Best Spring Break Destinations Nobody Knows About (Cheap)

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best spring break destinations

Best Spring Break Destinations Nobody Knows About (Cheap)
best spring break destinations

Now the first thing I want you to do is take a look at the picture above from a very popular Spring Break destination and take a look at the guy to girl ratio. It’s ridiculous. I have been to these locations before and so have friends. The one thing they all had in common? Complete sausage fests. This is what led me to making this list of the best spring break destinations.

Most men want to go on Spring Break and be able to hook up with women, party and see beaches (in that order of importance). But what the “commercial Spring Break scene” doesn’t tell you is that those locations are filled with men with those same priorities. For every 10 of those guys there is 1 girl with the same thought process. As you can imagine, this is a let down for a lot of guys who spend a lot of money for the trip.

The problem with these is not only that you will have to fight 5 other guys for every girl, but that they are tourist traps. These places are very expensive and are meant to get as much money out of you as possible. The 5 places on this list will not be tourist traps and will be vvery kind to your wallet.


Best Spring Break Destinations: 1. Nicaragua

  • Beaches
  • Bitches
  • Foreigners partying, locals partying
  • Very Cheap


I put Nicaragua as number one because it is a tiny country that has basically everything you could want from a Spring Break. Local girls who love foreigners? Yes. One of the cheapest countries on the planet? Yes. Plenty of foreigners partying? Yes. Plenty of locals partying? Yes. Great beaches and warm climate? Yes.

Basically everything you could want in a spring break is achievable in this tiny country. If you want to hook up with some locals go to the capital city of Managua. If you want to party with foreigners and hook up with some foreigners, check out San Juan Del Sur or one of the other backpacker destinations. You will also find beaches and surfing at many of these places, volcanoes and beautiful jungles. What’s not to like?

You can read about my experiences in Nicaragua here:


Best Spring Break Destinations: 2. Bogota, Colombia

  • Bitches
  • Partying
  • Cheap

I’ll be honest, Bogota is on this list mostly because of the women. Colombia has some of the most beautiful women in the world and they absolutely love foreign men. This city also has excellent nightlife and for a huge city, it is quite cheap. The most important reason to go here instead of another Colombian city? You can get by with no Spanish. You’ll thank me later.

Read about first hand adventures with Colombia and it’s women here:


Best Spring Break Destinations: 3. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  • Bitches
  • Beaches
  • Partying
  • Cheap

Dominican Republic is a great place to party if you want beaches, partying and women with the most tits and ass in the world. It’s a small island so you can take trips around the island to see the world famous beaches in Punta Cana and Samana or go up to Cabarete and do some kite surfing. Then, you can go back to the big city and meet as many busty and big assed girls as your heart desires.

Read about my experiences in Dominican Republic: How I Banged 31 Dominican Girls in 25 Days or My Dominican Harem, A Different Girl Every Day of the Week


Best Spring Break Destinations: 4. Bangkok, Thailand

  • Beaches
  • Bitches
  • Foreigners partying, locals partying
  • Cheap

This place was created for parties. You can go to the capital and get girls and parties like you have never experienced in your life. Then, you can go to the coast and see some of the best beaches the planet has to offer. On top of that this is a very cheap country. The one downside is that, for an American like myself, the trip to the other side of the world can be a bit much.

Read about our experiences in thailand here:


Best Spring Break Destinations: 5. Cebu City, Philippines

  • Beaches
  • Bitches
  • Paryting
  • Cheap

If you feel like visiting what I would say is the easiest place for men to get laid on the planet, you can go to Cebu City, Philippines for your spring break. You will be close to amazing beaches, big time parties and girls girls girls. Just like Thailand the flight can be long, but it is also a very cheap country.

Read about our experiences in The Philippines here:


 Don’t Go Here:

best spring break destinations\

Go to one of these 5 places (the way I recommend doing it) and I can promise you will go home with your mind blown.

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  • Haha agree with the average spring break place being a huge sausage fest. Bogota sounds fun will have to try it out.

    • colombian girls never disapoint 😉

    • Darius

      I agree, but I would’t consider Bogota a spring break destination.
      A spring break destination is a place where you can party every day of the week.

    • It’s not in a traditional sense. But I guarantee any guy who spends their spring break there will go home very happy. And it’s a huge city where you can party every night if you want.

    • Jeff

      What were you spending/month in Bogota? Are the girls darker skinned than Medellin or the North Coast cities?

    • I’ll be able to answer that first question more in the next couple weeks. But they are darker than medellin a bit, but quite a bit whiter than the north coast.

  • Alex

    Hi 20.
    I’ve been following your site for a while, and i find it interesting and a little inspiring what you do. How’s it going with the polish girl btw?

    I have a question somewhat off topic.
    I’m feeling I’ve got a hinder when it comes to my online photos, conveying myself in the best way and so on. I look normal and keep in shape so there’s nothing special about it. But where i’m from, Scandinavia, it’s quite expensive to have an expert (this is not a normal photographer, but one whose proven skilled with girls) (it also includes a panel of girls to pick your best photos) help you out. I guess there’s as good or better options out there..and wondering if you or someone else has a few tips on this.
    I’d appreciate it.

    • We do that same stuff in consulting. but in my book elite online sating igo into a lot of detail about how to choose the right photo

    • Alex

      I’m aware some theory, but to make good pics in action is somewhat more difficult. Also with shitty camera. Nonetheless, i might have a look at it.

    • I would also suggest getting a nice smart phone. It’s very useful for pictures (you always have it with you so you don’t miss opportunities for great pictures) and also great for pipelining

  • JBPoqueliche

    20, being under the snow now, I just can’t wait to see one day Colombia and Nicaragua.
    I am curious: Has “classic” Spring Break ever been something else than a sausage fest?

    • I don’t think it has ever been. I think that these places have a genius marketting plan which obviously appeals much more to
      men than women. but yeah you will enjoy both those places. nicaragua is nice because its not so dangerous. so cheap and easier to see really pretty places

    • JBPoqueliche

      The few minutes of documentaries that advertise it are carefully cropped and edited to show the few girls there getting wild and selling it as a female-infested fuckfest. I read again yesterday your stories about Managua, sounds like a blast.

    • haha exactly. Sneaky marketting. Yeah Managua was a blast. Just a straight up great adventure.

  • Any unexplored destinations that you would like to check out?

    • Africa! THC, Scotian and I have been planning that trip for a couple years. It will happen eventually.

  • Cebu City that’s hilarious

  • Jody Dayton Peace

    But remember to not mess with any drugs if you go to Thailand or Philippines..! The penalties are outrageous…

  • Evan

    I’m guessing Bangkok is the main party destination in Thailand? Pattaya seems “for rent” and the other cities conservative