Fisto Invades South East Asia (starting in Bangkok)

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Gentlemen,I am traveling to Thailand here withing probably the next 7 days. I have gamed a girl (and paid her) that works for American Airlines to put me down as her “registered companion”.I can fly anywhere in the U.S. domestically for free and if I upgrade to first class, I only have to pay the tax on it. Internationally I just have to pay the tax on my seat.

In preparation I have been on and have pipelined about 10 very hot girls that are all very keen to meet me.

I have two double entry visas of 60 days apiece.

Unlike my trip to the DR my bankroll will be much more modest. I have about 4k in reserve and passive income of 1300 (not counting a few automatic expenses totalling around 160)

I have been in contact with Rionomad, who believes I can make a few extra bucks teaching in some MMA gyms, and I may try and bring some apple products to offset initial costs.

My goals are also different. Where the DR was a sprint, I am viewing this trip as a marathon. I still want to bang as much as possible but I would like to see and do what there is to see and do also.

I have read through most of the Thailand challenge and a few other Thailand threads.

As soon as I have travel dates I’m going to get on and lock down a place to stay for a few days while I find an apt. I want to make it until July if I can when I plan to return to the states (I’ll hit other SEA countries after my visas run out).

If you guys could give me tips on getting from the airport to my hotel and any other little tricks you’ve picked up I’d appreciate it.

Thankyou in advance my RVF brothers.

Oh and of course, expect naked photos of vanquished women.



I’m staying near 50 Soi Sukhumvit near Onnut BTS

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  • Edward

    I found this page of your blog by googling “Fisto Passive Income” because I’m earning 1K passively and wanted to know how it stacked up to you guys. Pretty cool to see this post, in hindsight, knowing what you’re up to almost exactly one year later.

    Keep it up Fisto and others. Your stories here are motivational.