Avoiding Infidelity: A key logger might have found me the perfect girl

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key logger infidelity
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Avoiding Infidelity: A key logger might have found me the perfect girl

key logger infidelity

As most of you know, I wrote a book Called The Key Logger (You can check it out here). In this book, I wrote about 12 relationships in which I used a key logger to get Facebook and other passwords from the girls to see if they had been being completely honest with me. I learned about the deceptive nature of women and how they always tried to seem more innocent than they really were. They would have a very surprising number of guys messaging them, of which of course they would lie. The purpose of this book was to show my experiences and teach other guys how to avoid infidelity in their girls.

From the dozens girls if have key logged, I have never found one girl that was completely honest with me. I haven’t only key logged the 12 girls from the book and think… I have used key loggers for many years.


A special snowflake?

The other day, I key logged a girl that I have been dating for quite some time. What I found was my most surprising discovery to date…

She told me the truth… about EVERYTHING. If you follow me on twitter, you may have already heard about it.

In 5 years of using a key logger, I have never seen anything like this. Every single guy that messaged her, every single little flirt… she had already told me about. Every beta orbiter, every strange guy that added her and every single old friend that decided to poor out his feelings to her… she had already told me.

Reading through her messages on Facebook and checking out her messages on her phone was so perfectly aligned with everything she had told me, it almost felt like a lie. After key logging so many girls and seeing their normal behavior of lies, this show of perfect honesty seemed… outrageous.

I looked everything over closely, trying to find a lie, but I found not a hint of dishonesty or deception. I looked over her messages carefully to see if some had been erased, but I found no evidence.

It made me realize that I had found a special girl.


What to look for to avoid infidelity

The last part of my book, The Key Logger, talks about what things you should look for in a girl if you don’t want to be worrying about infidelity. Every single thing that I recommended in that book, are true of this girl.

0 to 2 previous sexual partners: Check… virgin

Many other things that I talked about in there described this girl as well.

I used to believe that no man needs to use a key logger on his girl if he knows the nature of women. But now… after seeing what I saw… I wouldn’t want to deprive a man of the feelings of knowing that there is a woman he can put his trust in. I may even do a future article talking about the best key loggers to download.

I know many of you are saying “Well, that’s nothing new. My girlfriend is completely honest with me.” Go and thoroughly check all of her social media and come back and tell me that. The chances are at around 1 to 3% I would say.

After 5 years of key logging girls, it may have finally helped me find a girl that is really special. She is changing the way I see women.

After hundreds and hundreds of women and a recent tear through Eastern Europe (specifically Urkaine) I was starting to think I had it all figured out. What a pleasant surprise. #oneitus

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I'm an American who has spent all of the last 6 years traveling the world and seducing women which has given me a level of expertise that can change your life. Check out my books: 1) The Key Logger 2) The Perfect Conversation 3) What Makes a Woman Want You 4) Elite Online Dating 5) Signs She Likes You 6) 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language 7) The Single Guy's Playground: Sex and Adventure in South East Asia and more. Or get all 9 of my books for 60% off (only $31.99) Like getting 6 of 9 books free!

  • Well atleast you admit you have #oneitis lol. From the hundreds of women and all the ones you key logged she past the test. When will you find another girl like that lol. The real question is will swooptheworld lose another writer? haha

    • 20Nation

      don’t worry, I have sooo many stroies from traveling I haven’t got around to writiing about yet. I won’t be going anywhere any time soon 😉

    • claudia

      I believe that it is up to the girl to show she is not available. Even if she has no relationship (and she wants to stay alone)she can put a big STOP to every man. A man can sense even through her profile how much she can tolerate and how much she exposes herself.

    • claudia

      Can you please explain me 20Nation something i can’t make sense of. How do you consider a girl faithful or not if you are in a non committed relationship? She can have other options or play maybe to find someone who meets her standards.

    • 20Nation

      because she doesn’t entertain any other guy, that’s how i know she is special.

    • claudia

      I did not ask for that specific girl, i asked in general. Talking about her, do you think you satisfy her needs (sentimental,sexual,companionship etc) if you don’t meet her often?

    • 20Nation

      i do meet her often

    • claudia

      Then you are lucky to know such a girl, i guess she is in love with you. Try not to lose her….I wish a guy I was totally in love with had installed a key logger to find out how honest i was with him. Old story….good luck with yours!

    • 20Nation

      it’s good to hear that point of view. thanks claudia.

  • Yesss a post on which are the best key loggers to download sounds like a good post

    • 20Nation

      yeah i think I will be doing one within the next few weeks

  • Chaos

    This exactly happened to me also with a Russian girl. I didn’t install a keylogger but she forgot to log out from her FB,VK and Email on my Ipad.

    I followed her actions a long time.

    She was telling me the truth all the time. I couldn’t trust her and still thought that she is playing me in some way but apparently not.

    Everything she told me were according to her FB and email. No lies or anything suspicious.

    I had a hard time to believe it but that girl also turned out to be a special one.

    Too bad I lost interest for her. She wanted to marry and have kids.

    • 20Nation

      yeah, girls like that don’t come along too often

  • JJ Roberts

    You honest with her about using the keylogger?

    • 20Nation

      no and i won’t be for a while, there are some rough patches we will go through and I want to know how she reacts

    • JJ Roberts

      And you don’t see the problem with holding honesty in such “high regard” and you being with someone who is honest but being a liar yourself?

    • 20Nation

      I don’t have to reveal everything about myself to anybody before I want. But yes I want a girl that reveals everything to me. I tell her there are many things she doesn’t know about me and when I’m ready, I will tell her. Every girl I was with for a long time ended up knowing about the key logger eventually.

      If this is turning into a way to sell your ebook again like i think it is, you won’t be able to comment here again.

    • JJ Roberts

      Dude, book was released 3 years ago. That means the promo period finished about 2 years and ten months ago.

      I asked because you have got yourself into a trap.

      Seeking to find a honest relationship by being dishonest.

      You don’t see a problem with that?

    • 20Nation

      I’m not looking for an honest relationship, i’m looking for an honest girl. I will not give up a part of my lifestyle for just anyone

    • JJ Roberts

      So you only value honesty in other people? Not yourself?

    • 20Nation

      I reveal what I want, when I want to reveal it. That’s all i’m saying about this

    • JJ Roberts


      Why are you looking for an honest girl if you say you don’t want an honest relationship?

      Also what are you referring to when talk about ‘giving up’ part of your lifestyle.

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      Considering you are a feminist, you would be confused, JJ Roberts. It seems pretty simple to me, and the rest of the readers I’d expect. I think 20 has explained it well already.

    • JJ Roberts

      I am a feminist? News to me

      Damn, I should not have written that chapter “Feminism is dead and how feminists killed it”.

      By the way, when I said “confused” it does mean I failed to comprehend anything 20 said. I mean I find it hard to understand why somebody would self-sabotage by using dishonesty to look for honesty.

    • Anon

      It’s called information-asymmetry bitch, not self-sabotage. Look up the definition since I doubt your pea-brain understands any complex words.

    • Anon

      What’s wrong with wanting to have your cake and eating it too? JJR you’re just a beta bitch. You ruin every single article on Swoop with your crap-tier whiny, white-knightey comments.

      As soon as I read 20N’s post, I knew your name would be in the comments whining about 20N being unfair and taking the side of the chick you don’t even know! LOL!

    • JJ Roberts

      I have never posted a white knight comment in my life here or anywhere else.

      You either didn’t read my comments or you didn’t understand them. I am guessing the later.

      There is nowhere in my comments where I said he was being “unfair” and nor did I take either person’s side. Neither hers or his.

      I just was curious as to why he is engaging in self-sabotaging behaviour.

      Desiring honesty and going about getting it in a dishonest way is an odd way to behave.

      That’s all I said.

    • Ceballos

      20 your writing is solid, and interesting stuff but it leaves a few interesting inquiries…
      How do you install the key logger clandestinely without the chicks knowing?

      None of them have login screens on their gear or get pissed if they see you using or hovering around their electronics?

      Do you use a mundane excuse to use their gear and then install it really fast while logged on?

    • 20Nation

      Thanks Ceballos

      I install the key logger on my computer and i find an excuse to get them to log on to facebook etc. on my computer.

      For example, the last time I used it. I opened my facebook and started showing her pictures and telling stories that went with them. Then I logged out and signaled at my computer and asked to hear the stories of her photos as well. That way she wouldn’t just use her iphone to show me. You have to lead them to it these days. Also I have said “I want to see the pictures you hide on facebook” and things like that “I don’t hide any pictures!” Then I say “I don’t believe it.” Things like that

    • Tom

      You’re slick 20- that’s brilliant. This idea made
      my day for real. Im into Astrology and I tend to like Scorpio chicks but they dot reveal shit so this wod be hard to pull plus they like sex a lot so put 2 and 2 together. High notch count girls but it is what it is. I guess just avoid divorce rape.

    • tmp

      This could very easily lead to federal charges in the United States. It is blatantly illegal.

  • hoodlum81

    After the marriage – “How did you guys meet?” “Well, out of 100s of girls I nailed, and whose laptops I keylogged, she was the only one who told me the truth. It was love at first log!”

    And who said romance is dead 😉

    Where’s she from this girl?

    • 20Nation

      hahaha what a story. She’s from Poland

    • hoodlum81

      Sarcastic subtle wit and irony is a big part of my humour, being British. Most of the eastern Europeans I’ve met who have moved to the UK are extremely literal, and it goes straight over their heads, kind of sucking the joy out of things.

      Have you also found this to be the case?

    • 20Nation

      You are right, that is more of a western humor. However, there are girls that will understand it, just most of them like in the west

  • Johnny

    If you were to recommend a city for me to check out in Eastern Europe that had friendly, large breasted women, fun nightlife with good dance clubs, and was reasonably priced-where would that be?

    • 20Nation

      poland hungary or romania, cities are more specific to certain strengths and weaknesses

    • Vinson

      Ukraine or Estonia doesn’t have too many big tit girls compared to those?

    • 20Nation

      ukraine, no, the difference was obvious from poland and romania to ukraine. Estonia i have heard is like scandinavia

  • david

    Is that what happened to fisto? He got #oneits?

    • 20Nation

      No. He’s still doing his thing, just not writing for swoop anymore. We’ll be linking to him when he starts up a new blog.

    • Ao393

      How come he left? He wrote such epic ass stories, lol

    • 20Nation

      just moving on to do his own thing

  • Brianmark

    Did you keylog her phone too so you could read her texts?
    Now since you found an honest one, what will you do. Stick with her, or just get bored? Most of the honest girls aren’t as much fun as the wild ones!

    • 20Nation

      No I didn’t keylog her phone, but I checked it while she was showering. The problem with this girl is that she is everything I hoped (unrealistic hopes too… or so i thought) to find when I started gaming. I’m not ready to stop this lifestyle, but she might be able to pull me away from it. I’ll keep seeing her and see what happens.

      He is just a normal narrator to my knowledge.

  • Anon

    A far better way is to gift her an Android phone laced with a keylogger. I’ve noticed that people are far more careless about securing their phone. Some people call any gifts to a chick beta but if you’re thinking about a girl seriously (esp. marriage) then you owe it to yourself to collect as much intelligence on her as possible so you can make an educated decision instead of relying on your “hunch”.

    You could do the same with a laptop gift but – 1) laptops are more expensive and 2) it’s easier to discover the spyware in PCs.

    The great thing about a few of these android keyloggers is that they can also transmit the user’s GPS location in real time. Can be made to send regular screenshots, captures all text messages, the websites they visited etc. Hell, a few even allow you to remotely record and transmit all the phone calls made from/to the bugged phone (wouldn’t recommend recording calls though).

    By the way, there’s also an app for your OWN phone that monitors if anyone tries to unlock your phone and gain access. You know how many chicks like to spy on their dude’s phone when they’re in the shower or sleeping… Well, you’ll know when she tried to spy on you with this app. Forgetting the name here but it’s on Google Play. The keyloggers, unfortunately, aren’t allowed on G Play but there are plenty of sources to get ’em 😉

    • 20Nation

      haha yeah that’s another option, but it’s a bit more expensive and a bit more work. But it will give you more detailed knowledge on what they are doing for sure

  • anon1

    Amazing. I’ve gotten most of your books and remember in the key logger one you said that basically everybody does a little bit of lying and that going g obsessive over the fact women’s nature is to lie a lot would drive a guy crazy.

    But it (keylogging) seems its paid off if you truly have found someone who doesn’t have a trace of deceit in her.

    And am assuming she’s beautiful and feminine and east European as well

    I think im not even in a position yet where i have women in my life that I could start measuring qualitatively like that. I need more experience