Belize City: Getting the Belize Flag in a Ghost Town

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Belize City Ghost Town
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The third day in Cancun, Fisto, Smooth Operator and myself couldn’t wait to get out of there. Sure we had some good times; we got drunk and partied hard but as all hyped up locations it was a huge disappointment. Cancun is great for getting drunk, spending a lot of money and being in another country while still feeling like you are in Las Vegas, except with a worse male to female ratio. 

Read some more in Smooth Operator’s post on Cancun.


Adiós Cancun

We decided to get the fuck out of there ASAP and took the night bus to Belize City. There are night buses leaving from Cancun to Belize city; you can easily buy tickets at the bus station which is in the center of Cancun.

ado bus terminal

We bought the tickets during the day and at night we took a taxi back to the bus central with our luggage. The bus that arrived looked decent and modern but when we got in, we were welcomed with a horrible smell. The bus had at toilet and it smelled like it hadn’t been cleaned in ages, fucking disgusting. Every time someone opened the door it smelled like being trapped in a festival’s Port-A-John.

The only thing more annoying than the stinking toilets were the other Belizeans on board. A group of 4 or 5 Belizean guys was sitting in front of us. They looked like douchebags, with baseball caps, tank tops, facial piercings and talking like wannabe gangsters. One guy even had his fingernails painted (mystery method fail). But I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt; that didn’t last very long.

They started out cool, giving us tips on what to do in their country but then they just couldn’t shut up. When we stopped replying they started telling their stories to each other hoping we would overhear “how awesome they were”, but the more they would say, the more I wanted to punch one of them in the face. All the stories involved how much they had been drinking in Cancun or about banging prostitutes. It was like they were trying to be hated.

Still, I was so exhausted I managed to fall a sleep over the noise of these Belizean asshats and the stank of the toilet. Finally I get some rest.

Mexican border

When the bus stops I don’t realize where I am for a second so I must have reached deep sleep. We were at the Mexican border. All groggy we get out to show our passports at the Mexican border.

The custom’s office is a shitty little room with 2 desks and some old school computers on them. Fisto goes in first to the first desk and I see he’s having an argument with the guy from customs but I can’t over hear him. Then I get called in to the second desk.

“That will be 25 dollars” the lady says. WTF? 25 dollars just to leave the country? Now I know what Fisto was arguing about. Neither of us had any cash left and they didn’t accept Visa nor MasterCard.

“That’s no problem”, the lady continues, “You can sit here and wait till the ATM’s open at 7 am.”

No problem?? We will have to sit here for 4 hours to wait for this stupid bank to open, miss our bus and have to buy new tickets… Of course that’s a problem señorita!

Since I was explaining this to her in Spanish, I think she was a little bit more collaborative. “You can also pay in Dollars or Euro’s”, she said. We all start digging through our luggage to find all the cash that we might still have on us. We’re checking every pocket of every pants and scratch together $60 worth in Mexican Pesos, Dollars and Euros; $15 short of the total $75 we need.

“No, we need $75 exactly.”

Fisto looks like he’s ready to flip over the desk including the guy behind it, but then I found some Thai money in my hand luggage: 600 Baht, that’s $18 dollar. The lady has never seen this kind of money before but I show her the latest conversion on my phone and assure her that she can easily change it at any bank. She gives me a weird look but then reluctantly accepts it.

It must be the first time someone paid a Mexican exit fee (or bribe?) in Thai baht. Close call but BOOM, we’re out of here!


Day 1: Arrival in Belize City

What kind of ghetto did we arrive now. It’s still early so there’s not a lot of people out and all stores are closed. Yet the usual annoying taxi guys have already taken post. As soon as we get of the bus they’re walking over each other to provide their “fair services”. After traveling a lot we have become very good at avoiding all kinds of scams but the airport / bus stop taxi’s are one of the hardest to avoid since you have no idea what normal prices are in the country yet.


A cheerful looking guy with a beard was the least obtrusive so we decide to let him bring us to the hotel. Once our luggage is in the trunk, we get in the car and I want to negotiate the price, but he already starts driving and doesn’t give straight answers: bad sign. We really insist “tell us your price right now”.

“Okay, it’s 15 dollars US per person”

Wait, what? That seems kind of steep for Belize and the hotel shouldn’t be that far.

“No way amigo”, I tell him, “that’s too expensive, bring us back to the bus stop”.

The guy just snaps. In stead of going along in the negotiation, he hits the breaks and completely starts flipping out.

GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY CAR MOTHERFUCKERS!!! Stupid tourists!!! He opens the trunk and starts putting our luggage on the street while continuing his rant.

“I should kill you motherfuckers!”

We just keep smiling; how can such a cheerful looking guy go from 0 to 60 like that? He looked like a black Santa Claus.

“Have a nice day fatty.” He drives off with squealing tires.

Not even 30 seconds later another car stops, also an improvised taxi. As worked up Belizean Santa was, so mellow is this guy. He’s all cool. The price already dropped to $15 dollars total. He brings us to a nice little hotel close to the port.

Belize City: Ghost town

There’s an Indian looking guy working at the hotel, he looks like he doesn’t give a fuck about anything, including his appearance. We manage to get the price down by quite a lot because he’s a horrible negotiator. The rooms are small and don’t have AC but the prices are a lot cheaper than Cancun so we can afford to take separate rooms again.

The first impression of Belize City is that it’s small, I mean really SMALL. It does not feel like a capital at all, more like a 2nd or 3rd tier city. Moreover, Belize city is absolutely DEAD on a Sunday. All stores are closed and there are no people in the streets; it’s an absolute ghost town.

We get some breakfast and decide to take a power nap to recover from the shitty night in the smelly bus.

Belize City Ghost Town

Exploring Belize City

Our power nap have the habit of running late and this time was no exception. When we finally get off our lazy asses we decide it’s time to get in another work out. We start walking along the coast line towards the BLT north side park, the only place that would attract some people on a Sunday we’ve been told. 

Along the way we pass a soccer game, apparently it was the national championship between the two best teams of the country; yet the whole spectacle was smaller than a game between two neighboring villages at home, a testament to small scale of Belize City.

We don’t bother sticking around and walk over to the Princess Hotel and Casino to see if they have a gym available. It’s the biggest hotel of the city but it looks a bit outdated. Surprisingly they do have an adequate gym. The guy sitting at the door of the gym asks us if we’re staying at the hotel. Fisto and Smooth Operator answer at the same time.

Smooth Operator: No.
Fisto: Yes.

“I also mean YES”, says Smooth Operator, correcting himself.

It doesn’t matter, they guy is as relaxed as our 2nd taxi driver and lets us in so we can finally get another decent work out in. The gym is completely empty except one girl that’s using the treadmill. It’s the first young Belizean girl we’ve seen, she’s pretty dark skinned, the face wasn’t especially pretty but she had a banging body, you could tell she worked out.

Once she’s done with the treadmill, I start talking to her. She speaks perfect English (as they all do in Belize), just with a Caribbean accent. She tells me she’s in a local band and that they’re performing the next weekend; she invites us to come over. I take her number but I feel it wasn’t a solid interaction. Still it put me in the right mood to approach.

BLT park

After the work out we head over to BLT park. Several people told us that it’s the place to be on Sunday and they seems proud to tell us it had been recently renewed completely. But even with our expectation management adjusted to Belize standards it was a let down. They had put some new benches and painted the food stalls, but other than that it still looked pretty crappy.

BLT Park Belize City

A stage in front of the park was playing reggae music and there were a few families hanging out at the benches and kids were running around. Feeling a lot better after the work out,  we took a seat at one of the free benches and watched people walking by.

It’s hard to describe what a Belizean looks like, there were all kinds of people, but mainly blacks and Asians. This one black girl walks past our bench and she’s giving some glances. She’s really dark, nearly black and has a very nice booty. She strolls by and sits near a food stall a bit further. There’s not a lot of other options and since I didn’t get laid the past few days I decide to make my move immediately.

I go over the food stall where she’s sitting and make some small talk with the vendor; he also tells me the park has recently been renewed. The girl is still giving me glances so I involve her into the conversation. She speaks with the funniest Caribbean accent, and I feel as if she has watched too much Ali G movies. It turns out she’s working for the park. When I ask the vendor if he’s selling any beers, she interrupts and says they don’t have beers in the park but she’ll buy them for me at a shop nearby.

When she comes back, I have some more small talk with her and get her number. I go back to the boys and a we enjoy our first local Belizean beer with a view on the ocean. It tastes great. It tastes like more.

Pub Crawl

Since there’s no beers in the park, we decide to go on a pub crawl and just get a beer at any place that sells them. Our first stop is a pool bar next to the park. There’s not a lot of people but there are some cute waitresses. When I come back from the toilet, Fisto is talking to a girl at the bar and Smooth Operator is selecting a song from the Jukebox. 

I’m alone at the bar so I grab the first waitress that walks by “Stop.” She’s also pretty dark, she has curly hair and a big rack. She is a little bit shy but she’s definitely interested. We talk for a while and she keeps asking questions and is doing an effort to keep the conversation going. I ask her what time she gets off work; she tells me it’s pretty late but tomorrow is her free day. That will do, let’s meet tomorrow then and I get her number.

We move on to the Hour Bar Restaurant across the street. Again the restaurant is completely empty besides some couples sitting at the bar watching a sports game on TV. Belize City really is dead on a Sunday. We decide to make it our last stop of the pub crawl and just focus on drinking.

We try the different types of Belikin – the Blond beer and the stronger Stout (dark beer) and start to get drunk since there’s not much more to do.

When we’re back at the hotel I try to call the black girl from the park with the hotel’s phone but I only get voice mail: Too bad, off to bed then.

Belizean Flag


Day 2: Mission Belizean Flag

We wake up and immediately go for breakfast. The city has come to life but it’s still pretty slow, but at least now the shops are open and there’s people out. My order of the day is to get a local SIM card so I can call and text the girls I met the day before.

As we walk around in the city we’re getting some good looks from girls, I feel like my exotic value is up again; unfortunately the quality of the girls is nothing to write home about.

Fisto and Smooth Operator don’t want to buy a local card so I go on by myself. I ask around a easily find the store that sells these cards. The girl helping me is very friendly and we flirt a bit but she wasn’t cute enough to ask for her number. With my newly charged phone, I start texting the girls I met. All of them respond but the girl from the fitness is being flaky as I had expected.

The other two are willing to meet so I double book a date for that night.

I felt like doing some day game but we didn’t update the blog for a while so we decided to take our laptops and work on some new updates before we hit town again. Unfortunately I’m a very slow writer so by the time my draft was done it was already time for my first date.


Date 1: The Park Girl

It was getting close to 6 pm and I was getting hungry but then I got a message from the dark girl from the park.

“I’m on my way already”

Great. I didn’t want to take her to dinner and I didn’t have time to get some food, I hate doing dates while I’m hungry. Sure enough she arrives 10 minutes later, she had brought her fucking fat friend.

I immediately tell her that we don’t need a chaperon.

“We are good friends, she has to stay with me”.

Well, I don’t care. We are meeting each other to get to know each other, you’re friend does not have to be here. Next time we can all hang out but today it’s going to be just me and you.

“Okay, she will wait outside then because I have to go home with her”.

Holy fuck, no way I’m going to go through a full date just to see her walk back home with the fat friend.

“No. She’s going home.”, I direct myself to the fat friend and tell her, “Listen, I want to get to know your friend and I’m going to have a drink with her alone, is that okay with you?”

“Sure, no problem” the fat friend says.

“Okay then, and you are not going to let your poor friend wait here.”

That did the trick, the fat friend wanders off and I take her to a nearby bar to get some beers. From the bat she starts telling stories she’s a “good girl” looking for “something serious”, that can be a bad sign or a good sign (over compensating her bad behavior). This time it was a bad sign.

She’s throwing up more hurdles. At one moment her aunt walks in (Belize City really is like a village).

“Hey auntie, I’m here”, the fat black woman that is her aunt actually comes over and joins us at the table. Great, now I have to be the right amount of polite to not offend her and the right amount of impolite to let her know she’s not welcome. The aunt was not getting the clue and starts telling some boring story that I could barely understand cause of her nasty accent; I could make out it was about some kind of problem she had.

Then she looks at me and straight up asks me: “Can you give me 5 dollars?”

“No. I cannot. We have just met miss aunt and I can’t give you any money.”, I answered dry but correctly.

She mumbles something and then she gets up; at least she left the table.

I tell my date that it was very rude for her aunt to ask me that and she apologizes for her aunt, I can see she was embarrassed. I forget about the incident and order us another beer. She has nothing positive to tell about her country or the people. I can’t repeat the things she said about black people or I’d sound like a KKK-member, but she didn’t hold back. I had to change the subject a few times to keep things on a positive note.

After the second beer I just grab her hand and start walking towards my hotel. Outside she tries to let go of my hand because she’s worried people may see her but I hold it tightly.

“Are you afraid your boyfriend will see you??”

“No!”, after that she’s more relax and keeps holding my hand.

I get her in my room and she’s visibly uncomfortable. I’m already tired by the whole interaction and now I’m facing a shit load of LMR, I can just sense it. I have to try 5 times before she lets me kiss her.

I do a freeze out and start playing with my cell phone. I see my waitress girl has answered my message. She says she wants to come over for drinks at 11 pm. That’s…. now!

I have to make a snap decision. I go all or nothing and try to escalate once more, even though I knew she needed more time. She freezes out and says she has to go right now. Whatever, I think it was the right move to try and go for the waitress.

“Okay sure baby”, I say and walk her out. Before she’s even out the door, I’m on the phone with the waitress. 

“I will come in 30 minutes”.

Nice, a girl showing up that late to have drinks at home, I’m liking this prospect.


Date 2: The Waitress

I quickly get some food and I’m back just in time for the second date. She arrives in a blue one piece short tight dress, I just wanted to rip off that dress the moment I saw her. She was a dark girl but after the first girl she seemed to look more light skinned.

“Lets quickly buy some mixers”, I tell her; it’s a good idea to at least visit one venue rather than going straight to my room. We are immediately holding hands.

“Aren’t you scared to walk around here at night?” she asks me.

“I’m not scared of anything babe. And when you are with me, you don’t have to be either.”

She likes that one liner  and her eyes light up. We buy the mixers in the bar nearby. The guys behind the bar are giving me grins because it’s the second girl they see me walk in with, but they don’t say anything stupid. After that we go straight to my room.

I make some token drinks but I sense she’s DTF (down to fuck). Thank god, after the previous date I was not in the mood to go through the whole LMR charades, I had a boner in my pants ever since I saw her getting out of the taxi.

We start making out and finally I get to rip off that tight dress she’s been wearing. She’s got massive tits and they’re really firm, especially for a black girl. Much better than the black girl tits from Haiti 😉

She starts blowing me but I can’t wait anymore. I push her down and I smash the fuck out of her, damn I loved her ass.I banged her till I ran out of condoms and then we fell a sleep.

Here’ some digital memories:





Day 3: The Next Stop

I wake up the next morning with her big black ass grinding against my morning wood. She really loved it. I put on a towel and go wake up Smooth Operator to ask for more condoms so I could smash her again. Thanks bro, you know it was an emergency 😉

Then I have to kick her out because we were ready to leave Belize City.

As I walk her out towards the center so she can find a taxi, I get some high fives from local Belizean guys.

“That’s a beautiful lady, man!”; everybody in Belize talks like Ali G, it’s hilarious. 

She pays for her own taxi and says she can’t wait to see me again.

You will have to wait baby, cause we are going to the islands!

But that story is content for part 2….

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I’m TravelHardcore, but people simply call me THC, although I don’t smoke. I speak several languages and suffer from insomnia. I left a well paying job, stuck in a miserable office to go out and see the world. I simply live for adventure. Cheers.

  • Fisto

    I forgot some of this stuff. You had me laughing out loud a few times.

  • Smooth Operator

    Nice article THC, missing the Belikin beer…

  • Tenerife

    Why do you guys always travel between countries without any money? Didn’t you run into a similar problem in Cuba? These stories may make for good blog posts but they’re rookie mistakes that may cost you one day. My rule of thumb is to always carry a hundred bucks US on me in small denominations. With that amount you’ll usually be covered for unexpected expenses like what you endured at customs.

    • Plenty of reasons Tenerife: Lack of preparation, hangovers, procrastination, carelessness, ADD, … you name it.

    • Fisto

      Not to mention when you travel between multiple countries it’s not always the easiest to have USD on you.

      Tenerife has become as bad as JJ Roberts with the hindsight shit.

    • Tenerife

      Hindsight? So if you get injured in a car accident because you weren’t wearing a seatbelt, would you blame that on hindsight also? Fisto there is a saying that luck occurs when preparation meets opportunity. Your lack of PREPARATION gives third world scumbags the OPPORTUNITY to screw you, resulting in your bad luck.

    • Fisto

      And yet, we were not ripped off. You love to celebrate when this crew encounters adversity. I’m not the only one that’s noticed. You talked shit to 20 and you act like there are atms just hanging around every corner with US dollars or Euros. We already ran into the problem of having too much of a currency that you take a huge loss on when you exchange it and we were actually being EXPERIENCED travelers by keeping things minimal with mexican pesos. How about you try and be a damn supporter for once or at least say something positive?

    • Cedric

      Did you ever fight pro or amateur? Do you do other disciplines besides muay thai?

    • I used to do judo before and Krav Maga

    • Cedric

      Is Krav Maga as effective as advertised for real life scenarios?

      Ive done boxing and bjj. My old gym had some muay thai guys we shared space with-they showed me a drill with a metal beam (building was an old warehouse) wrapped up in foam-and they would kick that. I can only imagine what that would do to someone letting those shins go-BOOM!

    • Krav Maga is brutal and very effective for real life scenarios indeed

    • Ontario

      Is it mainly just eye gouging, thriat strikes, groin strikes, sime chokes to apply under high stress, knees/elbows basically the simplest “dirty” fighting tactics possible?

    • Yes. You also learn to defend against weapons, group attacks and using anything at hand to your advantage

  • Chaos

    Great post as always THC! There hasn’t been a lot of updates lately so I wondered what the hell you guys have been up to! Anyway I want to give some heads up. You capture your experiences pretty good in your writing that makes it easy for others to visualize it. Almost felt like I was on a trip in Belize meanwhile I was having my morning coffee here. Good stuff.

    I laughed about the taxi driver scam. Classic. This is something that exists in every third world country and like you guys I have become quite good at sniffing out these scams.

    Usually it isn’t a big deal to be scammed over a little amount of money but sometimes you bump into people who tries try to scam you on a ridicilous price. It’s not really a matter of money but rather about the good feeling to avoid being scammed. Being scammed multiple times during your first hours in a new country can really ruin the vibe, picture and the atmosphere you are getting of that country.

    Here is what I do every time I’m hitting a new country to avoid getting fucked over at airports/train and bus stations.

    1. Google in advance how much the price is to get to the centre. Wikitravel often covers this. It only takes a minute and it can save you a lot of hustle.

    2. Always agree on a price before getting into the vehicle to avoid a unpleasant surprise later.

    3. Avoid situations when someone is offering to share a private taxi together with unknown people. No matter how nice they seem to be. This is a red flag and better be avoided. I have done it many times but there is always a risk that it could be a setup which has far more consequenses than a normal taxi scam.

    This is just common sense of the more experienced traveler but it might be useful for newbies.

    Just my two cents, cheers.

    • Thanks for the feedback Chaos!

      Yeah, we’ve been traveling intensely but we’ll catch up with the updates and stories now, there’s posts coming on the Belizean islands, Cuba, Guatemala, Panama, Columbia et al.

      It’s true that is takes only a minute to look up this kind of information on Wikitravel and I tell myself every time “next time I’m gonna prepare better”; but it seems the more I travel the LESS I do it 🙂

    • Fisto

      Those are excellent tips chaos.

  • MIKE

    Wow – looks like Fisto cut his hair short, which THC is growing his out…

  • JJ Roberts

    One more reminder that regardless of where you go in the world, taxi drivers are lying thieving cheating scum bags.

    • Fisto

      Agreed, few are worth a shit.

    • Scott Elliott

      Not fair, I’m a cabbie :p but yeah, I don’t trust most either!

  • QuantumPimpin

    Nice read! And that chick had a nice body plus wasnt even that black lol. I was expecting someone really dark from how the story reads. Great shit!

  • Who would have thought belize city to be a ghost town? Great recon and great tits thanks THC

    • It’s especially a ghost town on Sunday Josh Bar, it’s a day all Belizeans stay inside or visit the family.

  • dd

    dude, I understand the need to get out of the USA, but please exercise some discretion by projecting decorum. Being a jerk does not reflect well on the rest of us, particularly when you could have been more swift. You could have refrained from the phone call until she got in the taxi, etc. Take in vagueness about your stay; don’t directly lie.

    • dd, I was dialing the other girl as I was walking back to my room, of course I didn’t call the other girl in her face. Ps: I’m not from the USA so no worries for bad rep from me 😉

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  • Jody Dayton Peace

    Nice snap decision there..! I knew it would be the right one, from the description of the scene you gave. 🙂

  • tom

    Hi, How do you make money for your trips? Thanks cool blog

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  • Asado Independiente

    That was a great story, no shoring or shit like that, props !

    • Thanks man. It’s been ages since I’ve shored now tbh.