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The title says it all: THC is back. Let’s talk about where I was and where I’m going.

My last trip I continued traveling until I was nearly broke. And by nearly broke I mean completely broke. My last money barely bought me the ticket back home.

By the end of my trip I couldn’t travel the way I like anymore. The limited budget started to constrain my travel enjoyment a lot and my recurrent income wasn’t enough to get by on.

So rather than continuing my travels on a bum’s bankroll, I decided to stop my travels all together. I took a hiatus for one year to focus on work and financial gains only.

This wasn’t pretty. I had to move in my mom’s basement again for a while, looking for a job. I don’t need to explain the contrast with the Traveling Lifestyle I was used to from before.

But it was part of my vision. My mission was to refuel my bank account and create a financial buffer so I could “buy” my freedom and (re-)start the Traveling Lifestyle and work on my real goals in life.

So I got a job in the corporate world.

It was hard getting back into the soul killing corporate grind. To make it more bearable, I got an apartment right next to my office, so at least I wouldn’t waste time on the commute.

I worked my ass off and I even started my own business to do contracts on the side. It’s why I put on hold my writings for Swoop.

But I never lost my vision and desire of the Traveling Lifestyle. My desktop at work were tropical beaches and skylines of far away cities. I made a map with pins to all the places I wanted to visit.

So the past year has been rough, boring and seemed to last forever. But with dedication and burning desire, I made it through it. Now that mission has been accomplished.

Now I’m back.

Mission Accomplished

Word of Thanks

I’ve been uninvolved with SwoopTheWorld for the past year. I have even disappeared from the scene completely.

I have put an ‘Out of Office’ on my TravelHardcore mail (ironically to get ‘Into Office’).

So first off, a couple of thanks are due. Thanks to 20Nation, who has been maintaining the website during my absence and who’s been continuing the Travel Lifestyle while sharing his experiences here on Swoop.

This is not an easy task. It takes more effort than one would expect. 20Nation has done a great job, and it brings me great pleasure to see how well Swoop has continued to do.

Which brings me to you guys. I want to thank you. For contributing to this blog with your loyal readership, comments, and emails.

Now, THC is back. The ‘Out of Office’ is switched off (ironically to leave the office).

My new ‘office’ is the world.
My new ‘commute to work’ are flights to exotic places.
My new ‘targets & KPI’s’ are adventures and sexy girls.

Quiting my job (again)

This February I quit my job. It’s is one of the best feelings in the world.

I cancelled my apartment, said my goodbye’s and bought another one-way ticket. This time not to The Orient but to Latin America.

I’ve been traveling and adventuring the shit out of this continent for the past 10 weeks. I would have loved to report on this earlier, so many crazy stuff has been happening. But after this corporate hiatus, I needed a break of 100% pure freedom for a while.


It was totally worth it. The past 10 weeks have been insane. It will be hard to catch up with the posts about it.

I’ve started this time in Rio de Janeiro as I always wanted to experience Rio’s Carnaval: More info soon.

After Brazil I went to Colombia where I met up with 20Nation and other friends. We have been traveling around to various locations. This might be my new favourite country in the world.

My next location is still undecided. Since I love Colombia so much, it’s hard to leave this place behind. But I’m keeping my travel objectives in mind and I’ll be ready to pioneer to a new location soon.

What’s next?

I just wrote up this post to thank you guys for your continued support and loyal readership and to announce I’ll be involved again in SwoopTheWorld.

In my next posts I’ll expand more on some crazy stories from the past 10 weeks.

Here are some future blog posts to expect:

  • How to kill it during Rio Carnaval (banged a Samba girl) 
  • My first Colombian flag: A mentally insane girl in Bogota
  • How I met (and smashed) a Brazilian porn star
  • How I got evicted from my hotel by cops in Colombia

And much more.

I’m working with 20Nation on a lot of new ideas. As he has announced in the previous post, we are going to put SwoopTheWorld on a fast track and make it grow. We made a commitment to keep delivering you great, new and innovative content on a more regular base.

Think Video reports, Travel challenges, Step-by-step guides (for income, travel, etc.)

So I’m really glad you are already part of our readers. I’d love to hear more from you. If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, leave them in the comment section below. I’m looking forward having a chat!


TravelHardcore (THC)

Like us?
About the Author


I’m TravelHardcore, but people simply call me THC, although I don’t smoke. I speak several languages and suffer from insomnia. I left a well paying job, stuck in a miserable office to go out and see the world. I simply live for adventure. Cheers.

  • Same here. Stacking my chips for Brazil and Colombia this summer. How does Brazil compare to Colombia? I hear Brazil is way more expensive?

    • I can only compare to Rio de Janeiro. It’s more expensive, but not AS much as you’d think. Specifically the rent is expensive, but if you can find a good deal you’ll be fine. I recommend you spend some time learning Portuguese if you’re going, it pays off big time.

    • In a nutshell

      Nightlife in Rio can be costly, but is the ultimate destination for crazy partying. Colombia is not about nightlife, but it can be easier to have sex with very beautiful women.

    • I didn’t do a lot of nightlife in Rio. Colombian nightlife isn’t that great, especially in Barranquilla, not a lot of options. But as you say, there are so may beautiful women and you’ll see a lot of guys “dating up” here.

  • Brianmark

    I’m looking forward to your wild stories. I’d like to hear the financial side of travel and what it costs. Can you give us a breakdown of what it cost you in Brazil and Columbia. Thanks.

    • I haven’t traveled too much yet in Latin America; but worldwide both Brazil and Colombia are in my top favourite countries. I’m going to write up an extensive overview / comparison post on both, which will include the finances as well.

  • mike

    This travelling without working is nice, but a short term solution. The goal is to find a good job in your dream country… enjoy the ride, looking forward to your stories. Welcome back!

    • Thanks Mike! At the moment I don’t see myself yet living in one country indefinitely. But the more I’m traveling, the more clear my view is becoming on where I’d like to end up. This time, I’m focusing more on business too. It’s tough to balance with my travel style -I tend to go to extremes in either direction- but currently I’ve got a clear view on how to make it happen.

  • JBPoqueliche

    Welcome back, THC. Inspiring stuff. Samba girl and porn girl, bring the stories!


  • DerWeltenbummler!

    Hi THC,

    Welcome back.

    Looking forward to reading your Colombian stories! I flew with two friends to Colombia last summer and I am still thinking and dreaming about it…it is a great country… and the women, exactly my cup of tea!

    Do you speak Spanish?

    • Hey DerWeltenbummler, thanks; it’s good to be back. For real, Colombian women are soooo sexy and there’s a lot of variety here <3 My Spanish is decent, it's good enough for dating / casual conversations.

  • Bahlza Dragon

    Welcome back. Looking forward to your depraved posts.

    • Thanks Bahlza Dragon, the depraved stories are coming up soon 😉

  • spencenator

    I’m glad you’re back. I still say your Rome story with the Spanish chicks was my favorite. I’m living vicariously through you. Rock on brother!

    • Hey Spencenator, haha yeah those were some good times. I got a similar night last weekend in Cartagena, Colombia. I’m writing it out but I keep getting distracted.. hard to be productive here 😉

    • DerWeltenbummler!

      Absolutely…too many parties in Cartagena! Lots of backpackers, too. I absolutely enjoyed it…it is a crazy city!

      Seeing the sunset at the Café del Mar…we would hang out there and be absolutely amazed how many attractive girls were hanging out there…have you been to any great clubs or bars outside the walled city yet, i.e. any recommendations for my next visit?

    • I’m actually based in Barranquilla right now, I just did 2 mini trips to Cartegena and I’m going back tomorrow. You’re right about it being a crazy city.

      Last weekend in Cartagena I was all over the place, from the backpacker area to the after hours club. Gonna try to find the names again tomorrow. Not sure I’d recommend any of them though, lol. Me and my friend ended up finding some cute girls just cruising the streets – Quality time; I’ll post the FR soon.

  • Cecil J

    I REALLY wish you guys could create an ebook on how to make location independent income aka fuel for the dream. Need some clarity on how to do this thing.

    So for lifestyle the choice before you was more or less-
    Make 70k in a B grade American police state hellhole full of corporate socialist drones and Gloria Steinem Jrs. or make 30k online and live in a near paradise coastal spot that isn’t a police state and be around quality feminine women who don’t have attitudes or require clown game who don’t care if you have 10-20 years on them. That’s like choosing between Zanesville and Las Vegas.

    • Good comparison Cecil 🙂 I’m not from the US, but things are not that much better in Europe. I’m now experiencing the contrast fully, between Western World and other places, where women haven’t been infected by feminism.

      We are actually working on a similar information product. If you subscribe to the newsletter, it will be announced there.

    • Cecil J

      Didn’t realize you were of EU extraction. How did you and 20 link up-RVF?

      On Europe-
      What Euro countries have been your favorites for meeting girls that are friendly (i.e. Act civil, and don’t require clown game) and look good (good looks for me=highly symmetrical faces, reasonably long healthy hair/not dykey looking short crop cuts, decent sense of style, big or above average sized breasts and average body that’s somewhat athletic is cool with me not into women as skinny as greyhounds or as padded as linebackers)?

    • Yeah, on my very first long term trip, I met 20 in Bangkok via RVF. A story for another post : )

      For Europe I think Eastern Europe is the place to go for you. I had a great time in Poland, the girls there meet your requirements, very feminine and actually cool/fun/easy going. I’ve been to was recently in Croatia; the girls seemed cute there as well but harder to pull than in Poland.

      Being form Europe I’ve always put it off to go to EE and I’d prefer further / more exotic locations. It’s not a quantity place, but there’s a ton of potential and I’m looking forward to explore it more. 20 is in Ukraine right now and speaks highly of it.

    • Cecil J

      Ha! Sounds like a good story for a post that I would enjoy reading for sure as we all have a red pill Roosh V mentality here.

      20 if you’re out there-
      How has Ukraine been for you recently man? Is Colombia still your top spot?

    • Oops, I did it again

      I’ll give it a shot.

      Investing in real estate, I retired with a family, house, dog, cars, taxes, etc. when I was 36 — six years later than I planned, but as they say, “Better Late than Never.”

      Now the kids are grown and gone, the dog is passed, and the wife is now an ex. I’ve been kicking around projects to tackle worthy of my time and mental energies. I could easily consult in several areas of expertise, go on the speaking circuit, write more books (got a couple under my belt), or just travel and swoop the world. However, I’m looking at a rapidly changing world where my experience is depreciating quickly as events fold. Mainly the shifting quicksand of financial markets, currencies and globalization are making old ways of making money problematic, if not completely irrelevant. I’ve noted this especially in real estate investing as it’s my specialty, but it’s difficult to read the tea leaves in every endeavor a man may undertake.

      However, I’ve brought the whole global picture in to more focus and believe I have a new set of rules for which a man can and should make his fortune, and more importantly protect from the sea of greedy grifters who are poised to take away what a man has worked so hard for. I’m just waiting to find my new landing pad to focus for 3-6 months to put together whatever media, classes, seminars, etc that make the most impact for the location independent entrepreneur/investor who want to enjoy life beyond the hard work of building his empire.

      So if you have anything in particular you’d want some old hound dog like me to sniff out for ya, just post up a reply here and I’ll see if I can’t shed some hard earned wisdom.

      The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.

      Charlie Munger, Warrent Buffet’s right-hand man

      I guess this is my new purpose in life. Let me know how I can help.

  • Welcome back to the team!

  • Asado Independiente

    I had the exact same thing, after travelling extensively through Asia, I am refueling now, working a 9-5 job, saving money, grinding on future businesses, learning Spanish, working out, doing online game on tinder – it is good to focus on work and personal development for a while. After month long travel you need time to digest your travel experiences- I also live in my dads basement 🙂 LOL, what can I say, it saves you 400 Euro rent every month, almost 5000 Euro a year- that are 4 months in Thailand with cheap ass tickets from Europe – keep on grinding

    • Use the time wisely. I went into ‘serious mode’ – making money / working out / learning new skills. The euro’s you make or save go a lot further abroad indeed!

  • Keanu

    This is an interesting post.

    Question, THC, as I find myself in a similar dilemma to that which you were in a year ago: Wanting to travel, funds are low. Currently I’m working a corporate sales job where I make about 55k, looking to double that in the next couple years.

    So are you just planning to vacilate between the corporate world and the travel lifestyle forever? How do you make the travel thing sustainable? That’s what I’m constantly wondering about myself. I mean, okay, make an online income blah blah blah. Niche sites a la Pat Flynn are so 2012. You’re not going to make headway into a niche site without substantially marketing your brand. I’m not sure how much money you make with this site, but I’d imagine the fact that you stay anon makes it a little harder (though I don’t blame you).

    Ebooks and affiliate income are nice, if you have them. But from people I know, that seems more of a pipedream than a reality (myself included). And yeah you can be an English teacher or whatever in LA and scrape by but in the end you are kind of mortgaging your future IMO.

    Anyhoo, curious as to your thoughts, glad you are back on the road again! I myself was just in Santa Marta and Medellin for a couple of weeks in February and goddamn was it awesome. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous that yall are living the life/dream, fucking those colombian girls with nice asses lol. Love the adventure posts, love the more introspective ones especially. And the pics. Suerte fellas!