The Colombian Camgirl

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  I usually set my Tinder age range to lower 20’s range (max) but last week I decided to change things up and put it higher: Interesting results ensued. I matched with this 28-year-old who wanted to meet up straight … Read More

Triple Up in Cartagena

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Costeñas are my favourite girls in Colombia. Colombian girls are already pretty up there but the Costeñas are even more fun loving, exotic and sexual. This post is about a weekend trip I took to Cartagena recently. Cartagena is a … Read More

The biggest Colombian ass

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The biggest Colombian ass (of the week) If you are an ass-man, Colombia is your dream destination. There’s so much fine Colombian ass here, it’s not fair to the other countries. Last week I was on my way to the … Read More

Thailand Travel Information

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Thailand: Travel Information In this post I’ll share some key Thailand travel information to help you decide your itinerary. The next post I’ll discuss how and where to find the best Thai girls. Let’s split up Thailand into four parts: North, … Read More

Cold Showers: Just Do It

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I’ve been experimenting with ways to increase my productivity, so I came across the topic of cold showers. There are already millions of articles discussing the benefits of cold showers. I read some before but I had never tried them myself, … Read More