How to Bring a Foreign Girl to USA Without Corrupting Her

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bring a foreign girl to usa
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How to Bring a Foreign Girl to USA Without Corrupting Her

bring a foreign girl to usa

I’ve been traveling for a very long time now. I’m starting to change a bit more in what I am looking for (you will be able to read more about this change in my next article). So I have been thinking more and more about that special girl and how to build a life together. This has led me to this article about how to bring a foreign girl to USA without corrupting her.


American Female Culture is Toxic

American culture is very toxic to foreign women and this is because of a few reasons. One reason is Feminism and all things that go with it; creating women who are manly and slutty. Not something you want the future mother of your children to turn into. Another reason is the uneven dating pool thanks to American women who don’t take care of themselves and immigration.

I know of countless stories of sweet, innocent, loyal and feminine foreign women going to USA and changing from this ideal woman to an “independent,” partying, cock carousel riding, manly woman who has completely stopped taking care of herself and her man. This is a lot of what American culture is telling women today. There is a reason you don’t see me looking for girls in USA even though our women are so easy. So as an American this brings up the question:


How to Bring a Foreign Girl to USA Without Corrupting Her

My solution to this problem is something I have seen work from experience. As many of you know, I was raised in the extremely sexually limiting culture of Mormons. When I was younger, that’s how I saw it. Now, I see it as a culture where there is very little cheating, feminism, and where women take care of themselves and their man.

No matter where you bring a girl, the local culture will have an affect on her. Why not bring her to a place where the culture is centered around 100% around the family unit.  Utah.


Where in Utah should you bring her?

You can choose from literally anywhere with the exception of Salt Lake City. It’s where all the people go who have different beliefs from the traditional family values of the Mormons. You can, however, move to the suburbs of Salt Lake City and be just fine. The Salt Lake City area has high paying jobs, stunning natural sites and some of the best skiing you can find anywhere.

The downside of this solution?

The downside to this solution could be that she falls to social pressure and converts to Mormonism. If you have a family, in my opinion, the only down side to this is that she will want to give up drinking. Other than that, if you want a strong family, you will already be living the most difficult rules of the Mormon church (no sex before marriage).


Alternative solutions?

If Utah is just not for you, the only other decent places I would recommend you to take her are smaller cities in the Mid West.


Why taking her to these places is your best shot?

These communities greatly discourage cheating and greatly encourage a very strong family unit. The Mormon religion especially emphasizes the importance that the man is the head of the household. If you want what your grandparents had with a woman who has not been corrupted by recent American culture, then you want to bring a foreign girl to USA and Utah is, in my opinion, your best shot.

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  • Oliver Maerk

    Freshing up the US-blood. There is too much “stale blood” if you only consider the typical US female of our days.

  • Bahlza Dragon

    You know, there’s something to your logic here, 20. Initially, I had pondered getting a chick from SE Asia, banging her for awhile and then sending her back so I could “trade up” like getting a used car and trading in for a newer used car. That way, every year or two, I’d have a fairly recent model and get rid of it before it lost too much of its value (i.e. becoming more Americanized). But, this is where the rubber (hopefully unnecessary at this point) meets the road (see what I did there?).

    Settling in among a bunch of Bible thumpers in the rural Midwest makes more sense for me–especially since I’m so fond of caffeine. Also, we’d still get the best of the Mormon church because Domino’s is everywhere.

    • Haha well, drinking coffee is something many mormons break. It’s not a strict rule, but yeah. Midwest is a good solution. I have just realized that I want to have a solid family eventually and I need to start finding a solution on what to do with it. MidWest isn’t bad.

    • Bahlza Dragon

      You bastard. How DARE you be all good-natured after that mean comment I left about the LDS? #mormonlivesmatter.

      Seriously, thanks for being sane. People are so thin-skinned these days. It’s refreshing to make a harmless joke and not be accused of some type of oppression–not that I think you’d ever be like that. Have a great day.

    • No worries. I like to think of myself as a laid back guy 😉

    • Very interesting. “I have just realized that I want to have a solid family eventually and I need to start finding a solution on what to do with it.” Would 20nation have said this 2 years ago?

    • On my end (Roselyn) is doing everything right. yet I have a personal desire to travel to DR,Brazil ,Colombia next year. I wouldn’t feel comfortable entering a serious LTR without “swoopingtheworld” for myself.

    • I think you have to be ready to settle down. Don’t rush it. I’m still not sure if I’m ready with my Polish girl, but I’m starting to change how I think a bit.

    • haha he wouldn/t have said that. But I think it’s a natural direction in life. First you want to bang girls, then eventually (like all things) it loses the novelty it once had and you move onto wanting the next phase in life. I always wondered why famous, high status guys always ended up settling down when they could have almost any woman.

  • Interesting article, 20. At first I thought this was a troll article, but after reading it – there is some great information here. I would be careful about bringing women to the midwest. It’s insanely boring and the cities are often ghettos. Utah would definitely be a better be. Or maybe a small, charming ski town in Colorado.

    • Small towns are usually good all over. All over the world small town girls have a completely different mentality than big city girls. So yeah its part of the culture. Colorado is also good as I think it’s the thinnest state in USA.

  • If the reason for the move home is because you want to be close to your own family, I have pondered one other (admittedly more difficult and relatively inferior – no sense of “home”) option for myself. Probably best for those who are the only child in their family (I’m not), but…

    1.) Pick country you want to live in long term.
    2.) Buy property.
    3.) Establish social circle with both locals and long-term expats.
    4.) Find girl you want to settle with. Establish good relationship with her parents and family.
    5.) Marry girl, knock her up.
    6.) Your own parents will be so depressed over being 10+ hours away from their only grandchild, so you…
    7.) Solve that problem by buying them a property within close proximity (not TOO close) to you and handing them the keys, no questions asked.
    8.) In return, they’ll probably babysit the little bastards whenever you ask.

    Obviously there’s a lot more to think about – how would your parents integrate into the society, etc…but I know I’ll never live in Utah.

    • I’m actually not sure if I’ll live in Utah or in the country of the girl. The hardest thing for me in living in foreign countries are making guy friends I really like. I get along the best with American guys. After that Western guys I get along with decent. But while there are exceptions, I haven’t been able to make good friends with guys who aren’t from a Western country.
      If I could find a lot of friends in that particular country, I would probably want to live there.

      But yeah what you are saying is something I have thought about a lot. Especially while I have been dating THE Polish girl.

    • Rayhan Malik

      The guys on the other hand in Fairfax are dope as f*$kk! They all hate the women here though lol!

    • Rayhan Malik

      LOL this is great and hilarious!!

  • “I know of countless stories of sweet, innocent, loyal and feminine foreign women going to USA and changing from this ideal woman…”
    With your tight game,her good girl characteristics and family unit environment, Do you think she will corrupt so easily?. The biggest influence for corruption is negative friends x Guy getting lazy.

    • I don’t think she would so easily. But the truth is, anything is possible. Poland is already getting corrupted by western culture as it is. With a family unit environment I think she would be fine.

    • Rayhan Malik

      Lol countless stories, now that’s effin scary!!

  • adam

    So is Utah a good place to go to find a respectable white woman to marry? i have heard stories (online) of mormon girls being real sluts and freaks. what is the best small city to go to to find a good girl? cheers

    • Of course there are bad mormon girls just like any other religion. But compared to other religions i would say there are less. In utah, you can’t go wrong anywhere outside of salt lake city.

  • Shameful

    This article was nice to see. I have been living in a suburb of SLC for years. And sure plenty of freaky girls but overall will say it does seem like a more conservative culture. Sure have temple girls still go to sex parties but least an air of respectability.

    Have liked your opinion since learned about the site and makes me feel a bit better about my plan to propose to a girl i met in Ukraine and bring here back to scenic Utah. Not usually a topic guys give advice on except for live overseas with a girl, but i will make far more here with my career.

    • makes sense. Just be careful she is with you for the right reasons. If its like that, I think you could have a very happy life with her.

  • splooge

    movin to argentina chile uruguay would be good idea.
    1st world standard cinservative but open

    • yeah but still latin cultures are very different. I really like them, but living the rest of my life there would be difficult i think.

    • splooge

      latin culture is an offshoot of western culture.
      Think anglo culture is what you want.
      Perhaps a small town catholic Ireland, perhaps australia in a multicult area with conservative minorities. Alberta,praries and new foundland is rather conservative and queit. Esp new foundland where you can find irish families with like 8 kids.
      falkland islands coiuld be another.

    • Not necessarily anglo, but northern European. From spending most of the last 2 years in Europe I have noticed there is a big difference between southern europe and northern europe. Latin culture is quite different even in Europe.

  • JBPoqueliche

    This is solid advice. The same principles could be applied to many Western countries by finding where is the most traditional region and do some research on the behaviour of the locals.

    • yeah I would agree. I am thinking about doing a post on countries with women who are best suited for long term relationships.

  • Great shit bro that’s some innovative thinking. I lived in Vegas for two years when I managed casino construction and another thing about Utah is the incredibly epic views & outdoor activities.

    My end plan is scooping a Korean 18-yr-old virgin when I’m 40-42 and moving to Hawaii building a house starting a large organic garden with a medicinal license and aquaponics.

    The reason it would work here is because you can live off the land and don’t need to be near a high population area that can cause corruption. Although, most people don’t know how to live off the land like this cracker.

  • Rayhan Malik

    LOL as much as the women suck in Fairfax, VA (fakely friendly up front, but flake a ton and stick to their social circles), this advice is effin cuckoo lol! I love the stuff you have done 20, but this is whack! I’d like to live in LA or Miami one day and I shouldn’t have to go live in these few smaller cities you are talking about due to insecurity that my woman will turn into ______ . I believe that you as a man can really set the culture in a relationship and we have to keep in mind that although people change, they keep a big part of their early development always with them.