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  How to get a sex slave, a reminder
Posted by: Beentheredonethat - Yesterday, 09:21 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (2)

For those who did not read this excellent post of 20Nation back in 2015, you may check it out now. [/url]

It's a well written, timeless masterpiece on how to get what you want from a girl.

Virtually every girl 18-30 years old already had sex.
Approximately 50% of them (at least in the west) tried anal.
If you want to stand out you have to bring up more.
Making her the sex slave she wants to be is the way to go, as most men would not do this.

No need to thank me.

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  Hot Languages for girls
Posted by: Christoff - 05-24-2017, 07:56 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (3)

Girls speaking a certain language hits your brain and pleasure sensors in the brain.
My personal favorite for girls in no particular order:

Spanish (From Argentina, Colombia, DR)
Russian (Also when Russian girls talk English in Russian accent)
Norway (surprising)
Chinese (Toss up haven't explored this enough)

Didn't care for Italian or Greek.

What about you guys

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  Dominican Republic Thread
Posted by: 20Nation - 05-23-2017, 11:32 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (8)

Well, I am back in Dominican Republic to see my son. Kind of feel like I'm in heaven seeing all these bodies. After being in Asia for so long and seeing the ridiculous amounts of tits and ass... I don't feel like I want to leave. I'll update a bit on my trip on this thread. If anybody is around, let me know.

Eye candy:
[Image: tumblr_m7f0j1aMgR1rp9rj8o1_500.jpg][Image: ayisha-diaz-photos-11.jpeg][Image: gluteos.jpg][Image: Kathy-Ferreiro.png][Image: p7e7q8gkakg.jpg]

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Posted by: Traveltothemax - 05-22-2017, 02:22 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (3)

Anyone have any intel on Barbados?  I'm heading there on 5/27  for 5 days.

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  What is your future travel & game plan?
Posted by: Phoenix - 05-21-2017, 08:44 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (13)

First, thanks for starting this forum. This blog, along with naughtynomad's blog & forum, and Neil Skywalkers book, first got me into this sphere, and these discoveries changed my life beyond what I could have ever imagined. Also thanks for making the first rule what it is, it will shield this forum from becoming a sinking ship of negativity like RVF is heading towards. 

One question I have for you guys is: what is your general plan going forward in your lives? For instance, do you intend to keep traveling back and forth from America to "good sex countries". Or are you trying to find the country you want to expatriate to permanently. Or some other plan? And are you planning to just keep banging for fun until you no longer can, or do you have intent to find someone to have kids with?

Or put another way: given what you now know, what would you see as the "best possible" way of your life panning out?


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  How many flags have you degenerate lecherous sexpats got?
Posted by: shalabadoo - 05-13-2017, 11:46 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (13)

My list:

- Canada
- Mexico
- Peru
- Chile
- Brazil
- Tanzania
- Belgium
- Israel
- India
- Thailand
- China
- New Zealand
- Solomon Islands
- Vanuatu
- Russia
- Spain
- Trinidad & Tobago
- Barbados

That brings the total to 19. I might have forgotten 1 or 2.

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  Showing intention..
Posted by: Dr.Doolitle - 05-12-2017, 11:47 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (9)

How do you guys show Your intention to the Girls (without actually saying you wanna put penis inside vagina) ?  

Reading the blogs here, it seems you meet a girl in Club then making out a few minutes later, so she obviously knows Your intent from the start. I often end up in a Marathon of platonic jibber-talk. Flirting/teasing is an art I have yet to master.

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  Portugal vs Turkey
Posted by: #Don - 05-10-2017, 07:46 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (8)

Hi you all,   Cool
Sorry for rushing the question without firstly introducing myself here on the forum but I'm facing quite an urgent problem and I hope you don't mind. I have to make a choice whether to spend the next 6 months in Portugal or Turkey and I would much appreciate some advice in the matter of the game in those regions. According to my research, going to Portugal for so long would be a waste of time but I'm also not entirely sure about Turkey. Every opinion will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance guys Wink

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  Hidden Opportunities – Off the Beaten Path
Posted by: P.T. - 05-10-2017, 05:13 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (7)

[Image: eFSoPsp.jpg]

The more you travel, the more you find those little nooks and crannies around the planet that offer something unique in terms of an experience, an adventure, or a memory.  We can use this thread to go into some of these.  

One such opportunity may be opening up right now in a town called Bormida, Italy. This town is less than a 100 Km from Genova (Genoa) in the Liguria region in the northwest part of Italy.  The town is a little over 400 meters up in the hills/mountains not too far from the French border and Nice and moderately close to Switzerland.  Their population is extremely low, less than 400 people, and the Mayor is in the process of implementing a plan to recruit 2,000 foreigners to ensure that the town does not disappear.  They will be offering a fixed rent of something on the order of 50 – 120 Euros per month depending on the size, as well as 2,000 Euros incentive (one time only) for those willing to relocate.  The 2,000 Euro part has not been approved as of yet.  Here is the newspaper headline and for those who do not read Italian, here is an English article.

[Image: JgCS3O1.jpg]


It may not be for everyone.  It is somewhat isolated although there is bus service (Uber has recently been banned in Italy after the courts ruled that it was unfair competition for the taxis).  The gaming prospects will be rigorous.  Maybe someone with little money wants to do something different or someone who wants a little less hustle and bustle.  The scenery in that part of Italy is unique and very relaxed and they do have WIFI for the digital nomads.  It could be used as a base of operations to see Italy and some of the islands in the Toscano Archipelogo like Sardina, Gorgona, Capraia, Elba, Pianosa, Montecristo, Giglio, Giannutri (also Cerboli, Palmaiola, Formichi di Grosseto, Scolio d´Africa and Topi) or closer by like Corsica (France) or islands in the Spezzino Archipleigo like Palmaria, Scualo, Tino, Tinetto.  It is also near the south eastern portion of France, the mountainous regions of northern Italy, Switzerland and Austria (including exploring alternate banking and financial opportunities).  A trip to Monaco is where you can challenge your Game vs. money and status as well as experience being around the very affluent and play a hand of baccarat in a casino.  Croatia and Serbia are not that far way and offer a number of things of which most travelers are not aware.  Although they may not be pussy paradises in the more strict sense, there are a lot of beautiful women there and it is the gateway to eastern Europe.  The Eastern Adriatic coast has some prime locales for women, adventure and exploration.  For those even thinking about things like surrogacy or alternate families, these are areas worth a look. 

[Image: vjuYE3k.jpg]

The town of Bormida

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  Cool Hotel Recomended in Rio ?
Posted by: new - 05-09-2017, 05:32 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (4)

Hey guys

Im heading to poland in a few weeks, but I have a stop for 1 day(half a day) Usually do Airbnb, but for this I said fuck it, lets go for some nice Hotel at Rio and have fun

any recomendations? A nice bar-pool, near to copacabana It's my Idea. any recomendations ?

Tested a little tinder and its like, man, why im going to Poland ?  : P

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