What Is Your Dedication Level to Gaming Women?

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What Is Your Dedication Level to Gaming Women?

As I have traveled the world and met many guys I have seen all different levels of game. I’ve met guys who had to earn it and naturals. However, one thing I have noticed about naturals is that they have a high dedication to gaming women. These guys may not know what they are doing, but they have subconsciously internalized it after hundreds of hours of practice and their “own type” of research. It is clear that one thing is by far the most important thing in gaming women.

You will learn what dedication means and the 5 levels of dedication to gaming women.


gaming women dedication

What determines whether you lived a successful life?

Science says the purpose of every living organism is to survive and reproduce. Step #1, survive. Society today has made that step very easy, so the only difficult step is the next one: #2 Reproduce.

Reproducing is something that can be measured in quantity, but most importantly quality. If you plan on having kids one day, you want to be able to choose the best possible girl to mix with your genes. This action could effect millions of your future bloodline, it will help determine if they are successful or not. Did your reproduction improve the human race?

Now, let’s get off of the actual part of having kids and let’s focus on the happiness that comes from being successful to women. You will never feel more like a successful man then when you have a beautiful woman underneath you. Your brain rewards your body with feelings that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. Masturbating? Not even close. I believe 100% that to be really happy you have to be successful in your biological purpose of reproduction.

Why did I tell you all this? Because I want to emphasize how important it is to be good with women. It is, after surviving, the most important thing in your life. So when I’m talking about dedication to game, I’m not talking about something that should be a hobby, I’m talking about something that your life should be centered around. The other successes in life money, power, accomplishments, experiences, these are all things that will help you with women.

I believe 100% that the reason why we get such amazing feelings from all these things is because they are connected to one of our prime objectives as organisms: reproduce. By achieving these things you do something for yourself, but you also make yourself more attractive to women.


The two forms of dedication to gaming women

There are two forms of dedication to gaming women. They come in two forms: study and action. These are both imperative things in getting women and should both be understood.


gaming women dedication

1. Study

Reading – Many naturals go through periods of their lives where getting laid feels easy. Maybe it was because of their looks, position, power, charm, but some big life event may shift these things out of their favor and they are left with no idea how to get back to where they were. The problem is that they never really understood why they were getting girls.

This is why it is important to read and understand what things make women want you. Learning about gaming women isn’t something you should glance over, this is something you should take very seriously. This understanding will bring you much more happiness that an entire life focused on your career.

Watching – Whether you are watching a friend that is good with girls, a course, or TV, these are all things that are important to becoming better with women. If you are watching a TV show about nerds all the time, you will start to act like a nerd. This isn’t attractive to women. However, you can be a nerd and watch alpha guys and you will become an attractive nerd. You don’t have to give up what you love, you just have to adopt attractive qualities. The only real way we do this is by watching others.

Some tips that I can give you is to watch a series that has an alpha guy. Look up to that guy, this will open up your brain to learning from him. By choosing to watch shows and movies with alpha characters, you will subconsciously become much better with women.

Another tip I can give you is to spend time with guys that are good with girls. Their more attractive personalities will rub off on you and you will be able to see their game in action. As the saying goes: you are your five closest friends.


gaming women dedication

2. Action

How badly do you want to take action? Getting girls can be scary, but it’s an irrational fear. The actions that will make us the most happy most often are the ones that are difficult. Which brings us to our first type of action: overcoming fears.

Overcoming fears – Overcoming fears is very important with women, whether it be taking the step to go to a place with better women, approaching and talking to a girl you’ve never met before, going for the kiss or just general difficult situations that come up when you game women. Overcoming your fear is essential.

To overcome your fear, you just have to want to. After you want to, you go out of your comfort zone and you “Just Do It.” It’s really just that simple. Want, go out of your comfort zone, then don’t think, just do.

Spending time meeting women – The next part of action is the time you put in to meet women. This includes meeting women in the day (talking to girls in the street, store, etc.), night (bars, clubs, etc.) and online.

Meeting girls takes time and effort and the more time and effort you put into it, the more opportunities you will get with more girls.

Spending time on dates with women – It is no secret that after meeting women, you must game them. This time could range from 30 minutes to 5 dates, depending on the girl. You have to be willing to spend this time and to spend it right. To spend it right it comes back to study. You will be wasting your time on these dates if you aren’t doing attractive things and gaming women the right way.


Measuring Game Success – Notch numbers and notch quality.

In my opinion there are two forms of game success. And for me, I needed both. The first is the amount of girls you sleep with and the next is the quality of the notch. Banging a lot of girls satisfies us sexually (think about how much we want to beat off), getting laid with a lot of women is the best way to do this. A deeper satisfaction (also sexual), comes from banging a beautiful woman or a woman that is perfect for you. You get a different type of satisfaction from this and, to me, these are both important satisfactions to have in your life.



What Is Your Dedication Level to Gaming Women?

gaming women dedication

The 5 Levels of Dedication to Gaming women

1. The Hopeless

The bottom level are the people that have given up hope about women. They make excuses as to why they don’t need women and push their focus into other areas. They stop improving themselves as men and focus on distractions.


2. If it’s meant to be’rs

These guys will admit that women are important, but won’t take many steps to making it happen. These guys will usually say “If it’s meant to be.” When talking about finding a girlfriend, how it went with a date, etc. They put in more work than The Hopeless, but only when it is easy and falls into their laps.


3. The Settle’rs

The guys who settle are… a very high percentage of the planet. They will improve themselves, but only the basic parts and only so that they can land one girl and cling to her. These guys will land a girl, the first OK looking girl that gives them a chance, and tell themselves that this is the best they can do and drop out of the dating game.  These guys are not maximizing their potential, they are giving up on being successful and settling for barely passing. They have found a common girl and treated her like a gem. They may say that she is the perfect fit for them, but they will never know that because they never dated enough women.


4. Free Time Gamers

These are the guys that will go out and look for girls and game girls, but only when they have free time. They don’t pretend that men need women and sex, but they won’t inconvenience themselves much to get it. These are the guys you will see at the clubs every once in a while, hoping to “get lucky.”


5. The Prioritizers

These are the guys that have realized how important game and getting women is and have made it their priority. When these guys go to the club, they don’t go to “get lucky” because they have put in the time and study to make their own luck. These are the guys that read the books, that understand women, that put in the hours meeting and gaming women. These are the men that end up really living their lives as they are also constantly trying to improve their personal knowledge, experiences (like travel) and careers. It may seem like they do all these things for women, but really they do them for themselves. They get enormous amount of satisfaction out of all these things that will help them get better with women.

They made sacrifices in their lives and their sacrifices have paid off in full. These men do not have to be players, but they understand why people say “You have to sleep with 100 girls before you ever have an idea of what you really want.” After a while these guys might choose the girl that’s right for them, but this won’t just be any girl, this will be a special girl and a Prioritizer will be able to see that because of all the word and dedication he put in. He will be able to ACTUALLY tell a girl she’s special, because he knows it.

gaming women dedication

A Prioritizer understands that he can use traveling to make up for any flaw and be successful in his biological imperatives. Short? Go to a short country. Ugly? Go to a country that sees your race as attractive. Old? Go to a country where age isn’t as much of an issue. A Prioritizer understands that looks matter to women, but so do a hundred other things. He can make up for any flaw by overcompensating in another area. He can make up for unchangeable weaknesses by making money, going to the gym, dressing well and a hundred other things.

A prioritizer will really live, he won’t take the easiest path, but he will take the most fulfilling. His life won’t race past him like A Settle’r in an office job because he will constantly have new and exciting experiences.


Who are you?

Take a look at this list and ask yourself where you are. Ask yourself honestly where you want to be. You must be willing to study and take action if you want to make this happen. I have written plenty of books to help you with this and you can find them here, but SwoopTheWorld should not be your only resource on game. This is one part of your life that should be taken more seriously than anything else. You have one life to live, don’t waste it.







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  • Paso Robles

    This hits hard. The big picture is reproduction.

    Does it ever piss you off that the blue pill matrix has engineered society to slow down reproduction?

    Have you seen omegas or late bloomer guys in their 30s or 40s become good at swooping girls?

    • Brad

      never has the red pill been stronger. Take it while you still can

    • 20Nation

      as the west gets worse and worse, guys are slowly waking up

    • 20Nation

      There are pro’s and cons to blue pill society, but less competition is a pro. So it bothers me, but not much.
      Yeah, I have seen guys get good with girls from 30’s all the way to 50’s. It’s never too late to learn. The only difference at that age is that it’s harder to get the 18-21 year olds. But that leaves plenty of older girls, so its absolutely possible.

    • SlipStream

      Early thirties is the peak of your value. You have the experience, you still have decent looks, you have the cash, and you SHOULD have much better confidence that what you had your 20’s.

    • 20Nation


  • G380

    Brother 20
    Tell us which region of Poosy Paradise is the best-EE, LA, or SEA based on your extensive travels?

    • 20Nation

      they are so different with pros and cons and depending on your type that it’s difficult to say

  • Jeff

    You mnetion travel as a means to correct ones deficiencies.

    Where can fat guys go for white girls?

    • 20Nation

      low gdp countries, make up for it with money

  • DistantLight

    I focus on living an interesting/fascinating life, and then women come to me. ‘Gaming’ women is so stupid because all you have is a bunch of sex, but you don’t really live an interesting life. You’re putting sex on a pedestal by devoting your life to it, sounds pretty pathetic when I put it in those words.

    • 20Nation

      read the blog and tell me how many guys have had even a fraction of a life as interesting as mine. You think that because I admit the importance of women that I don’t get hundreds of them and have unique experiences all over the world doing it? You say that “putting women on a pedestal” like a pua saying. You can admit the importance of women and not put any one woman on a pedestal. Living an interesting/fascinating life comes to me. Are you a hippy backpacker type? That’s what it sounds like. In fact, I’ve heard so many of them say exactly what you are saying.

  • Don Ramon

    Hey guys , i really need an advice from you.
    What should i do ? Buy a car or rent a better place(I live in a shit place)?
    Thanks , all advices would be welcome.

    • 20Nation

      well, you really want my advice, neither. Use that money to travel.

  • Great article, 20Nation.

    Broken down well.

    Your man,

    • 20Nation

      Thanks Mr. Veins

  • ElRationale

    Come on now guys.chasing pussy should never be a mans number one goal in life.the vast majority of guys who do that are going nowhere in life and have a plan to never get married and just keep switching girls ad infuntum.

    Your number one goal should be to get your money in order.why would want to spend time in someone else life when your own is not in order?

    Women flock to guys with money and power. ALL WOMEN.

    Fuck ,just look at Putin. So guys chase money,chase power,chase getting a better body.then and only then should you focus on poonami.

    • 20Nation

      yeah, but I would say admitting that pussy is your priority doesn’t stop you from advancing your career at all. And there are tons of rich guys with no game at all. They just end up getting divorce raped. It’s not enough all by itself.
      I also wouldn’t say that you have to spend all your life with it as a priority. But to advance quickly in game, you need to have a part of your life where it is. When you get really good with women, then you can maybe switch it down the stage 4 and focus on other things.

    • ElRationale

      I was specifically talking about marriage but since you brung it.

      Divorce happens to the poorest all the way to the richest.But if you want to get married its better to have wealth than to be struggling at $30,000 a year and be put through a divorce.

      Show me any rich guy who has had a divorce and ill show you a man with greater wealth and his marriage intact.Even if you include Hollywood could be easily offset by looking at politicians.And Im only talking about guys in the west now.

      Marriage in America is like driving a car ,using electricity or starting a business.All have a high chance of destroying your life but you still utilize them because of the pros of using them right outweigh the possible cons.

      Getting the RIGHT kind of women to marry and getting a prenup for guys in the west who want marriage.

      As to the second part of your paragraph on prioritizing women.
      It depends on whether your goal is to build a long term relationship or fuck as many women as possible. Nevertheless both of those should not be a man’s main concern.

      For example A guy want to travel the world but his money is funny.Now he may save for a year and travel to Brazil and have the time of his life yet him LOSING money would be ever present in his mind until fixed.

      Now I’m not say getting laid is not important.Come on now we’re men.But just remember guys are not remembered or honored because of their notch count.For women
      flocked even to guys like prudes Nikola Tesla and it was not for his “game”.

    • 20Nation

      the whole article has to do with the biological imperative which is to survive and reproduce. It also mentions the importance of money. So by focusing on improving yourself with women, you will also be focusing on improving your money. If you put that priority on money, you will think only of money and not focus on women because they dont help with money. Being attractive to women also includes being a man with experiences, money, intelligent, social, fit, etc. So by focusing on these things you are living a balanced and interesting life.

    • ElRationale

      Ha,agreed to disagree.

  • Damn good article.

    Funny, I went through 4 of the 5 phases myself.

    I was never ‘hopeless’ but definitely hit phases 2–5.

    At 5 now and staying put.

    Do the work gentlemen, get good, reap the rewards.

    • 20Nation

      and it’s right where you should be. At least until you get really good with women.