sidewalks. A lot of the time you have to walk on the congested roads and compete with the many scooters and cars jostling for the limited space available. Nightclubs, bars and malls (pretty much the only things worth visiting here) are often located too far away from each other to make walking practicable anyway. It’s best to use one of the following: taxi from the street (Blue Bird has the best reputation), Blue Bird app, Uber, Grab, or Go Jek.

Getting a taxi in Malang is more challenging and expensive since most of these apps don’t work there. It’s best to just ask your hotel for the number of a taxi service they recommend.

I used Go Jek, an Indonesian app which functions as a general delivery service – you can use it to order a wide array of products including food, mobile data, and medicine (I used it to order some Panadol when I had a nasty migraine and didn’t want to leave my apartment complex), in addition to being a transport service. I used ‘Go Car’ on the Go Jek app but you can also be transported by Scooter, which is probably cheaper and definitely faster. Like with Uber, you pay a fixed amount for the pre-determined route, so you won’t get cheated by taxi drivers who purposely get lost in order to rake in more money (this happened to me a few times at the start). The only disadvantage is that many of the drivers don’t speak much/any English, so you need to be quite specific about location to avoid confusion.

To use these apps you’ll need an Indonesian SIM card. I got one with XL, which I later found out has a reputation for having shitty network connectivity, something that I can confirm. It is better if your mobile can use 4G as opposed to just 3G.

Nightlife: I didn’t do any night game, but I visited the following venues in Jakarta:

Nightclubs: X2, Immigrant (not busy when I was there, because so many people had left Jakarta to celebrate Eid)

Bars: Lucy in the Sky (sort of like a bar/nightclub – large venue with a lot of hot girls worth approaching), Skye Bar (really classy, good view, good for bringing dates), Cloud Bar (similar to Skye Bar, slightly smaller and different décor), Basque (classy design but not as nice as the other ones in my opinion, although they have a tapas menu; also there seemed to be prostitutes working there)

Touristy stuff: visited Borobodur and Mt Bromo, both of which are very much worth a visit. Even if only game interests you, having stories and photos of places like these are a good DHV. Pertinently for Indonesia, where people are avid users of Instagram.

My game experience:

I didn’t really have any specific goals with regard to notches/quality, I just wanted to spend time with and bang girls I found attractive and enjoyed spending time with. Hence I had a pretty low lay count of 4, with a quality range of 6-7, due to the following factors: reliance on online game (did not day game or night game) since it satisfied me without much need to expend effort; reluctance to ‘next’ two girls who I liked in order to acquire more notches (I spent a lot of time with one girl in particular); turning down girls I didn’t find that attractive (swiped left on tinder at least 95% of the time) or who had a blatant bule fetish; spending time with a few girls who I liked but didn’t find attractive enough to bang; laziness/sleepiness (in part induced by having sex a lot more than I’m used to); being sick for about 3 days, probably due to food contamination. There are a lot of high-quality girls in nightclubs – this is where you must venture to get an abundance of 7-8s.

The only ‘shit test’ I got from girls was ‘Why are you visiting here, not Bali?’. Many were dubious about why anyone would visit an unaesthetically pleasing, congested and boring city like Jakarta. I said that I was checking the place out as a possible site for expatriation in the future, which is true.

Slept with 3 of the 4 girls within an hour of meeting them, something I hadn’t experienced before.

I slept with my first virgin. I didn’t really believe that she was a virgin: she was a high 7 (would have been an 8 if she put some effort in like going to the gym) and not conservative at all (listened to gangster rap music, twerked enthusiastically, had only been to Mosque once in her life). But the blood, tightness and pain are difficult to fake. I subsequently turned down two other virgins cause I didn’t want to inadvertently create the sort of emotional attachment to me that I did with this girl, to my regret.

Kissed the hottest girl I’ve kissed so far, conservatively an 8 but in my eyes a 9-10 – she had won a beauty pageant contest and had a perfect body/flawless (at night at least) features. She gave me some pretty strong IOIs (pulled me in to kiss her several times, rubbed her leg against my crotch) but she was very much aware of her quality, and my game was not good enough to bring her home. I think she needed some arsehole game to bring her down a bit but such game very much goes against my personality. Needs more practice. Still I was heartened that a girl like this could even be an option to a rather average-looking bule such as myself.


It was a curious feeling, going from a pussy desert (Australia), where every notch is a hard-won struggle and you have to wade through a lot of tedious/disheartening bullshit to get what you want, to the first pussy paradise I’ve ever been to. I didn’t know how to react to suddenly having so many options and not enough time to pursue them all at my leisure. Maybe this is the sort of disorientation one would get from abruptly leaving a state of penury after winning the lottery. If I’d had a year here and I didn’t mind ghosting on girls immediately after laying them, 100 notches would not be difficult. Returning to Australia, the world around seems a lot greyer; there is noticeably less vitality, and something intangible seems to be missing, as if people aren’t actually alive but are just going through the motions until death. I can’t wait to visit another pussy paradise.

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  Colombia meetups
Posted by: Joshbar - 07-19-2017, 08:47 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (1)

Hey guys

I will be in Bogota this Thursday until the end of the month. Then I will be heading to Medellin. If anyone is down to meet up and do some swooping send me a PM. 

It's been 5 years since and I have been dreaming on going back. 


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Posted by: Suits - 07-19-2017, 05:00 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (4)

I recently became acquainted with Svalbard, a European territory has the distinct status of being the only visa free zone in the world. Visitors (unless refused entry for being deemed incapable of supporting themselves or deported for criminal acts) are granted the indefinite right of abode, including the legal right to work.

According to Wikipedia, this is the only part of the world that has a residency policy of this nature.

As a Canadian who hasn't established permanent residency anywhere else, this naturally peaked my interest, as generally speaking, the only place that I'm legally allowed to live and work without the repressive instability of existing on temporary visas is my home country, a place that has become expensive and offers less than appealing employment options. There's plenty of work to be had, but getting work that pays enough to afford a comfortable existence with room for planning for the future is a challenge.

I currently live on a tourist visa in China, have to depart the country every 60 days (even if only for 2 minutes) and any work I do currently is under the table, clearly illegal and could get me deported.

I'd be best classed as an economic migrant, as with being one of the many people in my generation who was pushed towards a expensive university degree in an environment where the only thing guaranteed upon graduation is an obligation to pay off a ton of debt, staying in Canada would mean either living with parents or roommates or accepting a very low standard of living by Canadian standards (with the accompanying bad logistics for getting laid). Working in China, albeit illegally, has afforded me the opportunity to have a much better standard of living at al level that I simply wouldn't be able to achieve at this time in Canada. l also have personal reasons for not wishing to live and work in my country of origin.

I'm sure I'm not the only person here on the forum that would appreciate that ability to live somewhere new that offers adventure (as far removed as possible from the boredom of my childhood in Canada) without having to deal with the constant inconvenience of visa bureaucracy and the potential stress that comes the risk of being deported for working illegally.

To that end, Svalbard seems like the perfect solution.

Sound too good to be true? It is.

Svalbard is a Norwegian territory in the Arctic Ocean. Being Canadian, my goals when travelling are to go somewhere as tropical as possible. Living anywhere that comes with adjective Arctic is precise opposite of everything I want in life.

[Image: 250px-Norway-Svalbard.svg.png]

The short summer has temperatures ranging from 4 to 6 °C (39 to 43 °F) and the average temperature range in January is −16 to −12 °C (3 to 10 °F). It's so cold that the archipelago only has 3 land mammals. Only 10% of the land mass has vegetation. The rest remains in permafrost year round.

The main settlement is Longyearbyen. It has a population of just over 2000 and is the northernmost settlement in the world with over 1000 residence. There is no clubbing district. At this location, there are four months out of the year where there is absolutely no sunlight and a fifth month with only 12 hours of sunlight total, for the entire month.

[Image: 250px-NO_2100_Longyearbyen.svg.png]

One has to assume that the reason why Svalbard is the only place in the world that has legitimately open-borders is because no one actually wants to live there.

[Image: 670px-Longyearbyen_panorama_july2011.jpg]

Svalbard has a whole has a population of 2,667, so this isn't going to be a pussy paradise for anyone. With a population of that size, no one is going to get very far as a player. It might be a nice place, however, to live from time to time with an LTR you've met somewhere else if your passport situations normally make it hard to reside in the same place for extended periods of time.

Religiously, most of the population is Christian, at least in name. Due to immigration, there are also assumed to be some Buddhist Thais and some Muslims (primarily from Iran).

The three main industries are coal mining, scientific research and, not surprisingly, tourism.

People get around on snowmobiles outside of the major three settlements, as the roads within each settlement do not connect to the other settlements.

In addition to living in the Arctic is the last thing I want to do and learning to speak Norwegian is a challenge that I have no interest in partaking in, but the idea of a zone with very limited exclusion when it comes to living and working is appealing.

However, while an Arctic climate and a language as tough to learn as Norwegian are hardly something I'm interested in, neither is spending my whole life living on back to back visas without the stability of a place to call home and a sense of belonging.

I'm currently investigating the option of seeking permanent residency in Taiwan, but I'd like to live a life with more options as opposed to pigeon holing myself.

Of course, due to the extreme lifestyle that living in Svalbard would offer, this thread is provided more as a human interest piece than a serious suggestion as somewhere one of us would actually decide to live, but I could definitely see myself making a short visit at some point.

Has anyone travelled to Norway or specifically Svalbard or studied the Norwegian language? Who has a Norwegian flag?

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  Western Europe
Posted by: TigerT - 07-18-2017, 01:39 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (9)

I am trying to make a general thread about Western Europe as it is typically not the kind of place that people here are traveling to but it is still a very good place to travel to and getting laid in beach destinations, especially is not very difficult. 
As for geographical limits, I guess we can put in this thread:

-The UK
-the Netherlands

[Image: irish-girl.png][Image: 177970d1276744620-italian-women-italian_woman_08.jpg][Image: lovely-french-girl-outside.jpg][Image: Girl-with-Spanish-flag.jpg]

[Image: chica-holandesa3.jpeg][Image: 942fd63f0f7a1757b748f9491985fefd.jpg]

+possibly the Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland (but there is already a dedicated thread).

I am going to travel in the south of France for the next few days as my new passport take a lot longer to prepare and I was stupid enough to not do it in China. I am going to a wedding near the Spanish border and do some stops on the way. I will let you inform of what I find along the way.

And of course, feel free to ask and share.

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  Good Homebases for Frequent Travellers
Posted by: Suits - 07-17-2017, 05:33 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (10)

I suspect that most guys who have got several years of travelling experience under their belt desire to have a place to call home, even if they continue to travel frequently.

Somewhere to return to where they can maintain some long term relationships and maybe even have a few girls on rotation, awaiting their return whenever they are elsewhere.

Obviously, such a place needs to be one where the visa situation allows for regular visits. Japan would be a bad choice, as immigration authorities are very open to your first visit, curious about your reasons for your second trip and will probably pull you out of the entry queue to interrogate you in a private room about the reason for your regular visits.

China is better suited for regular stays, as immigration officers rarely ask any questions, provided that you have a valid entry visa. I've lived here for years on various tourist visas. Better yet, if you are Canadian or American, you can currently get a 10 year visa with 60-90 day stays per entry. Not bad for someone who travels regularly anyway.

I've gotten reports from guys that Vietnam is pretty open to long term residency on tourist visas, as is Cambodia, but Thailand has started cracking down very seriously on that type of thing.

Malaysia and Indonesia seem good to go.

How many of you guys have established a "homeport," where did you choose and why?

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  Need Help... Please
Posted by: tezza198 - 07-15-2017, 05:33 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (20)

Hey Guys, 

I would seriously appreciate any information any of you fucking legends can tell me. Im a HUGE fan of swoop & this forum. 

So long story short, I'm 27 white guy from Sydney, Australia. I was in a 2 year relationship with a mentally unstable girl, saying she was crazy is an understatement. She's an alcoholic (one time she locked herself in my room with a bottle of vodka and threw a knife at me) and takes more medication daily than it takes to tranquillise a horse, she also never had a steady job throughout the 2.5 years I've known her and of course she's broke so I was always having to buy everything. My family hates her and her own family kicked her out of their house. She also lied through her teeth more times than I can count. So yes as you can imagine, it was a pretty fucking wild 2 years. 

You may wonder why the fuck would I stay with a girl like this? Well, as it typically is with these types of girls she was very attractive & the sex was incredible. When she was good we were best friends, I like to help people and I got very comfortable in the relationship even though I knew for at least 1 year this wasn't going to the girl for me. I got a text from her about a month ago saying she had cheated on me and begun seeing some other guy (she cheated on her previous boyfriend with me so I wasn't surprised, its just the type of girl she is) but I was and still kinda am devastated by it, especially since I'm the most loyal and stable guy. 

Im over the feeling sorry for myself phase and everyone says I could do better. Ive decided to seriously work on myself, going to the gym hardcore, working on my business and setting goals for every aspect of life (health, wealth, love & happiness). 

I feel like I've wasted a lot of my life, I've never been on a pure pussy paradise trip before. I've read through 95% of the articles and I'm constantly blown away by just how much fun 20 and THC are having. I'm extremely inspired, they seem so happy. 

Im in my last semester of uni this year and at the end of the year I'm thinking of going on a HUGE trip mostly solo. Its something I need to do and I'm going to do it. 

Ive only had sex with 3 girls in my whole life (all LT relationships) so I'm extremely keen to just live life a bit and have fun and most importantly get over this crazy ass girl I wasted 2 years of my life. Im a pretty confident guy both with my self and my image, I've just never put myself in a position to fuck a lot of girls because of relationships. I see 20 and some others on the forum have fucked almost 500 girls... Thats insane to me, I'm slightly different in the sense that I like to be in a relationship BUT i haven't experienced this kind of lifestyle so who knows maybe ill get addicted as well... 

I was hoping you guys could help me plan an EPIC trip. Im thinking Thailand, Philippines then off to Eastern Europe, Western Europe. Im attracted to asian girls and brunette girls for the most part. 

Any information you could provide would be absolutely amazing!!! 

Thank you!

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  Suit's Lifestyle Plan for September 2017
Posted by: Suits - 07-15-2017, 03:04 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (21)

I have now been permanently located in Beijing for over three years and previously lived in China for another three years in total, divided into shorter blocks of time.

When I moved back here, I had recently finished school and had no money to my name. I used a credit card to get myself started. I've worked hard for the past three years, working through a series of full-time jobs until I had a good enough client list to simply do teaching and consulting work by the hour, which pays a better hourly wage than any related full-time job in China.

Now that I've established myself with a reliable client list, my newest goal is establish a more livable lifestyle that I can comfortably enjoy for the next few years. I don't plan to stay in Beijing forever, but getting myself to my current income level somewhere new would be both difficult and time consuming, so it's best that I take full advantage of my current income until my student debt is paid off and I'm ready for a shift to a more business-based form of income.

Over the past two years, I've worked 6 days a week every week, except when on vacation. Until January of this year, vacations were very rare and very short. As of January, I'd reached enough financial stability to take a month off and visit Malaysia and Singapore. It goes without saying that working that much, especially with a schedule the includes evening hours almost every day, is not conducive to a good lifestyle. It makes it hard to have a social life and difficult to pursue hobbies, especially in a big city like Beijing, where it can take an hour or more to do many commutes. You don't want to go to more places each day that you absolutely have to.

However, with my client list earning me more money than ever and offering stability, I'm preparing to make the following changes in September.

Establish a 5 Day Work Week

I make most of my money on the weekend, so I'll continue working Saturdays and Sundays, but beginning in September, I'll start taking Thursdays and Fridays off. This will allow me the benefits of having a full day of rest if I need it, while being able to engage in weekend activities Friday night if I wish. It's hard to do things like host house parties Sunday-Thursday nights, as most people need to work the next day, so having Friday off in particular will be a huge benefit to my social life. As well, most social activities and events are organized on either Friday or Saturday night, so if I wish, I can access many opportunities I haven't been able to take advantage of since my client schedule filled up.

Begin to Pursue Healthy Active Hobbies

I'm going to get back into biking and indoor climbing. I've enjoyed these things in the past and am eager to do them again. I've made the decision to live in the west of Beijing at the west end of line 6, which puts me very close to good mountain biking territory, but allows me to access the center and east of the city by subway and scooter is I wish.

Biking is a 8 or 9 month activity in Beijing due to cold weather in the winter, but with a western location I can do it on some low traffic roads with few intersections even in the mornings of days I work.

I'll have to travel further afield to do climbing activities as all the good gyms are in the east, which means that I need to do this on one of my days off.

Start Hosting Parties Again

My social life has suffered in the last year as I focused on work, especially product development and maximizing my income. I need to rebuild and will start hosting small events (6-12 people) at my apartment on Friday nights. My goal is to do this at least twice a month.

Go To Expat Networking Events Again and Make A Point Of Talking To Other Expats At West End Watering Holes

Self explanatory. I need to meet some new people, especially those who actually live in my area of Beijing.

Buy Some Nice Things

I don't spend much money on myself, aside from clothes, food and occasional travel. However, since I expect to be in Beijing for at least another 3 years, I'm going to spend a little money on some nice things, like a few guitars and a decent road or mountain bike. I also plan to update and rebuild my wardrobe.

Establish Myself In A Long Term Apartment That I Really Like

I've been using airBNB for about half a year now to avoid locking myself into a place that I don't particularly care for. Doing so has allowed me to save up enough money to get a place that I actually like. Landlords here usually want three months rent, plus a deposit up front and if you use an agent to locate a place, they want a month's rent for their trouble as well.

That means that just to move in usually requires having 5 months upfront, which is more money that I usually care, since I invest most of my earnings back into the business I'm building.

In September, I'll have enough cash on hand to rent a place that I really like. If I don't find a place I really like right away, I'll just stick with airBNB a little longer.

Having an apartment well suited to my needs will go a long way in benefitting my standard of living and avoiding certain hassles.

My requirements are a place with a large living room (for events) in building that is solid enough to avoid annoying other residence with noise when I have guests visit and a decent kitchen. It'll need to modern, as older Chinese apartments look like prison cells and generally sap the creative energy out of your limbs.

Get In Shape

I've been dieting since May to get myself down about 10kg, which is all I need to lose. In September (or October), I'll look for a good gym and get a membership. It'll need to be a place with a swimming pool and otherwise clean facilities. Naturally, it'll have to be close to my apartment, which is why I need to settle my housing situation first.

I will start a fitness program and supplement it with biking, swimming and climbing.

I will also look for a casual soccer team to play with Thursday or Friday nights.

Start Intentionally Studying Chinese

I'm semi-fluent in Chinese and generally don't have trouble communicating, but I definitely want to be fully fluent in three years time. After two years (at which point my student debt should be paid all the way down), I plan to just work on the weekends (when I earn most of my money anyway) and study in a formal program Monday-Friday), but it won't hurt me to memorize 1000 new words in the next two years.

I'll dedicate some time to this each week and possibly hire a tutor for a few hours a week to help me with speaking.

Spend Three Months Outside China Each Year

Living in China is stressful. My plan, beginning in 2018, is to spend most of January and February outside of the Chinese mainland and take a four weeks off in the summer as well. This will be a part of my transition away from doing hourly work into selling the products that I am currently developing.

I'm posting this here to get it organized and written out for my purposes, but I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions the forum members have to offer.

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  Chicago Tomorow for a month
Posted by: Bizzy - 07-07-2017, 11:38 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (6)

Ok guys i'm luckily moving to chicago to work for a month from a city with barely 100, 000 people [ horrible for daygame]. Anyone in the city wanna meet up. I'm 20 yo and currently going into my senior year in college. Pm me if you are in Chicago

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  Tokyo for three weeks
Posted by: new - 07-07-2017, 01:56 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (7)

Hey guys
Im staying in tokyo for some time. Any recomendations of places to go? I know you guys were there not long ago maybe you have some fresh info. I know roppongi and all that

Also if someone's there let me know!

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