Easiness of Girls By Country

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Easiness of Girls By Country

You can also find out the Overall Best Women in the World. Taken from the overall scores from FaceBoobsAssBodyStyle/HygienePersonalityFemininitySluttinessForeigner Value and Loyalty (1/10 scores you will be able to see), I have created a ranking of the Best Overall Women in the World

Want to know where to travel or where your country’s women rank?
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A map I made a few months ago just went viral. As of now it has over 570,000 1,200,000 1,900,000 views and it’s rising rapidly. It’s a map that shows how easy girls are by their country. Put together by my own experiences and that of much of Rooshvforum (Rooshvforum.com). Check it out here: http://www.targetmap.com/viewer.aspx?reportId=19491

easiness of girls by country

  Easiness of girls by country is an interactive map that shows on a scale of one to five which countries have the easiest girls (to sex). To be able to know what to say to get girls in any of these countries, check out the book The Perfect Conversation: Win Any Girl with Words.

Some Countries with Especially Easy Women

Philippines The Philippines is a country where a westerner has huge value. There is also a ridiculously high percentage of gay guys in this country (less competition). You can check out SwoopTheWorld’s adventures with women in The Philippines here.   Dominican Republic Dominican Republic is filled with curvy, sexual women. As a foreigner, you have high value. If you combine that with the sexual nature of the women, you have very easy women. You can read about how I Banged 31 girls in 25 days in Dominican Republic, right here at SwoopTheWorld.com.   Indonesia In Indonesia a foreign guy will have more interest just for being foreign than anywhere else in the world. This contributes to their interest. Read more about adventures with women in Indonesia here.

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I’m 20nation, I'm an American who has spent the last 5 years traveling the world and seducing women which has made me an expert in these two fields. Check out my books: 1) The Key Logger 2) The Perfect Conversation 3) What Makes a Woman Want You 4) Elite Online Dating 5) Signs She Likes You 6) 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language Or get all 6 of my books for 60% off (only $27.99)
  • christian viru

    Japan should be Level 2.
    Laos should be Level 3 or 4.
    Finland, Sweden, Norway and Canada should be Level 2.
    All South Pacific islands (Fiji, Vanuatu, etc.) should be Level 2.
    Baltic Countries will be soon Level 3.
    Portugal should be Level 3.

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

    • Mike1981

      I agree that Scandinavia should be level 2 but I don’t see Estonia & Lithuania becoming level 2 any time soon.

    • pat

      Uk 1 star and I am generous!

  • David lags

    This just goes to show why our society’s is full of pigs and whores now. Instead of actually being a useful member of society you instead make society worse off. thanks for being super misogynistic. Great now in 10 years time when penicillin doesn’t work one but i will know its because of pigs and whores in society ruined it for all. you should of man a map of scientific achivment of women instead of looking at the globe and wonder which you can get an easy lay from. maybe thats why on a planet of 7 billion 1 billion is starving to death and the next 3 billion are food unsecure. THANKS FOR MAKING THE WORLD BETTER PLACE NOW I KNOW WHERE I CAN GET MY DICK WET THE EASIEST WHILE GETTING SOME STI’S THANNKS!!

    • Fisto

      David if 20Nation did a map of the scientific achievements of women, then it really would look like he was insulting women because of how little they have accomplished. Patents as well.

      Besides we love women, what’s misogynistic about that?

    • DarkReapersGrim

      Agree. The US is full of abhorrent people, including Vile, Despicable and Evil exploiting males.

    • pat

      True, so just get a Frenchman, they are funny, know how to flatter and flirt, and they always give you compliments, they have amazing accent too!

    • Mike1981

      Life is all about survival and reproduction. Males will always look for easiest places to bang. Feminists and manginas are just angry that we are finding better ways to exchange information.

    • mike

      fuck u asshole

    • Mike

      Can’t tell if huge mangina or an angry fat white middle class feminist who can’t get laid and blames men for all her problems.

  • Christian Viru

    And Singapore clearly a 4.

  • http://seductionsextravel.com Sebastian


    that’s awesome work you’ve done there! In my opinion the easiest country to have sex with girls are the Philippines but maybe I have to travel to some other countries you recommended on your map 😉

    • Filipina

      I wouldn’t bang you dickhead. The only reason you are banged here is because you’re an exotic orangutan. Everyone likes exotic. Pretty sure no one bangs you in your country that you have to go out of it to get some.

    • bonedog69

      I banged your mother all afternoon, mostly in the mouth. Next trip im going to work over your mouth and give you a mouthfull of crazy glue dripping down your chin!!! i do hope to see that silly grin on your face like your mom had when my moby dick blew!!!!

  • Ezequiel

    Argentina should be level 2, and I’m argentine.

  • Rick91

    Epic map. I hear Central America is supposed to be similar to Peru in terms of the gringo factor being a positive. After SEA that’s where I’m going.

    As for Russia and the like I’m not even going to attempt it without being setup in a decent financial situation.

    Africa I reckon would probably give you the best tales to tell in your life. I also have a taste for women of all colours.

    That map could make this site take off. Although while on my travels the number of guys who don’t really care about banging has surprised me.

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  • 20Nation

    I’d actually agree with you Christian. But it shut it down so I can’t edit it for some reason. It might be the non-family friendly topic or the freakish high views its getting.

  • VT

    This just shows how YOU are easy to lay. Man-whore.

  • lex

    Croatia same as Russia same as Germany and Poland and all easier than USA?

    You sir are a keyboard jockey.

    • Bani Septa Muhammad

      Not true germany, france, czech , swedish, latina world, netherland, spain, hungary are very easy

    • Mike

      Easy to rape isn’t on this map Muhammad. Just because they are easy to find walking home at night doesn’t mean they were asking for it.

    • rockhard

      totally india morocco n tunisa should be 4s. an how isnt scandinavia 1s?theres no hang up on ons. the anglosphere nations should be 2s. women here are quite slutty.

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  • Paciano

    While the world is seriously tackling gender-related crimes, this map comes in. How reckless. Expect rape statistics to rise even more.

    • 20Nation

      It’s true. You’re welcome women who would be raped if it weren’t for a map that told sexually frustrated men where to go where women will actually want them.

    • TravelHardcore

      I don’t see how this map will increase rape Paciano. If anything, it will decrease rape if it helps anyone get laid 🙂

    • Ranga Reddy

      Very well said. If everybody is able to get their fair share, nobody goes to the extent of rape. It’s a simple psychological aspect which we all should understand.

    • Fisto

      How is the world tackling “gender related crimes”? And why in the world would a map highlighting easy women increase rape? Paciano suffers from Rape Tourette’s. It’s common in feminists and manginas.

  • 20Nation

    it now has 1,200,000 views.

  • William Cornejo

    Although this map can give an idea of the issue, I still think the whole matter is very very subjective.
    For instance, a blonde looking person might be appealing in South America but not in Europe while a Black guy is desired greatly in Nordic countries but might not be so much in South America.
    At the end beauty is a matter of how exotic, new and appealing a person’s physical features are, summed to the verbal ability (please not I am only speaking about one night stands here).

    I would definitely like to see a men’s sexual hability and performance map created by the ladies.

    I do not judge people’s preferences but sex is definitely something more complex like one night stands. Having sex might be one thing, but making your sex partner feel pleasure is another level. Ive met people that just go to a country because they want to bang that “kind” of girls, which I can understand but find kind of empty as a goal. Just my 2 cents.

    • “Furious” George Rockwell

      Exactly. race is VERY important. Asia is easy mode for White guys, but if you’re Black, it’s nearly impossible. Now a trailer park with nothing but ugly fat chicks is where Black men might have better chances.

  • http://www.sexholidayasia.com/ Rocco

    I agree with the map accuracy. Been mongering around 25 countries worldwide and the most difficult place was Dubai and the easiest Pattaya.

  • Tommy

    You’ve never been to Portugal, have you? Portuguese girls are way harder than Spanish girls, and most likely among the hardest in Europe, if not the hardest of them all! Ranking them the same as British girls is, excuse my honesty, ridiculous! :

    • random

      I agree with you. Portuguese girls are a disgrace. I live in lisbon myself and i know how hard its for a guy to have a Girlfriend.

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  • Sylvie

    You are pathetic.

  • Dustin

    I’ve found this poll to be rather helpful. I’m having a hard time deciding where I should go teach English abroad in the near future. I want to go to Latin America, but now I’ve removed Argentina from my list. I’m socially awkward, and I have blond hair and blue eyes. Where would you recommend I go? I’m hoping to go somewhere in South America. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    • 20Nation

      you could try a consultation, because it’s very personalized advice

    • Dustin

      Really? I thought the OP was some kind of expert here.

    • Ranga Reddy

      Are there any consultancies that did some research on this. Please advise. I too am a desparate middle aged male living in India. I am struggling to have sex partners. You dont believe if I say I had no sex experience with other than my wife. And my wife is not an active partner. She allows me to have it only ones in 2-3 months. Now, you may understand how desparate and distressed I am.

    • Jerro

      lol man

    • HoustonBaynes

      Life’s a sh t sandwich, eh, Ranga, old chap?

    • http://www.sexholidayasia.com/ Rocco

      South America is dangerous to work and live. What about Thailand? Safe and many sexy women 😉

  • hey

    Hey does anyway one knows what the map say….when I click it….it takes me to a link that installs plug in and repeats itself. What are the easiest countries. From what I heard women in the west (usa) are mid tier hard and are not straightforward with their intentions.) But I heard from the other sites that brazilian women and asian are the easiest. The hardest being Egyptian and Muslim. Does these women like black guys but alot of them feel discusted by it at first glance

  • HIV

    Wish I could travel the world and have sex with poor women so I felt better about myself

    • bonedog69

      yeah ,we heard you the first time, what are you ? broken record or a broken DICK ? You sound like a whack-off !

  • HIV

    Wow! I wish I could travel the worlds poorest countries and fuck poor girls to feel better about myself.

    • Bahlza Dragon

      Obviously, it’s not like you have anything else going for you. Otherwise, the jealousy oozing from your pores wouldn’t be so obvious.

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  • Andressa

    Pakistan and Afghanistan should be 5 (Currently, Pakistan is same as Italy…what? I would say 95%+ of Pakistani girls are virgins at marriage.)
    India a 4, not 3 (India the same as Australia? no way)
    Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Finland should be a 1. It is NORMAL to meet someone and bring them home the same night there. Very easy.

  • عمر عثمان

    Puerto Rico is great. Full of tourists who are looking to get laid.

  • mike

    muslim girls level 3 for local men , but foreigners level 5 , also remember they only give oral and anal for locals to keep virgin for wedding day

  • Manolo

    Nigeria a 3? For a westerner and local alike it’s definitely a 1. A local only needs to buy a chick a coke, say a couple words and they’d be at it before you know it. China, Malaysia and Singapore are 4. I’m from Australia and I can’t see how it’s a 3, more like a 4.

  • Tony D.

    I am Puertorican born and raised. I have been living in Puerto Rico for 33 years. Whoever made this made, I can guarantee you, has not lived in Puerto Rico. This map is very VERY off with Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican women who live in Puerto Rico, are DIFFICULT to bang. The color of Puerto Rico, on that map, should be at LEAST, orange, if not RED. All my friends who were born and raised here, and any other guy who was born and raised here, will tell you the exact same thing. DIFFICULT. Please, do yourself and all your readers a favor and change it. Because if this map is that wrong on PR women, then how can I believe anything else about it?

  • Anonymous

    No offense
    But philippines has a large population upwards of over 80 million in such a small piece of land
    So density of guys is probably greater
    FILO guys are also considered players by a lot of people. In Australia u see a lot of them mix it up with Asians, whites and black women
    So I would say more competition

    Also gay guys and lady boys stick with gay guys and lady boys

  • Harry de Vries

    Netherlands is only easy for black and muslim guys, for Western guys The Netherlands is hard

  • Ted Wisiki

    Colombias Darn good worst is where Im from Chicago Usa AND Canada are the worst Cunts in the world…..

  • pat

    Everywhere they are easy, not in UK, ugly , fat and not easy! TRUE

  • Dustin Robertson

    You should post a map of how much bush a woman has. I’d be interested in knowing in which countries they wax and shave, which ones they’re bare to the bone, which ones have landing strips, and which ones have hairy wookiees. I’d even be interested in knowing which ones don’t shave their legs, arms, pits, and girly sideburns if they have them. Post a map labeled “Hairyness of women,” so we can all see.

  • George Belgrade

    Poor men. End up feeding wives who turn out to be ungrateful pigs. Why dont you get better job my best friend has a bigger house than ours.listening to nonsense from dogs.