Easiness of Girls By Country

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A map I made a few months ago just went viral. As of now it has over 570,000 1,200,000 views and it’s rising rapidly. It’s a map that shows how easy girls are by their country. Put together by my own experiences and that of much of Rooshvforum (Rooshvforum.com).

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I’m 20nation, I was born a natural, but a 5 year gaming addiction destroyed my social skills. I rebuilt from the ground up and am back where I was, but now I actually understand what I’m doing. My passions are adventure and women.
  • christian viru

    Japan should be Level 2.
    Laos should be Level 3 or 4.
    Finland, Sweden, Norway and Canada should be Level 2.
    All South Pacific islands (Fiji, Vanuatu, etc.) should be Level 2.
    Baltic Countries will be soon Level 3.
    Portugal should be Level 3.

    Just my 2 cents :)

  • David lags

    This just goes to show why our society’s is full of pigs and whores now. Instead of actually being a useful member of society you instead make society worse off. thanks for being super misogynistic. Great now in 10 years time when penicillin doesn’t work one but i will know its because of pigs and whores in society ruined it for all. you should of man a map of scientific achivment of women instead of looking at the globe and wonder which you can get an easy lay from. maybe thats why on a planet of 7 billion 1 billion is starving to death and the next 3 billion are food unsecure. THANKS FOR MAKING THE WORLD BETTER PLACE NOW I KNOW WHERE I CAN GET MY DICK WET THE EASIEST WHILE GETTING SOME STI’S THANNKS!!

    • Fisto

      David if 20Nation did a map of the scientific achievements of women, then it really would look like he was insulting women because of how little they have accomplished. Patents as well.

      Besides we love women, what’s misogynistic about that?

    • DarkReapersGrim

      Agree. The US is full of abhorrent people, including Vile, Despicable and Evil exploiting males.

  • Christian Viru

    And Singapore clearly a 4.

  • http://seductionsextravel.com Sebastian


    that’s awesome work you’ve done there! In my opinion the easiest country to have sex with girls are the Philippines but maybe I have to travel to some other countries you recommended on your map ;-)

    • Filipina

      I wouldn’t bang you dickhead. The only reason you are banged here is because you’re an exotic orangutan. Everyone likes exotic. Pretty sure no one bangs you in your country that you have to go out of it to get some.

  • Ezequiel

    Argentina should be level 2, and I’m argentine.

  • Rick91

    Epic map. I hear Central America is supposed to be similar to Peru in terms of the gringo factor being a positive. After SEA that’s where I’m going.

    As for Russia and the like I’m not even going to attempt it without being setup in a decent financial situation.

    Africa I reckon would probably give you the best tales to tell in your life. I also have a taste for women of all colours.

    That map could make this site take off. Although while on my travels the number of guys who don’t really care about banging has surprised me.

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  • 20Nation

    I’d actually agree with you Christian. But it shut it down so I can’t edit it for some reason. It might be the non-family friendly topic or the freakish high views its getting.

  • VT

    This just shows how YOU are easy to lay. Man-whore.

  • lex

    Croatia same as Russia same as Germany and Poland and all easier than USA?

    You sir are a keyboard jockey.

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  • Paciano

    While the world is seriously tackling gender-related crimes, this map comes in. How reckless. Expect rape statistics to rise even more.

    • 20Nation

      It’s true. You’re welcome women who would be raped if it weren’t for a map that told sexually frustrated men where to go where women will actually want them.

    • TravelHardcore

      I don’t see how this map will increase rape Paciano. If anything, it will decrease rape if it helps anyone get laid :)

    • Fisto

      How is the world tackling “gender related crimes”? And why in the world would a map highlighting easy women increase rape? Paciano suffers from Rape Tourette’s. It’s common in feminists and manginas.

  • 20Nation

    it now has 1,200,000 views.

  • William Cornejo

    Although this map can give an idea of the issue, I still think the whole matter is very very subjective.
    For instance, a blonde looking person might be appealing in South America but not in Europe while a Black guy is desired greatly in Nordic countries but might not be so much in South America.
    At the end beauty is a matter of how exotic, new and appealing a person’s physical features are, summed to the verbal ability (please not I am only speaking about one night stands here).

    I would definitely like to see a men’s sexual hability and performance map created by the ladies.

    I do not judge people’s preferences but sex is definitely something more complex like one night stands. Having sex might be one thing, but making your sex partner feel pleasure is another level. Ive met people that just go to a country because they want to bang that “kind” of girls, which I can understand but find kind of empty as a goal. Just my 2 cents.