Mexican Girls: How to Bang, Types and Pictures

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mexican girls

A complete guide to Mexican women and I share some knowledge on how I was able to hook up with so many women while in Mexico. It includes types of Mexican women, their body types and some sexy photos from my trip thrown in for good measure. It also includes a city guide to help you choose the Mexican city that has the girls that are just right for you.

Innocence is a Weapon and the Thai Girl We All Banged

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innocence is a weapon

The story of the miraculous occurrence that brought one girl into the bed of the 3 authors of this website and the study that shows exactly why innocence is a weapon. Why it is a weapon that women use to survive and improve their lives. Whether their innocence is real or an illusion, all girls use it.

World Girls Awards

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World Girls Awards A while back I started a poll to show which girls from which places have the best features called the World Girls Awards. You can still vote on it, but now you have to register to do … Read More