How I Banged 31 Dominican Girls in 25 Days (Warning Nude Pics)

Dominican Girls

dominican girls


How I Banged 31 Dominican Girls in 25 Days

My first trip to the DR was one of the best times of my life. This is the story of how I banged 31 attractive Dominican Girls in my first 25 days in the Dominican Republic. Every single one of these 31 girls I met online. I will be giving you a step by step process on how you can do what I did and then I will be telling the story of those 25 days (with pics included, you’ll see plenty of nude black girls, white girls and in between).


Check out this video of me and other Swoop The World writers in Dominican Republic (sexy Dominican Girls included)

What do Dominican Girls look like

Dominican girls come in all shades from completely white to black and everything in between. You will find some women with these amazing curves that will make your jaw DROP.

I have traveled the world and the one thing that stuck out to me about Dominican girls is that they have the best bodies of any place I have ever been. You can find some asses that will blow your mind. You will also find some racks and curvy bodies that are sexy beyond belief.


dominican women girls

How to do this:

I followed a simple process to be able to hook up with so many attractive Dominican women in such a short amount of time. I’ll show you step by step how I was able to do this. In 9 simple steps, this is how you sleep with more attractive girls in 25 days than you have in your entire life:


1. Start meeting these Dominican girls before you arrive

It is very important that you start meeting and talking to these girls way before you actually arrive in the Dominican Republic. You should be making connections, getting contact information and, most importantly, becoming sexual with these girls before you touch down on Dominican Soil.

The reason you want to do this is so that when you do arrive, these girls will be here waiting and ready to be with you the second you touch down.


2. Choose the right dating website

There aren’t too many great online dating options in the DR, however, I found one gem. I met most of the girls I hooked up with on this website.

I’ve never seen any website, anywhere else, that has so many attractive girls in one place. Upload a photo and spend a week on that website and you will have more curvy Dominican girls messaging you than you can respond to.


3. Put up your photos and put up the RIGHT photos

You will already have plenty of girls messaging you, but your goal is to get the most attractive Dominican girls. To do that you want to put up the right photo. Some people think “Oh there are just attractive people who have good photos and unattractive people that have bad photos.” But for girls, it’s not like that at all.

Every single one of your photos tells a story, it says what type of personality you have, your body language, how good you look, how good your body looks, how much money you make, if you are interesting, if you are adventurous and many many more.

It’s important to use only the photos that will make you seem as attractive as possible, and attraction is more than just how your face looks. If you are interested in completely understanding this you can read this book: Elite Online Dating.


4. Start learning Spanish

Most the Dominican girls you talk to will know a little English, but you should be working on learning a bit of Spanish. The Dominican Republic is a Spanish speaking country and you will need to know some Spanish, not only for the girls, but just to be able to communicate with the people that don’t speak English.


5. Use your advantage of being a foreigner when you message them

Being a foreigner is attractive to Dominican girls. You are from far away and are something exotic. Use this to your advantage and make sure to hint at the fact that you are from another country. You can do this by speaking a little bit of English or mentioning how you will come to her country to learn Spanish.


6. Message all the most attractive girls

There are a ton of girls on that website and you will notice that these girls are very feminine. You will receive plenty of messages from average looking girls, but if you want the beautiful ones, you must take the initiative and message them first. Online dating is three main things:

One: it is presenting yourself in the best possible light.

Two: It is knowing what to say to get them hooked.

Three: It is math. You will message more Dominican girls and you will get more opportunities.

The idea is to be able to do all these three things in the most efficient way as possible.


7. Get their Skype or webcam information

When doing online dating, you are only a photo to them. They understand that you are a real person, but in their mind you still aren’t real. That is until you get them on webcam. You will then become a real exotic foreigner right in front of them. This will take the relationship to the next level and she will invest in you more than ever. From here, you can easily get her to wait for you to arrive; however long that may be.

The other thing you can from here is to make the relationship sexual. This is important to do now, because when you arrive you will have so many dates with so many different girls that you don’t want to have to waste time sexualizing.

To make the relationship sexual, you can start talking dirty with her; verbally talking about how sex would be with her. Then you can get her to take off her clothes on webcam and then having cyber sex with you. Once you have done these things, upon arrival all you will have to do is invite her to her hotel and have sex with her.


8. Schedule the date close to your hotel

One of the most important factors in getting laid, is having the opportunity. You can give the two of you the opportunity by setting the date up close to your hotel and making an excuse for the two of you to go back to your hotel ie: show pictures, watch a movie, charge your phone, get out of the heat (air conditioned room) etc.


9. Be sexually aggressive, these are sexual girls

Once she is there, you should be sexually aggressive pushing for sex because Dominican Girls are sexual girls. You should kiss her very soon after getting to your room. Then, the two of you will be alone, on your bed… and that is when the magic will happen.


If you want to learn more:

These steps will get you laid more than you have ever been in your life, but there is much more to learn, if you want to learn more you can follow this link and read all about the most effective ways to sleep with girls online.


My Story of how I Banged 31 Dominican Girls in 25 Days:

Preparing for my trip and Pipelining

I had started pipelining (or creating connections with Dominican girls before arrival) about 3 weeks before I was supposed to be in the Dominican Republic. I had been living in Mexico and I noticed immediately how Dominican girls are much more sexual than Mexican women and how I had higher value from the start.

I started gathering Whatsapp, Skypes and Facebooks surprisingly easily. After just a few days pipelining I had my hands full talking to tons of curvy Dominican women while I was trying to enjoy my last couple weeks in Mexico.

I was talking to so many Dominican girls that I started to realize I had to find a good way to create a big investment from these girls so, after building a connection, I wouldn’t have to work so hard to maintain it. That’s when I started getting NPI’s or nude picture investments.

NPI’s worked because it forces the girl to invest in you and after investing in you, they were much more likely to keep fighting to meet you when you finally did arrive. I would build a connection and get a girl to send me nude pics or to get naked on webcam. It worked like a charm and before I had landed in Dominican Republic I had NPI’s with 13 different girls and plenty of blossoming contacts.


Arrival in the DR

I had ended my time in Mexico strong with 5 new girls in my last 5 days, but now it was time for something new. The next thing I knew I was on the plane with THC and we were both pumped up for Dominican Girls and their amazing bodies. I had arranged for one of the girls I had an NPI from to meet me at the airport and as I walked out of the doors of the airport, there she was waiting for me.

She was a cute 19 year old girl. She was skinny, but with surprisingly nice curves and enough tits and ass. She brought a friend to come pick us up and THC, myself and the girl all went straight to our hotel in La Zona Colonial.

We arrived at about 10 pm and to be honest… the place was a dump. It didn’t bother me that much because 15 minutes after getting to my hotel, I was getting my Dominican flag. There was basically no LMR (Last Minute Resistance) thanks to the fact that I had already done all the work while pipelining. I’m not going to lie… it was VERY satisfying.



My First day in the DR

My first girl went home the night before and I was supposed to meet another girl I had pipelined and gotten an NPI from the that afternoon. As I went to meet her I took in the sights and saw the first Cathedral in the Americas.

When I saw her she looked just like her photos, except she was tall. She was light skinned with pretty big boobs and  ass. This girl was curvy and not at all fat. I immediately wanted her back in my room, it wasn’t long before it happened.


She was my second Dominican girl in 12 hours and I was already addicted to this place.


Day 2

I started doing some tourist things and seeing the sights, but it didn’t stop me from meeting up with another girl that night. She was a girl that I got an NPI from and she ended up being a decent lay. She was one of the few dark black chicks that I had ever been with at the time and she had this voluptuous body type that I had never experienced. It was clear that Dominican girls come in all different types.


She was my 3rd girl in less than 3 days.


I was still staying in the shitty hotel and THC had found another one for the same price, new and with amazing logistics so I headed over there. It wasn’t long until I was on a date with another girl that I got an NPI from. She was a lighter skinned girl with a BANGING body. I wish photos would do her justice, but they don’t.

IMG_3836 IMG_3835

Damn did she looked good naked.


 Day 5

At this point in time I was at about day 5 with 4 Dominican girls under my belt. Now that I had excellent logistics and a decent hotel, it was time to start really doing this right.

I started scheduling 3 to 7 dates a day. I would have 3 time slots based on when I woke up: 1 to 5, 5 to 9, and 9 on. I would double schedule girls that I didn’t get an NPI because they were much more likely to flake.


Rich Dominican Girl

The next girl was another light skinned girl, she was rich by the look of her clothes and accessories. I had spent some time webcamming with her and she had been really excited to see me. She had more of a voluptuous body, but her ass was much bigger than her boobs. She put up some LMR, but I already had the NPI and it wasn’t much work sealing the deal. #5.


I had another date with an NPI planned. Another light skinned girl with another body I absolutely loved. I had some LMR, but not too much that I couldn’t break through.

IMG_3867 IMG_3869

Got the bang. #6 girl in Dominican republic.


The next girl was the first girl that I didn’t get an NPI from before the date. I had gotten flaked on by some other girls, but this was one of the girls that stuck. Was I glad. This girl had the biggest ass out of any girl I had ever been with at this point.

IMG_3978 IMG_3984

She seemed like more of a barrio girl and there wasn’t much LMR. Just like that I had #7 of my Dominican girls.


My next Dominican girl was a girl who was always smiling and that smile was beautiful. She was almost as white as me and had a nice, curvy body with a good balance of tits and ass. I had webcammed with her a bit and gotten an NPI. We met up and after probably 3 hours of surprise LMR I was able to get the lay. #8.

At this point I had started cycling in some of my favorites that I wanted to see again. I was having sex two to three times a day and it was just the beginning.


Day 9

I met up with another girl that I had an NPI (nude picture) from. She was a black girl and from the start I wasn’t sure how much I liked her. As I got her back to my room and placed my hand on her ass I realized… wow… this girl has an AMAZING ass. From there I pushed to sex and it was arguably the best sex yet. She had the perfect sized pussy and we just had the right sexual chemistry. #9 Dominican girl.



From here I met up with a girl that I hardly built any connection with. She was another black girl and I started to see a pattern. The only girls that would meet me without building a connection seemed to be black girls. Racism does exist in the DR and I guess that these girls are easier because of it.

I met this next 18 year old black girl and we were back in my room very quickly. There was little LMR and I found probably the “tightest” body I have ever had. It was very sexy.


There she is, my 10th Dominican girl.


More and more Dominican women

At this point I had delt with some flakes and a girl or two that I couldn’t get a same night lay with. Then I went on a date with a skinny 20 year old girl. I had a ton of lmr with her, but I was able to get the notch. #11.


After that I had a date with another girl that I got an NPI from. She was a single mother, but wow did she have a voluptuous body. Wide hips, big boobs and a big ass. Wow bodies here are just unfair. She was my 12th girl.


I continued on getting another girl that I had gotten an NPI from. She had an interesting personality and when I pushed for sex I found out she was on her period. Am I afraid of a little blood? Hex Nah! I plowed through it to get my 13th notch.



The next girl I got an NPI from, but there wasn’t much connection building. To be honest she just seemed like a slut. She agreed to come meet me at about 930 pm, she wasn’t my favorite girl and I scheduled her then because no other girls could make it so late that day. The path to sex was very easy, but not that satisfying unfortunately. #14 Dominican girl.


The pattern with black Dominican women continued and I was able to set up a date with an 18 year old black girl without hardly making any connection first. I was attracted to her and after an hour of breaking down LMR, I got #15 of my Dominican girls.


The next girl I hooked up with was actually a girl I had been on a date with before and hadn’t been able to seal the deal. I think my ability to break down LMR is pretty good, but she was tough. I had even gotten an NPI of her, but it didn’t matter. However, this second date she was much more open to sex. My 16th Dominican girl.


Black Girls Representin

My next girl was 19 years old and she was VERY shy. She was a white girl with an OK face and an unimpressive body. I wouldn’t say it was a bad body, but it wasn’t anything like some of the amazing bodies that I had already had in the DR. I put in a lot of work to get the notch. #17 in the DR.


The following was another stereotypical black girl. A girl I didn’t make much of a connection with agreed to meet. She was 18 years old with a pretty nice thin, black girl body. I had actually met her the day before, but after spending 5 minutes with her I cancelled because another girl was about to arrive. I must have given off a good impression because she was willing to meet me anywhere and at any time. The path to sex was easy and the sex was pretty satisfying; I’m no racist. Dominican girl #18.


The Face

The next girl had a face that was SOOOO sexy to me; I wish I could show you guys. That face actually threw me off my game a bit and made me extra cautious on the date. I ignored the slut vibes I got from her and ended up spending more time on the date then needed. When I pushed towards getting her back to my hotel she responded with

“I thought you would never ask, I’ve been wanting to say that for the past hour.”

She was beautiful, but she was a single mom and it had affected her body a bit. She was slutty and liked it rough, but the sex wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it would be from looking at her beautiful face. And she was my 19th Dominican girl.



The next girl was 18 years old and had the most voluptuous body type that I had ever been with. It was a body type I had never had. Double D boobs with a huge ass and legs. I had webcammed with her and got the NPI that way, so sex wasn’t too difficult. #20 of  my Dominican girls.



The next girl was a girl I had pipelined before arriving. She had done every possible thing a girl can do on a webcam for me, so it was actually pretty surprising that it had taken this long to get a date with her. I was probably on my 16th day in the DR and I finally got the date with her.

She was a skinny girl with an ok face. Getting to sex was very easy. #21 of my Dominican girls.

IMG_4023 IMG_4022


Figuring Dominican Girls Out

At this point I had kept up a grueling schedule of many dates a day. I had had many flakes, some second and even third dates and I had seen many of the girls from before.

My pool of potential dates from online game was still big and showing no signs of slowing down so I kept at it. However, at this point having sex two to three times a day was starting to get exhausting. I thought about slowing down, but THC’s achievement The Full Month Cunt Hunt kept me going. That is where you get at least a girl a day for a month. I Had gotten 19 girls in 14 days in the Philippines, but that left me shy of the FMCH.

I’m a budget traveler and going on so many dates can be pricey. Because I had so many prospects I had developed a system that would save me money and time. First, I would not meet anywhere but at a point (that was really well known) about 30 meters from my hotel. That meant I never wasted time waiting for my date to show up since I could just be in my room. I only accepted a date outside of that location once.

The other thing is that I wouldn’t agree to pay for their taxi to arrive, they would have to pay for that, but I told them that if they really needed it I would pay for their taxi home. Many times the girls didn’t even need the taxi money home, so it kept my average date expense at around 2$ on average.


3 Dominican girls in 4 hours

The next girl was one of my favorites. She was a light skinned girl with a beautiful face. She had actually won a beauty pageant for her city. She was 19 years old and had tits and ass… wow. I did my usual routine and got her back to my hotel room. She put up some LMR, but after a while I was finally able to break through it. I loved her body, but it was clear that she was not very experience in sex. She didn’t know how to move. I would see her quite a few more times and I would teach her the way. She was my 22nd in the DR. Damn I love Dominican girls.



The next girl was a single mom and looked so-so in her pictures, however, she had sent me some nude photos so things were looking to be easy. I had been having sex so much lately that I really wasn’t in the mood to game so I told THC I would walk up to her and say “I want to fuck you – Quiero tener sexo contigo.” as the very first things to come out of my mouth.

I went to the meeting point, but I couldn’t see her anywhere. I noticed a couple talking to each other and the girl’s ass looked SO SEXY in these pants she was wearing. “Damn I wish that was the girl I was meeting.” I thought to myself.

A couple seconds later she locked eyes with me and called me over. As I came closer I recognized her from the pictures. The guy with her was just a guy that saw her waiting and tried to swoop her. Move on. I never said what I told THC I would say, but it was only because I really wanted to fuck this girl. I pushed for sex quickly and fifteen minutes after meeting  her we were having sex in my hotel room. #23 of my Dominican girls.

dominican girls

This pic does not do her ass justicce.


She went home after the sex. I had double booked two, but because I got done with the previous girl so fast, I was able to make my second date as well. She wasn’t the same quality. She was probably 29 years old (by far the oldest so far) and ok looking with an ok body. However, it was so cake that I was banging her 20 minutes later. #24. I had actually banged 3 girls in a 4 hour period of time LOL. That was a first for me.


I keep on grinding on them Dominican girls

The next girl was a girl I originally really liked. She was 19 years old and had this good girl innocence about her. This was my 3rd date with her and I went for it all. After a LOT of LMR I was finally able to get the lay. This girl had a normal body, nothing special. However, it was her good girl personality and innocence that was so sexy. #25.

dominican girls


The next girl was one that surprised me when we met. First of all, she had an amazing rack that her photos didn’t do justice. Second, our personalities clicked so perfectly. After the grind of gaming so many girls,  it was so refreshing to have a conversation that was 100% fun and interesting. Honestly, it didn’t even seem like I gamed her before we were back at my hotel. Everything clicked so well that it just seemed like the right thing to do. I slept with her 3 times in 4 hours (way more than I usually do). She was my 26th Dominican girl and, even though I have tons of digital memories, I won’t upload any because it just doesn’t feel right. Too bad because she has one epic rack.


I was starting to run out of girls that I had an NPI with and had to start doing more double booking to reduce the chances of a time slot being wasted.


The next girl was very tall, almost 6′ with a more voluptuous body. On our date I upped physical contact at hyper speed. It helped me get her back to my room very quickly for very little LMR sex. #27.




The next date went almost exactly like the previous. I got very physical very quickly with the right type of girl and it wasn’t long before we were back in my hotel. This girl had huge hips that were pretty sex. #28 of my Dominican girls.

IMG_4134 IMG_4139


The next girl I had met the day before. She had brought her friend without telling me about it. I spent 60 seconds talking to her using the best body language I could and the next time she showed up alone and very submissive. That was actually what was most sexy about this girl, her sweet submissive  personality. Ever since that first moment I met her, slightly annoyed and telling her that she should not have brought her friend, she has been mine. Sex was going to happen and it was great. This was a girl I saw a lot of and she was my 29th Dominican girl.


What I remember most about this girl was her moaning “Soy tuyo – I am yours.” after sex. From that moment on… she was too.


Almost Finished

The next girl was one that I never built up much of a connection with. I suppose my profile did all the work. It went very easy and this tall, thin, light skinned girl was #30 of my Dominican girls.



At this poinnt I had been with 30 girls in 22 days. I knew I had a lot of days left to achieve THC’s FMCH, so I started taking it easy. I had my first gap of 2 days without a new lay at this point, but then I met up with a girl that had sent me an NPI. It was probably an hour from meet until I banged her and I officially finished the full month cunt hunt with many days to spare. #31 of my run with Dominican girls!

I had actually miscalculated before thinking that I had been in the DR longer, but no. I still had plenty of days left and I already had it.


The finish line

I was exhausted from gaming. I had more new sexual experiences with all sorts of types of girls, but I was ready for something more calm. The sex two to three times a day was too much. So what do you do after you just banged 31 Dominican girls in 25 days? You start a harem.


The start of my harem

I picked my 8 favorite Dominican girls from the 31 and started seeing them more and more. There were a lot of really amazing girls in that bunch and I wanted to spend some time getting to know them. I really think having a solid harem is as good as life get’s and I will be telling you much more about my harem game in the DR… in a future post.

You can read about my harem here:


 How I did all this and what website I mainly used

If you have read through this wondering how I could possibly get so many Dominican girls, all you have to do is click here to learn how you can do the same thing.


If you are wondering what website lead to so many dates with so many Dominican girls, you can check out the website.


Read about the next part of my trip to Dominican Republic here:


Do a Skype call with me and learn how you can do this personally, with the girls of your drams

I am doing consult calls so you can find out how exactly you can sleep with as many girls as I did (and start your own collection of nude Dominican women). In these calls I can teach you about game, tell you where to stay, where to meet the girls, what type of dates to do, how to sleep with them on the first night and, if Dominican chicas aren’t what you are looking for, I can tell you exactly where to travel to find your exact type of woman who will be easy to sleep with. Click here for more info on a Skype call with me.

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150 Comments on “How I Banged 31 Dominican Girls in 25 Days (Warning Nude Pics)”

  1. 20N – I have to say, it is impressive.

    One has to recognize that you have put serious effort in terms of internet gaming and discipline here. I think this is not for everyone, as it takes real focus and dedication e.g. running multiple dates etc. I do not think I could keep up this type of schedule even when I was in my younger years. You got stamina ! Your Spanish must be also pretty good I assume. It is also classy that you do not show girls faces.

    Many “settled” Dominican guys in DR have setup where they have one or few girls on the site and from time to time run rotation. Usually they would provide some small favours to the some errands, gifting etc.

    1. Yeah it was not easy.Yeah my Spanish was pretty good. I had spent 3 months in Colombia and 4 in Mexico prior to arriving.

    2. nice report Nick, just be careful with the barrio putas, I lot of them fucked hundred of guys, and carry diseases, wrap it up son!

  2. HEY HEY HEY I recognize that tattoo on the 3rd girl . 20 my long lost Eskimo Brother where you been hahaha !!!

  3. Hey 20Nation, could you write an article comparing Columbia and DR? I think that would be very interesting from your perspective. Thanks!

    1. I’m actually planning on returning to colombia soon. It will be more accurate this trip because my spanish level will be similar to the DR. I’ll write it after. But yeah, it’s a great idea for a post

    2. What level of Spanish do you have. Is most of your communicating with the girls in Spanish or English or is it just the language of love?

    3. before arriving i had lived in spanish speaking countries for 7 months total. And I did 1 spanish class in college. So i was definitely conversational

    1. LOL, finally figured out what the site is about, got to say well done in making the content as realistic as possible, seems you have developed a pretty good commission system, well done bravo for the content !

  4. 20-
    Is there a place where white women are this readily available???

    How many guys could do this with attractive white women in Europe or America???

    1. I’ve heard that eastern europe is supposed to be similar, although still a bit harder.

      I’ve never heard of anybody doing this outside of south east asia. Although I don’t think I could get so many in the states either.

    2. you and the Swoop crew gotta tell us where we can find white girls with big tits like FIlipinos easy. It probablly doesn’t exist but if it does a Land of highly feminine big tit white girls who are ready to party would be my Shang Ri La.

      We know AmeriKa and its 3rd wave feminazis suck-they only good towns here are NYC, and Vegas. Some guys hate California too-I don’t to me the whole East Coast blows. I hate the East Coast.

    3. in 4 or 5 months we should be going to europe and we will explore a ton of it hoping to find a good spot

    4. I am Polish and I live in Warsaw now. I had been living for 7 years in Cracow and moved to Warsaw 3 years ago. I can say that Poland has changed a lot since the last 10 years and this is not only my opinion, my non-Polish friends claim that as well. Economic and social status of women rapidly went up, they became more self-confident.

      I think that Warsaw is getting closer to Western countries. Cracow is still a city with a lot of young people – college students. The average age in the clubs is lower comparing to Warsaw and there are no entrance fees for the most of them. But girls in Warsaw have more style, dress better and that gives them 2 points more in the look 😉 Cracow is only 3 hours by train from Warsaw, so relatively close.

      We are slavs, like Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania or Czech Republic. I have been in many other countries and can say that slavic girls are the most beautiful in Europe. I just came back from Philippines and I really realized for the first time how much diamonds I have in my home land. Here you have a funny song about the slavic beauties:

      It would be great to meet swoop crew here. I am very keen to provide you more details regarding Poland or the Eastern Europe.

      Regards! 🙂

      P. S. Guys, do you consider creating a separate section in the website or a forum about an alternative life? Like exchanging ideas about earning money, alternatives to regular jobs, best places to live etc. Simple example: earn money in the 1st world (let’s say UK), buy 2 flats in the 2nd world (Poland) and rent them for $1k per month. This gives you a constant stream of cash and you can live in 3rd world countries (Philippines). You don’t have to work and you have a plenty of time. When you got bored or have a need to do sth, you can start a business. I think that people who came here are open-minded and exchanging our own experiences and ideas could be a beneficial.

    5. Yeah I’m really excited for europe. For me it’s the next big adventure and I have already started learning Russian. As far as a forum goes for those things, you should check out It’s what I use and is full of like minded people.

  5. Impressive, especially that you had that much energy to sleep with so many girls. 20 Nation have you given much of a shot dating girls online in Western Countries?
    And how does Colombia fit in between Mexico and the Dominican for you? Ive been to Colombia but I’d be lucky to get 5 new notches in a month. Though my level of game is far below yours.

    1. I’ve actually done quite a bit of online dating in USA. It works too, but there is much more selection in the DR. I would say DR is easier than colombia, but Colombia has prettier women. 5 in a month is good. Mexico was harder than both to get laid, but in Guadalajara there were tons of beautiful women.

  6. Great post. Could you please provide more detail on the scripts you use to obtain NPIs? I’ve used your moves in the Philippines and Thailand with huge success and may be hitting up the DR next weekend, so I got to get pipelining stat!

  7. dude!!!!!! i just did the same thing a week ago i was in santo domingo, only knocked off 3 girls BUT i used the same site lol small world! the DR is where it’s at

    1. Haha. I just read your post and I gotta say it’s very impressive. But coming from a decent dominican girl myself, I can tell you that that site is not popular at all haha. I just found about it in your post. It’s exactly what it was for you: young poor girls looking for foreigners to have sex with. I mean, no wonder you barely had any connection personality-wise… right? We have a term for that in dominican spanish. I’m not trying to be offensive at all, but you wouldn’t have had the same luck with girls from the “metropolitan” area. I mean, you got what you wanted which is great, but this is, in NO way, a representation of how dominican women are.

    2. jajajajaja 🙂 …… money is money, whether the girl is from Sosua, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, or Metro area, money talks. Clearly these girls are a representation of Dominican women, indeed why you think prostitution is legal?

  8. Awesome post. Love the pics!

    I went to the DR a long time ago (Santiago, Puerto Plata) but was a different man back then. Would be much, much better now. Curious about Santo Domingo, anyway. / has some cuties in the DR, whereas is 99.9% plain, average women the 75% of which have 1-2 kids.

    One question, you used a prepaid phone service? & Those include data?


    1. yeah I used a prepaid service. I would recomend orange as that is the cheapest and most girls have it. And yes you can get it with data

    2. I do have some questions I think are good ones:

      1) When you travel after getting the new sim, how are you dealing with the change in SIM/phone number, since your WhatsApp number will have changed…?

      2) Ok, let’s say you sealed the deal with women. And how are you handling it after they come back to talk more/want a boyfriend? Because I’m sure they’re not strictly SNL types (especially Filipinas).


    3. with the sim, i have a locked phone so I used my same usa number and I have a 2nd phone for a local number

      to answer the 2nd part. If i really like them i add them to the harem, i just go silent. But if I didn’t like them they could usually tell after sex. After sex you really know if you like a girl and it’s hard to hide it from them

  9. Swoop Crew-
    What are some of the best US cities you have ran game in???

    I hear Vegas is good.

    What about Seattle? I like fair skinned artsy women.

    1. I havent heard much good about Seattle, but I’ve never been there so I can’t say much.

  10. How hard is it to hook up with Dominican girls if you are Asian? Like are they biased/racist? I’m 3/4 filipino 1/4 japanese

    1. Not too much they do have Koreans and Chinese that live on the island. They are mostly fast food owner like take out InThe U.S.

    2. I’m East Indian and I fucked 3 local Dominican girls on a trip to the Dominican Republic, and also fucked a Swedish girl at the resort, so 4 total. Mind you, my skin color is closer to theirs and I’m handsome but there wasn’t any racism. I think you’ll be fine unless you have a small dick, then they might have a problem.

  11. i commented a few weeks ago, I left DR march 5th i think…went back on march 28th ( i work for an airline so it costs me 100 bucks round trip) just got back yesterday….spent 4 days knocked off 3 women, 1 i already had the last trip and 2 were new….I want to get to the point where i can truly travel like you guys though lol That place is a fuckin dream come true

    1. fuck yeah! You did well. I hope you make it to that point. This is the way to live.

    2. I often wonder how do Dominican girls vagina smell? I have noticed that different races of women vaginas smell different. I want to go to DR so bad.

  12. Damn, that is some legendary shit! Well done bro! How do you handle LMR? Seems like it would be easier to kick them out if you’ve double booked.

    1. I have a lot of strategies, maybe i’ll do a future post on it. It was harder here than SEA for sure. Yeah, making excuses is hard at times, but work is the best excuse.

  13. Dominican girls are crap man. There’s no challenge in that. They see dollars whenever they see an american. I was surrounded by a lot of them and I was like wtf go away.

    1. not a big fan. I only do that with girls i’ve been with for a long time

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  15. Gross man! Those girls look like hood rats. Ghetto ugly hoes. Nasty! Idk but I’m thinking you have some STD’s by now for sure. lol I’d rather settle down with one beautiful lady that I love than to behave like a sick perverted loser. They were probably all prostitutes huh? Anyway, back to my normal life and out of your sad scary life. Yikes! Thanks for reminding me how blessed I am.

  16. how do you feel about STD?

    i mean if you would ask a girl…… -.-

    if you would ask her to take a test …… lol …. -.-

    condom….. sure is fun to use one…. -.-

    some say: so many girls are sluts if you are regulary having sex you will very likely catch something….

    could you write an article on this plz?

  17. I hope you didn’t infect them all with HIV- People like you disgust me. You too much of a loser to get laid in the States, so you travel to Third World countries to pray on young girls.

  18. Wow..Look at all you guys…praising him like he’s a God. Have some values in life. And no im not a girl

  19. No offence but when you say you dislike fat women you actually dislike the obese… The women that you posted on this feed in my opinion look like they could do with losing a few lbs, or toning up a little… None of these women have a toned, flat stomach.

    A tight stomach is definitely the most desired in Europe maybe? I don’t know

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  21. First of all let me say Kudos on writing this blog, doing what you do as a man, and having a few books out for publish… That’s the good news, now something you do not expect…

    You know the American problem is the ” power woman ” or american heroine, all here with this high price economy are hell bent on money more then men, also women now have a higher libido then men, in fact if you know your pussy, you know damn well the vagina is just an inverted cock, the clit is a smaller cock, and thier urethra is another cock, thier “squirt” is merely semen without sperm, but we are still hungry for the pussy as the pussy is hungry for the cock, cause its sexual motion is much like a mouth. It lips engorge or cocks visually and so on and so forth, human nature.

    Women drool over men and fantasize the cock and balls as much as we do the tits , ass and pussy. I, like Howard Stern am a vagina Man and know very well how to kiss both mouth and pussy. So women go gaga over my mouth and hands then I insert the rooster.

    There is no need where you go for online fronts bub, lol these places are generally starved for tourism you can fly solo and if you look like you have money (women’s favorite form of confidence), all the hottest babes will come to you thusly it is your choice whether you want to fuck them and they may offer you (most likely will if you look like you have money) back to their room to fuck.

    Its always so much more enchanting when you get approached instead of having to approach. So yeah good job but I’ve seen and done better.

    1. …insert the rooster..?! Sounds kinky…

      I might use that as a song title for a piece I may offer to Ted Nugent…

  22. You’re nasty lol those girls look like hoodrats. Time to go get checked for all the STDs you got. I’m 100% sure you did lol. You gotta be one ugly dude if you messed with those low class hoes

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  24. Killer article. My uncle has been swooping in DR and Brazil for 15 years. Very glad I found this strategy guide. You must have been feeling lethal. What did you do to keep yourself physically sharp. Pussy on deck needs no preparation but I would have my water, zinc, and celery by the boxload haha. Cheers

    1. drinking water, i almost didn’t have time for anything during this time. I turnd shopping into part of a date because i had so little time

  25. So all theses girls let you fucked them on the 1st night/day AND let you take naked pics of them? Sounds a little fishy to me

    1. I never said it was easy and not every single one was the 1st night nor did every one let me take a pic

    2. The only thing fishy is the same sloppy, old pussy you’ve been chained to for 20 years and have to try to get it up for her. You sound jealous to me.

  26. You’re full of crap. I’ve seen a lot of guys like you on the internet pretending to be a Don Juan when in reality I bet you’ve never even seen any pussy before. First of all most girls would NEVER allow you to take pictures of them let alone this many, second of all I don’t see you in any of them. I don’t know if you’re trying to stroke your own ego or make money by giving people false advice on dating. Don’t fall for this guy’s lies, people can be whoever they want on the internet.

    1. Oh Greg, “If I can’t do it, it’s impossible”: the denial-hater’s weapon of choice.

      You’d be surprised how many girls pose naked if you know how to approach it.

      If you’re are not able to do something it’s always more comfortable to claim it’s impossible. Why don’t you stop being bitter on the Internet and try to improve yourself.

      Here’s a good start, read this post on getting girls to pose naked:

    2. Your right , I have many girls who posed naked for me in the Philippines…he is the one with limited experience…that girls ass should be in the hall of fame of asses

    3. I’ve met dozens of other guys from the internet who vouch for me, I’m not just like this on the internet (including THC, who was staying at the same hotel as me while all this was happening). As THC says, this is a case of “If I can’t do it, it’s impossible.”

    4. Amen to that brother. I’m a fifty something Aussie guy who’s been to the DR on more than one occasion and even though I don’t have the world’s greatest game I still do ok. And I’m not talking prepago’s either. Of course being 6’2″ and 190 pounds with a muscular body and a handsome face isn’t exactly a hindrance, ha ha.

    5. Do you not take notice of what’s in the background and the foreground, ever? It’s the same room consistently, and, if you’ve never been to the DR, how would you know that they don’t like photos being taken of them? Twat

    6. Prostitution in DR is legal. Not saying this man couldn’t do it on his own but to fuck that many girls individually in one trip you’d have to be out there all day every day looking for pussy and you couldn’t possibly balance that and doing other activities the whole month.

    7. You’re obviously basing your comments on complete ignorance, and I’m betting dollars to donuts that you’ve never even been there. Well I have and everything he says is true. Go and check it out for yourself. Bet then I’m guessing that you’re some poor bitter unattractive guy that would be hard pressed getting laid inside a women’s prison with a fist full of pardons. On second thoughts, I think you’d be better off staying home.

  27. How do you handle the “want to meet again” / “want more” from the girls ?
    Or did they really just want one night stands and it was agreed this way ?
    Because, personally, I’d probably date a few girls see how things go in real, and pick the girl with who I feel the best to spend the whole holiday with her, just have as much sex as you do but with the one I like the best.. Maybe I’m too much on the sweet side lol.

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  30. If you have any experience in these places, the numbers are totally
    believable. However, the women aren’t class, they’re illiterate trash.
    Girls that share a two room house with ten other people and sleep on the floor on a mattress.

    What homeboy also doesn’t mention is that these girls are pretty much all prostitutes. He may or may not have paid for them, but they’re mainly prostitutes.

    Prostitution is very different in countries like the DR, Brazil, etc. They will sleep with just about anyone that buys them drinks, lets them spend a night in a nice hotel, shows them a good time, etc. while they’ll simply charge guys who proposition them less ambiguous contexts. A 70 year old dude could get virtually all of these exact same 31 girls for about $1,500 USD in expenses.

    Sex is sex and I know it’s exciting, but let’s be realistic. This is not impressive. Hundreds of guys do the same every month there. If he did this in L.A. or Miami, THAT would be impressive. Any reasonable looking dude under 50 can do the same in the DR if he is just willing to put in the time and effort and speaks a bit of Spanish. No problem…

    The DR has thousands of dirty, dirty women that live in a continuum between prostitution and sluttery and they are the very same one’s that foreigners tend to meet. They hang out online, in nightclubs, in tourist areas, etc.

    Sorry dude, bragging about banging 31 girls in the DR is braggin’ about nothing. The DR is the type of place where a real madman could arrange to do 31 women
    in a single weekend with a bit of crank and a couple

    1. yep Shizzle, I have to agree with much of what you said here. I doubt if a person would need to spend $1500 US for these women, But everything else I agree with.

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  33. I would have fucked 3-5 and then meet one again and again, with which I had the best sex, fun and talking with.

  34. I just returned from D.R. And gotta give Swoop mad props! I followed your advice and in 6 days I banged a different female every day. I started preparing several months in advance and had girls lined up waiting to meet. I even hooked my boys up. Appreciate the advice Swoop!

  35. Have you had problems with women who want money after sex, never having mentioned anything about being a prostitute beforehand? In general, if not the DR.

  36. I can attest to this post. Your post is actually what inspired to me to
    go to the DR. I love the part “I was the highest value guy available
    to them” in your harem post. The rockstar effect don’t get no better sometimes. My most recent post proves out your post here. I wasn’t trying to rewrite how to pick them up since your post is spot on! Here are my findings . Hope all is well 20!

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  39. So basically you contacted girls in a poor third world country, charmed and sweet-talked them, and the turned up, fucked them and after 3 weeks flew away to your next lot of victims. No doubt these poor girls thought that they were having a relationship with a rich westerner who was genuinely interested in them and might even provide the way out of poverty for them. No doubt you didn’t let on that you were just a sex tourist looking for as many one night stands as possible. Did you make it clear to the girls that that was all you were interested in and that they were one of many – that you would be seeing another girl in a few hours? No I thought not. Each one of these girls is a human being with feelings, not just a pussy with tits attached waiting to be fucked. I wonder if you ever think about their pain and sense of betrayal when they realised you had flown off. As for so called LMR – what happened to No means No? To call you misogynist is an understatement.

  40. What’s up 20…big fan of your craft…just recently reading your articles and they are awesome…I’m going to DR in a couple months and I’ve been pipelining and doing pretty well but been researching hotels and most of them charge to bring a guest in with you…do you have an idea of which hotels would be best to be able to bring girls in without having to pay?? Most hotels I heard charge about $100 for every girl I want to bring back to the room with me… Any help would be greatly appreciated

    1. Thanks Elbuey. Basically i have never heard of having to pay 100$ a girl. In fact, in DR i’ve never had to pay for a girl to come to my room. I don’t think it should be much work finding the right hotel

  41. It is possible he is telling the truth, I visited the D.R. for 30 days, and was able to bang about 20 different chicas there. I ended up hooking up with a nice one who worked at Banco Popular the last 10-12 days I was there, if not for that I may have banged many more. He is right, the best way to hook up with that many girls is to chat with them before the visit, I met many of the girls I banged at and

  42. You are just speaking bullshit, I am dominican and I can tell you you don´t have to buy a book or to contact some girls in Dom Rep, they come along and 25 to have, then you are too slow. I could have 2 or three girls pro Tag, I was living over there and I was having 42 girls and I could call them everyday just to see witch one had time for a round. Girls in DR they rape you on the street. You are a tourist, don´t need to buy any book, you make a lot of stress just sit down in a PC before your Vacation man! You fly DR, Mexico, Brasil. etc and the girls are coming alone! I am dominican and I live today in Germany and I swear I was also geting 2 or three tourists from diferent nations per day! I was working in animation for Hotels.

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  44. Kudos for getting ass, pipelining meeting by masterbating with them online before arrival isn’t impressive (unless your audience are a bunch geeks). What about game and the art of the pick up artist? without internet you at 25%

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  47. For all you haters, I tried this system and it works. I concentrated on six girl and I had five mini relationships in a two week trip. So stop bagging it. If you haven’t tried it. Get off your couch and have some balls.

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