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THC and 20Nation have twitter!

THC and I (20Nation), as the authors of Swoop The World have started up new twitter accounts so you can follow our travels on a more personal level. You will get more on the ground thoughts from us and photos from our current destinations. We can’t write blog articles about all our experiences, so join our adventures by following us on Twitter.

To add us follow the links and click the follow button on the right.



I’m Currently travelling Eastern Europe (Odessa with RooshV) and you can look forward to a lot of pictures of the talent here (NSFW and normal), updates on my travels, thoughts on Eastern Europe, Old memories of Colombia (Pictures), and much more.


THC (TravelHardCore):

“Besides the usual thoughts, insights and digital memories; I’ll be sharing my adventures real-time over twitter for my upcoming world conquering trip as I’ll visit every single country in East and South-East Asia. So add me on Twitter and stay tuned.”




We have been tweeting a bit on the swooptheworld twitter (over 1000 followers), so if you aren’t already following Swoop, then start following now to see when we publish new articles and other info.


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