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So I just found out that I may have to start looking for a new apartment here in Guadalajara. There have been constant complaints against me for excessive noise late at night. I have literally tried covering girls mouths as they moaned, kissing them just to keep them quiet, but I guess it’s not enough. It may also have to do with the many girl’s faces that have been seen around here. We’ll see if I can do damage control, or if it’s really worth changing anything.

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  • TravelHardcore

    Haters gonna hate 😉 lol. Don’t get yourself kicked out or banned from the town until I’m there man

  • Adam

    Hey 20nation, very inspiring blog. I’d like to replicate your success 😀 the things is you mention a lot of your girls come from online. Whats your profile like? What gives you that good percentage. I live here in Brisbane, and am not even white so it’s kinda hard for me.

    • 20Nation

      Thanks Adam, I’m glad to hear it. I’m writing a book right now that will answer that in extreme detail. I think I will be finished with it in 2 weeks. At some point it will be free to blog readers if you don’t want to pay right when it comes out.