Banging 30 Filipino Girls in 3 weeks

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Filipino Girls

This week I got this reader mail that just warmed my heart. On of our readers put our Philippines guide to the test:

  • Online game with FilipinoCupid
  • Perfect logistics
  • Cut the crap & don’t waste time
  • Strong frame and guidance

Applying these steps he literally destroyed it there.

Succes story of the Month: 30 filipino girls in 18 days

Reader Mail: 30 Filipino Girls

Hello.  I want to personally thank you, 20Nation, and Fisto for all your guidance.  I have just returned from the Philippines and had the best time of my life, ever.  omg omg.

  • 30 filipino girls in 18 days (full month cunt hunt)
  • 4 women in 24hrs
  • lay within 7 hours of landing in the country
  • back-to-back v-cards, on two separate occasions, with a total of 5 V’s
  • youngest 19 and oldest 27
I worked really hard to make it happen.  Pipelining 3 months in advance on DIA and FilipinoCupid.  I also scheduled dates tight and ensured that my logistics were solid at each locale.  I got ripped and dressed well most of the time.  I also had to deny most of the maintenance bangs to achieve the numbers, which broke my heart.  LMR was either non-existent, or trivial at best, which made me feel indestructible.
  • never got a tan because I was always in my bedroom
  • never got to see much of the country because I was always in my bedroom
  • nearly destroyed my friendship with my buddy, as he did no pipelining and I was killing it (extremely pissed off at my success)
  • no chick was an 8 or above
  • had at least 4 charity bangs (fat and/or unattractive)
  • I fell in love with each girl, except the charity bangs lol
  • washing sheets all the time because of V’s or because of chicks on their period.  Blood is a mutherfucker of a stain
  • 100% of bangs were pipelined, so not too proud of laziness, and lost the chance to game with my buddy
  • broke the hearts of many girls, and lied my ass off to the V’s.  To this day, these girls are waiting for my return for relationship or marriage.  I feel like I’m going to Hell, but many could be lying to me.
Other than that, I can’t believe my good fortune and I couldn’t have done it without you guys.  I am truly grateful for your advice.

Pipelining Filipino girls

This shows the power of pipelining and online dating in the Philippines. Filipino girls are all over these online dating websites.

If you are a good looking dude with medium game, follow the guide and you won’t have to figure anything out, you can just focus on improving your game.

It’s still a lot of work and it takes a high drive to go all in like that, but smashing this volume of women in a short period of time will teach you a lot about women.

  • You will start to see all the little patterns in their behaviors date after date
  • It will bring your LMR skills to the next level, if you messed up you can change your approach the next day or even a few hours later
  • Optimize your stories & questions, you’ll be telling the same stories a LOT of times.
  • It definitely will knock women of their pedestals, I bet every single one of them had in their profile “looking for a serious relationship” / “No players!”
  • You will get a good eye for girl’s tricks to make them self look way hotter online then they are in real life.

Meeting up with an unexpected ugly chick is not a nice experience. It happened a few times to me when I was doing online game at a very high intensity. The first one I felt bad for her, she came all the way to see me, so I did the walk of shame and had one drink with her. I made sure I was sitting WAY in the BACK of the coffee shop, avoiding the wondering looks of much cuter girls passing by: horrible.

The next time it happened I just said “You don’t look like your pictures, bye” turned around and walked off. Rude perhaps, but she shouldn’t have been cheating with her  profile pics  from 4 years ago in that ONE angle she looks decent.

If your game level is below medium (you still have a couple of sticking points), it’s hard to tell how well you will do. You can probably get a decent amount of dates but your SNL rate will be considerably lower. Filipino girls are obedient, but if they sense weakness they will push you in the provider frame and make you wait for sex. Still, if you work hard to get those dates lined up, you will learn a TON and your game will improve.

Anyway, props S and we really appreciate your feedback!

Tip of the week:

Curious for the quality of Filipino girls? You can now create a FREE PROFILE on and search for Manila or Cebu, ages 18 to 23  😉

We appreciate all your feedback, you can always use the contact form our the comments section down below.

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I’m TravelHardcore, but people simply call me THC, although I don’t smoke. I speak several languages and suffer from insomnia. I left a well paying job, stuck in a miserable office to go out and see the world. I simply live for adventure. Cheers.

  • 20Nation

    Really cool to see somebody take our advice and run with it like this guy did. Props

    • TrueStunnr

      Again, nasty. I can’t screw one of these girls and then feel good about myself. They are ugly, stupid, and STD infested. Blondes and Latinas all the way!

  • Mondevil

    Mondevil -> Immediately buys ticket to the Philippines.

    • TrueStunnr

      If you guys like these pseudo-Asians, why not try a real East Asian, like a Japanese girl? I don’t like Asians, but I heard Japan was the best out of these areas. I would never slam a Filipino girl. They’d be lucky to get me.

    • Bieber_Hater

      there are more to filipina gilrs than online dating and provinces. Manila chicks. and Pampanga chicks. not in ANGELES mind you. just roam around malls in san fernando.

  • Ovid

    Props for managing to smash that many girls, but man… at some point shooting fish in a barrel gets old. All vaginas feel pretty much the same: personally I’d rather explore and experience the country, and smash half a dozen hotties I could spend some time with and enjoy higher quality repeat bangs with, instead of just racking up numbers. I’ve not visited the Philippines yet, but my fear is that if too many guys pump and dump too many girls, Western guys will get a bad reputation there the way they have in the Baltics, ruining what sounds like a pretty sweet place. But maybe I’m full of it as I haven’t actually visited the place yet and don’t know what it’s like.

    • 20Nation

      Look at it like this: when a guy looks at porn, does he watch the same girl over and over? Maybe if he is deprived of women and craving a gf, but usually not. He will look at a different girl every time. That’s because men naturally want variety. In the Philippines it is the same thing, it really doesn’t get old smashing a new girl or two every day, because it’s new, it’s exciting, she has a new personality, and probably something very sexy about her body or just how she is.

      To your other question: Yes I actually think that is happening right now. I noticed that the places where there are more white guys, your value isn’t near as high (you actually have to game). I hope the Philippines is not ever ruined, and it’s possible it won’t be thanks to the fact that it’s an island and not part of the main continent of Asia. I will keep my fingers crossed because I plan on retiring there.

    • Matt Abolins

      When do you plan on retiring there?

      Is Cebu City included as one of those places where you actually need game?

      I would think that as a foreigner anywhere in the Philippines, you wouldn’t need ANY kind of games since there is an order of magnitude more filipinas than there are foreigners.

      I’m also wondering what exactly you mean by ‘you actually have to game’.

    • TrueStunnr

      These Filipino girls are ugly. I’m proud to say I’ve never banged one. Physically insufficient and stupid btch airheads.

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  • Paragon

    This makes me sad. I imagine all those poor girls sitting at home, believing the lies of the rich westerner through sheer innocence, possibly cradling his mixed-race child or at least feeling a strange burning sensation when they pee.

    And as for the author – how sad that he had to go to a poor country and exploit innocent young women over there, how sad that he couldn’t find a girl in his home country who would want him, even knowing that he wouldn’t marry her. He must be very lonely if he has to go ply his trade on the other side of the world

    • Sandra

      I also feel so sad after reading it. Its just so painful to hear. The guys really know how to exploit the fact that many poor Asian girls do whatever it takes to have a ticket to better life. Though, we can not blame the guys alone since the girls agreed to have sex and none forced them into it. Its also sad that many women think that by giving the men sex, they can win the men’s hearts.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      If the girls will “do whatever it takes to have a ticket to a better life” then they could always study hard and get that ‘better’ life. It sounds like you think materialism is what makes a better life. That comes across as rather shallow. I can’t say I agree with lying to girls though, it isn’t necessary at all if you have a decent personality.

    • Sandra

      I do not say that materialism is everything but its a basic foundation to a better life. Human strives after a better life quality all the time. We always want more. Thats the fact otherwise there aren’t any innovations and none wants to work hard. This guy knew it and thats why he could exploit the situation.You mentioned that the girl should get more education if they want to have a better life. I agree with you, it is a solution but you forget the fact that many in poor countries don’t get access to proper education and the lack of good employment oppotunites also contribute to poverty. Even if they get a job, there is no guarantee that the salary can cover their basic needs either. However, I don’t blame the guy 100%. In my opinion the girls should not let the guy access to their body so easily. Guys always hope for sex but its still the girl who make the final decision. I just don’t understand why girls nowadays are so easy.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Philippines has an extensive educational system, there is no problem with lack of access there.

      What makes a ‘better’ life? Most importantly, it is how we look at life, that’s what makes it better. It’s a state of mind that determines how we live, more than anything. Depression is only a Western problem because we have too much free time to focus on material things instead of just living a life of action and self-improvement. Materialism is part of the problem, not the solution. People don’t work hard in the hot countries, because they don’t really need to. They can sit around the beach all day and the fertile land provides easily. A hut made from bamboo is good enough in such a climate. We have some things better in the West, but we have also lost a lot of the things that are better.

    • Sandra

      Sure, people in poor countries can live happily in a hut, but for them living in a hut is a choice or a must? Do they have other options?

      Yes, having a proper education system is critical for a country’ long run economic growth. However, poor people tend to focus more on how to satisfy their short term needs (food, health care etc) rather than on something vague that the future can bring. If you read all the posts in this blog carefully (I m sure you already did), you can see a pattern: That the poorer the countries the authors visit, the higher number of girls they got. Thats why I said the authors are aware about the situation and they exploited it. I don’t think I need to explain this fact further, let me just ask you a simple question: Would you still go to the library to study for your exam next week if you do not have any food today? And let assume that you would probably find a way to get food because you are so hungry, would you try to get a job first and wait one month to get your salary or you may call a friend, parents to borrow some money? See my point? Human do not like to make things complicated. If they can find an easier way to do things, they will do it. The girls in the posts are the same, getting a 5 years education seems much harder than getting a rich boy who can provide for them.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      If you’d been to Philippines you would know that these girls aren’t going hungry, it is a bountiful land blessed with plenty. The girls are after smart phones, fashionable clothes, and other such baubles. All stuff they don’t really need. They could work like other girls do, or they can take the way that seems easy but actually burns them out in many ways. But not all of the girls are looking for the golden payday from some foreigner. Don’t you think some of them just prefer the more handsome European guys who know how to treat a woman better and are equipt for that?

      When you say the guys exploit that, it suggests the guys do so in a negative or harmful way. The girls are not babies, they are making their own choices. If there is any harm to it then the girls are the ones responsible. But any harm there isn’t very obvious.

    • Sandra

      Oh yeah! I forget that I am talking to a dude. Of course in your opinion, there is no harm in the authors’ action and it is just a fair business transaction (win- win situation for both sides). However, since you failed time after time to see my point so I will break my argument into a simpler context so you will get it: Let assume that you want to buy a car, you think that a car will make your life easier. You have saved some money after many years of hard working and you found a seller who agrees to sell his car to you to a negotiable price. You are happy because you get your car and the seller is also happy because he gets some cash. A good transaction, right? However, what you are not aware is there is a major problem with the car that the seller did not tell you. Because he knows if you know, you would not buy the car etc. We call it information asymmetry in economics (you can google it if you don’t know the term). So you went home with a damaged car, which the price exceeds its real value. You get angry when you discover the true and confront the seller thereafter. The answer you get is: you are not a baby anymore, you should know better. What I did is making you a favor since from now you will be more careful and raise your bar higher bla bla. The girls were exactly at the buyer’s position since the authors (sellers) hide some information. If they are up front in the beginning, that they just want to pump and dump. They will not get any girls. Thats why I said there is exploitation here. Got it?

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      The economic stuff is simple, but it doesn’t correlate with the dating thing because you haven’t demonstrated why or how the dating thing has a negative. 🙂

    • TrueStunnr

      Some nurses in the Philippines only make $10/hr. So much for studying. Not all parts of the Philippines are as well-off as you claim. The Philippines and well-off shouldn’t be in the same sentence. It’s a piece of sht economy, with a piece of sht government-owned, poor as fck, except for maybe a few areas. In terms of the whole country, it’s bs, and these few bright spots manage to cover that the country is “nice” and people are “well -off.” People should be happy whether they’re poor or not, but no mthrfckr is. As the author also hinted, the girls are ugly. Why would you fck one of these monkey brained Imeldas? No thanks, pass! I’d like to date someone over 5’5” ft. The majority of the race isn’t. I wouldn’t even grant them the privilege of participating in my game. They are ugly and stupid.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      A dinner there costs about a dollar, whereas in the US the same dinner might cost ten dollars. Everything there is much cheaper, so ten dollars an hour is not bad pay until you try to leave the country for an international holiday and get hit by the exchange rate.

      Yeah, they mostly are ugly and stupid, not that women in general in the world tend to be as bright as we like to pretend they are, but third world ones are childlike at best. Initially it’s usual that foreigners find them to be cute due to the exotic value, but it normally wears off after a few years and they all start to look the same, I find. Still, there are a few there that are mixed with Spanish that certainly are stand outs, if you know where to find them. Asians tend to have fantastic bodies, are lusty, and lust after European men, and thus lies their value to most men who sample them.

    • TC

      really 10$/hr? or did you add a 0
      here in Germany, western super industrial country, this is the first year where we got a minimal salary of 8,5€ ph by law. until then it was not regulated, as a student i started with 6€ and my peak was 8 before. ok the dollar was worth a lot less not long ago, but now it’s almost equal to the Euro. and living here costs a shitload, aprox 1000€ per month for a minimal lifestyle and without student discounts…

    • Alfamayne

      Agreed. OP couldn’t get girls from his home country to bang him because he is a beta phaggot.

      So goes to third world countries to bang girls who don’t know where their next meals will be coming from.

  • Scythe

    Hah! As a Filipino citizen, I could definitely confirm that a lot of Flilipina are suckers for “foreigners.” You don’t need game to pick them up if you’re from a far away land. However, you could have picked up hotter chicks (8 and above) if you wanted to. Just frequent bars and nightclubs (no online dating thing needed) especially in cities (Manila etc) and not in provinces – almost no pity fucks in high end parties!

    • Hey Scythe, of course you don’t limit yourself to online dating only. Online dating is great for racking up the numbers. But as you say, so real quality girls can be found in Manila nightlife (although it’s a surprisingly small scene) and also by day gaming.

      Thanks for your feedback buddy

  • Edward

    In my mind, Fisto, THC and 20Nation don’t lie to the girls, making them “wait for [their] return for relationship or marriage”.

    But I suppose they wouldn’t have published this guy as a success story if that wasn’t also part of their method?

    I’ve wanted to do what you guys do too, but I’m not sure I have the heart to outright lie like that…

    Is this part of your guys’ pipelining–>notch method?

  • EddieD

    What goes around, comes around. Not necessarily a future broken heart, but something much more sinister. We reap what we sow.

    • TrueStunnr

      Not all the time. People imagine that crp. But hey, you’re lucky that I think Filipino girls are ugly and dumb cnts. I won’t allow them into my game. I only fck blondes and Latinas.

    • Filipina

      hahahaha Wow I am a Filipina and this really makes me laugh. Should I be thankful or be insulted?

  • JKram

    TravelHardcore you are a fucking shallow, empty headed piece of shit with zero fucking empathy because your brain’s too stupid for you to formulate such a complex emotion or consider its worth. You have all the depth of a stagnant puddle of warm dog piss. I PRAY YOU GET HIT BY A BUS.

  • CobraCatcher

    Wow, men are total morons! You could explain your point of view to them, but they never think much beyond their “little head.” Men typically don’t have the ability to think as deeply as women do and those Filipina women have a skewed vision of what their dream life would be like in the U.S. The simple fact here is that these kind of guys don’t really give a crap about anything to do with women, other than sleeping with them like they are earning some little trophy. I have to wonder how many of these girls end up pregnant accidentally and then these guys cut all ties to these girls with kids, leaving them a broke, single mother. That is the most disgusting thing I can think of to happen. I also agree that girls should not be putting out so quickly, but with this “online game” bs these girls feel like they are getting to know some “nice” guy. If any guy told me he slept with that many girls (especially in such a short span of time) I would never even consider having a friendship with a guy like, let alone sleep with him EVER! Vomit! 🙂

    • ToasterGod

      What? What did you say bimbo? Men typically don’t have the ability to think as deep as women? You sure aren’t thinking deep today. You’re either a troll, or feminist scum.

    • CobraCatcher

      Go back to bed moron. I said TYPICALLY! Apparently you don’t know how to read because I didn’t completely lump all men into that group, so take a Xanax you little Chihuahua. You accuse me of not thinking deeply during my comment, but then you go ahead and call me a bimbo? LMFAO! You’re too funny! So tell me, what exactly ARE your thoughts on this actual article, rather than what your thoughts on my original comment ……..I’d love to know *cough*sarcasm*cough*

  • guesty

    ya you are going to hell wow what a loser. dear men, please dont think like this when it comes to women. it’s such bullshit and you’ll always come up short. love, a very hot girl that would never in a million years fuck a guy like that.

  • metin

    Ok..this can be done but wherever I check about the banging pinays…all the ways are going through I believe those site are getting paid very well by…so half of those numbers are lia….I bang also a lot with free stuff within a month..but never saw any word about those

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  • Pau Gasolina

    gj m8 keep laying the sluts

  • Soulmatify


    Maybe you would like to check our new site Soulmatify:

    We start with promoting it to asian girls.
    Its still small we are just in the beginning, but we are the first site to give away shopping vouchers to our female members. We want a polite site without rudeness.

    Its free for both, male and female.

    Regards from Germany


  • Ly

    Extremely disgusting! I sincerely suggest that you should stop your never ending quest for adventure. Just because you can get these young poor girls from provinces doesn’t mean all women in the Philippines are the same. We are not as corrupt, slutty and and feminist as white women. It’s the truth. White people raped us and corrupted us and continually doing it!

  • lucio_b

    Dude, making love and meeting new girls is amazing.. But lying like that while creating sadness and pain around the world is really just base and vile.

    You DO can get laid as much by being honest.

    And when you are honest you build much more of a connection and it’s a much more beautiful and enriching experience.

    Here it is hoping people will embrace a world of straightforwardness and caring, which at the end of the day is one of the main ingredients to make you a top man.


    Is this site still alive? I am going to Manila and I am trying to achieve the same! I singed up for, but they charge to send messages. I just don’t want to pay 79.98 USD for 3 months so I am using Tinder which is cheaper. I have a bunch of match (> 100 I think) and I am trying to talk to as many girls as I can, but sometimes I feel they are kinda aloof. So, I wonder if Tinder can be used for the same as maybe girls from filipinocupid are more desperate to get married than girls from Tinder.

    What do you think, guys?

  • Diwata

    Ha! I always told my husband. If you are a girl in the Philippines. You wouldnt want to sleep with a white guy. Imagine, how many girls they’ve slept with and what kind of diseases they have, they’re manwhores. So yeah for those of you thinking, you do have quite a reputation there. And for the person who’s saying Filipinas are ugly and monkeys, jeez we get it. Filipinas are not your type. Stop pushing your preferences to other people.

  • John

    Well, I am here, in Cebu City and I can tell you that a lot of what is talked about is garbage. I have been on one of the biggest Intenet Dating sites here and have contacted hundreds of girls and have a huge number of phone numbers. However in five weeks I have met only met five girls. One was reasonably attractive and has told me that she is remaining pure until marriage. One was plain, and here family tried to rape my wallet every ten minutes, and the other three were unbelievably ugly. Every day here you see foreigners wandering around the city alone, with no girl, except for those with a forty or fifty year old partner. They can be seen aimlessly loitering around shopping malls in the forlorn hope of a never occurring conversation with an attractive girl. Yes, you will see them sometimes in such places having conversation with local woman, but they are never young attractive and desirable. All those girls are with local boyfriends who look about 17. When you contact girls on the dating sites, they almost never agree to meet that day, of the next it is allways, oh yes I am interested in meeting you, but I am busy now I have a class, maybe later, and later does not come and you stop getting messages. I should also point out that I am reasonably younger than most of the foreigners here and have good conversational skills. I have lived in the Phillipines for 18 months now and the next time that I see any foreigner anywhere with an attractive local girl will be the first time that I see it. Allways, everyone tells their stories of endless exploits, but all you see is foreigners everywhere and never with a pretty girl.

  • Achikins

    Thank God I’m educated and well off, this is such a toxic article though i’m enlightened for knowing how this game goes for some Westerners or Foreigners. I should tell my friends about this. Not all Filipinas are like that, maybe those girls are uneducated and in need of support financially. These women seemed to want easy money. They don’t work hard for themselves. They see and think that foreigners are moneybags. Pathetic.