Travel Consulting

Find out where your personal paradise is; save thousands of dollars by going to the right place with a personalized travel plan over a Skype call.

  • A country in your price range
  • A country with the women you like (black, white, great tits, big ass, tight pussy, etc.)
  • A country where your look will do the best (blue eyes, tall, white, black, asian, etc.)
  • A country where your weakness is not a weakness (height, bald, money, etc.)
  • A country where your age will do the best (If you want to date much younger girls, etc.)
  • How easy or hard you want the girls in this country to be
  • A place with the other attractions you want to have (surfing, nature, nightlife, great food etc.)
  • A place that is comfortable with great weather etc.
  • Just a country you are visiting that you want advice on
  • And anything else you can think of!

Through a skype call you could end up saving thousands of dollars by not traveling to a place you would hate.

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Seduction Coaching

Having written five books on seduction and sleeping with models, semi-famous people and hundreds and hundreds of girls, we have learned how to get the exact girls we want. We can teach you how you can as well.Learn first hand from one of us how to become better with women VIA Skype.

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Make Money Online

We have supported our world travels by making money online and we can share how you can too. Learn how to start your own online business and start making money from anywhere on the planet.

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Ultimate Travel Experience

What you will get in the ultimate travel experience:

  • We will help you decide the best place for you to travel
  • One of us will fly and accompany you on your adventure
  • We will take care of logistics
  • We will set up dates with women for when you arrive
  • We will take you out and show you the nightlife
  • Show you how to talk to girls in the street or just do it for you
  • We are very experienced in travel, so we will make sure that everything is safe

Prices depend on what you want.

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