A Paradise for Slutty Girls – Papua New Guinea Guest Post

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 Slutty girls Papua New Guinea

A Paradise for Slutty Girls – Papua New Guinea Guest Post

Swoop The World reader Pall shares his knowloedge on the slutty girls in Papua New Guinea. He has a ton of knowledge on this country and it does sound like a pussy paradise there isn’t much information on. Thank you to Pall for the article and I hope you all enjoy.


Pall’s Guest Article on Papau New Guinea and it’s slutty girls

As a follow up to my post on your blog, I wish to tell my own story of being a player in PNG (Papua New Guinea). PNG is the next country north of Australia. I have been to the Phils and PNG beats it for easiness hands down!
Roughly 95% of he people are black Melanesians. 5% Polynesians. And there are various mixes of the two.
Before I start, let me first introduce 3 issues with Papua New Guinea:


Expensive to travel

1)- In PNG life as an expatriate is expensive. So my advice is don’t come here if you’re a budget traveler. Hotels are US$250-300/night. Yes there are budget lodges but these can be inhabited by the ‘less desirables’ of society., if you know what I mean. And a ‘budget’ place is US$100/night!



2)- It’s also one of the most dangerous countries to live and work in. Crime rate is high, so be careful. If you’re dumb and do stupid things or go places you shouldn’t then something may happen to you. So don’t be dumb. Port Moresby is in the Top 10 most dangerous cities in the world. But nothing has ever happened to me because I don’t do stupid things,Ike walk the streets at nighttime.


Slutty girls, but are they pretty?

3)- The girls are also some of the ugliest in the world. However – depends on which part of Papua New Guinea they come from. Girls from the Highlands (inland) are so ugly, they basically look like the men. Sometimes I have to look down to see if they have tits to tell if they are male or female. Seriously! So these ones you can never shag and you would feel disgusted with yourself if you do (I never have…honest!!). ;-). I feel so sorry for these women. I stick to the coastal girls who have softer features or the Polynesian girls. There can be various degrees of Polynesian mixes in the coastal girls. The more pure Polynesian girls are luckily around the capital city Port Moresby.


Don’t let these three issues affect your decision Papua New Guinea girls are some of the sluttiest in the world!

Once you overlook those three (minor? LOL) issues then life here is good. The girls are some of the easiest and sluttiest girls in the world. You can be white and fat, ugly and over 60 and score yourself a nice 20 year old bird (that does sicken me a bit but who knows when I am 60 I may still want that LOL).

And I’ll qualify something. They are not all ugly. Girls along the coastline can be cute, particularly if they have Polynesian blood in them and about 5% of the population is more pure Polynesian. Mixed race white ones are friggin lovely…especially the mixed White – Polynesians. Just honeys. They end up with European faces and brown skin. They are quite rare however I always target these ones. Even the 1/4 white ones are nice. If no mixed race ones were available then I would go for the pure Polynesian ones. Luckily around the Capital city Port Moresby most of the local girls were of Polynesian descent, because it’s a Polynesian part of PNG.


Night Life in Port Moresby

Girls like this are the best Polynesian style that you can get around Port Moresby. Just cute. Day game is easy. Night game is easy – but weeknights most bars and clubs are dead. Fridays and Saturday go to Lamana or Illusions club. Illusions weeknights sometimes has some girls in it. Day game in the only decently sized shopping centre in the country – Vision City. Or in the city centre. Just give them your number and they will text you.


The Girls


The lighter skinned girl in the above photo is more rare but you can find cute ones like this. She would be pure Polynesian.

The girls from Bougainville Island are officially the blackest skins in the world. They actually can look a bit Somali / Ethiopian mix-even though they are no relation to Africans. Bougainvillian girls can have huge asses like Africans. I have done a couple of Bougainvillians before and they can be good wild shags.

It’s so easy in night game you can basically do a ‘come over here’ finger wave at a cute 18 year old Polynesian girl in a bar and she will just walk over to stand near you. Then the first thing you say can be “We can go home now” and she will say “OK”. It’s actually THAT easy! Best if you buy her a few drinks to ‘seal the deal’ but if you’re in a hurry the that would work most of the time.

Then off you go – no questions asked. No game play – just “come here and let’s go”.

It’s a big status symbol for them to get you and they will boast to their friends.


Slutty girls who will do anything to be with a white man

The girls here will do anything to be with a white man. Anything! I am 46 now and I can still get what I want. I do take care of myself and gym and still look neat and tidy. I look around 35 not 46. I ask the local girls how old am I and they would guess and say 28? They just can’t judge the age of a white man. I can even still get young ‘Mixties’ (mixed whites). I currently have a 19 year old Polynesian gf and she is great. I also have a few others (2 Mixties) on the side but she’s the main one.

Day game is easy. Meet a cute teller in a shop and just slip them your number and they will text you a ‘please call me later in the day.

I like my main one because she knew nothing about sex when I was first with her (she was a ‘starfish’ as I call them – legs wide open and don’t move!) and since then I have totally trained her (the local boys cannot fuck). Now she does everything that I want and is very pro-active. She now fucks like an animal, she gets massively wet and wets the bed badly when we have sex (which embarrasses her badly) and she cums 3 or 4 times every time.

Here as a white man you can get what you want. And someone of African descent yes you can too. I have seen African guys usually score well here. Asians often usually no problem. But whites do best.

Be careful- many of the girls that I have taken home have actually said to me when we are about to commence the act “no condom” and they can get quite offended if you wish to wear one. It’s weird and it’s as if they want to get pregnant from you the first night!! It’s that bad (or good?)! My 19 year old current one also insisted that on the first night. She got all offended as well. But now she knows the deal and is cool about it now.

They also usually tell you that they ‘love you’ either the same night or next day. Just ignore that they can be like children and don’t understand what real love is. Or maybe they confuse love with lust for the foreigner – especially if you give them a good ‘processing’!!


Where are the most slutty girls on the planet? Maybe PNG

STD rates here are high as its one of the most promiscuous countries on the planet. So ALWAYS ‘cover up’.
LMR is usually non-existent. There is sometimes LMR but it’s very easy to bust through. Much easier than any other place.

These would be typical girls in Port Moresby. Maybe your taste maybe not. The girl on the left would be a ‘Mixtie’. Always very cute. The Mixtie’s are harder to get but I can easily get any one of these girls, so you guys should have no problem.


Papua New Guinea is also a country for older men

It’s awesome being here. When I first got there I was 27 and I had lovely blonde hair and they loved me. Now I am 46…with less hair :'(….and they still love me! A good friend of mine is 60 and he processes around 100/year (but he does pay them money – I prefer not to). I still get what I want. It’s great here but just stay safe as the country is dangerous. Most also speak English which is good.

Anyway hope you like my tips on Papua New Guinea.

Many Philipinos work in Papua New Guinea at the Pharmacies so you could always do some day game on them. But most of the Philpinos working here are unattractive for some reason.


In Summary

In summary – expensive, dangerous, most girls very ugly but the cute Polynesian coastal ones are still easy shags. The ‘Mixties’ are the best but rare.

You mentioned Samoan. I have never been there. There are many fat ones but the slim ones or Mixtie’s can be cute.



Slutty girls Papua New Guinea

Maybe even visit a native tribe for a unique cultural experience


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  • jazz

    Interesting article. I googled Miss Papua New Guinea, and even then I only found pics of ugly girls.
    That’s a huge disadvantage that I can not overcome.

  • anon1

    This whole post cracked me up, don’t think I’m going to PNG if the girls are fat, ugly and (sorry just sexual preference) not fairer skinned.

    But nevertheless maybe some people will benefit from it 🙂

    • Although, one thing to keep in mind (having never been to PNG) is that I’ve been to places where girls are generally ugly, but I’ve never been to a place where there are no hot girls. Sometimes you can do better in places where girls are ugly with the top 1% of 18-22 girls if your value is high enough. That may be a factor, but then again, it could be that that top 1% is just as hard as anywhere else

    • splooge

      Sounds like an uphill battle when u can fly to ukraine where everyone is hot

    • agreed, but a normal Ukrainian girl will make you work for sex, she won’t just give it up right away.

    • Pall

      Yes – LMR here is virtually non-existent. The other day I was just getting out of my car in the car park of my hotel and one just walked up and asked me “Can I go with you’? Never met her before in my life. She was horrific and so I said “no thanks” and walked off lol.

    • Maxine M Anjiga

      Many of us PNG women who are educated and work hard to build our nation and

    • Pall

      Yes very good point 20 – it’s true. The top 1% know that they are hot and actually reserve themselves for expatriates like ourselves. It lifts their ‘status’. The mixed race ones won’t touch the locals – they will only go with other mixed race ones or expats like myself.

    • Pall

      A funny story from my current trip. I met up with a white friend up here for dinner 3 days ago. Some girl was continually calling him. He never answered it. He was annoyed by this and eventually gave the phone to me for a laugh and told me to answer it. He told me I could have her instead. I asked him what is she like and he said nice looking. I asked “seriously”? And he said yes. Ok so I answered it. I told her I was his friend and he was sick and he got me to answer the phone for him. I got her number and told her that I had left his house. I asked her if she wanted to see me that night instead. She faked some shock. But she said “ok”.
      Myself and my friend were at dinner. This is where it gets funny because she was texting him “why did you give this white man I don’t know my number”?? But at the same time she was texting me “so tell me more about yourself”, and “are you married”? But at the same time texting him how angry she was at him. It was soooo funny we were pissing ourselves laughing.
      She is still texting me 3 days later and wants to meet up :-).

    • Mickzz Andii

      Pall you know what she whore and you like fucking whores , you son of a whore ………….. they act innocent sometimes to fuck old trashes like you mother fucker.

  • Cecil J

    This is a wild story man-kind of at a loss for words.

  • Jae Kim

    Urgh no thx 🙁

    • prepz

      I don’t know if slutty is the word, but easy girls can be had for much, much less than PNG. Nicaragua comes immediately to mind. And, while not much to look at, the average Nica is a whole lot less dollar/lay in a much safer environment than what you describe here. I think I’ll pass on PNG. It never was on my radar, and still is not.

  • Reporting the good and bad, no sugar coating. Nice article Pall

    • Pall

      Thanks 20! Like I said – probably the ‘fugliest’ country on the planet. But the top 5% are still very accessible. In fact they more or less reserve themselves for expatriates like myself. And the top 5% can be very nice. I have been with some stunning mix races (mix white or mix Asian) here (rare but they exist).

    • Pearl Jenny

      Pall..You are the FUGLIEST ever human on this planet!!. obviously you haven’t seen the whole of PNG/Melanesian women just …the same rounds with your trash. i wonder what you are doing in PNG if it is FUGLy for you??…i doubt you even make the list to the sexiest men on earth/planet you piss of shiaat!!

  • brunolondinese

    If you’re going to Papa New Guinea to get laid I guess you have to

    • Pall

      I actually work here so have no choice :-(. May as well get used to it ;-).

  • JBPoqueliche

    Brave post, man. Unusual info and good data to know.

    Melanesian girls are indeed as ugly as a day without bread. The ones of Port Vila in Vanuatu for example are the stuff of nightmares.

    Add to that the expensive stay that could get you a palace somewhere else… no.

    Too each his own. The ones I see on the pictures are not my taste. I would not touch them with a 10ft pole. But more for you.

    • Pall

      Thanks for the comments. I actually don’t touch 95% of them. They are also unattractive to me as well. But 5% are actually decent. I only go for the top 5%. I rarely touch Melanesian – usually only Polynesian. For example the photo above with the 4 girls well the mixed race one on the left is very cute. I would go for that. The one 3rd from the left looks Ok. The other two – I wouldn’t touch. :-). I am in the country now and am lining myself up with a Mixtie (half white half Polynesian) tomorrow night – wish me luck! If I get her I shall send her photo for verification to 20Nation and he will vouch for her if she is good looking or not.

    • Pall

      Thanks for the comments. I actually don’t touch 95% of them. They are also unattractive to me as well. But 5% are actually decent. I only go for the top 5%. I rarely touch Melanesian – usually only Polynesian. For example the photo above with the 4 girls well the mixed race one on the left is very cute. I would go for that. The one 3rd from the left looks Ok. The other two – I wouldn’t touch. :-). I am in the country now and am lining myself up with a Mixtie (half white half Polynesian) tomorrow night – wish me luck! If I get her I shall send her photo for verification to 20Nation and he will vouch for her if she is good looking or not.

    • Micks Copra

      I wish I know your profile so we have a good meet after your prey.Lunatic!

  • Oscar Delgado

    I’m a Mexican will this country women be easy for me

    • Pall

      Hi mate. I went to Mexico before and loved it. Some nice girls. And to answer your question the girls here will love you and your exotic value. Getting top 5% girls here would be easy for you.

    • GetItGoing

      Lol perfecto, amigo! Pero para mi, las Mexicanas son más guapas.

  • Moma Licious

    Those lizards look hot! I like mine of a darker persuasion personally. I would take the one second from the right, say no more!

  • Jody Dayton Peace

    It’s an interesting article, for sure.

    How to get around the expensive accommodation though? Maybe finding a short-term rental would be the way.

    • Thomas Charlton

      Hi Jody.
      Yes I am sure that these are available. I have never done that though.
      Some lodges are cheapish (like K170/night which is about US$60 which isn’t too bad I guess). You just need to find a good lodge and one that allows you to bring girls in. I sometimes stay at a mates place and I can grab a bird every night if the week if I wish (without the guilt of walking last hotel reception!). It’s that easy. I am in PNG now and I just had one 20 year old – it was her 20th birthday so I gave her a birthday present (her first time with a white man). I processed her then dropped her off back at the club!! (Lol). She was sooo friggin wet – unbelievable. The look on her face was pure awe – with wide open eyes and smiling (like wow I am fucking a white man). It’s just status and bragging rights for them! And I am happy to play my part! :-D.
      By the way a good place to go in town is the Weigh Inn – full of ‘slappers’ but sometimes some very cute ones wander in.

  • Anthony Morant

    As a PNGean, am OK accept what this Pall dude has spewed for the whole wide world to see. A couple of what Pall laid out is true. However, gray haired, wrinkled skinned care-center-housed white dudes crawl into PNG with a neocolonialist mindsets to lure and abuse unsuspecting girls and later brag about their catch online using a pen name is a lame as the low life act one can get into.

    But again, such act just goes to show how the Human race has disintegrated backwards in the RESPECT department.

    PNG is a good place to visit. Just a few misfits [both foreign and local] who paint a bad picture of our country to the outside world, esp online.

    We can forgive Pall, if any of what he say here is exaggeration or just egocentric and hyped up garbage that is aimed at making him look so pimp.

    Give Respect to Get Respect.

    • Olga Il

      Agree !

    • Mariole Nauwa


  • Richard Urai Sineyhan

    And there you have it, All served on a plate. Got a lot of ugly bastards here as well.

  • Anthony Morant

    While you at it…. Hear this PAL.

    “Grace Waide [said] If
    he was looking for slutty girls ,well he got them.There is some truth
    in what he has stated, In the sense that there are young girls
    desperately looking for men who can afford to pay them well. Many of
    these women come from economically disadvantaged
    backgrounds. Let’s face it women, anywhere around the world will sell
    themselves to the highest bidder. Of course the writer was a sex tourist
    so he got what he was looking for. Classy, sophisticated Papua New
    Guinean women with brains,class and beauty do not make themselves
    available to men like him. They are the women who are too busy building
    their lives with their family’s , contributing to the nation and being
    the traditional self respecting women deserving of the respect of their
    families, tribes and husbands and menfolk as they have for centuries.
    Women who are not moved by superficial, sex crazed, yellow bellied old
    white men, who have not fought any tribal walls, white old men who have
    no clue how to personally build a house
    for their
    wives and children, etc. His review is on slutty women so he got what he
    was looking for. This is just one aspect of women who were the focus
    of his writing. It has nothing to do with Papua New Guinean real women.
    We have our challenges like every other place in the world. I would pay
    no heed to a cheap old man looking for cheap women to fondle the little
    muscle between his legs. Cheers to every beautiful Papua New Guinean
    woman who make this nation a wonderful wonderful place to live in.”

  • Tim

    This story does not display the true story of PNGean women, but the writers perspective on his linger for the few women who engage in his game of prostitution and gold digging underworld. In fact, the bulk of PNG population, both men and women, condemn the act of the young women-old white cunt relationship. The girls in fact bring shame to their family and are openly and publicly ridicule throughout the community and also to the extent of their family disowning them. Ask any 60+ year old white fucktard if he hasn’t received unfamiliar stares and coughs in public. The educated and more civilised population of PNG in fact make a mockery of such old white cunts. It is easy for me to say that yes there are women who engage in all these and the writer has perfectly described it but that is a far-minority of the women population. There are women in PNG who are have great level of moral standards that this article ignores to appreciate but rather throw mud at. And so given the time and effort placed in articulating this, it truly reflects the level of cunt you are that you have no better thing to do but to bad mouth on bewildering exaggerations. I would go on to say that women in their 20s lack a sense of independence and are peril and vulnerable and it doesn’t make you are better man to take advantage of the weak. If there’s one tangible thing that men can do to help end sexism—and create a healthier culture in which young people come of age—it’s to stop chasing after women young enough to be their biological daughters.

    • Kepel


  • Kepel

    Who the the f**K old white wriggles flaking face lacking melanin. Everywhere in the world you go, sluts are there and what he describes here is not actually PNG but but a wicked gay from Hanuabada Village in Port Moresby is writing it up. Bro you are product of an unfortunate human being who has no sense of understanding and living in a sexually harassed. The world will come for your help one day, may be Australia has already allowed gay marriage and you might as well want PNG to legally allow gay marriages. You know that you will be killed if you try to come public. PNG is a Christian country and what you actually describing is just within your little world what has happened to you! Poofter!

    • Blacklivesmatter 123

      this is honestly a papua new guinean with identity crises honest!…this cant be a westerner

  • Ronald Smare

    lol, you call them ugly yet your desperate enough to sleep with them…

    • Blacklivesmatter 123

      This is some papua new guinean with identity crises i swear bro!

    • Ronald Smare

      if the person is papua new guinean then he is just a shit… man how can you go about judging everyone in such a derogatory manner… person must be so in love with himself… must think himself the reincarnation of michael angelo’s David?

    • Blacklivesmatter 123

      bro as a papua new guinean girl of costal mix highlands background this is just sad to see. Us girls are the opposite of what the western world views as beautiful. we’re not blond and blue eyed with long hair…we’re black and have afro and brown eyes. takes time for every black women to love her own skin and it sickens me that some loser with identity crises is coming along and saying all this crap about our Melanesian appearances…thats what im mad about…but hey he came looking for cheap women if he really is who he says he is , then thats exactly what he got. real papua new guinean women have morals and discipline and we all look forward to our bride brice …joining of two people in the eyes of God and our family..not some cheap night out with some overseas loser…

    • Ronald Smare

      Hey don’t take it to heart. He is just a cheap skate. the world is going wacky with all its accepted views, i mean look at the way they scream about equality and respect yet their servicemen who go overseas and serve their countries with great distinction die cold, homeless and hungry once they return home after they are discharged… you would use their morality and views as a yard stick for your self-worth. Maski be proud, you are nothing like the ladies he is talking about.

  • Blacklivesmatter 123

    How faqing dare you?! How dare you!..You wish you look 28!…White people age like raisins!..If this is true you say who you are,..they said 28 to get you to make you feel good. lol..trust me we can tell how old white folks are!…But to me this looks like some thirsty as papua new guinean just writing to spoil PNG’s reputation and to say that coastal girls/mix white girls look prettier. Faq outta here!…You dont know what black girls go through! You are only emphasising the western world’s idea of beauty! And us black girls look the opposite as to what society dims as beautiful so stfu and don’t bring your idea of beauty to us…I’m proud of My black skin, my afro, my long nose, my dark features!…I know from the bottom of my heart that this is written by some low life papua new guinean…i love my people from the costal to the highlands to the islands…honestly this bring tears to me how we keep discriminating against our own women so much!!…You should be writing more positive things, not this rubbish!..The world is full of rubbish already!

  • Mama Masalai

    Lol. 20Nation, no doubt Accommodation & Safety are major issues affecting this country. As for the slutty gurls, you sound to me like someone who spent their time in PNG scavenging through every available “dump site”, collecting “thrash”, “processing” or “recycling” them before writing your review. I’m a proud Melanesian who loves my PNG men tall, dark and handsome. And for the record, PNG men know how to fuck. Who told you PNG boys don’t know how to fuck? Either you fucked one or the lil birdies you were shagging just wanted to “encourage” you in bed coz you couldn’t stand upright for 2 seconds, so they told you you fuck better than our PNG men.

    • Penny Elizabeth McNamara

      Very true Mama Masalai.

  • Gibson Reuben

    lol I cant stop laughing. Some exaggerations there but I see you poking fun on some realities, no problems with me. I wonder what you are doing here in PNG. If you are in your country, guess you would be a comedian by day and a porn star by night.

  • Marto

    Pall is delusional
    Papua New Guinea last time I looked was Melanesian not Polynesian.
    Some Papuan girls are light skinned and there are many with mixed parentage mainly from idiots like Paul who leave poor young girls with a baby and get out of the country as fast as they can.
    If Pall has been here 19 years doing what he says he is doing then God help his HIV status.
    The reason these girls latch on to the expatriates is simple, if they can get a job, which are few and far between, then they get K3.50/hour (AU$1.30/hour). 84 hour fortnights then they are taxed on that.
    So these small amounts make it difficult to survive.
    It is sad to see an expatriate commenting like this.
    Pall my name is Steve Martin give me a call one day and Ill make sure within a ten minute period you will be more respectful to PNG women and the culture of this beautiful country. 7036-2798 my real number and if we meet I am not sure you will be staying in PNG for much longer. I’ll make sure you regret your words above with some force. I know you are a coward and will never call but who knows.

  • Lani

    Who the heck gave you permission to use those photos?! That one that you have posted as “Port Moresby Girls” is my sister! You better take the photo down you f*cking inconsiderate prick!

  • Harvey Reginald Specter

    No! No! No! Mate you are sadly mistaken. The hottest and sexiest PNG women, we PNG men keep it to ourselves, marry them, and they bare us children who turn out to be the smartest, intelligent and of course hottest and sexiest Melanesians. It’s usually the ugly and left over PNG women that make it to the night clubs to meet their match or are attracted to sick old “white trash” like you.

    • Mashed Potato

      Couldn’t have said it better!

  • Andrew James Lapthorne

    you need help pall. and a dictionary obviously.

  • Spawn Nono

    LMFAO!!! in all honesty you’re doing something that has become widespread through PNG Pall, everything you have mentioned in your blog as well as your comments is actually happening between the white man and the ‘mixties’, Polynesian, 5%, etc but not just in Port Moresby.

    Yes you are correct too that being a white man is one reason why you will get fannies galore. But you must know that these same mixties, 5%, Polynesians etc in Port Moresby actually do the rounds with any white men as well as the affluent PNG man, African man, Indian man, or basically any men that throws money around. Just look at the way you and your friend managed to scam your root. All these mixties, 5%, Polynesians, etc are doing is making money, and bullshit if you said you prefer not to pay them :D. ITS ALL A MONEY MAKING SESSION Pall, and for these women, being with a cranny axe that is not ‘local’ is the only way to make money.

    I know you know, as well as many white man in Port Moresby and PNG, being with the white man gives these women some sense of stature because of the simple fact that getting it on with a white man would be an experience for them. But most of these mixties and 5% and Polynesians need money to have a future. And from the outside looking in, being with a white men, or an affluent men, is the first step in the right direction for them eventhough a whiteman like you has no intention of delivering these women out of their dream life. But I also know of many white men who have done exactly that, kudos to them. All I can say to you is enjoy your time as I believe your have spoken from your point of view (coz you havent disagreed to other comments made) and many of us PNGeans have also commented from our perspective.

  • Albert Kambar

    he was talking about those cheap pickup’s he scores around Gold Club
    and VC.. that’s a trash collectors take when he was in PNG. Sad for him.

  • Rumaldinho Basil

    I agree with most bits!!!
    I mean we are not going to hide the truth about whats really happening in Papua New Guinea.
    But theyre not all ugly!!
    You have not slept with the beautiful indigenous and mixed race!! Your standard is too low to sleep with the so called “UGLY GIRLS”

    Step your game up bro

    • Blacklivesmatter 123

      Get it into your head that this is discrimination against our race! It’s not about who this pig I sleeping with! He called Melanesians ugly and would only settle for Polynesians and half casts!….you have to stand up for your woman! Don’t try to listen to him and separate us women to so called ‘ugly’ & ‘Beautiful’…see the bigger picture here bro!

  • Manix

    If your going to write derogatory and baseless comments about PNGean women, use your real name instead of a handle. Someone must have rubbed you the wrong way. Mate, the pic you used ‘Port Moresby girls’ – they don’t even look PNGean. You must be one hell of an ugly dimdim since you seem to be fishing for easy sex. As was mentioned previously, if you are looking for sluts, you will definatly find them. Smart, successful & beautiful PNGean women are everywhere. If you only put the same effort you use in picking up sluts you may actually notice them.

  • Luis Andrew

    Pathetic… i was there @ this school… refering to the photo.

    The school is a very profound school and it does not produce sluts… it produces highly educated girls with manners…

    The ones you fucked are the ones that are not from this school… this (the girl you fucked) PNG considered “not virgin”… thats why they leave it to the ugly white fucks to play with em…

    Thanks fr letting yourself be known…

  • Mariole Nauwa

    Mariole Nauwa This is totally true in my general perspective.I have two conusions out of his blog; 1. I would support this Pall venting his experiences here in PNG of which most of(or all I would say) is true about PNG women and girls. Because I have been in these games quite a while now minggling with expats to lure native girls for lust and dignity(from other PNG females). No CONDOMS on, thats true with PNG women who are totally comfortable with you (emotionally) evoking that intimacy to easily have have legs open to expats(Not all PNG women but those semi-intellectual ones)Even it works on intellectuals if you know how to play the anial part of their brain using STEALTH ATTRACTION. I have alot to ellaborate here hence, long story short, I accept this Pall’s criticisms and opinions as a true Papua New Guinea. 2. This Pall could possibly be a Papua New Guinean from my logic reasoning after reading everythning by detail. How he explains,describes and exegerates on his experiences and contacts got me questing myself about this blog. How should I explain this, maybe he as a PNGian trying to indirectly instill something into our confined mindest on how we perceive such norm around us. This Pall, if he’s a Papua New Guinean as I suspect, I would have alot to discuss with him on common grounds-sake. I admire how he literally structered his story(Not bad at all-watch more coms and you’ll relate).. I can ellaborate but I will stop here cause pinga pen lo type. To Conclude,You have to have a good sense of humor with a sarcastic mindset to be creative in analysing whats true, whats partly-tru and what needs questioning. JUST DONT TRUST ANYONE, QUESTION EVERYTHING AND DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!! MI Mariole

  • Michael

    Lucky that you white pussy eater bastard has passed through this land without noticed and live a blink comment for your prostitution and spreading your untreated disease in the the generation of young people. If nature allows and you are caught in this act once more you will be ordered to erase your typing with your tongue or else SP bottle will fill you anus. You can not score a western women because you are ugly and dumb so you come here. for whatever reason you are here in this beautiful country you are not supposed to fucking level the girls in PNG. You kant as hole

  • Michael

    Your comment is a racist comments against Melanesian the foundation upon which this country stands and that will not go down with me. I am going to make sure expatriate in PNG will not play around with our next young generation. we are developing and we have lot of problems to address. once that is done we are definitely going to come to this area. We have seen lots of bastards from the Polynesian types women in PNG and that is sickening. this is not a dumping ground. we will ensure nothing of sucks will happen. If I am a Prime Minister today reading your comments I will order task force to raid all expatriate compound and remove all local girls and those found in possession will be deported but i am not PM. Luck you.

  • Vinz Quzzman

    Low life sad loner. Why are you using school girls photo in this article? Did you get permission to post this picture? You will die a lonely, sad, unsatified, poor and regretful middle-aged less than a man.

  • Samuel Petau

    Totally useless derogatory post by an all time loser. You can’t beat the beauty and the Papua New Guinean Paradise. If it isn’t a paradise then the citizens would have easily migrated to Australia and other neighbouring countries. We hate racist comments about what they know less. The post depicts someone full of jealousy and from someone with a sad mindset. Sorry my friend, why don’t you come back and let us treat you the way you want and taste your own medicine? You will be answerable soon in a court of law.

  • Anon

    Paradise for slutty girls? Your judgment comes solely from the majority of girls you claim to have slept with (which sounds like a few desperately looking for a shortcut to the good life). Seriously, if you took the time to go around Pom alone, you would see how poverty stricken this country is. THAT is what pulls those girls your way. The color of your pale wrinkly ass skin signifies money. The older you are the more likely you are to be divorced or married but still aint getting any – hence an easier target to satisfy and pull money from. We have gorgeous girls who dont go out coz their parents know that dickheads like you are creeping around. Get a reality check mate they’re after the life you can give them – not the minimal few seconds of pleasure. And the local boys cant fuck? Your cock must be as small as your brain and easier to take for you to assume as much.

  • Nico007

    My wife is half PNG and half Aussie and is hot as. she is from the Trobriand islands. Both of us are pissed with all the comments as the whole world has desperate people and yes people take advantage of this. I am an Aussie and no we all don’t wrinkle like grapes, we all do at some stage in life. yes you do to. Unfortunately a lot of woman get treated like shit and beaten by PNG men so if I was a PNG girl I would bail on you nasty misfits just like the Asians do. Like one of the posts says if we find you, you will be dead. WTF. Its one clown saying dumb shit. and all of you that commented about saying nasty stuff about white people that just shows he has won and you are pissed off that he could be right about some of you or all of you. PNG men know how to fuck sounds like you are both Homo’s. Port Moresby is a dangerous place, my wife will not let me go there alone for work. Only if her cousin or brother is with me. There are many beautiful places there and bad and there is so much corruption. And what is with saying old white cunt. I am 43 and my wife 42 and Tim saying this well my wife’s Mother said marry a white guy because your chance here with local men will be no good. That’s from 100% PNG indigenous and her father was King on the islands and granted her marriage to a white man so the chuckles and the comments is jealousy from you not condemned acts of a PNG woman and white guy together. As for you Pall keep your wild nasty comments to yourself. Yes good way to be hunted by people. Hope you don’t have a daughter, but if you do I would love to see your face if some older guy was doing what you are doing to her. HIV might get you for saying this crazy stuff. Most of the comments are raciest and crude full of ashamedness, and jealousy . Anthony Morant. Give respect to get respect – practice what you preach. your second line you can stick in your ass. You don’t think you and other misfit heaps of shit crawl into Australia. Have a look in the mirror dumb ass. This comment and all the nasty replies makes us ill and please stay in PNG all of you as your not welcome in Aussie with mindsets like that. F.O. to all you nasty clowns.

  • Tony Abuli

    Your daughters will be abused sexually, as what you’re doing to those young PNG girls. You need to repent and accept Jesus mate, before it’s too late.